Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sex Shop Show

Mid May we headed back down to see Jen’s old Uni friends. We didn’t arrive until late on the Friday night so met Jules, Abrahii and Mel at the house and went straight to bed (although obviously not straight to sleep). When we finally surfaced on the Saturday, I decided to remain naked for as much of the day as possible and to wear as little as possible if we went out (not much different than a usual weekend there, but I just wanted to see how far I could take it).

We found out that Susan had called the delivery guy and had met up with him outside for a quick fuck earlier in the week (she had been told to do this). She had let the guy fuck her in an alleyway and after they had both cum she proceeded to follow a set of instructions she’d been given. Mel had enjoyed Jen’s way of humiliating Susan by getting her to pee and Susan was told to remove all of her clothes and tell the guy to watch her while she used a vibe to fuck herself with. When she came, she had to make sure the guy could easily see the vibe being pumped in and out of her cunt and then pee herself as hard as she could. Susan reported that she did this and on further questioning from Jen, said that she hadn’t slowed down with the vibe and had pretty much covered her legs and right arm with the spray. The guy seemed to be pretty shocked that she was doing this, but it didn’t stop him watching and once she’d finished cumming, Susan took the vibe from her cunt and sucked it clean while still sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide. Naturally Jen loved the thought of this and said that she wanted to watch Susan do this again and Mel assured her that they had plenty of ways for Susan to display herself planned for the weekend (as a way of blowing off some steam around exam time).

Abrahii let Mike shave her (and of course test for smoothness thoroughly with his tongue afterwards) but we didn’t get too carried away and we left Julia and Abrahii to continue revision. This time Mel came out with Mike, Jen and me for the day and we may have taken advantage of her mean nature a little bit… Not unusually, I suggested that we could head to one of the sex shops and have a little play. The guy behind the till recognised us (which made it easier as he seemed to be more willing to let us explore the stock) and I tried on a black leather corset while there were two other guys in the shop. This involved me removing my top and bra & exposing my breasts to the shop until Mel helped me put the corset on and tightened it around me. It certainly pushed my breasts up and once it was fastened, I walked around a little and asked the two other customers if they thought it was a good look for me (they did) and as they had helped, I asked them to wait for a second while I tried something else on.

I selected a black PVC bra that held my breasts up but left my nipples completely exposed (actually not quite completely as my areole are quite large, but only the bottom part was covered and my actual nips were well exposed. Needless to say, the guys preferred this look so Mel asked the assistant if I could try on the rest of the outfit and he told us to go ahead. We hadn’t really planned for this so I did a quick appraisal and came up with a plan to maximise my exposure. I unzipped my skirt and let it slide down my legs, then removed my shoes (which involved a bit of bending and lifting of legs to give a good view of my pussy. I then sat and put on the knee-high black boots (involving a fair bit of leg-spreading) and finally stepped into the skirt. I say skirt, but it was made of strands of black PVC so was quite revealing whenever I turned, bent over or sat down. I asked the guys their opinion again and gave them each a few poses (and a few for the shop assistant).

I was enjoying exposing myself but didn’t really feel like putting on a full show (I’m sure I would have done so anyway if someone had suggested it) and I had other things in mind. Knowing how much Jen enjoys her nipple and clit clamps, I went and selected what looked like the best set (with mini vibrators) and suggested to Jen that they would look really good on her. Unsurprisingly, the assistant told us that she couldn’t use the clit clamp unless we bought them and I said that was a pity as we could have probably gotten Jen off wearing them. (This was where we preyed on Mel’s mean side). Mel said that she would get them as long as Jen would wear them, and once purchased, Jen was unceremoniously stripped (we left her with just her socks and shoes on) and had the clamps attached to her nipples and clit. The clit one took a little fiddling to get attached so I gave Jen a few licks to help get her clit aroused and finally manage to get it on. We powered up the vibes and Jen gave a little shiver and said that they felt really good. Mel paraded Jen around the shop and took her over to each of the guys to let them get a good look. It was around this point that I started to feel a little jealous and decided I should remove my ‘skirt’.

I sat down on the edge of a display, spread my legs and started to play with myself. One of the guys noticed this and kept looking between me and Jen so I summoned Mel and got her to sit Jen down beside me on the floor. I took the chain joining Jen’s clamps and gave it a few tugs, pulling Jen’s breasts up and asking her if she wanted to let the guys see her cum. Jen said that she didn’t care and I thought she was trying to play it cool (but later found out she had meant that she didn’t care who saw her cum) so told her that we were both going to cum for them. I held onto the chain and gently tugged on it in time with my other hand working on my clit and Jen came before I did and then fumbled around with the clit clamp saying it was too intense. I let Mel take care of this while I stared directly at the guys and finished playing with myself, reaching around my leg to push a couple of fingers into my cunt from below and stroking my clit with my other hand. Needless to say, I came (as any good exhibitionist would in such a position) and I made a show of sucking my fingers clean and then plunging them back into my cunt and repeating the cleaning.

Jen had started to get dressed and looked a little shaky so I removed my bra and put my own clothes back on. Before the guys left, I said that they could always see some more if they wanted and one of them said that he was up for it. The assistant wasn’t too keen on us doing things in the shop, but said that we could go into the yard out back (which was quite small). We were overlooked by a few windows, but I assumed that most of them were the offices above the small shops in the street and wouldn’t be occupied and if they were, all the bigger an audience (although I still prefer not being arrested). I removed my skirt again and pulled my top up and bra down to reveal my breasts and immediately went for the guy’s crotch, asking if he wanted to fuck me. He asked if I had a condom (which I always do) and as he rolled it on I found a place to brace myself, leaning forwards against the wall and offering my cunt to him.

I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, which he spread and I felt his cock press against my ass. I’d been expecting him to fuck my pussy and told him to at least slide into my cunt first for some lube, which he did (and pumped in and out a few times) before pulling out and once again pressing against my ass. I told him to take it steady at first and pressed back against him to help him get inside me. He pushed in all the way and reached around to play with my breasts. I got him to help hold me up so I could reach down and play with my pussy and described to him how good it felt to have my ass filled while my fingers played in my cunt. The guy told me not to talk so loud as someone might hear and I asked if he minded if anyone knew he had his cock buried in my ass. I squeezed myself around him as I asked this and he said he didn’t care but I remained fairly quiet (other than a little panting) and let him continue to use me until he came. He stayed inside my ass and I frantically planed with my clit, trying to cum before he pulled out, but I didn’t make it and just stayed as I was until I came. After hearing Susan’s story, I considered peeing and squirting everywhere as I came, but I didn’t have anything to clean myself up with (and didn’t want to soak my shoes) so I just masturbated and was pleased to see that even though the guy had cum and put his cock away, he stayed to watch.

We went back in together and I told the rest of our group what had happened – Mel congratulated me on being as much of a whore as she had come to expect and we headed off out of the shop, with Jen clutching her new vibrating clamp set. We went off for lunch and afterwards I was ‘convinced’ to try the vibe clamps out in a changing room. Jen attached them to me with less pressure (other than the clit clamp which needed to be tight to stay on) and I have to admit they were quite effective. I came pretty quickly and as Jen and I had now both tried them, we all pestered Mel until she finally gave in and said she would have a go. We went to a different shop for this and Jen took Mel into the changing rooms. Mel didn’t want to remove all of her clothes at first but Jen has learned more than enough at how to ‘encourage’ people to do things and after a little licking, she got Mel’s skirt off and once the clamps were attached, she pulled Mel’s top off and then her bra. Jen offer Mel one of her (Jen’s) breasts to suck on and Mel also pushed a hand between Jen’s legs to play with her cunt. Jen said that she could feel Mel shake as she came and told Jen to get the clamp off of her clit, which Jen did – and then kitty kissed her for a minute to help her calm down.

Jen wouldn’t give Mel back her bra or panties and left the changing room with them in her bag. We all waited for Mel to get dressed and join us and she said that she’d have her revenge later in the day. We did some shopping for Julia and Abrahii and headed home to see how effective their days studying had been. As a reward for their hard work, Mel and I gave Julia a treat while Mike and Jen did the same for Abrahii. In Julia’s case, we just made her cum twice while Mike and Jen gave Abrahii a full body massage, starting with her front and then moving on to her back. As it was a ‘full-body’ massage, Mike sat over Abrahii’s legs and slipped his cock into her cunt while he rubbed her back. He used long slow strokes inside her, in time with the massage and then pulled out so she could be rolled onto her back again. He and Jen took turns licking Abrahii while the other one toyed with her nipples. As they’d been used by a number of people already, Jen applied her new vibrating clamps to Abrahii’s nips (she enjoyed this), but when she attached the clit clamp, Abrahii said it was too intense. As the session was meant to be a reward for her hard work, Jen removed the clamp and they made her cum just with their tongues.

The plan was to stay in that night, as enough members of the group had exams the next week. They had decided on another way to keep themselves amused and relieve tension though, which centred (as usual) around Susan and her being made to display herself and cum. We were informed of the plan over dinner and were told that Susan was going to put on an extended show for people online. We hadn’t been told about this before as Mel knows that I’m now quite against putting pictures/video online due to the risk of it coming back to haunt the person (note, I don’t want to discourage people I don’t know from doing this as we really enjoy watching it – I just want me and my friends to be safe!). As a concession, some masquerade masks had been purchased for use during the show and we were told that we could basically do as much or as little to her as we wanted.

Seeing as it was going to happen anyway (and we enjoy playing), we agreed that we would join in and help Susan put on a good show. Pretty much as soon as she arrived, we started to get things ready and cleared a space on the floor for her with the furniture pulled out of the planned line of sight (so people could sit comfortably without having to have masks on) and a selection of toys were gathered. Among these were a new one to us (I’ve seen them on videos, but never in RL) – a chin dildo. This straps around the head so someone can lick/suck clit while fucking the cunt. I was looking forward to trying this out (both giving and receiving) but knew better than to ask to try it. A few pillows were put down to make things comfortable and Susan was tasked with slowly getting things started by changing in front of the camera into one of Julia’s schoolgirl outfits (if you want to attract a large audience, this is an effective way of doing it). The panties were a little higher-cut than I would have worn for the outfit, but did a good job of revealing enough to tease but still perfectly covering her pussy. As people discovered the stream, she started to talk with some of her audience and gently play with herself, revealing her bra and then her nipples and spending a while teasing them.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 3

They washed each other down and when Jen knelt in front of Lis and licked her pussy, Jen pulled back, pushed a couple of fingers into Lis and asked her if she wanted to pee. Jen reached down between her own legs with her other hand and told Lis that she would enjoy it. Lis hesitated, but not for long and said if Jen was fine with it, then she was up for it so she moved back and leant against the wall while Jen scooched forwards so her chest was right in front of Lis. Jen licked and fingered Lis until she was close to cumming and then told Lis to let go and pee. Lis did as instructed – at first only a small stream came out, but as she watched Jen eagerly press herself forwards so it ran down her chest, Lis relaxed more and went into full flow. Jen continued to finger Lis and then leant forwards and did something that she doesn’t even do to me that often – she fastened her lips around Lis’ clit and lapped away at her while Lis’ pee ran down over her chin and body.

