Monday, 30 September 2013

Opening Up to Lucy - Part 2

During the time I’d been busy with Lucy, Mike had finished kitty kissing Lis and crawled up over her body to kiss her and press his cock against her pussy. She told him to fuck her and he asked her to help him get inside her, but when she took hold of his cock and tried to guide him in, he kept pulling away or moving to the side. Lis asked why he was teasing her and he told her that it was because once he was inside her, he intended to fuck her until he filled her hot, tight little cunt with his cum. Lis shot him her mischievous smile (which is cute, but not as good as Jen’s) and said that she didn’t see what the problem was so Mike kissed her and ‘let’ her pull his cock into her cunt.

Mike buried himself the whole way inside her and stayed still for a moment before he started to move in her. Lis half wrapped her legs around him and he kissed her deeply as they fucked. He whispered in her ear that he understood why I loved her and Lis seemed surprised that he knew this (as if there’s anything I keep from Mike or Jen). He told me Lis that he was fairly sure that Jen loved Lucy as well and recounted the brief exchange Jen and Lucy had on the bed. They fucked in this position a while longer and then rolled over so Mike was on his back and he started to pump in to Lis harder. He told Lis that he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock so he could empty himself into her and she told him to just keep going as what they were doing felt good. He soon realised that he couldn’t hold back much longer and when he told Lis this she said it was fine and he could just cum. He kept encouraging her to cum but she couldn’t catch up with him and he ended up unloading inside of her and holding her still on his cock as he felt very sensitive.

He apologised to Lis but she said she didn’t mind. To make up for not getting her off again, he went down on her and it didn’t take him long before Lis came. He kissed his way up her body and told her that he still wanted to cum in her, but it was obvious from his soft cock rubbing back and forth against her pussy, that he wasn’t quite ready to do this yet. They came out and joined us for breakfast and as we ate I watched as Mike fondled Lis and his cock slowly came back to life (I didn’t know the details of their session at this point). As we cleared away the breakfast dishes, Lis quietly discussed some things with Lucy and then told Mike that she was about to go and make her girlfriend cum. Mike asked if he could watch and Lis told him that was the whole point so we all headed back in to the bedroom and watched as Lucy settled herself down on the bed and Lis position herself between Lucy’s legs.

Lis got started and Jen and I thought we may as well help out, so we sat on either side of Lucy and caressed her breasts. Lis asked Mike if he would make sure she wasn’t neglected and he eagerly moved up behind her and started to caress her pussy. I saw him bend his head down behind Lis to eat her and he then knelt behind her and pushed his cock straight in to her cunt. I know how much Mike loves fucking me in this position while I’m eating Jen and so I wasn’t surprised when he started moving in Lis with quite forceful movements – the idea being that he pushed Lis forwards harder against Lucy’s pussy so it was like he was helping to get Lucy off. Mike pumped in and out of Lis and reached around to play with her clit. He concentrated on stimulating Lis more than enjoying himself and now that he’d cum, he had no trouble getting her aroused without losing control himself. Once it was clear that Lis was well on the way to cumming again, he pushed in to her with even harder strokes – enough so that I could see her body being pushed forwards and her face squashing against Lucy’s cunt.

I took hold of one of Lis’ hands and told her to squeeze as she came. We could hear her moaning a little into Lucy’s pussy so could probably have figured it out anyway, but as requested, Lis squeezed my hand as she started to cum. Now that he was back on more familiar ground, Mike pumped happily away inside Lis as she continued to eat Lucy. Mike tried to time his orgasm so he came with Lucy, but he hasn’t seen her cum enough times (and he couldn’t tell how Lis was licking her) so Lucy came before him, but he asked Lis to continue to kitty kiss Lucy while he finished off in her.

Only when we had finished did Mike tell us that he hadn’t been able to hold back in Lis during their session earlier on and in his defence, Jen pointed out that he had been very restrained all night while watching her and Lucy play. He said that he thought he’d made up for it as he had managed to get Lis to cum first while watching her make Lucy cum, although he had hoped to fuck Lis to a second orgasm before he came. Lis said she was glad he hadn’t tried to do this as she doubted she could cum again so quickly and needed a break and Lucy said that she too was cummed-out for a while. I told them that they were both lightweights and pulled climbed over Lucy so I could pounce on Jen. I asked if she wanted to show them how it was done and we got stuck in to each other in a frantic 69.

Mike caressed Lis and gently kitty kissed her and he offered to do the same to Lucy, but she teased him and pointed out that he now had his cum on his mouth so it wouldn’t be safe for him to lick her (as if she would have ever let him do it). He did get Lucy to agree to let Lis kitty kiss her and then for Lis to kiss Mike. While they had been doing this, Jen and I had continued to 69 and in a competition to see who could make the other one cum first. For a while, I thought Jen was ahead (as in I thought I would cum first), but with a bit of hard sucking on her clit I had her moaning in to my pussy and lifted myself off of her so she could tell me how close she was. I could have easily made her cum, but I turned around and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to be nice and horny to encourage her to play a bit more. She knew full well what I meant and told me I was being mean so I whispered to her that if she didn’t want to try out ‘what we had discussed’ she didn’t have to. I knew full well that Jen had been fantasising about ‘this’ for a while so as we lay in bed and all chatted, I continued to caress and occasionally lick Jen before finally suggesting that we should get dressed and head out to enjoy the weather.

Mike, Lis and I showered together first (which was a little tricky, but allowed us the opportunity to play a little. Lis still didn’t want to cum again, but she was willing to kneel and lick me while Mike was inside me. Just because she didn’t want to cum, this didn’t stop Mike from using the shower on her pussy. Initially, this was to hose his cum out of her so she tasted better for everyone later on, but as he was down there anyway, he gave her clit a good blast with the pulse setting while I washed her hair. Technically, he had followed her wishes as she had only said she didn’t want to cum and he just stimulated her until she was a bit more aroused (the pulse shower spray is good at times like this as it is quite a gentle stimulation, although with continued use can give a pretty good orgasm). As I said though, he didn’t make her cum and just left her tingling so as we dried off, both Mike and I fondled Lis some more and he pushed in to her while she brushed her teeth.

Jen had snuggled up to Lucy while we’d been in the shower – they hadn’t really been playing together, but had had lots of skin time and a bit of caressing. I gave Jen’s ass a slap on the way in to the shower as a reminder that she was meant to go through with her plan. Once they had washed, Jen used the shower on Lucy’s pussy and got Lucy to do the same to her and they then kissed under the shower (we know from Lis – and experience – that Lucy likes doing this and finds it quite erotic). Jen started to hump against Lucy and told her she wanted to cum again and Lucy dropped a hand to Jen’s pussy to finger her. Jen pushed Lucy up against the wall and rode Lucy’s fingers as she continued to kiss Lucy deeply. Jen had been caressing Lucy’s ass and gently caressing Lucy’s pussy, but as things heated up she moved a hand round to the front of Lucy’s body so she could touch her properly and play with her clit as well as her cunt.

Jen was much further along and was clearly going to cum first, but she wanted to make sure Lucy was fairly aroused so she briefly dropped to her knees and lapped at Lucy’s clit before standing against and asking Lucy to finish her off. Lucy’s fingers quickly found Jen’s clit and caressed her and at Jen’s request Lucy pushed a couple of fingers back into Jen’s cunt and worked them inside her. Jen held on to Lucy, breathed into her ear and told her that she was about to cum. As she did, she pushed down hard and squirted as much pee out over Lucy’s hand and legs as she could. Jen had her eyes shut and was picturing the scene from outside of the shower, watching as she soaked Lucy’s legs. She whimpered into Lucy’s ear, telling her how good it felt and as her orgasm faded, she kissed Lucy deeply and thanked her.

Jen resumed playing with Lucy’s pussy (she hadn’t entirely stopped, but hadn’t been paying full attention to what she was doing while she was cumming). It was around this point that Lucy asked Jen is she had really just peed all over her hand and Jen says that she just gave Lucy her mischievous smile (the one I can’t resist and that helped me fall in love with her) and said it wasn’t just her (Lucy’s) hand but her legs as well. Lucy looked down and said ‘ewwww’ but Jen sped up her work on Lucy’s clit and leant in closer to whisper to her that it had felt amazing and Lucy should give it a go. Lucy was reticent at first but for the whole time Jen played with her she kept telling Lucy how liberating it felt, how it made her orgasm feel better, how she loved the feeling of me, Lis and Mike peeing on her and how she should at least give it a try to see what it felt like. Jen was clever enough to keep Lucy aroused for a while without letting her cum and in the end she convinced her to try it just that once. As Lucy’s orgasm built, Jen gave her some tips (more than she ever gave me when I first tried it) and told Lucy to wait until just before she came and then to push as hard as she could and to try to squirt in time with the pulses of her orgasm. Just before she came, Lucy said that she couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but Jen told her she wanted to feel Lucy’s orgasm properly and as it hit her, she squirted over Jen. She let out a number of decent squirts and Jen then told Lucy to empty herself as her orgasm faded – which Lucy did.

Jen wiped her hand over her own pussy (although she knew that as they were still under the shower, anything would be washed away, and asked Lucy how it had felt. Lucy looked quite embarrassed but said it had felt better than expected and Jen told her that she was sure Lis wouldn’t mind experimenting with her. Lucy asked Jen not to tell Lis what they’d done and even when Jen pointed out that she done the same with Lis, Lucy didn’t want her to know (although given Jen had asked Lis not to tell Lucy and that had lasted for all of 5 minutes I don’t know why Lucy thought it would remain a secret, but Jen actually kept her word – sort of).

Lis, Mike and I were pretty much ready by the time Lucy and Jen reappeared and it didn’t take much questioning to find out that they’d been playing with each other. At the first opportunity, Jen discreetly told Mike and I the details and we waited until Lucy left the room to have a whispered conversation with Lis. We didn’t actually tell her anything about the peeing but Lucy was paranoid enough when she saw us talking that she asked Lis what Jen had told her. Lis said that she’d been hearing about them playing together in the shower and Lucy asked ‘what else’, which of course made Lis curious as to ‘what’ the ‘what else’ referred to. Lis kept asking Lucy what she was talking about and Lucy finally gave in and quietly told Lis what she had done with Jen, which Lis thought was hilarious.

