Monday, 29 July 2013

Sex Party - April 2013 - Part 3

He let them catch their breath and after a short while chatting, he pulled Sara’s panties off and started to kitty kiss Sara, then dragged his tongue lower to flick it over her ass. She told him that he didn’t have to lick her there but Mike replied and told her that as long as she liked it, then he did have to. He spent a while rimming and spearing her, occasionally moving back to her pussy and once she was nice and wet he asked if he was allowed to do anything ‘more’ with her. They both knew that Mike was asking if he could at least get his cock inside her and Sara said that as long as he was gentle, he could fuck her for a while. That was all Mike needed to hear and he moved up behind her so his cock was between her legs. He asked Emily if she would help him to get into Sara (not that he couldn’t have done it himself) and Em took his cock, spread Sara’s lips and positioned the head so Mike could easily push in to Sara. He slowly entered her and told her that she felt just as wonderfully tight as he remembered (Sara doesn’t often do things with guys and Emily and Sara don’t use too many dildos/vibes either).

Once he was completely inside her Sara said that she felt quite full and they slowly slid back and forth against each other. Mike asked Sara if she wanted to ride him so she could control how things went (and because he likes this – he wasn’t being entirely selfless). He was given an extra bonus – once he was on his back Emily asked if he would eat her again (she knows that he enjoys doing this and loves having it done to her so it was a win-win). With her on his face and Sara on his cock, Mike settled down to enjoy himself. He felt Sara grind back and forth against him (for better clitoral contact) as well as ride up and down on his cock (for better internal sensation) and he knew that if he let himself, he would have probably been able to quite easily cum in her. He was well behaved though and held back, concentrating on eating Emily and enjoying her taste. As much as he loved Emily’s pussy (as do most people who taste her), he wanted to see Sara cum with his cock in her so he sped up his eating of Em. This is just a part of the standard guy thing of wanting to fuck lesbians – technically (and obviously) Sara isn’t completely gay, but she certainly prefers girls most of the time.

He managed what he wanted and got Emily to cum – after he’d brought her back down gently, she climbed off of him and he could enjoy the view of his cock sliding in and out of Sara’s little cunt. They switched position and Mike took her from behind for a while. Both he and Emily loved the sight of his cock sliding into her and her lips grasping at it as he pulled out. While in this position, both Mike and Em played with Sara’s clit and got her quite close to cumming. Mike then pushed Sara down on to the bed so he could lie on top of her and pumped in and out with long strokes while telling her he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock.

They switched position again and Sara lay on top of Mike, pressed against him. He reached down and ran his fingers over her ass as he guided her back and forth and pushed in to her in time with her movements. Mike really wanted to cum and asked Sara if he could cum in her or at least over her and she told him that he could cum in her. Mike thanked her and told her that he still wanted to feel her cum first so he sped up his movements but still used long strokes, not slamming into her as hard as he usually would in this position, but enough that she really enjoyed it and told him she was getting closer. The dilemma Mike had was that this way of moving is very stimulating for him as well so he had to concentrate quite hard to hold himself back from cumming, while continuing to talk dirty to Sara and encouraging her to let go completely and enjoy herself.

Sara told him in an increasingly urgent voice that she was getting close and then gave a little whimper and said that she was cumming. Mike continued to pump into her and relaxed - as the build-up had been quite slow, he’d been able to keep himself very close to cumming and he managed to cum in Sara while she was still at the tail end of her orgasm. Mike pushed into her a few more times, feeling the intense pulse of pleasure as his cum squirted out of his cock and into her warm cunt. He told her that he was filling her with cum and Sara pushed back against him a couple of times so his cock was in her as deep as they could get it. Mike held her in place like this and they kissed deeply before rolling Sara over on to her back and Mike pulling out of her. Emily spread Sara’s lips and watched as Mike’s cum oozed out of her and Mike lay beside Sara, kissed her nipples and told her that she had an amazing pussy. He was very pleased that he’d been able to give her such a contented look and was feeling quite contented himself – even more so when Emily took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Sara’s juices.

Mike asked Emily if he was allowed to fuck her as well and while stroking his cock, she told him that was the whole point of him being there. Even though he was still mostly hard, he needed a little time to recover so suggested that they lie on their sides and Emily could kitty kiss Sara while he did the same to Em. He had (as he often does) an ulterior motive – he wanted Em to get as much of his cum out of Sara as possible so that he could eat her (he will eat his own cum out of a girl, but prefers the ‘unpolluted’ taste). They kitty kissed for what Mike thinks was about 15 minutes and he was certainly hard enough by this point to do things.

