Thursday, 22 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 2

Mike got rather bored waiting for us to get ready, but at least he had Lis to amuse himself with and he made good use of her. This wasn’t too disruptive to her at first as he just knelt in front of her and ate her while she was getting ready but once he’d made her cum he got her to sit on his cock (facing away from him) while she brushed her hair and played with her clit while he slowly fucked her. Lis had to wait until Mike had finished (and frigged/fucked her to a second orgasm) before applying the rest of her make-up. Even though Lis had selected quite a cute skirt, we swapped it for a shorter one of Jen’s (one of her slut-skirts) and got Lis to pose in a few positions to check how revealing it was (she basically couldn’t twirl, bend over, climb stairs or sit down without revealing at least something).

Not that this stopped us from choosing exposed places to sit or climbing stairs in front of groups of guys and Lis got a good number of comments throughout the evening from various people. I didn’t want Lis to get all the attention and made sure that at least a couple of times I sat with a leg pulled up to give a view straight up my skirt or bent forwards to expose myself. I considered playing with (or at least caressing) Lis while people watched but thought better of it (I was still unsure how far Lucy would be willing to let us go in public). Jen and I actually manage to do more with Lucy than we did with Lis – it was later in the evening and we were in a fairly dark corner of a bar, Lis was sitting on Mike’s lap (with one of his hands on her thighs and his thumb pressed up against her pussy) and Lucy was sitting between Jen and me. We each slid a hand up one of her thighs, gently pulled her legs apart and assured her that nobody could see what we were doing. We were able to take turns pulling her panties to the side while the other one caressed her pussy and spent a good amount of time playing with her clit.

We could just about see that Mike was playing with Lis (but she had her back to the room so only we could see this) and later found out that he’d managed to get his thumb into her and had been rubbing her ass with another finger. I briefly fingered Lucy and could tell that we were ‘winning’ against her repressed nature (she is now much less repressed than she used to be) as she felt very wet. I tried to pull her panties down but she was too scared that someone would see us remove them so we just continued to play with her. I tried to convince her that nobody cared and spread my legs, technically exposing myself much more than she was (but as I said, it was very dark so I doubt anyone could see much). The place we were in was nothing like the hardcore club we visit, but I’ve learned from experience that there are very few clubs where people complain about girls playing with each other. Lucy wouldn’t let us actually make her cum and I was in too exposed a position to play with myself, but Jen was tucked away in the corner and challenged Mike to get Lis off before she could cum. Mike eagerly accepted the challenge and set about fingering Lis properly while also paying attention to her clit. Jen pulled her skirt up and openly masturbated, but only Lucy and I hada view of this (not even Mike or Lis could see). As Jen got more aroused, I told Lucy to put a hand between Jen’s legs and help her along and was pleased when Lucy co-operated. Admittedly she didn’t actually do too much, but Jen used Lucy’s hand to rub against and cream over. Unfortunately for Jen, she lost the challenge as Mike got Lis off first (but, as Jen pointed out, he’d had a head start).

When we got back to Lis & Lucy’s place, we headed off to bed. It was my night to be with Lucy (and I wanted to finish what we’d started in the club) while Jen was getting Lis. Lis told Mike that he could either join her or spend the night with Lucy and me (but in the latter case, he obviously wasn’t going to be allowed to fuck anyone). He asked Lucy if it was okay to watch her again and she said that she didn’t mind so he joined us and said that Jen could take care of Lis for the night (but added that he’d want to have another play with Lis before we left to go home on the Sunday). Lis agreed to this and once we’d got ready, we headed off to bed. Mike thanked Lucy once again for letting him watch her and told her how he really enjoyed watching her be played with and made to cum.

I didn’t want to disappoint him so pushed Lucy down onto the bed and buried my face between her legs. Mike fingered me as I did this and briefly pushed his cock into me to fuck me, but promised he wouldn’t cum in me (to reduce the risk of transferring cum to Lucy as we played with each other). He made sure he was out of me and lying beside her as she approached her orgasm and he watched as I lapped at her clit and she pushed herself back against my mouth as she came. Mike and I shared a kiss so he could lick Lucy’s juices from my mouth and I then returned to Lucy and kissed my way up her body until I was on top of her and able to grind myself against one of her legs.

