Saturday, 10 August 2013

Getting a Special Delivery

As arranged, we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni at the start of May for a long weekend. We weren’t expecting things to be quite as eventful as during the previous weekend as exams were looming and ‘the students’ needed to concentrate a bit more on work.

Not that this had entirely stopped them from enjoying themselves and in the pub on the Friday night we were told that Susan had already sampled ‘my’ delivery guy (the one I’d gotten the number of, the previous weekend). Once back at the house, we got a much better description and found out that on the Wednesday they had called him and asked if he wanted to come over to have some fun. When he arrived, Susan answered the door wearing a very sheer top that did nothing to hide her breasts and a matching pair of panties. Susan explained to him that I wasn’t there, but that she was willing to be a substitute if he wanted. The guy didn’t seem to mind at all (Susan is quite cute and sexy – especially dressed like that) and he was told that the only issue was that Abigail would have to be in the room with them so she could check that Susan didn’t get hurt.

The guy wasn’t concerned about that and they went up to Julia’s room. Once they had started and Susan was sitting over him, Julia walked in (which made him jump a bit, but she told him to just carry on) and she started to get undressed. Jules stood beside the bed and caressed Susan’s breasts while gently stroking her pussy and talking to the guy, asking him if he was having fun. She shared a long kiss with Susan and moved her hand down to Susan’s crotch so play with her clit and stroke the guy’s cock, but then went over and sat beside Abigail to watch.

Unsurprisingly, given Julia is generally as horny as I am, she couldn’t just watch and started to caress herself and then pulled one of Abigail’s hands between her legs. After a couple of minutes, Julia jumped down onto the floor and pushed Abigail’s legs apart, burying her face between them. Abi tried to resist at first, but Julia is quite persuasive and quickly managed to pull the crotch of Abi’s panties aside and get her tongue onto her pussy. She only ate her for a minute or so and when she looked round, she saw that the guy was watching them so she told Susan to lie on the bed and let the guy fuck her. As soon as they had assumed their new position, Julia climbed over Susan’s face and slide back and forth. She held Susan’s legs up and told the guy to fondle both her and Susan’s breasts (one hand on each) and he did this until he came in Susan.

Julia told him to keep watching as he’d be needed again and once he pulled out, she lay down on top of Susan and they 69ed. When they finished (and had cum), the guy was sitting at the end of the bed with his cock in his hand and Julia asked him if he thought he’d be able to go again. He said he would and once his condom was changed, Susan lay on the bed on her stomach and ate Julia (who sat up against the headboard) while the guy took Susan from behind. Julia didn’t stay in place for too long and went back over to Abigail, asking her if she enjoyed watching her girlfriend being fucked (which of course she does). Julia sat over one of Abigail’s legs and rubbed against her and as soon as they kissed, she reached down between Abigail’s legs and stroked her pussy. Julia got a finger onto Abi’s clit and suggested to Abi that she could always join in and let the guy watch Susan eat her.

Julia does seem to have changed a little recently in that she is becoming more like Mel (only in the way that she seems to enjoy orchestrating other people doing things - she isn’t as mean as Mel and still wants to be involved and cum more than Mel does). Abigail hesitated a bit so Julia continued to kiss her and stroke her clit and Abi eventually caved in. She insisted on keeping her top on, but allowed Julia to remove her skirt and panties. They got Susan to lie on her back again and Abigail climbed over her face, but leant forwards, facing away from the guy. This allowed Susan to lick her and Julia to spread Abigail’s ass and pussy to give the guy a really good look. Julia couldn’t resist joining in a little and pushed a couple of fingers into Abi’s cunt and then sucked them clean. She then moved up to the head of the bed to talk to Abi and suggested to her that she could always go a step further and let the guy sample her cunt as well as Susan’s. Once again, Abigail hesitated but Julia effectively called her a chicken (she was slightly more subtle than this, but I still can’t believe it worked) and Abigail once again caved in.

Julia told the guy and he eagerly climbed up over Susan’s chest and pushed in to Abigail. Julia didn’t want Susan to be left out (she knows that Susan really enjoys cumming too) so she took the place of the guy and used her fingers and a vibe to continue to fuck Susan. She couldn’t tell when Susan came (as Susan’s face was buried under Abigail) and carried on until Susan pushed her legs together to indicate she’d had enough. Julia then sat and used the vibe on herself while the guy finished fucking Abigail and came in her and Susan licked Abigail to an orgasm.