We went out and had lunch (which Jen bought for Lucy as an apology for ‘making’ her tell Lis what had happened) and then after a brief bout of shopping we headed off to the park. Lis and Lucy had both heard about our games in parks over previous weekends so they weren’t too surprised when Jen and I arranged ourselves to show off our pussies (and cleavage in my case). Lucy quizzed Jen as to why she enjoyed teasing guys when she didn’t want any of them and Jen explained how she had come to enjoy the feeling of power and that even though she wasn’t going to do anything with them, she loved knowing that the guys wanted her and found her sexy. Mike told Lucy how Jen had basically practiced on him when she first started dating me and Lucy added that it was also probably my influence. We pointed out how Lis had enjoyed teasing Mike (even though that was somewhat different as she is clearly not as gay as she once claimed) and with a bit of nagging, we got Lis to agree to remove her panties and join us (this is tricky to do in public, but not impossible when you have a few people to keep a look-out).

Lucy wasn’t prepared to go quite that far, but said that she didn’t mind playing a little bit. I think she knows that she is quite hot (not in an arrogant way, but I guess people who look like that must be aware of the fact – and I think us having shown her so many pics and videos of her porn-start persona helped to convince her that there is a demand for ‘her’). There were a number of guys in the park but to make things a little easier, Mike and I suggested that we head off for a walk together and leave the three girls to try and attract some guys. We didn’t go too far so we could keep an eye on proceedings and a couple of minutes after we’d gone, Jen started to rub some lotion in to Lis’ legs while she lay on her front. Jen them moved on to Lucy and did the same thing, folding Lucy’s skirt up and getting her to spread her legs a little so she could do fairly high up inside her thighs. Jen then lay down and got Lis to do her legs. They lay and chatted and Jen noticed a couple of guys eyeing them up so she whispered to Lis and kept indicating in the direction of the guys, acting very giggly. She beckoned them over and the girls all sat up and chatted to the guys for a few minutes. Jen sat with her knees up in the air and ankles crossed with her feet just in front of her pussy, but as the conversation progressed, she let her feet move forwards a little and parted her knees until she was sitting cross legged, giving a good view up her short skirt.

Jen kept leaning across to Lis and whispering to her, knowing that this gave the guys an even better view and she told Lis to note where the guys were looking. Jen then changed position and Lis says that the guys looked disappointed but Jen lay on her front facing them, propped up on her arms. She had a fairly loose low cut top on so this gave them a view straight down to her breasts but after a minute or so of this, she complained that the ground was hard and adjusted her position again. Jen knelt behind Lis and massaged her shoulders, then whispered to Lis to sit the way she had been doing. Lis went straight for the cross legged position and while her skirt wasn’t as short as Jen’s, it was short enough and Jen whispered to her that the guys were looking straight at her naked cunt.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Opening Up to Lucy - Part 1

Mike is off to York this weekend for the start of term sex party. This means that Jen and I get some girl-only time - made even more girl-only by the fact that Lis and Lucy are also visiting us.

On the first weekend in June, we went down to visit Lis and Lucy again. Mike had really been looking forward to seeing Lis again as he really likes the way her pussy feels (she is nice and tight). We sat and chatted for a while and there was obviously something in the air (which concerned me as I wondered if Lucy had decided to put a stop to our group sessions), but it turned out that tales of our exploits the previous weekend with Sue had gotten out. To be honest, I wasn’t too surprised they had found out as the odds of people keeping it a secret had always been slim (and as I’d guessed, everyone downstairs had known what was happening when Sue had gone upstairs with Susan).

We told Lis and Lucy what Sue had done the previous weekend and how she had been sampled by a number of the girls. Lucy asked if Sue was gay and we worked backwards and explained how Jen had convinced Sue to let Jen play with her and experiment, but how she had been sleeping with Mike beforehand. Oddly, Lucy seemed to understand about Jen doing things with Sue (Lucy knows that Jen’s aim is to convert all women to lesbianism – or at least bisexuality) but she thought it was strange that I would allow Mike and Sue to do things together. We went right back to the beginning and explained how Sue used to spy on Mike and I fucking and how I thought that was where at least a part of my exhibitionist streak came from and how we’d then invited her in so she could watch properly, how we’d then seen her play with herself and how Mike had played with and then finally fucked her.

Mike and Jen described how sexy it was being able to do things to both Sue and me at the same time. Lucy still seemed to think it was odd, but they made her promise to tell the truth and then asked her if Lis had a sister (they actually said twin sister), if she could honestly say that she wouldn’t find the thought of being sandwiched between the two of them to be arousing. Jen described how having my head between her legs and Sue’s pussy on her mouth felt and Lucy finally conceded that it might feel nice, but I got the feeling that she still felt it was strange that I’d allowed Mike to sleep with her (which I’ll admit it probably is, but I was more confused by the fact Lucy didn’t seem to find it equally strange that Lucy got to sleep with Sue). While Jen had been describing the two Lis’, I had slowly caressed and partially stripped Lis (and was imagining playing with her and her imaginary twin). Jen told me to behave myself but I just asked why and continued to caress Lis.

I wanted to spend an evening with Lis before Mike got to her so I slept with her on the Friday night, but Mike wasn’t too bothered as Lucy didn’t mind him being in the same bed as her and Jen (again). As always, he wasn’t allowed to do anything to Lucy (or do much with Jen), but he enjoyed being able to watch them play with each other and loved how he could then sit chatting to Lucy with his stiff cock openly displayed. Lucy even allowed Jen to kitty kiss her pussy and then kiss Mike so he could taste Lucy’s juices and Mike happily stroked himself while he kissed Jen. He displayed his usual self-control and didn’t cum so he could save it for Lis (but he did spoon up against Jen’s ass and rubbed back and forth) as they went to sleep.

I had a nice gentle session with Lis, we spent a long time kissing and caressing each other until we were both desperate to cum and then finished things off in a much more energetic 69 session. She spooned behind be and fondled one of my breasts as we went to sleep and I warned her that Mike was really looking forward to playing with her, so she had better get a good night’s sleep. Lis gave my breast a squeeze and said that she was ready for him, but that she hoped I’d let her play with me again. I told her that she had free reign to play with me at any point she wanted and she kissed me very gently on the shoulder and said she would hold me to that. I’ve mentioned it before, but Lis is certainly the person I love most after Mike and Jen (Sue and Mum don’t count as they’re family) and I snuggled back against her and reiterated that I would always be there.

In the morning, Mike woke up first and caressed Jen’s body until she was awake. Jen rolled on to her side, facing away from him and pushed her ass against his cock so he rubbed against her the same way he had the night before, but he also caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. He moved on to sliding his cock between her legs and pushing it against her pussy and Lucy woke up to the sight of them semi-fucking, with Mike’s cock visible against Jen’s cunt. Mike imagined what it would be like to continue humping against Jen until he came and shot his cum all over Lucy’s legs – he would of course been more than happy if things had turned out this way, but he knew it would almost certainly mean he’d never get to share a bed with Lucy again, let alone see her cum. He carried on playing with Jen and enjoyed the feeling of her hard little nipples between his fingers and when her breathing deepened, he asked Lucy if she would help him.

In his fantasy, ‘help him’ meant that he wanted Lucy to lick Jen’s cunt and his cock, but in reality he got Jen to lie on her back and he and Lucy each took one of Jen’s nipples and sucked on it. They both caressed Jen’s body (with Mike avoiding Jen’s pussy) and as Jen started to mew, they pulled her legs open so Lucy could more readily stroke Jen’s wet pussy. Mike asked Lucy to feed him some of Jen’s juices and she offered him her fingers. Lucy was already grinding against Jen’s leg and Mike was doing something similar, although he’d been trying to find a way to get his cock closer to Jen’s pussy so he could ‘accidentally’ brush it against Lucy’s hand. He gave up on this idea and got Jen to spread her legs further so he could move down between them and kiss around her thighs. He honoured ‘the rules’ and didn’t make contact with her pussy, but came fairly close and he could certainly smell her on Lucy’s fingers.

Lucy continued to suck on Jen’s breasts and now also leant over her to pay attention to the one Mike had been taking care of. When she did this, Mike got a pretty good view of Lucy’s pussy and she quickly realised this. I think that Lucy still finds what we get up to a bit strange, but she has certainly adapted well and as she knows she can trust Mike, she doesn’t seem to even mind him seeing her naked or cumming (hence letting him share her bed and watch). He’s seen her pussy up close and she knows just how much he would love to eat and fuck her, but Lucy is just as gay as Jen is (but doesn’t love Mike in the same way) so he knows he doesn’t stand much of a chance with her. Not that this stops him from hoping and he asked Lucy to lift her upper leg so he could get a better look (which she did) and he then asked if he was allowed just a little lick (which he wasn’t).

As a compromise, Lucy wiped some of Jen’s juices over Jen’s thigh for Mike to lick off and as Jen’s mewing was getting more insistent, he crawled back up beside her and resumed work on the nipple he’d been sucking before (which was now slick with Lucy’s saliva). Mike reached down and held one of Jen’s legs, holding on to her inner thigh and caressing the soft skin. His hand bumped against Lucy’s a few times and he imagined what things would be like in a short while when he would be able to let his fingers join Lucy’s and they could finger Jen together. He didn’t have long to fantasise about this though as Jen was really close and Mike bit down harder on Jen’s nipple and gripped her thigh more firmly. As Jen gasped that she was about to cum, he bit her nipple a few more times and pulled even harder on her thigh and he felt her judder as her orgasm pulsed out from her cunt and her nipples.

He continued to hold her tight until her body relaxed and he then resumed gently caressing her thigh and softly kissing her nipple. Lucy slowed down her fingers on Jen’s pussy and then pulled them away to suck them clean. Jen looked very happy and Lucy commented on the fact that Mike had left red marks on Jen’s thigh where he’d been gripping her but Mike reminded Lucy that Jen liked this and pointed out how red the nipple he’d been biting looked. Lucy said that it looked sore but Jen said it felt nice and Mike rolled Jen over on to her front and asked Lucy to help him slap Jen’s ass. Mike gave the first few slaps and when Jen said that it felt nice, Lucy joined in. They didn’t do this for long as Jen said her orgasm had faded, but once she was back on her back she told Lucy how just after (or even better, during) cumming, if someone slapped her ass (or her pussy), she sometimes felt an extra jolt of pleasure, like a weak orgasmic pulse. Lucy said that Jen was weird (which Jen doesn’t deny) and Jen just countered by saying that Lucy wasn’t exactly normal as she was a lesbian who lets a man fuck her lesbian girlfriend, who was currently in bed with another girl.

Of course, Lucy blamed us for that (and rightly so) and said she wondered if we should just stop playing with each other. Fortunately it was obvious from the smile on Lucy’s face that she was just teasing and Jen pounced on her, pinned Lucy down and said that she had better never want to stop ‘sharing’ now that they got to do things together. Jen kissed Lucy while continuing to hold her hand to the bed and Mike wanted to stay and watch, but he also really wanted to cum so he left them and came to find Lis and me. We had been woken up by the noise from the bedroom, been to the bathroom and had returned to our bed to play with each other. We were reasonably advanced in our session, but neither of us had cum yet when Mike found us and he asked if he could take over with Lis and said that Jen was just getting started on teasing Lucy.

