Friday, 5 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 1

The second weekend in April, we invited Giles and Clare up. As they were both recent converts to group sex, I was pleasantly surprised that they agreed to visit. I had warned them that while we obviously weren’t going to force them to do anything, we would at the very least be having sex in front of them and we hoped that they would be joining in. Giles had apparently been quite nervous that Mike would want to do things with him but (via Clare) I had assured him that this was rather unlikely as Mike just wanted a chance to fuck Clare. The other temptation for Giles was the opportunity to see Jen and I doing things to Clare (and hopefully the chance for him to fuck me).

They arrived on the Friday afternoon and we went out for dinner after work. They both looked fairly nervous (this was apparently the first time they had met up with people outside of the parties with the aim of sex). We kept the conversation light and I mostly kept myself covered (although I let Giles have a few flashes of my pussy). On returning to the house, I changed into my light robe which I didn’t bother to fasten and sat with my legs crossed so my pussy was fully exposed.

We told them that they could have a bed to themselves if they wanted but I suggested that it might be more fun if I took Giles away and let Jen and Mike take care of Clare. As I would have expected, Giles seemed a lot keener or this idea than Clare was – the only reservation Giles had was that he didn’t want to miss out on seeing Clare doing things with Jen. Mike fully appreciated this and suggested that we could always start things off in the living room, let Giles watch Clare cum and then we could go our separate ways to have the ‘proper’ sessions.

Jen already had her hand on Clare’s thigh so I moved over beside her and started to rub the crotch of her jeans. Clare jumped a little at the directness of my approach, but allowed us to continue to caress her. Jen quickly moved a hand up to Clare’s breasts and I unzipped her jeans and pushed my hand into them. I was quickly reminded why I rarely wear trousers as I could hardly move my hand so I tugged her jeans off to expose a pair of plain black cotton panties. I pulled her legs open and pushed my mouth against her panties, kissing and licking them, then pulled the material aside and pushed my tongue into her cunt. The sudden change in stimulation elicited a nice response so I ate her for a while longer before pulling her panties off completely.

While I’d been eating Clare, Jen had exposed Clare’s breasts and had been sucking on her nipples. I switched places with Jen but we completely stripped Clare before we resumed work. I alternated between kissing her and playing with her nips and then told Jen that as she would get the night with Clare, I wanted to be the one to make her cum. Jen had wanted to give Clare her first orgasm of the evening, but she couldn’t argue with my logic so we switched back and I used a couple of fingers in Clare’s cunt while sucking on her clit. It didn’t take long to get her off and once she had finished cumming, I turned to Giles and kissed him, letting him taste his girlfriend’s juices from my face.

I pushed one of his hands between my legs and told him I wanted him to fuck me – he was amenable to this so we went off to Mike’s room where we quickly undressed. I was going to get him to go down on me first, but he seemed so eager that I just knelt on the bed and offered myself to him doggy style. He quickly pushed into me and started to pump back and forth – I looked down my body and from between my swaying breasts I could see his balls as he fucked me. I thought I would be nice and let him enjoy himself so I reached down and played with my clit as I pushed back against his thrusts. I told him how good his cock felt and squeezed my cunt around him. He told me he was getting close so I told him to just enjoy himself and cum. He asked if he could cum in me and I told him to go ahead. I kept encouraging him, telling him I wanted to feel his cum filling my cunt and he soon pushed even harder into me. He stayed buried in me as he came – hardly moving, but this allowed me to frig my clit faster and I told him to stay inside me until I’d cum. It felt like I could feel his cock twitching in me but he didn’t have long to wait as I hadn’t been far off cumming. I told him that I was going to cum around his cock and churn up all of his cum inside me. I moaned and panted as I came (only exaggerating slightly) and then allowed myself to slide forwards, feeing his cock slide out of me and letting his cum leak out down my legs.

