Monday, 8 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 2

When Clare stopped dripping cum, they returned to the bed and went back to kissing and caressing each other. They had mini oral session, both Mike and Jen went down on Clare and Clare reciprocated. Clare didn’t think that she could cum again so Mike and Jen made sure that she did and then kissed her a while longer. They convinced her to go down on Jen again – this time Jen lay on her side so Clare could rest her head on one of Jen’s thighs and Mike could spoon with Clare at the same time. Mike had been hoping that as he fondled and fucked Clare, he would get her horny enough to cum again, but she really did seem to have reached her limit for the evening. He remained inside her as they spooned and asked her if he could cum in her again. Clare said that she didn’t mind so he slowly fucked her and whispered to her how wonderful her cunt felt (he was still hoping she would want to cum). He came in her and stayed inside, slowly moving to keep himself hard. Mike and Jen argued (playfully) over who would get to wake Clare up and then explained to her (as I’d done with Giles) what they would do. Clare agreed to let them try this ‘if they really wanted’ and they settled on whoever woke up first being the person who could eat Clare awake.

Jen actually cheated as she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. On returning to bed, she crawled under the covers and attacked Clare’s cunt. Clare woke up with a start (which also woke Mike up) but Mike told her to lie back and enjoy Jen’s tongue. Jen ate Clare to another orgasm and by this point Mike was nice and hard so he convinced Clare to let him spoon with her while she went back to sleep. He felt sufficiently rested that he thinks he could have probably fucked her but he just pressed deep inside her and gently moved until she had fallen asleep.

Jen was also the first to wake the next morning and she repeated what she had done to Clare, but was much gentler at the beginning, so Clare was already aroused by the time she properly came round. Mike helped out by playing with Clare’s breasts and caressing her thighs (she asked him to do this – presumably as she was used to Giles doing it). Clare seemed a little less embarrassed by the fact that a girl was eating her but Mike made it clear that once Jen had finished, he would be taking her place and wanted to eat her to another orgasm before he got round to fucking her. Clare said that she wasn’t sure she could take that but Mike was fairly gentle with her as he ate her and as soon as she came, he moved up and pushed into her. He guessed that she wasn’t likely to cum again quickly – at least not while he was just fucking her, but he had a plan and got Jen to hand him one of our vibrating eggs. With this on her clit, his cock in her cunt and Jen on her breasts, they didn’t have too much trouble helping her achieve her third orgasm. Clare said that her pussy was tingling quite a bit after they had finished and she was given the option of staying in bed while Mike and Jen went to get breakfast, but she said that she would join them. Giles and I were still in the middle of our session and Mike convinced her to leave us to it.

I had been woken up by the sound of fucking coming from Jen’s room. I was a little disappointed that Giles hadn’t eaten/fingered/fucked me awake, but I guess he is still learning. I crawled under the covers and lifted the end of his cock into my mouth. It didn’t take muck licking to get the beginnings of a response and as his cock stiffened, I took more into my mouth until I was sucking a decent length (decent for me anyway). Giles woke up to this and said that he could get used to it and I gave him the option of me finishing him off in my mouth (with the provision that he’d have to eat or finger me) or fucking. He said he was enjoying my sucking so we went for the compromise of 69ing for a short while and then I rode him. He seemed to enjoy this and gave my breasts a good fondling as I bounced up and down on his cock. He especially seemed to like watching me play with my clit as I fucked him and I told him that if he wanted I would properly finger myself later on and he could watch as intently as he wanted. Unfortunately he came before I did and didn’t want me to move any more but I convinced him to at least let me stay on top of him as I frigged myself. It wasn’t the most satisfying orgasm, but I came and I enjoyed kneeling up and letting Giles’ cum leak out of me onto his body.

We went and joined the others for breakfast and we exchanged details of what we’d done in bed. I told Mike that Giles wanted to watch him fuck Clare and he said he’d be happy to, but thought Clare needed a little time to recover. As a bonus for Giles, I got Jen to sit up on the table and used a banana on her (still in its skin). I asked Clare if she wanted to help out and got her to come and sit on my lap so we could take turns using the banana on Jen. Of course with Clare in my lap it was easy to slide a hand along her thigh and press against her pussy. I told her how Giles had cum in my cunt and I could do with being cleaned out – I was sort of whispering into her ear but wasn’t being incredibly quiet so the others could head and Giles said that he would like to see Clare eat his cum out of me. I told her that I would make sure she was repaid and she agreed (possibly a little reluctantly). We didn’t neglect Jen though and made sure that we finished working on her first – I let Clare use the banana and I stroked Jen’s clit.

We moved back into Jen’s room as I thought we may as well take care of both the things Giles wanted to see at the same time. I lay on the bed with a couple of pillows under my ass and spread my legs. Giles helped to remove Clare’s robe and nudged her towards me – she clambered up onto the bed and started to go down on me and I asked her if she wanted to let Giles watch Mike fuck her. She didn’t move her mouth off of my pussy but gave a little nod which I passed on to Mike. He asked Giles if he minded (I hadn’t told Mike about my conversation with Giles the previous evening) and when Giles told him to go ahead, he climbed up on the bed behind Clare, pulled her ass up in the air and pushed into her. He got Clare to adjust her position on the bed a little and started to slide in and out while leaning back so Giles could get a good view. Mike spread Clare’s ass cheeks and pushed deep into her, then reached around under her body so he could play with her clit. The three of us played like this for a while and Jen gave Clare a few more pointers in how to eat girls (which seemed to make a difference).

