Monday, 9 September 2013

Midweek Fun - Part 2

Mike came in Joni not long after and when he pulled out, his cum quickly started to drip out of her pussy on to the bed. I told her to close her legs to keep it inside her unless she was ready to go again, but she said that she needed a chance to catch her breath so lay on her side with her legs tightly shut. We had a slightly awkward conversation for a few minutes and as I didn’t want to lose the mood (and the chance), I told her that I would be gentle and pushed her on to her back. She hesitated a bit before spreading her legs, but Darren told her to let me have a play with her and as soon as her legs were open, I climbed over her body, spread her lips and lowered my mouth to her pussy.

I kept my word (at first) and I just gently kitty kissed her, trying to taste her juices before too much of Mike’s cum leaked out and changed the flavour. As I did this, I slowly lowered my pussy onto her face and heard Darren tell her to lick me, then felt her lips on my pussy so I lowered myself the rest of the way to make it easier for her. As she’d cum quite a few times (for an inexperienced person) I kitty kissed her for a few minutes but couldn’t hold back and started to lick and eat her properly. Fortunately she did the same to me and we were soon in the middle of a proper 69. I gently rocked back and forth so her tongue had access to more of my pussy and I could feel our breasts providing a nice cushion between us (which reminded me of how it feels when I do this with Vicky). I made sure to hold back slightly with my licking and fingering so I didn’t make her cum before I did (as I had no idea if she would continue once she’d cum). Joni licked me as enthusiastically as she’d done with Jen and I broke contact with her pussy a few times to tell her (and everyone else) that it felt wonderful and that she was a natural born pussy-eater.

Darren seemed to be particularly impressed with this and he congratulated Joni but I told him not to distract her as I wanted to cum. By this point I was rubbing back and forth against Joni’s mouth more vigorously, but I continued to eat and finger her (with my head tilted to the side so Darren could watch what I was doing). I made sure than Joni knew when I was getting closer to cumming and I tried to make a good show of my orgasm (again, without going too far). I continued to finger her, but broke contact with my mouth so I could moan, swear and encourage her to keep eating me. Only as my orgasm started to fade did I bury my face back in her pussy and eat her properly. I fingered, licked, sucked, lapped and slurped at her cunt and clit and managed to elicit a shaky ‘oooh fuck’ from her as she started to cum. I continued to stimulate her until her orgasm had finished and then settled in for a short period of kitty kissing before inviting Jen around to join me and we took turns gently licking and fingering Joni.

Joni was still panting when I climbed off of her and released her and I asked if she was willing to try one more thing (but I specified that it was mostly for Darren’s benefit). She said that she didn’t think she could cum again but we promised to be gentle and not stimulate her too much. We got Darren to sit on the bed and Joni stood in front of him facing away from him. She lowered herself onto his cock and once in place, he helped to guide her slowly up and down while I licked along the length of his cock and (gently) over her lips and clit. As expected, Darren really enjoyed this so I asked if Joni wanted to try swapping places. I asked Mike if he wanted to take Darren’s place, but he graciously allowed Darren to be the one to enjoy himself. Once I was mounted on Darren, Joni copied what I’d been doing and licked us both. I continued to ride him for a while and asked him if he thought he could cum again. He said that he could so I told him that we could try something different for his final cum of the night and I dismounted his cock.

He was a little disappointed at this but he cheered up a bit when I got Joni to push her breasts around his cock from one side and I did the same with mine from the other. He had four nipples rubbing up and down his cock and around the head and I asked Joni if he liked having his cock sucked. She told me that he did so I told her to kiss me around the head of his cock and after finding the best position to get the most contact, we both licked and sucked him while taking turns stroking the shaft of his cock. Due to the nature of the ‘kiss’, things got quite wet with our saliva (but this just made it easier to wank him) and when he said he was getting close, I caressed his balls with one hand and held the back of Joni’s head so our mouths were pushed together with his cock between us. He came in our mouths, but produced virtually no cum and as soon as he came, he said that our tongues felt too intense and asked us to stop.

It didn’t seem fair to me that Jen had only cum once so I started to play with her while we chatted and convinced Joni to help me make Jen cum one last time (on the condition that we didn’t do anything more to Joni). This condition got relaxed a little as the session wore on and Joni agreed to 69 with Jen, as long as she was only kitty kissed. This was fine with Jen who really just wanted another chance to get her tongue inside Joni. Meanwhile, I used a vibe in Jen while Joni lapped at her clit and after a bit of work, we gave Jen her promised second orgasm.