We humped against each other and I really wanted to cum, but also wanted her to join in so knew I needed to give her some time to recover. I glanced round at Mike a couple of times – he was lying just beside us and was letting Lucy’s leg graze against his cock as she moved. We don’t know if she knew she was doing this, but Mike was enjoying it either way. I told Lucy that I wanted to fuck her cunt and flipped myself around into the scissor position, pressing my cunt against hers. I started things off by grinding against her, but she joined in and we soon had a good rhythm going. Mike offered to help out and pointed out how much easier it was to cum in this position if there was a third person playing with or licking our clits, but Lucy gracefully refused his offer. As things got more heated, he once again positioned himself so Lucy brushed against his cock and he asked if he was allowed to cum over her breasts but was again told he was there just as an observer. He asked if he could at least use her panties and she granted him that much, and even allowed me to rub them over her pussy to get a fresh coating of her juices on them before he used them.

Now we were in the final stretch, Lucy and I ground against each other more forcefully and Mike sat watching us with Lucy’s panties wrapped around his cock and his hand pistoning up and down. I guessed he wanted to cum around the same time we did so I kept asking Lucy how close she was. She actually came before I did (and it seems it was a little bit of a surprise to her too) but she let me continue to hump against her until I came. As soon as it was obvious that Lucy was about to cum, Mike sped up his wanking even more, but he couldn’t get there before she did. He did cum before me but kept slowly stroking himself with the panties until I had cum, at which point he unwrapped them from his cock and showed us the mess he’d made of them.

He asked if he could kitty kiss me (another chance to taste Lucy) and I let him do this while I did the same to Lucy. He was quite thorough with me and I could have happily let him continue until I came again but as I was meant to be playing with Lucy (and she was tired), we had to call it a night and I went to sleep feeling horny.

The next morning, we work Lucy in the traditional way (me going down on her), but this time Mike lay on top of me with his cock buried in my cunt. He reached around and played with my clit and told me that he wanted to feel me cum around him. I reminded him not to cum in me and he said not to worry about it and to just concentrate on making Lucy cum. I alternated between licking her and moving my head to the side so Mike could watch me fingering her. I ate her to one orgasm and kitty kissed her for a while, then got started on round two (for her). Mike had continually been fucking and frigging me the whole time and I was pretty close to cumming, but asked him to slow down until I’d made Lucy cum again. I basically used the same approach but this time as she got close to cumming it was clear that she was feeling things a lot more intensely (arching back and gripping the sheets). I loved the fact that I was doing this to her and Mike loved having such a close up view. He misjudged the build-up of Lucy’s orgasm slightly and made me cum a little too soon, but I concentrated and continued to lick her as I came and was soon rewarded with a strong orgasm from her.

I didn’t release her and continued to gently kitty kiss her as she calmed down, then crawled up her body and kissed her properly. Mike would have loved to stay inside me while I was on top of Lucy but he thought it might be pushing things a little too far (and he wanted to cum) so he said he was going to go and see how Lis and Jen were doing next door. Lucy and I continued kissing once he’d gone and she told me that her second orgasm had been really strong (as I’d guessed) and that she needed some time to recover. I told her that she didn’t need to repay me as it was nice to just be able to make someone cum (I kind of omitted the fact that Mike had made me cum) and we spent a while longer just kissing and caressing each other (with an extended session of me paying homage to her nipples).

In the living room, Mike had found Jen going down on Lis (our playing had woken her up) and he sat watching them while stroking his already engorged cock. He wasn’t far from cumming and asked if he could play with Lis but Jen said that she wanted to finish what she’d started and make her cum first. As compensation, Jen wiggled her ass at Mike and said that he could rub against her if he wanted, so he did and described to them how he had fucked me while I’d been eating Lucy and how he now really wanted to cum. He considered just rubbing his cock between Jen’s ass cheeks until he came over her back, but as he can do this anytime (or any time she will let him), he thought he should make the most of having Lis present. It was obvious that Lis was enjoying Jen’s tongue work and Mike just enjoyed the view while he waited until he was close to cumming. He climbed up over Jen, crouched over her head and aimed his cock up over Lis’ body. As a last minute thought he grabbed hold of some of Jen’s hair and used it to finish masturbating with. As he came, he rubbed his balls back and forth against Jen’s head and his cum jetted out over Lis’ body. One of the jets missed her entirely and landed beside her on the bed and none of them made it up to her face, but he left a good number of trails over her stomach and breasts. He milked out a few final drops which fell onto Jen’s head and he wiped his cock clean with her hair before climbing off of her and letting her finish off Lis’ orgasm.