I really wanted to fuck Lis again, but Lucy (or at least her porn star lookalike Pavlina) was one of the girls that Mike used to train me when he was convincing me it would be fun to experiment with girls, so getting to play with Lucy still has a fantasy quality to it. I was also aware that Mike sacrifices a bit for our weekends with Lis and Lucy (he doesn’t cum in me for a few days beforehand to minimise the risk of his cum getting in to Lucy) and that he had gone for a night watching his porn fantasy fuck and had held back (admittedly I didn’t know for sure that he hadn’t cum, but I knew he would want to save himself for Lis and his cock certainly looked like it needed some release). Not that I feel too sorry for him as he gets to fuck Lis, which he loves doing, but at the time I felt sorry for him and said he could take over if he wanted and I went to help Jen out.

On the way past, Mike caught hold of me, knelt down and gave my pussy a big lick before releasing me and he then crawled over to Lis and asked if she was ready to cum. She told him she was and he buried his face between her legs and quickly ate her. Lis was responding to his tongue before I’d even left the room (but I was the one who’d gotten her warmed up) and it didn’t take him long to make her cum (after which he kitty kissed her until she was ready to play some more). In the meantime, I’d joined Jen on the bed and had told Lucy that her girlfriend had gotten me really turned on and that it was her responsibility to remedy the situation. Jen had already fingered Lucy and she moved down to lick her so I took the next best position (technically the best position as I wanted to cum) and climbed over Lucy’s face. I reached forward and played with Lucy’s breasts as she licked me and I humped back and forth on her face, sometimes letting her tongue get right inside me, sometimes rubbing myself against her nose. (As a side note, this is an excellent way to remind someone all day that they ate you as once you get pussy juice in your nose, you smell it for quite a while).

Lucy’s tongue felt really good and I watched as Jen lapped away between Lucy’s legs. I ended up using one hand on Lucy’s breasts and one on my own and was soon on my way to cumming. I wanted to ride Lucy’s face really hard, but wasn’t sure if she would like it so I let her tongue do most of the work. I wished that there had been a mirror behind Jen so I could have watched her ass bobbing in the air as she ate Lucy, but this concern soon faded as my orgasm hit me. Unfortunately it wasn’t as strong as I’d wanted it to be (I felt that I needed a really spectacular orgasm to satisfy me), but it was enough to satiate me temporarily and I climbed off of Lucy to kiss her (and help clean up her face) while Jen made her cum. I ended up helping to pull Lucy’s legs up towards her head so her crotch was angled upwards more and Jen had a better angle to work on her from. I reached down with a hand and spread Lucy’s lips to properly expose her clit and Jen went in for the kill. I watched her suck directly on Lucy’s clit and guessed that she was using long strokes with her tongue. Lucy moaned beneath me and I told her to just let go and enjoy herself. This was somewhat superfluous advice as Lucy was obviously approaching her orgasm and we could hear her breathing heavily and letting out ‘oh’ and ‘yes’ sounds. She came with a little squeak and a lot more heavy breathing and we let her relax down on to the bed so Jen could just kitty kiss her for a while.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sharing Sue - Part 2

Mike, Jen, Sue and I wandered around the shops for a while and Jen took Sue into some changing rooms for some fun. They spent a while in there so I took them additional items to try on (so it wasn’t quite as suspicious) and when they finally emerged, Sue felt obliged to purchase one of the skirts. It was quite obvious that Sue was no longer wearing her bra (which Jen had confiscated) but she acted as if she didn’t care and Mike suggested that we also buy Sue a really sheer top (that she would have to wear) so her nipples were even more visible. Over coffee, we discussed how we could put Sue on display and Mike and Jen took turns with a hand on Sue’s thigh, caressing her as much as possible so her nipples poked through her top. Unfortunately for Sue, her nips get hard a bit easier than mine do so they were quite prominent.

Even though it was a little overcast, it was still fairly warm so we headed off to the park to sit and chat some more. On the way, we told Sue about playing with ourselves in the park the previous week and Mike said that Sue would never display herself so openly. Sue knew full well that he was just daring her to do this (and she knew that he obviously knows she’s done much worse) so as soon as we sat down, she put her legs in a basket (knees apart with ankles crossed) and pulled her skirt up to reveal her thighs and let us (or anyone near ground level) see her pussy. Mike congratulated her and said that she deserved to cum but the park was too busy and we couldn’t be bothered to find a more secluded spot so just lazed around, chatted and displayed ourselves for a while. Mike took the opportunity to give our legs a massage – also rubbing Sue and my pussies (discreetly) and gave Jen’s ass a fairly good fondle. I considered daring Sue to find someone and offer to play with them but we decided to find another way to amuse ourselves before we headed back to the house and see what the others were up to.

We headed off to the sex shop we often use for public displays and the usual assistant was behind the counter. We weren’t looking for anything in particular but Mike found some temporary tattoos (of a sexual nature) and suggested we have some fun with them. I purchased a small devil (with a large penis) and asked the guy if he minded me applying one so we could see how it looked. He said this was fine so I sat up on the counter and pulled my skirt up. He fetched me a small cup of water and cloth to help apply the tattoo and once I’d made sure my pussy was clean and dry I spread my legs and applied the tattoo on my mons. It came out pretty well and I let everyone have a good look and as they stared at my exposed pussy I could feel myself juicing up and starting to feel horny.

I was interrupted by Jen suggesting that Sue put the second tattoo on her breasts and Sue accepted the dare and pulled her top up. The guy seemed more taken with Sue’s breasts than my pussy (but I guess she is younger he hasn’t seen her before) and I suggested that as the ‘expert’, he be the one to apply the tattoo. Sue didn’t back down at this challenge so the guy cleaned and dried a spot on her left breast and cupped it while applying the tattoo. Jen gently played with Sue’s other nipple until it firmed up (which also firmed up the one in the guy’s hand) and she was told that she couldn’t pull her top down for a few minutes until the tattoo had dried.

Sue said that as she had done it, then Jen should have to be marked and Jen agreed as long as it was Sue who applied the tattoo. Sue agreed to this and we found (and purchased) another set (angels this time). Sue gave Jen the choice of tits or pussy but we decided that as I’d gone for pussy, Jen should have to join me. Jen said that this wasn’t fair as Sue had only bared her breasts so we got Sue to agree that she would allow one to be applied to her pussy if Jen did. As we agreed on this compromise, someone else came into the shop and Sue went to pull her top down but Jen grabbed her hand and said that if she was going to show her cunt, the least Sue could do was to keep her breasts out. Sue was obviously quite nervous about this but Jen sat up on the counter and pulled her skirt up so Sue went along with things and applied the little angel to Jen’s mons. It was now Sue’s turn, but she chickened out (to be fair, the customer had been staring at us the whole time she had been working on Jen’s pussy). Sue was told that she would have to pay a penalty, but this pretty much handled itself as when she pulled her top down, we could still see the devil (and his cock) on her breasts through the material. Jen gave Sue her bra back and she had to remove her top and put it on, giving the guy an even better view of her breasts. I considered asking his opinion on the tattoos on Jen and me but he didn’t appeal that much so we just thanked the assistant for letting us play and left.

On the way home, I filled Sue in on how I’d displayed myself to the assistant before and played with him in more interesting ways on previous visits and fucked one of the customers. Sue claimed that if he’d locked the door and covered the camera, she would have been prepared to lie naked on the counter and let us and him play with her, but I’m not convinced she would have done so (she isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am and I think she is just trying to keep up with what I do). We headed home and found Mel, Julia and Abrahii - unsurprisingly (for students), they had done very little in the afternoon and we joined them and lazed around for a bit. Jen and I showed off our tattoos and Sue showed the one on her breast. We found out that they really were temporary as they didn’t survive a licking too well (Sue was told to eat Jen as punishment for wimping out earlier). This wasn’t her only punishment though and Jen got Sue to strip off and sit on the sofa with her legs spread. Given Sue had played with everyone present just the previous evening, she still seemed a little reticent to do this but did so anyway and it was left to Mike to eat Sue while Jen went to fetch something.

Jen was only gone for a minute but Mike had got stuck in pretty well and Mel was already telling him that he should fuck Sue for them to watch (again). Jen vetoed this though and said that it was up to her to punish Sue (fortunately the punishments in our games usually end up with us cumming so it’s no great hardship). I was surprised to see that Sue had her hair straighteners with her as she absolutely adores them and although we have used them to play with in the past, she has only ever used them on herself and me (and I haven’t even been allowed to use them on her). Jen knelt in front of Sue, rubbed the straighteners between her own legs (for lubrication), spread Sue’s lips and pushed the end into Sue’s cunt. She slowly worked them in, a little deeper with each thrust until she had a good length buried in Sue and was using a smooth fucking motion. Jen twisted the straighteners around inside Sue and licked her clit and as Sue got more aroused, she was told to play with her nipples. Mel decided it would be more fun to help Sue out, so she and Julia each took one of Sue’s nipples and whenever Jen wasn’t licking Sue, Mel or Jules would caress her clit.

Jen was determined that Sue would cum by fucking so as Sue got closer to cumming, Jen told everyone to leave her alone. Mel and Jules moved back and we all watched closely as Jen judged the correct depth and wrapped her hands around the straighteners, then proceeded to fuck Sue harder and faster than before. Each time she slammed them in to Sue’s pussy, the side of her hand bumped against Sue’s clit. Jen varied the speed she used to fuck Sue and at one point the straighteners were being pumped in and out of Sue (with associated clit bumping) as fast as Jen could go. We could see that Sue was getting very close (we’ve seen her cum more than enough times to know this and it’s quite easy with Sue as her chest gets very flushed) and Jen just continued until Sue pushed her crotch up against Jen’s hand and told us she was cumming. Jen continued fucking Sue through her orgasm but slowed down a lot once Sue had finished cumming.

Jen left the straighteners in Sue and it was interesting to watch as Jen had been holding them together so when she let go, they opened slightly and Sue said she could feel them trying to stretch her from the inside. I wanted to try moving them, but Jen didn’t allow anyone else to use them and once we’d had a look, Jen pulled them out of Sue and went upstairs to clean them off. I wasn’t surprised to find out later on that Jen had briefly used them in herself while upstairs – not to orgasm, but enough to ensure that the coating of Sue’s juices were nicely mixed into her own cunt.

