Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 1

We've made it to the summer holiday posts - it took me about a month to write this up as work had been busy and I'll try to post a new entry every two days to speed up posting everything. In return, we'd appreciate a few more comments and discussion just so we know that someone is reading and enjoying the fruits of my effort...

At the end of June we headed back down to Jen’s old Uni in preparation for heading off on holiday. As we’d be spending over a week with people we didn’t rush to get down on the Friday night and went down on the Saturday morning. The flight was much quieter and we I made use of this by convincing Jen to get changed into Emily’s torn denim shorts. This would have been easier if she had been allowed to go to the bathroom to do it, but the standard rules applied and she had to do it in her seat, completely removing her skirt before she was allowed to put the shorts on. Jen is sufficiently slimmer than Emily (and me) that they were quite loose on her, but this just meant it was even easier to move them around to get access to her pussy. I sat beside her and gently fingered her for a while, both with my hand down the front of her shorts and then directly through the scraps of material that made up the remainder of the crotch. We wanted to make full use of the lack of people on the plane but couldn’t find a way for me to reasonably eat her and so we had to make do with just using fingers. This wasn’t too much of an issue though and I got Jen to sit with one leg up crossing over my lap so I had full access and could easily masturbate her.

I made Jen cum fairly easily and we then rearranged the meagre scraps of denim to mostly cover her pussy so she could sit with her legs spread and still be passably decent. The shorts were more of an issue when we disembarked as they slid down a fair amount – not past her hips, but they were certainly lower than they should have been. On the bus from the airport to Julia’s place, we sat near the back in the hope I would get to play, but there were some young guys (probably not much younger than Jen) on the back seat that didn’t leave. Mike was on the seat in front of Jen and I so I leant forwards enough to raise my ass in the air. I knew that this would be sufficient to let the guys see up my skirt and I indicated to Jen that she should join me in a similar position. She was in a playful mood and did so readily and we pretended to chat with Mike while waving our asses around in the guy’s line of sight.

I heard them make a few comments so I looked around and asked them if they liked what they saw. I lifted my skirt up a little to give them a better view and then ran my hand over Jen’s shorts and caressed her crotch, easily feeling her wetness. This got another few comments out of the guys as to what they’d like to do to us so I got out of my seat and went to stand next to the guys and asked if they had the balls to follow through on their promises. I told them that if they would get their cocks out and put a condom on, I would sit on them and fuck them. As I told them this I slowly stroked my pussy, knowing that people in the upper floors in the buildings we were passing could technically see what I was doing, but as we were moving I didn’t think it was too much of a risk. Unfortunately the guys were just all talk but I continued to tease them for a while longer when I returned to my seat as I resumed my earlier position and let them spend the rest of the journey looking at my ass and pussy.

By the time we arrived at Julia’s place, I was feeling quite horny (and fairly sweaty from lugging the suitcase), but as a few people were out in the garden, I had the perfect excuse to strip off and sunbathe while Susan said hello to me properly (as I lay sunbathing, she was instructed to eat me). I wasn’t selfish and after I’d cum I asked if she wanted any attention and then ate her while she sat in a chair. Mike and Jen were also encouraged to say hello to Susan and while Jen didn’t want to cum again, Mike was more than happy to let Susan suck him and then sit on his cock. They fucked slowly with Mike sitting upright and holding on to Susan. Mel said that he didn’t need to worry about making Susan cum and that he could just use her, but (as usual) Mike wanted Susan to cum before he came in her. She rode up and down on his cock but they couldn’t get enough momentum to do things properly so they finished off with Susan leaning forwards against the fence and Mike fucked her while playing with her clit. He had no trouble making her cum like this and then had no trouble cumming himself.

Lucy and Lis arrived later on in the day and when evening approached, it got cooler and we moved inside. We discussed the upcoming holiday and how we intended to make the most of the time away. We all knew that we intended to spend a fair portion of the week having fun in as many ways as we could, but some of us would be put on show a bit more and want to participate to a greater level. Mel fully intended to put Julia back to work, Susan was obviously going to be made to perform, Jen and I intended to try to get the other to do as much as possible and the guys intended to make the most of the situation. Mike had volunteered to eat any of the girls on demand and James and Richard had said they were up for DP with anyone who wanted it (they said they would also happily fuck any of the guys, but I’m not entirely sure if you can DP a guy).

