Friday, 6 September 2013

Midweek Fun - Part 1

I don’t usually write about what we do during the week as:
a) We’re generally busy working
b) We only tend to have normal sex
c) We rest so we have energy to play properly at the weekend

This week (in the middle of May) though, things were a little different so I thought I’d document it. All of Jen’s friends from her course knew that she was gay and I was her girlfriend (and they also knew about Mike). While her new friends weren’t as ‘interesting’ as her friends from her undergrad days, they were at least all sufficiently open minded that nobody objected to our relationship and as you might expect, a number of the guys liked the idea of Jen and I together. We didn’t play up to this too much as I work at the Uni and didn’t want too much gossip (I have no objection to people knowing I’m bi and about Mike and Jen, but that’s different than them knowing about my active sex life).

One evening back in April, one of the guys on Jen’s course was chatting to her at the pub and told Jen that he really wanted to see his girlfriend with another girl. He wasn’t the first guy who had told Jen this and she gave what has become her stock answer of telling him that she would happily help turn his girlfriend gay (which is one of Jen’s life goals for all women on the planet – or at least all of the ones she thinks are sexy). She didn’t think anything more of this until he asked her out for lunch a few days later and asked her if she had really meant what she’d said. Jen had completely forgotten about it and had to get him to explain what he was talking about, and when she realised that he was being serious (or at least more serious than just a passing comment), she told him that she would have to talk to Mike and me and swore him to secrecy.

I was a little hesitant, but didn’t think there would be any harm in talking about it so Jen and I arranged to meet up with Darren and Joni for lunch the next day to see if this was something they were really serious about and was something that Joni really wanted to try (and if she even knew about). It turned out that this was something they had discussed in detail (initially just about her being with another girl, but then about that ‘girl’ being Jen). It was a bit of a risk, but we decided that as Darren was going to be finishing up soon, it might be a fun experience (and as I’ve said, it played in to Jen’s aim of making all girls into lesbians – or at least bi) so we agreed to think about it on the condition that they would have to both get tested before we’d consider doing anything with them.

Not much more was said about the matter for the next couple of week other than Darren occasionally making cryptic remarks to Jen about Joni looking forward to spending time with her. Over a lunch, I hinted to Darren that if he wanted, Joni could get to experience both Jen and me, and if this were the case, then Darren could also get to play with me. He asked what Mike thought about this and I said that as long as Mike got to sample Joni, he would be fine (knowing Mike, he would probably have been fine with it even without getting to fuck Joni). Darren was obviously undecided about letting another guy fuck Joni, but Jen and I discreetly stroked each other’s thighs and whispered about how he would get to see Joni fucked by two girls at the same time. He said he’d talk to her about it and I pointed out that she might be more willing to experiment if Mike was also involved.

They both decided that they wanted Joni to experience being with a girl and Joni said that if Darren was going to get to play with me, then she would take the opportunity and play with Mike. Naturally Mike was happy about this as it meant he got to play with someone new and Jen was ecstatic as she would get a new pussy to play with. We arranged to meet up after work on the Monday and head out for a drink (to help them relax) and then head back to their place (as they lived closer to Uni and we thought it would be better for Joni to be in familiar surroundings).

Even with a couple of drinks in her, Joni was still obviously a bit nervous and we assured her that nothing had to happen if she didn’t want it to. To help break the mood, Jen and I started to kiss and fondle each other through our clothes – nothing too serious as I didn’t want to put on a show for Darren if nothing else was going to happen. We made it as far as caressing each other’s thighs before Darren convinced Joni to come over and kiss Jen. I moved to the side and let Joni take my place and watched as Jen kissed her, gently at first and then gradually becoming more insistent. Joni jumped a little when Jen lifted her hand to one of Joni’s breasts, but this is Jen’s area of expertise and she soon had Joni’s top pulled up and her mouth on one of Joni’s exposed nipples.