Mike got Clare to tell him when she was getting close and he stopped playing with her clit and just fucked her hard. He kneaded her ass and ran the tips of his thumbs repeatedly over her asshole (but didn’t penetrate it). I could feel Clare being pushed against me as Mike’s crotch slapped against her ass so I had some idea of how hard he was fucking her but Jen egged Mike on and told him to go harder. I felt Clare moaning as she came and she asked Mike to slow down – he did this but carried on fucking her until he came and then pushed into her and stayed there while she continued to lick me. It wasn’t that she had stopped, but she seemed to have lost her concentration and Jen had to give her a bit more encouragement and tell her to focus on my clit. Fortunately Clare did as instructed and things started to feel a lot better again. Mike pulled out of Clare and (I’m told) a little cum leaked out of her. She kept licking my clit until I came but stopped a bit too abruptly.

As Giles hadn’t cum (in the post-breakfast session) I asked him if he wanted to use me or cum over me. He opted for having me ride him again but this time I told him to pay attention to my clit and he did as I asked and stroked it while we fucked. Giles wanted Clare to sit over his face (he knew that Jen was off-limits) but she’d had enough for the time being (again). As a compromise, Jen kissed me and fondled my breasts so he at least had an extra treat to watch. It wasn’t hard to get Giles to cum again and with him playing with my clit it was much easier for me to cum.

She may not have wanted to join in with our session, but Clare did lick me afterwards (at Giles’ request) and following this I took Giles off to the shower (from having many visitors we’ve learned that it not only allows us an additional opportunity to have fun, but is the only way we can all shower without running out of hot water. We didn’t really do much in the shower, but I let Giles soap up and rub down my body which he seemed to enjoy. Mike and Jen took Clare into the shower – it isn’t really big enough for three people but they concentrated on her first and gave her body a thorough clean (with a lot of extraneous touching). She was then allowed to leave and Mike and Jen finished off showering together.

We headed out into town – Clare hadn’t brought any skirts with her so Jen leant her one and after a small battle we convinced her not to wear any panties. She was obviously a little uncomfortable with this so over lunch (and later on coffee), Jen and I both took the opportunity to show off the fact that we were naked under our skirts. This was mostly directed at Clare and Giles, but I demonstrated to Clare the best way (I think) to flash people via a couple of ‘drop and bends’ – allowing my skirt to ride up and expose my pussy when I picked up the item.

It seemed a pity to go out and for nobody to cum so we got Clare to agree to join in a changing room session. We assured her that she would be fine and Jen started things off with her. At first Clare just removed her skirt and Jen knelt and licked her. I swapped places with Jen and Jen lifted Clare’s top and bra to get access to her nipples and when we switched back, I removed the top and bra to leave Clare naked. I left Jen eating Clare so I could go and get some more clothes for Clare to pretend to try on (they get suspicious if you’re in for too long with just one set of clothes). I switched with Jen on my return and by that point, Jen was fingering and licking Clare so I just carried on with this. As it was nominally Jen’s day to get to play with Clare (and it seemed to me that Clare seemed to be more comfortable doing things with Jen) we switched back to let Jen be the one who made Clare cum. Clare visibly shook as she came and was breathing quite heavily by the time Jen pulled away.

Clare seemed very embarrassed by what she had just done, but we went for a coffee (our second of the afternoon) and Clare admitted that as I had guessed, she’d had a pretty strong orgasm (and had enjoyed it despite being nervous about where she was). I told Clare that this admission was a good first step on the road to exhibitionism and Clare contested this but couldn’t disagree when I pointed out that she had happily been fucking in front of a whole group of people at the sex parties. She had obviously been aware that other people had seen her doing things there, but hadn’t considered this as exhibitionism. She ended up agreeing with me and we (especially Giles and I) decided that we could probably find ways of encouraging this behaviour.

We didn’t have anything special planned for that evening so agreed to just go out for a drink after dinner. We picked up a few things on the way home and when back at the house set about preparing dinner. I had selected a long thin cucumber as part of our salad and after steering our conversation back on to Clare’s growing love of exhibitionism (which she again contested) I asked her if she was comfortable masturbating in front of Giles. She had done this, but it wasn’t often and usually wasn’t for too long so I challenged her to fuck herself with the cucumber in front of us all. At first she point blank refused to do this so I sat up on the counter and pushed the cucumber into myself. I merrily fucked myself with it while saying that it wasn’t that big a deal, we’d all seen her cum and how liberating it was to be able to openly play with yourself whenever you wanted (around understanding friends at least).

To add weight to my demonstration, I swapped with Jen and we all watched her repeatedly plunge the cucumber into her cunt. We tried again to convince Clare and pointed out that the rest of us had masturbated so Clare pointed out that Giles and Mike hadn’t. Mike soon rectified that - he pulled out his cock and started to stroke himself and I told Giles that if he did the same, Clare might be willing to play properly. Clare gave in and said it was fine so Jen climbed down from the counter and Clare went to take her place.

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