Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Lazy Sunday

(This follows on from the last entry, so technically it starts on a Saturday evening)

Unfortunately for Jen, I didn’t get to actually make her cum as Mel wanted to expose Susan in one more way. While Susan was lying on the grass recovering from her last orgasm, Mel pulled Susan’s mask off to expose her face. Now Susan has been on camera before unmasked so it wasn’t really anything new for her but I decided to be gallant and went and sat on Susan’s face (to cover it) and told her to eat me. Jen convinced people that things were pretty much over anyway as Susan would have to go and shower so the live stream was shut down and I stood up to release Susan who looked a mess (but a fairly happy, if flushed, mess).

Abigail suggested that before Susan was allowed to clean herself up, we all head down to the local for a quick drink and even though the plan had be to stay in, enough people were up for this that it was agreed on. Susan went in to get dressed and as Jen had been left hanging, I stayed out in the garden with her and quickly finished playing with her until she came. On returning to the house we found that Susan had been given a short leather skirt and tight white top to wear, but that she had only been allowed to brush her hair and not clean up in any other way. She had grass marks on her hands, legs (front and back) and her ass (but the ones on her ass were at least hidden) and it looked quite obvious to us that she’d been fucked doggy style in the garden. Her body was still sticky with cum and pee and on the way to the pub (which was only a couple of minutes walk), she had her skirt pulled up a number of times to expose her ass and cunt. She was instructed to sit up on a stool and keep her legs spread enough to let people see up her skirt and as she was sitting there Abigail said (quietly) that she wished we’d had an extra couple of guys who could have fucked her just before we went in to the pub so their cum could have been leaking out of Susan and into her skirt. I thought about this for a while and realised that it would actually be quite good as the leather wouldn’t absorb the cum so she would have ended up sitting in t puddle of it, which would have then dripped out of the skirt when she stood up. Fortunately for Susan (or possibly unfortunately, as she would have probably enjoyed it) they guys were pretty much empty, so other than letting people see her pussy (which got her a fair bit of attention and the offer of many drinks), she didn’t have to let herself be humiliated any more.

We headed back to the house and people agreed that Susan had done a good job so she was allowed to go clean herself up and then just remain naked for the evening. She was still subjected to a little teasing, but her main job was now taking care of other people and Jen got Susan to eat me, so I got her to do the same to Jen. In return for this, Mike went down on Susan and spent a while kitty kissing her before getting her off (she quite likes it when Mike eats her as he usually takes his time so she can enjoy it). Abigail offered Susan to anyone who wanted her one last time before they headed home (for Abi to have her way with Susan) but there were no takers, so instead of watching Susan be fucked, Abigail borrowed a thin, short nightdress for Susan to wear on the journey home. Technically she was covered, and when they were out on the street, there wasn’t much of her visible, but Abigail liked the thought of Susan being only just covered so when they got home (as we found out on the Sunday), Abigail pushed Susan straight onto the bed and humped against her face.

We went out for our usual brunch on the Sunday and Susan said that she was feeling a little tender from the evening’s games so I offered to take over from her for the day if people agreed. This was partly out of concern for her and wanting to give her a rest and partly as I get a little jealous of all the attention she gets during the games. Mel said that she had already got something planned for Susan and when I said that I would do it, she said that she had also planned something for me. We found out that Mel and Abigail were going to offer Susan and Abrahii to all of the guys in the group (the clean ones anyway) and I was going to be made to take care of any of the girls who Susan would otherwise have been dealing with. Seeing as it wasn’t that long ago that Susan ‘was gay’, I said that I would swap places with her and she was agreeable with this.

We went back to Julia and Abrahii’s place and once inside Abrahii and I were stripped of our clothes (not that we resisted in any way). We were told that the rules were simple and that as many of the guys could use us as many times as they wanted and we had to comply with their requests. The only girls that we were allowed to do anything with were each other while Susan would take care of any other girls who wanted attention. To get things started, we had to play with each other and I discussed with Abrahii why she had agreed to be used in this way and her reasoning was similar to mine – she just wanted to have as much fun as Susan did for a change.

We weren’t allowed to finish making each other cum and were told to offer ourselves to the guys. I started off with Ashraf (who seems to go back to visit the gang even more frequently than we do) and Abrahii had Richard (who she may as well be dating as she is spending an increasing amount of time with him and James). This time, Mel didn’t specify whether the guys were meant to cum over or in us and while I like the feeling of cum on my body, I like the feeling of it filling me and oozing out of me even more so I told Ashraf to cum in me as much as he could. Of course I tried to help this along by contracting myself around him and was pleased when he said that he could feel the difference. Our session wasn’t anything out of the ordinary – I was on my back and played with my clit to let Ashraf concentrate on enjoying himself and as he got closer to cumming, I got him to hold my legs up against his body and pull himself into me while I pushed back. I know this probably only makes a matter millimetres difference, but it feels deeper and the thought of him cumming as far inside me as possible is a real turn on. Richard finished up in Abrahii first and Ashraf told me to get myself close to cumming (which I did). I kept myself near orgasm while he took himself to the edge and then when he came, we pushed together and I frigged myself until I came while he stayed buried inside me.

