Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Susan the Cum-Bucket - Part 4

On the Sunday morning, Mike ate me awake and simultaneously fingered both Mel and Julia (they were on either side of me). This was a little awkward as he couldn’t hold his head up, but we found a way to make it work by me holding my legs up against my breasts, pulling my cunt up so he could rest his face directly on top of me. He said that he wanted to take care of all three of us and we allowed him to do this. He just ate me until I came, but then kitty kissed me while he finished off Julia and Mel. For each of them, he had two fingers in their cunts, one in their asses and he used his thumb on their clits. He loved knowing that he’d made us all cum in one go and from the look of his cock it was obviously that he was feeling ready to fuck again.

He really wanted Mel, but she still didn’t want him inside her. She thought it would be a good idea for Julia and I to 69 – which we did – but we were then handed dildo’s to use in each other. Mike decided to take the place of the dildo in Julia and he was going to cum in her but Mel said that he should save his cum for Susan over breakfast. Mike couldn’t decide what to do over this as he really enjoys cumming in Julia, but he also really liked the idea of using the group’s new plaything. In the end he settled for fucking Julia to the point where he nearly came a couple of times and then letting me finish her off.

Jen and Abrahii were still asleep when people turned up so were told that they would have to have their morning session with an audience. They were a little less willing to fuck in front of people in the cold light of day, but knew that we wouldn’t stop hassling them until they did so they basically repeated their session from the previous evening (but in a shorter space of time).

Pretty much everyone had arrived by the time they had finished and we were sufficiently hungry that we wanted to start breakfast straight away. We had an idea of what to expect as the group had done it once before to Susan – she was put up on the dining table (naked of course) with her pussy near one end and various bits of food were put out on her body. She had bits of sliced fruit, mini croissants, butter, marmalade and yoghurt on her, which people could either spoon off or eat off her. A few people (me included) took turns eating yoghurt from off (and then out of) her cunt and a few other people (including Mike and Jen) pushed bits of fruit into her and ate them out of her). The guys were encouraged to adorn their cocks with fruit, yoghurt, butter or marmalade and Susan sucked them all clean. Abigail decided that it was really time for Susan to cum and she used a banana to fuck her. It looked incredibly sexy and despite the fact that it was quite a curvy one, she managed to work it pretty much the whole way in and then pumped it in and out while people helped out by playing with Susan’s clit.

Susan came with Richard’s cock in her mouth and he said that he loved the way she moaned around it, but they guys all seemed to know that their orgasms had to wait for a little while so he didn’t cum. They did all continue to use Susan though – her mouth hands and cunt were busy with cocks until finally Julia said that she’d had enough of the guys having all the fun and Susan was lifted down onto some towels on the floor. Now the girls could join in too and Susan’s mouth switched between sucking cock and eating cunts. As always, not everyone fully joined in, but the usual suspects participated. I pointed out how unfair it was that Susan should get all the attention and Mel said that I was welcome to be our table in future (which I quickly agreed to). As Susan was pleasuring so many people, we didn’t get much of her time and it all became too much for me so I played with myself. Julia had the same idea and it was decided that we could help out to the extent that when one of the guys wasn’t in Susan, they could use us, but their cum had to be saved for her.

Susan had a vibrating egg used on her clit while everyone was fucking her and she came two or three times (I was a little distracted so I didn’t keep count). The guys were more than ready to cum by this point and Abigail told them to give everything they had to Susan. She had two loads of cum deposited in her cunt in rapid succession and three guys came over her. Richard produced an impressive amount of cum and when everyone had finished with her Susan was a real mess (not helped by the bits of breakfast still smeared over her body). Mel used the vibrating egg to massage the cum that was oozing out of her cunt over her pussy and continued this until Susan came once again and then pushed the banana back into her cunt. As not all the girls had cum, Susan’s final task was to eat anyone who wanted it. Abigail seemed very eager for this (but given watching Susan do things gets her horny, I’m not too surprised about this).By the time she had eaten Abi and Mel, Susan looked very happy (if tired) and was told that she could go and clean herself up. Abigail went with her to help with this and they returned a little while later.