Lis was quite surprised at this, but she is usually up for trying new things (one of the reasons I love her so much) and just leant back further against the wall and let her orgasm roll over her. Jen had been playing with herself throughout the session and once Lis stopped cumming, she lay back in the bath (almost cracking her head in the process) and rapidly fingered herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Lis was still standing and enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm when Jen started to cum and Lis looked down and watched as Jen squirted pee over her own and Lis’ legs. Jen rapidly fingered herself while continuing to empty her bladder and she let out a long contented sigh once her orgasm had ended and she slowed her ministrations.

After another quick wash, they dried each other off and Jen asked Lis not to tell Lucy what they’d done straight away and this time Lis did as she was asked (but she did tell Lucy after we’d gone, which is also when Mike and I got the full details). Even without being told what had happened, we could all tell that Jen and Lis had been up to *something* in the shower and so as Lucy was now the one who cum longest ago, we agreed that it was she who should be treated to the next orgasm. She seemed to know better than to argue with us and allowed us to escort her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. Jen, Lis and I knelt around her to kiss, lick, caress and finger her and Mike made use of our positions by pushing in to Lis and me (and occasionally rubbing up against Jen’s ass & back as he’d done before). We spent a while working on Lucy and had her once again grasping at the covers, telling us that she really wanted to cum. We didn’t spare any of her and probed her cunt and ass with tongues and fingers, licked, sucked and caressed her breasts and nipples, kissed her deeply and fed her our juices and let our hands (and vibes) roam over the rest of her body. When we finally let (or made) her cum, it was another impressive orgasm and she tried to push Jen away as her pussy felt very sensitive. Of course we didn’t allow this, but Jen wasn’t mean and just gently kissed and nibbled on her lips, avoiding her clit entirely until Lucy had calmed down.

It only seemed fair to concentrate on Lis next (technically Mike would have been next in the ‘longest since last orgasm’ queue, but he was saving his (probable) last cum for Lis and was happy to wait and enjoy the show. With Lis being the centre of attention, he got to participate more and took turns fucking and eating her (as well as playing with her breasts and giving her his cock to suck on – usually after dipping it into me). We got Lucy to demonstrate how she went down on Lis as she has the most experience - with Lis anyway – but told her that she should try to not let Lis cum. Jen and I took care of Lis’ breasts while Lucy did this and Mike took care of me. He briefly licked me, but mostly wanted to watch Lucy eating Lis so he stood behind me and fucked me. At one point I thought he was just going to cum in me, but I should have known better and he just fucked and frigged me until I came. I kissed Lis as my orgasm hit me and moaned into her mouth while our tongues twisted around each other. Mike stopped playing with my clit once I’d cum but kept fucking me and my pussy ended up feeling quite tingly (not really the right word, but I don’t know how to describe it any better).

I took over from Lucy to finish things off and Mike moved around behind Jen, but this time instead of rubbing between her ass cheeks, he pushed his cock down and rubbed back and forth against her pussy (being careful not to slip inside her). I watched him reach around her and play with her nipples and he would have loved to also make her cum, but couldn’t (safely) get enough friction on her clit. As Lis’ orgasm approached, Mike suggested to Jen that she kiss Lis and they shared saliva while Lis came, panting into Jen’s mouth. Mike then took over between Lis’ legs and kitty kissed her for a while, gently swirling his tongue over her crotch and ass and sucking her pussy lips into his mouth.

Jen was next and we subjected her to a similar treatment, but used a few more toys on (and in) her. We demonstrated her bondage fetish with a couple of clothes pegs on her nipples and Mike suggested that we use a lolly on her (Lis had a sweet tooth), so we did. We all took a suck of the lolly to get it wet and then masturbated Jen with it. Naturally we didn’t want to waste her juices so we took turns sucking the lolly clean between sessions and then the girls set about licking Jen clean. As we’d already started out down the bondage route, Jen was flipped over (after removing the clothes pegs) and we all had a go at slapping her ass until it was a warm pink colour and the was rolled back over onto her back so the girls could give her pussy a few slaps (Mike still isn’t allowed to touch her pussy with his fingers). We tried out one more thing we’d seen online – Lucy and Lis held Jen’s lips apart and I flicked her clit repeatedly with a finger. Jen really liked this but couldn’t quite get off (and my finger got tired) so Lis was sent in to flick Jen’s clit repeatedly with her tongue. This did the trick and just before Jen came, Mike reapplied the clothes pegs to her nips and pulled gently on them, just enough to lift Jen’s breasts. Jen came with her usual series of mewing sounds (which I still find adorably cute).

Mike went next and Lucy was going to sit this session out, but at his request she fingered Lis, Jen and me and fed Mike our juices from her fingers. Meanwhile, I sat over his cock and rode him for a while, then let Jen take a turn grinding against him and finally let Lis mount him. Mike convinced Lucy to slide her fingers into her own pussy and let him suck them clean so I went a step further and gave Lucy a good fingering and got Lis to sit up so I could wipe Lucy’s juices over Mike’s cock. Before she was allowed back down, I added some of my own and then some of Jen’s and told Mike to make sure they all got mixed deep into Lis’ cunt (which he was more than happy to do). As Lucy wasn’t quite ready to constantly feed him her juices, I sat over his face and let him eat me while he fucked Lis. Jen took Lucy around behind Lis and spread Lis’ ass cheeks so Lucy could watch up close as Lis’ cunt swallowed Mike’s cock again and again (or to put it another way, as Mike’s cock repeatedly invaded her girlfriend’s cunt). Jen caressed Lis’ ass and then stood up and reached around to play with Lis’ breasts and nibble on her earlobe (the latter of which wasn’t that successful as Lis was bouncing up and down).

I could feel how horny Mike was by the energy he was putting in to eating me. His tongue seemed to slide and probe everywhere around my cunt. I pointed out that even though he was going to make me cum, that I was doing this as a part of his session so I still wanted a group session afterwards. I watched as Lis played with her clit and got her to tell Mike how close she was (although after I’d told her to do this I wondered if he had hoped to fuck her twice before he came). As Lis got closer to cumming, I found out that he (probably) wasn’t planning on doing this as I could feel and see him bouncing up and down beneath us, pushing in to Lis in time with her movements. Lis started to cum and Mike continued to pump into her, obviously (to me anyway) trying to catch up and cum. Lis seemed to really enjoy this though and between the stimulation of Mike’s cock inside her, her hand on her clit and Jen’s hands on her breasts, her orgasm seemed to roll on for a while (it probably wasn’t much longer than usual, but I was watching her quite closely). Mike pumped into her a short while longer once she had stopped playing with herself and he then pulled her hips down as he thrust into her a few more times. I could feel him licking me in time with his thrusts into Lis as he did this and made a note to try a fully synchronised threesome with him like this sometime.

He moved inside Lis slowly for a short while and he picked up speed licking me again. I leant forwards and kissed Lis, then asked if she wanted to see us 69 as I finished ‘helping’ Mike cum. She climbed off and I immediately took Mike’s cock in my mouth (but I was gentle as I knew he would be sensitive). He didn’t waste any time and attacked my clit directly – I felt him sucking and licking it and came in no time (I’d been quite far along before he started the final assault). I moaned around the head of his cock (which I know he likes – especially when he’s feeling sensitive) and as I came, the thought of wanting to put on a proper display and squirt all over his face came in to my head. Initially I was thinking about ‘real’ squirting (pussy juice) but as I can’t really do this I imagined what it would be like to just ‘do a Jen’ and pee all over his face, letting everyone see just how turned on I was and how much I was enjoying myself. I obviously wasn’t going to do this while on Lis and Lucy’s bed, but the thought appealed to me more than it had in the past (probably Jen’s influence).

I rolled off of Mike and Lis commented on the mess I’d made of his face so I got her to kiss him clean (or cleaner). Mike looked quite happy and told Lis that she was an incredibly good fuck, at which she blushed but thanked him. Mike said that he felt quite tired but I gave him a prod and told him that I still had my session to go and that I expected him to participate. He indicated that his cock was rather limp and said he’d only be able to finger me, eat me and use toys – which I said was fine, I just wanted everyone to contribute. Jen knows me (more than) well enough to realise that I didn’t want to wait around so she set about going down on me and then used Lis and Lucy’s vibe to fuck me. I pulled Lis over my face and said that I wanted to taste everyone as a part of my session, but as she’d just cum I didn’t eat her too forcefully and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy as I lapped away at it.

Unfortunately I hadn’t thought things through and Lucy wasn’t prepared to let me eat her as I now had Mike’s cum on and in my mouth, but she was happy to participate in other ways. I got my wish and was caressed by everyone and got to lick or suck on Mike and Jen as well as Lis. At one point I had a vibe in my cunt, one in my ass, and one on each of my nipples, with tingle gel added to each area. In the final build up, Mike stroked my neck, Lucy ate me (or licked my clit as I still had the vibes in me), Jen sat over my face and Lis took care of my nipples. I had a hand between Lis’ legs and a hand around Mike’s cock (which was not completely hard, but certainly showing signs of life). Mike told Lucy to back off a couple of times to let my orgasm build for longer and I tried to get both Jen and Lis to cum again (I was running my fingers inside of Lis – imagine walking your fingers across a table, except faster and staying in one place). Unfortunately they’d both exhausted their supply of orgasms for a while, but just feeling and tasting pussy while having my other hand around the cock that’s made me cum so many times was a wonderful sensation. Mike eventually told Lucy to finish me off and I felt her using strong strokes against my clit which she continued until I arched my pussy up towards her face. I nearly lost the vibe from my cunt, but she pushed it back into me and carried on licking me until I couldn’t take any more and had to push Jen off of me so I could tell Lucy to stop.

Thankfully she stopped as soon as I asked but Mike told her to resume licking me, just gently. While she did this, he told her about the story we got the term ‘kitty kissing’ from (like so many other things we do or try, we got this from the wonderful source of sexual inspiration called the Internet). Mike continued to gently stroke my neck and I basked in the wonderful sensation this gave me, mixed with that coming from Lucy’s kitty kissing. I got he to remove the vibes and asked to carry on just a little longer before thanking her (and the others) and telling them I felt quite satisfied. (I was moaned at for having said ‘quite’ satisfied as opposed to ‘very’ or ‘completely’, but they should all know me better than that. (To be fair, I did concede that I didn’t actually want to do anything else straight away.)

As intended, we’d managed to spend the whole morning naked (and even better, the whole morning playing with each other, which is what I’d hoped for, but not what I’d expected). Lucy and I showered and once I demonstrated that I’d rinsed my mouth out, she let me have a couple of licks of her pussy. Jen showered with Lis (and peed down Lis’ leg while they hugged) and Mike quickly showered alone in what was left of the warm water while we took turns getting ready in the bathroom. We were going out for lunch before heading home and as a final intimate goodbye before we left the house, Jen and I briefly 69ed with both Lis and Lucy (not to orgasm, we just got them to lie over us for a final taste and then switched partners. Mike wasn’t in a fit state to cum again, but managed enough of an erection to slide into Lis, fuck her briefly and then have a quick go at eating her.