Lis was surprised as how much he’d cum over her but he explained that he’d had a double session with (or at least watching) Lucy and me to tease and prepare him. Jen reached up with a hand and smeared his cum over one of Lis’ breasts and even rubbed a bit of his cum over Lis’ cunt before she resumed eating Lis. Jen got Lis off and then crawled up her body, pressing herself against Lis so Mike’s cum was smeared between them. They only kissed for a while before Jen crawled up further and planed herself over Lis’ face, at which point Mike took the opportunity to place himself between Lis’ legs and take his turn eating her. He spread her lips and licked her clean of her juices, sucked her lips into his mouth, flicked his tongue over her clit and spiralled it around her ass. We know that Lis enjoys being in the middle of a threesome (as do I) and Mike made sure to give her as much pleasure as she was giving to Jen (it was easy to tell how Jen was feeling as she was the only one without a cunt in her mouth so she could talk). Mike heard Jen’s mewing grow more insistent as her orgasm approached and he ate Lis faster, but Jen made it first. Not that this stopped him and he continued scouring around the inside of Lis’ cunt and sucking on her clit until she came for him, at which point he sat up and pushed his cock into her and said that now it was time for him to fuck her.

Lis said that she needed a break but Mike and Jen convinced her that it was just like exercise and the more she practiced, the more she’d be able to cum multiple times (I don’t think they actually convinced her of this – Lis is quite bright – but she gave in and let them continue to play with her as long as they promised to start off gently). Mike used long slow strokes and Jen kissed, licked and sucked on each of Lis’ breasts. She still hadn’t really recovered when they moved things up a notch and Jen fetched a vibe from the bedside drawer (it’s useful knowing where your friends keep their sex toys). She used the tip of this on Lis’ clit, but also ran it over Lis’ nips a couple of times as the session progressed. Mike lifted Lis’ legs up and fucked her a bit more vigorously (but still concentrating on long steady strokes) and he asked Lis if she wanted him to cum over her or in her. Lis told him it was fine for him to cum in her but he wanted to hear her say it properly and after a little encouragement, she repeatedly asked him to fuck her cunt and fill her with his cum. He continued to move in her steadily until she said that she was getting close to cumming, at which point Jen just used the vibe on Lis’ breasts and Mike fucked her faster. Jen returned the vibe to Lis’ clit when Mike told her and he repeatedly told Lis to cum and milk his cock dry, holding back for all he was worth. Only when Lis came did he allow himself to cum and he loved the sensation of emptying his remaining sperm into her as he watched her cumming beneath him (and watching Jen suckle on Lis’ breasts helped things along as well).

He lay down on top of Lis and thanked her, still slowly moving in her as his cock shrank. He stayed on top of her until he was completely deflated and then carefully sat up so Lis could watch as he pulled his limp cock out of her. Only a small amount of cum leaked out of her and he threatened to use the vibe on her, but in the end he just complimented her for cumming three times in quick succession.

Lucy and I had already got up and started eating breakfast. The others (still naked) joined us and we traded stories of our evening and morning sessions. Mike was surprised I’d only cum once with Lucy (technically with him) and said that it was only fair I get to cum again. I was told to get up on the table and he ate me while Jen and Lis reached over and caressed my breasts and neck. Cumming when I’m the centre of attention always seems to heighten the experience for me and this time felt just as good as usual. Once I’d cum, Lucy said that she would have played with me if I’d said I wanted to cum again and I assured her that just because I’d cum, it wouldn’t stop me from letting her ravish me again later. I negotiated a ‘naked morning’ where we all agreed to only get dressed just before we went out, but before we started playing again, Lis and Jen went to shower to remove Mike’s cum from their bodies (for Lucy’s sake).

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