Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 1

We've made it to the summer holiday posts - it took me about a month to write this up as work had been busy and I'll try to post a new entry every two days to speed up posting everything. In return, we'd appreciate a few more comments and discussion just so we know that someone is reading and enjoying the fruits of my effort...

At the end of June we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni in preparation for heading off on holiday. As we’d be spending over a week with people we didn’t rush to get down on the Friday night and went down on the Saturday morning. The flight was much quieter and we I made use of this by convincing Jen to get changed into Emily’s torn denim shorts. This would have been easier if she had been allowed to go to the bathroom to do it, but the standard rules applied and she had to do it in her seat, completely removing her skirt before she was allowed to put the shorts on. Jen is sufficiently slimmer than Emily (and me) that they were quite loose on her, but this just meant it was even easier to move them around to get access to her pussy. I sat beside her and gently fingered her for a while, both with my hand down the front of her shorts and then directly through the scraps of material that made up the remainder of the crotch. We wanted to make full use of the lack of people on the plane but couldn’t find a way for me to reasonably eat her and so we had to make do with just using fingers. This wasn’t too much of an issue though and I got Jen to sit with one leg up crossing over my lap so I had full access and could easily masturbate her.

I made Jen cum fairly easily and we then rearranged the meagre scraps of denim to mostly cover her pussy so she could sit with her legs spread and still be passably decent. The shorts were more of an issue when we disembarked as they slid down a fair amount – not past her hips, but they were certainly lower than they should have been. On the bus from the airport to Julia’s place, we sat near the back in the hope I would get to play, but there were some young guys (probably not much younger than Jen) on the back seat that didn’t leave. Mike was on the seat in front of Jen and I so I leant forwards enough to raise my ass in the air. I knew that this would be sufficient to let the guys see up my skirt and I indicated to Jen that she should join me in a similar position. She was in a playful mood and did so readily and we pretended to chat with Mike while waving our asses around in the guy’s line of sight.

I heard them make a few comments so I looked around and asked them if they liked what they saw. I lifted my skirt up a little to give them a better view and then ran my hand over Jen’s shorts and caressed her crotch, easily feeling her wetness. This got another few comments out of the guys as to what they’d like to do to us so I got out of my seat and went to stand next to the guys and asked if they had the balls to follow through on their promises. I told them that if they would get their cocks out and put a condom on, I would sit on them and fuck them. As I told them this I slowly stroked my pussy, knowing that people in the upper floors in the buildings we were passing could technically see what I was doing, but as we were moving I didn’t think it was too much of a risk. Unfortunately the guys were just all talk but I continued to tease them for a while longer when I returned to my seat as I resumed my earlier position and let them spend the rest of the journey looking at my ass and pussy.

By the time we arrived at Julia’s place, I was feeling quite horny (and fairly sweaty from lugging the suitcase), but as a few people were out in the garden, I had the perfect excuse to strip off and sunbathe while Susan said hello to me properly (as I lay sunbathing, she was instructed to eat me). I wasn’t selfish and after I’d cum I asked if she wanted any attention and then ate her while she sat in a chair. Mike and Jen were also encouraged to say hello to Susan and while Jen didn’t want to cum again, Mike was more than happy to let Susan suck him and then sit on his cock. They fucked slowly with Mike sitting upright and holding on to Susan. Mel said that he didn’t need to worry about making Susan cum and that he could just use her, but (as usual) Mike wanted Susan to cum before he came in her. She rode up and down on his cock but they couldn’t get enough momentum to do things properly so they finished off with Susan leaning forwards against the fence and Mike fucked her while playing with her clit. He had no trouble making her cum like this and then had no trouble cumming himself.

Lucy and Lis arrived later on in the day and when evening approached, it got cooler and we moved inside. We discussed the upcoming holiday and how we intended to make the most of the time away. We all knew that we intended to spend a fair portion of the week having fun in as many ways as we could, but some of us would be put on show a bit more and want to participate to a greater level. Mel fully intended to put Julia back to work, Susan was obviously going to be made to perform, Jen and I intended to try to get the other to do as much as possible and the guys intended to make the most of the situation. Mike had volunteered to eat any of the girls on demand and James and Richard had said they were up for DP with anyone who wanted it (they said they would also happily fuck any of the guys, but I’m not entirely sure if you can DP a guy).

Due to the group being slightly female biased, Mel had considered inviting Julia’s brother. Everyone knows about the things Julia got up to when she was younger but she still gets embarrassed when her brother is mentioned and she pushed the conversation away by saying that we should have invited Sue (my sister) along. I actually think she would have enjoyed coming (and we possibly should have invited her as the past few months have been difficult for her). I know that she would have enjoyed having multiple guys to pleasure her and would probably have participated with a number of the girls. As usual, I was teased about doing things with Sue but I gave as good as I got and we agreed that we’d all get together sometime and Alex (Julia’s brother) and Sue could fuck as much as they wanted (although in reality I’d rather he didn’t fuck her as I think she can do better).

The conversation moved on to people showing (or describing) the toys that they were bringing. Everyone had been asked to being along their favourite sex toys and people were pleased to find out that even Lis and Lucy had brought some along. It was known that they didn’t intend to participate in any group sessions, although people still hoped they would and the fact they had brought toys gave people a bit more hope. I was fairly certain that Lucy wouldn’t go that far (she has often said that she doesn’t want Lis being used by the group). The toys that we had in the house (Lis, Lucy, Abrahii, Mel, Julia, Jen’s and mine) were all put out and then passed around. With that many toys, there was no way they weren’t going to be used and true to form they were pushed into Susan, one after the other. Jen decided that as we’d started we may as well continue so she took them from Mel and used them in me, after which I took them and used them on her. I suggested that Susan should try them on Abrahii, but this Abrahii said she didn’t feel like playing and none of the other girls wanted to participate at this stage. I complained that if we were going to have a fun holiday we shouldn’t be starting off in such an inhibited way (and yes, three girls with vibes in their cunts in fairly inhibited for this group). This didn’t have quite the effect I’d hoped for and just meant that everyone was allowed to use the vibes in us (girls only on Jen).

Mel retrieved Jen’s nipple and clit vibes from our bag and attached them to her. She wasn’t overly mean and didn’t fasten them too tightly, but did hold Jen’s arms so that even when she came, she couldn’t take the clamps off. Jen writhed around as the stimulation became more and more intense and only when she finally begged to be released did Mel do so. She calmed down fairly quickly once the clamps were removed and I told Mel that the holiday was meant to be fun so I didn’t want to torture anyone (too much). I think Mel realised I was a bit annoyed with her and we all just chatted for a while before people started to drift off home. Lis and Lucy went to spend the night at Angela’s place which meant we didn’t get a chance to play with them, but this was probably for the best as it meant as Jen and I could spend the night with Mel and make up for our earlier disagreement (experience has taught me that mutual orgasms are generally the best way to resolve conflict – it’s kind of hard to hold a grudge against someone who has just made you cum).

On the Sunday, we got up late and instead of going out for brunch, we decided to have a BBQ. We considered using Richard’s garden again, but his housemates were back and he now wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to let them see us all ‘playing’ (although I still think it would have been fun – we would either have offended them or got them to join in). As such, we went over to Angela’s place – her garden wasn’t quite as large, but the friend she was sharing with (Dawn) was always telling her that she doesn’t have a problem with Angela being gay and she wanted to test out just how liberal she actually was. Dawn has experienced Mary (Angela’s girlfriend – and pervious girlfriends) sleeping over before and Angela knows that Dawn has probably heard them having sex, but she doesn’t show her girlfriends off in the same way that Susan or Julia are exhibited. Technically Angela isn’t much of an exhibitionist anyway – she has only recently started to join in games with the group and she considers us seeing her naked rather differently to her other friends seeing her naked.

We were given some ground rules as to how far we could push Dawn but I wondered if certain people would stick to them. Things started off well enough – a few of the girls quickly went topless and after we’d eaten, Susan decided that she would remove her outfit and let some of the people play with her. Dawn seemed a bit shocked at this, but sat and watched while the rest of us chatted and mostly ignored what Susan was up to. When the girls had finished playing with Susan, Ashraf had a turn and fucked her. Dawn seemed a bit more interested in this but I was bored of watching Susan have all the fun and went to change into my new bikini. I returned and was greeted with appreciative calls – it was technically a one piece ‘swimsuit’, but the designers appear to have forgotten to add the material. In actuality, it was three scraps of cloth joined with string. Each of the ‘cups’ of the top (which only covered the very central part of my nipples) was linked to the tiny crotch. From the tops of the cups, the string went up over my shoulders and made a v midway down my back, with the single thread then connecting to the crotch.

Dawn asked if I was really going to wear the outfit on a beach and I innocently asked why I wouldn’t. She pointed out that it was very revealing so I fiddled with the material a little, revealing even more of myself. (To be fair, it was rather difficult to keep my nipples covered anyway as the outfit didn’t offer enough support. I lay down and pulled the crotch between my pussy lips and asked if someone would apply some cream for me. Ethan took care of this and my breasts were soon fully exposed to his hands as he massaged them and when he moved down to do my legs, I spread them wide to give him access. He spent a while massaging my ass and when I rolled over on to my back again, my bikini wasn’t really covering any of me so I removed it. Ethan dried off his hands (sun-cream isn’t meant to be used internally) and he then proceeded to massage my pussy. I pushed back against his hand and felt him slide a couple of fingers into me. I reached over to his shorts and pushed a hand into them, quickly straightening his cock and starting to stroke him. I ended up lying on my side with my body curled around so I could get my mouth on his cock while he continued to finger me. I told him that I wanted to cum first and I lifted my upper leg to make it easier for him to get to me. His fingers pumped in to me repeatedly until I told him to frig my clit and once he started to do this I came pretty quickly.

I’d kept his cock in my mouth the whole time and had been sucking and stroking him so I didn’t expect it to take long to make him cum. He sat up in a chair and I knelt between his legs to work. I took him as deep as I could in my mouth (which still isn’t very deep – I have a strong gag reflex) and swirled my tongue around his cock. As he got closer to cumming, I concentrated on the glans and just before he came I pulled my head back so I could lick around the glans with my outstretched tongue. He came over my mouth and face and I took the head back in my mouth a few times, but let his cum leak out over my body as I continued to suck him. Once I finished, I spat out the remainder of his cum and massaged it into my body, then lay down again and resumed sunbathing.