An unintended consequence of our final taster session was that it was easy to convince Lucy to remain panty-less (mostly be refusing to give them back to her before I’d wrapped them around Mike’s cock). With careful choice of where we ate, we managed to get bar seats facing out the window, allowing us to carefully flash ourselves at suitable targets (and even Lucy participated in this, although a lot more gingerly than the rest of us). At the station, Mike said he wanted to make Lis cum one last time and he sat on the floor in the corner while Lis knelt in front of him. Her skirt hung down far enough behind her in this position that he could reach up between her legs and play with her. Jen, Lucy and I kept watch and I asked Lucy if I could do the same to her but she refused, so I told Mike that as Lis was more mine than his, I wanted to finish things off. He was a little disappointed at this, but swapped places with me anyway and allowed me to be the one to make Lis cum He did kneel beside her to help hold her up (and caressed one of her thighs) so he wasn’t entirely left out.

On the way home, I sat opposite an older guy and gave him a good view up my skirt. Mike and Jen were only a couple of seats away so could see what I was doing and after a stop, Mike sent Jen down to pretend she’d just boarded the train and we sat chatting in positions that gave the guy unobstructed views up to our pussies. A couple of times I leant over to whisper something to Jen and placed my hand on her thigh and when she did the same to me, her hand slipped higher until I could feel her thumb pressing against my pussy. Unfortunately we’d taken too long in ‘developing’ things and enough people got on at the next stop that we couldn’t continue playing (without other people seeing what we were doing) so we had to forgo the display we’d been whispering about (basically we would have just taken turns fingering each other, letting the guy watch).

Thursday, 22 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 2

Mike got rather bored waiting for us to get ready, but at least he had Lis to amuse himself with and he made good use of her. This wasn’t too disruptive to her at first as he just knelt in front of her and ate her while she was getting ready but once he’d made her cum he got her to sit on his cock (facing away from him) while she brushed her hair and played with her clit while he slowly fucked her. Lis had to wait until Mike had finished (and frigged/fucked her to a second orgasm) before applying the rest of her make-up. Even though Lis had selected quite a cute skirt, we swapped it for a shorter one of Jen’s (one of her slut-skirts) and got Lis to pose in a few positions to check how revealing it was (she basically couldn’t twirl, bend over, climb stairs or sit down without revealing at least something).

Not that this stopped us from choosing exposed places to sit or climbing stairs in front of groups of guys and Lis got a good number of comments throughout the evening from various people. I didn’t want Lis to get all the attention and made sure that at least a couple of times I sat with a leg pulled up to give a view straight up my skirt or bent forwards to expose myself. I considered playing with (or at least caressing) Lis while people watched but thought better of it (I was still unsure how far Lucy would be willing to let us go in public). Jen and I actually manage to do more with Lucy than we did with Lis – it was later in the evening and we were in a fairly dark corner of a bar, Lis was sitting on Mike’s lap (with one of his hands on her thighs and his thumb pressed up against her pussy) and Lucy was sitting between Jen and me. We each slid a hand up one of her thighs, gently pulled her legs apart and assured her that nobody could see what we were doing. We were able to take turns pulling her panties to the side while the other one caressed her pussy and spent a good amount of time playing with her clit.

We could just about see that Mike was playing with Lis (but she had her back to the room so only we could see this) and later found out that he’d managed to get his thumb into her and had been rubbing her ass with another finger. I briefly fingered Lucy and could tell that we were ‘winning’ against her repressed nature (she is now much less repressed than she used to be) as she felt very wet. I tried to pull her panties down but she was too scared that someone would see us remove them so we just continued to play with her. I tried to convince her that nobody cared and spread my legs, technically exposing myself much more than she was (but as I said, it was very dark so I doubt anyone could see much). The place we were in was nothing like the hardcore club we visit, but I’ve learned from experience that there are very few clubs where people complain about girls playing with each other. Lucy wouldn’t let us actually make her cum and I was in too exposed a position to play with myself, but Jen was tucked away in the corner and challenged Mike to get Lis off before she could cum. Mike eagerly accepted the challenge and set about fingering Lis properly while also paying attention to her clit. Jen pulled her skirt up and openly masturbated, but only Lucy and I hada view of this (not even Mike or Lis could see). As Jen got more aroused, I told Lucy to put a hand between Jen’s legs and help her along and was pleased when Lucy co-operated. Admittedly she didn’t actually do too much, but Jen used Lucy’s hand to rub against and cream over. Unfortunately for Jen, she lost the challenge as Mike got Lis off first (but, as Jen pointed out, he’d had a head start).

When we got back to Lis & Lucy’s place, we headed off to bed. It was my night to be with Lucy (and I wanted to finish what we’d started in the club) while Jen was getting Lis. Lis told Mike that he could either join her or spend the night with Lucy and me (but in the latter case, he obviously wasn’t going to be allowed to fuck anyone). He asked Lucy if it was okay to watch her again and she said that she didn’t mind so he joined us and said that Jen could take care of Lis for the night (but added that he’d want to have another play with Lis before we left to go home on the Sunday). Lis agreed to this and once we’d got ready, we headed off to bed. Mike thanked Lucy once again for letting him watch her and told her how he really enjoyed watching her be played with and made to cum.

I didn’t want to disappoint him so pushed Lucy down onto the bed and buried my face between her legs. Mike fingered me as I did this and briefly pushed his cock into me to fuck me, but promised he wouldn’t cum in me (to reduce the risk of transferring cum to Lucy as we played with each other). He made sure he was out of me and lying beside her as she approached her orgasm and he watched as I lapped at her clit and she pushed herself back against my mouth as she came. Mike and I shared a kiss so he could lick Lucy’s juices from my mouth and I then returned to Lucy and kissed my way up her body until I was on top of her and able to grind myself against one of her legs.

We humped against each other and I really wanted to cum, but also wanted her to join in so knew I needed to give her some time to recover. I glanced round at Mike a couple of times – he was lying just beside us and was letting Lucy’s leg graze against his cock as she moved. We don’t know if she knew she was doing this, but Mike was enjoying it either way. I told Lucy that I wanted to fuck her cunt and flipped myself around into the scissor position, pressing my cunt against hers. I started things off by grinding against her, but she joined in and we soon had a good rhythm going. Mike offered to help out and pointed out how much easier it was to cum in this position if there was a third person playing with or licking our clits, but Lucy gracefully refused his offer. As things got more heated, he once again positioned himself so Lucy brushed against his cock and he asked if he was allowed to cum over her breasts but was again told he was there just as an observer. He asked if he could at least use her panties and she granted him that much, and even allowed me to rub them over her pussy to get a fresh coating of her juices on them before he used them.

Now we were in the final stretch, Lucy and I ground against each other more forcefully and Mike sat watching us with Lucy’s panties wrapped around his cock and his hand pistoning up and down. I guessed he wanted to cum around the same time we did so I kept asking Lucy how close she was. She actually came before I did (and it seems it was a little bit of a surprise to her too) but she let me continue to hump against her until I came. As soon as it was obvious that Lucy was about to cum, Mike sped up his wanking even more, but he couldn’t get there before she did. He did cum before me but kept slowly stroking himself with the panties until I had cum, at which point he unwrapped them from his cock and showed us the mess he’d made of them.

He asked if he could kitty kiss me (another chance to taste Lucy) and I let him do this while I did the same to Lucy. He was quite thorough with me and I could have happily let him continue until I came again but as I was meant to be playing with Lucy (and she was tired), we had to call it a night and I went to sleep feeling horny.

The next morning, we work Lucy in the traditional way (me going down on her), but this time Mike lay on top of me with his cock buried in my cunt. He reached around and played with my clit and told me that he wanted to feel me cum around him. I reminded him not to cum in me and he said not to worry about it and to just concentrate on making Lucy cum. I alternated between licking her and moving my head to the side so Mike could watch me fingering her. I ate her to one orgasm and kitty kissed her for a while, then got started on round two (for her). Mike had continually been fucking and frigging me the whole time and I was pretty close to cumming, but asked him to slow down until I’d made Lucy cum again. I basically used the same approach but this time as she got close to cumming it was clear that she was feeling things a lot more intensely (arching back and gripping the sheets). I loved the fact that I was doing this to her and Mike loved having such a close up view. He misjudged the build-up of Lucy’s orgasm slightly and made me cum a little too soon, but I concentrated and continued to lick her as I came and was soon rewarded with a strong orgasm from her.

I didn’t release her and continued to gently kitty kiss her as she calmed down, then crawled up her body and kissed her properly. Mike would have loved to stay inside me while I was on top of Lucy but he thought it might be pushing things a little too far (and he wanted to cum) so he said he was going to go and see how Lis and Jen were doing next door. Lucy and I continued kissing once he’d gone and she told me that her second orgasm had been really strong (as I’d guessed) and that she needed some time to recover. I told her that she didn’t need to repay me as it was nice to just be able to make someone cum (I kind of omitted the fact that Mike had made me cum) and we spent a while longer just kissing and caressing each other (with an extended session of me paying homage to her nipples).

In the living room, Mike had found Jen going down on Lis (our playing had woken her up) and he sat watching them while stroking his already engorged cock. He wasn’t far from cumming and asked if he could play with Lis but Jen said that she wanted to finish what she’d started and make her cum first. As compensation, Jen wiggled her ass at Mike and said that he could rub against her if he wanted, so he did and described to them how he had fucked me while I’d been eating Lucy and how he now really wanted to cum. He considered just rubbing his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks until he came over her back, but as he can do this anytime (or any time she will let him), he thought he should make the most of having Lis present. It was obvious that Lis was enjoying Jen’s tongue work and Mike just enjoyed the view while he waited until he was close to cumming. He climbed up over Jen, crouched over her head and aimed his cock up over Lis’ body. As a last minute thought he grabbed hold of some of Jen’s hair and used it to finish masturbating with. As he came, he rubbed his balls back and forth against Jen’s head and his cum jetted out over Lis’ body. One of the jets missed her entirely and landed beside her on the bed and none of them made it up to her face, but he left a good number of trails over her stomach and breasts. He milked out a few final drops which fell onto Jen’s head and he wiped his cock clean with her hair before climbing off of her and letting her finish off Lis’ orgasm.

Lis was surprised as how much he’d cum over her but he explained that he’d had a double session with (or at least watching) Lucy and me to tease and prepare him. Jen reached up with a hand and smeared his cum over one of Lis’ breasts and even rubbed a bit of his cum over Lis’ cunt before she resumed eating Lis. Jen got Lis off and then crawled up her body, pressing herself against Lis so Mike’s cum was smeared between them. They only kissed for a while before Jen crawled up further and planed herself over Lis’ face, at which point Mike took the opportunity to place himself between Lis’ legs and take his turn eating her. He spread her lips and licked her clean of her juices, sucked her lips into his mouth, flicked his tongue over her clit and spiralled it around her ass. We know that Lis enjoys being in the middle of a threesome (as do I) and Mike made sure to give her as much pleasure as she was giving to Jen (it was easy to tell how Jen was feeling as she was the only one without a cunt in her mouth so she could talk). Mike heard Jen’s mewing grow more insistent as her orgasm approached and he ate Lis faster, but Jen made it first. Not that this stopped him and he continued scouring around the inside of Lis’ cunt and sucking on her clit until she came for him, at which point he sat up and pushed his cock into her and said that now it was time for him to fuck her.

