Sunday, 4 August 2013

Replacing Susan - Part 2

Through the afternoon, I was also ‘made’ to eat Julia and Abigail (Abi kept her skirt on and just sat over my face while Jules exposed her lower half as she didn’t care if people saw). Mike ate Susan once more and fucked her in a number of positions. He only made her cum once but he held back as he wanted to cum in her just before we went out. A few of the others joined us for dinner and we had the traditional take-away (Chinese). As I was taking Susan’s place for the day, it was my job to answer the door and pay and I was given a suitably (or unsuitably) transparent baby doll gown to wear. The guy who brought the food has apparently seen Susan dressed similarly a number of times so didn’t seem that surprised (although did appear to be quite interested in my breasts). I made it very clear that he was welcome to stay and play if he wanted and he said that he would love to, but would get in trouble if he didn’t get the other orders delivered. I was feeling in a playful mood so asked if he at least wanted to have a quick touch and he didn’t resist when I lifted one of his hands to my breasts.

He rubbed and squeezed them both so I undid a couple of the ties on the front of my gown and pushed his hands underneath it onto my bare skin. His hands felt very warm on my nipples and I continued to undo the remaining few ties until the front of the gown fell completely open. I rubbed my pussy and then grabbed one of his hands and pushed it down between my legs. He resisted a little at first, but then cupped my cunt and rubbed back and forth. I asked him to finger me and felt him curl first one and then a second finger up into me. I told him to make me cum and was just about to reach for his crotch when he said that he really had to go or he’d get into trouble. I was quite disappointed as it had been quite an intense session and I think I would have cum quite quickly so I told him that the next time I saw him, I wanted him to finish things off and that I’d let him fuck me however he wanted. He scribbled his number down and said that I could call him. I showed him to the front door and waved him off with my gown still fully open. I received praise for my efforts at seduction and was allowed to eat my dinner without any further fondling or having to put on any displays.

We had a few pre-outing drinks and as the time neared for us to leave, I was told that I had to prepare. This was the same sort of ‘preparation’ that Susan has been getting and involved me servicing anyone who wanted me. Ashraf fucked me and came in me, James fucked me but came over me, and I had to suck Peter and Ethan - Ethan came over my face but Peter had a condom on so it was fairly pointless (in the sense of preparing me to go out). James was given the choice of cumming in me or over me (as part of his continued training on how to fuck girls – although he already seems to be used to both Abrahii and Susan now). He fucked me but pulled out before he came and finished himself off using his hands. None of the guys came a great deal (presumably as they’d all cum already that day) but James unloaded a reasonable amount that splattered over my chest, neck and stomach. I commented that my front now matched my back which was still covered in his (dried) cum from earlier.

While the guys had been using me, a few of the girls had rubbed themselves on my arms and face – I’d even had Mary sit over me and I’ve never done things with her before (although she has joined in with Susan recently). Mike had also fucked Susan, but instead of asking her to keep his cum in her, she was encouraged to stand over me and let it drip out onto me. As a final way of marking me, I was made to sit up and my hair was twisted and folded to make a firm enough mass to push into Susan’s cunt. My hair isn’t as long as Jen’s so it didn’t make as good a dildo as hers does, but the main aim was to get her juices (and Mike’s cum) onto and into my hair – and it sufficed for this. I was then made to hair-fuck Mel (technically I didn’t do it as it was Jen who was holding my hair) and by the time she finished and let me untwist my hair, bits of it definitely felt damp.

Some of the others were already ready but there were enough of us who still needed to dress that we weren’t made to hurry. Not that it took long for me to prepare as I wasn’t allowed to clean up in any way other than brushing my hair and putting on makeup. I was given one of Mel’s short skirts to wear – it was just about long enough to cover me, but not by much and I was told that I wasn’t allowed a bra and could only do up one button on my blouse and then tie it in a knot under my breasts. It was very obvious that my breasts weren’t being supported, but given we were heading off to the hardcore club, this wasn’t going to be an issue. My body still felt sticky from the cum (which I liked) and I was told to make use of Susan’s hairbrush again while we waited for everyone else to get ready.

My outfit wasn’t the most revealing in the group – Abrahii had her red dress on that tied up in three places down each side so it was easy to see she didn’t have any underwear on, Julia had a bodysuit/dress that wasn’t entirely opaque and a top tight enough that it outlined her breasts very nicely (and see through enough that with light behind her you could easily see the outline of her legs and crotch). Angela (who seems to be Mary’s new crush, although people don’t seem to be entirely sure) had a goth like outfit on with black tights ripped in various places so you could see her panties through them. Ethan had some new leather trousers with a section that could be unzipped and allow him to pull his cock out while keeping it covered with a lycra like material. Naturally I wanted to test this out and he let me fondle him until he was hard, at which point the lycra did very little to hide the size and shape of his cock.

