Friday, 13 September 2013

Misc Fun With the Gang - Part 1

At the end of May we went back down to visit Jen’s friends, but as more of them were in the middle of exams, it was a fairly quiet weekend. A couple of people had pretty much finished so we had someone to hand out with, but as Abrahii was still in the middle of her exams, we couldn’t get up to too much at the house. (Not that this stopped us waking her up in a nice way).

We left Abrahii to work on the Saturday with the promise that she could go out in the evening if she got all of her revision done and we headed out into town. We spend a while just wandering around and then decided to visit one of the sex shops for some fun. For a change, we went to a different one, with the aim of enjoying amusing (or shocking) a different assistant. We started off doing pretty much the same as usual – looking around and then asking if I could try on one of the outfits. We were told the usual about there not being any changing rooms, and when I said I didn’t mind I was told that I could try on a top, but no panties.

As Mel was with us, she wanted me to wear something slutty so I was told to try on a leather bodice. It was designed to leave the breasts mostly uncovered, but was meant for a smaller cup size than mine, so once I was laced into it, my breasts had burst out of the cups. I’d kept my dress bunched up around my waist while the others had gotten me dressed but when it was time for me to put the boots on, this seemed silly so I let my dress slide to the floor and exposed my pussy. As usual, I made sure to spread my legs much more than was necessary while putting the boots on and paraded around a little once I was dressed. The top wasn’t really that comfortable but I wanted to play a little so was prepared to put up with it and I selected a whip with a nice solid handle and many strips of leather.

Mel said that I really looked the part of the dominatrix and I lightly whipped the insides of Jen’s thighs a few times before getting her to lean over so I could whip her ass directly (with her skirt pulled up). I didn’t hit her too hard, but it was enough for her to enjoy it a little and I told Mike that it might be a good toy to add to our collection (we really need to stop buying sex toys as we spend way too much on them). As Mike went to pay for it, I decided to test it out in one more way and sat down, then pushed the handle part way into my pussy. It had a nice texture and I slid it in and out a few times before handing it to Julia to hold while I got changed back into my own clothes. I had the bodice removed first so I could be mostly naked while removing the boots and then put my bra and shoes on before finally slipping my dress back on. I knew that I wanted to cum so we quickly left the shop and headed off to a store with changing rooms where I let Mel help me try on some clothes (by which I mean, fuck me properly with the whip handle). She was quite forceful and pumped the handle into me while sucking on my clit and pushing a thumb into my ass – but it all ended well (in that I came). I wanted to at least eat her as a thank you but she didn’t want to cum so all I got was to finger her briefly and rub the handle of the whip around her pussy.

Julia wasn’t feeling too good (post exam illness) so we dialled things down a little in the afternoon – although having said that, Mel was still keen on trying to get Jen to cum and wanted to do this in as public a place as possible so we tried fondling her in a couple of locations but couldn’t find anywhere public that was sufficiently private for someone else to play with Jen. In the end we had to settle for sitting in a café and Jen playing with herself. It’s fairly easy to do this discreetly – she just folded one leg under the other on the chair and used a finger to stroke her clit. Her hand hardly moved and if anyone walked past, it just looked like her hand was resting on her thigh (admittedly fairly high up her thigh). As a reward for cumming, Jen had her coffee bought for her and Julia was challenged to repeat what Jen had done. They had to switch seats for Julia to accomplish this, but she too had very little trouble cumming.

We returned home and gave Abrahii part of her reward for working hard – Jen went down on her and Mike then fucked her gently from behind while giving her a massage. We ate dinner and freshened up for our trip out and once dressed, we headed over to the hardcore club and met up with a couple of other members of the gang.

We danced and played for a while and even though there were others fucking and sucking around us, we took our time and teased each other. Abrahii was wearing the red dress that tied up down each side (she often wears this to the club as it is quite versatile when it comes to being fondled), but as she had been intending on having a fairly quiet evening, she had a set of red lingerie underneath it. As the dancing progressed, a few of the ties at the side of the dress were undone so people could slip hands on to her body and caress her. It wasn’t too difficult to convince her to remove her underwear (she moved in to one of the side rooms to do this) and on returning to the dance floor, we watched as Julia danced behind Abrahii and reached around and in to her dress to caress her breasts and pussy. Even if it hadn’t been so dark, we wouldn’t have been able to see anything directly, but it was fairly clear from the movement of Julia’s hands under the material of the dress as to what was going on and she ended up pulling Abrahii over to the side of the room so she could lean back against Julia, who continued to play with Abrahii’s pussy until she came.

