Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Playing in the Park

We had dinner and headed out to meet up with a couple of people – not everyone was present due to revision for exams and it was a much more relaxed evening than usual (but still fun). Mel still wanted to play games so Susan and I were encouraged to make out in front of a group of men. I pressed against Susan and ground my crotch against her thigh while we kissed and as they seemed to like what they saw, I pushed a hand under Susan’s skirt and fingered her, then sucked my fingers clean. Some of the guys didn’t believe that I’d actually been fingering her, so I told Susan to lift her skirt and I repeated what I’d done. I only did it briefly – more for show than for pleasure – and we left soon after (I’d expected Mel to want me to make Susan cum, but she didn’t tell us to and it wasn’t really a private enough setting for a full session). It had put her in the mood to see more though and she suggested we head over to Jen’s old halls to see if the smokers still used the area on the roof.

We were in luck – probably due to the fact that it was earlier than we’d usually have got there. There were a group of four guys and a girl and once we’d assured them that we weren’t there to cause any trouble, Susan asked them if they would mind if we made out while they watched (we were following instructions from Mel to do this). The guys were up for this and the girl seemed a little hesitant, but was easily persuaded by her friends so Susan and I proceeded to make out as we’d done before. This time though, we could get into it a lot more and soon had fingers in each other. Tops came off, skirts slid down legs and I knelt to eat Susan. She crouched down slightly to spread her legs and I felt her weight on my face, but carried on eating her as she pawed at her breasts and then came.

I retrieved a condom from my bag and walked over to our audience while gently stroking my pussy and asked if any of them wanted to help make me cum. One of the guys was up for this so we returned to the railings and I bent over and offered myself to him. He slipped in to me and reached around to play with my dangling breasts and I played with my clit. I had no idea how long he would take to cum but I didn’t want to be left wanting so I got myself close to cumming and then waited until it sounded like he was getting close. I took myself over the edge and then waited while the guy continued to pump in and out of me – he didn’t take too much longer to finish off, but I was glad I’d taken care of myself when I did as he came without giving much more of an indication he was enjoying himself.

I thanked him for fucking me (and he thanked me back) and I asked if any of the others wanted to join in. The other guys took longer to convince so I knelt beside Susan and kissed and fingered her pussy to encourage them. One of them overcame his shyness and unzipped his trousers to reveal his cock and I quickly rolled a condom on to it before Susan sat over him and lowered herself onto it. I helped them out and played with Susan’s clit and breasts (from behind so I wasn’t obscuring the view) and encouraged the others (again) to join in. It turned out that one of the guys was dating the girl (so he wasn’t allowed to play – but I could see him pressing her hand against his crotch). Susan and her guy finished off fairly quickly and we then tried to convince guy #3 to play with us, but he wasn’t interested. (Technically he actually was interested as I brushed my hand over his crotch and could feel a definite erection, but he was either too shy or just didn’t want to fuck us).

I wanted to put on a bit more of a show so asked Mike to come over and join us (the rest of the group had been hiding out of sight of our audience, but so they could see us). Mike obviously doesn’t mind people watching him fuck and he eagerly took me from behind and held me up so I was almost standing upright, facing everyone. He got Susan to kneel in front of me and lick us both briefly, but once I got close to cumming he just fucked me and told me to play with myself and put on a show. I pretty much went all out and described how his cock felt inside me and how I wanted to feel his cum fill me. As usual, he waited until I came before he did and as soon as he came, he pulled out and I spread my legs to let people see as his cum leaked out. Susan was told to clean me up and knelt under me to do this – once she’d licked me (mostly) clean, we offered guy #3 (and #1 & #2) a final chance to do anything else, but all they wanted to do was to see us play with each other a bit more. I had hoped that we could have got them all involved (and maybe helped out the couple) but it was a reminder that we have a very special (and adventurous) group of friends.

We debated whether Susan and I should have to make a random call on someone to ask for help with some kind of problem (and then repay them appropriately) but we decided against this as people didn’t want to be out too late and it is fairly boring for everyone else who just has to wait around. We went our separate ways and headed home. Mike slept with Mel and Julia (and spooned in Jules after eating them both) while Jen and I spent the night with Abrahii.

