Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer BBQ Fun

We let Susan and Abigail get back to work and I decided that as my skirt had a number of drips and runs of cum on it, we should replace it (they weren’t too obvious, but I wanted to make sure none accidentally got onto/into my pussy). We stopped off and I purchased a new skirt and changed into it in the changing rooms (I explained in advance that I wasn’t trying to steal it and I’d just stained the skirt I had on) before finally going to the supermarket to do the shopping we’d promised to do. When we got home I had a quick shower and we pulled them away from their work (they weren’t too firmly attached). It wasn’t very inventive, but to help them unwind and relax, we got Mel, Julia and Abrahii to sit on the sofa beside each other and I ate Jules while Jen took Mel and Mike did Abrahii. We agreed that we’d keep going until all of them came and I wish I’d told Jen to eat Mel as fervently as she’d done to Susan and me earlier so Mel could have been made to suffer (in a good way) for a change, but it was actually Julia who came first. Mel was next, but this was mostly due to Mike taking his time with Abrahii and being quite tender and thorough with her (he loves her dark pussy and the contrast of the pink of her insides). Abrahii certainly seemed to have the strongest orgasm (also with the most swearing) and ended up with her legs pulled up and her hands on the back of Mike’s head.

There weren’t any plans for that night so we just spend time sitting around and chatting, planning things for our holiday (which was good as it meant we got to be involved with coming up with ways to get Susan to exhibit herself and how she could be made to cum. I nearly got to experience being filled with yoghurt, but it was meant to be warmer on the Monday and Jen thought it would be better with more people around to watch. We went to bed reasonably early and Mike got Abrahii while Jen and I slept with Mel and Julia. On waking the next morning (and eating Abrahii awake), Mike asked her if he could do the triple with her (fuck her cunt, mouth and ass) and she agreed to this. He started off with her cunt and they fucked until she came again and he emptied himself in her. They finished before Jen and I woke up so went down to get breakfast ready, but allowed us to wake and have our own session before they brought it up.

As expected, the weather was reasonably good so we decided to have a BBQ (students can only work hard for a few days in a row – and to be fair they did some work in the morning while Mike, Jen and I went out to get more food). Some people started to arrive just after midday and we had a few games (which as usual involved Susan and me). We were challenged to fuck one of the cucumbers (we’d bought one for the salad and one to play with) and took turns doing this but then were told that we had to share it between us. Having fucked it already, it wasn’t too difficult for us to each get an end into us and hump back and forth, but we were challenged to get it completely buried between us. We made a good effort, but it was longer than we were deep so as a punishment, we had to lie on our backs with the cucumber still shared between us while people played with our breasts and clits. Julia sat over my face and got me to eat her – not to orgasm, but for a decent length of time and I’d expected others to join in, but once Susan and I had cum, we were released.

It actually got reasonably warm and a number of people stripped down to swimwear, but in many cases this didn’t stay on the whole time as various games were played. Once we’d had our fill of meat (in the food sense) Mel suggested that it was time to move on to dessert and produced one of the pots of yoghurt. I’d been looking forward to trying this so made it clear that even if Susan was also going to be subjected to it, I wanted to be first. Nobody had a problem with this (basically as long as someone is there to amuse them they seem happy).

I was given a folded towel as a pillow and lay on the ground with my feet up on a chair. After having enjoyed watching Susan be filled, everyone wanted to watch closely so gathered around me and a couple of people helped to spread my lips. Mel asked if I was ready and I watched as she took a big spoonful of yoghurt – she tipped this straight in to my cunt and I jumped a little at the cold as it slithered down inside me. It felt nice, but that didn’t make much of a difference now as I’d agreed to do this and Mel continued to spoon yoghurt into me. My lips were held even further apart so people could have a good look inside me and Julia dashed inside and returned with a speculum to spread me properly. This was inserted and cranked open so I was completely exposed and Mel could now easily continue spooning yogurt into me until I was completely filled.

Mike told me to contract myself, but I couldn’t while the speculum was holding me open so this was removed and as my pussy returned to its non-stretched size, a stream of yoghurt came out of my cunt and ran down over my ass. Susan was given the job of licking my pussy clean so everyone could see me clearly again and Mel added a small amount more yoghurt and I was told to contract myself again. I’m fairly practiced at this as Mike loves it (as do most other guys I do it to) and I could get a decent sized amount of the yoghurt to ooze out of my cunt and then be sucked back in when I relaxed. I was fingered by a couple of people, had the yoghurt topped up again and then had a vibe used on my clit. The whole sensation was quite strange as the cold yoghurt made my pussy feel like it was slightly numbed, but the experience and the stimulation of people playing with me felt really good. I was told that I had to cum for everyone (which was what I’d expected and wanted anyway) and the only twist was that as well as the vibe on my clit, they also wanted to use the cucumber in me (to displace as much yoghurt and make as much of a mess of me as possible.

