Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Misc Fun With The Gang - Part 3

When we went up to see how Mike and Jen had spent their time, we found them on the bed naked (they had both been fully clothed when Mel and Julia had left their hiding place in the bedroom to come and join us downstairs). It had been fairly soon after being left alone that Jen had suggested to Mike that they may as well enjoy themselves and given that we’d spent almost an hour playing with the guys, it wasn’t surprising that the bedroom smelt quite strongly of Jen’s juices. Mel offered them Julia to help them finish things off but Mike said that he wanted to take care of Jen himself so we just sat and watched them.

Once they’d finished, we traded details of our sessions and we found out that Mike had spent a while sucking and nibbling on Jen’s nipples and as she got more turned on, he let her grind against his leg. Once her pussy was sufficiently moist and her juices had been spread around, she let him kiss and lick her thighs and mons (he still isn’t allowed to actually eat/lick her pussy but it was enough for him to get a good taste of her). Jen them rode on Mike, grinding her cunt against his cock until she came and he spent a while longer working on her nips while she recovered. Mike had another indirect taste of her pussy and watched Jen gently play with herself and he then tried slapping her breasts (ideally her nipples, but apparently aiming exactly isn’t easy) with his cock. We joined them not long after this and watched as Mike rubbed his cock over Jen’s breasts. She isn’t large enough to tit-fuck him, but after years of trying I think we’ve finally convinced her that size isn’t everything and both Mike and I love her small firm breasts just as they are (and I’m still very jealous of her nipples, which are much more sensitive than mine). The finished off with Mike humping against her until Jen came, but for Mike’s orgasm, Jen rode him again, sliding her cunt back and forth along the length of his cock until he came and squirted his cum up over his stomach and chest.

As Jen quite likes the taste of his cum, she kissed and licked a fair bit of it off of him and Julia was sent in to suck his cock clean (Jen still doesn’t touch his cock with her hands or mouth – not that Mike would object if she did, but those were the rules and we’re now so close to the time they will actually fuck that they want to stick to ‘the rules’ out of principal.

Mel had to go back home as she had work the following day but we had the day off so had decided to stay until the Monday. This meant that we had Julia to ourselves that night, but we didn’t forget the promise to Abrahii to pleasure her in repayment for letting us use the house to fuck while she was revising. We didn’t want to spend too long playing with her (not that we would have minded, but she didn’t want to stay up too late) so once we’d had dinner and she had prepared her things for the next day, we lay her down on her bed and all joined in caressing her. Each of us stroked her breasts, pussy and ass as well as offering ourselves to her mouth to be licked or sucked. Naturally we repaid this and all ate her (and in Mike’s case, also fucked her). To actually make her cum, Mike spooned with her while I licked her clit and Julia and Jen played with her breasts. Mike kissed and nuzzled the side of her neck and earlobe (Abrahii likes this a lot) and Jules and Jen kissed her deeply on the mouth. When she’d cum, I kitty kissed her for a while as Mike continued to move in her and after a couple of minutes of this we pulled back (and out) and she said she felt nice and relaxed so we left her to sleep and Jen curled up behind her.

I enjoyed having Julia without Mel around as it meant we could do things that we all enjoyed without Mel telling us what she wanted done. As Mike hadn’t cum in Abrahii, he was primed for action, but was happy to sit back and watch Julia and I make out for a while. We weren’t doing anything particularly special, just kissing, caressing and fingering each other – but Mike enjoyed being able to take his time and admire the show. He didn’t remain a silent partner forever though and as things got a bit more heated he joined us on the bed and we kissed and caressed each other. Our fingers and his cock slipped into each of Julia’s and my cunts and we briefly had a triangular 69 (me eating Jules who sucked Mike who ate me). Julia and I 69ed on our side and Mike tried to fuck her, but he couldn’t get a decent angle to move inside her with my head in the way so we went for the alternative approach and he took her ass. In this position, I could easily lick her clit and had a wonderful view of Mike’s cock penetrating her ass. As she got closer to cumming, I could feel Jules whimpering into my mouth and I lapped and licked at her faster to help drive her over the edge.

I slowed my licking and just watched as Mike finished off fucking Julia’s ass and when he pulled out I just kitty kissed her while she finished eating me until I came. We then got Jules to lie back while Mike and I caressed, kissed and fondled her. Julia enjoyed being slowly teased and we gradually got her more and more aroused until she wanted to fuck again (which was just as well as I’d been humping against her leg for a while and wanted a final cum before sleeping). Julia and I shared one of her double vibes (technically it’s actually a dildo, but has a section in the middle that vibrates). We spent a while fucking against each other with this and as we got closer to cumming, we both pressed against the vibrating section and Mike helped out by spreading our lips so we each got better clit contact with the vibe. He helped out a little more by also licking us and this helped to get Julia off (he licked her a bit more than me as he has access to my pussy much more frequently). Julia needed to pull herself off the vibe once she’d cum as she felt too tender so I just held it in place and rotated it so the dildo moved around inside me until I also came. Even though Mike didn’t want to cum again, he did want to spoon as we fell asleep and he gently moved inside me while we all chatted.

