Saturday, 12 October 2013


Following on from the previous entry...

The BBQ was at Richard’s place as his housemates were both away for the weekend as they had also finished their exams (and his house had a decent enough sized garden). I said it was a pity that the housemates weren’t there as we could have probably entertained them. They aren’t a part of our group but they know Richard is bi (James often sleeps over and they have been treated to the sight of a partially clad Abrahii a number of times after she slept over). I don’t know if Abrhaii would have been interested in showing them more of herself, but I’d have been happy to put on a demonstration of her bisexuality and then let the housemates do whatever they wanted to me. It probably worked out better that we had the place to ourselves though as we could relax properly and play to our hearts’ content.

As usual Susan was the focus of attention and as she would be naked for most (if not all) of the day, we started off by ensuring she wouldn’t get sunburned. This involved having as many of us as could reach her at any one time undressing her and rubbing sun cream in to her body. Naturally, hands wandered to places that weren’t too likely to see the sun (or at least not much of it) and she was probed and fingered. Mel thought it would be a good idea if some additional ‘cream’ was added to Susan’s body so Peter and James were volunteered to help out. We mostly just watched as Susan was fucked by Peter and had to suck off James. I commented that I didn’t want Susan to get everyone’s cum and Mel told me I could help out if I wanted and earn some for myself, but that the first load still had to go on Susan.

I didn’t need to be told twice to join in and I started off by helping Susan to suck James and then used my hand to jerk him off, but thought if Susan was being fucked, then I should be too so I knelt over her in an elongated 69 with my face above hers so we could kiss as James fucked me. I told James to move forwards and we moved so my breasts were dangling over Susan’s face and I could suck on her nipples and after this we moved forwards a little more so I was almost in a proper 69 position with her (we weren’t actually doing anything to each other, but I was in a good position to watch as Peter fucked her (and I assumed she had an equivalent view of James in me). When Peter got close to cumming I got James to pull out of me so I could quickly get out of the way and I watched as Peter pulled out and shot his cum over Susan’s front. I let James continue to fuck me until he got close, at which point he pulled out and came over Susan from the face down (mostly on her chest but the last drops landed on her face.

As I’d participated, I felt it was my job to help rub their combined cum over Susan’s body. I mostly avoided getting cum on (or in) her pussy as I didn’t think she had cum and intended to take care of this (in return for payment in kind of course). Nobody seemed to object when I started to lick Susan so I buried my face between her legs and lapped away at her until she came. I didn’t stop abruptly and kitty kissed her for a few minutes, helping to bring her back down gently and make sure she enjoyed herself. I then sat over her face and let her lick me while I chatted to people, trying to maintain a steady voice for as long as possible. I wasn’t trying to hide my orgasm, I just wanted to (and succeeded in) chatting normally right up until the point I came and after a few gasps, I continued the conversation.

As a reward for having finished exams, Mike, Jen and I gave massages to a few of the students. Mike took Angela and started off with her legs and then moved on to her back. She was just wearing her bikini (as most of the girls were – unless we’d already removed parts of them) and she didn’t object to him undoing her top so he could massage all of her back. Mary (Angela’s girlfriend) was sitting beside them and Mike offered to massage her as well but she pointed out how the bulge in Mike’s shorts were helping to massage Angela’s ass. Angela pushed back against him so he told her it was time for him to massage her front and he got her to turn over. Instead of pouncing on her breasts, he went back to her legs (but he has always preferred legs to breasts). He worked his way up her legs and caressed the insides of her thighs, just below her bikini and then traced his fingers over the crotch as he moved up to start work on her stomach and sides. By the time he got to her breasts, he was sitting over her thighs and when he leant forwards, he could brush the front of her bikini bottoms with the bulge of his cock and he spent a while working on her nipples, getting tips from Mary as to how Angela liked to be touched.

He moved off of Angela and tried to push her bottoms down but she stopped him and said that she wasn’t really drunk enough to do things like that where they were so he said he would just keep massaging her legs. For quite a while, he didn’t actually touch her pussy, but kept rubbing around the top of her thighs, right up to her bikini. He asked Mary for some help and she caressed Angela’s nipples. Angela said that what they were doing to her wasn’t fair (but she didn’t tell them to stop) and Mike gradually began to brush the back of his fingers against the crotch of her bikini. This progressed to gently rubbing and then stroking her hard enough to press the material between her lips and get an obvious damp patch to appear. Mike was lying on the ground between her legs and he leant forwards to kiss Angela’s crotch. He had hoped to be able to taste her through the material but he contented himself with just nuzzling her crotch.

