Sunday, 15 September 2013

Misc Fun With the Gang - Part 2

On the Sunday, the weather was quite nice so it was an excuse to wear a nice light cotton dress (which caught nicely in the wind and rode much higher on my legs). A few of us went to the park – some brought revision with them and some decided to take a break, but we weren’t planning on staying for too long so I didn’t feel too guilty about distracting them from their work. As long-term readers would probably expect, we didn’t entirely behave ourselves, and while we were careful to not show ourselves off while children were around (or people who we thought might disapprove too much), it was easy enough to find a number of guys who seemed to appreciate lots of exposed leg or glimpses up skirts. Naturally, we played on this quite a bit and Jen and Julia applied sun cream to Abrahii’s legs while she lay on her front reading her notes. They knew that a couple of guys were watching and they slowly worked their way up Abrahii’s legs, pushing her skirt up as they went. They showed more restraint than I would have and just rubbed the cream in right up to the top of Abrahii’s thighs, but didn’t actually caress her (admittedly she had panties on so it would have been more difficult to properly play with her, but the panties had the benefit of being more visible as Abrahii kept her legs slightly spread.

I sat and chatted to Jen while facing the guys with legs spread and when I caught their eye, I indicated to them to come over. They looked at each other a few times but I continued to indicate to them that they should come and join us and when they arrived, I asked if they would help me out by applying lotion to my back. I pulled my top off, lay down and unhooked my bra and told them to proceed. I had hoped they would both give me a massage (or grope) but only one of them did so. I asked him to make sure to do my sides as well and was pleased when he brushed his hands against my side boob and then when I didn’t complain, he got a bit bolder and had a proper feel. I asked the second guy if he’d do the back of my legs and he started at the bottom, but Jen pulled my skirt up a bit and told him that my thighs really needed to be protected. He took the hint and quickly moved to rubbing the lotion in to my thighs. I spread my legs a little more as he inched higher and told him it felt nice. I told him he could go a bit higher if he wanted and felt the side of his hand brush against my pussy. He continued to stroke my thigh, with his hand rubbing against my pussy and I heard him whisper to his friend that I didn’t have any panties on. The guy who had been doing my back moved down to look and I had to tell them to be a bit more discreet when they lifted my skirt to get an even better look.

I moved round a little so I was angled a little more discreetly and allowed them both to continued caressing my thighs. A few of the others in our group told them to touch me as much as they wanted and they became much bolder, their hands stroking against my pussy more. They both had a few turns at fingering me and I really wanted to cum so I told them to play with my clit and after giving a few pointers, they found a way to do this that felt really good while not being too obvious to everyone (other than our group who obviously knew full well what was happening). I would have loved to turn over onto my back so one of them could have played with my breasts, but it wasn’t a suitable place for topless sunbathing (technically it wasn’t a suitable place to be masturbated, but that was part of the fun). As I got closer to cumming, I got the other guy to push a couple of fingers back into my pussy and asked him to wiggle them around. Between this and my clit being stroked (and being outside), I came and had a nice long orgasm. It wasn’t too strong but I could feel wave after wave of pleasure pulsing out from my pussy and if we’d been somewhere more private I would have humped back against their hands and moaned a lot more.

When my orgasm finished I told the guys that I’d like to repay them but we’d need somewhere more private so I got their numbers and arranged to give them a call later on that evening. I continued to sunbathe for a little while with my skirt pulled up almost to my ass and we discussed who would help me to repay my masseurs. It would usually have been Susan who would have been nominated for this but as she was still revising, we decided to go old school and have Julia help me out.

We didn’t stay in the park too much longer so the people who had to revise could get back and continue working. Julia had been quite envious of my dual masturbation and when I told her that she should have just asked the guys to make her cum as well, she said that she wished she had. Mike managed to find an alleyway and relive her frustration. He started off fingering her, then went down on her and finished her off by fucking her. I was quite surprised when he decided to carry on and cum in her, but Julia certainly didn’t mind and Jules seemed happy to walk home with his cum dribbling down her thighs.

