Friday, 27 September 2013

Opening Up to Lucy - Part 1

Mike is off to York this weekend for the start of term sex party. This means that Jen and I get some girl-only time - made even more girl-only by the fact that Lis and Lucy are also visiting us.

On the first weekend in June, we went down to visit Lis and Lucy again. Mike had really been looking forward to seeing Lis again as he really likes the way her pussy feels (she is nice and tight). We sat and chatted for a while and there was obviously something in the air (which concerned me as I wondered if Lucy had decided to put a stop to our group sessions), but it turned out that tales of our exploits the previous weekend with Sue had gotten out. To be honest, I wasn’t too surprised they had found out as the odds of people keeping it a secret had always been slim (and as I’d guessed, everyone downstairs had known what was happening when Sue had gone upstairs with Susan).

We told Lis and Lucy what Sue had done the previous weekend and how she had been sampled by a number of the girls. Lucy asked if Sue was gay and we worked backwards and explained how Jen had convinced Sue to let Jen play with her and experiment, but how she had been sleeping with Mike beforehand. Oddly, Lucy seemed to understand about Jen doing things with Sue (Lucy knows that Jen’s aim is to convert all women to lesbianism – or at least bisexuality) but she thought it was strange that I would allow Mike and Sue to do things together. We went right back to the beginning and explained how Sue used to spy on Mike and I fucking and how I thought that was where at least a part of my exhibitionist streak came from and how we’d then invited her in so she could watch properly, how we’d then seen her play with herself and how Mike had played with and then finally fucked her.

Mike and Jen described how sexy it was being able to do things to both Sue and me at the same time. Lucy still seemed to think it was odd, but they made her promise to tell the truth and then asked her if Lis had a sister (they actually said twin sister), if she could honestly say that she wouldn’t find the thought of being sandwiched between the two of them to be arousing. Jen described how having my head between her legs and Sue’s pussy on her mouth felt and Lucy finally conceded that it might feel nice, but I got the feeling that she still felt it was strange that I’d allowed Mike to sleep with her (which I’ll admit it probably is, but I was more confused by the fact Lucy didn’t seem to find it equally strange that Lucy got to sleep with Sue). While Jen had been describing the two Lis’, I had slowly caressed and partially stripped Lis (and was imagining playing with her and her imaginary twin). Jen told me to behave myself but I just asked why and continued to caress Lis.

I wanted to spend an evening with Lis before Mike got to her so I slept with her on the Friday night, but Mike wasn’t too bothered as Lucy didn’t mind him being in the same bed as her and Jen (again). As always, he wasn’t allowed to do anything to Lucy (or do much with Jen), but he enjoyed being able to watch them play with each other and loved how he could then sit chatting to Lucy with his stiff cock openly displayed. Lucy even allowed Jen to kitty kiss her pussy and then kiss Mike so he could taste Lucy’s juices and Mike happily stroked himself while he kissed Jen. He displayed his usual self-control and didn’t cum so he could save it for Lis (but he did spoon up against Jen’s ass and rubbed back and forth) as they went to sleep.

I had a nice gentle session with Lis, we spent a long time kissing and caressing each other until we were both desperate to cum and then finished things off in a much more energetic 69 session. She spooned behind be and fondled one of my breasts as we went to sleep and I warned her that Mike was really looking forward to playing with her, so she had better get a good night’s sleep. Lis gave my breast a squeeze and said that she was ready for him, but that she hoped I’d let her play with me again. I told her that she had free reign to play with me at any point she wanted and she kissed me very gently on the shoulder and said she would hold me to that. I’ve mentioned it before, but Lis is certainly the person I love most after Mike and Jen (Sue and Mum don’t count as they’re family) and I snuggled back against her and reiterated that I would always be there.