We had exhausted Joni and Darren (and ourselves) and as it was clear that nothing more was likely to happen anytime soon, we decided to call it a night. While getting dressed, I asked Joni if she had enjoyed herself (she had) and if it had been what she had been expecting (mostly). I congratulated her for getting properly into the spirit of things and really getting stuck in and she said that as she had decided to try things out, she had wanted to make sure she experienced as much as possible. I purposely didn’t ask if she wanted to repeat the experience as I was still a little nervous about people finding out about what we’d done (although if they did it wouldn’t be the end of the world, we’re all consenting adults and no goats were harmed in the course of the evening so it’s not *that* scandalous).

Jen discussed the evening with Darren over lunch the next day (just the two of them) and he was really happy about the way things had gone. I hadn’t realised how much Jen liked Darren (as a friend) as she gave him an extra treat over lunch… While chatting, she lifted one leg up onto the bench and rested her hands and chin on her knee. This gave him a view directly up her skirt to her pussy, which was only covered by her tights (so was fairly visible) and she stayed like this for a fair amount of time (occasionally lowering her leg when someone else wandered past). Naturally, Darren wasn’t allowed to do anything more than look, but Jen enjoyed teasing him and saw that he had to adjust his position as his cock stiffened and then hide the bulge.

Later that evening when we told Mike about Jen’s exhibitionism he said that she should be punished for showing herself to another man so we took her out into the garden and stripped her naked. We gave her ass a few good spanks and she was told to put on a show for us. As she started playing with herself, Mike told me about the rest of the punishment and I agreed to help out. I quickly removed my own clothes and sat down in front of Jen. We adopted the scissor position and started to rub against each other while Mike pulled his cock out and started to stroke himself. I told Jen to go slowly and we sat up a couple of times to kiss each other, but then returned to our inclined position so we could continue to grind together. Mike quickly jerked himself off and came – mostly over Jen’s front, but a small amount landed on our cunts (which just provided a bit of extra lubrication – not that this was an issue as Jen was one of the partners).

Jen and I continued to grind together and I told her that I wanted us to cum at the same time so when I got close to cumming, I slowed down and let Jen play with her clit. I then joined her in doing this and when we were both ready I told her that she could pee as hard as she wanted (she had guessed we wanted her to do this as it’s the usual reason for doing things in the garden). We continued frigging ourselves and as we came, we each started to pee over the other person. As our hands were in the way and we were quite close together, we mostly just splashed each other’s pussy and thighs, but occasionally a jet squirted up higher onto our stomachs. Jen however got quite a bit wetter as Mike had deliberately cum earlier on to enable him to go soft and as Jen started to cum, Mike moved up beside her and started to pee over her. He mostly aimed at her pussy, but made a couple of excursions up her body with his stream and Jen eagerly rubbed the moisture over her chest and neck. He was still letting out a few final squirts by the time we had finished cumming and he again aimed these as Jen’s chest.

Jen sat up and lay on top of me, rubbing her wet body against mine and we kissed while Mike went and fetched us a towel. We went in to shower and Jen told Mike that if that was her punishment, she intended to walk around Uni naked from now on. That gave me an idea so I told Jen that the following day, we’d be having lunch together so I could test her.

On the Wednesday, both Jen and I wore the same outfit – a shirt with tights underneath. I’d worn similar things to work before (usually with shorts or a short skirt that was hidden by the shirt) so it didn’t really draw any comments. In Jen’s case, I made her skip wearing a bra (but this also isn’t that unusual for her and she doesn’t mind if people see the outline of her nips). The aim of the outfits was to make it easier to have fun and at lunchtime we headed up to the library. We found an area with a few people in it (it wouldn’t have been as much fun if nobody was around) and Jen was set the task of using a dildo on herself. This was more of a challenge as she first had to rip a hole in the crotch of her tights without being seen and then get the dildo into herself. I watched as she slowly and carefully fucked herself and then out of solidarity I decided to join her.

As I’d know what I’d planned for the day, I had a small pair of scissors with me so I reached up under my shirt and (carefully) snipped a small hole in the crotch of my tights. I had to enlarge it quite a bit to expose enough of my pussy to be worthwhile, but I’d worn a sacrificial pair of tights anyway to ended up cutting away a fair bit of the crotch. I pushed a vibe into myself (one of our quieter ones) and set it going, then leant over to Jen and whispered to her how I wanted to cream myself while we sat beside an unsuspecting person. Jen thought this sounded like a good idea (but for an intelligent girl, she doesn’t always think things through) and once we’d identified a table to move to, I handed her a remote controlled egg and told her that she had to cum too. In her defence, she isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and as I was going to wear (and use) my vibe, she agreed and we had the usual arrangement that we’d both stay until we had both cum.