The next morning, we had our usual sessions but Mike also wanted a chance to eat Abrahii. As she wanted to stick to her revision timetable, he was allowed to do this, but had to do so while she ate breakfast so he had to kneel under the table and eat her as she ate. We cleaned up for them and once again left them to work, agreeing to go and do their shopping to save them time in the week (just like we used to for Jen, although we didn’t offer to do their laundry). We met up with Abigail and Susan for lunch and spent a little longer with them afterwards wandering round some shops. We sat out in a park with drinks and a few guys came over to chat with us (apparently a group of four girls with just one guy in an attractive target – I’m guessing they thought Mike was our gay friend).

As soon as they sat with us, I knew that I was going to tease them (but hadn’t decided quite how much yet). I’d been sitting with my legs folded to one side (a very ladylike pose for me) so adjusted myself so I was sitting cross legged with my ankles just in front of me. Jen knew exactly what I was doing (it’s not as if she hasn’t seen this many times before) and leant over to whisper instruction to Abigail. She in turn told Susan, who assumed the same position as me. Neither of us had panties on so we just had to let our skirts slowly ride higher as we talked and our pussies came into view. It was fairly clear when the guys noticed this as they stared, but we pretended not to notice for a while. After a couple of minutes, I made a comment to Susan that her skirt was pretty high and Mike pointed out that I was no better off. I lifted the hem slightly so I could see my pussy and asked the guys if they minded (they didn’t) and so I leant back a little to give them a better view.

We carried on chatting while they blatantly stared at our crotches and I let a hand slowly drift to my pussy and then stroked up and down it with a single finger. They asked if they could help but I pointed out that we were in a very public place, but added that they could certainly watch if they wanted. I slipped my finger between my lips and slowly fucked myself, spreading my juices over and around my clit to make frigging myself easier. I was very open with the guys and told them that I loved having people watch me play with myself and how (if we weren’t interrupted) I would cum for them. Susan swapped places with Jen and sat next to me so she could do the same and we continued to steadily, but carefully play with ourselves. Having so many people to keep a lookout, it was fairly easy to cover up whenever someone was going close enough by us that they might see so we could do things quite openly and for a couple of minutes Susan and I even reached across and played with each other (including sucking our fingers clean when we switched back to playing with ourselves).

I did let one of the guys briefly finger me, but while people were distracted we were nearly caught (not *that* nearly, but I’d rather not be arrested) so we said we’d finish ourselves off. I did take a bit of a chance and pushed the neck of Mike’s bottle into my cunt – I only fucked myself with it briefly but left it inside myself while I finished frigging my clit and I had a pretty good orgasm. I gently rubbed my clit a little longer and slowly fucked myself with the bottle before pulling it out and presenting it to Susan. Without hesitation, she spread her lips and pushed it in to her pussy and frigged herself until she came. I pulled the bottle out of her and asked Abigail if she wanted to join in but she refused so I told Jen that she didn’t have to cum, but she could at least push the bottle into her pussy. Slightly surprisingly, Jen didn’t need any convincing to do this and sat in the same way Susan and I had (but as I’ve said before, she has learned the pleasure of teasing guys, even if she doesn’t want to fuck them). As she’d been so eager, I got her to move over and sit between Susan and me and I whispered to her that maybe she did have to cum after all. Being very careful to keep a lookout, Susan and I took turns frigging her clit and moving the bottle in her – I told the guys that Jen was a lesbian so there was no chance they could play with her but they didn’t seem to mind too much given the show she was putting on. Not that she was trying to resist, but with both Susan and me working on her, Jen didn’t stand much of a chance and quietly mewed her way through her orgasm. I’d almost wanted us to be interrupted so we would have had to leave her on the verge of cumming, but we made it through in one go.

I sucked the bottle clean and then moved over to sit between two of the guys. I was a bit more exposed in my new position, but the guys were more motivated to keep an eye out for people as I slid a hand into a lap either side of me and traced the outlines of their cocks through their trousers. The third guy moved over beside Susan and she copied what I was doing. I told the guys if they got their cocks out, I would either jerk or suck them off (we always carry condoms & dental dams) but they (sensibly) declined to do this. I wanted to have a bit more fun though and convinced one of them to let me put my hand in his pocket and see how far we could get. I worked my fingertips in to his shorts and managed to free his cock into his trousers. I stroked up and down the shaft and he said that the lining of his pockets felt very soft – I could easily feel the warmth of his cock on my fingers and asked him if he thought he would be able to cum. He wasn’t sure as I was only gently stroking him (again, not wanting to get caught) but after a couple of minutes he said that he was getting close. I warned him that if he came, he might end up with a damp patch and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but I carried on stroking him until it was too late for him to make a decision. He gasped and I felt his cock twitch away from my fingers but I quickly found it again and rubbed the front of the glans. I felt the heat and dampness of his cum soaking through the pocket and I continued to rub his cum over the head of his cock as he let out a number of ‘oh fuck’s.