Lis said that she needed a break but Mike and Jen convinced her that it was just like exercise and the more she practiced, the more she’d be able to cum multiple times (I don’t think they actually convinced her of this – Lis is quite bright – but she gave in and let them continue to play with her as long as they promised to start off gently). Mike used long slow strokes and Jen kissed, licked and sucked on each of Lis’ breasts. She still hadn’t really recovered when they moved things up a notch and Jen fetched a vibe from the bedside drawer (it’s useful knowing where your friends keep their sex toys). She used the tip of this on Lis’ clit, but also ran it over Lis’ nips a couple of times as the session progressed. Mike lifted Lis’ legs up and fucked her a bit more vigorously (but still concentrating on long steady strokes) and he asked Lis if she wanted him to cum over her or in her. Lis told him it was fine for him to cum in her but he wanted to hear her say it properly and after a little encouragement, she repeatedly asked him to fuck her cunt and fill her with his cum. He continued to move in her steadily until she said that she was getting close to cumming, at which point Jen just used the vibe on Lis’ breasts and Mike fucked her faster. Jen returned the vibe to Lis’ clit when Mike told her and he repeatedly told Lis to cum and milk his cock dry, holding back for all he was worth. Only when Lis came did he allow himself to cum and he loved the sensation of emptying his remaining sperm into her as he watched her cumming beneath him (and watching Jen suckle on Lis’ breasts helped things along as well).

He lay down on top of Lis and thanked her, still slowly moving in her as his cock shrank. He stayed on top of her until he was completely deflated and then carefully sat up so Lis could watch as he pulled his limp cock out of her. Only a small amount of cum leaked out of her and he threatened to use the vibe on her, but in the end he just complimented her for cumming three times in quick succession.

Lucy and I had already got up and started eating breakfast. The others (still naked) joined us and we traded stories of our evening and morning sessions. Mike was surprised I’d only cum once with Lucy (technically with him) and said that it was only fair I get to cum again. I was told to get up on the table and he ate me while Jen and Lis reached over and caressed my breasts and neck. Cumming when I’m the centre of attention always seems to heighten the experience for me and this time felt just as good as usual. Once I’d cum, Lucy said that she would have played with me if I’d said I wanted to cum again and I assured her that just because I’d cum, it wouldn’t stop me from letting her ravish me again later. I negotiated a ‘naked morning’ where we all agreed to only get dressed just before we went out, but before we started playing again, Lis and Jen went to shower to remove Mike’s cum from their bodies (for Lucy’s sake).

Monday, 19 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 1

The next weekend in May we went down to visit Lis and Lucy again. It had been a couple of months since Mike had seen them and he was desperate to fuck Lis again (we knew that she also wanted this). He’d promised her that he was going to ravish her as soon as he could and gave her a big hug at the train station, slipping his hand straight under her skirt and caressing her ass. As soon as we got back to their place, he lifted her up and kissed her, pushed her against the wall, quickly undid his trousers, freed his cock, puller her panties aside and lowered her on to his cock. He fucked her against the wall with her arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist while he pulled the front of her top up and played with her breasts. He told her that she was naughty for wearing panties when she knew that we all wanted easy access to her pussy, but complimented her on how smooth it felt (she and Lucy had shaved each other that morning – just as Jen and I had done).

As her ‘punishment’ for wearing panties, Mike carried her in to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. He tore her panties off (actually tearing them so she couldn’t wear them again), pushed her legs apart, and ate her. It was clear from Lis’ expression that he was going straight for the kill and it was only a short while before she was arching her pussy against his face and cumming. He pulled away and told Jen and I to take our turn before he filled her with cum, so we did. We weren’t quite as forceful and I didn’t make Lis cum as I would be spending the night with her, but when it was Jen’s turn, she finished off what I’d started and got another nice back-arching orgasm out of Lis. I would have happily gone to bed and played with Lis straight away, but also wanted to chat to Lucy so we went into the living room for a while to talk.

This didn’t stop Mike from continuing to ‘punish’ Lis for her transgression though and he alternated between sitting on the floor in front of her and kitty kissing her and sitting on the sofa with her on his lap so he could slide into her. I noticed that Lucy didn’t seem at all phased by any of this behaviour and guessed that after all the things we’ve done, she was finally beginning to get a bit more comfortable with letting go and enjoying herself. After a while I decided to test out my theory and while Mike was leaning back on the sofa with Lis on his cock, I moved over beside Lucy and asked if I was allowed to sample her before she went off to bed with Jen. I already had my hand on her leg and slid it up her thigh as I kissed her and was pleased when she opened her legs to allow me access. Unsurprisingly, she also had panties on, but I pushed her back on the sofa and got her to lift her ass in the air so I could quickly remove them. I pushed her legs wide apart and lapped away at her pussy, then asked if she would eat me ‘just a little bit’. I continued fingering Lucy and rubbed her juices over her clit while I asked this and told her that I really wanted to feel her tongue in my pussy and she agreed so I got her to slide down on the sofa while I climbed up over her and planted myself on her face.

While she ate me, I pulled off my top and bra and Mike quietly indicated to Jen that he wanted to see her playing with Lucy. I couldn’t see that well as I was facing the wrong way, but Jen spread Lucy’s legs and started to rub and finger her pussy, giving Mike a good view. Jen spread Lucy’s lips wide and used a single finger inside Lucy while Mike guided Lis up and down on his cock and whispered to Lis that she was a lucky girl to get to play with a pussy like that all the time. Fortunately (for him) he added that he was a lucky guy to get to fuck a pussy like Lis’and as they fucked he whispered to her if she would like to see his cock sliding into Lucy’s cunt. Lis thought this would be incredibly hot to watch, but warned Mike (as if he didn’t already know) that it was never likely to happen – despite the fact that Lucy liked him and trusted him (and obviously didn’t mind him seeing her naked/being played with), she had still never expressed any desire to fuck him (or any other guy). This didn’t stop Mike enjoying watching Lucy being fingered while describing to Lis how he would fill Lucy’s cunt with so much cum it would leak out of her for days and he nearly ended up cumming in Lis, but just managed to hold back and told her he wanted to eat her one more time before he fucked her.

I was summoned down from Lucy’s face and thanked her for having eaten me a considerable amount more than the ‘little bit’ I’d asked for and told her that I’d repay her the next day. We said goodnight and headed off into the bedroom, leaving Lucy and Jen in the living room. We didn’t waste any time once in the bedroom and quickly removed our remaining clothes before falling onto the bed. I had a final quick taste of Lis and then sat over her face while holding on to her legs to allow Mike easy access to play with her. He buried his face between her legs and got her off quite quickly, then replaced his mouth with his cock and started to fuck her in earnest. Lis now knows him well enough that she knew he wouldn’t cum in her until she came again so she concentrated on eating me while Mike tried different types of strokes in her. I came before Lis did and after letting her lick me for a while longer I climbed off to allow the two of them to enjoy each other properly. Mike lifted Lis’ legs up in the air so her feet were on his shoulders and I helped out by playing with her clit and breasts. Between us we got Lis close to cumming and instead of just caressing her breasts, I fingered myself and spread my juices over her nips and into her mouth. As Mike had been holding back for a while he was very close and told Lis to keep letting him know how close she was so they could cum together. I told her to concentrate as she came to see if she could feel his cum squirting into her. I could tell he was having trouble holding back and I considered easing off on Lis’ clit to torture him, but I also liked the idea of seeing the two of them cum at the same time so I told Mike and rubbed Lis just a little faster and harder to take her over the edge. As Lis let out her first moan, Mike pushed in to her hard and told her he was going to fill her with cum and how he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around him. He pushed into her a number more times, telling her he was giving her all of his cum while Lis just moaned as her orgasm coursed through her.

He pushed in one final time and stayed buried in her while she caught her breath and told her that he thought he’d cum in her quite a bit and wanted to watch as his cum leaked out of her. I asked if Lis wanted to see as well and when she said yes, I told Mike to stay put while I grabbed my phone. I recorded a shot down from Lis’ breasts to her pussy, with Mike still buried in her, and told him to slowly pull out and then recorded a view of Lis’ pussy as she spread her legs and his cum began to ooze out of her. Mike had indeed cum a fair amount inside her and she was making quite a wet patch (not that I mind this – it’s a nice reminder of what we’ve done while going to sleep). I got Lis to kneel up on the bed with her legs spread and then spread her pussy again – a few more drops of cum fell out of her and when I got her to slide a finger into herself, another blob fell out. Lis lay back down on the bed and Mike wiped his cock on one of her breasts and I asked Lis if I could record her face (which she let me do). We then lay down together and watched the recording while Mike caressed Lis’ pussy and told her that it was her fault he’d cum so much. Lis was quite embarrassed when she saw the bit of the video with Mike’s cock on her breast and then her face (with an expression of obvious enjoyment) and I told her that if she wanted, I’d delete it, but that we’d like to keep it for use between visits (and it’s not as if Lis and Lucy don’t have pictures of us in compromising positions).

After a little while Mike wanted to fuck her again and asked if she would help to pleasure me while they fucked. Lis was up for this and he told her that she could lie on her back with me crouched over her face so she could take my pussy and Mike could take my ass. Lis was fine with that but said that she didn’t mind going on top if I wanted and I liked the idea of feeling Lis’ rapid licking on my ass so said I thought that would be better. Mike was quite happy with this too and they started off with Lis sitting up and riding Mike’s cock so I could play with her pussy. I then sat over Mike’s face, facing away from Lis and bent forwards to offer myself to her and quickly felt her spread my cheeks and push her face between them. As I’d expected, the ways she licks felt wonderful on my ass and Mike was also doing a good job in my pussy with his mouth (but he’s quite practised at this). Mike held on to Lis’ hips and guided her up and down in time with his thrusts and I occasionally felt him breathing heavily on my pussy and heard Lis whimper between my cheeks.

I didn’t do much and just enjoyed the sensations I was feeling. Mike licked deep inside me and Lis even speared me gently a couple of times. I told them how good it felt and asked them not to stop but even though they weren’t replying, from what I could feel of the way they were moving against each other I was fairly sure they were enjoying themselves as well. I came first, but I’d wanted this to happen anyway and after enjoying their continued licking for a couple of minutes, I dismounted and moved around behind Lis to help guide her ass up and down. I watched as they fucked against each other faster and then coated my fingers in my juices before pressing a couple of them against Lis’ ass and pushing them just a little way inside her. She flinched a little, but didn’t seem too surprised at the intrusion (she had been expecting me to lick her) and I kept them inside her until she came –not really moving them but letting her movements do the work for me. I moved away to let Mike finish off and watched as he used long strokes in and out and then pushed Lis down on to his cock and repeatedly tried to push even further into her. Even though he’s hardly moving when he does this, he says that it feels like he is moving quite a bit inside (especially if he’s close to cumming) and it was certainly enough to help him finish off and unload again inside of Lis.