I had a little difficulty walking over to the other table without the vibe falling out of me, but by keeping my thighs pressed together and slowly half-shuffling over, I made it. Jen cheated a bit and waited until she sat down before she positioned the egg between her legs and against her clit (using her jacket to shield what she was doing). I took a leak out of her book and used my jacket to cover myself as I pulled the vibe out a little and pushed it up so I could feel the buzzing on my clit more and then I used the remote to switch Jen’s egg on. We pretended to be working on a problem together, which also meant we could whisper to each other. As the library was fairly quiet, we used very indirect language that sounded quite innocent, but when viewed with the subtext of masturbation and cumming, our conversation meant something entirely different (‘does that work’, ‘can you get there’, ‘who can figure this out first’…).

I might have cheated a little and put Jen’s egg on the high power setting, which meant that she was the one who ‘figured it out’ first and had to sit with the egg nestled against her pussy while the vibe continued to work on me. For a while I thought that it wasn’t strong enough to actually make me cum (the problem with quiet vibes is they are generally weaker), but as I got more aroused, I became a little bolder and reached down between my legs to push the vibe harder against my clit. I told gen that I thought I was beginning to understand things. I think the guy we were sitting with might have suspected that something was up, but I was too close by this point to worry about it and just stared at the notebook as my orgasm built and then hit me. I didn’t make any sound, but couldn’t entirely control my breathing – I only let out a few quick, short breaths, but I was aware of how close we were and I concentrated on breathing normally as the rest of my orgasm pulsed out from my clit and then faded.

I turned Jen’s egg off and waited while she removed it but I couldn’t find a way to get the vibe out of me safely so had to get up very awkwardly and shuffle round the corner so I could crouch down and let it slide out of my pussy and into my hand (and then very quickly into my bag). We then retired to a bench outside to discuss the challenge and we wondered if the guy had heard the buzzing or realised that we’d both cum in front of him. I considered putting a ladder in Jen’s tights so she would have to remove them, but knew that she would just do the same to me and while the idea of sitting with just the shirt on all afternoon appealed to me, I was worried that it would be too obvious I was naked underneath so I refrained and left Jen’s tights alone. On the way back from work, we stopped off for a drink and dared each other to remove our tights (in the bathroom), so I we at least got to stand mostly naked for a while with other people around us.


  1. First, I don't know if I quite agree that is necessarily the point where they tend to chicken out. I think that may be the point where she (Jen) is most afraid they will chicken out. A small but important difference. Unfortunately it's subjective so there is no actual way to verify this without bias being involved.

    The reason I think that is true is that, objectively, there is little that a woman can do to another woman that a man cannot also do. In other words, if she were to close her eyes and lay back it would be very difficult to tell if it actually was a female or male giving the oral.

    That said, I believe most females seek lesbian encounters not to have things done to THEM but for the chance to do things to the other person. Like I said there are SOME things that only women can do together but for a vast majority, it tends to be the same whether it's a male or female. This would lead me to the conclusion that it is seeking the experience of pleasuring another woman that drives the homosexual curiosity for the "bi-curious" types.

    Also, I can understand her desire to try something out but I cannot understand his culpability in it. Why would he want to see his significant other in a lesbian encounter? By it's very definition he is excluded and must sit on the side lines and do nothing. If she decides she likes that better than heterosexuality he may very well have just lost his partner. For you, mike and Jen this is not an issue but for most people (who I believe generally speaking are immature) they cannot handle that type of relation. If I had to guess I would say he wanted to see Joni in a lesbian encounter not because he wanted HER to experience it but because he wanted to participate in the experience himself (2 girls and 1 guy thing...). That would seem more logical than having your partner involved in a tryst while you sit there twiddling your thumbs. Sure in the end he didn't but did he know that going in? If not, then you seriously have to question why he would do that.

    If he did not know going in that he would be involved, then was it truly honestly for her or was it a desire for him to be involved in a 2F1M hookup? Generally speaking, for most people, I believe it wouldn't be for her benefit but for the chance to be involved in that type of scenario. I would be interested to know how they get along in about a year from now.

    Whew, that's quite a bit! Anyway one last thing I've noticed here. While there are quite a bit of different encounters I believe the only two we haven't seen is mike and Jen (which you've explained multiple times) and mike with another guy. There was that one incident where he wanked him but lets talk apples to apples here. You give oral to other females, why doesn't he give oral to other guys? Has he even tried it before he rules it out? And why hasn't he 'gone topsies' with another guy (or bottom). Seems like some of the homosexuality is entirely one sided with only a token wanking and that's it. Honestly if I was in your situation I would like to see him at least try one of each (oral, give and receive) so the scales are balanced or at the very least he can say "yes I've tried it and it's not for me" but unless I'm wrong he can't say that.

