Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BBQ Fun - Part 2

We sat around for a while chatting. Abigail idly played with Susan, Jen kitty kissed Julia (and then ate her), Ashraf spent a while stroking James’s cock but didn’t make him cum and Mike ate Abrahii again (as he had promised). I remember thinking (again) that I was really pleased with the community that (I like to think) I was a large part in forging. The fact that the group was now so open with each other, so many of them (unfortunately not all, but there’s only so much I can do) were happy to be naked (or at least semi naked) around each other and a fair number were happy to play, fuck and cum in front of and with each other. I once again wished that my group of Uni friends had been like this (we often fantasise about how things could have been and which of my friends we would have liked to do what with).

Mel appeared with a pot of ice cream and some yoghurt and said that it was time to play again. To start with, Susan was used as a plate and various people ate ice cream off of her breasts and stomach. Mike wasn’t overly keen on this as he didn’t initially like the idea that she was still covered with Ashraf’s cum, but he knows that anytime he eats Susan, Abrahii or Julia he is likely to be getting some guy cum anyway (and the same goes for him eating me after a visit) so he eventually joined in. Things were moved up a (small) notch and people were challenged to eat ice cream off of Susan’s pussy and out of her mouth. The guys were then challenged to scoop up ice cream with the end of their cocks and feed it to Susan, but the ice cream wasn’t soft enough for them to do this. A couple of the guys used the yoghurt instead and she ended up with a messy face (even messier than the ice cream had made it) but Mel said the rest of the yoghurt was for the more traditional use.

Especially given my earlier musings on how I wished my Uni friends had been this free, I loved the fact that ‘the traditional use’ was as a yoghurt douche for Susan and I happily helped to hold her legs up as people spread her lips and Mel started to spoon the yoghurt into Susan’s cunt. She ended up pouring it in directly, not worrying about the bits that missed and ran down over Susan’s body (front and back). Once Susan was full, Mel asked for a volunteer to fuck her. Mike jumped at the chance (he hadn’t cum for a while) and Susan remained on her back, but had her knees pushed up to her head so her pussy was facing almost straight up. Mike stood over her so he was facing away from her face and pushed his cock down so he could get inside her and he then pushed the whole way in. As you would expect, the yoghurt was displaced and it mostly ran down her front (the majority went straight from her crotch to her chest). Mike fucked her for a while and said that it felt nice, but in that position it would be difficult to cum. Initially the yoghurt had felt cold, but it had warned up as he churned it inside her and when he pulled out Richard said he would have a go.

Mel topped up the yoghurt a little first and he started fucking Susan in the same position Mike had used but then moved around to kneel between her legs and fucked her while a few of us held Susan’s pelvis up in the air (and we may have played with her clit as well). Other people rubbed the yoghurt over her breasts and face and I’m sure we could have easily made her cum but Mel said not to. Richard was allowed to finish off though and he added his cum to the mess inside her and then had Susan suck his cock clean(er). While he went to clean up (his whole crotch and upper legs were smeared with yoghurt), Mel topped up Susan’s pussy with more yoghurt and told Susan she was going to cum a different way. Mike and Ethan held Susan’s legs apart and Jen positioned herself between them. She rubbed her fingers up and down the length of Susan’s cunt (which was leaking yogurt) and once they were covered, she pushed in to Susan’s pussy with three fingers and quickly added a fourth.

This caused more yoghurt to ooze out, but Jen wiped this over her hand and then folded her thumb in. Jen has fairly small hands (or at least can make them reasonably small when she fists) and I knew that she wasn’t likely to do anything to hurt Susan so I sat back and watched as she pushed more and more of her hand in to Susan and finally got past the widest part of her hand and pushed in up to her wrist. Jen kept still for a short time to let Susan adjust (we don’t fist that much as I don’t want to end up too stretched, but Jen has fisted me a number of times as well as Sue, Julia, Mel… so she is fairly experienced at doing this). The last time Jen tried this on Susan, she hadn’t gotten the whole way in, but Susan wasn’t complaining about it hurting this time (as long as Jen didn’t move too quickly). Susan was held in place as Jen continued to fist her and we all continued to help out by rubbing her breasts and clit. Someone had the idea of adding some of the ice cream to Susan’s clit and a good sized lump was massaged in until it had melted over Susan’s body and Jen’s wrist. There were calls to make Susan cum and Jen moved her fist inside Susan a little faster and flexed it (she doesn’t open her hand, but just expands it slightly).