Abi was quite embarrassed about what she’d just done, but Julia created a distraction by demanding that she get to cum now that everyone else had. The guy said that he didn’t think he could fuck her (at least for a while) so while Abigail followed Julia’s instructions and fished out her favourite vibe, Susan had to lick her. Once Julia had her vibe inside her, the guy was told to fuck her with it while using another vibe on her clit. Susan had to help out by spreading Julia’s lips to make it easier for him and she helped him get the right length of the vibe to fuck Julia with, at which point he was told to fuck her as hard and fast as he could. (Just for information, many guys seem to think that girls always love being fucked hard – be that with a vibe/dildo or a cock. This isn’t always the case and while it can feel really nice, we have to be in the mood for that sort of a fuck.)

Fortunately, Julia was (which was why she’d asked for it) and she kept encouraging him as he pounded the vibe into her. Susan noticed that his cock seemed to be coming back to life, although not really enough to do anything with – if she hadn’t been touching Julia’s pussy, she said that she would have reached out and given him a handjob to try to coax a full erection out of him, at which point he could have fucked Julia. On the plus side, he seemed to have fairly good wrist stamina (which as Mike points out is fairly common for guys his age!) and he gave Julia a good long pounding. Susan took over holding the other vibe against Julia’s clit and Jules came pretty soon after (the guy had been mostly concentrating on fucking her with the dildo). Jules slightly overacted her orgasm (although she said that it had felt fairly strong) and insisted on licking the vibe clean afterwards (with it turned off).

They promised the guy that he could come back to fuck ‘the girl with the breasts’ (me) and once he’d been sent on his way, Julia and Susan teamed up on Abigail to make her cum and in return, Abi had to make Julia cum (as I said, Jules may be getting more like Mel, but she still likes cumming).

The next day, they had a different surprise for pleasuring (or tormenting) Susan. She figured out fairly quickly that it was likely to be something new as she knew that food was involved, but she was escorted out into the garden and they weren’t usually bothered about making a mess of her indoors (plus they enjoy trying new things as much as Mike, Jen and I do). This was something that Julia had got the idea for from a porn site and involved Susan lying on the grass on her back, with her feet up on a chair, holding her ass in the air. She had her pussy held open and they spooned yoghurt into her pussy. Technically this wasn’t too different from any of the times she’s had yoghurt eaten out of her, but this time they spooned a massive amount more into her until her pussy was pretty much full. She was told to contract her pussy and everyone watched as the yoghurt oozed out and then back in (and ran down over her ass). At first, Susan had let out small yelps as the yoghurt went into her as it had just come from the fridge so felt very cold, but as her pussy warmed it up (and she got used to it), she just concentrated on the sensation.

Naturally, what goes in has to come out, but before they got to that stage, they used one of Julia’s larger dildos and gave Susan a good fucking. The dildo wasn’t so large that it would hurt her, but enough that it would displace a good amount of the yoghurt and it did its job, causing the yoghurt to squish out around the dildo and run down Susan’s body. They occasionally stopped to top up the yoghurt and decided to make Susan cum. To do this, they filled her to the brim and spread her lips while using a vibe on her clit. In this position, it was easy to see her pussy contracting by the level of the yoghurt inside her. People watched as it pulsed up and down as she came and only when she had completely finished was she told to use a hand to cover her pussy and stand up. Susan said that it was a strange feeling, but was even stranger when she removed her hand and the yoghurt started to flow out of her, mostly in blobs, and run down her legs. She was told to squat and try to push the yoghurt out (which meant it dribbled straight out of her onto the grass) and when it had mostly stopped, she was instructed to spoon it out of her pussy with her fingers and eat whatever she could get.

I really liked the sound of this and said that I wouldn’t mind trying it. Mel was also keen to see it done and didn’t mind it was Susan or me that had to act as the container so we agreed to get the relevant provisions and give me a new experience.

On the Saturday (after our morning sessions), Mike, Jen and I headed out into town to let the other do some work. We didn’t get up to much and looked round a couple of shops for baby items (just to start getting in the mood to reproduce) and then met up with Richard and James for lunch. I used my foot to tease Richard under the table and soon felt the bulge of his cock on his trousers. I would have liked to use my other foot on James, but he was too far away so I had to content myself with just rubbing Richard throughout lunch. Naturally, this meant that he was feeling quite horny by the time we finished and even though I’d given him a few minutes to calm down (or for his erection to go down), he said that I owed him an orgasm. They didn’t have much time as they wanted to get back and work so we went for the quick option of hiding down an alleyway and me jerking him off. I did use my mouth as well, but as I’d had a nice lunch and didn’t want to ruin the taste, I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. As he got closer to cumming, I pulled my top down and pulled my breasts out of my bra and they acted a perfect target for his cum. He splattered his load over them and then helped by holding my top down while I put my breasts back into my bra (still covered with his cum) and then pulled my top over them.

