Monday, 30 September 2013

Opening Up to Lucy - Part 2

During the time I’d been busy with Lucy, Mike had finished kitty kissing Lis and crawled up over her body to kiss her and press his cock against her pussy. She told him to fuck her and he asked her to help him get inside her, but when she took hold of his cock and tried to guide him in, he kept pulling away or moving to the side. Lis asked why he was teasing her and he told her that it was because once he was inside her, he intended to fuck her until he filled her hot, tight little cunt with his cum. Lis shot him her mischievous smile (which is cute, but not as good as Jen’s) and said that she didn’t see what the problem was so Mike kissed her and ‘let’ her pull his cock into her cunt.

Mike buried himself the whole way inside her and stayed still for a moment before he started to move in her. Lis half wrapped her legs around him and he kissed her deeply as they fucked. He whispered in her ear that he understood why I loved her and Lis seemed surprised that he knew this (as if there’s anything I keep from Mike or Jen). He told me Lis that he was fairly sure that Jen loved Lucy as well and recounted the brief exchange Jen and Lucy had on the bed. They fucked in this position a while longer and then rolled over so Mike was on his back and he started to pump in to Lis harder. He told Lis that he wanted to feel her cunt cumming around his cock so he could empty himself into her and she told him to just keep going as what they were doing felt good. He soon realised that he couldn’t hold back much longer and when he told Lis this she said it was fine and he could just cum. He kept encouraging her to cum but she couldn’t catch up with him and he ended up unloading inside of her and holding her still on his cock as he felt very sensitive.

He apologised to Lis but she said she didn’t mind. To make up for not getting her off again, he went down on her and it didn’t take him long before Lis came. He kissed his way up her body and told her that he still wanted to cum in her, but it was obvious from his soft cock rubbing back and forth against her pussy, that he wasn’t quite ready to do this yet. They came out and joined us for breakfast and as we ate I watched as Mike fondled Lis and his cock slowly came back to life (I didn’t know the details of their session at this point). As we cleared away the breakfast dishes, Lis quietly discussed some things with Lucy and then told Mike that she was about to go and make her girlfriend cum. Mike asked if he could watch and Lis told him that was the whole point so we all headed back in to the bedroom and watched as Lucy settled herself down on the bed and Lis position herself between Lucy’s legs.

Lis got started and Jen and I thought we may as well help out, so we sat on either side of Lucy and caressed her breasts. Lis asked Mike if he would make sure she wasn’t neglected and he eagerly moved up behind her and started to caress her pussy. I saw him bend his head down behind Lis to eat her and he then knelt behind her and pushed his cock straight in to her cunt. I know how much Mike loves fucking me in this position while I’m eating Jen and so I wasn’t surprised when he started moving in Lis with quite forceful movements – the idea being that he pushed Lis forwards harder against Lucy’s pussy so it was like he was helping to get Lucy off. Mike pumped in and out of Lis and reached around to play with her clit. He concentrated on stimulating Lis more than enjoying himself and now that he’d cum, he had no trouble getting her aroused without losing control himself. Once it was clear that Lis was well on the way to cumming again, he pushed in to her with even harder strokes – enough so that I could see her body being pushed forwards and her face squashing against Lucy’s cunt.

I took hold of one of Lis’ hands and told her to squeeze as she came. We could hear her moaning a little into Lucy’s pussy so could probably have figured it out anyway, but as requested, Lis squeezed my hand as she started to cum. Now that he was back on more familiar ground, Mike pumped happily away inside Lis as she continued to eat Lucy. Mike tried to time his orgasm so he came with Lucy, but he hasn’t seen her cum enough times (and he couldn’t tell how Lis was licking her) so Lucy came before him, but he asked Lis to continue to kitty kiss Lucy while he finished off in her.

Only when we had finished did Mike tell us that he hadn’t been able to hold back in Lis during their session earlier on and in his defence, Jen pointed out that he had been very restrained all night while watching her and Lucy play. He said that he thought he’d made up for it as he had managed to get Lis to cum first while watching her make Lucy cum, although he had hoped to fuck Lis to a second orgasm before he came. Lis said she was glad he hadn’t tried to do this as she doubted she could cum again so quickly and needed a break and Lucy said that she too was cummed-out for a while. I told them that they were both lightweights and pulled climbed over Lucy so I could pounce on Jen. I asked if she wanted to show them how it was done and we got stuck in to each other in a frantic 69.