He then pulled the material to the side and licked her directly but she said she didn’t want to remove her panties so he covered her up again and crawled up beside her, across from Mary who was still playing with Angela’s nipples. Mike took a nipple in his mouth and dropped a hand to Angela’s crotch (pulling one of her legs up so he was reaching under it). He rubbed her through her panties again and then asked Mary if she was going to help out. Mary pushed a hand down over Angela’s stomach and down the top of her panties. Mary played with Angela’s clit directly while Mike continued to caress her pussy through her panties and Angela once again complained that they were being mean to her. She didn’t stand much of a chance though and when Mike pushed his fingers under the crotch of her panties so he could finger her, she didn’t say anything (although she did moan a little). With a mouth on each of her nipples, Mary’s fingers on her clit and Mike’s inside her cunt (as well as one of his fingers brushing against her ass), she stopped resisting and let them finish masturbating her. To put it in context, Angela wasn’t the first one of the group to cum due to the massages, and despite her earlier reticence, she held Mike and Mary’s heads against her breasts and spread her legs to give them better access as she came.

Meanwhile, I had been giving a massage to Ethan. He didn’t mind at all when I removed his trunks and after stroking up and down the length of his cock for a while, I climbed over him and told him I was going to massage him in a different way. I rocked back and forth, grinding myself against his body and alternated this with contracting my pussy around him as hard as I could while he moved in and out of me. He only moved a little, but said that it was good as I felt quite tight (which I’m always pleased to hear given what I put my pussy through!). I made a pretence of massaging his chest while we fucked but after not too long we gave this up and just went at it. He asked me to massage my breasts as I rode him so I did (and then also played with my clit). I got myself closer to cumming than I had intended, but this worked out well as he wanted to finish things off with him on top. I dismounted and lay on my back, continuing to play with my clit until he got inside me and then let him fuck me while I toyed with my breasts. I came before he did and to his credit, he asked where I wanted him to cum so I told him to cum inside me and then as added encouragement I told him how I wanted to feel his hot cum filling my cunt and how I would let it drip out of me on to Susan’s body when we had finished. It’s not as if this was anything new to him but it seemed to help push him over the edge and he came in me and then offered his cock for me to suck. I took it in my mouth and then (as promised) stood over Susan and let some of his cum drip out onto her head.

When I finished Jen was still going (as were Mike, Mary and Angela). Jen had decided to treat Abigail to a massage (remember that at first we were actually giving them massages – and for some reason Abigail and Mary assumed that was all we were doing). Abi didn’t mind about Jen removing her top and didn’t even object too much when Jen removed her panties. Jen paid a fair amount of attention to Abi’s nipples (but everyone knows that Jen loves breasts and nips) and after wiping them clean of sun cream, Jen spent a while licking and kissing them. She ended up straddling Abi and humped against Abigail’s leg while pushing one of hers against Abi’s pussy. Abi may have been naïve at the beginning, but she isn’t stupid and could tell where things were going (possibly helped along by seeing what Mike and I were doing to our ‘clients’. She wasn’t as reticent as Angela though and told Jen if she was going to get a happy ending, then she wanted it to be good. I can imagine that Jen gave Abi her cheeky grin at this point and she pushed a hand down to her pussy and started to masturbate her as she continued to suck on Abi’s nips. Abi lifted her leg so Jen could ride against it more readily and they humped for a while before Jen whispered to Abi that it was time to finish things off. (It was around this time that I finished with Ethan). Jen moved down between Abi’s legs, pushed them apart and ate her. She pushed her tongue as deep into Abi as she could (Jen has a fairly long tongue so is quite good at this) and after scouring the inside of Abi’s cunt for juices, she spent some time on her clit and then switched to licking up the length of Abi’s cunt and swirling the tip of her tongue around Abi’s clit. It usually doesn’t take too long to make me cum when Jen works like this and Abigail was no different. Susan especially seemed to enjoy seeing Abigail being made to cum in front of everyone (not that it was the first time).