A few people left and I had another chat with Susan about the things she was being made to do. I was quite open about the fact I was jealous of her and told her that if she ever wanted a break, I would switch places and let the gang wear themselves out on (or in) me so Susan could rest and recover. She acknowledged that it was sometimes tiring, but said that she had no intention of letting anyone else have fun in her place. I told her that she was mean, but as long as she would continue to eat me on demand I would forgive her.

We stayed in for lunch and I’d half expected Susan to be used again, but other than a few of us being naked, it was a quiet lunch. Jen mentioned something to Mel who disappeared upstairs and returned with a bottle of oil. Jen stated that it was time to test out Susan’s cunt properly and got her to sit up on the sofa. Jen applied a generous amount of oil and pushed three fingers in to Susan’s cunt. She added a fourth and quickly added her thumb. Susan too all of this, but Jen couldn’t get her whole fist in without hurting Susan (and while Jen enjoys pain, she doesn’t want to hurt others – unless possibly they really enjoyed it) so she stopped. Jen thought it was a shame to waste an oil covered hand though so I was told to kneel on the sofa with my ass in the air and I felt Jen work her fingers and then whole hand into me. There was the usual feeling of being stretched (especially as the widest part of her hand pushed into me) but it felt remarkably good once her hand was all the way in. People seemed to like the view and I was told to make up for Susan not being fisted by licking her while Jen fisted me. We carefully adjusted our position so I could get my mouth to her cunt and at first it wasn’t too pleasant as she still had a fair amount of oil, but after wiping her clean, I concentrated on her clit and she didn’t taste too bad.

Jen continued with her fist inside me and a couple of people took turns playing with my clit. The position I was in meant that my breasts swung back and forth with my nipples grazing against the material of the sofa and it actually felt really good (regular readers will know that my nips aren’t too sensitive so I was pleasantly surprised at this). I came first but Jen kept her hand in me until I got Susan off and then I had to ensure the less pleasant part of her pulling out of me (I find that this hurts a bit more – possibly as I’m more sensitive after having just cum). People took advantage of my stretched state to examine me and Mike convinced Richard to see how loose I felt. He didn’t think he was ready to do much after having helped out with Susan over breakfast, but he was persuaded and once inside me he said that he could definitely feel the difference (from both the oil and my stretched cunt). He could tell when I squeezed myself around his cock (although he said that I still felt looser than usual) so to prove a point I rocked back and forth and squeezed as much as I could (not the whole time, but enough that it did the job). I wasn’t trying to get myself off, I just wanted to demonstrate that even after Jen’s hand being in me, I was still tight enough to make him cum – and after a short while of me humping against him, he started to push back. I let him use me and cum in me.

Susan and I went and cleaned each other up in the shower and just to keep her training going, I pushed a hairbrush (handle) into her cunt and fucked her with it while using the pulse spray on her clit. She offered to do the same to me but I told her that Mike would probably want another go with her before we left (and we didn’t have much time left). I had guessed correctly and when we returned, Mike asked if he could take Susan upstairs (for comfort) and have a final go with her before we set off.

I went up with them so I could start to pack our things but I mostly watched as Mike started off taking Susan from behind (with her bent over the bed) and then got her to sit over his cock and ride him. He had a fairly standard session with her and finished off by pounding into her repeatedly until she came. Susan seemed to really enjoy this way of being fucked and once she had cum, he went on a little longer and then came in her. He pushed her down hard on his cock and they kissed for a while until I pointed out that we really needed to go soon. Susan climbed off and pressed her thighs together while she licked Mike’s cock clean. When she finally stood up, a little of his cum started to leak out of her so I told her to go downstairs and let Jen clean her up. I’m still amazed at just how obedient Susan is as when Mike and I made it to the living room, Susan was sitting on the sofa with Jen between her legs. It didn’t seem fair for Jen to be doing all the work so once Jen had finished, Susan was told to quickly eat Jen.

As we’d left things rather late, we had to get a cab to the station and then headed off to the airport. We weren’t going to be back for a few weeks so told them that we expected further developments with Susan’s training (although I don’t know how much further they can push her). Mel and Abigail promised they would do their best (and Julia later promised me that she would make sure nothing too bad was done).

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