Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sharing Sue - Part 2

Mike, Jen, Sue and I wandered around the shops for a while and Jen took Sue into some changing rooms for some fun. They spent a while in there so I took them additional items to try on (so it wasn’t quite as suspicious) and when they finally emerged, Sue felt obliged to purchase one of the skirts. It was quite obvious that Sue was no longer wearing her bra (which Jen had confiscated) but she acted as if she didn’t care and Mike suggested that we also buy Sue a really sheer top (that she would have to wear) so her nipples were even more visible. Over coffee, we discussed how we could put Sue on display and Mike and Jen took turns with a hand on Sue’s thigh, caressing her as much as possible so her nipples poked through her top. Unfortunately for Sue, her nips get hard a bit easier than mine do so they were quite prominent.

Even though it was a little overcast, it was still fairly warm so we headed off to the park to sit and chat some more. On the way, we told Sue about playing with ourselves in the park the previous week and Mike said that Sue would never display herself so openly. Sue knew full well that he was just daring her to do this (and she knew that he obviously knows she’s done much worse) so as soon as we sat down, she put her legs in a basket (knees apart with ankles crossed) and pulled her skirt up to reveal her thighs and let us (or anyone near ground level) see her pussy. Mike congratulated her and said that she deserved to cum but the park was too busy and we couldn’t be bothered to find a more secluded spot so just lazed around, chatted and displayed ourselves for a while. Mike took the opportunity to give our legs a massage – also rubbing Sue and my pussies (discreetly) and gave Jen’s ass a fairly good fondle. I considered daring Sue to find someone and offer to play with them but we decided to find another way to amuse ourselves before we headed back to the house and see what the others were up to.

We headed off to the sex shop we often use for public displays and the usual assistant was behind the counter. We weren’t looking for anything in particular but Mike found some temporary tattoos (of a sexual nature) and suggested we have some fun with them. I purchased a small devil (with a large penis) and asked the guy if he minded me applying one so we could see how it looked. He said this was fine so I sat up on the counter and pulled my skirt up. He fetched me a small cup of water and cloth to help apply the tattoo and once I’d made sure my pussy was clean and dry I spread my legs and applied the tattoo on my mons. It came out pretty well and I let everyone have a good look and as they stared at my exposed pussy I could feel myself juicing up and starting to feel horny.

I was interrupted by Jen suggesting that Sue put the second tattoo on her breasts and Sue accepted the dare and pulled her top up. The guy seemed more taken with Sue’s breasts than my pussy (but I guess she is younger he hasn’t seen her before) and I suggested that as the ‘expert’, he be the one to apply the tattoo. Sue didn’t back down at this challenge so the guy cleaned and dried a spot on her left breast and cupped it while applying the tattoo. Jen gently played with Sue’s other nipple until it firmed up (which also firmed up the one in the guy’s hand) and she was told that she couldn’t pull her top down for a few minutes until the tattoo had dried.

Sue said that as she had done it, then Jen should have to be marked and Jen agreed as long as it was Sue who applied the tattoo. Sue agreed to this and we found (and purchased) another set (angels this time). Sue gave Jen the choice of tits or pussy but we decided that as I’d gone for pussy, Jen should have to join me. Jen said that this wasn’t fair as Sue had only bared her breasts so we got Sue to agree that she would allow one to be applied to her pussy if Jen did. As we agreed on this compromise, someone else came into the shop and Sue went to pull her top down but Jen grabbed her hand and said that if she was going to show her cunt, the least Sue could do was to keep her breasts out. Sue was obviously quite nervous about this but Jen sat up on the counter and pulled her skirt up so Sue went along with things and applied the little angel to Jen’s mons. It was now Sue’s turn, but she chickened out (to be fair, the customer had been staring at us the whole time she had been working on Jen’s pussy). Sue was told that she would have to pay a penalty, but this pretty much handled itself as when she pulled her top down, we could still see the devil (and his cock) on her breasts through the material. Jen gave Sue her bra back and she had to remove her top and put it on, giving the guy an even better view of her breasts. I considered asking his opinion on the tattoos on Jen and me but he didn’t appeal that much so we just thanked the assistant for letting us play and left.

