Sunday, 25 August 2013

More Fun With Lis and Lucy - Part 3

They washed each other down and when Jen knelt in front of Lis and licked her pussy, Jen pulled back, pushed a couple of fingers into Lis and asked her if she wanted to pee. Jen reached down between her own legs with her other hand and told Lis that she would enjoy it. Lis hesitated, but not for long and said if Jen was fine with it, then she was up for it so she moved back and leant against the wall while Jen scooched forwards so her chest was right in front of Lis. Jen licked and fingered Lis until she was close to cumming and then told Lis to let go and pee. Lis did as instructed – at first only a small stream came out, but as she watched Jen eagerly press herself forwards so it ran down her chest, Lis relaxed more and went into full flow. Jen continued to finger Lis and then leant forwards and did something that she doesn’t even do to me that often – she fastened her lips around Lis’ clit and lapped away at her while Lis’ pee ran down over her chin and body.

Lis was quite surprised at this, but she is usually up for trying new things (one of the reasons I love her so much) and just leant back further against the wall and let her orgasm roll over her. Jen had been playing with herself throughout the session and once Lis stopped cumming, she lay back in the bath (almost cracking her head in the process) and rapidly fingered herself with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other. Lis was still standing and enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm when Jen started to cum and Lis looked down and watched as Jen squirted pee over her own and Lis’ legs. Jen rapidly fingered herself while continuing to empty her bladder and she let out a long contented sigh once her orgasm had ended and she slowed her ministrations.

After another quick wash, they dried each other off and Jen asked Lis not to tell Lucy what they’d done straight away and this time Lis did as she was asked (but she did tell Lucy after we’d gone, which is also when Mike and I got the full details). Even without being told what had happened, we could all tell that Jen and Lis had been up to *something* in the shower and so as Lucy was now the one who cum longest ago, we agreed that it was she who should be treated to the next orgasm. She seemed to know better than to argue with us and allowed us to escort her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. Jen, Lis and I knelt around her to kiss, lick, caress and finger her and Mike made use of our positions by pushing in to Lis and me (and occasionally rubbing up against Jen’s ass & back as he’d done before). We spent a while working on Lucy and had her once again grasping at the covers, telling us that she really wanted to cum. We didn’t spare any of her and probed her cunt and ass with tongues and fingers, licked, sucked and caressed her breasts and nipples, kissed her deeply and fed her our juices and let our hands (and vibes) roam over the rest of her body. When we finally let (or made) her cum, it was another impressive orgasm and she tried to push Jen away as her pussy felt very sensitive. Of course we didn’t allow this, but Jen wasn’t mean and just gently kissed and nibbled on her lips, avoiding her clit entirely until Lucy had calmed down.

It only seemed fair to concentrate on Lis next (technically Mike would have been next in the ‘longest since last orgasm’ queue, but he was saving his (probable) last cum for Lis and was happy to wait and enjoy the show. With Lis being the centre of attention, he got to participate more and took turns fucking and eating her (as well as playing with her breasts and giving her his cock to suck on – usually after dipping it into me). We got Lucy to demonstrate how she went down on Lis as she has the most experience - with Lis anyway – but told her that she should try to not let Lis cum. Jen and I took care of Lis’ breasts while Lucy did this and Mike took care of me. He briefly licked me, but mostly wanted to watch Lucy eating Lis so he stood behind me and fucked me. At one point I thought he was just going to cum in me, but I should have known better and he just fucked and frigged me until I came. I kissed Lis as my orgasm hit me and moaned into her mouth while our tongues twisted around each other. Mike stopped playing with my clit once I’d cum but kept fucking me and my pussy ended up feeling quite tingly (not really the right word, but I don’t know how to describe it any better).

I took over from Lucy to finish things off and Mike moved around behind Jen, but this time instead of rubbing between her ass cheeks, he pushed his cock down and rubbed back and forth against her pussy (being careful not to slip inside her). I watched him reach around her and play with her nipples and he would have loved to also make her cum, but couldn’t (safely) get enough friction on her clit. As Lis’ orgasm approached, Mike suggested to Jen that she kiss Lis and they shared saliva while Lis came, panting into Jen’s mouth. Mike then took over between Lis’ legs and kitty kissed her for a while, gently swirling his tongue over her crotch and ass and sucking her pussy lips into his mouth.

