Thursday, 11 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 3

We're back from holiday now and had a wonderful week (although Mike somehow managed to catch a bit of a cold). It'll probably be a little while before you get to read about it, but be assured that we made the most of our last holiday of freedom (before babies) and have plenty of material for you to cum over... Back to Claire and Giles' visit now...

I told her that we wanted to see things done properly and tugged on her skirt until it slipped down over her waist. I helped Clare up and stole a cheeky few licks before Jen handed her the cucumber and we stood back to watch. Clare was once again obviously embarrassed (and to be fair, starting off with things like this with four people intently watching you is probably quite intense) but she eventually pushed the tip between her lips and then worked a little more into her. We let her get going before Jen and I moved closer to her and started to assist her. This was mostly through stroking her clit, but we took turns with the cucumber so the other person could remove Clare’s top and Clare could feed her arms out through the holes. Jen and I then concentrated on her nipples (one each) and told Clare that she may as well finish herself off as she was doing so well. She said that she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but I once again pointed out that we’d all seen (and made) her cum before anyway so she may as well just enjoy herself. I assume that she is used to using a vibe or dildo as she adjusted her grip on the cucumber so she couldn’t push it in too deep without us telling her to do this – she used her other hand on her clit and once she had accepted that we wanted to see her cum, she didn’t take too long to achieve this.

Only when she’d cum did I tell her that we would be using the cucumber in the salad – which she thought was disgusting but couldn’t counter the argument that we’d all eaten her juices before. She was going to get dressed again but Mike took her into Jen’s room and spent a while kitty kissing her and giving her further training on how we do this. He was careful not to make her cum again - partially as Clare said she felt quite sensitive and partially so he could get her sufficiently aroused that she would want to do things again later on – but as their session progressed he licked her more forcefully, around her pussy, inside her and occasionally grazing his tongue over her ass. When Jen went to call them in for dinner Mike kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her while they kissed. Clare seemed to welcome this so he guessed he’d achieved his aim of getting her horny, at which point he pulled out and dragged her along to dinner. Unfortunately she wasn’t yet comfortable enough being naked around us in a ‘normal’ setting (when not actually having sex) so she put Jen’s robe on.

Mike and I cleared up while Jen, Giles and Clare chatted. This was our first chance to properly trade information and when we discovered that Clare liked having her legs played with. I’m quite used to this as Mike is a leg man (technically a pussy man, but certainly legs come next before breasts in his case). When we joined the others in the living room, we found Jen sitting with her legs spread and gently toying with herself. She wasn’t really masturbating, just showing off and enjoying the fact that Giles was closely watching her (even though she isn’t interested in men, she still enjoys the feeling of power that she gets from knowing they really want her). We sat around and chatted for a while, occasionally making out a little (I mostly took care of Giles and Mike mostly kissed and caressed Clare, but Jen also kissed Clare and me). It wasn’t anything heavy, we were just trying to get them further accustomed to being partially naked and playing in public (although from the feel of Giles’ cock he didn’t have any issues with it). I only went down on him once but promised that he would get more later on.

We got ready and headed out at about 9. As we were just going for a drink, we didn’t wear anything special, but once again managed to convince Clare to go without panties. As she (and we) were dressed appropriately, we headed for a bar that we knew had a suitable place to stand that would give people below a view up our skirts. Clare joined Jen and I at the bannister and we all stood with a foot up on the bottom wire so we were more exposed. I assured Clare that even though it felt people could see straight up our skirts, at that distance they couldn’t really see much – and pointed out that she didn’t know anyone there anyway so even if they were closely examining her pussy, it just added to the fun. Once she had a couple of drinks in her, Clare seemed much more at ease with this (just like at the parties) and she even let me lean over and push her skirt a little higher up her leg.

