Monday, 15 July 2013

Training Clare and Giles - Part 4

We've just got back from visiting Jen's family (and we *really* need to pay a visit to my Mum - although that probably wouldn't be as much fun now that Sue isn't living at home anymore). I continued my tradition of 'getting to know' Jen's brother, but you'll find out more in due course. Back to our weekend with Clare and Giles...

In Mike’s room, he and Jen had their own fun. They were obviously a lot more limited in what they could do, but Jen sat over him and humped against his cock until she came. They then kissed for a while (with Mike’s cock still nestled along the length of Jen’s cunt). When it was time for the second round, Mike attached Jen’s nipple clamps (to her) and covered his cock with tingle gel. Jen once again rode him, sliding back and forth and pressing her clit against him as hard as she could. Mike pulled on the chain, tugging at Jen’s nips and when she was close to cumming she sat upright a bit more so there was less pressure on her clit. She continued to grind against him until he was close to cumming and then leant forwards again so she felt more. They agreed that no matter who came first, they would continue until they had both cum. Mike cheated a bit and didn’t pull on the nipple chain as much so he ended up cumming first, which just resulted in an even stickier mess for Jen to slide over. Once he’d cum, he used a lot more force on the chain and Jen came fairly soon after. Once again she lay on top of him and pressed her body against his, feeling his cum squish over her stomach and crotch. Mike could feel the clamps pressing into his chest and he told Jen he would spend a while kissing her nips. She wasn’t going to refuse an offer like that so rolled off of him and let him remove the clamps to reveal her red nipples.

He spent a while kissing and stroking her nipples and she commented on his cock pressing against her leg so he half rolled on top of her and pressed a leg between hers. He ground against her cunt and asked if she thought she could cum again and with a bit more nipple kissing and dirty talk, convinced her to try. To make it easier, they rolled over so Jen was on top again, but this time Mike was the one doing most of the work. He held on to her ass and guided her up and down as he pushed his thigh against her. He told her how he couldn’t wait to be able to fuck her and how he would spend days eating her to countless orgasms. Jen has heard all of this before so it wasn’t anything new – she knows just how big a change it will be to have the three of us being able to do things properly and is looking forward to it. I’ve tried to convince them that it might be a good idea for them to start fucking properly before Jen comes off of the pill (so they can enjoy it without having to think about the baby thing at the same time) but Jen decided that she wants her first time to be when we are trying to get pregnant. Mike also seems happy with this (and much happier now he’s allowed to help make Jen cum).

He kept a tight grip on her ass and they kissed sloppily as she got close to cumming. Mike told her to cream over his leg, although he could feel that she had already left a large slippery mess. Jen came with her head by his ear and he enjoyed hearing her mewing and panting as she came. She said that her pussy felt hot from the friction, but she had enjoyed the session and Mike spooned behind her with his cock pressed against her back as they fell asleep. They discussed what they would do for their morning session (as they couldn’t eat each other awake) and decided that they would just wait until we (Clare, Giles and I) were awake and then join us for round two.

Things didn’t quite work out that way as Mike woke up with his cock pressed up against Jen and decided he wanted to cum over her. He grabbed one of the remote controlled egg vibrators from his drawer and positioned his cock between her lips again. Jen woke up with he was doing this so he explained what he had in mind and Jen spread her lips so he could position himself properly. Once in place, he used the egg and stimulated both his cock and Jen’s clit. Jen came first by quite a margin – at first Mike wasn’t sure he was going to be able to cum but he found the sweet spot (just under the glans) and put the vibe on high power. It still took a little while and he almost slipped inside Jen a couple of times, but she knew he wasn’t trying to do that on purpose so she stayed pressed against him and let him kiss her shoulders and neck. As he got closer to cumming she lifted her hair out of the way and told him to bite the back of her neck – usually I’m the only one allowed to do this so Mike was appreciative of the offer and bit just hard enough to leave a mark. He shot most of his cum over his own hand and wrist, but lifted it up and smeared it over Jen’s breasts. They then went back to sleep for a while and Mike kissed Jen’s neck (he hadn’t bitten that hard, but he likes her neck as it looks quite long and graceful when fully exposed).

