Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sharing Sue - Part 1

At the end of May, we had been planning on going to visit Vicky, but she called us and told us that she had hooked up with a guy (one she wanted to keep) and wasn’t sure how he would react to having three people coming to visit her and fuck her all weekend (she hadn’t slept with the guy yet). We were a little disappointed - Jen especially so as she loves Vicky’s breasts, although Mike said he would also miss being able to eat and fuck her (and of course I was disappointed as Vicky was becoming more adventurous with us so our visits tended to be a lot of fun).

We made alternate plans, but didn’t co-ordinate these with each other and ended up with Mike arranging for Sue (my sister) to come and visit while Jen arranged to go back down to see her Uni friends. Jen and I were going to leave Mike with Sue, but he thought it would be fun to take her down to visit Jen’s friends (and the weather was better down south, which would give a better opportunity for outdoors play). Originally, Mike and Jen had intended to have a weekend or surreptitious sex with Sue, but once we were all at Abrahii and Julia’s place, things went in a slightly different direction.

The gang had been out for their usual Friday night drinks (still slightly subdued for some of them as they were still doing exams) and Susan was made to perform (it was fairly light, she was stripped naked and told to masturbate with a bottle, then go and stand out in the garden naked). Once everyone had gone, Abrahii asked Sue what she thought of Susan’s display and Sue said that she thought it had been quite daring, but looked fun. Now Jen’s friends know that Mike and Jen have played with Sue a little (although they don’t know quite how much or how far things have gone) and Sue knows a fair amount about the games we get up to with Jen’s friends, but we had intended to keep things relatively tame. We hadn’t accounted for Mel though and while Sue was talking to Abrahii, Mel started to unbutton Abrahii’s dress. As this wasn’t an unusual occurrence, Abrahii did nothing to stop her and it was only when the top of her dress slid down to her hips that she seemed to remember that Sue was a newcomer to the group (to be fair, Abrahii had drunk a fair bit as her exams had ended).

Jen saw an opportunity and helped to pull Abrahii’s dress down and then reached up under Sue’s skirt and caressed her legs. Mel probably hadn’t cared about what Sue thought and was already caressing Abrahii’s breasts. As Mel slid a hand down over Abrahii’s stomach and into her panties, Jen asked Sue if she minded seeing Mel make Abrahii cum and Sue quietly replied that it was fine. I was unsure as to whether this was a good idea, but Mike already had a hand between my legs and was playing with me so I just sat and watched to see how things would develop (looking back and knowing the people involved I guess there was really only one way).

Mel got Julia involved and Abrahii had to sit on the sofa so Julia could kneel and eat her while Mel caressed Abrahii’s body. Jen moved her hand up under Sue’s skirt to her pussy and started to play with her and around this time I gave up and slipped off my skirt so I could sit over Mike’s cock. Jen got Sue to sit on the sofa near Abrahii and told her she was going to cum – Sue seemed a little nervous about having this done to her while the others were around, but she didn’t stop Jen as she pushed Sue’s skirt up, pulled her panties down, spread her legs and buried her face between them.

Mike was eagerly playing with my clit and moving inside my by this point and Mel told Julia and Jen to kiss each other (specifically to share Sue and Abrahii’s juices) and then a few minutes later, Mel got Jen to finger Sue and Julia to finger Abrahii and offer their fingers to each other to more explicitly share the juices. They returned to eating their partners and as Sue got more aroused, Jen pushed her top up to expose her bra and then pushed her bra up to expose her breasts. Mike pulled my top and bra off to leave me naked and we continued to fuck as Sue and Abrahii were pushed towards their orgasms. Abrahii came first (but Julia had started on her before Jen got stuck in to Sue) and when Sue finished cumming, she realised that everyone was watching her, got quite embarrassed and pulled her top and skirt down to cover herself up.

Mel told Sue that she didn’t need to worry and we’d all seen each other cum, then told Julia to strip and (uncharacteristically) ‘suggested’ to Jen that she also get naked. Once naked, Julia was told to demonstrate how close we all were and she had to kneel in front of Mike and me and lick my clit while he fucked me. I was too far gone to care (and it’s not as if Sue hasn’t seen me cum many times before) so just enjoyed the feeling of Julia’s tongue coupled with Mike’s cock and I happily allowed myself to cum.

Mike stayed inside me and we watched as Jen climbed over Abrahii and was eaten while Mel played with Jen’s breasts. As their session became more heated, Mike told me to dismount and he went over and sat beside Sue (with his cock still out) and started to kiss and caress her. She automatically took his cock in her hand and stroked him as he pulled her skirt up and played with her pussy. He pulled his jeans off and quickly got Sue topless, then he lay on top of her and pushed his cock into her wet cunt. He only fucked her for a short time and then moved down to eat her. Her skirt was removed at this point so she too was naked and Mike shed the rest of his clothes, leaving just Mel dressed. Julia pointed out this inconsistency and Mel said that she was happy remaining dressed, but with the five of us pressuring her (and then six when Sue joined in), Mel relented and removed her clothes.