A little later on, I was interrupted by Susan who had been told to go down on me. I wasn’t going to refuse her advances and once I’d cum I (as usual) offered to repay her but was told she would take care of herself. Susan lay beside me and played with herself while we chatted and apparently by this point, Dawn was very confused as to what was going on. I moved out of the sun (after Susan had finished) as I didn’t want to burn before we’d even left the country and decided that I’d resisted Jen’s swimsuit enough. It probably isn’t what most people would consider sexy, just a traditional one-piece dark blue swimsuit that covered all of her front (and a fair amount of her back), but for some reason I find the look to be absolutely amazing on her. I called her over and as she knelt beside me I toyed with her crotch. Jen was a little nervous as she sort of knew Dawn at Uni (they weren’t close friends, but occasionally chatted). My fingers found their way under the crotch and I told Jen to relax and let me play with her. To her credit, she did as I asked and was soon sitting over my face and my fingers were holding the crotch of her suit to the side with my tongue in her pussy.

Abrahii helped out a little and knelt behind Jen – she pulled the top of Jen’s suit down and massaged her breasts, then pushed the suit down even further. This made it a little easier for me to get to Jen’s pussy and I considered getting Jen to stand so we could remove her suit completely, but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to her as she felt (or tasted) quite wet. I heard Jen squeal and then tasted beer just before I felt something cold being poured over me (which I correctly assumed was also beer). I saw more being poured over Jen’s back and head and then felt a bottle being pushed into my pussy. I could no longer taste Jen, but wasn’t too bothered as the beer also tasted nice (and the bottle was now being used to fuck me, along with fingers and a tongue playing with my clit). I really wanted to make Jen cum so redoubled my efforts on her pussy and was soon rewarded with her pre-orgasmic mewing sounds. I continued eating her while pushing back against the bottle and by the time she came, her juices had overpowered the beer and I could taste her properly (if slightly alcoholically) again.

I then felt a very strange sensation and Jen let out a shout and started to cough. She quickly stood up and I saw that the front of my body was covered in white powder (which turned out to be flour). Jen was even more covered than me – her head and front were coated and once she stood up, people pulled off her swimsuit and threw more flour at her stomach, pussy and legs. The dregs of the bag were emptied over my head & the mixture of the beer and Jen’s juices were enough to get a good covering to stick. I was made to stay in place while Julia finished fucking me with the bottle (which I was thankful for) and when I also stood up, we had a bit more beer thrown over us and were then threatened with being hosed down. While it was warm enough to be out I didn’t want to be squirted with freezing water so we went in to use the shower in the house.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 3

When Sue, Emily and I finished, I quickly stole a few licks from Em and while I had her pinned down, Mike and Jen did the same thing. Out of fairness, Emily had a few quick licks of Jen and we got ready to head out. They had noticed how Sue was dressed when we had arrived, but as it was less revealing than she’d been when we turned up to the party nobody said anything. Now that we had Emily’s wardrobe to choose from we dared Sue to dress even more daringly and Emily leant her a pair of what had once been denim shorts, but had been steadily torn through general use (and a couple of purposeful tears). We (Mike, Jen and I) felt they weren’t quite daring enough though and further attacked them with some scissors to make additional holes, which we tore into larger holes. We got them into a state that exposed a fair amount of Sue’s thighs (above the hem of the shorts) and then pulled them off to make a final set of adjustments. Up until this point, we had left the crotch, but we soon took care of this and returned them to Sue with the crotch also in shreds. They would have probably been (just about) decent to wear with panties (which would have been visible), but we’d gone a bit overboard and they didn’t hide her pussy (Sue didn’t have any panties with her and Emily wasn’t going to lend her any).

After a bit of experimentation, we swapped Mike’s t-shirt for one of Emily’s that was just long enough to cover Sue’s crotch. Her pussy was still quite visible when she sat down (and the shirt rode up) but wither legs closed she looked decent enough (although Jen preferred it when she looked indecent). Sue complained a bit about being so exposed but it didn’t stop her from coming out to lunch. Jen got Sue to sit with her legs crossed in front of her (similar to a lotus position but for less flexible people) which nicely exposed her pussy. Sue used a napkin to cover herself whenever anyone walked past but to her credit she did everything that Jen asked for the rest of the time.

Sue didn’t want to wear the outfit going home and I took pity on her and told her that we could swap outfits. There was one caveat though – we had to do this outside. The nice thing about being back in York was that we already knew a number of suitable places to do this and headed to the nearest which was just beside the river Foss. A few more rules were set (or made up just to make it more interesting) and we were told that we couldn’t start to get dressed until we were both naked. We each removed our shoes and then started to quickly strip. Mike and Emily took my clothes and Sara and Jen took Sue’s. Sue was naked before I was but she wasn’t given my clothes until I had removed all of them. (Actually, she wasn’t given them straight away when I was naked as Jen and Mike pretended to run away with both sets of clothes). We got dressed and Sue complained that my bra didn’t fit her properly (which is odd as we’re pretty much the same size and have shared bras before).

It felt very free to not have my breasts supported but I was keenly aware how obvious it was. I didn’t have long to worry about this though as people wanted to check how little the shorts covered my pussy and (started by Mike), one by one they explored me with their fingers and tongues. Sue obviously didn’t lick my pussy but in place of that she was told to touch my pussy and give me a kiss. Jen took this a step further by pulling up my top and getting Sue to suck on my nipples for 1 minute while Mike moved Sue’s hand. Even when Sue finished sucking my nips, Mike kept her hand in place and Sue moved the shreds of material out of the way so Sue could continue to frig me. Mike thought it would be incredibly sexy to see Sue make me cum and I didn’t find any supporters amongst the other people present. As Sue didn’t seem to be bothered by what was happening (possibly due to Mike’s other hand being between Sue’s legs) I didn’t object, although as I leant back against the wall I did tell them that they were all bastards. I think I enjoyed it so much as we were in such an exposed location (and the earlier stripping, fingering and licking had helped). I could feel a few strands of the shorts rubbing against my pussy so I took over from Jen in keeping them out of the way and I closed my eyes to enjoy my orgasm.

I felt Sue’s fingers withdraw from my pussy and when I opened my eyes I saw her sucking them clean. Mike still had his hand between Sue’s legs and I wasn’t surprised at what came next. Sue was pushed up against the wall next to me and I was pulled around in front of her. Emily lifted Sue’s skirt (formerly my skirt) and I had my hand pushed between Sue’s legs by Jen. I was told to kiss her and after this was made to suck on her nipples as she had done to me (Emily also held Sue’s top up as I did this). It wasn’t exactly the first time I’d touched Sue like this, but it still felt weird knowing that I was going to actually make her cum – as she had done it for me though then it only seemed fair to reciprocate. Jen continued to move my hand back and forth against Sue’s pussy and I watched as Sue’s chest became more flushed (a sure sign she was close to cumming). We kept going until she let out a muffled yelp and Jen slowed my movements, then brought my fingers to my mouth to suck clean. That wasn’t quite all though as Jen pushed my fingers back to Sue’s pussy and plunged them into her and then fed me her juices a couple more times before plunging them in again and wiping Sue’s juices over my neck.

Sara and Emily both thought what we’d done had been incredibly arousing but unfortunately we were cutting things a bit fine so didn’t have time to take advantage of their horniness (other than Mike, Jen, Sue and I stealing a few licks from them each. Mike went a step further and pulled his cock out and quickly fucked Emily from behind (just a few strokes, but enough to enjoy her). Sara wasn’t quite up for this and he tried to cover himself up but had trouble getting his cock back into his jeans and shorts as he was so hard. We sadly said goodbye to Sara and Emily (who told us they were heading back home to play) and quickly returned to the hotel to grab our things and then headed to the station. Sue’s train was a little after ours and we told her that she could have gone with Sara and Emily to enjoy them a bit more but Sue said she was quite embarrassed about what we’d just done so I pointed out that she had been the one to do things to me first (which she said she knew).

We all kissed Sue goodbye at the station (including me – although mine was more of a kiss on the lips compared to the deep kissed Mike and Jen gave her). Mike told Sue that he had really enjoyed helping her make me cum and that he would spend a night eating and fucking her as payment. This seemed to make Sue feel a little better, but she still blushed a bit. Despite having just cum, I was still feeling fairly horny (which I still maintain was due to doing things outside but was probably at least partly due to the naughtiness of what we’d done) and decided to make use of the way I was dressed. As we know the journey fairly well, I waited until we’d gone past a few stops and were on the longest uninterrupted part of the journey before I found somewhere suitable to sit. I targeted a man sitting by himself reading a book. I sat opposite him and sat in a number of positions that allowed him easy visibility of my crotch while I concentrated on my phone. I could see he was watching me and I idly slid my hand along my thigh and gently rubbed at my pussy. While still concentrating on my phone I brought my finger to my mouth and gently sucked it, then returned it to my pussy.

I could see he was intently watching me and after a minute or so I looked up as if I’d only just realised what I was doing and pulled my hand away from my crotch. He quickly started to read his book again but I leant forwards and told him that I was sorry and I hadn’t meant to do that quite so openly. He muttered that it was fine so I leant back and spread my legs a little more and asked if it was really fine. He glanced up and I again dropped a hand to my pussy and caressed it, then pushed a finger part way in and felt a gush of warmth. I told him that I would like to continue if he didn’t mind and he didn’t say anything at first so I slowed my movements and pulled my finger out. My pussy was still fairly visible through the shreds of denim and I said again that if it was okay with him, I could continue. This time he nodded and I asked if he was sure, to which he said yes.