Jen was next and we subjected her to a similar treatment, but used a few more toys on (and in) her. We demonstrated her bondage fetish with a couple of clothes pegs on her nipples and Mike suggested that we use a lolly on her (Lis had a sweet tooth), so we did. We all took a suck of the lolly to get it wet and then masturbated Jen with it. Naturally we didn’t want to waste her juices so we took turns sucking the lolly clean between sessions and then the girls set about licking Jen clean. As we’d already started out down the bondage route, Jen was flipped over (after removing the clothes pegs) and we all had a go at slapping her ass until it was a warm pink colour and the was rolled back over onto her back so the girls could give her pussy a few slaps (Mike still isn’t allowed to touch her pussy with his fingers). We tried out one more thing we’d seen online – Lucy and Lis held Jen’s lips apart and I flicked her clit repeatedly with a finger. Jen really liked this but couldn’t quite get off (and my finger got tired) so Lis was sent in to flick Jen’s clit repeatedly with her tongue. This did the trick and just before Jen came, Mike reapplied the clothes pegs to her nips and pulled gently on them, just enough to lift Jen’s breasts. Jen came with her usual series of mewing sounds (which I still find adorably cute).

Mike went next and Lucy was going to sit this session out, but at his request she fingered Lis, Jen and me and fed Mike our juices from her fingers. Meanwhile, I sat over his cock and rode him for a while, then let Jen take a turn grinding against him and finally let Lis mount him. Mike convinced Lucy to slide her fingers into her own pussy and let him suck them clean so I went a step further and gave Lucy a good fingering and got Lis to sit up so I could wipe Lucy’s juices over Mike’s cock. Before she was allowed back down, I added some of my own and then some of Jen’s and told Mike to make sure they all got mixed deep into Lis’ cunt (which he was more than happy to do). As Lucy wasn’t quite ready to constantly feed him her juices, I sat over his face and let him eat me while he fucked Lis. Jen took Lucy around behind Lis and spread Lis’ ass cheeks so Lucy could watch up close as Lis’ cunt swallowed Mike’s cock again and again (or to put it another way, as Mike’s cock repeatedly invaded her girlfriend’s cunt). Jen caressed Lis’ ass and then stood up and reached around to play with Lis’ breasts and nibble on her earlobe (the latter of which wasn’t that successful as Lis was bouncing up and down).

I could feel how horny Mike was by the energy he was putting in to eating me. His tongue seemed to slide and probe everywhere around my cunt. I pointed out that even though he was going to make me cum, that I was doing this as a part of his session so I still wanted a group session afterwards. I watched as Lis played with her clit and got her to tell Mike how close she was (although after I’d told her to do this I wondered if he had hoped to fuck her twice before he came). As Lis got closer to cumming, I found out that he (probably) wasn’t planning on doing this as I could feel and see him bouncing up and down beneath us, pushing in to Lis in time with her movements. Lis started to cum and Mike continued to pump into her, obviously (to me anyway) trying to catch up and cum. Lis seemed to really enjoy this though and between the stimulation of Mike’s cock inside her, her hand on her clit and Jen’s hands on her breasts, her orgasm seemed to roll on for a while (it probably wasn’t much longer than usual, but I was watching her quite closely). Mike pumped into her a short while longer once she had stopped playing with herself and he then pulled her hips down as he thrust into her a few more times. I could feel him licking me in time with his thrusts into Lis as he did this and made a note to try a fully synchronised threesome with him like this sometime.

He moved inside Lis slowly for a short while and he picked up speed licking me again. I leant forwards and kissed Lis, then asked if she wanted to see us 69 as I finished ‘helping’ Mike cum. She climbed off and I immediately took Mike’s cock in my mouth (but I was gentle as I knew he would be sensitive). He didn’t waste any time and attacked my clit directly – I felt him sucking and licking it and came in no time (I’d been quite far along before he started the final assault). I moaned around the head of his cock (which I know he likes – especially when he’s feeling sensitive) and as I came, the thought of wanting to put on a proper display and squirt all over his face came in to my head. Initially I was thinking about ‘real’ squirting (pussy juice) but as I can’t really do this I imagined what it would be like to just ‘do a Jen’ and pee all over his face, letting everyone see just how turned on I was and how much I was enjoying myself. I obviously wasn’t going to do this while on Lis and Lucy’s bed, but the thought appealed to me more than it had in the past (probably Jen’s influence).

I rolled off of Mike and Lis commented on the mess I’d made of his face so I got her to kiss him clean (or cleaner). Mike looked quite happy and told Lis that she was an incredibly good fuck, at which she blushed but thanked him. Mike said that he felt quite tired but I gave him a prod and told him that I still had my session to go and that I expected him to participate. He indicated that his cock was rather limp and said he’d only be able to finger me, eat me and use toys – which I said was fine, I just wanted everyone to contribute. Jen knows me (more than) well enough to realise that I didn’t want to wait around so she set about going down on me and then used Lis and Lucy’s vibe to fuck me. I pulled Lis over my face and said that I wanted to taste everyone as a part of my session, but as she’d just cum I didn’t eat her too forcefully and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy as I lapped away at it.

