Thursday, 8 August 2013

Replacing Susan - Part 3

I was told that my next job was to help Susan cum – technically this was meant to be left for Mike, but he said he didn’t mind if I had a go. The catch was that we had to do things on the main stage. The band playing wasn’t doing anything sexual (I guess there are only so many RockBitch tribute bands around – and yes I know that they aren’t the only ones who have nudity, sex… as a part of their act). We went to the side of the stage and I got Sara to sit up on it. She spread her legs and I told her I was going to make her cum in front of everyone (which wasn’t really true as only a small part of the dance floor was able to see us – although I don’t think she cared anyway). I went down on her and was surprised to find that I couldn’t taste too much of Mike’s cum in her (but he had been teasing and fingering her quite a bit since we left the house). A few people stood fairly close to us and watched our session but that just added to the fun so I reached between my legs and gently stroked myself as an added bonus for them. I got Sara off but before she could climb down, Mike said that he wanted to have a go with her.

I stepped back to let Mike take his turn and one of the guys who had been watching asked if I wanted to play. I asked what he had in mind and toyed with the knot in my blouse as I eyed him up. He wasn’t that attractive, but I was feeling very playful so I undid the knot and let the blouse fall open to fully expose my breasts and fished a condom out of my pocket. I tossed it to him, lifted my skirt and asked if he wanted to fuck me. He did. As soon as he had the condom on, I turned around and leant against the stage next to Sara (Mike was still working on her). I flipped the back of my skirt up and he quickly grabbed my hips and pushed his cock into me. He was a decent size and used nice long strokes as he reached around and fondled my breasts. He unzipped my skirt and pushed it further up my body so my waist was fully exposed and slapped my ass a couple of times as things got more heated. He was actually a really good fuck and once I felt my orgasm start to build, it came fairly quickly. I moaned and told him I was cumming, but as we were so close to the speakers I doubt he heard me. I made use of this and screamed all sorts of things about how good his cock felt buried my cunt, how hard I was cumming and how I wanted him to keep fucking me.

He finished in me before Mike made Susan cum again and I just rested beside them and watched. We then re-joined the others and were congratulated for our very-public display (as opposed to the fairly-public ones that we’d been doing that night. I found out that Jen had been fingered by Mel and she had even got to have a play with Mary while watching us on the stage. Julia had been more giving during the evening and had jerked a couple of guys off. The guys in our group seemed to have recovered from fucking and had enjoyed themselves to various extents. Ethan had his cock out, displayed prominently in its lycra pouch (and the fact that he was erect again was more impressive as he had also been sucked off by Ashraf earlier in the evening). Jen had also joined in and had been fondled by Mel and Jules together and then (a while later) Mike had leant Susan to her.

We danced and fondled for quite a while longer – I had been expecting to bump into the older couple from the line and repay them, but I didn’t see them (which I thought was a pity as I’ve never eaten or fingered an older pussy so was interested to see what it was like). Peter played with Abrahii and she let him caress her body (by this point her dress was only tied with the top ties so most of her was readily accessible). He wanted to fuck her but she didn’t want him to go this far with her and he had to settle for Julia (he was offered the chance to use me but as I’d made him cum twice already he wanted a change). I was told to assist them though and for a while Julia sat on his cock facing away from them so I could lick her (they finished off with her on the bench and him standing to fuck her).

Angela still had half of her panties tangled in her tights (the other half had got lost somewhere) and Mary had encouraged the girls in our group to all have a go fingering her. Most of them had done this and to even things out, Julia and I tried to caress Mary. We actually got a fair way with her – I stood behind her and pressed up against her ass while reaching up under her top and caressing her breasts through her bra while Julia caressed her crotch through her trousers. I ended up with one hand under her bra and one hand slightly down the back of her trousers (but nowhere near her ass as her trousers were very tight) and Julia gave her crotch a good rub. Unfortunately (again) when we tried to undo her trousers to get to her crotch properly, she said that she didn’t want to do that in the club so I asked her if she would be joining us for breakfast. She didn’t understand the question so I reminded her that I was taking Susan’s place as the breakfast table and would be available for use – I added that as I’d eaten Angela it was only fair I get to eat her and while we continued to caress her, I described how I wanted to suck on her clit and swirl my tongue around inside her cunt. I had actually been hoping that between the continued caressing and the description that we might get her horny enough to play where she was, but despite being obviously aroused she showed a lot of self-restraint (but agreed to let me ‘help her out’ the next morning).

