Friday, 18 October 2013

BBQ Fun - Part 3

Susan was told to clean Mike up and she licked around his cock gently and as she finished up, Mel dared Mike to let one of the guys take over. Mike told Mel that she would pay, but he is as stubborn as she is and said to go ahead so Ethan was asked to suck Mike. Susan moved out of the way and Ethan knelt and took Mike’s cock in his mouth. He gave Mike a fairly decent suck and Mel dared Mike to do the same to Ethan. This was further than Mike was prepared to go but he took Ethan’s cock in his hand and started to stroke him. Mel said that if he wasn’t going to blow him, he had to make him cum so Mike adjusted his position and settled down to wank him properly. I didn’t like the idea of Ethan’s cum going to waste (assuming he produced anything – I was aware it was then end of the day and he’d cum before) so I lay down in front of them and told Ethan to move so he could cum on me when he got close. Mike continued to stroke Ethan, who climbed up over my chest and when he came a small amount of cum squirted out onto me, but most of it dribbled over Mike’s hand. Fortunately he rubbed this over my neck so it wasn’t wasted and as a thank you I took Ethan in my mouth and (gently) sucked the head of his cock clean.

Once Mike had cleaned his hand off, he pounced on Mel and got Susan to hand him the wine bottle I had used on her previously. Mel had her legs spread and was unceremoniously fucked with the bottle – unsurprisingly, nobody really wanted to come to her aid, but we all watched as Mike buried the bottle in her and twirled it around so the neck rubbed against every part of her inner pussy. The bottle wasn’t enough to make her cum, but Julia was happy to help out by playing with Mel’s clit and only when she had cum did he release her and let her pull her skirt down to cover herself up again. When people had left and we were getting ready for bed, Mike orchestrated another pounce on Mel, this time in the bathroom. He used Jen’s toothbrush (electric) on Mel’s clit and I suggested we make use of the toothpaste pump, which I know from experience makes a fairly decent impromptu dildo. Mel was fucked and buzzed while Jen and I toyed with her nipples and we got another orgasm out of her. In bed, Mike spooned with her and got Julia to help out by licking Mel’s clit and he then sat over her and ate Mel a final time. Despite Mel’s propensity to make other people cum (or at least instruct other people to do so), she can’t actually cum that many times in a row herself so the final orgasm was especially tiring and intense for her (not intense in the sense of a strong orgasm, but in the sense of the stimulation feeling too strong). She called a truce when he finished with her and he agreed as long as he could fuck Julia. Mel said she didn’t care and just wanted to sleep (and it was highly unlikely Mel would ever have objected to this).

Mike went down on Jules first and they 69ed as he made her cum. By this point he was ready to actually fuck her and he spooned with her for a while and then handed her a vibe to hold against her clit as he moved in her a bit more vigorously. He told her he was going to fill her cunt with cum and they both knew he was unlikely to actually produce anything in volume but she played along and told him she wanted to feel his cum leaking out of her. Mike came (as did Julia) and he stayed inside her but later said that his balls ached quite a bit and it took a while for them to stop so he wished he had just fucked her until she came. The only good thing (from his point of view) was that as he didn’t deposit any cum in her, she just tasted of herself the following morning when he ate her awake.

Jen and I gave Abrahii the double teaming that she had wanted the previous night (although after the day we’d had, she wasn’t up for playing for too long). We got a couple of orgasm out of her though, one with Jen on her pussy and me on her breasts (and kissing her) and one with Jen and I sharing a double dildo while Jen ate Abrahii’s cunt and I rimmed her. Abrahii then helped us out by pumping the double dildo between us while we used vibes on each other’s clits (it would have been easier to use the vibes on ourselves, but often seems to feel nicer when someone else does it for you (that is, assuming it is the right someone else and they know what they are doing – and Jen of course is the one of the right people and certainly knows what I like). We had a longer session in the morning and basically repeated the same dildo sharing, licking, rimming position, but this time when we had finished Abrahii said that it was only fair that Jen and I get a turn. I jumped at this and planted myself firmly over Jen’s face while Abrahii slid the free end of the dildo into herself and spread my ass cheeks. She was quite adventurous with her tongue and I enjoyed the experience so when it was Jen’s turn (Abrahii on the bottom eating Jen and sharing a dildo with me) I made sure that I gave Jen’s ass an equally good licking. Jen mewed quite a bit as she got close to cumming (as she often does) but she also actually shuddered as she came (which we took as a good sign).