The next morning, we treated Julia to a double licking (me pussy, Mike ass). Julia leant over my face to do this while Mike fucked me and once we’d got Julia off, we switched places and Mike fucked Julia while they ate me. Mike went on the bottom this time so he got my pussy and when I’d cum, he concentrated on fucking Jules. I don’t know if I was just imagining it, but she certainly seems different when Mel isn’t around (and I enjoy playing with her more). Jen and Abrahii rose not long after we went downstairs and Jen had gently played with Abrahii, but they hadn’t had a full session as Abrahii wanted to get up and finish revising (despite it being too late to do any good).

We left her to work for a bit while we got ready and Julia and I teamed up on Jen to make sure she got her morning orgasm. Just before Abrahii left, Julia ‘forced’ Abrahii to let Julia eat her. (This was apparently a deal the two of them had before exams to help ensure they were relaxed). Abrahii also wasn’t allowed her panties back, but she was used to this so didn’t mind too much. All of us walked to the exam with her and saw her off with hugs (although if we’d seen her off properly, it might have been enough to distract the other candidates quite a bit).

As the weather was quite nice, we went for a wander and once again sat in the park displaying ourselves (selectively). We saw a guy walking a nice dog and spent a while petting the dog, which gave Julia and I plenty of opportunity to bend over and expose our asses to the guy (short skirts are even more acceptable in warm weather and we both somehow forgot to put panties on). The guy was obviously looking at us (we were talking to him as well as the dog) and seemed quite interested – if he hadn’t had the dog with him, I think we might have tried to find somewhere to play with him (assuming he was interested enough to do this), but I didn’t fancy having a dog jumping up against me and humping my leg while I was trying to get off.

We re-joined Mike and Jen and dared each other to cum. Mike tried to participate, but as he had trousers on (and wasn’t about to whip out his cock as there were too many people around), the best he could do was keep his hands in his lap and gently run against his cock. It wasn’t enough to make him cum (although he said it felt really nice and he was certainly very hard). Us girls had a much easier time of it as we just slid our skirts up high and rested our hands in our laps so we could use our fingers on our clits. I dipped in to my pussy a couple of times to gather up juices and occasionally offered my finger to another member of the group to taste. In return I got to taste Julia and Jen from their fingers (and Mike got to sample us all as well – which just added to his erection).

As it was obvious that all three of us would be able to cum, Julia extended the dare to see who could cum with someone closest to them. We were sitting a little way from the path so not too many people walked directly past us, but people were cutting in all directions and occasionally came fairly close to us. We soon realised that it was actually quite a difficult challenge as we wouldn’t (easily) be able to time our orgasm to coincide with someone being really close to us, so we adjusted the dare to continuing playing with ourselves while people were near us, and if we happened to cum, then all the better. The four of us were sitting facing each other, so it was easy to let each other know if people were approaching from any direction and we gave notice as people did so.

It was easy enough to discreetly play with ourselves while people were behind us, the challenge was to continue as they walked past (in case they looked back). As we got closer to cumming, we (especially Julia and I) became less cautious and continued for longer. By the time we were about to cum, we dared each other to play with ourselves while someone was walking towards us. Julia went first as someone approached me from behind. She kept going for quite a while but as he got closer to us, she stopped moving her fingers and just kept her hands still, covering her naked pussy. I told her that she’d done well, but I intended to beat her so when someone walked towards us from behind Julia (facing me), I spread my legs a little wider and used two fingers to rub my clit. I even pushed my fingers into myself, but now really wanted to cum so mostly just frigged myself. My other hand was hiding the hand I was using to frig myself, but Julia said that she could still see my hand moving. I told her that I didn’t care (I was really very close to cumming) and I continued to rub my fingers in circles around my clit. The guy was quite close to us by this point and I really wanted to cum while he was in front of me but I didn’t make it in time. I didn’t stop what I was doing though and came just after he had passed us and was later told that even if he hadn’t noticed what my fingers were doing, my face pretty much gave away what I was feeling.

I didn’t care though as I had that nice post-orgasmic glow so leant back to see how close Julia would come to matching me (and how far Jen would go). Jen easily made herself cum, but wasn’t prepared to do it with someone in front of her – Julia had another good attempt, but stopped when the person was still a distance away from us and didn’t continue until she had passed us (but when she did continue, she came fairly quickly so to be fair to her, she had gotten herself pretty close to cumming).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait around long enough for Abrahii’s exam to finish (although she went out with some of her friends anyway so we wouldn’t have got much of a chance to see her) as we had to get to the airport (via the house to pick our things up) and get home. Mike bent Julia over and had a quick fuck with her (he made her cum, but he held back) and Jen and I each had a good slurp at her pussy (we actually ‘slurped’ her, rough, dirty and fun!). We teased each other on the plane and by the time we got home, Mike was more than ready to fuck properly. We didn’t leave Jen out though and he fucked me on all fours while I ate Jen. He deposited a decent amount of cum into me which I let trickle out down my legs while wandering around the flat and taking care of the household chores. That night, we all slept together (which we do more frequently now, but I still usually sleep with either Jen or Mike) and Mike lay behind Jen, spooning up against her.

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