Not long before we left I was nearly used by Richard, but James said that he wanted to be able to fuck when they got home, so being a good boyfriend, Richard saved his erection for him. On the way home, it was suggested that we go find a rooftop to play on and that I could be made to display myself or service people, but it was late and enough people were tired that this idea was postponed. I thought it would be fun if lots of people came back to the house to spend the night but everyone wanted to go home. It had been a pretty intense and tiring evening – although probably more so for me than most of the others and I now appreciated the stamina that Susan must have to be subjected to this all the time (but I was still jealous of her). Just before they left us, I pushed my fingers into Angela’s pussy once more and told Mary that I at least wanted to touch her cunt. It took a bit of badgering (quite a bit), but we eventually convinced her to let me (and Julia) slide our hands into her panties and on to her cunt. We only got a brief touch each, but it was progress.

A group of guys walked past us and commented on Susan’s exposed ass (and when she turned round, also on the fact that her pussy was visible). I pulled the front of my blouse down to free my breasts and thought that I may as well go the whole way so lifted my skirt too. They liked the view (and would have probably liked it even more if Angela had still been with us to show off her ass). I had expected Mel to suggest that I let them play with me, but no such suggestions were forthcoming so we went on our way and arrived back at the house.

Jen and I spent the night with Susan and Abigail – Mike ate Susan one last time before he headed off to be with Julia, Mel and Abrahii. We were all quite tired by this point so did very little (Mike didn’t even want to eat the others as his jaw was sore from having worked on Susan so much all day). He did at least spoon with Julia for a while, but didn’t fuck her. They discussed the holiday and how it was going to be our (Mike’s, Jen’s and my) last chance to have fun before trying for babies (which we knew would seriously limit what we could do – while we were trying, during pregnancy and once we had a child). Abrahii assured him that we’d find a way to make the holiday special and they discussed just how much we were considering cutting back on the fun once Jen or I was pregnant and after birth (see the next post for that).

We all slept fairly late but didn’t feel too hung over (due to consumption of much water before going to sleep). My group had a fairly relaxed morning session – we just daisy chained and ate each other (me->Susan->Jen->Abigail) while Mike wanted to make up for the previous evening and insisted on Julia, Abrahii & Mel allowing him to eat them. Naturally he felt that he should be compensated for this and he got Abrahii to ride his cock while Julia rode his face. He was quite happy about this and emptied himself in Abigail after a while. He really enjoys watching his cum leak out of her as there is more contrast against her dark skin.

We had a light breakfast and freshened up while waiting for the others to turn up and by the time they arrived, we had everything prepared for the ‘proper’ breakfast (food, towels, toys…). I’d actually been looking forward to this even more than being used by everyone the previous day. The group had used Susan for breakfast a few times so were quite practiced at it (and what they could do). I was told to lie up on the table and just as I’d seen done with Susan, I was covered in bits of food and people proceeded to eat these off of me. I had things rubbed over my pussy and then fruit pushed in to me for people to eat. At one point I had three yoghurt covered cocks all trying to push into my mouth (the advantage of knowing bi-guys is they don’t mind a little cock to cock contact).

Fortunately, my mouth wasn’t the only place they wanted their cocks to be and Richard started the fucking off by pulling me right to the edge of the table and pushing into me. Hands roamed over my body, rubbing the food over my skin and caressing my neck, breasts and clit. (The nice thing about playing with people who know you, is that they know where and how you enjoy being touched.) Richard came in me and Susan was given the job of licking me to my next orgasm, after which Peter immediately took her place. Mel climbed up on a chair and knelt facing away from Peter, then lowered her pussy on to my face. I knew what I was expected to do and started to lick her. When Peter finished in me, I felt someone else licking me (Mike and Jen know who this was but I’ve decided not to ask them). Whoever it was had stopped and I was being fingered by a few people (simultaneously) by the time I made Mel cum, but I wasn’t given much of a chance to watch things as I was told to move to the floor onto a towel and Abrahii crouched over me.

The multiple fingering resumed and moved on to people using a banana in me and then something larger (I was told this was a courgette). Someone poured a good amount of yoghurt over Abrahii’s ass so it ran down between her cheeks and over my face and neck. My cunt was being steadily fucked with the banana and Julia knelt beside me to rub the yoghurt into my neck and breasts. I could feel multiple fingers on my pussy and saw Mel disappear out the door and return with a carrot. I felt it press up against my ass and I relaxed to let it enter and then resumed eating Abrahii while my orgasm built. The carrot felt very cold and I found out that Mel had taken it straight from the fridge (they had at least been considerate enough to let the courgette warm up slightly before use). With all the stimulation, I didn’t stand much of a chance and I quickly came, but was told that until Abrahii came, they were doing to continue playing with me.