She said that if she was naked, she at least wanted to get to play with Sue, so Mike moved out of the way and told Mel to take whatever she wanted. Knowing Mel (and how mean she can be) ,I was a little concerned as to what she would do to Sue, but I also knew not to worry too much as Mike loves Sue (not in the same way he loves Jen and me – more like a little sister, just a little sister he gets to fuck). Mel eagerly pushed a couple of fingers into Sue and as she fucked her, she asked Sue if she was as much of a cum-slut as I am. Sue didn’t answer, but let Mel carry on fingering her and Mel said that she wanted to see how much Sue would do so Jen clambered up over Sue and lowered her pussy to Sue’s mouth. Sue barely hesitated and pulled Jen down so she could start eating her (which pleased Mel) and after a couple of minutes more of fingering Sue and playing with her clit, she lowered her mouth to Sue’s cunt and ate her.

Mel, Sue and Jen continued their threesome until Sue came. We had to tell Mel to stop as she just carried on eating Sue, and when she pulled away Sue resumed eating Jen to repay her for making her cum earlier on. Mel wanted to see Mike fuck Sue properly, so while she was still lying on the edge of the sofa (with Jen over her face), Mike knelt in front of Sue and pushed in to her while Mel and Julia held Sue’s lips open to give everyone a better view. As Jen got closer to cumming, Mel got Julia to kneel between Sue’s legs and lick her, which was the sight that Sue was greeted with when Jen came and dismounted Sue’s face.

Sue was tired by this point, but Mel said it was only fair she repay the second orgasm and Julia agreed to be gentle with Sue if they 69ed. We moved upstairs for this and the rest of us sat around the bed and watched as Julia and Sue lapped away at each other. Sue had clearly decided that she didn’t mind joining in, although after the sex parties, it is clear that she isn’t exactly shy when it comes to cumming so I wasn’t too surprised. Mike spent a while with his cock buried in Abrahii while we watched and he tried to fuck Mel, but she didn’t want him inside her so he had a quick go inside Julia (so Sue could lick him and her at the same time). They were then left to finish off and when Sue had got Julia off, Abrahii was given a turn at licking Sue (she also agreed to be gentle, but Sue seemed a bit more willing to play again by this point). Mike had a quick go with her next and as I was the only one who hadn’t eaten Sue, Mel tried to get me to do it, but we told her that we don’t do that.

As a compromise, Mike pushed his cock into me and then offered it to Sue, who sucked it clean – and he then did it in reverse so I sucked Sue’s juices from it. He then fed Sue some of Abrahii’s juices in this way and got Mel to agree to let him briefly fuck her so Sue could also taste her. Mike said that he thought it was time for him to cum and Sue was fine with this so he climbed on top of her and they started to fuck. Sue went on top for a while and Mike asked for help to make her cum, at which point Jen sat behind Sue and reached around to play with her breasts and Julia reached down to play with Sue’s clit. Mike briefly got Abrahii to sit over him so he could lick her, but when Sue came, he said he wanted to fuck her properly so everyone left them to it (but still watched) as Mike pumped in to her. Just before he came, he rolled her over onto her back and pulled out, Sue complained that she wanted him to cum in her, but he just told her he would fuck her again later and said he wanted to let everyone see how much he enjoyed her cunt. He hadn’t even finished explaining this when he came over her, his cum splattered up her front and over her breasts and he aimed at her cunt for the last few shots. Mike had produced a decent amount of cum and Mel smeared it over Sue’s body, pushed it between her pussy lips and fed some of it to Sue with her fingers.

Mel stated that Sue was indeed as much of a slut as I was and I felt duty bound to protect Sue, so I pushed Mel down onto the bed and told Julia to make her cum. She was more than up for this and eagerly attacked Mel’s cunt and to help keep Mel in place, Abrahii sat over her chest with me. Sue just watched at first, but with a little (minimal) encouragement from Julia, she joined in and played with Mel’s clit while Julia ate her. Mel didn’t stand much of a chance (and she wasn’t exactly fighting hard) so we made her cum and then released her.

As it was now quite late, we decided to head off to bed and had to decide what the sleeping arrangements were. Mel wanted to stay with Julia (as they only see each other on weekends – and I remember what that was like) and Mike and Jen really wanted to be with Sue, so I paired up with Abrahii (which was no hardship). Mike, Jen and Sue slept on the floor in Julia’s room so Mel and Jules could watch anything more they got up to. Most of Mike’s cum had soaked in to Sue’s skin, but Jen was happy to curl up against her and feel the remains while Mike spooned behind Sue and after moving gently in her for a short while, started to fuck her properly. As he’d promised, he came inside her this time and after spreading her pussy to let Mel see, they all went to bed.