While Jen was gone, Mel jumped on the ‘punishment’ bandwagon and got Sue to go down on Abrahii. Due to where we were sitting, Mike and I had a pretty good view of Sue’s pussy as she ate Abrahii and it was still open enough to see up inside her (it wasn’t a massive gaping hole, but given that her pussy is usually very closed, it looked quite odd). Mike wanted to see how much she had been stretched so he knelt behind her (although this was tricky as he didn’t have much space on the sofa) and pushed in to her. He didn’t fuck her properly but sampled her for a minute or so and once he’d determined that she still felt good he left her to get on with pleasuring Abrahii. Jen returned before Sue made Abrahii cum so she got to witness this as well and once they had finished, Sue was told to remain naked.

She wasn’t made to cum again, but various people idly fondled her while we talked. Only after dinner when we were getting ready to head out was she allowed to get dressed, but instead of her own clothes, Mel gave her one of her (very) short, tight leather skirts to wear. As usual, panties were out and the skirt only just covered Sue’s ass. I had assumed that Sue would spend the whole night having to pull it down to stay decent but it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. Our evening out was relatively tame – I had hoped to go to the hardcore club so Sue could witness some proper depravity but many of the gang were too tired after exams (and as I’ve said, some of them hadn’t finished yet). We headed back to the house reasonably early and even Susan wasn’t made to do too many things (Ethan fucked her and she remained naked, but that was it).

As we’d already done more than planned, Jen took Sue upstairs with Susan to look at some clothes and I followed them up to see what would happen (I had a fair idea). Jen had thought it would only be fair to let Susan sample Sue and they were already on the bed in a 69 when I got there. As an added bonus for Susan, Jen suggested that she be allowed to have the sister fantasy and I agreed (I like Susan) so I joined them on the bed and sat over Susan’s face while Sue ate her. As she is so used to being used and made to cum, Jen said that we should let her try us both ways, so once Susan and I had cum, Sue and I swapped places and Susan ate Sue while I ate Susan. I’d noted that Jen had been playing with herself while watching us so once Sue and Susan had cum, I pushed my hand between Jen’s legs and began to play with her in earnest. Susan fetched me some toys from Julia’s bedside table and the three of us made sure than Jen got to cum.

Jen and Sue were feeling a little tired so I headed back down with Susan and we found out that a few people had already left. Most of the others headed off not long after and we headed up to bed to find Jen still fondling Sue’s breasts (so she hadn’t been *that* tired). We told the others about our sister session with Susan and Mel thought it sounded like a good idea so Mike and Jen spent the night in Abrahii’s room while Sue and I slept on the floor with Mel and Julia. We didn’t have the energy to give them each a double session so I let Mel eat me while Sue ate her and I ate Julia while she ate Susan. (When we later asked Sue, she agreed that Mel doesn’t actually taste that good and I felt a little guilty for having made Sue eat Mel). Mike hadn’t thought he could cum again so he had happily watched Jen and Abrahii make out and had then spent a while kitty kissing Abrahii until she let him spoon with her while they went to sleep. He moved slowly in her for quite a while and gently caressed her body (she had wonderful skin) and realised that he would be able to cum after all. He didn’t change the way he was fucking her and continued to slowly move in her until he came. It was quite a gentle orgasm so he could continue to move afterwards and had wanted to stay inside her, but as he’d cum his cock went soft and he pulled out to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke Julia by going down on her and got Sue to do the same for Mel. It seemed only fair to let Abrahii have the sister treatment so after getting Jules and Mel worked up, Sue and I went and told Mike and Jen to take care of them while we dealt with Abrahii. We actually woke them up when we went in, so Abrahii was still quite groggy, but she lay back and accepted our kisses and caresses as we explored her body. Sue and I spent a while kissing and nibbling on Abrahii’s nipples, then moved on to her earlobes and neck and finally down to her pussy. Abrahii isn’t anywhere near as flexible as she used to be (she did gymnastics when she was younger, but that is now quite a while ago), but she could still pull her legs up and apart to make enough room for Sue and I to both lick her (sort of) at the same time. We gave Abrahii the choice as to which way round she wanted the threesome (providing she was in the middle) and she opted to have Sue go down on her while she ate me. I would have quite liked to be fingered, have a dildo/vibe used in me or (better still) be fucked as it had been quite a pussy heavy weekend – but Abrahii seemed quite keen on doing things with us both in this arrangement so I let her have her way (and she is also sufficiently experienced that being eaten by her isn’t exactly a hardship).

Mike and Jen had taken care of Mel and Jules and they all stopped by to see how we were doing but left us to finish our session with Abrahii, after which we joined them downstairs (still all naked). Mel wanted more details from Sue about her sex life – how many people she’d been with, her favourite positions, whether she preferred guys or girls… We didn’t have as much time that morning as we’d woken up later but Mel wanted to try one more thing before we left and we returned to Julia’s room. They produced a short double dildo and Mel fucked Sue with it, then turned it around to leave the wet end exposed and pushed the other end back into Sue. Julia had to mount the wet end and grind against Julia and after a minute or so, the dildo was turned around again and Mel took the end that had been in Julia while Sue got the end that had been in Julia). This continued with Jen, Abraii and I taking turns, each of us getting the end that had been in Sue and Sue getting the end that had been in us. I had joined in pretty much without thinking about it and it was only as I mounted the dildo that I realised this was more than we’d told them Sue and I had done, so while I shared it with her, we didn’t grind together (although there was a little contact).

Mike was allowed to finish Sue off and he fucked Sue in her favourite position (lying on her front with him behind her and him reaching around to play with her clit). Sue was already quite aroused from her series of mini fucks so Mike didn’t have any trouble getting her to cum and he then pulled her up on her knees so he could fuck her properly from behind. Mel and Jen gave Sue’s ass a few slaps each while he fucked her (but not hard enough to hurt) and when Mike had cum, Sue was told to lie on the bed so we could all mark her before we went out. This involved the usual act of wiping our pussies over various parts of her to leave our juices and for the parts of her that weren’t eacy to grind against, we transferred our juices to her via fingers. Mike squeezed a couple of extra drops of his cum out onto Sue and Jen later told me that she had been fantasising about sitting over Sue and peeing over her, but she settled for just grinding her pussy against Sue’s face.

Naturally, Sue wasn’t allowed to wash before going out (but was allowed to brush her hair, which backfired slightly as Jen then realised that we had forgotten about Sue’s hair so each of us rubbed ourselves with a bunch of it and then pushed it in to each other so Sue had to brush it all over again. To show (a small amount of) solidarity with Sue, the rest of us agreed to also head out without showering. We all had varying amounts of each other’s juices on us from our sessions, but Sue was the only one who was properly covered. She didn’t even argue when she was told to wear a white top and no bra (the tattoo had long gone, but her nipples were now more visible than they’d been the previous day).

I had expected Mel to try to play with Sue over lunch, but as usual it was mostly Susan who received this honour (although I sat with the handle of a knife inside me, which didn’t really do much as it was too narrow, but the initial cold of the metal felt quite nice). Sue was getting a train back home while Mike, Jen and I were flying so we had to part ways after lunch and I arranged for Abrahii to take Sue to the station (I thought she would be safer this way rather than Mel taking her). I hadn’t bargained on Jen promising Abrahii any position she wanted if she gave Sue a final fuck though (not that this promise meant much as Jen would generally give Abrahii anything she wants anyway). Abrahii did as she was asked though and at the station, she took Sue into the bathroom and in a cubicle, she fingered Sue to orgasm and then wiped a mixture of her and Sue’s juices over Sue’s thighs, breasts and neck. Sue ended up falling asleep on the train and we teased her that everyone in her carriage had probably been able to smell the mix of pussy juice covering her.

As she was back at home when we were teasing her though, she played along and told us that she didn’t care and would have stripped and let everyone in the carriage taste it off of her naked body or add whatever juices of their own they had wanted. I really liked the sound of this idea, so later on I got Mike to narrate a fantasy based around this to me as he and Jen took turns playing with me. By the end of the fantasy I had been fucked by dozens of guys, had cum emptied into every hole (of interest) in my body and was caked in a mixture of cum and pussy juice. My actual orgasms (one each from Jen and Mike) weren’t too bad either (but that is often the case when we’re playing through large group fuck fantasies).

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sharing Sue - Part 1

At the end of May, we had been planning on going to visit Vicky, but she called us and told us that she had hooked up with a guy (one she wanted to keep) and wasn’t sure how he would react to having three people coming to visit her and fuck her all weekend (she hadn’t slept with the guy yet). We were a little disappointed - Jen especially so as she loves Vicky’s breasts, although Mike said he would also miss being able to eat and fuck her (and of course I was disappointed as Vicky was becoming more adventurous with us so our visits tended to be a lot of fun).

We made alternate plans, but didn’t co-ordinate these with each other and ended up with Mike arranging for Sue (my sister) to come and visit while Jen arranged to go back down to see her Uni friends. Jen and I were going to leave Mike with Sue, but he thought it would be fun to take her down to visit Jen’s friends (and the weather was better down south, which would give a better opportunity for outdoors play). Originally, Mike and Jen had intended to have a weekend or surreptitious sex with Sue, but once we were all at Abrahii and Julia’s place, things went in a slightly different direction.

The gang had been out for their usual Friday night drinks (still slightly subdued for some of them as they were still doing exams) and Susan was made to perform (it was fairly light, she was stripped naked and told to masturbate with a bottle, then go and stand out in the garden naked). Once everyone had gone, Abrahii asked Sue what she thought of Susan’s display and Sue said that she thought it had been quite daring, but looked fun. Now Jen’s friends know that Mike and Jen have played with Sue a little (although they don’t know quite how much or how far things have gone) and Sue knows a fair amount about the games we get up to with Jen’s friends, but we had intended to keep things relatively tame. We hadn’t accounted for Mel though and while Sue was talking to Abrahii, Mel started to unbutton Abrahii’s dress. As this wasn’t an unusual occurrence, Abrahii did nothing to stop her and it was only when the top of her dress slid down to her hips that she seemed to remember that Sue was a newcomer to the group (to be fair, Abrahii had drunk a fair bit as her exams had ended).

Jen saw an opportunity and helped to pull Abrahii’s dress down and then reached up under Sue’s skirt and caressed her legs. Mel probably hadn’t cared about what Sue thought and was already caressing Abrahii’s breasts. As Mel slid a hand down over Abrahii’s stomach and into her panties, Jen asked Sue if she minded seeing Mel make Abrahii cum and Sue quietly replied that it was fine. I was unsure as to whether this was a good idea, but Mike already had a hand between my legs and was playing with me so I just sat and watched to see how things would develop (looking back and knowing the people involved I guess there was really only one way).