The sensation of everyone playing me now felt incredibly intense, but I had volunteered for this so I just pulled Abrahii to me and ate her as fast as I could. Fortunately I also know how she enjoys being licked so it didn’t take too long to make her cum, at which point I was released and left to catch my breath (although with the banana still in my cunt and the carrot in my ass).

Ashraf had a turn with me next – he just fucked me but near the end of his session, I was given Simon and Ethan’s cocks to suck. Once Ashraf came in me, Mary took a turn playing with and exploring my pussy with her fingers. I was told to beg her to let me eat her and Angela, but despite their involvement the previous evening, they didn’t seem quite brave enough to strip off while sober. This didn’t stop Mary from thoroughly exploring me though and she gave me another orgasm with two of her fingers pumping into me and using her other hand to strum my clit with her fingertips. I had to grab her hand and hold it still when I came as it felt way too intense, but the way she wiggled her fingers in me felt nice and I contracted myself around them as hard as I could to let her know I was enjoying it (although the expression on my face and moaning more than gave away the fact I was cumming).

I was given another short break and then told it was time for some double action – Richard and James had volunteered for this and I had to lie on top of Richard, facing him, with a towel between us as he didn’t want to get too messy. Once mounted on his cock, James took me from behind. At first, Ashraf helped to guide him in to my cunt and they both fucked it, but for the majority of the session, he took my ass and we worked on getting the best rhythm. This changed as the session proceeded – sometimes it was nicer having them take turns at pushing into me and other times it felt really good having them both in me at the same time so I felt full. It certainly felt nice, but I didn’t cum while they were fucking me (it had been a pretty intense morning). I wasn’t surprised to find out that not cumming wasn’t acceptable so once Richard and James had finished, Susan was set on me again. She certainly seems to be learning how I like being eaten (and the double fuck had probably helped things along) so she got me off in not too long.

Mike had been debating fucking me as a part of the game, but as he can do that anytime (almost literally), he pulled Susan’s skirt down and took her from behind while she was buried between my legs. As he’d only started this after she’d been eating me for a while, I came first. I had expected her to have to keep eating me until she came, but as it was getting late, she moved aside and let Ethan take me. He alternated with Simon and they moved between my cunt and my mouth.

Meanwhile, Mike was giving Susan a good fucking and Abigail helped out by playing with Susan’s clit. She came once but they continued to play with her. Mike continued to fuck her and waited until Ethan and Simon said they were getting close before he came in her. Susan was told to sit over my face and I had to eat Mike’s cum out of her. This wasn’t the only cum I got on my face though as When Simon got close to cumming, Susan had to kneel up and he came over her ass and my face. Ethan continued to use my cunt and just before he came, Susan had to kneel up again and we got another shot of cum. Susan was told to ride my face properly to spread the cum around and was then told to turn around and 69 with me until we’d both cum. I came first but held on and continued to eat Susan until I got her off, at which point she climbed off of me and I was told I had completed by breakfast duties.

Needless to say, I needed a shower. Richard had already cleaned up so I went to shower with Susan. She used her fingers and the pulse spray to ensure my pussy was thoroughly cleaned out, but was considerate enough to not try and make me cum again. We had to get ready fairly quickly as people wanted to go out for lunch (as you may have gathered, eating wasn’t really the point of breakfast). As I’d really only swapped places with Susan for the Saturday, she was the one who was mostly made to display herself over lunch and at one point had to sit with her legs crossed on the chair so a guy sitting opposite had a clear view up her skirt to her pussy. I liked the idea so sat in a similar way – I wasn’t facing anyone to show off to, but I still enjoyed the feeling of being exposed (and of the air on my pussy whenever anyone walked past or the door opened to create a breeze).

We had already planned to come back the following weekend so the goodbyes weren’t much. Mike did get to have a final fondle of Susan and he told her she had a beautiful pussy that he’d really enjoyed eating. Susan told him that she had enjoyed having just one person (mostly) play with her for a change and that she would happily let him fuck her again the next week (not that she usually has much of a choice in these matters). I really thought that Mike was going to just tease her and leave her wanting to cum, but he fingered her to orgasm (he thought he’d teased her enough earlier in the weekend). I thanked everyone for having given me such a good weekend and told Mary and Angela that they should continue to get more involved and I’d happily join them. Angela blushed at this as she’d been told exactly what I’d done to her in the club, but I still got a hug and a little kiss from her.

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