On the way home, I filled Sue in on how I’d displayed myself to the assistant before and played with him in more interesting ways on previous visits and fucked one of the customers. Sue claimed that if he’d locked the door and covered the camera, she would have been prepared to lie naked on the counter and let us and him play with her, but I’m not convinced she would have done so (she isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am and I think she is just trying to keep up with what I do). We headed home and found Mel, Julia and Abrahii - unsurprisingly (for students), they had done very little in the afternoon and we joined them and lazed around for a bit. Jen and I showed off our tattoos and Sue showed the one on her breast. We found out that they really were temporary as they didn’t survive a licking too well (Sue was told to eat Jen as punishment for wimping out earlier). This wasn’t her only punishment though and Jen got Sue to strip off and sit on the sofa with her legs spread. Given Sue had played with everyone present just the previous evening, she still seemed a little reticent to do this but did so anyway and it was left to Mike to eat Sue while Jen went to fetch something.

Jen was only gone for a minute but Mike had got stuck in pretty well and Mel was already telling him that he should fuck Sue for them to watch (again). Jen vetoed this though and said that it was up to her to punish Sue (fortunately the punishments in our games usually end up with us cumming so it’s no great hardship). I was surprised to see that Sue had her hair straighteners with her as she absolutely adores them and although we have used them to play with in the past, she has only ever used them on herself and me (and I haven’t even been allowed to use them on her). Jen knelt in front of Sue, rubbed the straighteners between her own legs (for lubrication), spread Sue’s lips and pushed the end into Sue’s cunt. She slowly worked them in, a little deeper with each thrust until she had a good length buried in Sue and was using a smooth fucking motion. Jen twisted the straighteners around inside Sue and licked her clit and as Sue got more aroused, she was told to play with her nipples. Mel decided it would be more fun to help Sue out, so she and Julia each took one of Sue’s nipples and whenever Jen wasn’t licking Sue, Mel or Jules would caress her clit.

Jen was determined that Sue would cum by fucking so as Sue got closer to cumming, Jen told everyone to leave her alone. Mel and Jules moved back and we all watched closely as Jen judged the correct depth and wrapped her hands around the straighteners, then proceeded to fuck Sue harder and faster than before. Each time she slammed them in to Sue’s pussy, the side of her hand bumped against Sue’s clit. Jen varied the speed she used to fuck Sue and at one point the straighteners were being pumped in and out of Sue (with associated clit bumping) as fast as Jen could go. We could see that Sue was getting very close (we’ve seen her cum more than enough times to know this and it’s quite easy with Sue as her chest gets very flushed) and Jen just continued until Sue pushed her crotch up against Jen’s hand and told us she was cumming. Jen continued fucking Sue through her orgasm but slowed down a lot once Sue had finished cumming.

Jen left the straighteners in Sue and it was interesting to watch as Jen had been holding them together so when she let go, they opened slightly and Sue said she could feel them trying to stretch her from the inside. I wanted to try moving them, but Jen didn’t allow anyone else to use them and once we’d had a look, Jen pulled them out of Sue and went upstairs to clean them off. I wasn’t surprised to find out later on that Jen had briefly used them in herself while upstairs – not to orgasm, but enough to ensure that the coating of Sue’s juices were nicely mixed into her own cunt.

While Jen was gone, Mel jumped on the ‘punishment’ bandwagon and got Sue to go down on Abrahii. Due to where we were sitting, Mike and I had a pretty good view of Sue’s pussy as she ate Abrahii and it was still open enough to see up inside her (it wasn’t a massive gaping hole, but given that her pussy is usually very closed, it looked quite odd). Mike wanted to see how much she had been stretched so he knelt behind her (although this was tricky as he didn’t have much space on the sofa) and pushed in to her. He didn’t fuck her properly but sampled her for a minute or so and once he’d determined that she still felt good he left her to get on with pleasuring Abrahii. Jen returned before Sue made Abrahii cum so she got to witness this as well and once they had finished, Sue was told to remain naked.