While we’d been busy, Jen had been spending a lot of time gently going down on Lucy, paying a lot of attention to her lips and lapping as deep inside her pussy as her tongue could reach. We’re always afraid that if someone was going to call our ‘arrangement’ with Lis and Lucy off that it would be Lucy so Jen made sure that Lucy received a lot of attention and affection and told her repeatedly how much she had missed her. From Jen’s report, there certainly didn’t seem much of a risk of Lucy telling us she wanted to stop – she entwined her fingers in Jen’s hair and pulled her against her pussy, telling Jen how good it felt and how she didn’t want it to stop. Unfortunately for Lucy it did, but only when Jen made her cum and they immediately moved into an intense kissing session during which Jen ground her pussy against Lucy’s leg, soaking her thigh with the juices that had been gathering in her (and leaking out of her). Jen was going to get herself off this way, but Lucy is nothing if she isn’t fair and said that as Jen had made her cum, she wanted to do the same in return. Jen warned Lucy that she was feeling quite wet but Lucy said it wasn’t a problem so Jen flipped round and planted herself over Lucy’s face. Keeping up the ‘ensuring Lucy was satisfied’ theme, Jen buried her face between Lucy’s legs and ate her once more, but with a lot more intensity this time. She also licked her own juices off the parts of Lucy’s thighs that she could reach. She rocked back and forth against Lucy’s face, enjoying the feeling of her tongue sliding over and into her cunt and as she got close, she told Lucy that she was going to cream into her mouth (unfortunately Jen can’t squirt on demand – although it would be awesome if she could).

Jen came hard and attacked Lucy’s pussy even more, continuing the assault until Lucy came and then she pulled away and looked over at Lucy to see the mess she had made of her face. Lucy went to wipe herself clean but Jen told her to stop so they could kiss each other clean (or at least cleaner). When they had finished, Jen once again told Lucy off for having been such a prude for so long and they discussed how things could have been if they’d been playing together the whole time they had shared a house. Jen and I discussed this later and decided it was probably for the best that things turned out the way they had as otherwise Lis might never have got together with Lucy. We did wonder if Lucy had been our plaything, if we would have introduced her to Lis when Lis first came out to me, but in that case, Lis might never have dated Vicky and we then probably wouldn’t have got to play with Vicky.

The next morning, Mike, Lis and I took turns in different positions in a threesome. We tried all combinations (each of us in the middle with the others having a turn at each end) but finished off with Lis on her back eating me, me playing with her breasts and clit and Mike fucking her. He cane in her and we kept her ass raised to keep his cum in her - which had the added advantage of making it easy to kitty kiss her, so I did and Mike had a little session in me while I lapped away at her pussy. We kept Lis in this position until Jen and Lucy surfaced and told them that Lis had agreed to a further punishment for having worn panties. Jen, Lucy and I all thoroughly wiped ourselves with the inside of the cups one of Lis’ bras and Lis then had to sit up and let Mike’s cum drain out of her into the bra. Once she had showered, she put this on and was told that she wasn’t allowed to remove it all day and that we would add more of our juices to her as the day progressed.

The day itself was fairly restrained – we had a couple of mini-sessions in changing rooms during which time we made good on our threats and added more juices to Lis’ body. I went down on Lucy during the second session and made her cum, then quickly got up and went out to ‘get some more clothes for her to try on’, allowing me to expose her naked (and post-cum flushed) body to a number of guys who were waiting for their partners. I didn’t think that she should have all the fun so once we’d finished, I spent a long time looking at some items on the bottom shelf, allowing me to bend over and expose my ass and pussy to a couple of guys. I had Jen with me who discreetly nodded to me to let me know they were looking so I made sure to expose myself as much as possible to them.

We had dinner in and I spotted a small strawberry lolly in the cupboard and asked Lis if she would be willing to play with it for us. After we promised to eat her clean, she agreed and sat up on the table, spread her legs and fucked herself with it. It was a sexy sight and we all took turns fucking her with the lolly and licking her. We were going to try to convince Lucy to have a go with it, but didn’t want to risk transferring Mike’s cum to her – fortunately she didn’t think about this and was happy to lick Lis with the rest of us (although most of Mike’s cum had probably leaked out throughout the day. We gave her a thorough lick clean, making her cum in the process and then suggested we head out to get a drink.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer BBQ Fun

We let Susan and Abigail get back to work and I decided that as my skirt had a number of drips and runs of cum on it, we should replace it (they weren’t too obvious, but I wanted to make sure none accidentally got onto/into my pussy). We stopped off and I purchased a new skirt and changed into it in the changing rooms (I explained in advance that I wasn’t trying to steal it and I’d just stained the skirt I had on) before finally going to the supermarket to do the shopping we’d promised to do. When we got home I had a quick shower and we pulled them away from their work (they weren’t too firmly attached). It wasn’t very inventive, but to help them unwind and relax, we got Mel, Julia and Abrahii to sit on the sofa beside each other and I ate Jules while Jen took Mel and Mike did Abrahii. We agreed that we’d keep going until all of them came and I wish I’d told Jen to eat Mel as fervently as she’d done to Susan and me earlier so Mel could have been made to suffer (in a good way) for a change, but it was actually Julia who came first. Mel was next, but this was mostly due to Mike taking his time with Abrahii and being quite tender and thorough with her (he loves her dark pussy and the contrast of the pink of her insides). Abrahii certainly seemed to have the strongest orgasm (also with the most swearing) and ended up with her legs pulled up and her hands on the back of Mike’s head.

There weren’t any plans for that night so we just spend time sitting around and chatting, planning things for our holiday (which was good as it meant we got to be involved with coming up with ways to get Susan to exhibit herself and how she could be made to cum. I nearly got to experience being filled with yoghurt, but it was meant to be warmer on the Monday and Jen thought it would be better with more people around to watch. We went to bed reasonably early and Mike got Abrahii while Jen and I slept with Mel and Julia. On waking the next morning (and eating Abrahii awake), Mike asked her if he could do the triple with her (fuck her cunt, mouth and ass) and she agreed to this. He started off with her cunt and they fucked until she came again and he emptied himself in her. They finished before Jen and I woke up so went down to get breakfast ready, but allowed us to wake and have our own session before they brought it up.

As expected, the weather was reasonably good so we decided to have a BBQ (students can only work hard for a few days in a row – and to be fair they did some work in the morning while Mike, Jen and I went out to get more food). Some people started to arrive just after midday and we had a few games (which as usual involved Susan and me). We were challenged to fuck one of the cucumbers (we’d bought one for the salad and one to play with) and took turns doing this but then were told that we had to share it between us. Having fucked it already, it wasn’t too difficult for us to each get an end into us and hump back and forth, but we were challenged to get it completely buried between us. We made a good effort, but it was longer than we were deep so as a punishment, we had to lie on our backs with the cucumber still shared between us while people played with our breasts and clits. Julia sat over my face and got me to eat her – not to orgasm, but for a decent length of time and I’d expected others to join in, but once Susan and I had cum, we were released.

It actually got reasonably warm and a number of people stripped down to swimwear, but in many cases this didn’t stay on the whole time as various games were played. Once we’d had our fill of meat (in the food sense) Mel suggested that it was time to move on to dessert and produced one of the pots of yoghurt. I’d been looking forward to trying this so made it clear that even if Susan was also going to be subjected to it, I wanted to be first. Nobody had a problem with this (basically as long as someone is there to amuse them they seem happy).

I was given a folded towel as a pillow and lay on the ground with my feet up on a chair. After having enjoyed watching Susan be filled, everyone wanted to watch closely so gathered around me and a couple of people helped to spread my lips. Mel asked if I was ready and I watched as she took a big spoonful of yoghurt – she tipped this straight in to my cunt and I jumped a little at the cold as it slithered down inside me. It felt nice, but that didn’t make much of a difference now as I’d agreed to do this and Mel continued to spoon yoghurt into me. My lips were held even further apart so people could have a good look inside me and Julia dashed inside and returned with a speculum to spread me properly. This was inserted and cranked open so I was completely exposed and Mel could now easily continue spooning yogurt into me until I was completely filled.

Mike told me to contract myself, but I couldn’t while the speculum was holding me open so this was removed and as my pussy returned to its non-stretched size, a stream of yoghurt came out of my cunt and ran down over my ass. Susan was given the job of licking my pussy clean so everyone could see me clearly again and Mel added a small amount more yoghurt and I was told to contract myself again. I’m fairly practiced at this as Mike loves it (as do most other guys I do it to) and I could get a decent sized amount of the yoghurt to ooze out of my cunt and then be sucked back in when I relaxed. I was fingered by a couple of people, had the yoghurt topped up again and then had a vibe used on my clit. The whole sensation was quite strange as the cold yoghurt made my pussy feel like it was slightly numbed, but the experience and the stimulation of people playing with me felt really good. I was told that I had to cum for everyone (which was what I’d expected and wanted anyway) and the only twist was that as well as the vibe on my clit, they also wanted to use the cucumber in me (to displace as much yoghurt and make as much of a mess of me as possible.

I needed to be rinsed clean anyway so I didn’t care and let them lift my legs a bit higher so mu pussy was pointing almost straight up. I estimated how much of the cucumber could fit into me and Mel held it firmly, positioning the tip at the entrance. They continued using the vibe on me and only when I said I was getting close did she push it in. A load of yoghurt squished out around the cucumber and got it about halfway in on the first thrust, then pulled out and pushed back in even deeper. By the fourth or fifth stroke I could feel the hand she had wrapped around the cucumber bumping against my lips (plus I could feel the cucumber deep inside me) so I knew it was all the way in. Mel wiggled and twisted the cucumber inside me as she fucked me with it and my ass, back and front were covered with yoghurt expelled from my cunt. I told her that I wasn’t going to hold out long and was told that I wasn’t meant to hold out and was just meant to let everyone watch me cum like the little slut I was. I replied straight away and said if she wanted to see me cum, she just had to fuck my cunt with the cucumber and hold the vibe against my clit (which she did). I came and (I think) put on a pretty good show for everyone, continuing to encourage Mel to fuck me, swearing and moaning.

My legs were lowered to the ground and people rubbed the yoghurt over and into my body – I thought I’d finished, but Mel said that I had one more duty to perform and she spooned another load of yoghurt into me (not as much this time) and got a couple of people to hold my legs up to keep it in me while Susan was made to lie where I’d been. Only when she was mostly full of yoghurt was I told what I was meant to do – I had to keep a hand over my pussy to stop leakage and then knelt over Susan’s face. They hadn’t decided yet if she was meant to eat the yoghurt out of me or I was meant to just empty myself onto her face but as I knelt there a few drops trickled through my fingers on to her anyway. They opted for a combination so I had to lower myself onto her mouth and remove my hand and as soon as she started eating me, I had to lift myself up slightly. Fortunately for Susan, I hadn’t been completely filled, but there was still more than enough in me to make a mess of her face and I looked down to see the yoghurt pour out of my cunt into her mouth and over her face and hair. Once it was mostly out, I lowered myself back on to her mouth and told her to eat me, which she did and then stood up to admire the mess I’d helped to make (we’ll ignore the fact that I was still covered in yoghurt).