Mike caressed Lis and gently kitty kissed her and he offered to do the same to Lucy, but she teased him and pointed out that he now had his cum on his mouth so it wouldn’t be safe for him to lick her (as if she would have ever let him do it). He did get Lucy to agree to let Lis kitty kiss her and then for Lis to kiss Mike. While they had been doing this, Jen and I had continued to 69 and in a competition to see who could make the other one cum first. For a while, I thought Jen was ahead (as in I thought I would cum first), but with a bit of hard sucking on her clit I had her moaning in to my pussy and lifted myself off of her so she could tell me how close she was. I could have easily made her cum, but I turned around and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to be nice and horny to encourage her to play a bit more. She knew full well what I meant and told me I was being mean so I whispered to her that if she didn’t want to try out ‘what we had discussed’ she didn’t have to. I knew full well that Jen had been fantasising about ‘this’ for a while so as we lay in bed and all chatted, I continued to caress and occasionally lick Jen before finally suggesting that we should get dressed and head out to enjoy the weather.

Mike, Lis and I showered together first (which was a little tricky, but allowed us the opportunity to play a little. Lis still didn’t want to cum again, but she was willing to kneel and lick me while Mike was inside me. Just because she didn’t want to cum, this didn’t stop Mike from using the shower on her pussy. Initially, this was to hose his cum out of her so she tasted better for everyone later on, but as he was down there anyway, he gave her clit a good blast with the pulse setting while I washed her hair. Technically, he had followed her wishes as she had only said she didn’t want to cum and he just stimulated her until she was a bit more aroused (the pulse shower spray is good at times like this as it is quite a gentle stimulation, although with continued use can give a pretty good orgasm). As I said though, he didn’t make her cum and just left her tingling so as we dried off, both Mike and I fondled Lis some more and he pushed in to her while she brushed her teeth.

Jen had snuggled up to Lucy while we’d been in the shower – they hadn’t really been playing together, but had had lots of skin time and a bit of caressing. I gave Jen’s ass a slap on the way in to the shower as a reminder that she was meant to go through with her plan. Once they had washed, Jen used the shower on Lucy’s pussy and got Lucy to do the same to her and they then kissed under the shower (we know from Lis – and experience – that Lucy likes doing this and finds it quite erotic). Jen started to hump against Lucy and told her she wanted to cum again and Lucy dropped a hand to Jen’s pussy to finger her. Jen pushed Lucy up against the wall and rode Lucy’s fingers as she continued to kiss Lucy deeply. Jen had been caressing Lucy’s ass and gently caressing Lucy’s pussy, but as things heated up she moved a hand round to the front of Lucy’s body so she could touch her properly and play with her clit as well as her cunt.

Jen was much further along and was clearly going to cum first, but she wanted to make sure Lucy was fairly aroused so she briefly dropped to her knees and lapped at Lucy’s clit before standing against and asking Lucy to finish her off. Lucy’s fingers quickly found Jen’s clit and caressed her and at Jen’s request Lucy pushed a couple of fingers back into Jen’s cunt and worked them inside her. Jen held on to Lucy, breathed into her ear and told her that she was about to cum. As she did, she pushed down hard and squirted as much pee out over Lucy’s hand and legs as she could. Jen had her eyes shut and was picturing the scene from outside of the shower, watching as she soaked Lucy’s legs. She whimpered into Lucy’s ear, telling her how good it felt and as her orgasm faded, she kissed Lucy deeply and thanked her.

Jen resumed playing with Lucy’s pussy (she hadn’t entirely stopped, but hadn’t been paying full attention to what she was doing while she was cumming). It was around this point that Lucy asked Jen is she had really just peed all over her hand and Jen says that she just gave Lucy her mischievous smile (the one I can’t resist and that helped me fall in love with her) and said it wasn’t just her (Lucy’s) hand but her legs as well. Lucy looked down and said ‘ewwww’ but Jen sped up her work on Lucy’s clit and leant in closer to whisper to her that it had felt amazing and Lucy should give it a go. Lucy was reticent at first but for the whole time Jen played with her she kept telling Lucy how liberating it felt, how it made her orgasm feel better, how she loved the feeling of me, Lis and Mike peeing on her and how she should at least give it a try to see what it felt like. Jen was clever enough to keep Lucy aroused for a while without letting her cum and in the end she convinced her to try it just that once. As Lucy’s orgasm built, Jen gave her some tips (more than she ever gave me when I first tried it) and told Lucy to wait until just before she came and then to push as hard as she could and to try to squirt in time with the pulses of her orgasm. Just before she came, Lucy said that she couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but Jen told her she wanted to feel Lucy’s orgasm properly and as it hit her, she squirted over Jen. She let out a number of decent squirts and Jen then told Lucy to empty herself as her orgasm faded – which Lucy did.