I glanced around (although I knew the carriage was fairly empty) and then pulled the crotch of the shorts aside as best I could. I quickly dipped a couple of fingers in to my pussy and rubbed my juices over it, then reached up under my top and cupped one of my breasts. Given I’d been naked by the river earlier I decided to go for it and pulled up my top to show him my breasts and while holding the top up with my chin I returned both hands to my crotch and played with myself. We were only interrupted once as the guard went past but I just allowed my top to fall down over my breasts and put my knees together. My top didn’t cover my crotch so the guard may have got an eyeful of my pussy as he checked my ticket but I didn’t really care (as long as I didn’t get arrested). As soon as the guard had gone I spread my legs, quickly pulled up my top and resumed playing with myself. I quietly asked him if he wanted me to cum and he nodded so I obliged him. I had a couple of fingers working in my pussy and my other hand was working my clit. My top slipped down and mostly covered my breasts but I was too close to cumming to stop and take care of this. I quickly glanced around one last time and pushed a little harder against my clit. My orgasm hit me fairly hard (as often happens when I’m doing things in riskier places) and my body bucked back and forth a little as I came. I tried not to make too make too much noise and mostly just mouthed my pleasure. As my orgasm faded, I continued to slowly stroke myself, dip my fingers in to my pussy, rub my juices over my nipples and suck my fingers clean.

When I finally finished I kept my legs slightly spread and leant forwards to ask the guy if he’d enjoyed the show. I chatted to him for a while and found out he lived not too far from us so I suggested he give me his number and I might call him to let him watch me cum again, or let him help make me cum. He gave this to me and I told him I would call and I went back to find Mike and Jen. Just before I left, I turned away from him and bend right over so my ass was pointed straight at him. I could feel one of the threads of the denim shorts pulling against my pussy and when I stood up I asked if he’d got a good look and then headed off to Mike and Jen.

I described in detail what I’d done and I suggested to Jen that we go back so I could play with her and put on a second show for the guy. Jen was a little hesitant as she has cum enough, but I was quite persistent and told her that she could consider it payment for what she had made Sue and I do to each other. I eventually convinced her by promising do 69 with her in the garden at some point and saying that she could pee as much as she wanted, but by that point we were getting close to the next station and enough people got on our carriage to make it difficult to do anything (without being seen).

Even though Jen hadn’t performed, I decided to give her the promised reward anyway. We had really hoped to have a chance to sunbath naked in the weeks prior to our holiday but unfortunately the weather wasn’t really up to it. On the last Tuesday in June though we all went out to the garden and Jen and I lay on the grass and ate each other. As you would expect, Mike didn’t want to miss out so as Jen and I 69ed, he stood and watched and jerked himself off. He came – mostly over Jen’s back and hair (she was on top) and then concentrated on losing his erection so he would be ready for his next contribution. Jen and I continued to eat each other and I got close to cumming first, so as we had agreed we rolled over so I was on top. As I came, I let go and peed over Jen’s face. She didn’t stop eating me and I could feel her tongue running over my clit and swirling into my cunt and I continued to empty myself over her (she didn’t actually swallow, but a fair amount went into her mouth).

I indicated to her that I had finished cumming and we rolled back over so Jen was on top. I had been eating her through my orgasm (although maybe not quite as intently) and I redoubled my efforts. Jen soon said that she was getting close to cumming and she moved down my body slightly so her pussy was by my neck. She rubbed herself against me and I reached down to spread her lips and play with her clit. She gave us a running commentary of how close she was getting but it was clear when she started to cum as I felt her pee gush out over my neck and quickly soak my front. Mike was still semi-hard, but he’d concentrate enough that he was soft enough to pee and he let out a stream that he aimed at Jen. He further soaked her hair (is already fairly wet from me) and then aimed down her back and on to her ass. He returned to her head and peed on her from the side as he orgasm ended and when rolled off of me he stood over her and let out a few final squirts onto her breasts before crouching over her and rubbing his cock against her.

Jen was very happy with the session but Mike promised her that once he was allowed to eat her, he would do so and allow her to pee as she came in the way that I had done to Jen (she had requested this but I wasn’t keen on having her pee straight into my mouth which is why she had moved down to pee on my neck). Given the number of things that Mike and Jen have planned to do together, I have joked that I’m not going to get any action out of either of them for ages, but I’ve been assured that I will be well looked after (and once they are properly used to each other I think we’ll be able to have much more intimate fun in ‘proper’ threesomes).

Friday, 25 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 2

Things picked up again a little and by this point Clare was drunk enough to allow Sue and I to play with her (with people watching). She was actually remarkably easy to make cum and we took care of Neil next. For this we went back up to one of the beds so we could do the tradition position with one of us on his cock and one on his face. When he’d cum, he asked us to lick him clean so we jointly (but gently) took care of this. Melissa (his girlfriend) had been watching and as she had also participated in the ‘making Sue cum’ session at the previous party we pulled her on to the bed and told her it was time for her to be rewarded. I quite like Melissa and think that I deserve part of the credit for getting her to play with girls so I made sure that we took special care of her. Both Sue and I ate her and we gave her the chance to lick both of us. I know she likes having her breasts teased so as she got closer to cumming I paid attention to them while Sue fingered and licked her. She was covered with sweat by the time we finished and she looked quite vulnerable and cute (if a little slutty).

As we were going back downstairs, a few people started to come up and told me to come and watch. I went with them and was pushed down onto the bed and told that it was time for my group session. (I later found out that Mike and Jen had been in contact with a number of people to ensure that I was chosen for the next group fuck.) As we are the ones who instigated this part of the party and this was likely to be the last party we would be at, people agreed. I felt a little tired, but I wasn’t going to turn down a chance like this so I lay back on the bed, spread my legs and told them to make me cum as many times as they could.

I can’t give a fully accurate description of who did what to me (or in what order) as there were too many people in too short a space of time. Things started off fairly gently – Sara went down on me, I was given Bennett’s cock to suck and then Hannah’s pussy to lick while Craig fucked me. I was then fingered, frigged and groped by a number of people at the same time and Jen further encouraged people to make me cum. Each person I did things with made me cum and I wasn’t given any respite between people. Some of the orgasms were strong, some weak, but my pussy and clit felt more and more sensitive between each session and I had to tell them to give me a minute to recover before they continued. It felt quite a bit better after the short break but was still quite intense and I was taken in a number of different positions by the guys and licked by most of the girls. We don’t think Caroline ate me, but she was seen to join in and finger me. We’re pretty sure I ate everyone other than Caroline and Miyako and that I had every cock inside me. I know not all the guys came in me (it was late and everyone had cum at least a couple of times already). Even those that did cum in me probably didn’t ejaculate much, but I still liked the idea of what was happening.

Needless to say, I was somewhat out of breath by the time everyone finished with me. During this time Mike had gotten to play with Miyako in the next room. She had let him eat her and while she didn’t want to fuck again (Mike isn’t the only one with a fetish for cute Japanese girls), she let him put his cock in her and semi-fuck her for a short while. Miyako said that she didn’t want to fully join in with what was happening to me next door, but he did get her to agree to kiss me and play with my breasts while I was being fucked (which she did).

The other thing that had started while I was being fucked into submission was Laura had taken Jen into the other bedroom (after Mike and Miyako had finished) to show her something. Once there, Laura had pushed Jen onto the bed and pinned her down. They had 69ed and as they were finishing, Sara and Emily came to join them and Laura left them to take further care of Jen. Laura took care of sending various girls in to play with Jen and this was still going on when people finished with me so the throng moved to the other room to see the end result of Jen’s multiple cums. Sue apparently put on a good show and sat over Jen’s face while she spread Jen’s pussy lips wide so everyone could watch as Caroline pushed the neck of a bottle deep in to Jen’s pussy. A couple of the guys tried to grope Jen’s breasts but were told to back off (the parties are quite safe in this respect as if someone says to not do something, then people respect their wishes). Mike got to see Jen cum a couple of times but I was still on the bed in the other room half asleep.

Mike took advantage of people being (further) distracted by Jen’s display and asked a few of the girls for a final licking session (as an equivalent to what had been done to Jen and me). He got to go down on Kiyomi, Emily, Clare and Hannah – not eating them to orgasm (apart from Hannah), but getting a good taste of them. He was aware they all had boy-cum inside them, but this had mostly leaked out and he liked the idea of eating multiple girls more than he disliked the idea of the boy-cum. He also arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily the next day and got Emily to agree to thoroughly rinse herself out so we could get a final good taste of her (she wasn’t incredibly excited about being eaten many more times after how she had spent her evening, but was willing to do this for us as we’d had so much fun together since we’d met).

Jen wasn’t quite as tired as I was by the time she was released and when she saw I was sleeping she told everyone that if anyone wanted to use me then to feel free and do so. Scott liked the idea of fucking me while I was sleeping and he tried, but it took him a while to get hard again. He did eventually manage it and got inside me – I think I woke up a little as he fucked me, but I didn’t really pay attention and just let him do what he wanted. He didn’t get as far as cumming before he pulled out and said that he’d had enough. I was woken up soon after by Jen who said that we were thinking of heading home, but I wanted to say goodbye to people properly (with words) before we left so we stayed a while longer and I thanked people for having let us attend and enjoy ourselves. We promised that either Jen or I would return with Mike, depending on who got pregnant and Mike pointed out that Sue could always attend if she wanted.

I was given Sue’s t-shirt to wear on the way home and she took my outfit. Before we left, Mike cut some small holes in the front so my nipples (just the tips) were visible and he was going to cut the bottom into shreds but I said I was too tired and needed to get back to sleep. We ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel and I paid no attention to the looks I got as we walked through reception and went upstairs (it was only the next morning I realised that the nipple holes were a little larger than I had realised). Jen and I fell asleep straight away but Mike and Sue stayed up a while to discuss what they had each gotten up to at the party. Sue claims that it was Mike who started to play with her first (he claims otherwise), but they agree that Sue sucked Mike’s cock and he then spooned with her. He had just been intending on making her cum by frigging her while he fucked her but by the time she came he realised he could probably cum again so he asked her if she could continue. Sue told him he could and he tried to make her cum again, but she was too sensitive for him to frig her anymore so she just told him to fuck her and cum in her. Mike did as he was told and then kept his cock buried in her – he told her how the next time they fucked (after that weekend), she would probably be sharing his cum with Jen and me in order to help us get pregnant and about how she might get to help make her little niece or nephew.

The next morning, Mike went down on me and Sue took care of Jen. Mike then fucked Sue but Jen didn’t want to miss out on little sister so after Mike had finished with her, Jen kitty kissed Sue, licked as much of his cum out of her as she could, kissed me to share the cum and Jen and I then 69ed with the aim of spitting as much of Mike’s cum into each other as we could. It wasn’t the most efficient way of sharing his cum, but he enjoyed the sight (and Jen enjoyed the chance to get another go at Sue’s pussy).