We went out for our usual brunch with the gang and afterwards, Jen and I headed off by ourselves as I wanted to gather some information. We went to one of our usual sex shops and I was pleased to see the usual guy was working there as it made things somewhat easier. We didn’t have too much time as we had to get back and off to the airport on time, so we went straight to the counter and I pulled myself up so I was sitting on it. We exchanged pleasantries and as we talked, Jen started to stroke my legs and slowly push my skirt up. The guy was watching Jen’s hands as they disappeared under my skirt but I regained his attention by pulling my top up and over my head. We had planned for this encounter so I’d put on one of my sexier bras and as I continued talking to him I teased my nipples through the bra. I told him that I wanted to ask a question and mentioned that I was prepared to show my appreciation and he told me to go ahead so I asked if I should shut the door of the shop so I could be ‘properly appreciative’. He thought this was a good idea so I jumped down and wandered over to the door, opened the outer door and put the lock on the inner door down.

I considered slipping out of my skirt while I was still standing by the door but thought it would be sexier to leave things covered for now. I did pull the straps of my bra down and freed my arms so my breasts were still covered, but it would be easy to expose them when I wanted to. I slipped my shoes off and hopped back up on the counter, putting one foot up in front of me and spreading my legs enough to allow Jen to continue to tease me. The guy asked what I wanted to know and I told him that it could wait and I would trust him to tell me after he’d had his reward. I lay back on the counter and let my leg fall to the side. Jen pushed my skirt right up and pushed her face onto my pussy and started to eat me. I reached down to the guy’s crotch and cupped his cock through his trousers and then told him to get it out so I could touch it properly. Jen ate me as I stroked his cock and he pulled down my bra to play with my breasts. I let him kiss and lick my breasts and he sucked my nipples in to his mouth (well, part of them, my nips are fairly large) but before Jen could make me cum I told him to go and find a condom. He said that I could choose one so I climbed down from the counter and this time I did slip my skirt off so I could wander over to the display completely naked.

I selected one that was covered in tingle gel (I know I like this) and rolled it on to the guy’s cock. I stood behind the counter and lifted myself up a little to make it easier for him to enter me and then lowered myself so he was buried the whole way inside me. I told him to reach around and cup my breasts and then I humped back against him (mostly) in time with his thrusts into me. In our planning, we had agreed that Jen would get up on the counter and let me eat her, but it wasn’t as deep as we remembered and I wasn’t in quite the right position so we skipped this and I just fucked back against his cock, telling him to use my cunt as hard as he wanted. As he got closer to cumming I couldn’t keep time with his movements so I just held myself still and let him fuck me – he pumped in to me and squeezed my breasts (in a not unpleasant way) and then pushed deep in to me and said he was cumming. I squeezed myself around him a number of times (much easier to do when standing still) and told him I wanted to milk every last drop of cum out of his cock and when he finished moving I pulled myself off of his cock and sat up on the counter facing him.

As he pulled the condom off I got Jen to hand me my bra and I told him to empty his cum into one cup and then use the other cup to clean his cock off. He did this and I put the bra back on, feeling the cum squish against my left breast (where he’d emptied the condom). I cupped my breasts through the bra and said it felt wonderful and all I wanted in exchange was to know where I could get a special massage for someone. Before he could answer I explained that I was looking for somewhere that did an actual massage, but that it was for a girlfriend of ours and we wanted it to be a very thorough massage. I lay down on the counter again and Jen demonstrated by pushing a couple of fingers in to me and using her other hand to massage my mons. I pointed out that this was just the end part – I wanted someone to take care of the rest of the body first and that it had to be a woman as our friend was gay. I added if he could tell me, Jen would finish what she had started so he could see me cum as an extra bonus (I don’t know if that actually counts as a bonus for guys if they’ve already got to cum).

