Monday, 19 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 1

The next weekend in May we went down to visit Lis and Lucy again. It had been a couple of months since Mike had seen them and he was desperate to fuck Lis again (we knew that she also wanted this). He’d promised her that he was going to ravish her as soon as he could and gave her a big hug at the train station, slipping his hand straight under her skirt and caressing her ass. As soon as we got back to their place, he lifted her up and kissed her, pushed her against the wall, quickly undid his trousers, freed his cock, puller her panties aside and lowered her on to his cock. He fucked her against the wall with her arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist while he pulled the front of her top up and played with her breasts. He told her that she was naughty for wearing panties when she knew that we all wanted easy access to her pussy, but complimented her on how smooth it felt (she and Lucy had shaved each other that morning – just as Jen and I had done).

As her ‘punishment’ for wearing panties, Mike carried her in to the bedroom and deposited her on the bed. He tore her panties off (actually tearing them so she couldn’t wear them again), pushed her legs apart, and ate her. It was clear from Lis’ expression that he was going straight for the kill and it was only a short while before she was arching her pussy against his face and cumming. He pulled away and told Jen and I to take our turn before he filled her with cum, so we did. We weren’t quite as forceful and I didn’t make Lis cum as I would be spending the night with her, but when it was Jen’s turn, she finished off what I’d started and got another nice back-arching orgasm out of Lis. I would have happily gone to bed and played with Lis straight away, but also wanted to chat to Lucy so we went into the living room for a while to talk.

This didn’t stop Mike from continuing to ‘punish’ Lis for her transgression though and he alternated between sitting on the floor in front of her and kitty kissing her and sitting on the sofa with her on his lap so he could slide into her. I noticed that Lucy didn’t seem at all phased by any of this behaviour and guessed that after all the things we’ve done, she was finally beginning to get a bit more comfortable with letting go and enjoying herself. After a while I decided to test out my theory and while Mike was leaning back on the sofa with Lis on his cock, I moved over beside Lucy and asked if I was allowed to sample her before she went off to bed with Jen. I already had my hand on her leg and slid it up her thigh as I kissed her and was pleased when she opened her legs to allow me access. Unsurprisingly, she also had panties on, but I pushed her back on the sofa and got her to lift her ass in the air so I could quickly remove them. I pushed her legs wide apart and lapped away at her pussy, then asked if she would eat me ‘just a little bit’. I continued fingering Lucy and rubbed her juices over her clit while I asked this and told her that I really wanted to feel her tongue in my pussy and she agreed so I got her to slide down on the sofa while I climbed up over her and planted myself on her face.

While she ate me, I pulled off my top and bra and Mike quietly indicated to Jen that he wanted to see her playing with Lucy. I couldn’t see that well as I was facing the wrong way, but Jen spread Lucy’s legs and started to rub and finger her pussy, giving Mike a good view. Jen spread Lucy’s lips wide and used a single finger inside Lucy while Mike guided Lis up and down on his cock and whispered to Lis that she was a lucky girl to get to play with a pussy like that all the time. Fortunately (for him) he added that he was a lucky guy to get to fuck a pussy like Lis’and as they fucked he whispered to her if she would like to see his cock sliding into Lucy’s cunt. Lis thought this would be incredibly hot to watch, but warned Mike (as if he didn’t already know) that it was never likely to happen – despite the fact that Lucy liked him and trusted him (and obviously didn’t mind him seeing her naked/being played with), she had still never expressed any desire to fuck him (or any other guy). This didn’t stop Mike enjoying watching Lucy being fingered while describing to Lis how he would fill Lucy’s cunt with so much cum it would leak out of her for days and he nearly ended up cumming in Lis, but just managed to hold back and told her he wanted to eat her one more time before he fucked her.

