Thursday, 1 August 2013

Replacing Susan - Part 1

At the end of April we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni to see people. I’d been looking forward to this as I knew I was going to ‘help out’ with breakfast on the Sunday to give Susan a rest and would probably also be having some fun on the Saturday. We didn’t arrive until fairly late on the Friday night so missed most of the action, but in preparation for events on Saturday, Abigail and Susan were staying over at Julia and Abrahii’s place (where we were also staying). This meant that there wasn’t anywhere near enough bed space, so we had to do with makeshift beds on the floor.

Mike had checked in the pub and confirmed that Susan had been nicely shaved for him. The deal was that he wanted a chance to spend a whole day eating her and in return for this, I would make myself available to anyone who would have used Susan. I imagined that my Saturday was going to be fairly cock heavy so opted to spend the night with Jen, Mel and Jules. Abigail had other plans though and said that as Mike was getting to do things with Susan that evening, I had to start keeping up my end of the deal and make her (Abigail) cum. I could have switched places with Abrahii and slept with Mike, Susan and Abigail, but I really wanted to be with Jen so I opted to fuck Abi first and then join the others (fortunately this was acceptable to her).

Mike had already eaten Susan while I’d been playing with Abigail and he said that he wanted to fuck her next so one of the others could eat her clean and she would then be relatively unpolluted for him the next day. Abrahii was a little disappointed about this as she had hoped to have him fuck her (she enjoys the way he can fuck her for quite a while without him cumming and having to stop). Abigail kept Abrahii amused while Mike took care of Susan and he made full use of her cunt, he gave her the long fuck that Abrahii had wanted and pushed as deep into her as he could when he came. Once he pulled out, Abrahii took charge of eating Susan clean and Mike convinced Abigail to let him kitty kiss her, which over time developed into him eating her properly. From this he moved on to eating Abrahii (so he could complete the set) and once Abrahii had cum, he spooned with her and asked her if she still wanted him to fuck her. She wanted a little break, but Mike continued to gently move inside her and he asked Susan to lick Abrahii’s clit (Susan is now almost completely obedient to the group in such matters). Mike sped up his movements and fucked Abrahii a bit more vigorously until she asked him to take her properly, at which point Susan’s work was done and Mike took Abrahii from behind for a while before having her ride him while he pounded in to her until she came (and then he came).

In Julia’s room, Jen and I had got stuck in to Mel and Julia with each of us having a session with each of them. For a change, Julia and I then got to call the shots and made Mel and Jen share a dildo with both of them kneeling and their asses pressed together (with the dildo buried between them). I played with Mel’s clit and Julia took Jen’s – we had initially intended to just frig them until they came but as we had an opportunity to repay them for past injustices, we decided to also use some tingle gel on their asses and then used a couple of fingers to ass-fuck them. We made them cum and carried on stimulating them both for a while – when we released them from the shared dildo we kitty kissed them to make up for things and as our punishment, neither Julia nor I was allowed to cum again that night (which I wasn’t too bothered about as I was preparing myself for whatever was coming my way on the Saturday).

I woke up Julia on Saturday by licking her and we had a brief session and once they woke up (during our session), Jen and Mel played together as well. In Abrahii’s room, Mike had already woken up Susan by going down on her and once he’d made her cum, he went down on Abrahii (who was already playing with Abigail). We all met up downstairs for breakfast and as Susan was going to be made to cum for a fair portion of the day, she hadn’t even bothered to put anything on. Halfway through breakfast she was made to sit on Mike’s cock – they didn’t actually fuck, but Mike reached round and caressed her clit a few times. I wanted to join in at least a little so crawled under the table and licked her clit. Mike didn’t mind this as the deal was that he got to do things with Susan whenever he wanted to – nothing had been said about other people not being able to play with her when he wasn’t using her (other than the guys not being allowed to cum in her).

As I was down there, Mel told me that I had to eat her as well. I felt that this wasn’t really taking Susan’s place as Mel doesn’t usually want to cum too many times in a day and I think she was trying to regain some of the power she used to hold over me through Jen when it was just me that was made to display myself or perform for the group. I did as she asked though and even went a step further and licked some yoghurt out of her pussy (which also helped to make her taste a bit better). Once the breakfast things were cleared away, Mike got Susan to lie on the table so he could eat her and once she’d cum, he used a banana to fuck her for a couple of minutes and then got her to stay on the table with the banana mostly buried in her cunt.