Once I’d wiped my hand clean on his trousers, I asked the other guys if they wanted the same treatment and said that both Susan and I could do one of them if they wanted, but they couldn’t believe their friend had just cum in front of them (albeit in his trousers). I really didn’t want to take no for an answer though and edged over towards one of them, sliding forwards on my ass so my skirt rode up. By the time I was sitting in front of him, my pussy was completely exposed to him. I pushed one of his hands onto my pussy and fumbled with his trousers. I told him I could get his cock out and make him cum if we found somewhere a bit more private and he agreed to follow me into the woods. Of course I wasn’t going to go alone so we all went and the third guy asked if the offer for Susan to do things was still on the table, which of course it was as she is meant to pleasure anyone in any (safe and legal) way they want.

We didn’t go too far in as I still wanted there to be some element of danger and I got the guy to stand with his back again a tree while I jerked him off and let him finger me. Susan did the same with the other guy while their friend, Mike, Jen and Abigail kept lookout. As our session progressed, we got a bit more daring and pulled up our tops to expose our breasts for the guys to play with. The guy I was playing with was fingering me fairly well but I wanted to be careful about where he came so I got him to tell me when he was getting close and I knelt in front of him, pulled my top off and aimed his cock at my breasts. I still had my bra on (put pulled up) and he wanked himself off over my bra and breasts. As I was already covered (and because I enjoy it), I moved over to kneel in front of Susan and her guy. I pulled my bra completely off and helped the guy play with Susan and when he came, he also emptied his load over my breasts.

I stood up and let the cum run down over my breasts, stomach and skirt and felt quite aroused so asked the guy I’d made cum first if he felt it was fair that the others had cum over us while he’d cum in his trousers. As expected, he said that it wasn’t fair so I said that if he wanted, we would make up for it by letting him fuck us (Susan and me). He didn’t need much encouragement for this and asked if I was being serious so I leant against a tree, pushed my ass out and presented myself to him. Jen provided him with a condom but pointed out that his crotch was covered with his cum from earlier so I want over to Abigail and pulled her panties down. This obviously startled her but I told her I just needed something to clean the guy up with and I handed them to him to wipe himself down before he applied the condom. I resumed my position and he pushed into me as I called Julia over and got her to lean against the tree beside me and flip her skirt up. I looked over my shoulder and told the guy to use us both and he quickly moved over to push into Susan but soon returned to me and switched between us both.

As he fucked me, my breasts swung back and forth and I watched as a few more drips of cum fell from them. He reached around to fondle my breasts and got his hand covered in cum so I told him to wipe it clean on my back. He continued to switch between us and came in Susan, but for completeness I pulled the condom off and emptied his cum (sadly only a small amount) cum over my breasts. As the guy had been splitting his time between Susan and me (and as I hadn’t wanted to play with myself as I had a bit of cum on my hands), I was feeling quite horny and asked Mike if he would help finish me off and donate another batch of cum to me. He was more than happy to do this and so Susan didn’t feel left out, we got Jen to kneel behind her and eat her. I kept my skirt on (but flipped right up) while Jen pulled Susan’s skirt down her legs and got her to step out of it. I could see enough to tell that Jen had her face buried between Susan’s cheeks, but later found out that she had really eaten her hard. I saw Susan cum and Jen asked if she could be the one to make me cum so she swapped places with Mike. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to have Mike’s cum dripping out of me, but Jen distracted me from this thought by eating me quite ferociously. Mike had hoped that Susan would cum again, but decided to just cum in her when I came (or shortly after). I made a little more noise than Susan had (but not too much as we weren’t too far from other people) and once Jen had finished with me and Mike had cum in Susan, we all got to watch as his cum leaked out of her and ran down her legs.

I offered my breasts to the guys but none of them wanted them as they had all of their cum on them so I just put my bra back on, followed by my top. I considered teaming up with Susan and making Jen cum, but was aware that we’d pushed our luck a fair way and had managed to enjoy ourselves quite a lot without being caught so decided to call it a day (or at least an afternoon). The guys didn’t seem too disappointed (and I’m sure they got a lot more than they’d expected when they came over to ‘talk’ to us) – as they’d been nice and helpful (and not too pushy) we took their numbers and told them that we might call if we needed anything in future.

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