Unfortunately I hadn’t thought things through and Lucy wasn’t prepared to let me eat her as I now had Mike’s cum on and in my mouth, but she was happy to participate in other ways. I got my wish and was caressed by everyone and got to lick or suck on Mike and Jen as well as Lis. At one point I had a vibe in my cunt, one in my ass, and one on each of my nipples, with tingle gel added to each area. In the final build up, Mike stroked my neck, Lucy ate me (or licked my clit as I still had the vibes in me), Jen sat over my face and Lis took care of my nipples. I had a hand between Lis’ legs and a hand around Mike’s cock (which was not completely hard, but certainly showing signs of life). Mike told Lucy to back off a couple of times to let my orgasm build for longer and I tried to get both Jen and Lis to cum again (I was running my fingers inside of Lis – imagine walking your fingers across a table, except faster and staying in one place). Unfortunately they’d both exhausted their supply of orgasms for a while, but just feeling and tasting pussy while having my other hand around the cock that’s made me cum so many times was a wonderful sensation. Mike eventually told Lucy to finish me off and I felt her using strong strokes against my clit which she continued until I arched my pussy up towards her face. I nearly lost the vibe from my cunt, but she pushed it back into me and carried on licking me until I couldn’t take any more and had to push Jen off of me so I could tell Lucy to stop.

Thankfully she stopped as soon as I asked but Mike told her to resume licking me, just gently. While she did this, he told her about the story we got the term ‘kitty kissing’ from (like so many other things we do or try, we got this from the wonderful source of sexual inspiration called the Internet). Mike continued to gently stroke my neck and I basked in the wonderful sensation this gave me, mixed with that coming from Lucy’s kitty kissing. I got he to remove the vibes and asked to carry on just a little longer before thanking her (and the others) and telling them I felt quite satisfied. (I was moaned at for having said ‘quite’ satisfied as opposed to ‘very’ or ‘completely’, but they should all know me better than that. (To be fair, I did concede that I didn’t actually want to do anything else straight away.)

As intended, we’d managed to spend the whole morning naked (and even better, the whole morning playing with each other, which is what I’d hoped for, but not what I’d expected). Lucy and I showered and once I demonstrated that I’d rinsed my mouth out, she let me have a couple of licks of her pussy. Jen showered with Lis (and peed down Lis’ leg while they hugged) and Mike quickly showered alone in what was left of the warm water while we took turns getting ready in the bathroom. We were going out for lunch before heading home and as a final intimate goodbye before we left the house, Jen and I briefly 69ed with both Lis and Lucy (not to orgasm, we just got them to lie over us for a final taste and then switched partners. Mike wasn’t in a fit state to cum again, but managed enough of an erection to slide into Lis, fuck her briefly and then have a quick go at eating her.

An unintended consequence of our final taster session was that it was easy to convince Lucy to remain panty-less (mostly be refusing to give them back to her before I’d wrapped them around Mike’s cock). With careful choice of where we ate, we managed to get bar seats facing out the window, allowing us to carefully flash ourselves at suitable targets (and even Lucy participated in this, although a lot more gingerly than the rest of us). At the station, Mike said he wanted to make Lis cum one last time and he sat on the floor in the corner while Lis knelt in front of him. Her skirt hung down far enough behind her in this position that he could reach up between her legs and play with her. Jen, Lucy and I kept watch and I asked Lucy if I could do the same to her but she refused, so I told Mike that as Lis was more mine than his, I wanted to finish things off. He was a little disappointed at this, but swapped places with me anyway and allowed me to be the one to make Lis cum He did kneel beside her to help hold her up (and caressed one of her thighs) so he wasn’t entirely left out.

On the way home, I sat opposite an older guy and gave him a good view up my skirt. Mike and Jen were only a couple of seats away so could see what I was doing and after a stop, Mike sent Jen down to pretend she’d just boarded the train and we sat chatting in positions that gave the guy unobstructed views up to our pussies. A couple of times I leant over to whisper something to Jen and placed my hand on her thigh and when she did the same to me, her hand slipped higher until I could feel her thumb pressing against my pussy. Unfortunately we’d taken too long in ‘developing’ things and enough people got on at the next stop that we couldn’t continue playing (without other people seeing what we were doing) so we had to forgo the display we’d been whispering about (basically we would have just taken turns fingering each other, letting the guy watch).

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