They basically repeated with Susan what they’d done to me –she is still a bit tighter than I am so despite the fact she’d already had the cucumber in her earlier, it took a little longer to work it all the way back in to her (but it made just as much of a mess). I felt I should help out so I knelt beside her and rubbed the yoghurt over her body and face and then took care of holding the vibe against her clit. Mel seemed to fuck Susan quite a bit harder with the cucumber, but Susan didn’t complain or look in pain so I assumed she was enjoying herself (especially when she came). Once Mel removed the cucumber, Susan got the same group caressing and fingering that I had and Mel emptied the remaining yoghurt into Susan’s cunt. I assumed that we were going to see the yoghurt drip out of Susan and run down her legs but when Mel told me to lie on my back I realised that I was going to get a much closer view of this. Susan crouched over my face and covered me with her pussy yoghurt – I ate what I could out of her but then held her in place and carried on eating.

I don’t think she’d been expecting me to try to make her cum again, but she didn’t try to escape and when people told her to reciprocate, she leaned forwards and buried her head between my legs straight away. I also hadn’t been expecting this (but I should have guessed it would happed) and as I’d started things I couldn’t really refuse her so we lay and 69ed, further smearing the yoghurt over each other as our bodies slid back and forth and our faces mashed against each other’s crotches. I got Susan off first, but she continued to eat me until I came and once she’d cum, I was at least considerate enough to only kitty kiss her. People tried to push the cucumber back in to Susan while I was kissing her, but I protected her from this and just let her continue to lick and finger me until she got me off again.

Needless to say, we were a bit of a mess and got hosed off outside, but as it wasn’t quite warm enough for this and we needed to wash our hair (and wash our pussies out properly), Susan and I headed in to the shower and cleaned each other up properly (inside and out). I know I’ve told her before, but as we stood with my fingers in her (to help clean her out) I told her how jealous I was of her and how she got to have everyone pleasure her all the time. She still enjoys it a lot and says that she still likes being ‘made’ to do things so she can do them without the shame of ‘wanting’ to, but said that it gets a bit much sometimes and she wishes that she could have more intimate time with Abigail. This didn’t stop her from fingering me (again, just to clean me) and then heading back out to the garden still naked though so I don’t think she is too bothered about it and mostly is just still enjoying herself.

While we’d been showering, Mike had asked Abrahii to suck him off (as a part of the triple play). He came in her mouth, but got her to let his cum run out of her mouth and over her breasts when he’d finished (I think cum looks so much sexier when it’s running down dark skin). In return he went down on her afterwards (and was still doing this when Susan and I returned to the garden). He offered to use the cucumber on her but it had been on the ground and would have needed a good clean first so he just ate her. As such sights aren’t exactly rare for the group, people didn’t watch him too closely so he made sure to pay attention to both Abrahii’s cunt and ass and even fucked her briefly with his nose while he speared her ass (he can’t do this for too long at a time though as he needs to breathe). Once Abrahii came, she put her bikini back on, but a few of us decided to target her (following our conversation I was trying to give Susan a break) and over the next couple of hours, she probably hand a hand, mouth or cock on or in her for more time than not. Richard fucked her, cumming in her and Mike fucked her but didn’t cum in her as he was saving his final load of the day for her ass later on. A number of the girls caressed her (even Mark and Alison joined in a little), while Jen, Susan, Mel and I all went down on her (we didn’t all make her cum – Abrahii doesn’t have the stamina for that and I didn’t want to torture her or tire her out before Mike got to have her properly).

Nobody got really drunk (they were at least sensible enough to realise they needed to work the next day) but people were certainly tipsy by the time the evening came. It wasn’t warm enough to stay outside (and remain partially dressed) so we moved indoors and Mike decided that it would be more fun to finish off his triple play with Abrahii while there was still an audience. He wasn’t entirely sure she’d be prepared to do this, but he set Jen onto her and waited until Jen had spent about 10 minutes kitty kissing Abrahii before pulling his cock out and asking her if he could take her ass. She said that she didn’t mind if people watched (once more, the group have seen much worse) and Jen offered to 69 with Abrahii while Mike fucked her. They lay on the floor and got stuck in to each other and Mike then knelt behind Abrahii, spread her ass and pushed in to her. She rocked back against him and her ass soon swallowed his cock. Mike told Jen not to make Abrahii cum to quickly as he wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of her ass contacting around him as she came. He ended up holding on to Jen’s knees and spreading her legs to make it easier for Abrahii to eat her (and easier for everyone to see). I remember thinking (as I often do) how I wish I could have done things like this in front of my Uni friends (and with them, but that’s another story). We all watched as Mike slid in and out of Abrahii’s tight ass and only when he felt that he was getting close did he tell Jen to speed up her licking and make Abrahii cum.

He had timed it right and he came in Abrahii before she did, telling her that he was emptying his cum deep in to her ass as he did (although he probably didn’t produce too much) and he then remained in her, just gently moving while she came. As he came, he told her how tight her ass was and how he could feel her orgasm rippling through her body and around his cock. For some reason, Jen hadn’t cum yet (Abrahii had been licking her, but had assumed Mike didn’t want Jen to cum too quickly either) so she had to continue eating Jen until she came. Naturally, Jen didn’t stop kitty kissing Abrahii so Mike was treated to a bit more stimulation as Abrahii occasionally twitched or her ass spasmed around his cock. Only when Jen had cum did he pull out of Abrahii and thanked her for letting him use her body all day.

We’d left it a little late to head off to the airport (we had the last flight home booked but still had to rush a little). At least it’s not as if it took Jen and I long to get dressed as we just threw dresses on (and a bra for me) and sorted our hair. Nobody came with us to see us off but we’d planned on returning in a couple of weeks anyway so wished people luck with their exams and revision and left them.

We had a surprisingly quiet flight on the way back and even though we’d had a very satisfying weekend, we didn’t think we should waste the opportunity and I let Mike finger me. Once I’d cum, I did the same to Jen (there wasn’t enough room for him to eat me or me to eat Jen). Mike wasn’t sure he could cum again (or if he did he didn’t think he’d be able to spoon me to sleep) so I just gave him a handjob and sucked him a little to keep him interested (and he was able to spoon me to sleep that night).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Playing in the Park

We had dinner and headed out to meet up with a couple of people – not everyone was present due to revision for exams and it was a much more relaxed evening than usual (but still fun). Mel still wanted to play games so Susan and I were encouraged to make out in front of a group of men. I pressed against Susan and ground my crotch against her thigh while we kissed and as they seemed to like what they saw, I pushed a hand under Susan’s skirt and fingered her, then sucked my fingers clean. Some of the guys didn’t believe that I’d actually been fingering her, so I told Susan to lift her skirt and I repeated what I’d done. I only did it briefly – more for show than for pleasure – and we left soon after (I’d expected Mel to want me to make Susan cum, but she didn’t tell us to and it wasn’t really a private enough setting for a full session). It had put her in the mood to see more though and she suggested we head over to Jen’s old halls to see if the smokers still used the area on the roof.

We were in luck – probably due to the fact that it was earlier than we’d usually have got there. There were a group of four guys and a girl and once we’d assured them that we weren’t there to cause any trouble, Susan asked them if they would mind if we made out while they watched (we were following instructions from Mel to do this). The guys were up for this and the girl seemed a little hesitant, but was easily persuaded by her friends so Susan and I proceeded to make out as we’d done before. This time though, we could get into it a lot more and soon had fingers in each other. Tops came off, skirts slid down legs and I knelt to eat Susan. She crouched down slightly to spread her legs and I felt her weight on my face, but carried on eating her as she pawed at her breasts and then came.

I retrieved a condom from my bag and walked over to our audience while gently stroking my pussy and asked if any of them wanted to help make me cum. One of the guys was up for this so we returned to the railings and I bent over and offered myself to him. He slipped in to me and reached around to play with my dangling breasts and I played with my clit. I had no idea how long he would take to cum but I didn’t want to be left wanting so I got myself close to cumming and then waited until it sounded like he was getting close. I took myself over the edge and then waited while the guy continued to pump in and out of me – he didn’t take too much longer to finish off, but I was glad I’d taken care of myself when I did as he came without giving much more of an indication he was enjoying himself.

I thanked him for fucking me (and he thanked me back) and I asked if any of the others wanted to join in. The other guys took longer to convince so I knelt beside Susan and kissed and fingered her pussy to encourage them. One of them overcame his shyness and unzipped his trousers to reveal his cock and I quickly rolled a condom on to it before Susan sat over him and lowered herself onto it. I helped them out and played with Susan’s clit and breasts (from behind so I wasn’t obscuring the view) and encouraged the others (again) to join in. It turned out that one of the guys was dating the girl (so he wasn’t allowed to play – but I could see him pressing her hand against his crotch). Susan and her guy finished off fairly quickly and we then tried to convince guy #3 to play with us, but he wasn’t interested. (Technically he actually was interested as I brushed my hand over his crotch and could feel a definite erection, but he was either too shy or just didn’t want to fuck us).

I wanted to put on a bit more of a show so asked Mike to come over and join us (the rest of the group had been hiding out of sight of our audience, but so they could see us). Mike obviously doesn’t mind people watching him fuck and he eagerly took me from behind and held me up so I was almost standing upright, facing everyone. He got Susan to kneel in front of me and lick us both briefly, but once I got close to cumming he just fucked me and told me to play with myself and put on a show. I pretty much went all out and described how his cock felt inside me and how I wanted to feel his cum fill me. As usual, he waited until I came before he did and as soon as he came, he pulled out and I spread my legs to let people see as his cum leaked out. Susan was told to clean me up and knelt under me to do this – once she’d licked me (mostly) clean, we offered guy #3 (and #1 & #2) a final chance to do anything else, but all they wanted to do was to see us play with each other a bit more. I had hoped that we could have got them all involved (and maybe helped out the couple) but it was a reminder that we have a very special (and adventurous) group of friends.

We debated whether Susan and I should have to make a random call on someone to ask for help with some kind of problem (and then repay them appropriately) but we decided against this as people didn’t want to be out too late and it is fairly boring for everyone else who just has to wait around. We went our separate ways and headed home. Mike slept with Mel and Julia (and spooned in Jules after eating them both) while Jen and I spent the night with Abrahii.

The next morning, we had our usual sessions but Mike also wanted a chance to eat Abrahii. As she wanted to stick to her revision timetable, he was allowed to do this, but had to do so while she ate breakfast so he had to kneel under the table and eat her as she ate. We cleaned up for them and once again left them to work, agreeing to go and do their shopping to save them time in the week (just like we used to for Jen, although we didn’t offer to do their laundry). We met up with Abigail and Susan for lunch and spent a little longer with them afterwards wandering round some shops. We sat out in a park with drinks and a few guys came over to chat with us (apparently a group of four girls with just one guy in an attractive target – I’m guessing they thought Mike was our gay friend).