I woke Clare in exactly the way I’d said I would. She seemed to be less startled by this method of being woken up than she had been with Mike and Jen. As I was kneeling on all fours, Giles asked if he could fuck me and I told him he could, but he wasn’t allowed to cum as we had to try something else and I needed him able to cum a couple of times. He was well enough behaved and just used me while I ate Clare. Once she had cum, I asked her if she was wanted to continue her journey into bi-sexuality and lick me while Mike fucked me. Fortunately she was up for this (but it would have been rude for her to refuse as I’d just eaten her) and so I got Giles to lie at the edge of the bed, Clare to kneel between his legs and I sat over him and impaled myself on his cock. With Giles’ help, I slowly rode up and down on his cock while Clare licked us both. I got her to concentrate on my clit and then on his shaft and a few times I pulled up so he was almost out of me and she could lick the head. I contracted myself around him and he really enjoyed this, especially if I did it while lifting myself up. I asked Clare if she enjoyed licking two people at once and she said that it was strange, but nice so I promised her that once I’d cum, I would do the same to her in return. She told me that she’d like that and we continued, but Giles soon said that he was getting close to cumming.

I warned him that he could cum whenever he wanted, but I intended to stay on his cock until I came. I don’t know what Giles actually intended to do as I was a little mean and contracted myself around him as hard as I could and bounced up and down a number of times. He told us he was about to cum but I didn’t stop until he grabbed my hips and said that it felt too intense. I told him that I’d warned him but I did at least slow down and just gently rocked back and forth on him as Clare licked me. I got her to concentrate on my clit so we didn’t torture him for too long and I got Giles to concentrate on what he could feel as I came around his cock.

I lifted myself off and let his cum run out of me, then joined Clare on the floor so we could kiss and lick his cock clean. I used my fingers on her pussy while we did this and told her that she would get to feel what I’d just experienced as soon as Giles was ready again. Unfortunately for Clare, I had pushed him a bit too hard and even after 10 minutes he said he still felt very sensitive. I suggested that Clare could always use Mike and (so he didn’t feel bad) pointed out that I really wanted Giles to be cumming in me anyway. He liked the idea of watching Clare being fucked by two people. I went to fetch Mike and found out that he’d already played with Clare, but he thought he could manage another session (he’d had a rest) so they both came in to join us. As promised, we repeated what I’d done with Giles, but with Clare on Mike’s cock and me licking them both. Clare enjoyed it immensely and over breakfast she once again admitted that she enjoyed doing things with us a lot more than she had expected.

We ate breakfast and got ready for the day. I took Giles into the shower and Mike let Jen take Clare in, but only on the provision that once she was nice and clean, he would get to eat her. Clare wasn’t used to having anywhere near this amount of attention paid to her and Mike spent quite a while just teasing and kitty kissing her. As I knew (or assumed) that Clare still wasn’t likely to be too adventurous once we went out, I thought we may as well enjoy things properly so Jen climbed over Clare’s face to be eaten and I presented myself to Giles (who was feeling ready to fuck again). I let him take me in a number of positions and for part of the time I went down on Clare while he fucked me (so we made a foursome – Giles, me, Clare, Jen). I let him use a couple of toys on my clit as well and told him that once we had finished, we could play with Clare more. Mike had already made her cum once and was working on a second orgasm and Clare was well on the way to making Jen cum (while Clare was certainly improving, she didn’t yet seem to know how to read us to determine what we were enjoying or when we wanted something done differently).

Giles reminded me that I had promised that he could cum over (or between) my breasts. I got him to make me cum first and then knelt so I could press my breasts around his cock. He fucked back and forth and I got him to lift the head of his cock to my mouth a couple of times so I could suck it, but made sure that when he came, he was firmly nestled between my breasts. He didn’t really produce any more cum than he had the time we’d done this before, but he still enjoyed himself. Jen had cum and Clare was very close to her second orgasm by this point so I gave her my breasts and told her to clean up the mess her boyfriend had made. She was a little hesitant at first (but I now know that she isn’t really any keener on eating boy-cum than I am), but eventually got stuck in and gave them a good licking. Mike made her cum while her face was still buried between my breasts.

We gave her a little while to rest and I asked if she would eat me one last time before we went out for lunch and then to see them off. Clare agreed to this and once I was sitting over her, the others set about her with various toys. They all fucked her with vibes and dildos and Jen briefly demonstrated the use of one of the double ended dildos with her. Mike coated one of our silicon covered vibes with tingle gel and used it in her, which had quite an effect on her. Clare got me off sometime around this point and (at my request) continued to kitty kiss me. They had fortunately saved the best for last though and only when Clare was getting close to cumming did they pull out our mains powered vibe. Mike and Jen spread Clare’s lips and Giles pressed the ball against Clare’s cunt. I felt Clare jump underneath me, but she wasn’t allowed to escape and was forced to have what she said was an incredibly intense orgasm.