We had a quiet afternoon (it was nice to just relax for a while) and didn’t leave it too late before calling the guys from the park. We had checked with Abrahii and she said that she didn’t mind us making a bit of noise as we fucked them, but that we would have to make it up to her later that night (which wasn’t a problem). The guys seemed quite surprised that I had actually called them but I told them as they had given me a nice treat, it was the least I could do to return the favour. They were eager to let me do this and agreed to come over pretty much straight away. I quickly freshened up and got changed into a suitably skimpy outfit to answer the door in. The guys turned up separately and the first one commented on how little I was wearing. We sat and chatted while waiting for his friend and while I didn’t overtly display myself to him, I made sure he could see a fair bit of my body. When his friend turned up, I pulled my top off and answered the door naked (which seemed to surprise him) but neither of the guys were complaining.

We returned to the living room and I sat on the sofa between them, spread my legs and started to fondle myself. They quickly got the idea and replaced my hands with their own and as they fondled me, I told them that they could do pretty much anything they wanted with me as long as they used protection. They seemed to be a little nervous as I exposed their cocks, but after quickly applying condoms and taking them into my mouth (in turns), they quickly settled down and returned to playing with me.

We rearranged ourselves so one of them was sitting on the sofa and I was bent over in front of him so I could suck him while the other guy fucked me from behind (I love this position). While we were going at it Mel and Julia walked in, at which point the guy fucking me stopped and tried to cover himself up but I carried on sucking the guy on the sofa. Julia told us to carry on and pointed out that she had watched the guys play with me in the park earlier on anyway and she sat down and started to play with herself. Mel helped to remove Julia’s clothes and then buried her face between Julia’s legs. Jules happily accepted the attention but complained that it wasn’t fair that I was hogging all of the cock and asked if she could join me so I told her to mount the guy on the sofa. I then asked him if he minded – and as we had expected, he didn’t so I moved back a little and Julia climbed over him and impaled herself on his cock. As I’d given him a fairly good sucking, I pointed out that Julia might need a little help so Mel sat beside the guy and reached down to play with Julia’s clit. Ideally I would have licked them both (or at least licked Julia’s clit), but with Mel taking care of Jules, it meant I could use a hand to play with myself and make sure that I came before the guy inside me did. Only when he pulled out did I tell Mel to let me finish helping Jules and I pushed my mouth against her clit and sucked on it while the second guy bounced up and down on the sofa and finished off fucking her.

Before the guys could think about leaving, I asked if they were up for another round and added that we could probably find a way to amuse them while they recovered and got ready. I whispered something to Jules and we both pounced on Mel and pulled her top off, quickly followed by her bra. She seemed a lot more compliant than usual and allowed us to tear off her skirt and panties (her skirt did actually tear a little, which wasn’t a part of the plan) and while Julia planted herself over Mel in a 69 position I used Mel’s skirt, bra and panties to wipe the guys cocks clean of cum and then threw the dirty clothes to the side. I got the guys to sit and watch us and I took over playing with Mel’s pussy, at first by licking and fingering her and then by scissoring against her. While scissoring, Julia (who was still sitting over Mel’s face) leant forwards and I moved back a bit so she could briefly lick both Mel and me.

The guys had covered their cocks while sitting down so I couldn’t easily tell when they were ready for more. They were in no doubt that they were going to get another opportunity to fuck though as both Julia and I kept asking them which one of us they wanted next (Mel wasn’t really able to participate in the conversation as Julia’s pussy was covering her mouth). The guys said they didn’t mind (it’s always nice to feel special) so we said they could try out all of us in turn. By the time Julia came and we got Mel off, it was clear that they were ready and once they had some fresh condoms on Mel, Julia and I knelt up against the sofa and told them to go nuts.