In the morning, Mike woke up first and caressed Jen’s body until she was awake. Jen rolled on to her side, facing away from him and pushed her ass against his cock so he rubbed against her the same way he had the night before, but he also caressed her breasts and kissed her neck. He moved on to sliding his cock between her legs and pushing it against her pussy and Lucy woke up to the sight of them semi-fucking, with Mike’s cock visible against Jen’s cunt. Mike imagined what it would be like to continue humping against Jen until he came and shot his cum all over Lucy’s legs – he would of course been more than happy if things had turned out this way, but he knew it would almost certainly mean he’d never get to share a bed with Lucy again, let alone see her cum. He carried on playing with Jen and enjoyed the feeling of her hard little nipples between his fingers and when her breathing deepened, he asked Lucy if she would help him.

In his fantasy, ‘help him’ meant that he wanted Lucy to lick Jen’s cunt and his cock, but in reality he got Jen to lie on her back and he and Lucy each took one of Jen’s nipples and sucked on it. They both caressed Jen’s body (with Mike avoiding Jen’s pussy) and as Jen started to mew, they pulled her legs open so Lucy could more readily stroke Jen’s wet pussy. Mike asked Lucy to feed him some of Jen’s juices and she offered him her fingers. Lucy was already grinding against Jen’s leg and Mike was doing something similar, although he’d been trying to find a way to get his cock closer to Jen’s pussy so he could ‘accidentally’ brush it against Lucy’s hand. He gave up on this idea and got Jen to spread her legs further so he could move down between them and kiss around her thighs. He honoured ‘the rules’ and didn’t make contact with her pussy, but came fairly close and he could certainly smell her on Lucy’s fingers.

Lucy continued to suck on Jen’s breasts and now also leant over her to pay attention to the one Mike had been taking care of. When she did this, Mike got a pretty good view of Lucy’s pussy and she quickly realised this. I think that Lucy still finds what we get up to a bit strange, but she has certainly adapted well and as she knows she can trust Mike, she doesn’t seem to even mind him seeing her naked or cumming (hence letting him share her bed and watch). He’s seen her pussy up close and she knows just how much he would love to eat and fuck her, but Lucy is just as gay as Jen is (but doesn’t love Mike in the same way) so he knows he doesn’t stand much of a chance with her. Not that this stops him from hoping and he asked Lucy to lift her upper leg so he could get a better look (which she did) and he then asked if he was allowed just a little lick (which he wasn’t).

As a compromise, Lucy wiped some of Jen’s juices over Jen’s thigh for Mike to lick off and as Jen’s mewing was getting more insistent, he crawled back up beside her and resumed work on the nipple he’d been sucking before (which was now slick with Lucy’s saliva). Mike reached down and held one of Jen’s legs, holding on to her inner thigh and caressing the soft skin. His hand bumped against Lucy’s a few times and he imagined what things would be like in a short while when he would be able to let his fingers join Lucy’s and they could finger Jen together. He didn’t have long to fantasise about this though as Jen was really close and Mike bit down harder on Jen’s nipple and gripped her thigh more firmly. As Jen gasped that she was about to cum, he bit her nipple a few more times and pulled even harder on her thigh and he felt her judder as her orgasm pulsed out from her cunt and her nipples.

He continued to hold her tight until her body relaxed and he then resumed gently caressing her thigh and softly kissing her nipple. Lucy slowed down her fingers on Jen’s pussy and then pulled them away to suck them clean. Jen looked very happy and Lucy commented on the fact that Mike had left red marks on Jen’s thigh where he’d been gripping her but Mike reminded Lucy that Jen liked this and pointed out how red the nipple he’d been biting looked. Lucy said that it looked sore but Jen said it felt nice and Mike rolled Jen over on to her front and asked Lucy to help him slap Jen’s ass. Mike gave the first few slaps and when Jen said that it felt nice, Lucy joined in. They didn’t do this for long as Jen said her orgasm had faded, but once she was back on her back she told Lucy how just after (or even better, during) cumming, if someone slapped her ass (or her pussy), she sometimes felt an extra jolt of pleasure, like a weak orgasmic pulse. Lucy said that Jen was weird (which Jen doesn’t deny) and Jen just countered by saying that Lucy wasn’t exactly normal as she was a lesbian who lets a man fuck her lesbian girlfriend, who was currently in bed with another girl.