We did kitty kiss her for a while afterwards (which I think always makes things feel much better if the orgasm has been too strong) and then Mike offered to give her a massage to make up for us having abused her. He oiled up her back and as he caressed her skin, I pushed his cock against her ass. He moved back a little and I pushed the head down between her legs so he could push into her cunt and he buried himself the whole way inside her. She complained that she didn’t have the energy to fuck again but he assured her he wasn’t going to do this and would just move slowly while he massaged her. Clare came to enjoy this and once the massage was done, she was in a much more relaxed state of mind and agreed to try something on.

I had been discussing dressing up with Giles and shown him our Japanese schoolgirl outfits (just on the hangers, we hadn’t bothered to put them on). He told me he liked the look I often had at the parties so this is what wed had decided to dress Clare in. She didn’t object to this and let us put a pair of Jen’s white panties and long white socks on her. The bra was a bit more of a challenge as Clare is somewhere between Jen and I in cup size, but we squeezed her into one of Jen’s bras and even put her hair up in two small bunches. It was certainly quote a cute outfit on her and went well with her blonde hair. We tried to convince her to go out for lunch dressed like this (with a dress over it of course) but to be fair to her, the bra really was too small. It was obvious that both Mike and Giles really liked the look and we convinced Clare to let them use her so they could enjoy the outfit properly.

I was a little surprised that she had agreed to this as we’d pushed her quite far, but she lay on her back, I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and Giles pushed in to her. I got him to lift her legs up and he fucked her. I’m not sure if he was actually intending to cum when he first started, but Jen and I caressed Clare’s body and legs and at one point Mike even gave Clare his cock to suck on. I doubt she looked quite as cute with all of this happening to her, but I know that Mike really enjoys the contrast between someone looking cute and being naughty. Giles enjoyed himself enough that he pumped into Clare until he came and I suggested that Clare could help clean him up while Mike enjoyed her. For this, Mike got her to kneel on all fours and I once again pulled the crotch of her panties aside to let him get in to her. Clare took Giles in her mouth and sucked him clean of her juices and Mike suggested that I help out and play with Clare’s clit. She said that she didn’t think she could cum again but after a bit of pestering allowed us to try so Jen joined in as well and half climbed under Clare so she could play with her breasts. I used my fingers on Clare’s clit and with everyone stimulating her (or in Giles’ case, just letting her suck him) we got her to the point where she conceded that she could cum. Mike warned her that once she’d cum he would keep going until he came and Clare said that she didn’t care. As she got close to cumming, she put her head down on the bed (so Jen had to move out from under her) but I carried on frigging her. She moaned into the covers as she came and as promised, Mike fucked her through her orgasm and carried on until he came. He pushed deep into her and when he pulled out, I pulled the panties back over her crotch to keep any cum inside her (although neither Mike nor Giles probably produced much).

Clare said she felt exhausted and we had to promise not to try to do anything more to her as she changed back into her clothes. Jen tried to lend her a dress to wear over lunch but Clare was worried (and probably rightly so) that wearing a dress might lead to us wanting to play more games with her. We settled for her keeping Jen’s panties on with the promise to return them at the next party. We even got Clare to keep the socks on (as they were under her jeans, nobody could see them) and over lunch we got her to agree to wear the outfit (with a more comfortable but still cute bra) and let Giles fuck her a few times over the next week so the panties would be soaked in their combined juices by the time we got them back.

We each got a kiss from Clare and Giles at the station (well, Mike got a handshake) and it didn’t take much to convince Giles to put his hand up my skirt and finger me briefly. Clare was convinced to do the same to Jen and just so she wasn’t left out, Mike got to rub Clare’s crotch (which wasn’t quite as effective through jeans). I whispered to Clare that she had a wonderful cunt that I was looking forward to visiting again and I cupped Giles’ crotch and told him that he could cum over my breasts any time he wanted to. On the way back to the house, we agreed that the weekend had been much more eventful than we had expected and wondered if Clare and Giles would want to join us on holiday sometime…

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