I couldn’t quite keep my promise to Sue that we would dress similarly for breakfast on the Sunday as the t-shirt from the previous day clearly wasn’t suitable for use in the daytime (or anywhere well lit). We compromised and I wore a short t-shirt while Sue wore one of Mike’s t-shirts and tried to roll up the hem. This wasn’t too successful so she was significantly better covered than I was but this rarely bothers me and I enjoyed being able to bend over and flash various people on the way to and from the breakfast bar. The restaurant was too busy to have any more fun but we knew we were seeing Sara and Emily so there would be more than ample opportunity to enjoy ourselves.

We returned to the room and freshened up. It seemed a shame to get rid of the various fuck juices I was covered in but I wanted to be ready to receive a fresh batch. We dared Sue to keep Mike’s t-shirt on and she wasn’t sure at first but as we were only going to be outside for a short time she agreed to it. Naturally we made her wear some long socks to help draw eyes to the hem of the top but she walked to Emily’s place fairly confidently and it wasn’t actually obvious she was naked underneath (although it was clear she didn’t have a bra on).

Sara and Emily had slept in late and were still having breakfast when we arrived so we sat with them and chatted until they were finished. Sara really wanted to freshen up before we started anything and Emily had remembered that we’d asked her to hose herself out. Jen wanted to help Emily out and as she got the request in first she won this honour. Mike was happy to play with either of them and so we let Emily shower with Jen and then Jen slowly teased Em (to get her nice and juicy) while Sara showered alone. I got to play a little with Emily a little (and Mike and Sue both had small licks, but we weren’t trying to make her cum yet so we were being gentle). When Sara re-emerged, we decided that Sue and Mike would get her first and they happily set about getting her in the mood to play properly.

Sue 69ed with Sara for a while and Mike spooned with Sue briefly while Sara licked his cock and Sue’s clit. Sue loved the way this felt so Mike asked Sara if he could do the same to her. She told him to go ahead in what he described as an almost ‘resigned’ way, but once he was inside her she seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. Mike couldn’t move too quickly without bumping in to Sue but he always enjoys being inside Sara and not long after she came he told her that he could quite easily cum in her. Sara told him he could go ahead and cum if he wanted and as he fucked her he whispered to her that he wished he hadn’t cum in Sue already so he could have given her a much larger load. The fact he’d already cum didn’t stop him from really enjoying himself though and once Sara had made Sue cum, he lay on his back and got Sara to mount him so he could pump in to her rapidly. He squeezed her ass as he did this and once he came he asked Sue to lick Sara’s ass. She did as asked and Mike told her if she continued to be such a good girl, he would do the same for her once Jen and I had finished.

Jen and I had meanwhile been enjoying Emily’s nectar and had shared the treasure fairly evenly. As I would be more likely to want to cum more times than Jen, Emily focussed more of her attention on me (and she is quite good). I got to bury my face in Emily’s cunt (obviously not my whole face, although that would be interesting) and only when my orgasm ended did I let Jen have her turn. She was the one who got Emily off and as Mike and Sara were still going, we all sat around and watched them finish up their threesome. We had a short break and then switch partners. Jen and I got stuck in to Sara and shared her in basically the same way. I promised Jen that she could cum later if she let me have Sara’s mouth and once again I licked Sara as I came and then let Jen be the one to finish making her cum. Mike and Sue spent a little longer with Emily and both licked and fingered her. Emily 69ed with Sue for a while but to finish off, Mike stood by the bed and fucked Emily (on her back) while Sue rode her face.

With round two over, we checked we had sufficient time and agreed that we could catch a late lunch. Emily wanted a session with both Sue and me so we granted her wish. Sue didn’t want to cum again so she got to eat Emily again, which Jen thought was a good idea as her theory being any girl that gets to taste Emily will be more likely to be ‘turned’ (although I think Sue is now well past the stage of ‘just experimenting’ with girls and has had sex with more girls than many ‘pure’ lesbians). It was now also time for Jen to cum so she 69ed with Sara (Jen says that she feels sorry for Sara as everyone always wants to taste Emily). Coincidentally, Jen also really likes the texture of Sara’s pussy lips, so it wasn’t an entirely selfless licking on her part. True to his word, Mike took care of Sara’s ass and gave it a thorough licking, rimming and spearing. He always liked doing this to her – and while originally it was because it meant he got to do things with a lesbian and hoped (as it did) it would lead to him being able to eat her pussy, he still enjoys it as he knows that Sara loves it and he in turn loves making (or in this case, helping to make) people cum. Sara didn’t stand much of a chance – she was already sensitive from the party and then the two assaults on her pussy. Now she had Jen eating her cunt and Mike’s tongue on and in her ass, she came fairly quickly and I kept calling over encouragement to her to be as loud and wild as she wanted to be. Mike and Jen kept pushing her past her orgasm until she told them she couldn’t take any more. Mike continued to gently rim her but Jen pulled her mouth away from Sara’s pussy and just enjoyed the feeling of Sara’s tongue working on her and bringing her to orgasm.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 1

Near the end of June, we headed down to York for the end of (academic) year sex party. This was a special one as it was another unprotected party. We had all really been looking forward to this as while it is certainly fun to fuck with people watching and to cum with a number of different people in the same evening, it wasn’t as nice if you couldn’t feel their cum or taste their juices. There are a couple of people (like Emily) who we know and trust keep themselves ‘clean’ so we plan in an unprotected way with them, but this time we could do things with everyone. Just as we’d done the time before, the rules were that if people didn’t have an up to date check, they weren’t allowed to participate – but this was fine for us as we’d encouraged Jen’s friends to get similar check-ups before the holiday (so we could enjoy ourselves equally well there).

Mike, Jen and I arrived on the Friday evening and we met up with Sue. Sara and Emily were off having a romantic evening (before the fuck-fest) so we didn’t get to have our usual pre-party session and taste Emily’s wonderful nectar but we weren’t short of things to do as Mike and Jen were quite happy to make use of Sue. Since her failed attempt at dating the guy from work (the one whojust fucked her and dumped her) she has been single so she was also looking forward to the party. It would have been nice to also have Vicky there for our last party (before trying for a baby), but as she was still in the ‘getting to know you’ phase of her new relationship, she wasn’t sure it was quite the right time to invite him along to an orgy!

To start with, Mike and Jen double teamed Sue and for this round I just sat and watched. Sue was licked, fingered & fucked. She sucked Mike, ate Jen and scissored with Jen (as well as the usual kissing and breast play). I wasn’t entirely neglected though as both Mike and Jen wanted to have Sue and I at the same time so once Mike and Jen had made her cum, I switched places with Mike and Sue and I used Jen. Mike then took Jen’s place and I started off riding him while he ate Sue, but we switched places so he could cum in her. As soon as he did this, She had to stand up while holding his cum in her and get her pussy on to Jen’s so she could deposit his cum in her – she then had a go with me and I got the tail end of his cum (probably only a couple of drops in practice), but we felt that we had got the cum-sharing down so things were going to be easier when we actually started to try to get pregnant.

The next morning Jen went down on Sue, but in a move we had planned, she didn’t make her cum. Meanwhile, Mike and I fucked and he pounded into me until I came. I went down on Jen while Mike fucked Sue, but once again she wasn’t allowed to cum (although neither did Mike so he had more cum for the party). We quickly freshened up before going down for breakfast (we were staying in our usual hotel) and we dared Sue to just wear a t-shirt down. It was just long enough to cover her, but she wasn’t allowed a bra either and with breasts like hers it was fairly obvious she didn’t have one on. She had to be very careful how she sat as we ate and she pulled the t-shirt down a few times as it slowly rode up. I think a couple of people noticed her attire but nobody said anything so I promised her that if she would repeat wearing it the following day, I would join her. She was finally given some relief on the way back to the room. Mike played with her in the elevator, stopping whenever the doors opened, and after getting her sufficiently aroused we waited until we were alone and he knelt and ate her. They had one aborted attempt as someone else got on, but once we’d gone to the ground floor and the doors closed, he rapidly ate her again as the lift went back up. He made her cum, but had to stop pretty much in the middle of her orgasm as we arrived at our floor. Sue said this was incredibly frustrating but as per our rules of the party, we only get to cum once the morning beforehand so Sue had to put up with what she’d got.

We spent the day wandering around. Coincidentally my Uni friend Anna was back for the weekend so we had lunch with her and her bf and decided that we should arrange a reunion. She was just as bubbly as ever and once we’d left her we discussed how much fun we thought it would be to get her in to bed (Anna used to be a regular part of our fantasies when Mike was training me to want to sleep with girls so we’ve imagined fucking her many times). We also met up with Emily and Sara and were filled in on their evening (dinner & dancing). Mike wanted to have a taste of Emily before the party (but he is all about the pussy – not that I would have objected as long as I could have tasted her too) but Em told him he would have to wait. We did at least get her to agree not to fuck any guys (or at least not to let them cum in her) until we had eaten her, but we weren’t the only ones who had asked this of her. Both Emily and Sara said they were looking forward to their sessions with Sue and I and Mike reminded Sue of the promise he’d made to everyone who had fucked her at the previous party (of getting a session with both Sue and I – many people seem to love the idea of fucking two sisters at the same time).

We returned to the hotel to rest and had a light dinner. Mike showered with Sue and I showered with Jen – there was a fair bit of caressing, but no serious playing (we didn’t really need to do much as we were all fairly horny with anticipation). To pass the remaining time, we went out for a drink and our outfits seemed to catch the eye of a number of guys. Jen and I just had simple pleated skirts on, me with long white socks (why break with tradition) & Jen with black hold-ups. We had dared Sue to just wear the t-shirt again (but this time she had long white socks as well) and it she whispered that she felt almost naked as she stood at the bar. Mike dared her to put one foot up on the rail and this pulled the t-shirt up just enough to let the bottom of her ass peek out, but (we think) not enough for anyone to know that she didn’t have any panties on. Once the guys had ascertained that I was with Mike (for the purpose of this exercise at least), they concentrated on Jen and Sue, but were eventually convinced that they didn’t stand much of a chance by Jen giving Sue a big kiss and groping her breasts through her t-shirt. Jen pushed Sue’s breasts up enough to lift the hem of the t-shirt and Sue had to pull it back down – we still don’t know how much the guys saw but Sue is convinced her pussy and ass were fully exposed (although she was standing against a wall so only her pussy would have been visible).