Once Mike had finished making Alison cum, she covered up again but Abigail remained topless. After having a little food, I offered Ashraf a similar ‘massage’ to the one I’d given Ethan and he was quite prepared to let me take care of him. I rode him slowly and we were enjoying ourselves but Mel interrupted and said that Susan really needed to be made to cum again so Ashraf volunteered to let her sit over his face. Susan and I leant forwards so we could kiss each other and fondle each other’s breasts and at my request, she reached down to play with my clit. Ashraf and I were moving a little faster at this point, but still weren’t fucking seriously so Susan was obviously going to be the first of us to cum. I told her I wanted to try some wet kissing and we locked our mouths together and duelled with our tongues. The difference was that neither of us made any attempt to limit or contain our saliva, so as the kiss went on, our lips and chins got wetter and wetter and the saliva started to drip down from our faces. Jen said that it looked incredibly slutty (not that she hasn’t done this with me). A number of the guys really seemed to like it too – mostly I think as they said it looked like we were swapping cum.

Susan came while we were kissing like this and I held on to the back of her head to keep our mouths together as she moaned through her orgasm (and our kiss seemed to get even wetter). Ashraf stopped eating her (or at least he pulled away enough to ask her how it had felt) but Mel told him that he should keep going until both he and I had cum so he pulled Susan’s cunt back to his mouth and resumed his licking. I fucked Susan’s mouth with my tongue (although my tongue is obviously nowhere near large enough to actually fuck her, not even Jen’s tongue is that big – although the thought of a cock sized tongue eating me does sound wonderful). Susan kept gasping into my mouth and I decided to help her along so humped against Ashraf a bit faster to encourage him to cum. I pushed Susan’s hand back down to my clit and rubbed her fingers rapidly against it as a way of telling her to get me off without breaking our kiss. Ashraf was pumping into me more vigorously, but Susan’s fingers felt even better and as my orgasm approached I pushed my tongue into her mouth with abandon, trying to share as much saliva with her as possible. I don’t know if was the first time she had kissed like this but she was doing a pretty good job and our saliva had run down my neck and over my breasts as well as dripping on to Ashraf (I could tell Susan was in a similar state as I was massaging her breasts with one hand and they felt as wet as mine). I couldn’t hold back and longer and came – it felt fairly strong and I moaned in to Susan’s mouth to let her know what I was feeling.

Susan stopped frigging me as my orgasm ended but Mel said if Susan was being subjected to additional stimulation then I should be too and Susan was instructed to move her hand back to my clit. It felt very strong, especially as Ashraf was now pumping in to me quite fast but I didn’t intend to give Mel the satisfaction by telling Susan to stop so I endured the feelings and humped up and down on Ashraf’s cock and then reached behind me to grab his balls and gently fondle them (I know he likes this). I would love to say that I felt them tighten as he came in me, but he was moving way too fast for that. It was obvious when he came though as he changed how he was moving in me and just slammed into me a few times before staying still. I felt that as Susan and I had been subjected to torture (even if it was the pleasurable kind) that Ashraf shouldn’t get off too lightly so I started to ride him again – as he had both Susan and I on top of him, he couldn’t easily escape and I got to have some fun with him squirming underneath us. I know from Mike that it can feel incredibly intense after cumming so I didn’t torture him for too long and when I stopped moving, Susan and I broke our kiss and pulled away from each other.

Our fronts were both literally covered in saliva – slightly more so in Susan’s case as I had been rubbing it around her body. Ashraf hasn’t escaped lightly either and his chest was rather damp so we finished off the massage I’d started earlier and with Susan still on his face and me still on his cock we rubbed our saliva all over his body and each other. Just as I was going to dismount, Mel told me to not let any of his cum escape me and Susan didn’t even need to be told that it was for her. She dismounted from his face and lay on the ground, I lay forwards on top of Ashraf and told him to roll us over and when he pulled out I covered my pussy as I stood and then let his cum drip out over Susan’s body. For good measure I then sat over her and rubbed back and forth over her stomach, breasts, face and crotch. I then thought that I may as well get the benefit of his cum and lay on top of her so we could kiss, which we did for a while as we rolled around on the grass. As our fronts were so wet (mostly with saliva, but it was nice knowing that some of it was cum), we easily slid back and forth and I ended up pushing a leg between Susan’s legs to grind against her pussy, but I didn’t try to make her cum again.

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