  2. 'The library escapade' reminds me of when I was in college. I turned a corner in the library and there was a girl, crouched down, with a vibrator either being pulled out or pushed in. I had no idea what was going on. I basically froze trying to figure out what was going on. At first glance I thought maybe she dropped her books the way she was squatted down (like she was going to pick them up or something) but when she glanced up in surprise she pulled it out and started stammering holding it up like I was a cop with a gun or something. She then turned around and started to run/jog out of the library only to run smack into a group of students and an instructor just around the other corner. Instructor went sprawling, her purse went flying and spilled everywhere and her vibrator went spinning across the floor...still buzzing away. Apparently she was prepared for quite a bit of adventuring as her purse contained all sorts of nefarious items.

    At that point there was about 2-3 seconds of stunned silence before the entire group of kids (about 6 or so) started laughing...and in a library this attracts a lot of attention. More people came over, at first concerned about the sprawled instructor then upon seeing the scene just gaping in stunned disbelief.

    The instructor regained his composure and stood up. He then tossed his suit jacket over her head and escorted her out of the library...and to the security office. Leaving behind all the items, still buzzing vibrator, purse will spilled lube, dildos and nipple clamps and cell phone/wallet all over the floor.

    Long story short, it was about 5 or so minutes before security came in to clean up the mess (wearing gloves to handle the 'various items') and the girl was never seen again. I believe she either was expelled or dropped as I've searched the student records and could find no other record of her attendance outside her first two years.

    If I had to guess I would say expelled as it was a VERY conservative college.

    Still...the story is still one of the funniest things I've ever come across. Probably really sucks to be her though as that indecent made it all over campus in about...5 seconds or so...

  3. I don't know why most (all?) men find the girl-girl thing so appealing. Many of the ones I've spoken to about it say that even if they couldn't be involved, they would still like to watch a couple of girls go at it (although almost universally they would much reather be involved and get to do things with at least one and preferably both girls).

    I'm not sure I agree that there isn't an objective difference between a man and a woman doing things to a girl. It's true that there may be no physical difference between a man or woman eating/fingering a woman (assuming they are equally skilled at it), but sex is about more than just the physicality. There would physically be no difference between my using a strap on or Mike using his cock (possibly with a condom on so he couldn't cum in them) on Lucy, but I can't see Lucy ever letting Mike (or any other guy) fuck her.

    Mike has done afew things with guys - hand jobs, been sucked off (but not gone the whole way) and while he acknowledges that it physically feels nice (and that in some cases, guys know how to handle a cock better than girls do), he doesn't enjoy the whole experience anywhere near as much as he doesn't feel turned on by the act of doing things with a guy.

    Maybe bi-curious girls do want to try doing things *TO* another girl more than they want to try receiving pleasure. I'm not really sure how many girls experiment and then decide they are actually gay (as opposed to bi) and then never want to do things with guys again. I think it fits in with my theory of there being a spectrum where very few people are truly straight or gay - the further from the straight end of the spectrum a girl is, the more she might want to (or be 'convinced' to) experiment. If she is actually towards the gay end, she might then be convinced to become bi (or possibly even gay), but my guess is most people are mostly straight (or at least biased towards that end of the spectrum).

    Darren probably never thought that Joni would suddenly decide she was gay and leave him for a woman - he possibly didn't think that she would really enjoy it but was just happy that she was willing to try - Jen will ask and see.

    ...and finally, we haven't got to it in the blog yet, but in real time, Mike and Jen have now consummated their relationship as part of us trying for a baby. We might not document their first session, but will be writing about things they've gotten up to in due course.

  4. Anon 2 - that's an excellent story! It would be mortifying to actually be caught like that, but I can appreciate the excitement of doing things in a place where you might get caught (and getting caught 'a little bit' makes it even more exciting. The key is to make sure you own the situation and (depending on who catches you / how you are caught) to possibly flirt with the person, see if they want to help out (or if you can help them out).

    What would you have done if the girl had asked you to help her or offered to take you somewhere to play when you first discovered her?

  5. Honestly, it all happened so quick I'm not sure that would have happened. The time from when she was caught to when she dashed around the corner mustn't have been more than 3 or 4 seconds.

    Would I have 'helped out'? I'm not sure, and that indecision would make it's own choice in the moment (i.e. no). Mainly because of the risk involved leading to the indecision. I really do hope she continued her education somewhere else otherwise she may have, quite literally, fucked her life up.

  6. There's always a risk involved in playing somewhere you're not meant to and that's (part of) the fun in it. We (mostly) try to balance the risk, but sometimes in the heat of the moment things get a bit out of hand - we're fortunate that there haven't been any serious consequences for the few times we've been properly caught (and offering to let people watch,help out or join in has always worked).