They pretty much repeated the previous session but with Emily on his cock and Sara on his face. As he’d just cum, he found it a lot easier to hold back and easily made both Sara and Emily cum before he did. Once Sara climbed off of his face, he pulled Emily down and continued to move inside her, guiding her hips up and down so they used long strokes. Sara crawled around behind Emily and Mike felt her chin brush against his cock as she licked back and forth over Emil’s ass (Sara loves doing this just about as much as she loves having it done to her). Mike got Emily to describe what Sara was doing – she was a little nervous about doing this at first but Mike reminded her that he had speared Sara just a short while ago and if she enjoyed it, he didn’t think she should feel ashamed. Emily told him what Sara’s tongue was doing, along with what his cock was doing. Mike helped about my holding Emily’s cheeks apart to give Sara better access and he told Em that he was getting close and wanted to cum deep inside her cunt. Naturally, he wanted Emily to cum as well and he held back, just gently moving in her, and waited for her orgasm to approach.

Emily told him that she was just about to cum and Mike made a few quick strokes in her and then pulled her down on his cock so he was as far inside her as he could get. He moved just the head of his cock (it obviously wasn’t just the head, but says that it what it feels like it if he is all the way inside and just pushing in that little bit further). He actually came before Emily did, but not by much – and as they weren’t really fucking at that point, he could cope with the intensity of Emily still moving slightly around him. He continued to push into her as much as he could until she came and thought that he could almost feel her pussy contracting as she moaned her way through her orgasm.

Sara was quite grateful to Mike for helping her lay with Emily and said that if he wanted, he could use her again. Mike would have happily done this, but after cumming twice (and the party the previous night) wasn’t quite ready to do anything more so he asked Sara to sit over him with her pussy pressed against his cock. She rubbed back and forth and Mike found that his cock still had some life left it in. He didn’t think he was quite hard enough to fuck her, but thought that he could at least have a little fun and got Sara to kneel on the bed. He pushed into her pussy and took a few strokes to help stiffen himself up a little more. He then pulled out and positioned the head of his cock against Sara’s ass and asked her if she wanted to try something larger than a tongue inside her. He knew full well that Sara wasn’t interested in this (she doesn’t even usually enjoy anal vibes that much) and she pulled away from him very quickly so he assured her that he was joking. He pushed her down on the bed and lay on her back then slipped his cock between her legs and back into her cunt. She still felt quite wet and he wasn’t sure if it was from him having eaten her earlier or from her enjoyment of having done things with Emily, but either way it felt pretty good.

He still wasn’t intending to cum, but this didn’t mean he couldn’t try to make Sara cum and they pushed back against each other. He nibbled on her earlobe and kissed her neck and shoulders while telling her (again) how much he loved her tight little snatch. He offered Sara the chance to participate in our baby making and asked her whether she would prefer to share his cum with Jen or me. Sara said that she wasn’t fussy and the idea of rubbing pussies together with either of us sounded nice. As they continued to move against each other, Mike reached around under Sara to play with her clit and they continued to discuss the merits of her cunt. He moved in her a bit more as she got closer to cumming and thinks that he could have probably managed a third orgasm (although probably without producing much cum) but he just concentrated on making Sara cum. By the time her orgasm was over, she was quite hot and coated with a sheen of sweat. She conceded that having a cock inside her could feel nice and he pressed as hard into her as he could and held himself there to savour the feeling one last time before he pulled out.

Not having cum in Sara meant that she was still clean so he could have a final lick of her (and of Em as well obviously) before he got dressed and said his goodbyes. The next time we expected to see them was the unprotected party and Mike promised Sara that if she wanted, she could have early access to Sue and me. Emily complained that she was being left out so he promised her that he and Vicky would take care of her at the same time is she wanted. Mike got back to the hotel first and once Sue and Vicky arrived, they set off for the station. On the way they traded stories of their afternoon. Vicky’s train was first and Sue waited with Mike until he left (she doesn’t live too far from York so she didn’t have a specific train to catch).

He got her to describe her afternoon again and even got a hand between her legs for a while (not enough to do things properly with her, but enough to rub her a bit). Sue promised to Skype with us that night (which she did) to report to Jen on her continuing transition to lesbianism. This turned out to be something of a treat for Jen as while Sue masturbated and described eating various girls, Mike played with Jen’s nipples and I ate and fingered her. We got a double orgasm out of Jen (not actually a multiple orgasm, just two in fairly close succession). We both liked the idea of Sara and Emily helping out with our impregnation but realised that the list of people was now growing fairly large. Other than the logistical difficulties, this suited me quite well as we are aware that things are going to change rather significantly once one of us is pregnant, so being able to go out with a bang seems like a good idea…


  1. Does Mike mind eating his cum out of a girl after he has cum in them?

    My current partner has a real fetish for this and when we first did it I was a bit squeamish but since she loves it so much i have learned to enjoy it. Will always bring her to orgasm when we do it as the kinkiness about it turns her on.

  2. He usually isn't that keen on it, but will do it occasionally. He doesn't mind as much if it's only a small amount (either due to it having leaked out or him not having cum too much in me)