She wasn’t made to cum again, but various people idly fondled her while we talked. Only after dinner when we were getting ready to head out was she allowed to get dressed, but instead of her own clothes, Mel gave her one of her (very) short, tight leather skirts to wear. As usual, panties were out and the skirt only just covered Sue’s ass. I had assumed that Sue would spend the whole night having to pull it down to stay decent but it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. Our evening out was relatively tame – I had hoped to go to the hardcore club so Sue could witness some proper depravity but many of the gang were too tired after exams (and as I’ve said, some of them hadn’t finished yet). We headed back to the house reasonably early and even Susan wasn’t made to do too many things (Ethan fucked her and she remained naked, but that was it).

As we’d already done more than planned, Jen took Sue upstairs with Susan to look at some clothes and I followed them up to see what would happen (I had a fair idea). Jen had thought it would only be fair to let Susan sample Sue and they were already on the bed in a 69 when I got there. As an added bonus for Susan, Jen suggested that she be allowed to have the sister fantasy and I agreed (I like Susan) so I joined them on the bed and sat over Susan’s face while Sue ate her. As she is so used to being used and made to cum, Jen said that we should let her try us both ways, so once Susan and I had cum, Sue and I swapped places and Susan ate Sue while I ate Susan. I’d noted that Jen had been playing with herself while watching us so once Sue and Susan had cum, I pushed my hand between Jen’s legs and began to play with her in earnest. Susan fetched me some toys from Julia’s bedside table and the three of us made sure than Jen got to cum.

Jen and Sue were feeling a little tired so I headed back down with Susan and we found out that a few people had already left. Most of the others headed off not long after and we headed up to bed to find Jen still fondling Sue’s breasts (so she hadn’t been *that* tired). We told the others about our sister session with Susan and Mel thought it sounded like a good idea so Mike and Jen spent the night in Abrahii’s room while Sue and I slept on the floor with Mel and Julia. We didn’t have the energy to give them each a double session so I let Mel eat me while Sue ate her and I ate Julia while she ate Susan. (When we later asked Sue, she agreed that Mel doesn’t actually taste that good and I felt a little guilty for having made Sue eat Mel). Mike hadn’t thought he could cum again so he had happily watched Jen and Abrahii make out and had then spent a while kitty kissing Abrahii until she let him spoon with her while they went to sleep. He moved slowly in her for quite a while and gently caressed her body (she had wonderful skin) and realised that he would be able to cum after all. He didn’t change the way he was fucking her and continued to slowly move in her until he came. It was quite a gentle orgasm so he could continue to move afterwards and had wanted to stay inside her, but as he’d cum his cock went soft and he pulled out to go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke Julia by going down on her and got Sue to do the same for Mel. It seemed only fair to let Abrahii have the sister treatment so after getting Jules and Mel worked up, Sue and I went and told Mike and Jen to take care of them while we dealt with Abrahii. We actually woke them up when we went in, so Abrahii was still quite groggy, but she lay back and accepted our kisses and caresses as we explored her body. Sue and I spent a while kissing and nibbling on Abrahii’s nipples, then moved on to her earlobes and neck and finally down to her pussy. Abrahii isn’t anywhere near as flexible as she used to be (she did gymnastics when she was younger, but that is now quite a while ago), but she could still pull her legs up and apart to make enough room for Sue and I to both lick her (sort of) at the same time. We gave Abrahii the choice as to which way round she wanted the threesome (providing she was in the middle) and she opted to have Sue go down on her while she ate me. I would have quite liked to be fingered, have a dildo/vibe used in me or (better still) be fucked as it had been quite a pussy heavy weekend – but Abrahii seemed quite keen on doing things with us both in this arrangement so I let her have her way (and she is also sufficiently experienced that being eaten by her isn’t exactly a hardship).