The next morning, Mike quietly woke Sue up and gently spooned with her for a while, then suggested that Sue take responsibility for waking Mel and Julia up. She didn’t make it to their pussies before they woke up, but neither of them stopped her and after spending a few minutes between Julia’s legs, Sue moved over and licked Mel. Jen wanted to join in properly so she went and sat over Mel’s face. Mike joined them on the bed and went down on Julia and when Sue complained that nobody was paying attention to her pussy, Mike promised her that she’d get to cum. Mike got Jules off, Sue got an orgasm out of Mel and Mel then made Jen cum. In order to keep his promise, Mike got Sue to kneel up and he took her from behind while Julia lay under Sue and licked and frigged her clit. Mike gave Sue a good fucking and (as usual) he carried on after she’d cum and only unloaded into her when he was ready. Julia had stopped playing with Sue when she came, but she remained underneath her and watched as Mike’s cock repeatedly pumped into Sue’s pussy and when he pulled out, Julia pulled Sue down to her mouth and ate some of his cum out of her. I say ‘some’ because Jen seemed to get jealous and told Julia that it was her job to clean Sue out so Julia abdicated her position and Jen took over. Once Sue was thoroughly cleaned out, Jen lay beside Sue and worshipped her breasts for a while using her mouth and fingers.

Mike came in to see what Abrahii and I were up to and found us in the middle of our own morning session (we’d been woken up by the sounds of people cumming in Julia’s room). He asked if he could join us and he helped me get Abrahii off and then watched as she used some toys on me. We were briefly interrupted by the others who were on their way downstairs but I told them I needed to cum first so they went for breakfast and Mike joined them, leaving me in Abrahii’s experienced hands. We didn’t take too much longer and joined them downstairs – I was naked but Abrahii had a robe on, although when she saw that everyone else was still naked, she quickly shed this.

Over breakfast and subsequently sitting in the living room, we were quizzed over how we had started doing things with Sue and what we’d done. We gave them a fairly honest (although slightly edited) version of events and described how she had started to watch Mike and I play together, how we’d invited her in to watch, how we’d seen her play with herself and how Mike had finally done things with her (and how much later, Sue had allowed Jen to experiment with her). Both Mike and Jen said how much they cared for her, along with how hot it was to be able to do things with two sisters at the same time. Naturally Mel wanted to know how much Sue and I had done together and we told her that we have kissed, played with each other’s breasts and tasted each other via Jen or Mike (long term readers will know we omitted a few things here).

Mel told Sue that she didn’t mind what we’d done as Julia had done pretty much everything with her brother. Jules turned bright red when Mel said this, but that didn’t stop Mel from describing how Julia had played around with her brother and his friends when they were younger and how he had even cum in her a couple of times. This seems to be about the only thing that embarrasses Jules – although she doesn’t mind her brother seeing her naked even now and has participated in threesomes with Mel (usually with Mel eating Jules and Alex fucking Mel), he doesn’t get to cum in Julia any more).

As we had such a good male-female ratio (from Mike’s point of view anyway – I prefer it to be more balanced so I can have cock and cunt) we decided to play a game. Each of us took a turn being blindfolded and had to guess who we were tasting as we were fed someone’s juices (including our own), either from someone’s fingers or Mike’s cock. Sue was obviously at a disadvantage here as she only knows how she, Jen and I taste, but it turned out that we were only just scoring above chance anyway (and a number of people got my and Sue’s juices mixed up). Most of us got Mel’s taste right, but she has a stronger flavour than the rest of us so is fairly easy to identify. For the next round, we blindfolded Mike and he had to guess the pussy. He wasn’t allowed to touch and was guided in to each cunt by someone else. He was then allowed to move inside them for 30 seconds and had to give his guess. I cheated a bit and squeezed myself around him to let him know it was me (and I’d have been a bit miffed if he hadn’t recognised what I felt like). He got me and Abrahii right so he didn’t score much better on this.

It was time to get ready to head out so we took turns showering in pairs (there wasn’t enough water for seven people) and Sue was quick enough to agree to go out dressed properly (or improperly, depending on your point of view) once she saw how the rest of us were dressing. On the bus in to town, Mike sat with Sue and I on either side of him with a hand under each of us and his fingers in our cunts. He couldn’t really move much so it was more a case of just doing something daring in public than actually being stimulated, but whenever the bus went over a bump it felt nice and Mike had two wet hands by the time we arrived.

We met up with a few people for lunch. I had explained to Mel, Jules and Abrahii that I didn’t want people in general knowing that Sue fooled around with us, but expecting it to remain a secret was pointless. It wasn’t broadcast around the group, but both Mel and Julia made little comments that hinted they had seen Sue naked and made her cum. Fortunately as Susan was with us, she was (as usual) the focus of attention and was expected to perform. Sue was given the opportunity to play with Susan but she declined and once lunch was over, we mostly went our separate ways (some people still needed to work for exams).

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