Mel got Julia involved and Abrahii had to sit on the sofa so Julia could kneel and eat her while Mel caressed Abrahii’s body. Jen moved her hand up under Sue’s skirt to her pussy and started to play with her and around this time I gave up and slipped off my skirt so I could sit over Mike’s cock. Jen got Sue to sit on the sofa near Abrahii and told her she was going to cum – Sue seemed a little nervous about having this done to her while the others were around, but she didn’t stop Jen as she pushed Sue’s skirt up, pulled her panties down, spread her legs and buried her face between them.

Mike was eagerly playing with my clit and moving inside my by this point and Mel told Julia and Jen to kiss each other (specifically to share Sue and Abrahii’s juices) and then a few minutes later, Mel got Jen to finger Sue and Julia to finger Abrahii and offer their fingers to each other to more explicitly share the juices. They returned to eating their partners and as Sue got more aroused, Jen pushed her top up to expose her bra and then pushed her bra up to expose her breasts. Mike pulled my top and bra off to leave me naked and we continued to fuck as Sue and Abrahii were pushed towards their orgasms. Abrahii came first (but Julia had started on her before Jen got stuck in to Sue) and when Sue finished cumming, she realised that everyone was watching her, got quite embarrassed and pulled her top and skirt down to cover herself up.

Mel told Sue that she didn’t need to worry and we’d all seen each other cum, then told Julia to strip and (uncharacteristically) ‘suggested’ to Jen that she also get naked. Once naked, Julia was told to demonstrate how close we all were and she had to kneel in front of Mike and me and lick my clit while he fucked me. I was too far gone to care (and it’s not as if Sue hasn’t seen me cum many times before) so just enjoyed the feeling of Julia’s tongue coupled with Mike’s cock and I happily allowed myself to cum.

Mike stayed inside me and we watched as Jen climbed over Abrahii and was eaten while Mel played with Jen’s breasts. As their session became more heated, Mike told me to dismount and he went over and sat beside Sue (with his cock still out) and started to kiss and caress her. She automatically took his cock in her hand and stroked him as he pulled her skirt up and played with her pussy. He pulled his jeans off and quickly got Sue topless, then he lay on top of her and pushed his cock into her wet cunt. He only fucked her for a short time and then moved down to eat her. Her skirt was removed at this point so she too was naked and Mike shed the rest of his clothes, leaving just Mel dressed. Julia pointed out this inconsistency and Mel said that she was happy remaining dressed, but with the five of us pressuring her (and then six when Sue joined in), Mel relented and removed her clothes.

She said that if she was naked, she at least wanted to get to play with Sue, so Mike moved out of the way and told Mel to take whatever she wanted. Knowing Mel (and how mean she can be) ,I was a little concerned as to what she would do to Sue, but I also knew not to worry too much as Mike loves Sue (not in the same way he loves Jen and me – more like a little sister, just a little sister he gets to fuck). Mel eagerly pushed a couple of fingers into Sue and as she fucked her, she asked Sue if she was as much of a cum-slut as I am. Sue didn’t answer, but let Mel carry on fingering her and Mel said that she wanted to see how much Sue would do so Jen clambered up over Sue and lowered her pussy to Sue’s mouth. Sue barely hesitated and pulled Jen down so she could start eating her (which pleased Mel) and after a couple of minutes more of fingering Sue and playing with her clit, she lowered her mouth to Sue’s cunt and ate her.

Mel, Sue and Jen continued their threesome until Sue came. We had to tell Mel to stop as she just carried on eating Sue, and when she pulled away Sue resumed eating Jen to repay her for making her cum earlier on. Mel wanted to see Mike fuck Sue properly, so while she was still lying on the edge of the sofa (with Jen over her face), Mike knelt in front of Sue and pushed in to her while Mel and Julia held Sue’s lips open to give everyone a better view. As Jen got closer to cumming, Mel got Julia to kneel between Sue’s legs and lick her, which was the sight that Sue was greeted with when Jen came and dismounted Sue’s face.

Sue was tired by this point, but Mel said it was only fair she repay the second orgasm and Julia agreed to be gentle with Sue if they 69ed. We moved upstairs for this and the rest of us sat around the bed and watched as Julia and Sue lapped away at each other. Sue had clearly decided that she didn’t mind joining in, although after the sex parties, it is clear that she isn’t exactly shy when it comes to cumming so I wasn’t too surprised. Mike spent a while with his cock buried in Abrahii while we watched and he tried to fuck Mel, but she didn’t want him inside her so he had a quick go inside Julia (so Sue could lick him and her at the same time). They were then left to finish off and when Sue had got Julia off, Abrahii was given a turn at licking Sue (she also agreed to be gentle, but Sue seemed a bit more willing to play again by this point). Mike had a quick go with her next and as I was the only one who hadn’t eaten Sue, Mel tried to get me to do it, but we told her that we don’t do that.

As a compromise, Mike pushed his cock into me and then offered it to Sue, who sucked it clean – and he then did it in reverse so I sucked Sue’s juices from it. He then fed Sue some of Abrahii’s juices in this way and got Mel to agree to let him briefly fuck her so Sue could also taste her. Mike said that he thought it was time for him to cum and Sue was fine with this so he climbed on top of her and they started to fuck. Sue went on top for a while and Mike asked for help to make her cum, at which point Jen sat behind Sue and reached around to play with her breasts and Julia reached down to play with Sue’s clit. Mike briefly got Abrahii to sit over him so he could lick her, but when Sue came, he said he wanted to fuck her properly so everyone left them to it (but still watched) as Mike pumped in to her. Just before he came, he rolled her over onto her back and pulled out, Sue complained that she wanted him to cum in her, but he just told her he would fuck her again later and said he wanted to let everyone see how much he enjoyed her cunt. He hadn’t even finished explaining this when he came over her, his cum splattered up her front and over her breasts and he aimed at her cunt for the last few shots. Mike had produced a decent amount of cum and Mel smeared it over Sue’s body, pushed it between her pussy lips and fed some of it to Sue with her fingers.

Mel stated that Sue was indeed as much of a slut as I was and I felt duty bound to protect Sue, so I pushed Mel down onto the bed and told Julia to make her cum. She was more than up for this and eagerly attacked Mel’s cunt and to help keep Mel in place, Abrahii sat over her chest with me. Sue just watched at first, but with a little (minimal) encouragement from Julia, she joined in and played with Mel’s clit while Julia ate her. Mel didn’t stand much of a chance (and she wasn’t exactly fighting hard) so we made her cum and then released her.

As it was now quite late, we decided to head off to bed and had to decide what the sleeping arrangements were. Mel wanted to stay with Julia (as they only see each other on weekends – and I remember what that was like) and Mike and Jen really wanted to be with Sue, so I paired up with Abrahii (which was no hardship). Mike, Jen and Sue slept on the floor in Julia’s room so Mel and Jules could watch anything more they got up to. Most of Mike’s cum had soaked in to Sue’s skin, but Jen was happy to curl up against her and feel the remains while Mike spooned behind Sue and after moving gently in her for a short while, started to fuck her properly. As he’d promised, he came inside her this time and after spreading her pussy to let Mel see, they all went to bed.

The next morning, Mike quietly woke Sue up and gently spooned with her for a while, then suggested that Sue take responsibility for waking Mel and Julia up. She didn’t make it to their pussies before they woke up, but neither of them stopped her and after spending a few minutes between Julia’s legs, Sue moved over and licked Mel. Jen wanted to join in properly so she went and sat over Mel’s face. Mike joined them on the bed and went down on Julia and when Sue complained that nobody was paying attention to her pussy, Mike promised her that she’d get to cum. Mike got Jules off, Sue got an orgasm out of Mel and Mel then made Jen cum. In order to keep his promise, Mike got Sue to kneel up and he took her from behind while Julia lay under Sue and licked and frigged her clit. Mike gave Sue a good fucking and (as usual) he carried on after she’d cum and only unloaded into her when he was ready. Julia had stopped playing with Sue when she came, but she remained underneath her and watched as Mike’s cock repeatedly pumped into Sue’s pussy and when he pulled out, Julia pulled Sue down to her mouth and ate some of his cum out of her. I say ‘some’ because Jen seemed to get jealous and told Julia that it was her job to clean Sue out so Julia abdicated her position and Jen took over. Once Sue was thoroughly cleaned out, Jen lay beside Sue and worshipped her breasts for a while using her mouth and fingers.

Mike came in to see what Abrahii and I were up to and found us in the middle of our own morning session (we’d been woken up by the sounds of people cumming in Julia’s room). He asked if he could join us and he helped me get Abrahii off and then watched as she used some toys on me. We were briefly interrupted by the others who were on their way downstairs but I told them I needed to cum first so they went for breakfast and Mike joined them, leaving me in Abrahii’s experienced hands. We didn’t take too much longer and joined them downstairs – I was naked but Abrahii had a robe on, although when she saw that everyone else was still naked, she quickly shed this.

Over breakfast and subsequently sitting in the living room, we were quizzed over how we had started doing things with Sue and what we’d done. We gave them a fairly honest (although slightly edited) version of events and described how she had started to watch Mike and I play together, how we’d invited her in to watch, how we’d seen her play with herself and how Mike had finally done things with her (and how much later, Sue had allowed Jen to experiment with her). Both Mike and Jen said how much they cared for her, along with how hot it was to be able to do things with two sisters at the same time. Naturally Mel wanted to know how much Sue and I had done together and we told her that we have kissed, played with each other’s breasts and tasted each other via Jen or Mike (long term readers will know we omitted a few things here).

Mel told Sue that she didn’t mind what we’d done as Julia had done pretty much everything with her brother. Jules turned bright red when Mel said this, but that didn’t stop Mel from describing how Julia had played around with her brother and his friends when they were younger and how he had even cum in her a couple of times. This seems to be about the only thing that embarrasses Jules – although she doesn’t mind her brother seeing her naked even now and has participated in threesomes with Mel (usually with Mel eating Jules and Alex fucking Mel), he doesn’t get to cum in Julia any more).

As we had such a good male-female ratio (from Mike’s point of view anyway – I prefer it to be more balanced so I can have cock and cunt) we decided to play a game. Each of us took a turn being blindfolded and had to guess who we were tasting as we were fed someone’s juices (including our own), either from someone’s fingers or Mike’s cock. Sue was obviously at a disadvantage here as she only knows how she, Jen and I taste, but it turned out that we were only just scoring above chance anyway (and a number of people got my and Sue’s juices mixed up). Most of us got Mel’s taste right, but she has a stronger flavour than the rest of us so is fairly easy to identify. For the next round, we blindfolded Mike and he had to guess the pussy. He wasn’t allowed to touch and was guided in to each cunt by someone else. He was then allowed to move inside them for 30 seconds and had to give his guess. I cheated a bit and squeezed myself around him to let him know it was me (and I’d have been a bit miffed if he hadn’t recognised what I felt like). He got me and Abrahii right so he didn’t score much better on this.

