Sunday, 1 September 2013

Susan's Online Show

A few more of our group arrived and Mel thought that we may as well get things started so a couple of the guys (with masks on) helped Susan with her breasts and she was soon topless. She stroked her panties and slowly worked the crotch to the side so people could watch as she stroked her pussy. At this point, Mel joined in and pulled Susan’s panties off, then buried her face between her legs and gave her a rough licking. It wasn’t for long enough to make Susan cum, but the audience certainly seemed to enjoy it and Peter asked to be the first to get his cock into Susan (that night). He fucked her and other people helped to push a couple of cushions under Susan’s ass to give the camera a better view – we asked him not to cum in her so more people could eat her first so he pulled out and let her suck him while Mike had a turn fucking her. Julia helped out by playing with Susan’s clit and we thought it was probably time for her first orgasm of the show, which was easy enough to provide her with. Peter said he was getting close and Mel suggested that cumming over Susan would probably be more visually effective than cumming in her so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and came over her face (although quite a bit of his cum missed and just landed beside her).

It was only around this time that we realised how far Mel wanted to push things as she slipped her own panties off and planted her pussy on Susan’s face, rubbing back and forth to smear Peter’s cum over Susan and herself. Seeing as Mel was prepared to expose herself on camera, things seemed at least a little bit fairer now. I told Mike not to hog Susan but he said he wanted to cum in her quickly so he could play with her more later. Mel told him to cum over her but Mike really likes fucking Susan (even though she is no longer 18). I thought I may as well help out and held a vibe against her clit as Mike fucked her, but he had really meant it when he said he wanted to cum quickly and he emptied himself in her before I got her to cum again. Not that this was too much of an issue as Julia moved the camera closer to Susan’s cunt to allow the viewers to watch Mike’s cum leak out of her so I was also able to give them a really good view of me using the tip of the vibe on her clit. Once most of Mike’s cum had leaked out, Jules helped things along by fingering Susan but we had to take a quick break to show a close up of her eating Mel out – not for too long though and we returned to Susan’s cunt to make her cum again.

Round three (for her) was to take multiple guys – one in each hand, one in her mouth and one in her cunt. Now ideally all of them would have cum together, but we didn’t get anywhere near that. Things did continue until they’d all cum though, with another load of cum deposited into her cunt, two loads over her chest and a load in her mouth which she then had to spit out and let dribble down her chin and cheeks (she was still on her back).

To give the guys a chance to recover, Abrahii and I had a go. I sat over Susan so she could eat me and Abrahii went down on her. As soon as Susan and I had cum, we switched places and Abrahii got eaten while I used some of the toys on Susan. I managed to get two vibes into her cunt at once (she certainly isn’t as tight as she used to be) and while the noise wasn’t at all pleasant, the viewers liked it and I was asked to slide one into her ass as well, so I did. For good measure, I used a finger on her clit. I guessed that she would be getting quite sensitive by this point so got Abrahii to lift herself off of Susan’s face and the camera was held so that both Susan’s pussy and face (apart from the part covered by the mask) were visible as she came. Abrahii immediately sat back down on Susan’s mouth and told her to finish eating her while I slowly removed the vibes and held Susan’s pussy open for people to see inside (although a light would have helped).

Mel wanted to make the most of Susan’s sensitivity and use the new clamps on her but I thought this would be too cruel (which as I’ve said many times is why I don’t always like Mel). I convinced her to use something more soothing and we fetched a courgette from the fridge (purchased especially for this) to fuck her with. To help things along, we added a little tingle gel and I moved aside to let Mel and Abigail play with Susan. As they did this, Mike used Susan’s mouth, rubbing around it with the head of his cock, getting her to kiss and lick him and then suck on it. Mel got him to try to hit Susan’s nipples with his cock, which he managed to do, but he couldn’t really see the point so he got her to give him another suck and then left her to Mel to finish off. As expected, Mel ended up being fairly rough and while Abigail used the courgette, Mel used a couple of fingers to fuck Susan’s ass (fortunately for Susan, Mel used lube) and they continued this until Susan came again.