I was summoned down from Lucy’s face and thanked her for having eaten me a considerable amount more than the ‘little bit’ I’d asked for and told her that I’d repay her the next day. We said goodnight and headed off into the bedroom, leaving Lucy and Jen in the living room. We didn’t waste any time once in the bedroom and quickly removed our remaining clothes before falling onto the bed. I had a final quick taste of Lis and then sat over her face while holding on to her legs to allow Mike easy access to play with her. He buried his face between her legs and got her off quite quickly, then replaced his mouth with his cock and started to fuck her in earnest. Lis now knows him well enough that she knew he wouldn’t cum in her until she came again so she concentrated on eating me while Mike tried different types of strokes in her. I came before Lis did and after letting her lick me for a while longer I climbed off to allow the two of them to enjoy each other properly. Mike lifted Lis’ legs up in the air so her feet were on his shoulders and I helped out by playing with her clit and breasts. Between us we got Lis close to cumming and instead of just caressing her breasts, I fingered myself and spread my juices over her nips and into her mouth. As Mike had been holding back for a while he was very close and told Lis to keep letting him know how close she was so they could cum together. I told her to concentrate as she came to see if she could feel his cum squirting into her. I could tell he was having trouble holding back and I considered easing off on Lis’ clit to torture him, but I also liked the idea of seeing the two of them cum at the same time so I told Mike and rubbed Lis just a little faster and harder to take her over the edge. As Lis let out her first moan, Mike pushed in to her hard and told her he was going to fill her with cum and how he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around him. He pushed into her a number more times, telling her he was giving her all of his cum while Lis just moaned as her orgasm coursed through her.

He pushed in one final time and stayed buried in her while she caught her breath and told her that he thought he’d cum in her quite a bit and wanted to watch as his cum leaked out of her. I asked if Lis wanted to see as well and when she said yes, I told Mike to stay put while I grabbed my phone. I recorded a shot down from Lis’ breasts to her pussy, with Mike still buried in her, and told him to slowly pull out and then recorded a view of Lis’ pussy as she spread her legs and his cum began to ooze out of her. Mike had indeed cum a fair amount inside her and she was making quite a wet patch (not that I mind this – it’s a nice reminder of what we’ve done while going to sleep). I got Lis to kneel up on the bed with her legs spread and then spread her pussy again – a few more drops of cum fell out of her and when I got her to slide a finger into herself, another blob fell out. Lis lay back down on the bed and Mike wiped his cock on one of her breasts and I asked Lis if I could record her face (which she let me do). We then lay down together and watched the recording while Mike caressed Lis’ pussy and told her that it was her fault he’d cum so much. Lis was quite embarrassed when she saw the bit of the video with Mike’s cock on her breast and then her face (with an expression of obvious enjoyment) and I told her that if she wanted, I’d delete it, but that we’d like to keep it for use between visits (and it’s not as if Lis and Lucy don’t have pictures of us in compromising positions).

After a little while Mike wanted to fuck her again and asked if she would help to pleasure me while they fucked. Lis was up for this and he told her that she could lie on her back with me crouched over her face so she could take my pussy and Mike could take my ass. Lis was fine with that but said that she didn’t mind going on top if I wanted and I liked the idea of feeling Lis’ rapid licking on my ass so said I thought that would be better. Mike was quite happy with this too and they started off with Lis sitting up and riding Mike’s cock so I could play with her pussy. I then sat over Mike’s face, facing away from Lis and bent forwards to offer myself to her and quickly felt her spread my cheeks and push her face between them. As I’d expected, the ways she licks felt wonderful on my ass and Mike was also doing a good job in my pussy with his mouth (but he’s quite practised at this). Mike held on to Lis’ hips and guided her up and down in time with his thrusts and I occasionally felt him breathing heavily on my pussy and heard Lis whimper between my cheeks.

I didn’t do much and just enjoyed the sensations I was feeling. Mike licked deep inside me and Lis even speared me gently a couple of times. I told them how good it felt and asked them not to stop but even though they weren’t replying, from what I could feel of the way they were moving against each other I was fairly sure they were enjoying themselves as well. I came first, but I’d wanted this to happen anyway and after enjoying their continued licking for a couple of minutes, I dismounted and moved around behind Lis to help guide her ass up and down. I watched as they fucked against each other faster and then coated my fingers in my juices before pressing a couple of them against Lis’ ass and pushing them just a little way inside her. She flinched a little, but didn’t seem too surprised at the intrusion (she had been expecting me to lick her) and I kept them inside her until she came –not really moving them but letting her movements do the work for me. I moved away to let Mike finish off and watched as he used long strokes in and out and then pushed Lis down on to his cock and repeatedly tried to push even further into her. Even though he’s hardly moving when he does this, he says that it feels like he is moving quite a bit inside (especially if he’s close to cumming) and it was certainly enough to help him finish off and unload again inside of Lis.