It was time to get ready to head out so we took turns showering in pairs (there wasn’t enough water for seven people) and Sue was quick enough to agree to go out dressed properly (or improperly, depending on your point of view) once she saw how the rest of us were dressing. On the bus in to town, Mike sat with Sue and I on either side of him with a hand under each of us and his fingers in our cunts. He couldn’t really move much so it was more a case of just doing something daring in public than actually being stimulated, but whenever the bus went over a bump it felt nice and Mike had two wet hands by the time we arrived.

We met up with a few people for lunch. I had explained to Mel, Jules and Abrahii that I didn’t want people in general knowing that Sue fooled around with us, but expecting it to remain a secret was pointless. It wasn’t broadcast around the group, but both Mel and Julia made little comments that hinted they had seen Sue naked and made her cum. Fortunately as Susan was with us, she was (as usual) the focus of attention and was expected to perform. Sue was given the opportunity to play with Susan but she declined and once lunch was over, we mostly went our separate ways (some people still needed to work for exams).

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Misc Fun With The Gang - Part 3

When we went up to see how Mike and Jen had spent their time, we found them on the bed naked (they had both been fully clothed when Mel and Julia had left their hiding place in the bedroom to come and join us downstairs). It had been fairly soon after being left alone that Jen had suggested to Mike that they may as well enjoy themselves and given that we’d spent almost an hour playing with the guys, it wasn’t surprising that the bedroom smelt quite strongly of Jen’s juices. Mel offered them Julia to help them finish things off but Mike said that he wanted to take care of Jen himself so we just sat and watched them.

Once they’d finished, we traded details of our sessions and we found out that Mike had spent a while sucking and nibbling on Jen’s nipples and as she got more turned on, he let her grind against his leg. Once her pussy was sufficiently moist and her juices had been spread around, she let him kiss and lick her thighs and mons (he still isn’t allowed to actually eat/lick her pussy but it was enough for him to get a good taste of her). Jen them rode on Mike, grinding her cunt against his cock until she came and he spent a while longer working on her nips while she recovered. Mike had another indirect taste of her pussy and watched Jen gently play with herself and he then tried slapping her breasts (ideally her nipples, but apparently aiming exactly isn’t easy) with his cock. We joined them not long after this and watched as Mike rubbed his cock over Jen’s breasts. She isn’t large enough to tit-fuck him, but after years of trying I think we’ve finally convinced her that size isn’t everything and both Mike and I love her small firm breasts just as they are (and I’m still very jealous of her nipples, which are much more sensitive than mine). The finished off with Mike humping against her until Jen came, but for Mike’s orgasm, Jen rode him again, sliding her cunt back and forth along the length of his cock until he came and squirted his cum up over his stomach and chest.

As Jen quite likes the taste of his cum, she kissed and licked a fair bit of it off of him and Julia was sent in to suck his cock clean (Jen still doesn’t touch his cock with her hands or mouth – not that Mike would object if she did, but those were the rules and we’re now so close to the time they will actually fuck that they want to stick to ‘the rules’ out of principal.

Mel had to go back home as she had work the following day but we had the day off so had decided to stay until the Monday. This meant that we had Julia to ourselves that night, but we didn’t forget the promise to Abrahii to pleasure her in repayment for letting us use the house to fuck while she was revising. We didn’t want to spend too long playing with her (not that we would have minded, but she didn’t want to stay up too late) so once we’d had dinner and she had prepared her things for the next day, we lay her down on her bed and all joined in caressing her. Each of us stroked her breasts, pussy and ass as well as offering ourselves to her mouth to be licked or sucked. Naturally we repaid this and all ate her (and in Mike’s case, also fucked her). To actually make her cum, Mike spooned with her while I licked her clit and Julia and Jen played with her breasts. Mike kissed and nuzzled the side of her neck and earlobe (Abrahii likes this a lot) and Jules and Jen kissed her deeply on the mouth. When she’d cum, I kitty kissed her for a while as Mike continued to move in her and after a couple of minutes of this we pulled back (and out) and she said she felt nice and relaxed so we left her to sleep and Jen curled up behind her.

I enjoyed having Julia without Mel around as it meant we could do things that we all enjoyed without Mel telling us what she wanted done. As Mike hadn’t cum in Abrahii, he was primed for action, but was happy to sit back and watch Julia and I make out for a while. We weren’t doing anything particularly special, just kissing, caressing and fingering each other – but Mike enjoyed being able to take his time and admire the show. He didn’t remain a silent partner forever though and as things got a bit more heated he joined us on the bed and we kissed and caressed each other. Our fingers and his cock slipped into each of Julia’s and my cunts and we briefly had a triangular 69 (me eating Jules who sucked Mike who ate me). Julia and I 69ed on our side and Mike tried to fuck her, but he couldn’t get a decent angle to move inside her with my head in the way so we went for the alternative approach and he took her ass. In this position, I could easily lick her clit and had a wonderful view of Mike’s cock penetrating her ass. As she got closer to cumming, I could feel Jules whimpering into my mouth and I lapped and licked at her faster to help drive her over the edge.

I slowed my licking and just watched as Mike finished off fucking Julia’s ass and when he pulled out I just kitty kissed her while she finished eating me until I came. We then got Jules to lie back while Mike and I caressed, kissed and fondled her. Julia enjoyed being slowly teased and we gradually got her more and more aroused until she wanted to fuck again (which was just as well as I’d been humping against her leg for a while and wanted a final cum before sleeping). Julia and I shared one of her double vibes (technically it’s actually a dildo, but has a section in the middle that vibrates). We spent a while fucking against each other with this and as we got closer to cumming, we both pressed against the vibrating section and Mike helped out by spreading our lips so we each got better clit contact with the vibe. He helped out a little more by also licking us and this helped to get Julia off (he licked her a bit more than me as he has access to my pussy much more frequently). Julia needed to pull herself off the vibe once she’d cum as she felt too tender so I just held it in place and rotated it so the dildo moved around inside me until I also came. Even though Mike didn’t want to cum again, he did want to spoon as we fell asleep and he gently moved inside me while we all chatted.

The next morning, we treated Julia to a double licking (me pussy, Mike ass). Julia leant over my face to do this while Mike fucked me and once we’d got Julia off, we switched places and Mike fucked Julia while they ate me. Mike went on the bottom this time so he got my pussy and when I’d cum, he concentrated on fucking Jules. I don’t know if I was just imagining it, but she certainly seems different when Mel isn’t around (and I enjoy playing with her more). Jen and Abrahii rose not long after we went downstairs and Jen had gently played with Abrahii, but they hadn’t had a full session as Abrahii wanted to get up and finish revising (despite it being too late to do any good).

We left her to work for a bit while we got ready and Julia and I teamed up on Jen to make sure she got her morning orgasm. Just before Abrahii left, Julia ‘forced’ Abrahii to let Julia eat her. (This was apparently a deal the two of them had before exams to help ensure they were relaxed). Abrahii also wasn’t allowed her panties back, but she was used to this so didn’t mind too much. All of us walked to the exam with her and saw her off with hugs (although if we’d seen her off properly, it might have been enough to distract the other candidates quite a bit).

As the weather was quite nice, we went for a wander and once again sat in the park displaying ourselves (selectively). We saw a guy walking a nice dog and spent a while petting the dog, which gave Julia and I plenty of opportunity to bend over and expose our asses to the guy (short skirts are even more acceptable in warm weather and we both somehow forgot to put panties on). The guy was obviously looking at us (we were talking to him as well as the dog) and seemed quite interested – if he hadn’t had the dog with him, I think we might have tried to find somewhere to play with him (assuming he was interested enough to do this), but I didn’t fancy having a dog jumping up against me and humping my leg while I was trying to get off.

We re-joined Mike and Jen and dared each other to cum. Mike tried to participate, but as he had trousers on (and wasn’t about to whip out his cock as there were too many people around), the best he could do was keep his hands in his lap and gently run against his cock. It wasn’t enough to make him cum (although he said it felt really nice and he was certainly very hard). Us girls had a much easier time of it as we just slid our skirts up high and rested our hands in our laps so we could use our fingers on our clits. I dipped in to my pussy a couple of times to gather up juices and occasionally offered my finger to another member of the group to taste. In return I got to taste Julia and Jen from their fingers (and Mike got to sample us all as well – which just added to his erection).

As it was obvious that all three of us would be able to cum, Julia extended the dare to see who could cum with someone closest to them. We were sitting a little way from the path so not too many people walked directly past us, but people were cutting in all directions and occasionally came fairly close to us. We soon realised that it was actually quite a difficult challenge as we wouldn’t (easily) be able to time our orgasm to coincide with someone being really close to us, so we adjusted the dare to continuing playing with ourselves while people were near us, and if we happened to cum, then all the better. The four of us were sitting facing each other, so it was easy to let each other know if people were approaching from any direction and we gave notice as people did so.

It was easy enough to discreetly play with ourselves while people were behind us, the challenge was to continue as they walked past (in case they looked back). As we got closer to cumming, we (especially Julia and I) became less cautious and continued for longer. By the time we were about to cum, we dared each other to play with ourselves while someone was walking towards us. Julia went first as someone approached me from behind. She kept going for quite a while but as he got closer to us, she stopped moving her fingers and just kept her hands still, covering her naked pussy. I told her that she’d done well, but I intended to beat her so when someone walked towards us from behind Julia (facing me), I spread my legs a little wider and used two fingers to rub my clit. I even pushed my fingers into myself, but now really wanted to cum so mostly just frigged myself. My other hand was hiding the hand I was using to frig myself, but Julia said that she could still see my hand moving. I told her that I didn’t care (I was really very close to cumming) and I continued to rub my fingers in circles around my clit. The guy was quite close to us by this point and I really wanted to cum while he was in front of me but I didn’t make it in time. I didn’t stop what I was doing though and came just after he had passed us and was later told that even if he hadn’t noticed what my fingers were doing, my face pretty much gave away what I was feeling.