On the way home we stopped off in one of our usual alleyways and Mike Jen and I demonstrated how we played outside. Giles was too nervous to actually fuck Clare or me, but he let me suck him and Clare let Mike and Jen have quick turns eating and fingering her. We headed home quickly and as soon as we were inside things got started. Mike and Jen took Clare again and soon had her naked on the sofa. Mike fucked her cunt and mouth while Jen played with her nips or ate her (depending on where Mike’s cock was). As I was going to have Clare that night anyway I also had a go at eating her and let Giles fuck me while I did this. I made sure that he didn’t cum so that we could do things properly later, but he seemed to have figured this out anyway. As I didn’t want Clare to be too tired to play, I asked Mike and Jen to not be too harsh with her and they agreed to just get her off once between them. They didn’t have any trouble doing this and Mike kitty kissed Clare for a while after and then fucked her. As Clare would be spending the night with Giles, Mike was considerate enough to not cum in her cunt and when he got close, he pulled out and came over her stomach and chest. I wiped Clare clean with her skirt (technically another one of Jen’s) and asked Giles if he was ready for his threesome. As his cock was still nice and hard and he’d been fucking me at various points through the proceedings, I wasn’t surprised when he said yes, but he was confused as to what Mike and Jen would be getting up to (he knew enough to know Mike wasn’t allowed to fuck her).

Even though I wanted to get a chance to cum, I thought this would be a good learning experience so we explained that while Mike couldn’t fuck Jen, he was allowed to play with her in certain ways. We went into Jen’s room and Mike lay on the bed so Jen could demonstrate how she ground her pussy against his cock. I then got Jen to lie on her back on top of Mike and held her pussy open as she wiggled down so his cock was pressing against her cunt. With a bit of further adjustment I could easily lick the head of his cock and her clit and I got Clare to have a go at doing this as well. Mike wasn’t ready to cum again yet so we let him and Jen head into his room while I asked Giles (as he seemed to be the one leading things) which way he wanted his first threesome. I promised him that we could try different combinations and he opted for me riding him while Clare sat over his face.

Clare seemed a lot happier doing things with just one other girl present (or maybe it was having a guy involved) and (admittedly after I had instigated things), she leant forwards and kissed me as well as fondled my breasts). I kept telling Giles to eat Clare out properly and pay attention to her clit and I pushed Clare’s hand down to my clit. I wanted to make sure that I came before Giles did this time so I let Clare frig me and didn’t ride him too energetically at first. It was much easier to read how excited he was by the way he was thrusting up into me. Just as I’d wanted to, I came first and even though I stayed on Giles’ cock and kept moving, I told him that he wasn’t allowed to cum until he made Clare cum. To help make this easier, I got her to lean forwards and better present her clit to his mouth, which had the added advantage that we could kiss properly (much tongue action and I could easily fondle one of her breasts). Between kisses, I told Giles to lick faster and to make Clare cum all over his face – he did as instructed and Clare soon told me she was cumming.

I just had Giles to take care of now but he was sufficiently horny that it only took a small amount of bouncing up and down on his cock as he thrust into me and he came. I tried to be careful as I climbed off of him so I could keep whatever cum he’d given me in my pussy, but then realised that it would probably be a little while before we started the next round so stopped worrying about it. As we lay chatting, I reached over and gently traced my fingers up and down Giles’ cock and caressed his balls. I made sure not to leave Clare out and also caressed her a little. We discussed erogenous zones and I told them about my neck, Clare confirmed that she likes having her thighs played with as well as her breasts and Giles (being male) said that it was pretty much just his cock. In order to warm up for round two I suggested that we could try playing with each other for a while and we started with Clare. Giles and I each took one of her nipples and caressed her lower body, pussy and thighs. I then moved down and kitty kissed her, leaving Giles to take care of her nips. Clare enjoyed this a lot but the aim wasn’t to make her cum so when she was sufficiently aroused, we moved on to Giles.

I let him rub his cock between my breasts for a while but I didn’t make a big thing of this as I have no idea how Clare feels about her breast size. I suggested to Clare that we both suck Giles off and we spent a while kissing around his cock (again with a lot of tongue action). I didn’t want Clare to calm down too much so I occasionally reached over and caressed her breasts or dipped my hand between her legs to play with her pussy. I heard her moan a couple of times when I did this so I assumed that she approved. I made sure that Giles knew he wasn’t meant to cum in our mouths or over our faces as I wanted him to fuck Clare. We got him fairly close and then in order to give him a chance to calm down (and because I wanted a turn), I lay on the bed and let the both stroke my neck. They were actually quite good at this and got the hang of how much (or little) force I wanted them to use. I got Giles to spend a while rubbing his cock against my neck (and as a reward I gave the head an extra suck afterwards). They could have probably made me cum if I’d let them, but as neither of them had cum I didn’t think I should be greedy (although I could have cum and still cum again when we did things).