We let them go on their way and returned to our maternity/baby stuff browsing, stopped off for a coffee mid-afternoon, bought some supplies and then headed back to Julia and Abrahii’s place. The others had pretty much finished working (or to be accurate may not have been entirely working for a while) and suggested that I give the delivery guy a call for some fun before we went out. He wasn’t starting work until 8 so said he could come over and asked if the other girls would also be there – I told him that only one of them was but the others might turn up before he left and asked if he wanted to fuck all of them or just watch. He was honest enough to say he didn’t think he could fuck four girls, but he would love to watch them play with each other so I promised him that at the very least he’d get to see us eating and fingering each other as long as he could fuck me until I came.

I hadn’t actually asked Julia if she had wanted to be involved, but I assumed if she didn’t that Abrahii would probably help me put on a show (and failing that he could have watched Jen and I play with each other). My faith in Julia’s libido wasn’t misplaced though and she joined me in preparing for the guy’s arrival. We didn’t bother doing anything fancy, just freshened up and both greeted him at the door naked. This seemed to surprise him a little, but he readily followed us in to the house and upstairs to Julia’s room. He already had a visible bulge in his trousers but I thought we could help him get completely in the mood so Jules and I fell on to the bed and kissed and fingered each other. I pushed Julia’s legs apart and hungrily ate her and offered my cunt for fucking. Julia told him where the condoms were and once he’d applied one, he moved around behind me again and pushed into me.

I told him that as we’d kept up our end of the deal, he wasn’t allowed to cum until I had and suggested that he play with my clit. He wasn’t the most dextrous of guys I’ve fucked, but he was clearly trying and while his fingers rubbed around my clit, he pushed into me and I pushed back against him to get him as deep as I could. It quickly became obvious that Julia was looking for some relief from her day of revision so I ate her as hard as fast as I could (the best thing about oral sex is that it’s actually quite difficult to be too forceful as the tongue is so soft). As she was enjoying herself so much I also rimmed and speared her a few times (although I doubt the guy could tell) and I got her off quite quickly. I didn’t stop eating her though, but was much more gentle with her. The guy seemed confused that I was continuing to eat her after she’d cum but Julia told him that she could cum more than once, and then added that I could cum as many times as anyone could be bothered to subject me to (technically this isn’t true, but it is in a practical sense).

I told the guy to rub my clit a bit harder and I rocked back and forth on his cock, squeezing myself around him so I could feel as much as possible. He said he was getting close so I slowed my movements and let him continue to frig me until I was close to cumming. I waited until I was in the final build up before contracting myself around him again and speeding up, telling him to match my movements and to cum in me. This worked quite well and I came but didn’t have to wait too long until he came, at which point he pushed right into me and I gently rocked back and forth just a little.

There was a decent amount of cum in the condom when he pulled out and I used my skirt to clean his cock off (I was going to change before going out anyway). He wanted to play with my breasts so I lay on my back and let him fondle, kiss and lick them. After a while I felt his cock stirring and reached down to stroke him and as soon as he was at full mast, I told him I wanted round two, but that we’d make it special and asked Julia if she’d lick me while he fucked me (I kind of forgot that he’d done this already with them on his earlier visit). Julia was fine with this so I lay on my side and let him spoon with me, then lifted my upper leg so my knee was against my breasts and gave Jules access.

She lapped away at my clit and between them, they did a really good job of stimulating me. I came much quicker than the previous time and told the guy that we could change position if he wanted. I let him finish off with me on my back and my legs up in the air so he could fuck me and maul my breasts (he probably thought he was caressing them but I didn’t mind as it looked like he was enjoying himself). As he got closer to cumming I told him how much I wanted him to cum in me and described how I could feel his cock throbbing in my cunt (which was a bit of a lie, but again, he seemed to enjoy it). I watched his face closely as he came and he pulled out almost straight away and lay beside me.

I stroked his cock but it gradually deflated so I pulled the condom off and rubbed him directly, smearing his cum over his cock and balls (there was less than in his first load, but it wasn’t a bad amount for a second cum). I wanted to finger Julia as an added bonus for him so had to go and wash my hands, but when I returned, I did as I’d intended and used a couple of fingers in her while we kissed messily. Julia wondered if he’d be able to fuck her but he said he felt too sensitive so Jules told him that she would just get someone to eat her later on. He asked if he could come back again and was told that he would be called when he was needed, but that he would probably be summoned again if he was willing to do more things with the ‘young one’ (Susan). He agreed to this and was sent on his way while Julia and I headed downstairs to report on our session.


  1. I'd be really careful with the yogurt, yogurt is made with yeast...especially the types with 'live cultures' and introducing that much yeast down there may have unpleasant side effects...

  2. I thought that as well, but apparently yoghurt is actually quite a good thing to use to counter yeast infections. So far neither Susan (nor I) have had any adverse side effects.