Sarah was dressed more conservatively than usual, although she still had a white t-shirt on which didn’t really hide her nips and a ridiculously short skirt. She had a g-string on as the lower part of her crotch wasn’t really covered but I assumed that this would probably disappear once we were in the club (which as you will see was a correct assumption). Her legs were bare and I pointed out that opaque stockings would draw attention to her crotch (I already had long socks on) and the others agreed so I was told to fetch some and put them on her. I did this and after pulling them up her legs and checking they were nice and smooth, I pushed my face between her legs and stole a few licks of her through her panties. I could still taste Mike and realised that she also hadn’t washed herself (which confirmed what she’s told me a few times about enjoying being ‘made’ to do things as it gives her an excuse to just enjoy herself).

We headed off and stopped off at one pub on the way for a quick drink. The girls easily attracted attention from a number of guys and I was told to flirt with as many of them as I wanted. One in particular didn’t hide the fact that he was just staring at my breasts while talking to me. I sat up on a stool and whenever I shifted position I tried to make my skirt ride up a little more. When I thought it had got high enough, I leant forward and whispered to the guy that I didn’t have any panties on and told him to look. I lifted the hem of my skirt and spread my legs slightly just enough to give him a decent view of my cunt and asked him if he wanted to play. I told him that if he was willing to follow me into the ladies toilet, he could fuck me, but he chickened out and said that we might get caught. I wasn’t going to beg a stranger to fuck me (I’d only been told to flirt, not beg) but told him that it was a pity and that he could have got lucky before his night even started and then gone on to try and pull again later on. He did at least let me push his hand between my legs but I was summoned away by the others before he had a chance to change his mind.

In the line at the club I had my jacket taken from me. It wasn’t too warm out so people suggested I find a way to keep myself warm. I felt a hand slide up under the back of my skirt and caress my ass and Abrahii pulled on my blouse to partially free one of my breasts. I wasn’t bothered about people in the line seeing me exposed or playing with myself (given what many of us might be doing once inside), but in the line people were usually fairly well behaved in case ‘normal’ passer-by’s saw (we were a little way down an alleyway, but not too far from a main street that was fairly busy). I wasn’t being given the option to be well behaved though and was told to play with myself so I pushed a hand between my legs and used the other on my exposed breast. Playing so openly while outside is something I always enjoy so it didn’t take long before I really got into it and Mel offered me to the guy standing behind us in the line.

He wasn’t bad looking, probably in his 40’s (but I’m bad at guessing ages) and the woman with him said that she didn’t mind if he touched me so he started to maul my breasts, quickly freeing the other one. Mel told him to do things properly and he said that he wasn’t going to fuck me outside so she told him to finger me. He quickly pushed a couple of fingers into me and his skin felt quite rough, but nice. He was pretty forceful and pushed his fingers right into me. He started to pump them in and out and got faster and faster. It wasn’t painful, but was harder than I would have liked, but the people watching (both from our group and the people around us) seemed to be enjoying the show so I just reached down and played with my clit. I was leaning back against the wall and made a show of humping my crotch back and forth as I got closer to cumming and told the guy how good what he was doing felt. When I came, he pushed his fingers hard into me and wiggled them around, but it was mostly me frigging my clit that got me off (if you exclude the situation). When he pulled his fingers out of me, he offered them to my mouth so I sucked them clean and told him if he wanted, I could repay him once we were inside. He asked if I would repay just him or if I would repay his wife for letting him play with me and I told them both that I was up for anything (which isn’t technically true as there are some things I won’t do, but I didn’t think they’d be asking for anything like that).

I wasn’t allowed to cover my breasts and we got a nod from the bouncer as we went in. The couple I was indebted to said that they might want to play later so we all headed to the bar and once charged up with drinks, we wandered round to find a spot to commandeer and some of us went to dance. As we’d arrived reasonably late, people were already ‘playing’ and I wasn’t the only girl on the dance floor with my breasts out. We danced for a while with some fondling and returned to the others. I was told that it was time to remove Susan’s panties (which I was surprised she still had on) and had to do this with my teeth, from behind while she leant forwards. This was quite difficult but I assumed the idea was for me to lick and nibble her through her panties for a while anyway, which I did until Abigail helped out and pulled the g-string down slightly so I could get purchase and remove it.