Giles said that he had enjoyed the fuck and I told him that I hoped it wasn’t over yet and expected him to keep going. I told him I would be gentle and took his cock in my mouth. He had started to go soft but I coaxed him back to life and after a few minutes of gentle sucking I started to work on him a bit more seriously. I told him to lie down and then clambered over him in a 69 position. He didn’t argue so I lowered my pussy to his face and he gingerly started to lick me, but when I stayed in position he seemed to get the hint and started to lick me properly. If he was anything like Mike I guessed he wasn’t going to be too keen on eating his cum, but a fair amount had already leaked out of me and I was still sucking his cock to distract him. After a while I stopped sucking him to ask if he wanted to cum in my cunt again, in my mouth or over my body. Giles said he didn’t mind so I told him that if he made me cum I’d let him shoot his cum over me and then spoon with me while we went to sleep. He asked to cum over my tits (which I agreed to) and I alternated between using my hand and my mouth on his cock as he ate me. It took him a little while to make me cum, but he got there in the end.

He was feeling quite horny by this point so I got him to sit at the edge of the bed and I tit fucked him. Giles really enjoyed this (Clare isn’t large chested enough to do this) and when I gave him the option of wanking over me or letting me make him cum with my breasts wrapped around his cock, he went for the latter). I told him that this would be a good thing to do first thing in the morning as he would probably be able to produce more cum and he said that he would love to try that. He actually didn’t do too badly given he’d cum only a short while before and let out a number of semi-decent spurts. Most of his cum remained between my breasts, but one spurt shot up and onto my chin. My chest felt fairly damp and I released his cock so he could admire what he had done to me. I knelt back so his cum would slowly run down over my stomach and asked him if he wanted to finger me so I could cum again.

He said that he’d be happy to so I joined him on the bed and lay back with my legs spread. I told him to explore my cunt as much as he wanted and as he touched me in different ways, I let him know what felt good. I noticed that he also caressed my thighs a fair bit so asked him if he preferred legs or breasts. He replied that he liked both and if I let him, he would play with my breasts a bit more later on. He continued to finger me and I offered to let him use some toys on me but he was content with just fingers. He liked it when I licked my nipples so I did this for a bit (despite them being smeared with his cum) and as I got closer to cumming I told him how much I wanted to feel his hard cock buried in me again and how I wanted to spoon with him so we could fall asleep with him buried in my cunt. He got me off with a couple of fingers in me and his other hand working on my clit.

I suggested we spoon and he apologised and said that he didn’t think he could cum again but I assured him that this was fine – all I wanted was to feel him inside me (and he was more than hard enough for that). We did end up moving against each other and he reached around me to play with my breasts (as promised) but we didn’t actually fuck. I asked him if he was happy for me to wake him up in an interesting way and told him that if he woke up first (or at any point in the night), he was more than welcome to finger/eat/fuck me awake. Giles seemed quite surprised that I was willing to let him do this and I assured him that unless she objected, Clare would almost certainly get the same treatment from Jen and Mike.

We talked about how he felt about the fact that Mike was currently fucking his girlfriend and he seemed remarkably sanguine about it. This led on to discussing how they had started going to the parties and who had wanted it more – surprisingly, Clare had been quite keen on it but Giles had also really liked the idea of seeing (and joining) Clare with another woman and he also found the idea of seeing another guy fucking her very arousing. He thought that I would find this odd but I assured him that Mike was exactly the same and I gave him a potted history of how I met Jen and some of the things I’ve been made to do over the years. As always happens when I recount these things, I felt quite a bit hornier (which is why I take the time to write this blog) and I would have quite liked it if Giles had decided to fuck me again. I did consider masturbating but didn’t want to scare him off so I just kept sliding back and forth on his cock and told him that if he wanted, he could watch Mike Jen and I fuck Clare as many times as she could take.