Jen had other ideas though and started to rub my clit, then pushed her head between my legs and licked me. It was obvious that I was going to let him see me cum whether he told us anything or not (not that I minded too much). He watched me closely as Jen continued to play with me and wrote down an address and number, saying that the place would probably be able to provide the service we were looking for. Jen really went to town on my pussy and even dragged her tongue across my ass a few times. I asked the guy if he wanted me to stroke him again and reached back down to his crotch. He didn’t feel as hard as before but I didn’t let this stop me and I rubbed him through his trousers. I spread my legs as wide as I could to allow Jen to finish eating me and as my orgasm approached I told the guy to watch me as I came for him (although I was technically cumming for Jen). I could feel that he was nice and hard again by this point and I considered asking him if he wanted me to blow him or let him fuck me again, but Jen had made me cum quite nicely so I felt satisfied (and we really needed to get back to Mike).

I let him have a final look at my breasts – most of his cum had soaked in to my bra, but I was still a little sticky. I thanked him for the information (and making me cum) and asked him if he knew about the hardcore club that we sometimes visit. He did, so I told him that if we ever met him there, he was welcome to use me and that I’d probably be able to find another girl to join us if he wanted. He liked this idea and gave me his number and as I got dressed I had another idea but decided to leave it until later to discuss with people.

While we’d been gone, Mike had enjoyed Susan one last time. She had let him take her ass and in return he made her cum a second time by eating her. She was looking forward to the holiday as much as I was – a week in the sun with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves (and we both knew that various plans had been made to help us enjoy ourselves). Jen had a final lick of Susan just before we headed off to catch our plane and as she was doing so well, I sat over Susan’s face to let her lick me. Neither Susan nor I came, but Jen got Susan a lot closer to cumming than Susan got me and as we left, Susan was sitting on the stairs, by the open front door, masturbating. She wasn’t easily visible from the street but we’re told that they didn’t close the door until Susan had finished and made herself cum.

On the way back home I scolded Jen for wasting the opportunity I had given her to pee over Susan in front of everyone. Shea greed that it would have been a wonderful thing to do and said that she wished she hadn’t been such a chicken. As we discussed this, I pushed a hand between Jen’s legs and pressed my little finger against Jen’s pussy. The flight was too busy to do much with her, but I wiggled back and forth against her slit as we discussed things and got Jen to imagine how she could have sat in a chair over Susan, played with herself (or had a number of the girls play with her) and then as she came, emptied herself over Susan’s body. We spent a while discussing and imagining this and Jen got sufficiently aroused that she nearly went to the bathroom to give herself a chance to masturbate but I told her that if she wanted to cum, she needed to do it where she was. I swapped seats with her so she was beside the window and Jen slipped a hand under her skirt. I leant across her to help shield her and we looked out of the window as she gently frigged her clit. I imagined that I was kneeling up a little more – enough to show my pussy to everyone on the same row as us and I could feel my own cunt getting wetter as Jen described how she was getting close to cumming. She was very good and didn’t make any noise other than her breathing getting a bit heavier (but on a plane nobody else would have been able to hear that). She came and just before I sat down again I got her to give me her fingers so I could suck them clean.

I sat for the rest of the flight with my right ankle folded under my left thigh so my pussy was spread and exposed (although not visible to anyone due to the seat in front of me). Mike and Jen both whispered things to me to help keep me aroused and by the time we disembarked I felt very aroused and very wet. I was offered the chance to cum at the airport but waited until we got home, at which point I let Jen make me cum (via 69), then let Mike eat me (aren’t I generous) and then I fucked him. With everything else that I’d gotten up to during the day, I was shattered by the third time I came and fell asleep almost straight away afterwards so Monday morning was a bit of a rush as I hadn’t prepared anything for the week (but it was worth it).


  1. Would you like to see Mike suck cock?

    My wife and I are in the lifestyle and she long had that as a fantasy. After many close calls, I finally did it and to this day when we have sex she gets extremely turned on when I talk about it.

    For me it was a bit weird but in the end just another sexual act and was worth seeing how happy it made her.

  2. My apologies - I missed this comment when you posted it...

    Yes, I would love to see him do this and swap the cock between my pussy and his mouth. Mike is usually more adventurous while we're on holiday (and you'll find out soon what he got up to this year on holiday with the gang) but he doesn't really enjoy doing things with guys so I wouldn't want to push him to do it. Of course, if he ever wants to experiment more then he knows that I'm more than up for watching/participating...

  3. No problem. My wife and I both enjoy your blog and she keeps wanting mike to suck cock while i can't wait for you to eat Sue's pussy. Kinky :)

  4. Well you'll find out soon how close he came during the holiday as I've just started posting that entry...