Jen didn’t waste any more time and quickly had Joni on her back, pulled her legs apart and pushed her thigh between them. Jen believes that this is the point where most bi-curious girls chicken out so she quickly moved from sucking on Joni’s breasts to kissing her way down Joni’s stomach, over her skirt and on to planting kisses over Joni’s panties. Jen pulled the crotch aside, spread Joni’s lips and quickly pushed her tongue into the waiting pussy. I saw enough to know that Joni didn’t shave and wondered when the last time was that I (or Jen) had eaten an unshaved girl (it turned out that Joni did at least trim her pubes, so while she wasn’t smooth, at least we didn’t have to fight our way through a forest to get to the interesting parts of her).

As it looked like things were progressing well, I moved around behind Jen and undid her skirt and pulled it and her panties down to her knees. Jen lifted her legs and I pulled the skirt free and then rubbed my fingers up and down the length of Jen’s pussy a few times before sucking them clean. I’d done this mostly for Darren’s benefit so went to sit beside him and placed my hand on his crotch. He jumped at my touch and I asked him if he was enjoying watching his girlfriend being eaten by another girl (he was). Jen pulled Joni’s panties off and went down on her properly, briefly stopping to help Joni remove her skirt. After another brief session of licking, Jen removed her top and helped Joni remove hers so Jen could get full access to Joni’s breasts. By this point, I had my hand on Darren’s cock and I told him to pay attention to Jen and Joni so he didn’t miss anything and he could play with me afterwards.

He didn’t have to wait for too long as Jen soon crawled back down between Joni’s legs and went back to work on her cunt. Between licks, Jen complimented Joni on having a beautiful pussy, but she mostly concentrated on licking her lips and sucking her clit. I gently stroked Darren’s cock as he watched and then pushed him back on the chair a bit so I could lower my head and take his head in my mouth. He pushed me down onto his cock, but I kept my hand around the shaft so he didn’t get too deep (I can’t do deep throat – I’ve tried on Mike, but always choke). I wasn’t really sucking him properly as I was half watching Jen and listening as Joni’s breathing got faster and deeper. I could see Joni’s hands on Jen’s head, holding her in place so I guessed that Joni was now fully committed to the experiment. I switched to just kissing and licking the head of Darren’s cock so I could get a better view (and to ensure he didn’t cum in my mouth as I still don’t really like the taste of cum and if he was going to cum, I wanted it to be inside me). Jen continued to lick Joni until she came – which was signalled with heavy breathing, quiet moans and what sounded like a contented sigh.

I sat up beside Darren and spread my legs. He took the hint and pushed a hand between my legs. His fingers found my pussy and pushed straight into me so I asked him if he wanted to fuck. I didn’t wait for his answer and stood up to remove the rest of my clothes. He followed suit and I climbed over his cock and quickly lowered myself onto it. Darren was quite eager to play with my breasts as we fucked (Joni is also quite well endowed in the chestal area) and I rode up and down, played with my clit and contracted myself around him. Jen had meanwhile started to help Mike out and was kissing Joni while playing with her breasts (the fact that Joni has large breasts was just an added bonus for Jen). Mike continued to eat Joni and as we had already planned out what we wanted to do, he didn’t hang around or tease her too much. He lapped away steadily at her cunt, alternating between licking her clit, paying attention to her lips and tasting her juices from inside her pussy. He went a bit further and grazed his tongue over her ass a couple of times but didn’t concentrate his attention there.

Mike actually got Joni to cum before either Darren or I came and after he’d kitty kissed her for a short while, he kissed his way up her body and joined Jen in paying attention to Joni’s nipples. I encouraged Darren to cum in me so we would watch the next part of the show, but as I wanted to have fun as well I concentrated on playing with my clit so I came before he did and wasn’t left hanging. He asked if it was really okay to cum in me and I told him that as long as he didn’t mind Mike cumming in Joni, then he could go ahead and fill me with his cum. I leaned forwards and whispered in his ear, describing what I could feel his cock doing to me and how much I wanted to feel him cum in me. This was enough to push him over the edge (although the continued pumping inside me probably helped) and I pushed myself down on his cock in time with his cum-thrusts into me. I didn’t move for a minute or so and just tried to milk his cock with my cunt. When I did finally pull myself off of him, I leaked a bit of his cum onto his cock, but wiped it up and smeared it over my pussy and thighs.