Mike and Jen had taken care of Mel and Jules and they all stopped by to see how we were doing but left us to finish our session with Abrahii, after which we joined them downstairs (still all naked). Mel wanted more details from Sue about her sex life – how many people she’d been with, her favourite positions, whether she preferred guys or girls… We didn’t have as much time that morning as we’d woken up later but Mel wanted to try one more thing before we left and we returned to Julia’s room. They produced a short double dildo and Mel fucked Sue with it, then turned it around to leave the wet end exposed and pushed the other end back into Sue. Julia had to mount the wet end and grind against Julia and after a minute or so, the dildo was turned around again and Mel took the end that had been in Julia while Sue got the end that had been in Julia). This continued with Jen, Abraii and I taking turns, each of us getting the end that had been in Sue and Sue getting the end that had been in us. I had joined in pretty much without thinking about it and it was only as I mounted the dildo that I realised this was more than we’d told them Sue and I had done, so while I shared it with her, we didn’t grind together (although there was a little contact).

Mike was allowed to finish Sue off and he fucked Sue in her favourite position (lying on her front with him behind her and him reaching around to play with her clit). Sue was already quite aroused from her series of mini fucks so Mike didn’t have any trouble getting her to cum and he then pulled her up on her knees so he could fuck her properly from behind. Mel and Jen gave Sue’s ass a few slaps each while he fucked her (but not hard enough to hurt) and when Mike had cum, Sue was told to lie on the bed so we could all mark her before we went out. This involved the usual act of wiping our pussies over various parts of her to leave our juices and for the parts of her that weren’t eacy to grind against, we transferred our juices to her via fingers. Mike squeezed a couple of extra drops of his cum out onto Sue and Jen later told me that she had been fantasising about sitting over Sue and peeing over her, but she settled for just grinding her pussy against Sue’s face.

Naturally, Sue wasn’t allowed to wash before going out (but was allowed to brush her hair, which backfired slightly as Jen then realised that we had forgotten about Sue’s hair so each of us rubbed ourselves with a bunch of it and then pushed it in to each other so Sue had to brush it all over again. To show (a small amount of) solidarity with Sue, the rest of us agreed to also head out without showering. We all had varying amounts of each other’s juices on us from our sessions, but Sue was the only one who was properly covered. She didn’t even argue when she was told to wear a white top and no bra (the tattoo had long gone, but her nipples were now more visible than they’d been the previous day).

I had expected Mel to try to play with Sue over lunch, but as usual it was mostly Susan who received this honour (although I sat with the handle of a knife inside me, which didn’t really do much as it was too narrow, but the initial cold of the metal felt quite nice). Sue was getting a train back home while Mike, Jen and I were flying so we had to part ways after lunch and I arranged for Abrahii to take Sue to the station (I thought she would be safer this way rather than Mel taking her). I hadn’t bargained on Jen promising Abrahii any position she wanted if she gave Sue a final fuck though (not that this promise meant much as Jen would generally give Abrahii anything she wants anyway). Abrahii did as she was asked though and at the station, she took Sue into the bathroom and in a cubicle, she fingered Sue to orgasm and then wiped a mixture of her and Sue’s juices over Sue’s thighs, breasts and neck. Sue ended up falling asleep on the train and we teased her that everyone in her carriage had probably been able to smell the mix of pussy juice covering her.

As she was back at home when we were teasing her though, she played along and told us that she didn’t care and would have stripped and let everyone in the carriage taste it off of her naked body or add whatever juices of their own they had wanted. I really liked the sound of this idea, so later on I got Mike to narrate a fantasy based around this to me as he and Jen took turns playing with me. By the end of the fantasy I had been fucked by dozens of guys, had cum emptied into every hole (of interest) in my body and was caked in a mixture of cum and pussy juice. My actual orgasms (one each from Jen and Mike) weren’t too bad either (but that is often the case when we’re playing through large group fuck fantasies).

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