I needed to be rinsed clean anyway so I didn’t care and let them lift my legs a bit higher so mu pussy was pointing almost straight up. I estimated how much of the cucumber could fit into me and Mel held it firmly, positioning the tip at the entrance. They continued using the vibe on me and only when I said I was getting close did she push it in. A load of yoghurt squished out around the cucumber and got it about halfway in on the first thrust, then pulled out and pushed back in even deeper. By the fourth or fifth stroke I could feel the hand she had wrapped around the cucumber bumping against my lips (plus I could feel the cucumber deep inside me) so I knew it was all the way in. Mel wiggled and twisted the cucumber inside me as she fucked me with it and my ass, back and front were covered with yoghurt expelled from my cunt. I told her that I wasn’t going to hold out long and was told that I wasn’t meant to hold out and was just meant to let everyone watch me cum like the little slut I was. I replied straight away and said if she wanted to see me cum, she just had to fuck my cunt with the cucumber and hold the vibe against my clit (which she did). I came and (I think) put on a pretty good show for everyone, continuing to encourage Mel to fuck me, swearing and moaning.

My legs were lowered to the ground and people rubbed the yoghurt over and into my body – I thought I’d finished, but Mel said that I had one more duty to perform and she spooned another load of yoghurt into me (not as much this time) and got a couple of people to hold my legs up to keep it in me while Susan was made to lie where I’d been. Only when she was mostly full of yoghurt was I told what I was meant to do – I had to keep a hand over my pussy to stop leakage and then knelt over Susan’s face. They hadn’t decided yet if she was meant to eat the yoghurt out of me or I was meant to just empty myself onto her face but as I knelt there a few drops trickled through my fingers on to her anyway. They opted for a combination so I had to lower myself onto her mouth and remove my hand and as soon as she started eating me, I had to lift myself up slightly. Fortunately for Susan, I hadn’t been completely filled, but there was still more than enough in me to make a mess of her face and I looked down to see the yoghurt pour out of my cunt into her mouth and over her face and hair. Once it was mostly out, I lowered myself back on to her mouth and told her to eat me, which she did and then stood up to admire the mess I’d helped to make (we’ll ignore the fact that I was still covered in yoghurt).

They basically repeated with Susan what they’d done to me –she is still a bit tighter than I am so despite the fact she’d already had the cucumber in her earlier, it took a little longer to work it all the way back in to her (but it made just as much of a mess). I felt I should help out so I knelt beside her and rubbed the yoghurt over her body and face and then took care of holding the vibe against her clit. Mel seemed to fuck Susan quite a bit harder with the cucumber, but Susan didn’t complain or look in pain so I assumed she was enjoying herself (especially when she came). Once Mel removed the cucumber, Susan got the same group caressing and fingering that I had and Mel emptied the remaining yoghurt into Susan’s cunt. I assumed that we were going to see the yoghurt drip out of Susan and run down her legs but when Mel told me to lie on my back I realised that I was going to get a much closer view of this. Susan crouched over my face and covered me with her pussy yoghurt – I ate what I could out of her but then held her in place and carried on eating.

I don’t think she’d been expecting me to try to make her cum again, but she didn’t try to escape and when people told her to reciprocate, she leaned forwards and buried her head between my legs straight away. I also hadn’t been expecting this (but I should have guessed it would happed) and as I’d started things I couldn’t really refuse her so we lay and 69ed, further smearing the yoghurt over each other as our bodies slid back and forth and our faces mashed against each other’s crotches. I got Susan off first, but she continued to eat me until I came and once she’d cum, I was at least considerate enough to only kitty kiss her. People tried to push the cucumber back in to Susan while I was kissing her, but I protected her from this and just let her continue to lick and finger me until she got me off again.