While we’d been busy, Jen had been spending a lot of time gently going down on Lucy, paying a lot of attention to her lips and lapping as deep inside her pussy as her tongue could reach. We’re always afraid that if someone was going to call our ‘arrangement’ with Lis and Lucy off that it would be Lucy so Jen made sure that Lucy received a lot of attention and affection and told her repeatedly how much she had missed her. From Jen’s report, there certainly didn’t seem much of a risk of Lucy telling us she wanted to stop – she entwined her fingers in Jen’s hair and pulled her against her pussy, telling Jen how good it felt and how she didn’t want it to stop. Unfortunately for Lucy it did, but only when Jen made her cum and they immediately moved into an intense kissing session during which Jen ground her pussy against Lucy’s leg, soaking her thigh with the juices that had been gathering in her (and leaking out of her). Jen was going to get herself off this way, but Lucy is nothing if she isn’t fair and said that as Jen had made her cum, she wanted to do the same in return. Jen warned Lucy that she was feeling quite wet but Lucy said it wasn’t a problem so Jen flipped round and planted herself over Lucy’s face. Keeping up the ‘ensuring Lucy was satisfied’ theme, Jen buried her face between Lucy’s legs and ate her once more, but with a lot more intensity this time. She also licked her own juices off the parts of Lucy’s thighs that she could reach. She rocked back and forth against Lucy’s face, enjoying the feeling of her tongue sliding over and into her cunt and as she got close, she told Lucy that she was going to cream into her mouth (unfortunately Jen can’t squirt on demand – although it would be awesome if she could).

Jen came hard and attacked Lucy’s pussy even more, continuing the assault until Lucy came and then she pulled away and looked over at Lucy to see the mess she had made of her face. Lucy went to wipe herself clean but Jen told her to stop so they could kiss each other clean (or at least cleaner). When they had finished, Jen once again told Lucy off for having been such a prude for so long and they discussed how things could have been if they’d been playing together the whole time they had shared a house. Jen and I discussed this later and decided it was probably for the best that things turned out the way they had as otherwise Lis might never have got together with Lucy. We did wonder if Lucy had been our plaything, if we would have introduced her to Lis when Lis first came out to me, but in that case, Lis might never have dated Vicky and we then probably wouldn’t have got to play with Vicky.

The next morning, Mike, Lis and I took turns in different positions in a threesome. We tried all combinations (each of us in the middle with the others having a turn at each end) but finished off with Lis on her back eating me, me playing with her breasts and clit and Mike fucking her. He cane in her and we kept her ass raised to keep his cum in her - which had the added advantage of making it easy to kitty kiss her, so I did and Mike had a little session in me while I lapped away at her pussy. We kept Lis in this position until Jen and Lucy surfaced and told them that Lis had agreed to a further punishment for having worn panties. Jen, Lucy and I all thoroughly wiped ourselves with the inside of the cups one of Lis’ bras and Lis then had to sit up and let Mike’s cum drain out of her into the bra. Once she had showered, she put this on and was told that she wasn’t allowed to remove it all day and that we would add more of our juices to her as the day progressed.

The day itself was fairly restrained – we had a couple of mini-sessions in changing rooms during which time we made good on our threats and added more juices to Lis’ body. I went down on Lucy during the second session and made her cum, then quickly got up and went out to ‘get some more clothes for her to try on’, allowing me to expose her naked (and post-cum flushed) body to a number of guys who were waiting for their partners. I didn’t think that she should have all the fun so once we’d finished, I spent a long time looking at some items on the bottom shelf, allowing me to bend over and expose my ass and pussy to a couple of guys. I had Jen with me who discreetly nodded to me to let me know they were looking so I made sure to expose myself as much as possible to them.

We had dinner in and I spotted a small strawberry lolly in the cupboard and asked Lis if she would be willing to play with it for us. After we promised to eat her clean, she agreed and sat up on the table, spread her legs and fucked herself with it. It was a sexy sight and we all took turns fucking her with the lolly and licking her. We were going to try to convince Lucy to have a go with it, but didn’t want to risk transferring Mike’s cum to her – fortunately she didn’t think about this and was happy to lick Lis with the rest of us (although most of Mike’s cum had probably leaked out throughout the day. We gave her a thorough lick clean, making her cum in the process and then suggested we head out to get a drink.

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