Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sex Shop Show

Mid May we headed back down to see Jen’s old Uni friends. We didn’t arrive until late on the Friday night so met Jules, Abrahii and Mel at the house and went straight to bed (although obviously not straight to sleep). When we finally surfaced on the Saturday, I decided to remain naked for as much of the day as possible and to wear as little as possible if we went out (not much different than a usual weekend there, but I just wanted to see how far I could take it).

We found out that Susan had called the delivery guy and had met up with him outside for a quick fuck earlier in the week (she had been told to do this). She had let the guy fuck her in an alleyway and after they had both cum she proceeded to follow a set of instructions she’d been given. Mel had enjoyed Jen’s way of humiliating Susan by getting her to pee and Susan was told to remove all of her clothes and tell the guy to watch her while she used a vibe to fuck herself with. When she came, she had to make sure the guy could easily see the vibe being pumped in and out of her cunt and then pee herself as hard as she could. Susan reported that she did this and on further questioning from Jen, said that she hadn’t slowed down with the vibe and had pretty much covered her legs and right arm with the spray. The guy seemed to be pretty shocked that she was doing this, but it didn’t stop him watching and once she’d finished cumming, Susan took the vibe from her cunt and sucked it clean while still sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide. Naturally Jen loved the thought of this and said that she wanted to watch Susan do this again and Mel assured her that they had plenty of ways for Susan to display herself planned for the weekend (as a way of blowing off some steam around exam time).

Abrahii let Mike shave her (and of course test for smoothness thoroughly with his tongue afterwards) but we didn’t get too carried away and we left Julia and Abrahii to continue revision. This time Mel came out with Mike, Jen and me for the day and we may have taken advantage of her mean nature a little bit… Not unusually, I suggested that we could head to one of the sex shops and have a little play. The guy behind the till recognised us (which made it easier as he seemed to be more willing to let us explore the stock) and I tried on a black leather corset while there were two other guys in the shop. This involved me removing my top and bra & exposing my breasts to the shop until Mel helped me put the corset on and tightened it around me. It certainly pushed my breasts up and once it was fastened, I walked around a little and asked the two other customers if they thought it was a good look for me (they did) and as they had helped, I asked them to wait for a second while I tried something else on.

I selected a black PVC bra that held my breasts up but left my nipples completely exposed (actually not quite completely as my areole are quite large, but only the bottom part was covered and my actual nips were well exposed. Needless to say, the guys preferred this look so Mel asked the assistant if I could try on the rest of the outfit and he told us to go ahead. We hadn’t really planned for this so I did a quick appraisal and came up with a plan to maximise my exposure. I unzipped my skirt and let it slide down my legs, then removed my shoes (which involved a bit of bending and lifting of legs to give a good view of my pussy. I then sat and put on the knee-high black boots (involving a fair bit of leg-spreading) and finally stepped into the skirt. I say skirt, but it was made of strands of black PVC so was quite revealing whenever I turned, bent over or sat down. I asked the guys their opinion again and gave them each a few poses (and a few for the shop assistant).

I was enjoying exposing myself but didn’t really feel like putting on a full show (I’m sure I would have done so anyway if someone had suggested it) and I had other things in mind. Knowing how much Jen enjoys her nipple and clit clamps, I went and selected what looked like the best set (with mini vibrators) and suggested to Jen that they would look really good on her. Unsurprisingly, the assistant told us that she couldn’t use the clit clamp unless we bought them and I said that was a pity as we could have probably gotten Jen off wearing them. (This was where we preyed on Mel’s mean side). Mel said that she would get them as long as Jen would wear them, and once purchased, Jen was unceremoniously stripped (we left her with just her socks and shoes on) and had the clamps attached to her nipples and clit. The clit one took a little fiddling to get attached so I gave Jen a few licks to help get her clit aroused and finally manage to get it on. We powered up the vibes and Jen gave a little shiver and said that they felt really good. Mel paraded Jen around the shop and took her over to each of the guys to let them get a good look. It was around this point that I started to feel a little jealous and decided I should remove my ‘skirt’.

I sat down on the edge of a display, spread my legs and started to play with myself. One of the guys noticed this and kept looking between me and Jen so I summoned Mel and got her to sit Jen down beside me on the floor. I took the chain joining Jen’s clamps and gave it a few tugs, pulling Jen’s breasts up and asking her if she wanted to let the guys see her cum. Jen said that she didn’t care and I thought she was trying to play it cool (but later found out she had meant that she didn’t care who saw her cum) so told her that we were both going to cum for them. I held onto the chain and gently tugged on it in time with my other hand working on my clit and Jen came before I did and then fumbled around with the clit clamp saying it was too intense. I let Mel take care of this while I stared directly at the guys and finished playing with myself, reaching around my leg to push a couple of fingers into my cunt from below and stroking my clit with my other hand. Needless to say, I came (as any good exhibitionist would in such a position) and I made a show of sucking my fingers clean and then plunging them back into my cunt and repeating the cleaning.

Jen had started to get dressed and looked a little shaky so I removed my bra and put my own clothes back on. Before the guys left, I said that they could always see some more if they wanted and one of them said that he was up for it. The assistant wasn’t too keen on us doing things in the shop, but said that we could go into the yard out back (which was quite small). We were overlooked by a few windows, but I assumed that most of them were the offices above the small shops in the street and wouldn’t be occupied and if they were, all the bigger an audience (although I still prefer not being arrested). I removed my skirt again and pulled my top up and bra down to reveal my breasts and immediately went for the guy’s crotch, asking if he wanted to fuck me. He asked if I had a condom (which I always do) and as he rolled it on I found a place to brace myself, leaning forwards against the wall and offering my cunt to him.