They started off in Mel and Julia but after a minute or so, the guy in Mel moved around to fuck me (he did ask if he needed a new condom but I pointed out that I’d been eating Mel earlier and we were cool with sharing cunt juice). Julia’s guy moved over to take Mel and after another minute or so, he moved on to me while the guy in me had his go with Jules. As much as I wanted to have one of them fuck me to orgasm, I really wanted to see Mel fucked by a stranger so once the guys moved back to Mel and Jules, I volunteered to play with them all and let them enjoy themselves properly without having to keep changing places. I wasn’t entirely selfless while doing this and did take the opportunity to get both Mel and Jules to take a turn eating me (which was entirely for the purpose of letting the guys watch this – honest), but I did make sure to play with Mel and Julia’s clits and breasts as well as sitting between them and sliding a finger into each of their asses and letting the guys watch as I pumped in and out.

The guy in Mel came first and when he pulled out I retrieved Mel’s clothes and wiped him clean once again before I concentrated my attention on Julia in order to make sure she came again. I was a bit more focussed this time and played with her clit and used a couple of fingers in her ass and had no trouble pulling an orgasm out of her, at which point I told the guy inside her to use her as hard as he wanted. I sat and watched as he pumped into her and then pushed all the way in and kept still as he came. When he pulled out and Julia moved, we could see she had left a little puddle of drool on the sofa, but I mostly concentrated on cleaning the guy’s cock off with Mel’s skirt.

The guys didn’t think they’d be able to do much more for quite a while and I even offered them the chance to DP me (although I don’t think they actually liked the idea of that anyway). As you might expect, I wasn’t content with being the only one who came once so asked the girls to take care of me (I had a vague notion that we might be able to coax the guys’ cocks back into life). Fortunately, Mel was enough of herself to not want to miss an opportunity to do things to me while people watched (even if she was also naked at the time) and I soon had two of her fingers in my pussy, which were joined by two of Julia’s. Julia then dashed upstairs and left me to Mel, but quickly returned with some toys and I had at first one, and then two dildos pushed in to my cunt. Mel and Julia took one of them each and fucked me with them entirely independently. Neither of the dildos were very large so I wasn’t stretched too much and could enjoy the sensation, but Jules wanted to make sure I really enjoyed myself (and wanted revenge for me fingering her ass) so pushed one of strong anal vibes into me and also fucked me with this.

I was made to lie back on the sofa with my legs pulled up and spread as far as I could get them which completely exposed what was being done to my cunt and ass. The guys were told to come closer and watch carefully and between sessions with the dildos, I was licked and fingered. I could feel that my orgasm was approaching rapidly and told everyone that I was about to cum, however this didn’t temper how they were playing with me and I came with the anal vibe in my ass, two each of Mel and Julia’s fingers in my pussy and Mel rapidly frigging my clit. Needless to say, all of this stimulation (coupled with the excitement of the extended session and being watched by strangers) helped to give me a strong orgasm (probably stronger than the one I’d had earlier in the park) and this time I didn’t have to hide it and keep quite. I gave a graphic description of how good it felt and what I could feel. There was a mix of encouraging them to continue and telling them to stop as it was too strong (it wasn’t actually *that* strong, but I wanted to put on a good show for the guys as they’d helped us out). At one point I told them I was going to squirt over them, but I can’t do this as naturally as Jen does (I tend to have to think about it – and I’m not sure Julia would have been too happy with me peeing over the living room carpet). Mel kept frigging me for a little too long so I ended up begging her to stop, at which point she eased off a little, but I was left with the vibe and dildos in me so the guys could admire the view.

While I recovered, Mel told the guys that if they were interested, she had a little 19 year old that they were welcome to fuck. She was of course referring to Susan and the guys both said that they were very interested so Mel promised to give them a call. As a final display, I was made to suck both of the dildos clean (one at a time) and then spread myself to let the guys get a good look up into my cunt. Julia and I were made to show the guys to the door naked and we gently fingered each other while waving them off and promising them we’d be in touch for more fun in the future.


  1. Have you ever used a sex swing before? I have used one twice and you can do things with a sex swing that are not possible otherwise. Very interesting and fun for both the person in the swing and others. Though the person in the swing tends to be "worn out" faster than others due to the sheer number of orgasms they experience.

  2. We haven't tried one yet although have seen them in videos. I' like to give one a go just so I know - if it was worth it we could get one installed in the bedroom (although I'mnot sure how to explain that to a child!)