I didn’t care though as I had that nice post-orgasmic glow so leant back to see how close Julia would come to matching me (and how far Jen would go). Jen easily made herself cum, but wasn’t prepared to do it with someone in front of her – Julia had another good attempt, but stopped when the person was still a distance away from us and didn’t continue until she had passed us (but when she did continue, she came fairly quickly so to be fair to her, she had gotten herself pretty close to cumming).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait around long enough for Abrahii’s exam to finish (although she went out with some of her friends anyway so we wouldn’t have got much of a chance to see her) as we had to get to the airport (via the house to pick our things up) and get home. Mike bent Julia over and had a quick fuck with her (he made her cum, but he held back) and Jen and I each had a good slurp at her pussy (we actually ‘slurped’ her, rough, dirty and fun!). We teased each other on the plane and by the time we got home, Mike was more than ready to fuck properly. We didn’t leave Jen out though and he fucked me on all fours while I ate Jen. He deposited a decent amount of cum into me which I let trickle out down my legs while wandering around the flat and taking care of the household chores. That night, we all slept together (which we do more frequently now, but I still usually sleep with either Jen or Mike) and Mike lay behind Jen, spooning up against her.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Misc Fun With the Gang - Part 2

On the Sunday, the weather was quite nice so it was an excuse to wear a nice light cotton dress (which caught nicely in the wind and rode much higher on my legs). A few of us went to the park – some brought revision with them and some decided to take a break, but we weren’t planning on staying for too long so I didn’t feel too guilty about distracting them from their work. As long-term readers would probably expect, we didn’t entirely behave ourselves, and while we were careful to not show ourselves off while children were around (or people who we thought might disapprove too much), it was easy enough to find a number of guys who seemed to appreciate lots of exposed leg or glimpses up skirts. Naturally, we played on this quite a bit and Jen and Julia applied sun cream to Abrahii’s legs while she lay on her front reading her notes. They knew that a couple of guys were watching and they slowly worked their way up Abrahii’s legs, pushing her skirt up as they went. They showed more restraint than I would have and just rubbed the cream in right up to the top of Abrahii’s thighs, but didn’t actually caress her (admittedly she had panties on so it would have been more difficult to properly play with her, but the panties had the benefit of being more visible as Abrahii kept her legs slightly spread.

I sat and chatted to Jen while facing the guys with legs spread and when I caught their eye, I indicated to them to come over. They looked at each other a few times but I continued to indicate to them that they should come and join us and when they arrived, I asked if they would help me out by applying lotion to my back. I pulled my top off, lay down and unhooked my bra and told them to proceed. I had hoped they would both give me a massage (or grope) but only one of them did so. I asked him to make sure to do my sides as well and was pleased when he brushed his hands against my side boob and then when I didn’t complain, he got a bit bolder and had a proper feel. I asked the second guy if he’d do the back of my legs and he started at the bottom, but Jen pulled my skirt up a bit and told him that my thighs really needed to be protected. He took the hint and quickly moved to rubbing the lotion in to my thighs. I spread my legs a little more as he inched higher and told him it felt nice. I told him he could go a bit higher if he wanted and felt the side of his hand brush against my pussy. He continued to stroke my thigh, with his hand rubbing against my pussy and I heard him whisper to his friend that I didn’t have any panties on. The guy who had been doing my back moved down to look and I had to tell them to be a bit more discreet when they lifted my skirt to get an even better look.

I moved round a little so I was angled a little more discreetly and allowed them both to continued caressing my thighs. A few of the others in our group told them to touch me as much as they wanted and they became much bolder, their hands stroking against my pussy more. They both had a few turns at fingering me and I really wanted to cum so I told them to play with my clit and after giving a few pointers, they found a way to do this that felt really good while not being too obvious to everyone (other than our group who obviously knew full well what was happening). I would have loved to turn over onto my back so one of them could have played with my breasts, but it wasn’t a suitable place for topless sunbathing (technically it wasn’t a suitable place to be masturbated, but that was part of the fun). As I got closer to cumming, I got the other guy to push a couple of fingers back into my pussy and asked him to wiggle them around. Between this and my clit being stroked (and being outside), I came and had a nice long orgasm. It wasn’t too strong but I could feel wave after wave of pleasure pulsing out from my pussy and if we’d been somewhere more private I would have humped back against their hands and moaned a lot more.

When my orgasm finished I told the guys that I’d like to repay them but we’d need somewhere more private so I got their numbers and arranged to give them a call later on that evening. I continued to sunbathe for a little while with my skirt pulled up almost to my ass and we discussed who would help me to repay my masseurs. It would usually have been Susan who would have been nominated for this but as she was still revising, we decided to go old school and have Julia help me out.

We didn’t stay in the park too much longer so the people who had to revise could get back and continue working. Julia had been quite envious of my dual masturbation and when I told her that she should have just asked the guys to make her cum as well, she said that she wished she had. Mike managed to find an alleyway and relive her frustration. He started off fingering her, then went down on her and finished her off by fucking her. I was quite surprised when he decided to carry on and cum in her, but Julia certainly didn’t mind and Jules seemed happy to walk home with his cum dribbling down her thighs.

We had a quiet afternoon (it was nice to just relax for a while) and didn’t leave it too late before calling the guys from the park. We had checked with Abrahii and she said that she didn’t mind us making a bit of noise as we fucked them, but that we would have to make it up to her later that night (which wasn’t a problem). The guys seemed quite surprised that I had actually called them but I told them as they had given me a nice treat, it was the least I could do to return the favour. They were eager to let me do this and agreed to come over pretty much straight away. I quickly freshened up and got changed into a suitably skimpy outfit to answer the door in. The guys turned up separately and the first one commented on how little I was wearing. We sat and chatted while waiting for his friend and while I didn’t overtly display myself to him, I made sure he could see a fair bit of my body. When his friend turned up, I pulled my top off and answered the door naked (which seemed to surprise him) but neither of the guys were complaining.

We returned to the living room and I sat on the sofa between them, spread my legs and started to fondle myself. They quickly got the idea and replaced my hands with their own and as they fondled me, I told them that they could do pretty much anything they wanted with me as long as they used protection. They seemed to be a little nervous as I exposed their cocks, but after quickly applying condoms and taking them into my mouth (in turns), they quickly settled down and returned to playing with me.

We rearranged ourselves so one of them was sitting on the sofa and I was bent over in front of him so I could suck him while the other guy fucked me from behind (I love this position). While we were going at it Mel and Julia walked in, at which point the guy fucking me stopped and tried to cover himself up but I carried on sucking the guy on the sofa. Julia told us to carry on and pointed out that she had watched the guys play with me in the park earlier on anyway and she sat down and started to play with herself. Mel helped to remove Julia’s clothes and then buried her face between Julia’s legs. Jules happily accepted the attention but complained that it wasn’t fair that I was hogging all of the cock and asked if she could join me so I told her to mount the guy on the sofa. I then asked him if he minded – and as we had expected, he didn’t so I moved back a little and Julia climbed over him and impaled herself on his cock. As I’d given him a fairly good sucking, I pointed out that Julia might need a little help so Mel sat beside the guy and reached down to play with Julia’s clit. Ideally I would have licked them both (or at least licked Julia’s clit), but with Mel taking care of Jules, it meant I could use a hand to play with myself and make sure that I came before the guy inside me did. Only when he pulled out did I tell Mel to let me finish helping Jules and I pushed my mouth against her clit and sucked on it while the second guy bounced up and down on the sofa and finished off fucking her.

Before the guys could think about leaving, I asked if they were up for another round and added that we could probably find a way to amuse them while they recovered and got ready. I whispered something to Jules and we both pounced on Mel and pulled her top off, quickly followed by her bra. She seemed a lot more compliant than usual and allowed us to tear off her skirt and panties (her skirt did actually tear a little, which wasn’t a part of the plan) and while Julia planted herself over Mel in a 69 position I used Mel’s skirt, bra and panties to wipe the guys cocks clean of cum and then threw the dirty clothes to the side. I got the guys to sit and watch us and I took over playing with Mel’s pussy, at first by licking and fingering her and then by scissoring against her. While scissoring, Julia (who was still sitting over Mel’s face) leant forwards and I moved back a bit so she could briefly lick both Mel and me.

The guys had covered their cocks while sitting down so I couldn’t easily tell when they were ready for more. They were in no doubt that they were going to get another opportunity to fuck though as both Julia and I kept asking them which one of us they wanted next (Mel wasn’t really able to participate in the conversation as Julia’s pussy was covering her mouth). The guys said they didn’t mind (it’s always nice to feel special) so we said they could try out all of us in turn. By the time Julia came and we got Mel off, it was clear that they were ready and once they had some fresh condoms on Mel, Julia and I knelt up against the sofa and told them to go nuts.

They started off in Mel and Julia but after a minute or so, the guy in Mel moved around to fuck me (he did ask if he needed a new condom but I pointed out that I’d been eating Mel earlier and we were cool with sharing cunt juice). Julia’s guy moved over to take Mel and after another minute or so, he moved on to me while the guy in me had his go with Jules. As much as I wanted to have one of them fuck me to orgasm, I really wanted to see Mel fucked by a stranger so once the guys moved back to Mel and Jules, I volunteered to play with them all and let them enjoy themselves properly without having to keep changing places. I wasn’t entirely selfless while doing this and did take the opportunity to get both Mel and Jules to take a turn eating me (which was entirely for the purpose of letting the guys watch this – honest), but I did make sure to play with Mel and Julia’s clits and breasts as well as sitting between them and sliding a finger into each of their asses and letting the guys watch as I pumped in and out.

The guy in Mel came first and when he pulled out I retrieved Mel’s clothes and wiped him clean once again before I concentrated my attention on Julia in order to make sure she came again. I was a bit more focussed this time and played with her clit and used a couple of fingers in her ass and had no trouble pulling an orgasm out of her, at which point I told the guy inside her to use her as hard as he wanted. I sat and watched as he pumped into her and then pushed all the way in and kept still as he came. When he pulled out and Julia moved, we could see she had left a little puddle of drool on the sofa, but I mostly concentrated on cleaning the guy’s cock off with Mel’s skirt.

The guys didn’t think they’d be able to do much more for quite a while and I even offered them the chance to DP me (although I don’t think they actually liked the idea of that anyway). As you might expect, I wasn’t content with being the only one who came once so asked the girls to take care of me (I had a vague notion that we might be able to coax the guys’ cocks back into life). Fortunately, Mel was enough of herself to not want to miss an opportunity to do things to me while people watched (even if she was also naked at the time) and I soon had two of her fingers in my pussy, which were joined by two of Julia’s. Julia then dashed upstairs and left me to Mel, but quickly returned with some toys and I had at first one, and then two dildos pushed in to my cunt. Mel and Julia took one of them each and fucked me with them entirely independently. Neither of the dildos were very large so I wasn’t stretched too much and could enjoy the sensation, but Jules wanted to make sure I really enjoyed myself (and wanted revenge for me fingering her ass) so pushed one of strong anal vibes into me and also fucked me with this.