We took this as a signal that the time for teasing each other was over and (fairly randomly from my perspective) chose our partners to have fun with. I ended up with Richard and after presenting myself to him so he could fuck me for a while, he said he wanted to cum over me so I sat on a bench and let him fuck my mouth. I know better than to wear good clothes to the club so I wasn’t too worried about him cumming over me, but thought it would be hotter if he came on my skin instead of on my top so I got him to hold on while I quickly pulled my top off. I sucked him a little more and got him to finish himself off, telling him to aim his cock at my face and neck as he came. I reached out and caressed his balls, squeezing them gently as he erupted over me. He let out a couple of decent squirts that splattered over my face and dripped down onto my breasts and then a few smaller squirts that mostly landed on my stomach and skirt. I rubbed the small drops over my stomach but left the main splashes alone to just drip off of me. I asked how he intended to make me cum and he said he would eat or finger me, but I asked him to just use a bottle on me (this seems somehow dirtier to me) and he eagerly fucked me with my beer bottle and fondled my breasts. By the time I came, by bra was no longer covering my breasts and his cum was well and truly rubbed in to them and as a final display of sluttiness,I sucked the neck of the bottle clean.

I’d seen Jen and Angela playing not too far from me – mostly just kissing and fingering each other. At first this was vaguely hidden (their hands were under each other’s skirts), but as they got more aroused, they weren’t as concerned about being covered and spread/lifted their legs to give the other person better access. Julia and Simon were in one of the other side rooms and had simply fucked with Simon sitting on the bench and Julia riding him while he sucked on her nipples. Ethan and James had (and still were when I went in) taken turns sucking each other off and in another room I found the rest of the group.

Susan and Mary had played with each other (they had taken turns fingering and licking each other) and Mel had pulled Abigail’s skirt and panties off so she could play with her more readily. Abigail had drunk a bit more than the rest of us and hadn’t seemed to mind this so when she’d cum, Mike had also had a go at eating her, but he then turned his attention to Mel and said that as everyone else was cumming, she didn’t get to opt out and he started to eat her. Mel seems to quite enjoy the way Mike eats her and she allowed him to continue. He got her sufficiently turned on that she didn’t stop him pulling her panties off and once she’d cum he got her to turn around and lean against the wall so he could fuck her. (I think it is a bit of a power thing between them – he knows that Mel really loves making Julia, Jen and me do things so he enjoys being the one who can make her perform). He didn’t draw things out and just fucked her – and unusually for him he didn’t worry too much about whether she came or not. He got Susan to move over and sit in front of Mel and with her skirt pulled up, Susan poured small quantities of beer over her pussy for Mel to ‘drink’. Mike got Mel’s top pulled down and her breasts freed which he groped as he pumped into her cunt and then came in her. He took the beer from Susan and poured a small amount over Mel’s ass – not enough to soak her, but enough that it trickled down her legs.

Mel didn’t get her panties back but I hadn’t bothered to put my top back on either and there were people less dressed than any of our group. I got a few compliments on my breast and Mike told one of the guys who commented on them that he could fuck me if he wanted (and he wanted). I thought that if I was going to cum, then I should involve Jen so we went to find her and I told her that I was going to eat her while the guy fucked me. Mike wasn’t quite as keen on this as it was meant to be him that got to do this, but I’d decided this would be fun so Jen lay back on the bench, I knelt on it and ate her and the guy half knelt on the bench behind me and pushed into me. Mike helped out a bit by pulling Jen’s top down to expose her breasts and then fondling them roughly (just the way she likes). The guy inside me certainly seemed to be enjoying himself and eagerly pumped in and out for a while before cumming. Unfortunately he hadn’t played with my clit at all so as soon as Jen came, I climbed over her face and told her to repay me for her orgasm (which she obediently did).

It was obvious that exams had tired people out as they didn’t have much of an appetite for any more games (well, Julia did, but she’s always horny). Even on the way home people weren’t that interested in playing much (although Susan was made to expose herself to a couple of guys and then let them watch her as she peed in an alleyway). Any other night, they would have probably both been allowed (or encouraged) to fuck her, but once she’d finished, we headed back home with the others peeling off and heading to their respective places. Once back inside, Mike spent the night with Mel and Julia (and took care of Julia’s cravings by eating her and then spooning with her) while Jen and I took Abrahii and double teamed her for a final orgasm of the night before we 69ed.

The next morning, Abrahii got up to work (but not until we’d pulled an orgasm out of her) and Jen and I stayed in bed to gently play with each other (we tried to be quiet so we didn’t disturb Abrahii but after a while she said our kissing was distracting her so we went to join Mel, Jules and Mike in the other room. Julia’s bed really wasn’t big enough for five people, but having so many of us in a confined space meant we had to be creative with positions and ended up in a few tangles as we kissed, licked, fingered and fucked each other. We didn’t surface until each of us had cum twice and by this time we were quite hungry so headed down to get breakfast.

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