Abrahii already had cum leaking out of her pussy and mine soon followed suit once Ashraf pulled out. For round two, we were told that we were going to 69 while being fucked so had to lie on our sides in a 69 and then had Simon and Ethan take us from behind. As we had our cunts filled with cock, we could obviously only lick each other’s clits (and the aforementioned cocks), but people seemed to think we were putting on a good show. Unfortunately Simon came reasonably quickly, but I wasn’t denied my pleasure as Abrahii continued to eat me once he had pulled out. Ethan also came before Abrahii did, but she was much closer by this point so it didn’t take me long to finish her off and we were told that it was now time for round three.

Mike and James were up next. Traditionally Mike would have wanted to eat Abrahii before fucking her, but he still isn’t that keen on other guys’ cum (although a lot less sensitive to it than he used to be) so he just went straight to fucking Abrahii. This meant that I had to take care of James and I wasn’t surprised when he said that he wanted my ass so I rolled over onto my front and lifted it up slightly to offer myself to him. James is mostly gay, but over the past year, he has been trained by Richard to enjoy Abrahii (so they can have threesomes). He does fuck her properly, but will often take her ass (which is why I wasn’t surprised when he wanted mine). I felt him apply some lube and push into me and wanted him to enjoy himself so I asked for someone to pass me a vibe and after failing to slide it into myself, I asked for help doing this (I may be quite experience at inserting vibes, but it isn’t that easy when lying on your front with someone pounding into your ass). I kept the vibe buried inside me and James said that he could feel it against his cock.

I used a hand to keep the vibe in me and my other hand on my clit – this meant that my upper body and head were on the floor, but it was actually quite an enjoyable position - although I wouldn’t want to be in that position for too long. Fortunately James enjoyed the combination of my ass and the vibe so he didn’t take too long to cum and between the vibe, his cock and my fingers I wasn’t too far behind him (although he’d pulled out by the time I came).

Mike made a show of fucking Abrahii for as long as he could and got her to cum fairly easily (he’s fucked her enough to know what she enjoys) but just kept going. They used a couple of different positions and at one point were sitting on the sofa with her on his lap, but finished off (for her second cum) with Mike on his back and Abrahii on top of him. He did his trademark of pounding in to her, hard and fast. It took her a fair bit longer to cum this time (due to having had three orgasm already), but Mike is practiced at holding back and just kept pounding away into her until she finally came. It’s probably worth mentioning why this method works (for me anyway) – when I’m on top of him like this, he pulls our bodies together so my clit slams against him with each thrust (it’s not just vaginal stimulation). Obviously there is only so much contact in this position, but that’s why the hard pounding works so well. As he’d been holding back for a while, Mike was able to cum in Abrahii fairly soon after she came.

We went back to the first guys as people thought we should put on a spit-roast display (being fucked while sucking someone). Abrahii and I had to kneel on all fours and Ashraf took Abrahii while Richard took me. I was then given Mike’s cock to suck clean and Abrahii got James’. After a couple of minutes of this, we were challenged to go one step further and Simon and Ethan were told to join in. The aim of this was for us to get two cocks in our mouths at the same time and I was fairly sure that Mike might object to this, but he played along moved around slightly to let Simon kneel beside him and guide his cock into my mouth beside Mike’s. I licked and sucked on both heads and there was certainly a fair amount of contact between Simon’s and Mike’s cocks and I imagined having a cock filling my cunt with cum while two cocks emptied themselves into my mouth at the same time.

After the session the previous evening, none of the guys were that bothered about cumming again, but as they were all hard, I did get them to help me out with a little fantasy. I lay on my back and had Ashraf slide into me, got Richard and James to kneel either side of my head so they could position their cocks where I could lick them both and got Simon and Ethan to kneel either side of me so I could give them handjobs. I’d really only wanted to try the position out and enjoy it for a little bit but Mel got Abrahii to use the vibe on my clit and said I had to stay in position until I’d cum. I think she’d hoped that the guys would change their minds and all want to cum over (or in) me (which would have been nice). Admittedly, Ashraf started to get into it and said that as he was inside me, he may as well cum, but this time he pulled out and came over my pussy. He didn’t produce much cum, but there was enough for Abrahii to rub around and into my pussy and leave me feeling damp.

Susan had meanwhile been keeping up her end of the arrangement and dealing with the girls. She had dealt with Angela, Julia and Jen and had been told to lick Mel extensively (not to make her cum, just to get her face covered with Mel’s juices). Susan was still in this position when the guys finished with me and as she was available, was told that she would take each of the cocks for a minute for the best fucking they could give her. Mike went first and said that Susan felt really wet and gave her a good pounding. The guys were of course allowed to cum if they wanted to (or could), but none of them had anything worthwhile left in them so just took turns filling her with their cocks.

As has often been the case, we spent so long playing that Jen, Mike and I had to hurry and gather our things and get to the airport in time for our flight, but we know the journey well enough that we weren’t too bothered and made it on time.

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