I asked how long they intended to play with Susan and the answer was basically as long as possible, but probably for at least a couple of hours with the aim of getting her to cum 10 times. This was a fairly intensive programme, but Susan is certainly used to being used multiple times so I guessed she would cope. Next on the list of humiliations for her was DP. James and Richard had been volunteered for this (and from experience they quite enjoy using her in this way as they can feel their cocks rubbing together as they fill her holes). Richard lay on his back and got Susan to mount him and once in place, James pushed into her ass. It wasn’t really that ‘fluid’ a fuck as they had to keep stopping to allow the camera to be positioned to give a good view of the action, but people certainly got to see Susan being penetrated. She was told to keep her body raised enough to let her breasts dangle (or sway) and for good measure, Mel sat beside Richard’s head and fed Susan her (Mel’s) juices via her fingers. This was continued until Richard and James had both cum in Susan and she was once again placed on her back to allow the viewers to watch any cum that might leak out of her.

We asked what people wanted to see next and (unsurprisingly) another lesbian display was high on the list of requests. (Most of the requests were reasonable, but there are some very twisted people online – we had requests to watch Susan be fucked by a dog, then a horse and then a pig… - needless to say we didn’t honour those requests.) To give Susan a chance to recover, Julia sat over her face with her ass facing the camera and leant forwards so people could easily see as Susan’s tongue lapped away at her clit or pushed into her cunt. Naturally, Susan was encouraged to lick as deep inside Julia as she could, and in return, Jules made sure that there was no doubt as to when she came, giving Susan an explicit set of instructions on how hard and fast to lick her, whether she wanted clit or cunt licked – and of course a string of moans and expletives as she actually came.

Mel said that it was now time for Susan’s endurance orgasm and she attached the new nipple clamps to Susan. I warned Susan that the clit attachment was fairly intense and she said she was ready, but as soon as it was turned on, she arched her back and said that she now saw what I meant. Pretty much everyone got involved and fondled Susan throughout her session. She had hands roaming over her body, fingers thrust into her pussy, mouth and ass, nipples tweaked, thighs stroked… The clamps were knocked off her breasts a couple of times (one of which actually hurt her so people started being a bit more careful), but Susan’s main concern was the vibrator clamped to her clit. It’s not that the vibe was incredibly powerful, but the added sensation of the clamp seems to intensify the feeling somehow. The one saving grace was that after having been used on a number of people already that day, the battery was beginning to fade (although it lasted long enough to make her cum). As mean-Mel was in charge, she didn’t release Susan from the clamps just because she’d cum and subjected her to a couple more minutes of stimulation, which certainly seemed to have an effect on Susan. By the time she was finally released, she was panting, sweating and very flushed.

I wasn’t the only one who felt sorry for Susan (although the audience had loved it) and Jen donned a mask and (semi) broke her rule of not having photos/videos taken and knelt down to kitty kiss Susan. This might seem like it would be more punishment, but if done properly (and Jen knows how to kitty kiss!) then it is a really effective way of helping to calm things down. This was sufficient to placate people for a while but Mel pointed out that we hadn’t even used the chin-dildo on Susan yet and gave Jen the option of being the first to use it (on camera), but Jen declined so the job fell to Julia.

She attached it around her head and once it was sufficiently firm, Susan’s ass was propped up once again on some pillows and the camera moved to give a view of what was going to happen. Julia knelt between Susan’s legs and Abigail guided the end of the dildo into Susan until it was buried all the way, at which point Julia moved back and forth to fuck Susan with it. It quickly became obvious that this wasn’t that effective, but Mel said this was more for show and once Julia pushed the dildo the whole way back in and fastened her lips around Susan’s clit, it became obvious that this was how the device should really be used. Julia sucked and lapped away at Susan while wiggling her head from side to side (so the dildo moved inside her) and a couple of the guys offered their cocks to Susan’s mouth for her to lick. Julia pushed her thumb into Susan’s ass for extra stimulation and continued to lick her until Susan came again. The dildo did a good job of stabilising Julia’s face against Susan as she came and actually looked quite hot as Julia slowly pulled the dildo out, exposing the mess that was now Susan’s cunt.