After I’d given the guys a flash of my pussy (which I know they say) we headed off to the party. A number of people were clearly as keen to get started as we were and once we had all shown our test results (we practice safe sex even at unprotected parties), people started to caress each other. A number of the people had requested that the guys didn’t cum in any of the girls before people had had a chance to eat them (it still surprises me how most guys don’t like the idea of eating another man’s cum yet they all expect us girls to happily eat each other’s pussy juice). It meant that the first part of the party just involved licking, fingering and sucking – which was nice, but I also wanted to feel some cock in me. As we had a fair bit of servicing to do, Sue and I started to work our way through the list of people that Mike had promised us to and a number of other people at the party decided they wanted to watch us.

Laura was first and we got her to lie on the bed with Sue over her face while I ate her. Sue and I swapped places partway through and to finish off we both fingered and licked Laura to orgasm. It had been a fairly quick session so we called on Emily next. This was a sneaky way for us to get her juices first (although not actually first as she had already been cornered and sampled by David). This session was a lot more involved and both Sue and I thoroughly licked her. At one point Sue was 69ing with Em and I knelt behind Em so I could rim her. This isn’t the first time people have done this at the parties, but it went down well so we continued it. Emily made Sue cum and if it had just been the three of us I would have happily reached between my legs and masturbated but I assumed I would have more than enough chances to cum throughout the evening. Sue and I double licked Emily until she came and as soon as we released her, Sara said that she wanted her payment.

I had nothing against eating Sara (and was looking forward to doing so at some point) but said that we wanted to take a cock. As Giles has played with us outside of the parties before I offered him the opportunity to be the first to cum on us and he eagerly accepted. I was going to tell Clare that we would remember to take care of her, but Mike and Jen had already started to pull her off (I presumed to the other bedroom) to play with her. Sue and I meanwhile set about Giles, starting off by both sucking him (kissing around his cock) and then kneeling on the bed so he could fuck us both (alternating between us). David wanted to join in and while I thought it would be nice to share two cocks, I told him that we had promised people a session with both Sue and I so it wouldn’t be fair. We reminded Giles that he wasn’t meant to cum inside us and he told us when he was getting close – to finish him off, we returned to kissing and licking his cock and made an effort to ensure the head was exposed when he came. His cum squirted up on to our faces (mostly on to Sue, but I got a little) and after we’d both given him an additional suck, Sue and I rubbed his cum into each other.

Mike and Jen had wasted no time with Clare and quickly stripped her. Mike pushed his cock into her cunt and fucked her and Jen didn’t even stop to play with Clare’s breasts before she planted herself on Clare’s face and told Clare to eat her. Mike didn’t stay inside Clare for too long and went down on her to finish her off. He then sat over Clare’s chest and kissed Jen while Clare ate her to orgasm. When Jen dismounted, Mike pushed back into Clare and semi-fucked her again while tasting Jen from Clare’s face, after which he left Clare with Jen who spent a while kitty kissing her. Clare still insisted on getting partially dressed before she left the room but Jen wandered out to rejoin the party with just her socks on (which I was proud of her for doing).

A number of the people who had been watching Sue and I were now off doing things themselves but we worked out way through another few people before taking a break from each other and going our separate ways. A number of people were disappointed that Vicky wasn’t present, but they understood why she wasn’t there. Corey had turned up with both Kiyomi and Miyako and the guys had pounced on them. Unfortunately, the no cumming inside people rule seemed to have disappeared by this point so they had both been fucked, but that didn’t stop Laura from going down on Miyako almost immediately after Neil had finished fucking her. Mike was next in line and he ate her after Laura and ‘convinced’ Kiyomi that it was only fair that she should help Laura cum. It wasn’t quite a threesome, but there were a few points where Kiyomi was being fucked and was playing with Laura. She licked her briefly a few times but mostly just fingered her. Mike ended up helping out to get Laura off and he licked her clit while Kiyomi fingered her.

Sue got her fair share of cock and happily let Gareth and Paul fuck her. I joined her for a threesome with Bennett and we both sampled his cock and mouth as well as giving him a double BJ for a while. We finished off with me on his cock and Sue over his face – it wasn’t his first cum of the night so he didn’t empty too much into me, but it was enough to drip out and he asked to see Sue eat it out of me. She obviously wasn’t going to eat me but we came up with a compromise where she lay on her back and I knelt over her face. I spread my lips and a couple of drops of cum leaked out of me into her open mouth. Bennett seemed to really like this although he said he would still prefer to see Sue and I eat each other – I gave him a little bonus and slipped a couple of fingers in to Sue and then licked them clean.

Both Mike and Jen had gotten to taste Emily (she had a little boy-cum inside her but they said she still tasted good) and Mike had convinced Sara to let him eat her. I’m fairly sure that Sue and I didn’t get round to giving everyone the threesome they had been promised, but nobody was asking so I assumed we’d serviced everyone who wanted to be serviced.

There was a lull in the party around 11 – from what I’d seen, people had been a bit more energetic than usual and I assume we all needed a break. Bennett had told a few people about the brief display Sue and I had put on for him and I said that if someone fucked Sue, I would be happy to sample their cum in the same way. Corey selflessly volunteered himself for this and he fucked Sue on the sofa beside me. He found it a bit off-putting when everyone kept telling him to hurry up and cum in her but he managed to perform and when he pulled out I lay on the floor and let Sue kneel over me. She had drunk a few beers so I reached up and spread her lips as I positioned myself directly underneath – I don’t think Corey came much in her (if at all) but a single drop fell that landed on my face to I licked it in to my mouth. People were mostly satisfied with this but Bennett encouraged Sue to put her fingers in me and lick them. I gave her a shrug to say I didn’t mind (I had done it to her after all) and she pushed a couple of fingers in to my pussy. Mike knelt behind Sue and grabbed her wrist, then pushed her fingers in and out me. I briefly thought he was going to make her properly finger me as he pumped in and out a number of times, but he then told her to suck them clean (which she did).

Friday, 18 October 2013

BBQ Fun - Part 3

Susan was told to clean Mike up and she licked around his cock gently and as she finished up, Mel dared Mike to let one of the guys take over. Mike told Mel that she would pay, but he is as stubborn as she is and said to go ahead so Ethan was asked to suck Mike. Susan moved out of the way and Ethan knelt and took Mike’s cock in his mouth. He gave Mike a fairly decent suck and Mel dared Mike to do the same to Ethan. This was further than Mike was prepared to go but he took Ethan’s cock in his hand and started to stroke him. Mel said that if he wasn’t going to blow him, he had to make him cum so Mike adjusted his position and settled down to wank him properly. I didn’t like the idea of Ethan’s cum going to waste (assuming he produced anything – I was aware it was then end of the day and he’d cum before) so I lay down in front of them and told Ethan to move so he could cum on me when he got close. Mike continued to stroke Ethan, who climbed up over my chest and when he came a small amount of cum squirted out onto me, but most of it dribbled over Mike’s hand. Fortunately he rubbed this over my neck so it wasn’t wasted and as a thank you I took Ethan in my mouth and (gently) sucked the head of his cock clean.

Once Mike had cleaned his hand off, he pounced on Mel and got Susan to hand him the wine bottle I had used on her previously. Mel had her legs spread and was unceremoniously fucked with the bottle – unsurprisingly, nobody really wanted to come to her aid, but we all watched as Mike buried the bottle in her and twirled it around so the neck rubbed against every part of her inner pussy. The bottle wasn’t enough to make her cum, but Julia was happy to help out by playing with Mel’s clit and only when she had cum did he release her and let her pull her skirt down to cover herself up again. When people had left and we were getting ready for bed, Mike orchestrated another pounce on Mel, this time in the bathroom. He used Jen’s toothbrush (electric) on Mel’s clit and I suggested we make use of the toothpaste pump, which I know from experience makes a fairly decent impromptu dildo. Mel was fucked and buzzed while Jen and I toyed with her nipples and we got another orgasm out of her. In bed, Mike spooned with her and got Julia to help out by licking Mel’s clit and he then sat over her and ate Mel a final time. Despite Mel’s propensity to make other people cum (or at least instruct other people to do so), she can’t actually cum that many times in a row herself so the final orgasm was especially tiring and intense for her (not intense in the sense of a strong orgasm, but in the sense of the stimulation feeling too strong). She called a truce when he finished with her and he agreed as long as he could fuck Julia. Mel said she didn’t care and just wanted to sleep (and it was highly unlikely Mel would ever have objected to this).

Mike went down on Jules first and they 69ed as he made her cum. By this point he was ready to actually fuck her and he spooned with her for a while and then handed her a vibe to hold against her clit as he moved in her a bit more vigorously. He told her he was going to fill her cunt with cum and they both knew he was unlikely to actually produce anything in volume but she played along and told him she wanted to feel his cum leaking out of her. Mike came (as did Julia) and he stayed inside her but later said that his balls ached quite a bit and it took a while for them to stop so he wished he had just fucked her until she came. The only good thing (from his point of view) was that as he didn’t deposit any cum in her, she just tasted of herself the following morning when he ate her awake.

Jen and I gave Abrahii the double teaming that she had wanted the previous night (although after the day we’d had, she wasn’t up for playing for too long). We got a couple of orgasm out of her though, one with Jen on her pussy and me on her breasts (and kissing her) and one with Jen and I sharing a double dildo while Jen ate Abrahii’s cunt and I rimmed her. Abrahii then helped us out by pumping the double dildo between us while we used vibes on each other’s clits (it would have been easier to use the vibes on ourselves, but often seems to feel nicer when someone else does it for you (that is, assuming it is the right someone else and they know what they are doing – and Jen of course is the one of the right people and certainly knows what I like). We had a longer session in the morning and basically repeated the same dildo sharing, licking, rimming position, but this time when we had finished Abrahii said that it was only fair that Jen and I get a turn. I jumped at this and planted myself firmly over Jen’s face while Abrahii slid the free end of the dildo into herself and spread my ass cheeks. She was quite adventurous with her tongue and I enjoyed the experience so when it was Jen’s turn (Abrahii on the bottom eating Jen and sharing a dildo with me) I made sure that I gave Jen’s ass an equally good licking. Jen mewed quite a bit as she got close to cumming (as she often does) but she also actually shuddered as she came (which we took as a good sign).