Everyone knew about the deal with me taking Susan’s place and even though I am usually available to any member of the group (at least the ones we know are clean), the fact that I was specifically available (and Susan was off limits) seemed to motivate people to use me more than usual. I had a nice surprise when Ashraf joined us later in the morning and I was told off for not being naked already. In my defence I only had a dressing gown on, but this was removed from me and he went back outside so I could answer the door naked and invite him in to use me as he saw fit. Once inside again, I was instructed to suck him and then sit over his cock and ride him (which I did and continued to do until he came in me). He had just been intending on using me and not letting me cum but Mike thought this was unfair so asked Julia to help me out. I briefly dismounted so I could turn around and face away from Ashraf and let Julia have access to my clit, but I pushed his cock back into me and squeezed myself around him to try and keep him hard. Some of his cum had already leaked out when I’d lifted myself to turn around but as Julia was mostly concentrating on my clit (and he’d just cum), his erection didn’t last until I came and as he went soft, I felt a bit more of his cum leaking out. He hardened up again slightly as I got closer to cumming (and wiggled around more) but still wasn’t properly hard so not long after I’d cum, he slipped out of me fairly easily.

As ‘punishment’ for his plan to just tease me, Jules took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked him hard, swirling her tongue around the head. He’d had time to recover from his orgasm and wasn’t quite as sensitive by this point but I could still feel him tensing up underneath me and a couple of minutes later, Jules released his cock from her mouth and it once again stood to attention. I was quite pleased that Jules stood up for me and rubbed Ashraf’s cock against my mons before dismounting him and leaving him with his cock standing erect. Given the rules of the weekend, if he’d asked, I would have been obliged to fuck him again (or Mel could have got Jules to fuck him), but he took things gracefully and said I was free for now, but he would probably take advantage of me again later on.

Mike spent quite a while gently licking Susan – getting her close to cumming and then backing off. He did this for well over an hour by which point her pussy looked very wet and pink and she was begging him to make her cum. It was getting close to lunchtime by this point and I expected him to finish her off before we went out, but he had decided that as she was his for the day, he wanted to make the most of things and left her hanging. She was forbidden from playing with herself and throughout the time she took to get dressed and ready, Mike would push a hand or his face back between her legs to stimulate her a bit more and keep her aroused.

Susan wore a dark green dress with a loose skirt and a plunging neckline – she wasn’t allowed to wear anything underneath it and this meant that it was fairly easy to see her nipples trying to press their way through the material. Unfortunately it wasn’t as warm outside as it had been earlier in the week so she had to cover up her legs for warmth, but was given some opaque stockings to wear to ensure her pussy was still nice and accessible. We took a bus into town and on the way Mike fondled Susan a few more times and to keep up I tried to do the same thing to Jen (but she just retaliated and fingered me too). The bus got fairly busy and Mike decided that while he was enjoying teasing Susan, it would be more fun to relieve her tension while she was in public. He had brought a remote controlled egg with him (intending to use it over lunch) and he reached under her skirt (again) and pressed this to her pussy. As the vibrations started to push her closer to cumming, Susan leant against a couple of our group. Mike pressed the egg directly against her clit – he only had it on a medium setting, but he had been teasing her for quite a while so she was feeling quite worked up and she grabbed on to Julia as her orgasm hit her. She managed to remain quiet (or quiet enough given we were on a noisy bus) but her facial expression gave away some of what she was feeling.

Mike kept the egg pressed against her until her orgasm had completely finished and he then pushed it straight into her pussy (she was nice and wet so this wasn’t too difficult). He had to get her to tell him when he had turned the egg off as the remote just cycled it through various pulse setting programs and Susan had to spend the rest of the journey with her legs together to keep the egg inside her. As she stepped off of the bus, she had to keep her pussy clenched, but this isn’t the first time she’s ‘worn’ a vibrating egg outside so she is reasonably accomplished at keeping one inside her.