I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, which he spread and I felt his cock press against my ass. I’d been expecting him to fuck my pussy and told him to at least slide into my cunt first for some lube, which he did (and pumped in and out a few times) before pulling out and once again pressing against my ass. I told him to take it steady at first and pressed back against him to help him get inside me. He pushed in all the way and reached around to play with my breasts. I got him to help hold me up so I could reach down and play with my pussy and described to him how good it felt to have my ass filled while my fingers played in my cunt. The guy told me not to talk so loud as someone might hear and I asked if he minded if anyone knew he had his cock buried in my ass. I squeezed myself around him as I asked this and he said he didn’t care but I remained fairly quiet (other than a little panting) and let him continue to use me until he came. He stayed inside my ass and I frantically planed with my clit, trying to cum before he pulled out, but I didn’t make it and just stayed as I was until I came. After hearing Susan’s story, I considered peeing and squirting everywhere as I came, but I didn’t have anything to clean myself up with (and didn’t want to soak my shoes) so I just masturbated and was pleased to see that even though the guy had cum and put his cock away, he stayed to watch.

We went back in together and I told the rest of our group what had happened – Mel congratulated me on being as much of a whore as she had come to expect and we headed off out of the shop, with Jen clutching her new vibrating clamp set. We went off for lunch and afterwards I was ‘convinced’ to try the vibe clamps out in a changing room. Jen attached them to me with less pressure (other than the clit clamp which needed to be tight to stay on) and I have to admit they were quite effective. I came pretty quickly and as Jen and I had now both tried them, we all pestered Mel until she finally gave in and said she would have a go. We went to a different shop for this and Jen took Mel into the changing rooms. Mel didn’t want to remove all of her clothes at first but Jen has learned more than enough at how to ‘encourage’ people to do things and after a little licking, she got Mel’s skirt off and once the clamps were attached, she pulled Mel’s top off and then her bra. Jen offer Mel one of her (Jen’s) breasts to suck on and Mel also pushed a hand between Jen’s legs to play with her cunt. Jen said that she could feel Mel shake as she came and told Jen to get the clamp off of her clit, which Jen did – and then kitty kissed her for a minute to help her calm down.

Jen wouldn’t give Mel back her bra or panties and left the changing room with them in her bag. We all waited for Mel to get dressed and join us and she said that she’d have her revenge later in the day. We did some shopping for Julia and Abrahii and headed home to see how effective their days studying had been. As a reward for their hard work, Mel and I gave Julia a treat while Mike and Jen did the same for Abrahii. In Julia’s case, we just made her cum twice while Mike and Jen gave Abrahii a full body massage, starting with her front and then moving on to her back. As it was a ‘full-body’ massage, Mike sat over Abrahii’s legs and slipped his cock into her cunt while he rubbed her back. He used long slow strokes inside her, in time with the massage and then pulled out so she could be rolled onto her back again. He and Jen took turns licking Abrahii while the other one toyed with her nipples. As they’d been used by a number of people already, Jen applied her new vibrating clamps to Abrahii’s nips (she enjoyed this), but when she attached the clit clamp, Abrahii said it was too intense. As the session was meant to be a reward for her hard work, Jen removed the clamp and they made her cum just with their tongues.

The plan was to stay in that night, as enough members of the group had exams the next week. They had decided on another way to keep themselves amused and relieve tension though, which centred (as usual) around Susan and her being made to display herself and cum. We were informed of the plan over dinner and were told that Susan was going to put on an extended show for people online. We hadn’t been told about this before as Mel knows that I’m now quite against putting pictures/video online due to the risk of it coming back to haunt the person (note, I don’t want to discourage people I don’t know from doing this as we really enjoy watching it – I just want me and my friends to be safe!). As a concession, some masquerade masks had been purchased for use during the show and we were told that we could basically do as much or as little to her as we wanted.

Seeing as it was going to happen anyway (and we enjoy playing), we agreed that we would join in and help Susan put on a good show. Pretty much as soon as she arrived, we started to get things ready and cleared a space on the floor for her with the furniture pulled out of the planned line of sight (so people could sit comfortably without having to have masks on) and a selection of toys were gathered. Among these were a new one to us (I’ve seen them on videos, but never in RL) – a chin dildo. This straps around the head so someone can lick/suck clit while fucking the cunt. I was looking forward to trying this out (both giving and receiving) but knew better than to ask to try it. A few pillows were put down to make things comfortable and Susan was tasked with slowly getting things started by changing in front of the camera into one of Julia’s schoolgirl outfits (if you want to attract a large audience, this is an effective way of doing it). The panties were a little higher-cut than I would have worn for the outfit, but did a good job of revealing enough to tease but still perfectly covering her pussy. As people discovered the stream, she started to talk with some of her audience and gently play with herself, revealing her bra and then her nipples and spending a while teasing them.


  1. That really stinks. I know what it's like to have that aching for a cock inside you and when you finally get a chance they put it in the other hole. Well good for them, leaves me totally empty. Then they get upset when I go looking for another guy!

  2. I wouldn't have minded so much if he'd have stayed in until I came (or just lasted a bit longer). I definitely prefer having my pussy fucked - not that I mind Mike (or someone I like) taking my ass occasionally, but I agree that pussy feels much better.