As Susan’s orgasm approached I knelt beside her head and whispered in her ear that she could get her revenge on Jen. I told her to wait until she was cumming and to then let go and pee as hard as she could so it covered Jen. Everyone has seen Susan pee as she cums before (which was originally Jen’s idea anyway) and Susan didn’t know that Jen would actually love her to do this so it worked out for everyone. As I’d suggested, just as she came, Susan pushed and let out a long squirt over Jen. Jen jumped backwards slightly and almost pulled her hand out of Susan, but pushed back in and continued to fist her as Susan came. Susan let out another few squirts, but not as strong as the first. Jen’s front was still pretty much covered in Susan’s pee though and when she pulled her hand out of Susan’s cunt I suggested to Jen (loudly enough for everyone to hear) that Jen should get her own back and pee on Susan.

I moved around behind Jen and pulled her upright. I quickly reached around her and cupped a breast (she was topless so I could easily get a nipple between my fingers) and pushed my other hand into her panties. I pushed the crotch aside and told her (loudly) to go ahead and get revenge. I used my fingers to play with her clit and whispered in her ear how she could pee all over Susan’s body or even her face if she wanted to and everyone would think she was just getting her own back. Jen’s pussy felt pretty wet and I rubbed her clit as fast as I could. I was fairly sure that she was at least considering my proposal. I got a little squeak out of Jen but she pulled away and said she wasn’t going to pee in front of everyone.

People had a good look at Susan’s pussy, which definitely looked larger than it had earlier. I assured her that it would contract back to normal fairly quickly and Susan said that she needed to go and clean up. Jen went with her (for obvious reasons as well as the fact her hand, lower arm and legs were covered in yoghurt) and they showered together. Jen did the best she could to rinse Susan out and then told her that it was time for her proper revenge. For this, Susan had to use the shower spray on Jen’s clit while frigging her – unfortunately Richard didn’t have a fancy pulse setting on his shower, but Jen enjoyed the sensation of the warm water, and Susan’s fingers took the job of providing the stimulation. Jen sat on the corner of the bath with Susan kneeling in front of her and a she got close to cumming, she pulled her lips apart to give Susan (and the water) better access to her clit. Jen warned Susan that she was about to cum, but didn’t warn her she was about to pee. She sort of warned her by telling Susan to keep frigging her until she said stop and as she came, she squirted as hard as she could over Susan’s fingers, hand and front. Just as Jen had done, Susan jumped backwards a bit, but she had been well enough trained to do what she is told and she continue to stroke Jen’s clit. Jen emptied her bladder over Susan – she didn’t get as much on her as she had really wanted as the shower spray deflected and stopped quite a lot, but Susan still had a good covering of pee on her by the time Jen finished.

Susan went to shower herself off but Jen stopped her and stood behind her. She reached around and massaged Susan’s body, rubbing her pee into her skin and then told Susan to aim the shower at herself so she could clean off. Jen continued to massage Susan and worked a couple of fingers in to Susan’s cunt. She toyed with Susan’s clit and tweaked her nipples and when she felt Susan press back against her she whispered in her ear that if Susan ever peed over her again, she would repay her in kind. We don’t know if Susan took this as a threat or (as Jen meant it) a hopeful promise but Jen gave Susan a final hint that she wasn’t angry at her by kneeling and giving her pussy a long licking once they had stopped the water.