Due to the group being slightly female biased, Mel had considered inviting Julia’s brother. Everyone knows about the things Julia got up to when she was younger but she still gets embarrassed when her brother is mentioned and she pushed the conversation away by saying that we should have invited Sue (my sister) along. I actually think she would have enjoyed coming (and we possibly should have invited her as the past few months have been difficult for her). I know that she would have enjoyed having multiple guys to pleasure her and would probably have participated with a number of the girls. As usual, I was teased about doing things with Sue but I gave as good as I got and we agreed that we’d all get together sometime and Alex (Julia’s brother) and Sue could fuck as much as they wanted (although in reality I’d rather he didn’t fuck her as I think she can do better).

The conversation moved on to people showing (or describing) the toys that they were bringing. Everyone had been asked to being along their favourite sex toys and people were pleased to find out that even Lis and Lucy had brought some along. It was known that they didn’t intend to participate in any group sessions, although people still hoped they would and the fact they had brought toys gave people a bit more hope. I was fairly certain that Lucy wouldn’t go that far (she has often said that she doesn’t want Lis being used by the group). The toys that we had in the house (Lis, Lucy, Abrahii, Mel, Julia, Jen’s and mine) were all put out and then passed around. With that many toys, there was no way they weren’t going to be used and true to form they were pushed into Susan, one after the other. Jen decided that as we’d started we may as well continue so she took them from Mel and used them in me, after which I took them and used them on her. I suggested that Susan should try them on Abrahii, but this Abrahii said she didn’t feel like playing and none of the other girls wanted to participate at this stage. I complained that if we were going to have a fun holiday we shouldn’t be starting off in such an inhibited way (and yes, three girls with vibes in their cunts in fairly inhibited for this group). This didn’t have quite the effect I’d hoped for and just meant that everyone was allowed to use the vibes in us (girls only on Jen).

Mel retrieved Jen’s nipple and clit vibes from our bag and attached them to her. She wasn’t overly mean and didn’t fasten them too tightly, but did hold Jen’s arms so that even when she came, she couldn’t take the clamps off. Jen writhed around as the stimulation became more and more intense and only when she finally begged to be released did Mel do so. She calmed down fairly quickly once the clamps were removed and I told Mel that the holiday was meant to be fun so I didn’t want to torture anyone (too much). I think Mel realised I was a bit annoyed with her and we all just chatted for a while before people started to drift off home. Lis and Lucy went to spend the night at Angela’s place which meant we didn’t get a chance to play with them, but this was probably for the best as it meant as Jen and I could spend the night with Mel and make up for our earlier disagreement (experience has taught me that mutual orgasms are generally the best way to resolve conflict – it’s kind of hard to hold a grudge against someone who has just made you cum).

On the Sunday, we got up late and instead of going out for brunch, we decided to have a BBQ. We considered using Richard’s garden again, but his housemates were back and he now wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to let them see us all ‘playing’ (although I still think it would have been fun – we would either have offended them or got them to join in). As such, we went over to Angela’s place – her garden wasn’t quite as large, but the friend she was sharing with (Dawn) was always telling her that she doesn’t have a problem with Angela being gay and she wanted to test out just how liberal she actually was. Dawn has experienced Mary (Angela’s girlfriend – and pervious girlfriends) sleeping over before and Angela knows that Dawn has probably heard them having sex, but she doesn’t show her girlfriends off in the same way that Susan or Julia are exhibited. Technically Angela isn’t much of an exhibitionist anyway – she has only recently started to join in games with the group and she considers us seeing her naked rather differently to her other friends seeing her naked.

We were given some ground rules as to how far we could push Dawn but I wondered if certain people would stick to them. Things started off well enough – a few of the girls quickly went topless and after we’d eaten, Susan decided that she would remove her outfit and let some of the people play with her. Dawn seemed a bit shocked at this, but sat and watched while the rest of us chatted and mostly ignored what Susan was up to. When the girls had finished playing with Susan, Ashraf had a turn and fucked her. Dawn seemed a bit more interested in this but I was bored of watching Susan have all the fun and went to change into my new bikini. I returned and was greeted with appreciative calls – it was technically a one piece ‘swimsuit’, but the designers appear to have forgotten to add the material. In actuality, it was three scraps of cloth joined with string. Each of the ‘cups’ of the top (which only covered the very central part of my nipples) was linked to the tiny crotch. From the tops of the cups, the string went up over my shoulders and made a v midway down my back, with the single thread then connecting to the crotch.