Of course, Lucy blamed us for that (and rightly so) and said she wondered if we should just stop playing with each other. Fortunately it was obvious from the smile on Lucy’s face that she was just teasing and Jen pounced on her, pinned Lucy down and said that she had better never want to stop ‘sharing’ now that they got to do things together. Jen kissed Lucy while continuing to hold her hand to the bed and Mike wanted to stay and watch, but he also really wanted to cum so he left them and came to find Lis and me. We had been woken up by the noise from the bedroom, been to the bathroom and had returned to our bed to play with each other. We were reasonably advanced in our session, but neither of us had cum yet when Mike found us and he asked if he could take over with Lis and said that Jen was just getting started on teasing Lucy.

I really wanted to fuck Lis again, but Lucy (or at least her porn star lookalike Pavlina) was one of the girls that Mike used to train me when he was convincing me it would be fun to experiment with girls, so getting to play with Lucy still has a fantasy quality to it. I was also aware that Mike sacrifices a bit for our weekends with Lis and Lucy (he doesn’t cum in me for a few days beforehand to minimise the risk of his cum getting in to Lucy) and that he had gone for a night watching his porn fantasy fuck and had held back (admittedly I didn’t know for sure that he hadn’t cum, but I knew he would want to save himself for Lis and his cock certainly looked like it needed some release). Not that I feel too sorry for him as he gets to fuck Lis, which he loves doing, but at the time I felt sorry for him and said he could take over if he wanted and I went to help Jen out.

On the way past, Mike caught hold of me, knelt down and gave my pussy a big lick before releasing me and he then crawled over to Lis and asked if she was ready to cum. She told him she was and he buried his face between her legs and quickly ate her. Lis was responding to his tongue before I’d even left the room (but I was the one who’d gotten her warmed up) and it didn’t take him long to make her cum (after which he kitty kissed her until she was ready to play some more). In the meantime, I’d joined Jen on the bed and had told Lucy that her girlfriend had gotten me really turned on and that it was her responsibility to remedy the situation. Jen had already fingered Lucy and she moved down to lick her so I took the next best position (technically the best position as I wanted to cum) and climbed over Lucy’s face. I reached forward and played with Lucy’s breasts as she licked me and I humped back and forth on her face, sometimes letting her tongue get right inside me, sometimes rubbing myself against her nose. (As a side note, this is an excellent way to remind someone all day that they ate you as once you get pussy juice in your nose, you smell it for quite a while).

Lucy’s tongue felt really good and I watched as Jen lapped away between Lucy’s legs. I ended up using one hand on Lucy’s breasts and one on my own and was soon on my way to cumming. I wanted to ride Lucy’s face really hard, but wasn’t sure if she would like it so I let her tongue do most of the work. I wished that there had been a mirror behind Jen so I could have watched her ass bobbing in the air as she ate Lucy, but this concern soon faded as my orgasm hit me. Unfortunately it wasn’t as strong as I’d wanted it to be (I felt that I needed a really spectacular orgasm to satisfy me), but it was enough to satiate me temporarily and I climbed off of Lucy to kiss her (and help clean up her face) while Jen made her cum. I ended up helping to pull Lucy’s legs up towards her head so her crotch was angled upwards more and Jen had a better angle to work on her from. I reached down with a hand and spread Lucy’s lips to properly expose her clit and Jen went in for the kill. I watched her suck directly on Lucy’s clit and guessed that she was using long strokes with her tongue. Lucy moaned beneath me and I told her to just let go and enjoy herself. This was somewhat superfluous advice as Lucy was obviously approaching her orgasm and we could hear her breathing heavily and letting out ‘oh’ and ‘yes’ sounds. She came with a little squeak and a lot more heavy breathing and we let her relax down on to the bed so Jen could just kitty kiss her for a while.

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