We went out for our usual brunch with the gang and afterwards, Jen and I headed off by ourselves as I wanted to gather some information. We went to one of our usual sex shops and I was pleased to see the usual guy was working there as it made things somewhat easier. We didn’t have too much time as we had to get back and off to the airport on time, so we went straight to the counter and I pulled myself up so I was sitting on it. We exchanged pleasantries and as we talked, Jen started to stroke my legs and slowly push my skirt up. The guy was watching Jen’s hands as they disappeared under my skirt but I regained his attention by pulling my top up and over my head. We had planned for this encounter so I’d put on one of my sexier bras and as I continued talking to him I teased my nipples through the bra. I told him that I wanted to ask a question and mentioned that I was prepared to show my appreciation and he told me to go ahead so I asked if I should shut the door of the shop so I could be ‘properly appreciative’. He thought this was a good idea so I jumped down and wandered over to the door, opened the outer door and put the lock on the inner door down.

I considered slipping out of my skirt while I was still standing by the door but thought it would be sexier to leave things covered for now. I did pull the straps of my bra down and freed my arms so my breasts were still covered, but it would be easy to expose them when I wanted to. I slipped my shoes off and hopped back up on the counter, putting one foot up in front of me and spreading my legs enough to allow Jen to continue to tease me. The guy asked what I wanted to know and I told him that it could wait and I would trust him to tell me after he’d had his reward. I lay back on the counter and let my leg fall to the side. Jen pushed my skirt right up and pushed her face onto my pussy and started to eat me. I reached down to the guy’s crotch and cupped his cock through his trousers and then told him to get it out so I could touch it properly. Jen ate me as I stroked his cock and he pulled down my bra to play with my breasts. I let him kiss and lick my breasts and he sucked my nipples in to his mouth (well, part of them, my nips are fairly large) but before Jen could make me cum I told him to go and find a condom. He said that I could choose one so I climbed down from the counter and this time I did slip my skirt off so I could wander over to the display completely naked.

I selected one that was covered in tingle gel (I know I like this) and rolled it on to the guy’s cock. I stood behind the counter and lifted myself up a little to make it easier for him to enter me and then lowered myself so he was buried the whole way inside me. I told him to reach around and cup my breasts and then I humped back against him (mostly) in time with his thrusts into me. In our planning, we had agreed that Jen would get up on the counter and let me eat her, but it wasn’t as deep as we remembered and I wasn’t in quite the right position so we skipped this and I just fucked back against his cock, telling him to use my cunt as hard as he wanted. As he got closer to cumming I couldn’t keep time with his movements so I just held myself still and let him fuck me – he pumped in to me and squeezed my breasts (in a not unpleasant way) and then pushed deep in to me and said he was cumming. I squeezed myself around him a number of times (much easier to do when standing still) and told him I wanted to milk every last drop of cum out of his cock and when he finished moving I pulled myself off of his cock and sat up on the counter facing him.

As he pulled the condom off I got Jen to hand me my bra and I told him to empty his cum into one cup and then use the other cup to clean his cock off. He did this and I put the bra back on, feeling the cum squish against my left breast (where he’d emptied the condom). I cupped my breasts through the bra and said it felt wonderful and all I wanted in exchange was to know where I could get a special massage for someone. Before he could answer I explained that I was looking for somewhere that did an actual massage, but that it was for a girlfriend of ours and we wanted it to be a very thorough massage. I lay down on the counter again and Jen demonstrated by pushing a couple of fingers in to me and using her other hand to massage my mons. I pointed out that this was just the end part – I wanted someone to take care of the rest of the body first and that it had to be a woman as our friend was gay. I added if he could tell me, Jen would finish what she had started so he could see me cum as an extra bonus (I don’t know if that actually counts as a bonus for guys if they’ve already got to cum).

Jen had other ideas though and started to rub my clit, then pushed her head between my legs and licked me. It was obvious that I was going to let him see me cum whether he told us anything or not (not that I minded too much). He watched me closely as Jen continued to play with me and wrote down an address and number, saying that the place would probably be able to provide the service we were looking for. Jen really went to town on my pussy and even dragged her tongue across my ass a few times. I asked the guy if he wanted me to stroke him again and reached back down to his crotch. He didn’t feel as hard as before but I didn’t let this stop me and I rubbed him through his trousers. I spread my legs as wide as I could to allow Jen to finish eating me and as my orgasm approached I told the guy to watch me as I came for him (although I was technically cumming for Jen). I could feel that he was nice and hard again by this point and I considered asking him if he wanted me to blow him or let him fuck me again, but Jen had made me cum quite nicely so I felt satisfied (and we really needed to get back to Mike).

I let him have a final look at my breasts – most of his cum had soaked in to my bra, but I was still a little sticky. I thanked him for the information (and making me cum) and asked him if he knew about the hardcore club that we sometimes visit. He did, so I told him that if we ever met him there, he was welcome to use me and that I’d probably be able to find another girl to join us if he wanted. He liked this idea and gave me his number and as I got dressed I had another idea but decided to leave it until later to discuss with people.

While we’d been gone, Mike had enjoyed Susan one last time. She had let him take her ass and in return he made her cum a second time by eating her. She was looking forward to the holiday as much as I was – a week in the sun with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves (and we both knew that various plans had been made to help us enjoy ourselves). Jen had a final lick of Susan just before we headed off to catch our plane and as she was doing so well, I sat over Susan’s face to let her lick me. Neither Susan nor I came, but Jen got Susan a lot closer to cumming than Susan got me and as we left, Susan was sitting on the stairs, by the open front door, masturbating. She wasn’t easily visible from the street but we’re told that they didn’t close the door until Susan had finished and made herself cum.

On the way back home I scolded Jen for wasting the opportunity I had given her to pee over Susan in front of everyone. Shea greed that it would have been a wonderful thing to do and said that she wished she hadn’t been such a chicken. As we discussed this, I pushed a hand between Jen’s legs and pressed my little finger against Jen’s pussy. The flight was too busy to do much with her, but I wiggled back and forth against her slit as we discussed things and got Jen to imagine how she could have sat in a chair over Susan, played with herself (or had a number of the girls play with her) and then as she came, emptied herself over Susan’s body. We spent a while discussing and imagining this and Jen got sufficiently aroused that she nearly went to the bathroom to give herself a chance to masturbate but I told her that if she wanted to cum, she needed to do it where she was. I swapped seats with her so she was beside the window and Jen slipped a hand under her skirt. I leant across her to help shield her and we looked out of the window as she gently frigged her clit. I imagined that I was kneeling up a little more – enough to show my pussy to everyone on the same row as us and I could feel my own cunt getting wetter as Jen described how she was getting close to cumming. She was very good and didn’t make any noise other than her breathing getting a bit heavier (but on a plane nobody else would have been able to hear that). She came and just before I sat down again I got her to give me her fingers so I could suck them clean.

I sat for the rest of the flight with my right ankle folded under my left thigh so my pussy was spread and exposed (although not visible to anyone due to the seat in front of me). Mike and Jen both whispered things to me to help keep me aroused and by the time we disembarked I felt very aroused and very wet. I was offered the chance to cum at the airport but waited until we got home, at which point I let Jen make me cum (via 69), then let Mike eat me (aren’t I generous) and then I fucked him. With everything else that I’d gotten up to during the day, I was shattered by the third time I came and fell asleep almost straight away afterwards so Monday morning was a bit of a rush as I hadn’t prepared anything for the week (but it was worth it).

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BBQ Fun - Part 2

We sat around for a while chatting. Abigail idly played with Susan, Jen kitty kissed Julia (and then ate her), Ashraf spent a while stroking James’s cock but didn’t make him cum and Mike ate Abrahii again (as he had promised). I remember thinking (again) that I was really pleased with the community that (I like to think) I was a large part in forging. The fact that the group was now so open with each other, so many of them (unfortunately not all, but there’s only so much I can do) were happy to be naked (or at least semi naked) around each other and a fair number were happy to play, fuck and cum in front of and with each other. I once again wished that my group of Uni friends had been like this (we often fantasise about how things could have been and which of my friends we would have liked to do what with).

Mel appeared with a pot of ice cream and some yoghurt and said that it was time to play again. To start with, Susan was used as a plate and various people ate ice cream off of her breasts and stomach. Mike wasn’t overly keen on this as he didn’t initially like the idea that she was still covered with Ashraf’s cum, but he knows that anytime he eats Susan, Abrahii or Julia he is likely to be getting some guy cum anyway (and the same goes for him eating me after a visit) so he eventually joined in. Things were moved up a (small) notch and people were challenged to eat ice cream off of Susan’s pussy and out of her mouth. The guys were then challenged to scoop up ice cream with the end of their cocks and feed it to Susan, but the ice cream wasn’t soft enough for them to do this. A couple of the guys used the yoghurt instead and she ended up with a messy face (even messier than the ice cream had made it) but Mel said the rest of the yoghurt was for the more traditional use.

Especially given my earlier musings on how I wished my Uni friends had been this free, I loved the fact that ‘the traditional use’ was as a yoghurt douche for Susan and I happily helped to hold her legs up as people spread her lips and Mel started to spoon the yoghurt into Susan’s cunt. She ended up pouring it in directly, not worrying about the bits that missed and ran down over Susan’s body (front and back). Once Susan was full, Mel asked for a volunteer to fuck her. Mike jumped at the chance (he hadn’t cum for a while) and Susan remained on her back, but had her knees pushed up to her head so her pussy was facing almost straight up. Mike stood over her so he was facing away from her face and pushed his cock down so he could get inside her and he then pushed the whole way in. As you would expect, the yoghurt was displaced and it mostly ran down her front (the majority went straight from her crotch to her chest). Mike fucked her for a while and said that it felt nice, but in that position it would be difficult to cum. Initially the yoghurt had felt cold, but it had warned up as he churned it inside her and when he pulled out Richard said he would have a go.