We had a little break, during which Joni pulled a blanket over herself and Darren covered up. Once we’d had a drink (non-alcoholic), Jen asked Joni if she was ready to move on to the next stage of playing with her (eating her). Joni said that she would give it a try, but she was a bit nervous as she had never done it before. Jen told her not to worry and to just lick Jen in the way she enjoyed having someone lick her. Jen lay on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass and let Joni crawl between her legs. She started off gingerly, mostly kissing Jen’s lips, but as Jen kept telling her how nice it felt, Joni became a bit bolder and licked up and down Jen’s pussy. Jen was vocally appreciative of this (not in an over the top way, but enough to show Joni how good it felt) and I encouraged her to spread Jen’s lips and lick a bit harder.

For a newbie, Joni was quite good and despite being nervous, had obviously decided she really wanted to try things out as she got properly stuck in to Jen’s pussy (with continued encouragement) and licked right between Jen’s lips as well as sucking on her clit. The session took a while as Joni was learning as she went along so Jen ended up writhing about on the bed and pulling on her nipples to help speed things up. We got Joni using a couple of fingers in Jen while sucking on her clit to finally make her cum and only when Jen’s orgasm ended did I realise that she hadn’t ‘mewed’ her way through it like usual (she says that she felt self-conscious about letting Darren hear her cum in her usual way – which I found odd as she obviously didn’t mind him seeing his girlfriend fingering and eating her).

Darren was obviously aroused by Joni’s display and I’d been sitting on the bed beside Jen with my legs spread, gently toying with my pussy to help ensure Darren would be up for a ‘round two’. Once Jen had cum and thanked Joni and Joni had wiped her face clean (and stopped blushing), I knelt on the bed and presented myself to Darren, asking him if he wanted to fuck me again while Mike used Joni. As an added bonus, I told Joni I would show her how to kitty kiss (a skill every woman should know – even if was just so she could teach it to Darren for use on her). Joni assumed the same position I was in and Jen crawled up on the bed so she was sitting in front of me. It was a bit harder to get a decent angle on her pussy from this position, but as I wasn’t trying to make her cum it wasn’t too bad. Darren eagerly pushed in to me and Mike moved Joni over slightly so he could enter her and the fucking began.

Darren reached around me and played with my breasts and between licks, I told him to play with my clit as well so I could cum around his cock again. Mike was exploring the inside of Joni’s cunt with his cock and told her that she felt hot and soft (which I guess would be the perfect combination). Part-way through our session, Jen crawled over to Joni and offered her pussy to Joni’s mouth so Joni could try kitty kissing (Jen gave her instructions and described how it was a nice way to recover after cumming and get in the mood for more fun). Joni lapped away at Jen’s pussy and ended up eating her more than kitty kissing her but Jen didn’t mind this and just let Joni’s tongue continue to lash away at her clit. Jen spread her lips to expose her clit fully and Joni took the hint. Mike continued to fuck Joni while playing with her clit (which was possibly a part of the reason Joni was so eager to please Jen again) and I just enjoyed Darren’s cock inside me.

As we got closer to cumming, I told Joni that I was going to eat Mike’s cum out of her and that I wanted her to do the same to me (with Darren’s cum). She said that she wasn’t sure she could do much more but I assured her that we could have a little rest before we played and added that I didn’t want her to leave before I got a chance to sample her cunt. Jen told me that Joni was quite good at eating pussy and got Joni to lick her a bit faster and harder so she came. I encouraged Joni to kitty kiss Jen and Mike sped up his movements in her, as well as the speed he was frigging her clit at. As usual, he waited until Joni came before he started his proper pumping and I told Darren to cum in me so Joni could eat me clean. He really seemed to like this idea and pushed into me pretty hard – unfortunately he mostly stopped playing with my clit until I reminded him, so he came first, but he did at least stay in me while he frigged me until I came.

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