I was made to lie back on the sofa with my legs pulled up and spread as far as I could get them which completely exposed what was being done to my cunt and ass. The guys were told to come closer and watch carefully and between sessions with the dildos, I was licked and fingered. I could feel that my orgasm was approaching rapidly and told everyone that I was about to cum, however this didn’t temper how they were playing with me and I came with the anal vibe in my ass, two each of Mel and Julia’s fingers in my pussy and Mel rapidly frigging my clit. Needless to say, all of this stimulation (coupled with the excitement of the extended session and being watched by strangers) helped to give me a strong orgasm (probably stronger than the one I’d had earlier in the park) and this time I didn’t have to hide it and keep quite. I gave a graphic description of how good it felt and what I could feel. There was a mix of encouraging them to continue and telling them to stop as it was too strong (it wasn’t actually *that* strong, but I wanted to put on a good show for the guys as they’d helped us out). At one point I told them I was going to squirt over them, but I can’t do this as naturally as Jen does (I tend to have to think about it – and I’m not sure Julia would have been too happy with me peeing over the living room carpet). Mel kept frigging me for a little too long so I ended up begging her to stop, at which point she eased off a little, but I was left with the vibe and dildos in me so the guys could admire the view.

While I recovered, Mel told the guys that if they were interested, she had a little 19 year old that they were welcome to fuck. She was of course referring to Susan and the guys both said that they were very interested so Mel promised to give them a call. As a final display, I was made to suck both of the dildos clean (one at a time) and then spread myself to let the guys get a good look up into my cunt. Julia and I were made to show the guys to the door naked and we gently fingered each other while waving them off and promising them we’d be in touch for more fun in the future.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Misc Fun With the Gang - Part 1

At the end of May we went back down to visit Jen’s friends, but as more of them were in the middle of exams, it was a fairly quiet weekend. A couple of people had pretty much finished so we had someone to hand out with, but as Abrahii was still in the middle of her exams, we couldn’t get up to too much at the house. (Not that this stopped us waking her up in a nice way).

We left Abrahii to work on the Saturday with the promise that she could go out in the evening if she got all of her revision done and we headed out into town. We spend a while just wandering around and then decided to visit one of the sex shops for some fun. For a change, we went to a different one, with the aim of enjoying amusing (or shocking) a different assistant. We started off doing pretty much the same as usual – looking around and then asking if I could try on one of the outfits. We were told the usual about there not being any changing rooms, and when I said I didn’t mind I was told that I could try on a top, but no panties.

As Mel was with us, she wanted me to wear something slutty so I was told to try on a leather bodice. It was designed to leave the breasts mostly uncovered, but was meant for a smaller cup size than mine, so once I was laced into it, my breasts had burst out of the cups. I’d kept my dress bunched up around my waist while the others had gotten me dressed but when it was time for me to put the boots on, this seemed silly so I let my dress slide to the floor and exposed my pussy. As usual, I made sure to spread my legs much more than was necessary while putting the boots on and paraded around a little once I was dressed. The top wasn’t really that comfortable but I wanted to play a little so was prepared to put up with it and I selected a whip with a nice solid handle and many strips of leather.

Mel said that I really looked the part of the dominatrix and I lightly whipped the insides of Jen’s thighs a few times before getting her to lean over so I could whip her ass directly (with her skirt pulled up). I didn’t hit her too hard, but it was enough for her to enjoy it a little and I told Mike that it might be a good toy to add to our collection (we really need to stop buying sex toys as we spend way too much on them). As Mike went to pay for it, I decided to test it out in one more way and sat down, then pushed the handle part way into my pussy. It had a nice texture and I slid it in and out a few times before handing it to Julia to hold while I got changed back into my own clothes. I had the bodice removed first so I could be mostly naked while removing the boots and then put my bra and shoes on before finally slipping my dress back on. I knew that I wanted to cum so we quickly left the shop and headed off to a store with changing rooms where I let Mel help me try on some clothes (by which I mean, fuck me properly with the whip handle). She was quite forceful and pumped the handle into me while sucking on my clit and pushing a thumb into my ass – but it all ended well (in that I came). I wanted to at least eat her as a thank you but she didn’t want to cum so all I got was to finger her briefly and rub the handle of the whip around her pussy.

Julia wasn’t feeling too good (post exam illness) so we dialled things down a little in the afternoon – although having said that, Mel was still keen on trying to get Jen to cum and wanted to do this in as public a place as possible so we tried fondling her in a couple of locations but couldn’t find anywhere public that was sufficiently private for someone else to play with Jen. In the end we had to settle for sitting in a cafĂ© and Jen playing with herself. It’s fairly easy to do this discreetly – she just folded one leg under the other on the chair and used a finger to stroke her clit. Her hand hardly moved and if anyone walked past, it just looked like her hand was resting on her thigh (admittedly fairly high up her thigh). As a reward for cumming, Jen had her coffee bought for her and Julia was challenged to repeat what Jen had done. They had to switch seats for Julia to accomplish this, but she too had very little trouble cumming.

We returned home and gave Abrahii part of her reward for working hard – Jen went down on her and Mike then fucked her gently from behind while giving her a massage. We ate dinner and freshened up for our trip out and once dressed, we headed over to the hardcore club and met up with a couple of other members of the gang.

We danced and played for a while and even though there were others fucking and sucking around us, we took our time and teased each other. Abrahii was wearing the red dress that tied up down each side (she often wears this to the club as it is quite versatile when it comes to being fondled), but as she had been intending on having a fairly quiet evening, she had a set of red lingerie underneath it. As the dancing progressed, a few of the ties at the side of the dress were undone so people could slip hands on to her body and caress her. It wasn’t too difficult to convince her to remove her underwear (she moved in to one of the side rooms to do this) and on returning to the dance floor, we watched as Julia danced behind Abrahii and reached around and in to her dress to caress her breasts and pussy. Even if it hadn’t been so dark, we wouldn’t have been able to see anything directly, but it was fairly clear from the movement of Julia’s hands under the material of the dress as to what was going on and she ended up pulling Abrahii over to the side of the room so she could lean back against Julia, who continued to play with Abrahii’s pussy until she came.

We took this as a signal that the time for teasing each other was over and (fairly randomly from my perspective) chose our partners to have fun with. I ended up with Richard and after presenting myself to him so he could fuck me for a while, he said he wanted to cum over me so I sat on a bench and let him fuck my mouth. I know better than to wear good clothes to the club so I wasn’t too worried about him cumming over me, but thought it would be hotter if he came on my skin instead of on my top so I got him to hold on while I quickly pulled my top off. I sucked him a little more and got him to finish himself off, telling him to aim his cock at my face and neck as he came. I reached out and caressed his balls, squeezing them gently as he erupted over me. He let out a couple of decent squirts that splattered over my face and dripped down onto my breasts and then a few smaller squirts that mostly landed on my stomach and skirt. I rubbed the small drops over my stomach but left the main splashes alone to just drip off of me. I asked how he intended to make me cum and he said he would eat or finger me, but I asked him to just use a bottle on me (this seems somehow dirtier to me) and he eagerly fucked me with my beer bottle and fondled my breasts. By the time I came, by bra was no longer covering my breasts and his cum was well and truly rubbed in to them and as a final display of sluttiness,I sucked the neck of the bottle clean.

I’d seen Jen and Angela playing not too far from me – mostly just kissing and fingering each other. At first this was vaguely hidden (their hands were under each other’s skirts), but as they got more aroused, they weren’t as concerned about being covered and spread/lifted their legs to give the other person better access. Julia and Simon were in one of the other side rooms and had simply fucked with Simon sitting on the bench and Julia riding him while he sucked on her nipples. Ethan and James had (and still were when I went in) taken turns sucking each other off and in another room I found the rest of the group.

Susan and Mary had played with each other (they had taken turns fingering and licking each other) and Mel had pulled Abigail’s skirt and panties off so she could play with her more readily. Abigail had drunk a bit more than the rest of us and hadn’t seemed to mind this so when she’d cum, Mike had also had a go at eating her, but he then turned his attention to Mel and said that as everyone else was cumming, she didn’t get to opt out and he started to eat her. Mel seems to quite enjoy the way Mike eats her and she allowed him to continue. He got her sufficiently turned on that she didn’t stop him pulling her panties off and once she’d cum he got her to turn around and lean against the wall so he could fuck her. (I think it is a bit of a power thing between them – he knows that Mel really loves making Julia, Jen and me do things so he enjoys being the one who can make her perform). He didn’t draw things out and just fucked her – and unusually for him he didn’t worry too much about whether she came or not. He got Susan to move over and sit in front of Mel and with her skirt pulled up, Susan poured small quantities of beer over her pussy for Mel to ‘drink’. Mike got Mel’s top pulled down and her breasts freed which he groped as he pumped into her cunt and then came in her. He took the beer from Susan and poured a small amount over Mel’s ass – not enough to soak her, but enough that it trickled down her legs.

Mel didn’t get her panties back but I hadn’t bothered to put my top back on either and there were people less dressed than any of our group. I got a few compliments on my breast and Mike told one of the guys who commented on them that he could fuck me if he wanted (and he wanted). I thought that if I was going to cum, then I should involve Jen so we went to find her and I told her that I was going to eat her while the guy fucked me. Mike wasn’t quite as keen on this as it was meant to be him that got to do this, but I’d decided this would be fun so Jen lay back on the bench, I knelt on it and ate her and the guy half knelt on the bench behind me and pushed into me. Mike helped out a bit by pulling Jen’s top down to expose her breasts and then fondling them roughly (just the way she likes). The guy inside me certainly seemed to be enjoying himself and eagerly pumped in and out for a while before cumming. Unfortunately he hadn’t played with my clit at all so as soon as Jen came, I climbed over her face and told her to repay me for her orgasm (which she obediently did).

It was obvious that exams had tired people out as they didn’t have much of an appetite for any more games (well, Julia did, but she’s always horny). Even on the way home people weren’t that interested in playing much (although Susan was made to expose herself to a couple of guys and then let them watch her as she peed in an alleyway). Any other night, they would have probably both been allowed (or encouraged) to fuck her, but once she’d finished, we headed back home with the others peeling off and heading to their respective places. Once back inside, Mike spent the night with Mel and Julia (and took care of Julia’s cravings by eating her and then spooning with her) while Jen and I took Abrahii and double teamed her for a final orgasm of the night before we 69ed.

The next morning, Abrahii got up to work (but not until we’d pulled an orgasm out of her) and Jen and I stayed in bed to gently play with each other (we tried to be quiet so we didn’t disturb Abrahii but after a while she said our kissing was distracting her so we went to join Mel, Jules and Mike in the other room. Julia’s bed really wasn’t big enough for five people, but having so many of us in a confined space meant we had to be creative with positions and ended up in a few tangles as we kissed, licked, fingered and fucked each other. We didn’t surface until each of us had cum twice and by this time we were quite hungry so headed down to get breakfast.