I gave Clare a final few licks and then asked if she was ready to start (it was obvious that Giles was ready). Clare lay on her back and spread her legs, Giles pushed into her and I sat over her face. There was none of the hesitation from earlier and she licked me straight away (although was still clearly inexperienced). It felt good though and I enjoyed the view. I reached down to Clare’s clit and played with it, telling Giles to just concentrate on fucking her for as long as he could. I don’t know if Clare heard what I said, but it felt like she started to eat me more intensely. I rocked back and forth on her face – not too much, but enough to try to indicate to her that I was enjoying what she was doing to me. I worked quite intensively on Clare’s clit but from the way she was licking me I assumed she was enjoying it and I reminded Giles a few times to make sure he didn’t cum until Clare did. I don’t know if it was the alcohol (she hadn’t drunk that much), the fact it was just the three of us, her being horny or just practice, but she certainly seemed to get better as the session progressed. I told her that she was going to make me cum (and to keep going). I did the best I could to describe to Giles how his girlfriend’s tongue was sliding over and into my cunt, how wonderful it felt and how if any of his cum had been left in me, it was now down Clare’s throat along with a fair serving of my cunt juice.

Clare came before I did but she kept licking me. I told Giles he could cum whenever he wanted and it didn’t take long for him to cum. I was very close by this point and when Giles pulled out I asked Clare to keep going as I was nearly there and I lay down on top of her so we could 69 and I could kitty kiss her. I told her to concentrate on my clit and lick a bit faster and she did as I asked. Between licks, I moaned and swore into her cunt as I came – partially exaggerating things, but mostly just trying to encourage her. I told her to keep going and then told her to ease off and just kiss me gently – as I was doing to her. She was actually reasonably good at kitty kissing so we did this for a couple of minutes until I finally clambered off of her.

I was feeling happy and generous so I took Giles’ cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. This seemed to put a little life back into it, but he didn’t get properly hard. I then kissed Clare and complimented her on her pussy licking skills. She blushed a bit at this (which I thought was cute). I caressed her body as we chatted and I asked Giles to move around behind me so I could rub my ass against his cock. I told him that if he could get hard, we could spoon while falling asleep and told Clare that he seemed to have enjoyed doing that the night before and that she should let him do it to her every night. I spooned up against her and cupped one of her breasts and described to her how I was going to eat her awake in the morning and how we could then try a few more things. I was explicit enough with my description that Giles’ cock came back to life so I got my wish of having him inside me again and I prolonged this by moving against him and describing to Clare how it felt.


  1. Andy- I don't know how you can have so many Orgasms. I get way to sensitive and if he doesn't pull out right away it starts to hurt very quickly.

  2. That's the case for Mike, but I'm luck enough that I can usually cum quite a few times and not have it be too intense to do more. Admittedly it does also depend on the type of orgasm, whether I've been teased for a long time before cumming, my general mood...

    Training certainly seems to have a lot to do with it too, at first I couldn't cum more then a few times in a day, but as we did more, I got used to enduring/enjoying more pleasure. Jen followed the same route as well (as did Lis) - neither of them can cum as many times as I can (or at least neither of them are willing to try to push themselves that far to see if they can keep up).

    I think the only people who can really match (or possibly beat) me are Julia and Susan, but they are also good examples of people who've been trained to cum a lot. I really wish that Mike could cum multiple times (his limit is about 4 in a day, and usually only three), but to be worth it I'd also like him to be able to produce a large amount of cum each time and he can usually only do that once a day (sometimes twice if he came first thing and was then teased without cumming until late evening).

    Kitty kissing really helps as well - once I've cum, if my pussy is kissed and licked very gently, it seems to calm me down and prepare me for the next round faster.