Not many people were bothered about going out that night (they had basically been partying since the end of exams so the fact it was a Saturday night didn’t mean that much to them) and we decided to stay in. We debated ordering in food (mostly as a chance to be ‘caught’ naked) but there was enough left over from the BBQ to do us. We had a reasonably quiet evening (comparatively) and even Susan wasn’t made to perform too much. She did have to fuck a wine bottle and I was told to help her out with this as I am apparently the expert at this (they have all seen the pictures – and indeed seen me actually fuck myself a few times with one). Following on from her earlier fisting, we used a bottle with a tapered neck and my challenge was to see how far into her I could get it. She did pretty well and took a fair length and once I know how far was safe, I fucked her and Mike helped out by playing with her clit.

I convinced Jen to make use of Susan’s nipples. Jen still prefers larger breasts, but while Susan isn’t as well-endowed as I am, she is about average (and Jen has come to appreciate smaller breasts from the time we’ve spent with Lis). Jen used some chocolate fingers to rub chocolate in to Susan’s nipples and then kiss and suck then clean. This went on for a fair while until I suggested that the fingers might work in Susan’s pussy as well, so we tried to fuck her with a few of them grouped together but as they are so short, it didn’t really do much more than make a chocolaty mess. Jen returned to Susan’s nipples and Mike was more than happy to lick Susan’s pussy clean (which ended up with them making Susan cum again, but that’s hardly surprising as the group cum-slut).

At the evening drew on, I sat and stroked James and Richard (one in each hand). Julia helped me out and we then jointly blew Peter (kissing around his cock) and I then spooned with James while Julia took Richard (which was only fair as we had gotten them hard and then abandoned them. I then knelt in front of Jen and gently played with her thighs for a while. I couldn’t resist the lure of her pussy for long though and had brief kitty kissing sessions with her. Susan had a proper lick but people wanted to see Jen humping against Mike. He had been planning on saving his cum for later that night in bed but he said he was up for it and lay on the floor so Jen could sit over him, nestle her pussy against his cock and begin to rub back and forth. Mike reached up and played with Jen’s nipples and then helped guide her back and forth, pulling her down tight against him so they got the maximum friction.

I like being involved when Mike and Jen are playing so I knelt behind Jen and took over playing with her nipples. I also occasionally dropped my hand to her pussy and frigged her but was told this was cheating and that she was meant to be using Mike’s cock to masturbate herself. I wanted to play with myself and feed her my juices, but as I had James’s cum in me I refrained from doing this as Mike likes to keep Jen as free from other guys’ cum as possible so he can imagine she is still’ pure and innocent’ (his words – given the things he has seen Jen do I can’t see how he could ever think she is either of those things). I left them to it and they carried on humping. Jen got quite close and told Mike to hurry up but she still came first. At least the good thing with that position is she could easily adjust her position slightly and still rub her pussy against him but without any clitoral contact. A few people got close to watch as Mike came and they saw a small amount of his cum squirt out and Jen’s pussy smeared it over the length of his cock and between her lips.


  1. Andi,
    I wanted to say thank you for your site. I have been married for 10 years now and have only had sex once during those 10 years! It was on my wedding night and the entire time she kept her eyes closed reciting the Lords prayer and when we were done she said "glad that's over with". You can imagine upset I was. Ever since then whenever I got aroused she says things like 'put that dirty little thing away' or 'get that nasty thing away from me'. It's been miserable but I live in a culture where to get divorced would probably end up getting me killed. I didn't know what to do but after stumbling on your website I realized that all I had to do was get another woman without her knowing.

    I am a lot happier now and she is no longer miserable to me because I no longer try to get my sex from her. Your weblog should be sent across all the internet. Thank you for helping me from being miserable. Please pardon my english which is badly but I try to sense make it. Perhaps one day I can come to America where I can live without all this around me. I look forward to new posts.

  2. I can't imagine what it would be like to go all that time without being able to sleep with your wife, but I don't really agree with you cheating on her. That may sound hypocritical given I sleep with many other people, but Mike and Jen both know about it so I see it as being quite different. I'm not trying to judge - you're in a very different relationship to the ones I'm in and I hope it all works out and you continue to enjoy our blog