As soon as they sat with us, I knew that I was going to tease them (but hadn’t decided quite how much yet). I’d been sitting with my legs folded to one side (a very ladylike pose for me) so adjusted myself so I was sitting cross legged with my ankles just in front of me. Jen knew exactly what I was doing (it’s not as if she hasn’t seen this many times before) and leant over to whisper instruction to Abigail. She in turn told Susan, who assumed the same position as me. Neither of us had panties on so we just had to let our skirts slowly ride higher as we talked and our pussies came into view. It was fairly clear when the guys noticed this as they stared, but we pretended not to notice for a while. After a couple of minutes, I made a comment to Susan that her skirt was pretty high and Mike pointed out that I was no better off. I lifted the hem slightly so I could see my pussy and asked the guys if they minded (they didn’t) and so I leant back a little to give them a better view.

We carried on chatting while they blatantly stared at our crotches and I let a hand slowly drift to my pussy and then stroked up and down it with a single finger. They asked if they could help but I pointed out that we were in a very public place, but added that they could certainly watch if they wanted. I slipped my finger between my lips and slowly fucked myself, spreading my juices over and around my clit to make frigging myself easier. I was very open with the guys and told them that I loved having people watch me play with myself and how (if we weren’t interrupted) I would cum for them. Susan swapped places with Jen and sat next to me so she could do the same and we continued to steadily, but carefully play with ourselves. Having so many people to keep a lookout, it was fairly easy to cover up whenever someone was going close enough by us that they might see so we could do things quite openly and for a couple of minutes Susan and I even reached across and played with each other (including sucking our fingers clean when we switched back to playing with ourselves).

I did let one of the guys briefly finger me, but while people were distracted we were nearly caught (not *that* nearly, but I’d rather not be arrested) so we said we’d finish ourselves off. I did take a bit of a chance and pushed the neck of Mike’s bottle into my cunt – I only fucked myself with it briefly but left it inside myself while I finished frigging my clit and I had a pretty good orgasm. I gently rubbed my clit a little longer and slowly fucked myself with the bottle before pulling it out and presenting it to Susan. Without hesitation, she spread her lips and pushed it in to her pussy and frigged herself until she came. I pulled the bottle out of her and asked Abigail if she wanted to join in but she refused so I told Jen that she didn’t have to cum, but she could at least push the bottle into her pussy. Slightly surprisingly, Jen didn’t need any convincing to do this and sat in the same way Susan and I had (but as I’ve said before, she has learned the pleasure of teasing guys, even if she doesn’t want to fuck them). As she’d been so eager, I got her to move over and sit between Susan and me and I whispered to her that maybe she did have to cum after all. Being very careful to keep a lookout, Susan and I took turns frigging her clit and moving the bottle in her – I told the guys that Jen was a lesbian so there was no chance they could play with her but they didn’t seem to mind too much given the show she was putting on. Not that she was trying to resist, but with both Susan and me working on her, Jen didn’t stand much of a chance and quietly mewed her way through her orgasm. I’d almost wanted us to be interrupted so we would have had to leave her on the verge of cumming, but we made it through in one go.

I sucked the bottle clean and then moved over to sit between two of the guys. I was a bit more exposed in my new position, but the guys were more motivated to keep an eye out for people as I slid a hand into a lap either side of me and traced the outlines of their cocks through their trousers. The third guy moved over beside Susan and she copied what I was doing. I told the guys if they got their cocks out, I would either jerk or suck them off (we always carry condoms & dental dams) but they (sensibly) declined to do this. I wanted to have a bit more fun though and convinced one of them to let me put my hand in his pocket and see how far we could get. I worked my fingertips in to his shorts and managed to free his cock into his trousers. I stroked up and down the shaft and he said that the lining of his pockets felt very soft – I could easily feel the warmth of his cock on my fingers and asked him if he thought he would be able to cum. He wasn’t sure as I was only gently stroking him (again, not wanting to get caught) but after a couple of minutes he said that he was getting close. I warned him that if he came, he might end up with a damp patch and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but I carried on stroking him until it was too late for him to make a decision. He gasped and I felt his cock twitch away from my fingers but I quickly found it again and rubbed the front of the glans. I felt the heat and dampness of his cum soaking through the pocket and I continued to rub his cum over the head of his cock as he let out a number of ‘oh fuck’s.

Once I’d wiped my hand clean on his trousers, I asked the other guys if they wanted the same treatment and said that both Susan and I could do one of them if they wanted, but they couldn’t believe their friend had just cum in front of them (albeit in his trousers). I really didn’t want to take no for an answer though and edged over towards one of them, sliding forwards on my ass so my skirt rode up. By the time I was sitting in front of him, my pussy was completely exposed to him. I pushed one of his hands onto my pussy and fumbled with his trousers. I told him I could get his cock out and make him cum if we found somewhere a bit more private and he agreed to follow me into the woods. Of course I wasn’t going to go alone so we all went and the third guy asked if the offer for Susan to do things was still on the table, which of course it was as she is meant to pleasure anyone in any (safe and legal) way they want.

We didn’t go too far in as I still wanted there to be some element of danger and I got the guy to stand with his back again a tree while I jerked him off and let him finger me. Susan did the same with the other guy while their friend, Mike, Jen and Abigail kept lookout. As our session progressed, we got a bit more daring and pulled up our tops to expose our breasts for the guys to play with. The guy I was playing with was fingering me fairly well but I wanted to be careful about where he came so I got him to tell me when he was getting close and I knelt in front of him, pulled my top off and aimed his cock at my breasts. I still had my bra on (put pulled up) and he wanked himself off over my bra and breasts. As I was already covered (and because I enjoy it), I moved over to kneel in front of Susan and her guy. I pulled my bra completely off and helped the guy play with Susan and when he came, he also emptied his load over my breasts.

I stood up and let the cum run down over my breasts, stomach and skirt and felt quite aroused so asked the guy I’d made cum first if he felt it was fair that the others had cum over us while he’d cum in his trousers. As expected, he said that it wasn’t fair so I said that if he wanted, we would make up for it by letting him fuck us (Susan and me). He didn’t need much encouragement for this and asked if I was being serious so I leant against a tree, pushed my ass out and presented myself to him. Jen provided him with a condom but pointed out that his crotch was covered with his cum from earlier so I want over to Abigail and pulled her panties down. This obviously startled her but I told her I just needed something to clean the guy up with and I handed them to him to wipe himself down before he applied the condom. I resumed my position and he pushed into me as I called Julia over and got her to lean against the tree beside me and flip her skirt up. I looked over my shoulder and told the guy to use us both and he quickly moved over to push into Susan but soon returned to me and switched between us both.

As he fucked me, my breasts swung back and forth and I watched as a few more drips of cum fell from them. He reached around to fondle my breasts and got his hand covered in cum so I told him to wipe it clean on my back. He continued to switch between us and came in Susan, but for completeness I pulled the condom off and emptied his cum (sadly only a small amount) cum over my breasts. As the guy had been splitting his time between Susan and me (and as I hadn’t wanted to play with myself as I had a bit of cum on my hands), I was feeling quite horny and asked Mike if he would help finish me off and donate another batch of cum to me. He was more than happy to do this and so Susan didn’t feel left out, we got Jen to kneel behind her and eat her. I kept my skirt on (but flipped right up) while Jen pulled Susan’s skirt down her legs and got her to step out of it. I could see enough to tell that Jen had her face buried between Susan’s cheeks, but later found out that she had really eaten her hard. I saw Susan cum and Jen asked if she could be the one to make me cum so she swapped places with Mike. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to have Mike’s cum dripping out of me, but Jen distracted me from this thought by eating me quite ferociously. Mike had hoped that Susan would cum again, but decided to just cum in her when I came (or shortly after). I made a little more noise than Susan had (but not too much as we weren’t too far from other people) and once Jen had finished with me and Mike had cum in Susan, we all got to watch as his cum leaked out of her and ran down her legs.

I offered my breasts to the guys but none of them wanted them as they had all of their cum on them so I just put my bra back on, followed by my top. I considered teaming up with Susan and making Jen cum, but was aware that we’d pushed our luck a fair way and had managed to enjoy ourselves quite a lot without being caught so decided to call it a day (or at least an afternoon). The guys didn’t seem too disappointed (and I’m sure they got a lot more than they’d expected when they came over to ‘talk’ to us) – as they’d been nice and helpful (and not too pushy) we took their numbers and told them that we might call if we needed anything in future.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Getting a Special Delivery

As arranged, we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni at the start of May for a long weekend. We weren’t expecting things to be quite as eventful as during the previous weekend as exams were looming and ‘the students’ needed to concentrate a bit more on work.

Not that this had entirely stopped them from enjoying themselves and in the pub on the Friday night we were told that Susan had already sampled ‘my’ delivery guy (the one I’d gotten the number of, the previous weekend). Once back at the house, we got a much better description and found out that on the Wednesday they had called him and asked if he wanted to come over to have some fun. When he arrived, Susan answered the door wearing a very sheer top that did nothing to hide her breasts and a matching pair of panties. Susan explained to him that I wasn’t there, but that she was willing to be a substitute if he wanted. The guy didn’t seem to mind at all (Susan is quite cute and sexy – especially dressed like that) and he was told that the only issue was that Abigail would have to be in the room with them so she could check that Susan didn’t get hurt.

The guy wasn’t concerned about that and they went up to Julia’s room. Once they had started and Susan was sitting over him, Julia walked in (which made him jump a bit, but she told him to just carry on) and she started to get undressed. Jules stood beside the bed and caressed Susan’s breasts while gently stroking her pussy and talking to the guy, asking him if he was having fun. She shared a long kiss with Susan and moved her hand down to Susan’s crotch so play with her clit and stroke the guy’s cock, but then went over and sat beside Abigail to watch.

Unsurprisingly, given Julia is generally as horny as I am, she couldn’t just watch and started to caress herself and then pulled one of Abigail’s hands between her legs. After a couple of minutes, Julia jumped down onto the floor and pushed Abigail’s legs apart, burying her face between them. Abi tried to resist at first, but Julia is quite persuasive and quickly managed to pull the crotch of Abi’s panties aside and get her tongue onto her pussy. She only ate her for a minute or so and when she looked round, she saw that the guy was watching them so she told Susan to lie on the bed and let the guy fuck her. As soon as they had assumed their new position, Julia climbed over Susan’s face and slide back and forth. She held Susan’s legs up and told the guy to fondle both her and Susan’s breasts (one hand on each) and he did this until he came in Susan.

Julia told him to keep watching as he’d be needed again and once he pulled out, she lay down on top of Susan and they 69ed. When they finished (and had cum), the guy was sitting at the end of the bed with his cock in his hand and Julia asked him if he thought he’d be able to go again. He said he would and once his condom was changed, Susan lay on the bed on her stomach and ate Julia (who sat up against the headboard) while the guy took Susan from behind. Julia didn’t stay in place for too long and went back over to Abigail, asking her if she enjoyed watching her girlfriend being fucked (which of course she does). Julia sat over one of Abigail’s legs and rubbed against her and as soon as they kissed, she reached down between Abigail’s legs and stroked her pussy. Julia got a finger onto Abi’s clit and suggested to Abi that she could always join in and let the guy watch Susan eat her.