Over lunch, he subjected her to a few sessions with the vibe buzzing in her, but not for too long at any one time. As we got close to finishing lunch, Mike took Susan off to the toilets and sneaked in to the ladies. In one of the cubicles, he fingered her and then went down on her. They were interrupted by someone else coming in to the bathroom, but Mike used this and while the other woman was in the cubicle next to them, he removed Susan’s dress and got her to hold them while he resumed eating her. Unfortunately the other person left before he got Susan off, but he carried on anyway and gave her what she described later as a fairly powerful orgasm. She had to check the coast was clear before he left the bathroom and once they had returned to the table, they reported the details.

Some people thought that I wasn’t keeping up my end of the bargain and I told them that I’d happily take care of anyone who wanted servicing but they pointed out that Susan was generally made to play with herself quite a lot as well so I was given the task of making myself cum. This was a bit of a challenge as the café was reasonably busy and we weren’t in a completely secluded spot, but we were at least off to one side (and I’ve cum in more public locations) so I accepted the dare and tucked one foot under the other leg on the chair to spread my legs. I placed a hand between my legs, reached up under my skirt and traced my fingers up and down my pussy. As we’d already finished lunch I couldn’t take too long so started to concentrate on my clit, making small movements with my fingertips. As my excitement built, I pressed a little harder and moved my fingers a little faster, but was still trying to be as discreet as I could. Mike offered me use of the egg (that was still inside Sarah) but I thought it would be too loud to use externally.

I whispered to Jen that I was getting close and she told me that I had to cum while maintaining eye contact with everyone at the table (obviously not all at once, but I wasn’t allowed to close my eyes or look away). This is something that Mike, Jen and I do sometimes and it is a very intimate experience – even though the others had seen/made me cum many times, it made me feel much more exposed doing it while staring directly at them and Jen later told me that I didn’t do as good as job as usual at disguising my facial expressions as I came. I certainly felt more breathless than usual and kept my fingers on my pussy, gently stroking up and down for a while until people decided that it was time for us to go and have fun elsewhere.

I wasn’t given much time to recover as Peter wanted to use me. We found a secluded alleyway and I was pressed up against a wall. Unfortunately he had to use a condom so it didn’t feel quite as good (but better than me getting a disease) and I didn’t get to experience cum-leakage afterwards. As Mike was once again working on Susan’s pussy, Julia told me that I had to take care of her as well so I was made to kneel and eat her while she held her skirt up. Mike and I got Susan and Julia off and Mel indicated that I should move over to take care of her. I didn’t argue and shifted position but after licking her for just a minute or so, she said that she had just wanted to check if I was being obedient and let me go.

A few people went off but some came home with us. Mike stripped Susan off and lay her on the sofa so he could continue to explore her pussy with his tongue. Jen asked if she could get Susan to eat her and was told that I should take care of that but Mike said that as long as nothing got between him and Susan’s cunt, he didn’t mind if other people used her. Jen eagerly mounted Susan’s face and carried on a conversation with everyone while she was eaten – admittedly the conversation was a bit more broken as she got closer to cumming, but with her orgasm out of the way she just dismounted Susan and carried on chatting.

Meanwhile I’d been given Susan’s hairbrush to fuck and was then instructed to suck Richard and James. At first this was individually, but then both at the same time. I assumed that either one of them was going to fuck me while I sucked the other, or I was in for a DP session, but they actually had other things in mind. After I’d sucked and stroked them for a while, Richard sat back on the sofa and I had to hold his cock up to make it easy for James to mount him. I had a close up view as James pushed himself down onto Richard’s cock. I watched as Richard buried himself in James’ ass and they then started to fuck. I was given the task of sucking James as he moved up and down but when Richard got close to cumming, he asked me to suck his balls.

I don’t have a great deal of experience doing this as one of Mike’s is very tender so he doesn’t like it, but I’m generally up for trying anything. It wasn’t very successful as I couldn’t get that close to him (due to James riding his cock) so I was told to give up and take care of James. Between my mouth and hands I got James quite close and was told to try sucking his balls as he came. This was much easier and I took most of one into my mouth while continuing to stroke his cock. He really enjoyed this and as he came I’m fairly certain that I felt his orgasm pulsing in the testicle in my mouth. His cum splattered up, over my hand, into my hair and onto my back. I carried on sucking and stroking him until he had finished and then wiped my hand over my breasts to smear his cum over them. I could feel his cum running down my back but didn’t do anything to clean it off as it felt quite nice.

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