People were beginning to lose interest (not people on the internet, but people in the room) so Mel garnered the guys for one last go before we signed off and let Susan collapse in a heap of sweat and juices. She was told to kneel on all fours and each guy was offered a chance to fuck her in succession. I think that everyone took up this offer, but only a couple of them actually came in her. They were encouraged to be reasonably rough and pump into her fast and hard and once they had finished, were told to let Susan suck them clean while the next person started in her. Between licking guys, Susan was told to eat pussy (for those of us who didn’t mind being on cam). Mel, Julia, Abrahii, Abigail and I offered ourselves up for this and Susan was encouraged (by which I mean instructed) to eat us in the messiest way possible, getting as much of our juices and her saliva over her face as she could.

Once her final fuck session was over, Mel said that Susan should thank everyone who had been watching her by giving them a final orgasm to wank over (or frig over as there were some girls in the chatroom) so Susan was made to sit up facing the camera and play with herself. She’d cum twice while the guys had been fucking her (some of them had also played with her clit and hadn’t just used her) and I wondered if she would really be able to cum again, but she continues to amaze me with her stamina (which I guess comes from lots of practice) and she set about fingering and frigging herself. While Susan was doing this, Jen suggested to Mel that if we moved out into the back garden, Susan could give another demonstration and pee herself as she came. We thought about how to light the garden to allow the camera to capture this and between a torch and a number of lights on phones we thought that we could do a good enough job and Susan was told to go out back.

She lay down on the grass and resumed playing with herself. The lighting seemed to work well enough that the people online could see what was happening and as Susan got closer to cumming, a couple of the group helped to hold her legs apart to make sure that the display would be fully visible. Susan was instructed to pee as hard as she could and not to stop playing with herself and I whispered to Jen that she could always stand above Susan and finger herself until she came, then pee over Susan’s body. Even though I knew this is what she wanted to do (and she later said that she would have loved to do it), Jen declined, but I noticed that she had a hand between her legs and I replaced it with mine to help her out. I worked a finger between Jen’s lips and played with her clit, while whispering to her to watch closely as Susan came and peed. Susan did as instructed and got herself off, squirting and spraying over her hands, thighs and the ground in front of her. I continued to finger Jen and teased her by telling her to imagine how it would feel if she let go and felt her pee flowing out of her pussy and over her legs, soaking her skirt in the process. Jen told me I was being mean, but I knew she enjoyed at least thinking about doing this even if she wasn’t going to let the gang see her do it.


  1. Dearest Andi,

    I relize that it's impossible, but I would love to be able to see even a small part of that show. As it is, I will have to rely upon my imagination and your wonderful narrative and the marvellous history which you have built up to provide mental images in which to revel.

    Much love,

    Krissy :o)))

  2. Andi - what service did you use to put on your show?

  3. I can't remember what service we used - I know in the past Mel used Stickam, but as that no longer exists it clearly wasn't used last time. For Susan's sake, I hope the video doesn't surface, although I'm sure someone will have captured it (and to be honest we'd quite like to see it again :)

    Mike thinks it might have been with some posts to 4chan to gather viewers. If 4chan was involved, then I'm sure someone will have captured the stream. I don't mind too much as I had a mask on (as did Mike and Jen) and it was only at the end that Susan was unmasked.

  4. Andi Dear,

    I still hold out a slim hope that someone has captured at least a part of this and will share it it...

    Much Love,

    Krissy :o))

  5. Krissy

    Given the volume of videos being published I know it's unlikely we'll ever randomly come across it, but if we do (and you send me an email) I'll give you the link.