Julia does seem to have changed a little recently in that she is becoming more like Mel (only in the way that she seems to enjoy orchestrating other people doing things - she isn’t as mean as Mel and still wants to be involved and cum more than Mel does). Abigail hesitated a bit so Julia continued to kiss her and stroke her clit and Abi eventually caved in. She insisted on keeping her top on, but allowed Julia to remove her skirt and panties. They got Susan to lie on her back again and Abigail climbed over her face, but leant forwards, facing away from the guy. This allowed Susan to lick her and Julia to spread Abigail’s ass and pussy to give the guy a really good look. Julia couldn’t resist joining in a little and pushed a couple of fingers into Abi’s cunt and then sucked them clean. She then moved up to the head of the bed to talk to Abi and suggested to her that she could always go a step further and let the guy sample her cunt as well as Susan’s. Once again, Abigail hesitated but Julia effectively called her a chicken (she was slightly more subtle than this, but I still can’t believe it worked) and Abigail once again caved in.

Julia told the guy and he eagerly climbed up over Susan’s chest and pushed in to Abigail. Julia didn’t want Susan to be left out (she knows that Susan really enjoys cumming too) so she took the place of the guy and used her fingers and a vibe to continue to fuck Susan. She couldn’t tell when Susan came (as Susan’s face was buried under Abigail) and carried on until Susan pushed her legs together to indicate she’d had enough. Julia then sat and used the vibe on herself while the guy finished fucking Abigail and came in her and Susan licked Abigail to an orgasm.

Abi was quite embarrassed about what she’d just done, but Julia created a distraction by demanding that she get to cum now that everyone else had. The guy said that he didn’t think he could fuck her (at least for a while) so while Abigail followed Julia’s instructions and fished out her favourite vibe, Susan had to lick her. Once Julia had her vibe inside her, the guy was told to fuck her with it while using another vibe on her clit. Susan had to help out by spreading Julia’s lips to make it easier for him and she helped him get the right length of the vibe to fuck Julia with, at which point he was told to fuck her as hard and fast as he could. (Just for information, many guys seem to think that girls always love being fucked hard – be that with a vibe/dildo or a cock. This isn’t always the case and while it can feel really nice, we have to be in the mood for that sort of a fuck.)

Fortunately, Julia was (which was why she’d asked for it) and she kept encouraging him as he pounded the vibe into her. Susan noticed that his cock seemed to be coming back to life, although not really enough to do anything with – if she hadn’t been touching Julia’s pussy, she said that she would have reached out and given him a handjob to try to coax a full erection out of him, at which point he could have fucked Julia. On the plus side, he seemed to have fairly good wrist stamina (which as Mike points out is fairly common for guys his age!) and he gave Julia a good long pounding. Susan took over holding the other vibe against Julia’s clit and Jules came pretty soon after (the guy had been mostly concentrating on fucking her with the dildo). Jules slightly overacted her orgasm (although she said that it had felt fairly strong) and insisted on licking the vibe clean afterwards (with it turned off).

They promised the guy that he could come back to fuck ‘the girl with the breasts’ (me) and once he’d been sent on his way, Julia and Susan teamed up on Abigail to make her cum and in return, Abi had to make Julia cum (as I said, Jules may be getting more like Mel, but she still likes cumming).

The next day, they had a different surprise for pleasuring (or tormenting) Susan. She figured out fairly quickly that it was likely to be something new as she knew that food was involved, but she was escorted out into the garden and they weren’t usually bothered about making a mess of her indoors (plus they enjoy trying new things as much as Mike, Jen and I do). This was something that Julia had got the idea for from a porn site and involved Susan lying on the grass on her back, with her feet up on a chair, holding her ass in the air. She had her pussy held open and they spooned yoghurt into her pussy. Technically this wasn’t too different from any of the times she’s had yoghurt eaten out of her, but this time they spooned a massive amount more into her until her pussy was pretty much full. She was told to contract her pussy and everyone watched as the yoghurt oozed out and then back in (and ran down over her ass). At first, Susan had let out small yelps as the yoghurt went into her as it had just come from the fridge so felt very cold, but as her pussy warmed it up (and she got used to it), she just concentrated on the sensation.

Naturally, what goes in has to come out, but before they got to that stage, they used one of Julia’s larger dildos and gave Susan a good fucking. The dildo wasn’t so large that it would hurt her, but enough that it would displace a good amount of the yoghurt and it did its job, causing the yoghurt to squish out around the dildo and run down Susan’s body. They occasionally stopped to top up the yoghurt and decided to make Susan cum. To do this, they filled her to the brim and spread her lips while using a vibe on her clit. In this position, it was easy to see her pussy contracting by the level of the yoghurt inside her. People watched as it pulsed up and down as she came and only when she had completely finished was she told to use a hand to cover her pussy and stand up. Susan said that it was a strange feeling, but was even stranger when she removed her hand and the yoghurt started to flow out of her, mostly in blobs, and run down her legs. She was told to squat and try to push the yoghurt out (which meant it dribbled straight out of her onto the grass) and when it had mostly stopped, she was instructed to spoon it out of her pussy with her fingers and eat whatever she could get.

I really liked the sound of this and said that I wouldn’t mind trying it. Mel was also keen to see it done and didn’t mind it was Susan or me that had to act as the container so we agreed to get the relevant provisions and give me a new experience.

On the Saturday (after our morning sessions), Mike, Jen and I headed out into town to let the other do some work. We didn’t get up to much and looked round a couple of shops for baby items (just to start getting in the mood to reproduce) and then met up with Richard and James for lunch. I used my foot to tease Richard under the table and soon felt the bulge of his cock on his trousers. I would have liked to use my other foot on James, but he was too far away so I had to content myself with just rubbing Richard throughout lunch. Naturally, this meant that he was feeling quite horny by the time we finished and even though I’d given him a few minutes to calm down (or for his erection to go down), he said that I owed him an orgasm. They didn’t have much time as they wanted to get back and work so we went for the quick option of hiding down an alleyway and me jerking him off. I did use my mouth as well, but as I’d had a nice lunch and didn’t want to ruin the taste, I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. As he got closer to cumming, I pulled my top down and pulled my breasts out of my bra and they acted a perfect target for his cum. He splattered his load over them and then helped by holding my top down while I put my breasts back into my bra (still covered with his cum) and then pulled my top over them.

We let them go on their way and returned to our maternity/baby stuff browsing, stopped off for a coffee mid-afternoon, bought some supplies and then headed back to Julia and Abrahii’s place. The others had pretty much finished working (or to be accurate may not have been entirely working for a while) and suggested that I give the delivery guy a call for some fun before we went out. He wasn’t starting work until 8 so said he could come over and asked if the other girls would also be there – I told him that only one of them was but the others might turn up before he left and asked if he wanted to fuck all of them or just watch. He was honest enough to say he didn’t think he could fuck four girls, but he would love to watch them play with each other so I promised him that at the very least he’d get to see us eating and fingering each other as long as he could fuck me until I came.

I hadn’t actually asked Julia if she had wanted to be involved, but I assumed if she didn’t that Abrahii would probably help me put on a show (and failing that he could have watched Jen and I play with each other). My faith in Julia’s libido wasn’t misplaced though and she joined me in preparing for the guy’s arrival. We didn’t bother doing anything fancy, just freshened up and both greeted him at the door naked. This seemed to surprise him a little, but he readily followed us in to the house and upstairs to Julia’s room. He already had a visible bulge in his trousers but I thought we could help him get completely in the mood so Jules and I fell on to the bed and kissed and fingered each other. I pushed Julia’s legs apart and hungrily ate her and offered my cunt for fucking. Julia told him where the condoms were and once he’d applied one, he moved around behind me again and pushed into me.

I told him that as we’d kept up our end of the deal, he wasn’t allowed to cum until I had and suggested that he play with my clit. He wasn’t the most dextrous of guys I’ve fucked, but he was clearly trying and while his fingers rubbed around my clit, he pushed into me and I pushed back against him to get him as deep as I could. It quickly became obvious that Julia was looking for some relief from her day of revision so I ate her as hard as fast as I could (the best thing about oral sex is that it’s actually quite difficult to be too forceful as the tongue is so soft). As she was enjoying herself so much I also rimmed and speared her a few times (although I doubt the guy could tell) and I got her off quite quickly. I didn’t stop eating her though, but was much more gentle with her. The guy seemed confused that I was continuing to eat her after she’d cum but Julia told him that she could cum more than once, and then added that I could cum as many times as anyone could be bothered to subject me to (technically this isn’t true, but it is in a practical sense).

I told the guy to rub my clit a bit harder and I rocked back and forth on his cock, squeezing myself around him so I could feel as much as possible. He said he was getting close so I slowed my movements and let him continue to frig me until I was close to cumming. I waited until I was in the final build up before contracting myself around him again and speeding up, telling him to match my movements and to cum in me. This worked quite well and I came but didn’t have to wait too long until he came, at which point he pushed right into me and I gently rocked back and forth just a little.

There was a decent amount of cum in the condom when he pulled out and I used my skirt to clean his cock off (I was going to change before going out anyway). He wanted to play with my breasts so I lay on my back and let him fondle, kiss and lick them. After a while I felt his cock stirring and reached down to stroke him and as soon as he was at full mast, I told him I wanted round two, but that we’d make it special and asked Julia if she’d lick me while he fucked me (I kind of forgot that he’d done this already with them on his earlier visit). Julia was fine with this so I lay on my side and let him spoon with me, then lifted my upper leg so my knee was against my breasts and gave Jules access.

She lapped away at my clit and between them, they did a really good job of stimulating me. I came much quicker than the previous time and told the guy that we could change position if he wanted. I let him finish off with me on my back and my legs up in the air so he could fuck me and maul my breasts (he probably thought he was caressing them but I didn’t mind as it looked like he was enjoying himself). As he got closer to cumming I told him how much I wanted him to cum in me and described how I could feel his cock throbbing in my cunt (which was a bit of a lie, but again, he seemed to enjoy it). I watched his face closely as he came and he pulled out almost straight away and lay beside me.

I stroked his cock but it gradually deflated so I pulled the condom off and rubbed him directly, smearing his cum over his cock and balls (there was less than in his first load, but it wasn’t a bad amount for a second cum). I wanted to finger Julia as an added bonus for him so had to go and wash my hands, but when I returned, I did as I’d intended and used a couple of fingers in her while we kissed messily. Julia wondered if he’d be able to fuck her but he said he felt too sensitive so Jules told him that she would just get someone to eat her later on. He asked if he could come back again and was told that he would be called when he was needed, but that he would probably be summoned again if he was willing to do more things with the ‘young one’ (Susan). He agreed to this and was sent on his way while Julia and I headed downstairs to report on our session.