Mel topped up the yoghurt a little first and he started fucking Susan in the same position Mike had used but then moved around to kneel between her legs and fucked her while a few of us held Susan’s pelvis up in the air (and we may have played with her clit as well). Other people rubbed the yoghurt over her breasts and face and I’m sure we could have easily made her cum but Mel said not to. Richard was allowed to finish off though and he added his cum to the mess inside her and then had Susan suck his cock clean(er). While he went to clean up (his whole crotch and upper legs were smeared with yoghurt), Mel topped up Susan’s pussy with more yoghurt and told Susan she was going to cum a different way. Mike and Ethan held Susan’s legs apart and Jen positioned herself between them. She rubbed her fingers up and down the length of Susan’s cunt (which was leaking yogurt) and once they were covered, she pushed in to Susan’s pussy with three fingers and quickly added a fourth.

This caused more yoghurt to ooze out, but Jen wiped this over her hand and then folded her thumb in. Jen has fairly small hands (or at least can make them reasonably small when she fists) and I knew that she wasn’t likely to do anything to hurt Susan so I sat back and watched as she pushed more and more of her hand in to Susan and finally got past the widest part of her hand and pushed in up to her wrist. Jen kept still for a short time to let Susan adjust (we don’t fist that much as I don’t want to end up too stretched, but Jen has fisted me a number of times as well as Sue, Julia, Mel… so she is fairly experienced at doing this). The last time Jen tried this on Susan, she hadn’t gotten the whole way in, but Susan wasn’t complaining about it hurting this time (as long as Jen didn’t move too quickly). Susan was held in place as Jen continued to fist her and we all continued to help out by rubbing her breasts and clit. Someone had the idea of adding some of the ice cream to Susan’s clit and a good sized lump was massaged in until it had melted over Susan’s body and Jen’s wrist. There were calls to make Susan cum and Jen moved her fist inside Susan a little faster and flexed it (she doesn’t open her hand, but just expands it slightly).

As Susan’s orgasm approached I knelt beside her head and whispered in her ear that she could get her revenge on Jen. I told her to wait until she was cumming and to then let go and pee as hard as she could so it covered Jen. Everyone has seen Susan pee as she cums before (which was originally Jen’s idea anyway) and Susan didn’t know that Jen would actually love her to do this so it worked out for everyone. As I’d suggested, just as she came, Susan pushed and let out a long squirt over Jen. Jen jumped backwards slightly and almost pulled her hand out of Susan, but pushed back in and continued to fist her as Susan came. Susan let out another few squirts, but not as strong as the first. Jen’s front was still pretty much covered in Susan’s pee though and when she pulled her hand out of Susan’s cunt I suggested to Jen (loudly enough for everyone to hear) that Jen should get her own back and pee on Susan.

I moved around behind Jen and pulled her upright. I quickly reached around her and cupped a breast (she was topless so I could easily get a nipple between my fingers) and pushed my other hand into her panties. I pushed the crotch aside and told her (loudly) to go ahead and get revenge. I used my fingers to play with her clit and whispered in her ear how she could pee all over Susan’s body or even her face if she wanted to and everyone would think she was just getting her own back. Jen’s pussy felt pretty wet and I rubbed her clit as fast as I could. I was fairly sure that she was at least considering my proposal. I got a little squeak out of Jen but she pulled away and said she wasn’t going to pee in front of everyone.

People had a good look at Susan’s pussy, which definitely looked larger than it had earlier. I assured her that it would contract back to normal fairly quickly and Susan said that she needed to go and clean up. Jen went with her (for obvious reasons as well as the fact her hand, lower arm and legs were covered in yoghurt) and they showered together. Jen did the best she could to rinse Susan out and then told her that it was time for her proper revenge. For this, Susan had to use the shower spray on Jen’s clit while frigging her – unfortunately Richard didn’t have a fancy pulse setting on his shower, but Jen enjoyed the sensation of the warm water, and Susan’s fingers took the job of providing the stimulation. Jen sat on the corner of the bath with Susan kneeling in front of her and a she got close to cumming, she pulled her lips apart to give Susan (and the water) better access to her clit. Jen warned Susan that she was about to cum, but didn’t warn her she was about to pee. She sort of warned her by telling Susan to keep frigging her until she said stop and as she came, she squirted as hard as she could over Susan’s fingers, hand and front. Just as Jen had done, Susan jumped backwards a bit, but she had been well enough trained to do what she is told and she continue to stroke Jen’s clit. Jen emptied her bladder over Susan – she didn’t get as much on her as she had really wanted as the shower spray deflected and stopped quite a lot, but Susan still had a good covering of pee on her by the time Jen finished.

Susan went to shower herself off but Jen stopped her and stood behind her. She reached around and massaged Susan’s body, rubbing her pee into her skin and then told Susan to aim the shower at herself so she could clean off. Jen continued to massage Susan and worked a couple of fingers in to Susan’s cunt. She toyed with Susan’s clit and tweaked her nipples and when she felt Susan press back against her she whispered in her ear that if Susan ever peed over her again, she would repay her in kind. We don’t know if Susan took this as a threat or (as Jen meant it) a hopeful promise but Jen gave Susan a final hint that she wasn’t angry at her by kneeling and giving her pussy a long licking once they had stopped the water.

Not many people were bothered about going out that night (they had basically been partying since the end of exams so the fact it was a Saturday night didn’t mean that much to them) and we decided to stay in. We debated ordering in food (mostly as a chance to be ‘caught’ naked) but there was enough left over from the BBQ to do us. We had a reasonably quiet evening (comparatively) and even Susan wasn’t made to perform too much. She did have to fuck a wine bottle and I was told to help her out with this as I am apparently the expert at this (they have all seen the pictures – and indeed seen me actually fuck myself a few times with one). Following on from her earlier fisting, we used a bottle with a tapered neck and my challenge was to see how far into her I could get it. She did pretty well and took a fair length and once I know how far was safe, I fucked her and Mike helped out by playing with her clit.

I convinced Jen to make use of Susan’s nipples. Jen still prefers larger breasts, but while Susan isn’t as well-endowed as I am, she is about average (and Jen has come to appreciate smaller breasts from the time we’ve spent with Lis). Jen used some chocolate fingers to rub chocolate in to Susan’s nipples and then kiss and suck then clean. This went on for a fair while until I suggested that the fingers might work in Susan’s pussy as well, so we tried to fuck her with a few of them grouped together but as they are so short, it didn’t really do much more than make a chocolaty mess. Jen returned to Susan’s nipples and Mike was more than happy to lick Susan’s pussy clean (which ended up with them making Susan cum again, but that’s hardly surprising as the group cum-slut).

At the evening drew on, I sat and stroked James and Richard (one in each hand). Julia helped me out and we then jointly blew Peter (kissing around his cock) and I then spooned with James while Julia took Richard (which was only fair as we had gotten them hard and then abandoned them. I then knelt in front of Jen and gently played with her thighs for a while. I couldn’t resist the lure of her pussy for long though and had brief kitty kissing sessions with her. Susan had a proper lick but people wanted to see Jen humping against Mike. He had been planning on saving his cum for later that night in bed but he said he was up for it and lay on the floor so Jen could sit over him, nestle her pussy against his cock and begin to rub back and forth. Mike reached up and played with Jen’s nipples and then helped guide her back and forth, pulling her down tight against him so they got the maximum friction.

I like being involved when Mike and Jen are playing so I knelt behind Jen and took over playing with her nipples. I also occasionally dropped my hand to her pussy and frigged her but was told this was cheating and that she was meant to be using Mike’s cock to masturbate herself. I wanted to play with myself and feed her my juices, but as I had James’s cum in me I refrained from doing this as Mike likes to keep Jen as free from other guys’ cum as possible so he can imagine she is still’ pure and innocent’ (his words – given the things he has seen Jen do I can’t see how he could ever think she is either of those things). I left them to it and they carried on humping. Jen got quite close and told Mike to hurry up but she still came first. At least the good thing with that position is she could easily adjust her position slightly and still rub her pussy against him but without any clitoral contact. A few people got close to watch as Mike came and they saw a small amount of his cum squirt out and Jen’s pussy smeared it over the length of his cock and between her lips.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Following on from the previous entry...

The BBQ was at Richard’s place as his housemates were both away for the weekend as they had also finished their exams (and his house had a decent enough sized garden). I said it was a pity that the housemates weren’t there as we could have probably entertained them. They aren’t a part of our group but they know Richard is bi (James often sleeps over and they have been treated to the sight of a partially clad Abrahii a number of times after she slept over). I don’t know if Abrhaii would have been interested in showing them more of herself, but I’d have been happy to put on a demonstration of her bisexuality and then let the housemates do whatever they wanted to me. It probably worked out better that we had the place to ourselves though as we could relax properly and play to our hearts’ content.

As usual Susan was the focus of attention and as she would be naked for most (if not all) of the day, we started off by ensuring she wouldn’t get sunburned. This involved having as many of us as could reach her at any one time undressing her and rubbing sun cream in to her body. Naturally, hands wandered to places that weren’t too likely to see the sun (or at least not much of it) and she was probed and fingered. Mel thought it would be a good idea if some additional ‘cream’ was added to Susan’s body so Peter and James were volunteered to help out. We mostly just watched as Susan was fucked by Peter and had to suck off James. I commented that I didn’t want Susan to get everyone’s cum and Mel told me I could help out if I wanted and earn some for myself, but that the first load still had to go on Susan.

I didn’t need to be told twice to join in and I started off by helping Susan to suck James and then used my hand to jerk him off, but thought if Susan was being fucked, then I should be too so I knelt over her in an elongated 69 with my face above hers so we could kiss as James fucked me. I told James to move forwards and we moved so my breasts were dangling over Susan’s face and I could suck on her nipples and after this we moved forwards a little more so I was almost in a proper 69 position with her (we weren’t actually doing anything to each other, but I was in a good position to watch as Peter fucked her (and I assumed she had an equivalent view of James in me). When Peter got close to cumming I got James to pull out of me so I could quickly get out of the way and I watched as Peter pulled out and shot his cum over Susan’s front. I let James continue to fuck me until he got close, at which point he pulled out and came over Susan from the face down (mostly on her chest but the last drops landed on her face.