Dawn asked if I was really going to wear the outfit on a beach and I innocently asked why I wouldn’t. She pointed out that it was very revealing so I fiddled with the material a little, revealing even more of myself. (To be fair, it was rather difficult to keep my nipples covered anyway as the outfit didn’t offer enough support. I lay down and pulled the crotch between my pussy lips and asked if someone would apply some cream for me. Ethan took care of this and my breasts were soon fully exposed to his hands as he massaged them and when he moved down to do my legs, I spread them wide to give him access. He spent a while massaging my ass and when I rolled over on to my back again, my bikini wasn’t really covering any of me so I removed it. Ethan dried off his hands (sun-cream isn’t meant to be used internally) and he then proceeded to massage my pussy. I pushed back against his hand and felt him slide a couple of fingers into me. I reached over to his shorts and pushed a hand into them, quickly straightening his cock and starting to stroke him. I ended up lying on my side with my body curled around so I could get my mouth on his cock while he continued to finger me. I told him that I wanted to cum first and I lifted my upper leg to make it easier for him to get to me. His fingers pumped in to me repeatedly until I told him to frig my clit and once he started to do this I came pretty quickly.

I’d kept his cock in my mouth the whole time and had been sucking and stroking him so I didn’t expect it to take long to make him cum. He sat up in a chair and I knelt between his legs to work. I took him as deep as I could in my mouth (which still isn’t very deep – I have a strong gag reflex) and swirled my tongue around his cock. As he got closer to cumming, I concentrated on the glans and just before he came I pulled my head back so I could lick around the glans with my outstretched tongue. He came over my mouth and face and I took the head back in my mouth a few times, but let his cum leak out over my body as I continued to suck him. Once I finished, I spat out the remainder of his cum and massaged it into my body, then lay down again and resumed sunbathing.

A little later on, I was interrupted by Susan who had been told to go down on me. I wasn’t going to refuse her advances and once I’d cum I (as usual) offered to repay her but was told she would take care of herself. Susan lay beside me and played with herself while we chatted and apparently by this point, Dawn was very confused as to what was going on. I moved out of the sun (after Susan had finished) as I didn’t want to burn before we’d even left the country and decided that I’d resisted Jen’s swimsuit enough. It probably isn’t what most people would consider sexy, just a traditional one-piece dark blue swimsuit that covered all of her front (and a fair amount of her back), but for some reason I find the look to be absolutely amazing on her. I called her over and as she knelt beside me I toyed with her crotch. Jen was a little nervous as she sort of knew Dawn at Uni (they weren’t close friends, but occasionally chatted). My fingers found their way under the crotch and I told Jen to relax and let me play with her. To her credit, she did as I asked and was soon sitting over my face and my fingers were holding the crotch of her suit to the side with my tongue in her pussy.

Abrahii helped out a little and knelt behind Jen – she pulled the top of Jen’s suit down and massaged her breasts, then pushed the suit down even further. This made it a little easier for me to get to Jen’s pussy and I considered getting Jen to stand so we could remove her suit completely, but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to her as she felt (or tasted) quite wet. I heard Jen squeal and then tasted beer just before I felt something cold being poured over me (which I correctly assumed was also beer). I saw more being poured over Jen’s back and head and then felt a bottle being pushed into my pussy. I could no longer taste Jen, but wasn’t too bothered as the beer also tasted nice (and the bottle was now being used to fuck me, along with fingers and a tongue playing with my clit). I really wanted to make Jen cum so redoubled my efforts on her pussy and was soon rewarded with her pre-orgasmic mewing sounds. I continued eating her while pushing back against the bottle and by the time she came, her juices had overpowered the beer and I could taste her properly (if slightly alcoholically) again.

I then felt a very strange sensation and Jen let out a shout and started to cough. She quickly stood up and I saw that the front of my body was covered in white powder (which turned out to be flour). Jen was even more covered than me – her head and front were coated and once she stood up, people pulled off her swimsuit and threw more flour at her stomach, pussy and legs. The dregs of the bag were emptied over my head & the mixture of the beer and Jen’s juices were enough to get a good covering to stick. I was made to stay in place while Julia finished fucking me with the bottle (which I was thankful for) and when I also stood up, we had a bit more beer thrown over us and were then threatened with being hosed down. While it was warm enough to be out I didn’t want to be squirted with freezing water so we went in to use the shower in the house.

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