In Jen’s room, Mike and Jen had been giving Clare a slightly more intensive session (but there were two of them to pleasure her). After Giles and I had left them, Mike had first gone down on Clare and eaten her to another orgasm and then carried her into Jen’s room and laid her on the bed. Mike and Jen lay on either side of her and each took one of her breasts while they both gently caressed and fingered her pussy. Clare tried to reach down to rub Mike’s cock but she could only reach the head so he rubbed against her leg and Jen did the same on her other leg. Mike got Clare to ask him to fuck her and he said that it wouldn’t be fair to leave Jen out. Clare knew that both Jen and I wanted to do things with her so this was hardly unexpected and she agreed to go down on Jen as Mike fucked her.

They started off with Jen sitting against the headbord with Clare on her stomach and Mike taking Clare from behind. Clare started off slowly with Jen, but with a bit of encouragement was soon lapping away. Jen said that her inexperience showed, but Clare was trying and Jen quite liked having a newly converted girl to train. Mike liked this position as he could easily play with Clare’s clit and he could get deep inside her, but he wanted to see what she was doing to Jen in more detail so they switched round so Clare was on her back. Jen sat over Clare’s face, facing away from Mike and leant forwards and Mike mounted Clare in the missionary position. He could now spread Jen’s ass cheeks and watch properly as Clare’s tongue pushed between Jen’s lips. Mike got his face close enough that he could smell Jen – as his hands were on Jen’s ass, the whole weight of his body was pressing down on Clare and he did his best to pump in and out of her but he knew that he’d have to change position to finish things off (especially if he was going to make Clare cum as well).

He was happy to do the best he could to Clare while he watched though and he gave Jen’s ass a couple of slaps to help things along. Jen gave Clare some tips, telling her when to concentrate on her clit or to push her tongue between Jen’s lips. Mike kept encouraging Clare to eat Jen and to make her cum, promising Clare that she would get to cum again soon after. As Jen got closer, she ground back and forth against Clare’s face a little and let Clare know how close she was to cumming. Clare was told to concentrate on Jen’s clit and this was enough to send Jen over the edge. She mewed her way through her orgasm and once finished she moved to dismount Clare but Mike pushed her back down and told Clare to just gently kiss and lick Jen.

Jen said that if she was going to be kitty kissed, she at least wanted to see what was happening so she pulled herself up, turned around and planted herself back over Clare’s mouth. Mike noticed that Clare looked quite flushed and her face was covered with Jen’s juices, but he didn’t say anything. Jen took over instructing Clare on how to kitty kiss and Mike lifted himself up so he could fuck Clare properly. He lifted Clare’s legs up and started to fuck her with long strokes – Jen helped out and held on to Clare’s legs, which allowed Mike to easily play with Clare’s clit. He reached forwards a few times and fondled Jen’s and Clare’s breasts and Jen decided that if anyone was going to do this is would be her. She handed one of Clare’s legs back to Mike and took one of Clare’s breasts. After a few minutes he took Clare’s other leg and began to fuck her much harder. He told her repeatedly that he was going to fill her tight little cunt with his cum and asked her if she wanted this. Clare was rather muffled by the fact that Jen was still sitting over her, but they managed to get a few ‘mmmm’s’ out of her. As Clare is still fairly new to us, he couldn’t read her that well so she came before Mike was really ready – not that this stopped him as he just stopped holding back and fucked her until he came as well.

Jen climbed off of Clare and Mike lay down on top of her and kissed her. He kissed some of Jen’s juices off of her face and then sucked on her tongue while gently moving inside her (not too much as he felt quite sensitive). He told Jen to move the mirror and as he climbed off Clare he put his hand over her pussy to try to hold his cum in. Clare was very flushed but Mike helped her to stand and once she was in front of the mirror, he removed his hand and they all watched as his cum started to leak out of Clare’s cunt. She went to cover her pussy but he told her that this was a beautiful sight and pointed out to her the mess that Jen had left on her face. Once again Clare went to cover herself but he told her that it was also beautiful and was proof of the pleasure she had just given to Jen. Clare blushed quite a lot but allowed Mike and Jen to admire what they had done to her. Jen pushed a couple of fingers into Clare and fed her some of Mike’s cum, then knelt and had a good lick at Clare’s cunt.

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