As I’d participated, I felt it was my job to help rub their combined cum over Susan’s body. I mostly avoided getting cum on (or in) her pussy as I didn’t think she had cum and intended to take care of this (in return for payment in kind of course). Nobody seemed to object when I started to lick Susan so I buried my face between her legs and lapped away at her until she came. I didn’t stop abruptly and kitty kissed her for a few minutes, helping to bring her back down gently and make sure she enjoyed herself. I then sat over her face and let her lick me while I chatted to people, trying to maintain a steady voice for as long as possible. I wasn’t trying to hide my orgasm, I just wanted to (and succeeded in) chatting normally right up until the point I came and after a few gasps, I continued the conversation.

As a reward for having finished exams, Mike, Jen and I gave massages to a few of the students. Mike took Angela and started off with her legs and then moved on to her back. She was just wearing her bikini (as most of the girls were – unless we’d already removed parts of them) and she didn’t object to him undoing her top so he could massage all of her back. Mary (Angela’s girlfriend) was sitting beside them and Mike offered to massage her as well but she pointed out how the bulge in Mike’s shorts were helping to massage Angela’s ass. Angela pushed back against him so he told her it was time for him to massage her front and he got her to turn over. Instead of pouncing on her breasts, he went back to her legs (but he has always preferred legs to breasts). He worked his way up her legs and caressed the insides of her thighs, just below her bikini and then traced his fingers over the crotch as he moved up to start work on her stomach and sides. By the time he got to her breasts, he was sitting over her thighs and when he leant forwards, he could brush the front of her bikini bottoms with the bulge of his cock and he spent a while working on her nipples, getting tips from Mary as to how Angela liked to be touched.

He moved off of Angela and tried to push her bottoms down but she stopped him and said that she wasn’t really drunk enough to do things like that where they were so he said he would just keep massaging her legs. For quite a while, he didn’t actually touch her pussy, but kept rubbing around the top of her thighs, right up to her bikini. He asked Mary for some help and she caressed Angela’s nipples. Angela said that what they were doing to her wasn’t fair (but she didn’t tell them to stop) and Mike gradually began to brush the back of his fingers against the crotch of her bikini. This progressed to gently rubbing and then stroking her hard enough to press the material between her lips and get an obvious damp patch to appear. Mike was lying on the ground between her legs and he leant forwards to kiss Angela’s crotch. He had hoped to be able to taste her through the material but he contented himself with just nuzzling her crotch.

He then pulled the material to the side and licked her directly but she said she didn’t want to remove her panties so he covered her up again and crawled up beside her, across from Mary who was still playing with Angela’s nipples. Mike took a nipple in his mouth and dropped a hand to Angela’s crotch (pulling one of her legs up so he was reaching under it). He rubbed her through her panties again and then asked Mary if she was going to help out. Mary pushed a hand down over Angela’s stomach and down the top of her panties. Mary played with Angela’s clit directly while Mike continued to caress her pussy through her panties and Angela once again complained that they were being mean to her. She didn’t stand much of a chance though and when Mike pushed his fingers under the crotch of her panties so he could finger her, she didn’t say anything (although she did moan a little). With a mouth on each of her nipples, Mary’s fingers on her clit and Mike’s inside her cunt (as well as one of his fingers brushing against her ass), she stopped resisting and let them finish masturbating her. To put it in context, Angela wasn’t the first one of the group to cum due to the massages, and despite her earlier reticence, she held Mike and Mary’s heads against her breasts and spread her legs to give them better access as she came.

Meanwhile, I had been giving a massage to Ethan. He didn’t mind at all when I removed his trunks and after stroking up and down the length of his cock for a while, I climbed over him and told him I was going to massage him in a different way. I rocked back and forth, grinding myself against his body and alternated this with contracting my pussy around him as hard as I could while he moved in and out of me. He only moved a little, but said that it was good as I felt quite tight (which I’m always pleased to hear given what I put my pussy through!). I made a pretence of massaging his chest while we fucked but after not too long we gave this up and just went at it. He asked me to massage my breasts as I rode him so I did (and then also played with my clit). I got myself closer to cumming than I had intended, but this worked out well as he wanted to finish things off with him on top. I dismounted and lay on my back, continuing to play with my clit until he got inside me and then let him fuck me while I toyed with my breasts. I came before he did and to his credit, he asked where I wanted him to cum so I told him to cum inside me and then as added encouragement I told him how I wanted to feel his hot cum filling my cunt and how I would let it drip out of me on to Susan’s body when we had finished. It’s not as if this was anything new to him but it seemed to help push him over the edge and he came in me and then offered his cock for me to suck. I took it in my mouth and then (as promised) stood over Susan and let some of his cum drip out onto her head.

When I finished Jen was still going (as were Mike, Mary and Angela). Jen had decided to treat Abigail to a massage (remember that at first we were actually giving them massages – and for some reason Abigail and Mary assumed that was all we were doing). Abi didn’t mind about Jen removing her top and didn’t even object too much when Jen removed her panties. Jen paid a fair amount of attention to Abi’s nipples (but everyone knows that Jen loves breasts and nips) and after wiping them clean of sun cream, Jen spent a while licking and kissing them. She ended up straddling Abi and humped against Abigail’s leg while pushing one of hers against Abi’s pussy. Abi may have been na├»ve at the beginning, but she isn’t stupid and could tell where things were going (possibly helped along by seeing what Mike and I were doing to our ‘clients’. She wasn’t as reticent as Angela though and told Jen if she was going to get a happy ending, then she wanted it to be good. I can imagine that Jen gave Abi her cheeky grin at this point and she pushed a hand down to her pussy and started to masturbate her as she continued to suck on Abi’s nips. Abi lifted her leg so Jen could ride against it more readily and they humped for a while before Jen whispered to Abi that it was time to finish things off. (It was around this time that I finished with Ethan). Jen moved down between Abi’s legs, pushed them apart and ate her. She pushed her tongue as deep into Abi as she could (Jen has a fairly long tongue so is quite good at this) and after scouring the inside of Abi’s cunt for juices, she spent some time on her clit and then switched to licking up the length of Abi’s cunt and swirling the tip of her tongue around Abi’s clit. It usually doesn’t take too long to make me cum when Jen works like this and Abigail was no different. Susan especially seemed to enjoy seeing Abigail being made to cum in front of everyone (not that it was the first time).

Once Mike had finished making Alison cum, she covered up again but Abigail remained topless. After having a little food, I offered Ashraf a similar ‘massage’ to the one I’d given Ethan and he was quite prepared to let me take care of him. I rode him slowly and we were enjoying ourselves but Mel interrupted and said that Susan really needed to be made to cum again so Ashraf volunteered to let her sit over his face. Susan and I leant forwards so we could kiss each other and fondle each other’s breasts and at my request, she reached down to play with my clit. Ashraf and I were moving a little faster at this point, but still weren’t fucking seriously so Susan was obviously going to be the first of us to cum. I told her I wanted to try some wet kissing and we locked our mouths together and duelled with our tongues. The difference was that neither of us made any attempt to limit or contain our saliva, so as the kiss went on, our lips and chins got wetter and wetter and the saliva started to drip down from our faces. Jen said that it looked incredibly slutty (not that she hasn’t done this with me). A number of the guys really seemed to like it too – mostly I think as they said it looked like we were swapping cum.

Susan came while we were kissing like this and I held on to the back of her head to keep our mouths together as she moaned through her orgasm (and our kiss seemed to get even wetter). Ashraf stopped eating her (or at least he pulled away enough to ask her how it had felt) but Mel told him that he should keep going until both he and I had cum so he pulled Susan’s cunt back to his mouth and resumed his licking. I fucked Susan’s mouth with my tongue (although my tongue is obviously nowhere near large enough to actually fuck her, not even Jen’s tongue is that big – although the thought of a cock sized tongue eating me does sound wonderful). Susan kept gasping into my mouth and I decided to help her along so humped against Ashraf a bit faster to encourage him to cum. I pushed Susan’s hand back down to my clit and rubbed her fingers rapidly against it as a way of telling her to get me off without breaking our kiss. Ashraf was pumping into me more vigorously, but Susan’s fingers felt even better and as my orgasm approached I pushed my tongue into her mouth with abandon, trying to share as much saliva with her as possible. I don’t know if was the first time she had kissed like this but she was doing a pretty good job and our saliva had run down my neck and over my breasts as well as dripping on to Ashraf (I could tell Susan was in a similar state as I was massaging her breasts with one hand and they felt as wet as mine). I couldn’t hold back and longer and came – it felt fairly strong and I moaned in to Susan’s mouth to let her know what I was feeling.

Susan stopped frigging me as my orgasm ended but Mel said if Susan was being subjected to additional stimulation then I should be too and Susan was instructed to move her hand back to my clit. It felt very strong, especially as Ashraf was now pumping in to me quite fast but I didn’t intend to give Mel the satisfaction by telling Susan to stop so I endured the feelings and humped up and down on Ashraf’s cock and then reached behind me to grab his balls and gently fondle them (I know he likes this). I would love to say that I felt them tighten as he came in me, but he was moving way too fast for that. It was obvious when he came though as he changed how he was moving in me and just slammed into me a few times before staying still. I felt that as Susan and I had been subjected to torture (even if it was the pleasurable kind) that Ashraf shouldn’t get off too lightly so I started to ride him again – as he had both Susan and I on top of him, he couldn’t easily escape and I got to have some fun with him squirming underneath us. I know from Mike that it can feel incredibly intense after cumming so I didn’t torture him for too long and when I stopped moving, Susan and I broke our kiss and pulled away from each other.

Our fronts were both literally covered in saliva – slightly more so in Susan’s case as I had been rubbing it around her body. Ashraf hasn’t escaped lightly either and his chest was rather damp so we finished off the massage I’d started earlier and with Susan still on his face and me still on his cock we rubbed our saliva all over his body and each other. Just as I was going to dismount, Mel told me to not let any of his cum escape me and Susan didn’t even need to be told that it was for her. She dismounted from his face and lay on the ground, I lay forwards on top of Ashraf and told him to roll us over and when he pulled out I covered my pussy as I stood and then let his cum drip out over Susan’s body. For good measure I then sat over her and rubbed back and forth over her stomach, breasts, face and crotch. I then thought that I may as well get the benefit of his cum and lay on top of her so we could kiss, which we did for a while as we rolled around on the grass. As our fronts were so wet (mostly with saliva, but it was nice knowing that some of it was cum), we easily slid back and forth and I ended up pushing a leg between Susan’s legs to grind against her pussy, but I didn’t try to make her cum again.