Needless to say, we were a bit of a mess and got hosed off outside, but as it wasn’t quite warm enough for this and we needed to wash our hair (and wash our pussies out properly), Susan and I headed in to the shower and cleaned each other up properly (inside and out). I know I’ve told her before, but as we stood with my fingers in her (to help clean her out) I told her how jealous I was of her and how she got to have everyone pleasure her all the time. She still enjoys it a lot and says that she still likes being ‘made’ to do things so she can do them without the shame of ‘wanting’ to, but said that it gets a bit much sometimes and she wishes that she could have more intimate time with Abigail. This didn’t stop her from fingering me (again, just to clean me) and then heading back out to the garden still naked though so I don’t think she is too bothered about it and mostly is just still enjoying herself.

While we’d been showering, Mike had asked Abrahii to suck him off (as a part of the triple play). He came in her mouth, but got her to let his cum run out of her mouth and over her breasts when he’d finished (I think cum looks so much sexier when it’s running down dark skin). In return he went down on her afterwards (and was still doing this when Susan and I returned to the garden). He offered to use the cucumber on her but it had been on the ground and would have needed a good clean first so he just ate her. As such sights aren’t exactly rare for the group, people didn’t watch him too closely so he made sure to pay attention to both Abrahii’s cunt and ass and even fucked her briefly with his nose while he speared her ass (he can’t do this for too long at a time though as he needs to breathe). Once Abrahii came, she put her bikini back on, but a few of us decided to target her (following our conversation I was trying to give Susan a break) and over the next couple of hours, she probably hand a hand, mouth or cock on or in her for more time than not. Richard fucked her, cumming in her and Mike fucked her but didn’t cum in her as he was saving his final load of the day for her ass later on. A number of the girls caressed her (even Mark and Alison joined in a little), while Jen, Susan, Mel and I all went down on her (we didn’t all make her cum – Abrahii doesn’t have the stamina for that and I didn’t want to torture her or tire her out before Mike got to have her properly).

Nobody got really drunk (they were at least sensible enough to realise they needed to work the next day) but people were certainly tipsy by the time the evening came. It wasn’t warm enough to stay outside (and remain partially dressed) so we moved indoors and Mike decided that it would be more fun to finish off his triple play with Abrahii while there was still an audience. He wasn’t entirely sure she’d be prepared to do this, but he set Jen onto her and waited until Jen had spent about 10 minutes kitty kissing Abrahii before pulling his cock out and asking her if he could take her ass. She said that she didn’t mind if people watched (once more, the group have seen much worse) and Jen offered to 69 with Abrahii while Mike fucked her. They lay on the floor and got stuck in to each other and Mike then knelt behind Abrahii, spread her ass and pushed in to her. She rocked back against him and her ass soon swallowed his cock. Mike told Jen not to make Abrahii cum to quickly as he wanted to be able to enjoy the feeling of her ass contacting around him as she came. He ended up holding on to Jen’s knees and spreading her legs to make it easier for Abrahii to eat her (and easier for everyone to see). I remember thinking (as I often do) how I wish I could have done things like this in front of my Uni friends (and with them, but that’s another story). We all watched as Mike slid in and out of Abrahii’s tight ass and only when he felt that he was getting close did he tell Jen to speed up her licking and make Abrahii cum.

He had timed it right and he came in Abrahii before she did, telling her that he was emptying his cum deep in to her ass as he did (although he probably didn’t produce too much) and he then remained in her, just gently moving while she came. As he came, he told her how tight her ass was and how he could feel her orgasm rippling through her body and around his cock. For some reason, Jen hadn’t cum yet (Abrahii had been licking her, but had assumed Mike didn’t want Jen to cum too quickly either) so she had to continue eating Jen until she came. Naturally, Jen didn’t stop kitty kissing Abrahii so Mike was treated to a bit more stimulation as Abrahii occasionally twitched or her ass spasmed around his cock. Only when Jen had cum did he pull out of Abrahii and thanked her for letting him use her body all day.

We’d left it a little late to head off to the airport (we had the last flight home booked but still had to rush a little). At least it’s not as if it took Jen and I long to get dressed as we just threw dresses on (and a bra for me) and sorted our hair. Nobody came with us to see us off but we’d planned on returning in a couple of weeks anyway so wished people luck with their exams and revision and left them.

We had a surprisingly quiet flight on the way back and even though we’d had a very satisfying weekend, we didn’t think we should waste the opportunity and I let Mike finger me. Once I’d cum, I did the same to Jen (there wasn’t enough room for him to eat me or me to eat Jen). Mike wasn’t sure he could cum again (or if he did he didn’t think he’d be able to spoon me to sleep) so I just gave him a handjob and sucked him a little to keep him interested (and he was able to spoon me to sleep that night).

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