Susan’s pussy was now exposed, but the club was fairly dark and there were other people more exposed. I couple were fucking not far from us and a quick tour of some of the side rooms found the usual assortment of games (fingering, sucking & fucking in various positions with some people watching and others playing with themselves). Unfortunately none of the guys were ready to cum again and I said I didn’t just want to play with myself so Julia was volunteered to be my partner. We took turns eating each other up against one of the walls – I had wanted to tear the crotch of her bodysuit so expose her pussy, but was told that it had been fairly expensive so I just had to pull the material to the side and eat her (fortunately it was fairly stretchy so this wasn’t too difficult). When it was my turn, I was told to remove my skirt and as Jules ate me, she fiddled with the knot on my blouse and once she had it undone I undid the button so it fell open. Even though I was much more exposed than I had been outside, it didn’t feel as daring doing things inside (but an orgasm is an orgasm, even if it isn’t as strong or exciting).

I was allowed to put my skirt back on and re-tie my blouse (but not button it) and I was told to dance with various people and let them caress me as much as they wanted. I didn’t get to cum, but was openly fondled on the dance floor (mostly under my skirt, but it was obvious what we were doing). I gave as good as I got with most people and even undid the bottom ties on Abrahii’s dress so I could get my hands onto her ass (and then push them between her legs). When I got to dance with Mary, she sought out my pussy with her fingers and explored me properly. She actually got me quite close to cumming and I asked her why she hadn’t decided to join in our games and she just said it looked like we always had fun. She had very tight trousers on and didn’t stop me when I caressed her ass or reached between her legs, but when I tried to unzip them so I could get my hands inside, she told me she didn’t want to do that in the club.

She did direct me to dance with Angela though and encouraged us to explore each other. Angela was fairly drunk but pawed at my breasts and pussy so I did as I’d been instructed and ran my hands over her crotch (her top was laced up and I couldn’t easily get to her breasts). I didn’t know how far I was meant to go, but Mary kept nodding at me to continue so I made use of the tears in Angels’s tights and pushed my hands into her tights and onto her panties. I decided to go for it and tried to tear her panties, but cotton is quite tough so I just pulled on the crotch until they moved down slightly and pushed my hands into her panties and onto her ass and pussy. I got two and then three fingers partially into her cunt and as I already had a hand on her ass I pushed a fingertip against her and it slipped in. Her panties were really limiting how much I could reach and I made another attempt to tear them but gave up and just ripped her tights more so I could push her panties down to the top of her thighs. This was much better and I could now finger her properly. Mary came over and interrupted us, saying that she didn’t think I’d go so far so I just looked at her and asked if she’d met me before.

She thought that as I’d teased Angela so much that I should finish things off, but as Angela isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist as I am (I think the alcohol had helped), Mary suggested we use one of the side rooms. On the way I asked if Angela was ‘safe’ and Mary confirmed that she had been tested (which I should have guessed, otherwise Mary wouldn’t have been allowed to play with Susan). We sat Angela down on one of the benches around the edge of the room and I knelt in front of her. I pushed her legs up onto the bench on either side of her and pulled her panties down (or up) her thighs a little more, but this stopped her from being able to spread them enough. For some reason, her panties were really beginning to annoy me so I got someone to hand me their keys, which I used to put a hole in them and using this I ripped them in half (admittedly not in one majestic display of strength/lust, but I still beat them).

I pushed Angela’s legs apart and buried my face in her cunt. Her lips were shaved, but she had the patch of hair on her mons was fairly large and untrimmed. She didn’t taste too bad, but I wasn’t there to savour her, I just wanted to finish what I’d started on the dance floor and make her cum as quickly as possible. I gave her an orgasm and had hoped that she would be asked to do the same to me, but this wasn’t the case. I wasn’t left entirely unsatisfied though as Mary thought I should be rewarded for my work (and for destroying Angela’s panties) and I was fucked with her beer bottle (after she had poured the dregs over my skirt and thighs). I once again helped out by playing with my clit and my orgasm felt a lot better than when Jules had eaten me (maybe this was because Mary was someone ‘new’ to play with or just because of my fairly frantic session with Angela).


  1. So...are you going to call him?

    Also, what are the things you won't do? Where is "the line in the sand" so to speak? (If you don't mind asking). Everyone has one, just wondering where you draw yours.

  2. Just wait and see (but as a clue, yes we do call him)...

    I'm not sure what there is I wouldn't do - I don't (at all) like the idea of scat but I think I'd probably be willing to at least try (or consider) most things. What I like most is trying out new things, so even if I don't want to do them again, the thrill of something new is what has driven me for quite a while.

    I try not to sleep with people who are dating or married (unless their partner knows and agrees - or joins in), but other than that I'm not sure. Any suggestions to test me with?