Jen wiped her hand over her own pussy (although she knew that as they were still under the shower, anything would be washed away, and asked Lucy how it had felt. Lucy looked quite embarrassed but said it had felt better than expected and Jen told her that she was sure Lis wouldn’t mind experimenting with her. Lucy asked Jen not to tell Lis what they’d done and even when Jen pointed out that she done the same with Lis, Lucy didn’t want her to know (although given Jen had asked Lis not to tell Lucy and that had lasted for all of 5 minutes I don’t know why Lucy thought it would remain a secret, but Jen actually kept her word – sort of).

Lis, Mike and I were pretty much ready by the time Lucy and Jen reappeared and it didn’t take much questioning to find out that they’d been playing with each other. At the first opportunity, Jen discreetly told Mike and I the details and we waited until Lucy left the room to have a whispered conversation with Lis. We didn’t actually tell her anything about the peeing but Lucy was paranoid enough when she saw us talking that she asked Lis what Jen had told her. Lis said that she’d been hearing about them playing together in the shower and Lucy asked ‘what else’, which of course made Lis curious as to ‘what’ the ‘what else’ referred to. Lis kept asking Lucy what she was talking about and Lucy finally gave in and quietly told Lis what she had done with Jen, which Lis thought was hilarious.

We went out and had lunch (which Jen bought for Lucy as an apology for ‘making’ her tell Lis what had happened) and then after a brief bout of shopping we headed off to the park. Lis and Lucy had both heard about our games in parks over previous weekends so they weren’t too surprised when Jen and I arranged ourselves to show off our pussies (and cleavage in my case). Lucy quizzed Jen as to why she enjoyed teasing guys when she didn’t want any of them and Jen explained how she had come to enjoy the feeling of power and that even though she wasn’t going to do anything with them, she loved knowing that the guys wanted her and found her sexy. Mike told Lucy how Jen had basically practiced on him when she first started dating me and Lucy added that it was also probably my influence. We pointed out how Lis had enjoyed teasing Mike (even though that was somewhat different as she is clearly not as gay as she once claimed) and with a bit of nagging, we got Lis to agree to remove her panties and join us (this is tricky to do in public, but not impossible when you have a few people to keep a look-out).

Lucy wasn’t prepared to go quite that far, but said that she didn’t mind playing a little bit. I think she knows that she is quite hot (not in an arrogant way, but I guess people who look like that must be aware of the fact – and I think us having shown her so many pics and videos of her porn-start persona helped to convince her that there is a demand for ‘her’). There were a number of guys in the park but to make things a little easier, Mike and I suggested that we head off for a walk together and leave the three girls to try and attract some guys. We didn’t go too far so we could keep an eye on proceedings and a couple of minutes after we’d gone, Jen started to rub some lotion in to Lis’ legs while she lay on her front. Jen them moved on to Lucy and did the same thing, folding Lucy’s skirt up and getting her to spread her legs a little so she could do fairly high up inside her thighs. Jen then lay down and got Lis to do her legs. They lay and chatted and Jen noticed a couple of guys eyeing them up so she whispered to Lis and kept indicating in the direction of the guys, acting very giggly. She beckoned them over and the girls all sat up and chatted to the guys for a few minutes. Jen sat with her knees up in the air and ankles crossed with her feet just in front of her pussy, but as the conversation progressed, she let her feet move forwards a little and parted her knees until she was sitting cross legged, giving a good view up her short skirt.

Jen kept leaning across to Lis and whispering to her, knowing that this gave the guys an even better view and she told Lis to note where the guys were looking. Jen then changed position and Lis says that the guys looked disappointed but Jen lay on her front facing them, propped up on her arms. She had a fairly loose low cut top on so this gave them a view straight down to her breasts but after a minute or so of this, she complained that the ground was hard and adjusted her position again. Jen knelt behind Lis and massaged her shoulders, then whispered to Lis to sit the way she had been doing. Lis went straight for the cross legged position and while her skirt wasn’t as short as Jen’s, it was short enough and Jen whispered to her that the guys were looking straight at her naked cunt.


  1. Sorry if this is a repeat question but I do not understand where Jen gets the watersports fetish from. Any ideas?

  2. She doesn't know where it initially came from, but she had had it for quite a long time. When she was younger, she used to enjoy playing with herself outdoors (primarily in a small forest near her house) and she would often masturbate herself through her panties, then pee herself and then leave the panties (and sometimes tights too) on a fallen tree where she knew a group of boys hung out.

    It was only after we started dating that things developed to peeing on other people (me) or being peed on, but she certainly enjoys it. I sort of understand - it's basically just something 'naughty' and I know I much prefer doing things with an element of naughtiness in them as it feels much more exciting.

    I guess it's difficult to pin down where things come from - I don't really know where my exhibitionism came from. You can sort of see it developing if you read through the blog, Mike asked me to wear some revealing clothes out to dinner a few times and then played with me while we were near other people and it just developed from there. As to why I found it exciting the first times though I think just goes back to it being new and exciting (or naughty!).