Thursday, 3 October 2013

Opening Up to Lucy - Part 3

Jen moved over to Lucy and went for a different approach. She pulled Lucy backwards so her head landed in Jen’s lap and then tickled her. Lucy squirmed around and probably gave the guys a good enough view of her panties, but it was when Jen helped Lucy back upright that she put on the proper show. Jen apologised to Lucy for tickling her and gave her a big kiss. Jen placed her hand on Lucy’s thigh – not too high, but in an obviously intimate way and then broke off the kiss. This surprised the guys who had probably thought that the girls had been flirting with them and that they were getting somewhere, but they didn’t seem to mind seeing a bit of lesbian action. Jen turned around to Lis, ‘accidentally’ brushing Lucy’s skirt up a little as she did so and asked Lis if she wanted to be tickled or kissed.

Lis opted for ‘kissed’ (she is much more ticklish than Lucy) so Jen kissed her and then placed her hand on Lis’ thigh in the same way she had done to Lucy. Between kisses, Jen whispered to Lis to spread her legs a little and asked her to touch her (Jen’s) thigh in the same way. Jen was sitting half facing Lis with one leg flat on the ground and the other raised a little and when Lis placed her hand on Jen’s thigh, Jen dared her (still whispering) to slide her hand up to her pussy. Lis did this and Jen felt Lis’ thumb brush against her pussy, so she slid her hand up Lis’ leg, but pushed her thumb properly against Lis’ cunt as she pushed her tongue into Lis’ mouth.

They don’t know how much the guys could see of what was happening between Lis’ legs, but Jen was fairly sure they could see Lis’ fingers on her cunt and could feel herself getting wet. When the kiss ended, Jen pulled her hand free and deliberately sucked her thumb clean – she could taste Lis and as much as she loves Lucy, she wished that Lucy hadn’t been there so she could have teased the guys a little (actually quite a lot from what she said later) more. Jen kept her left leg folded flat on the ground and put the other one upright so she could lean forwards with her arms on her knee. This completely exposed her pussy and there was now no doubt that she was doing it on purpose. One of the guys went to take a photo of her, but she put her leg down before he could do this and told him off. The guys stayed for a bit longer and tried to get Lis, Lucy and Jen (or any combination of them) to go out with them but eventually realised that they were just being teased and left.

I congratulated Jen on what we’d been able to see of her display (and even more so when I found out all of the details). Lis admitted that it had felt quite thrilling, but she had been really nervous and Lucy said that it had been fun teasing the guys and if she’d been given the chance, she would have probably shown off her panties a little more. We got her to back up this claim by making her sit with her feet just in front of her a couple of inches apart and her knees in the air. This gave a nice clear view of her panties so I matched her, but in my case it was my pussy that was on display. Jen copied me and we got Lis to join in, but whenever people came to close, we repositioned ourselves and sat more discreetly.

We decided (possibly unwisely due to the cost) to have dinner out that night. Mike hadn’t bought anything suitable with him so he went off to buy some smart trousers and a new shirt (which he needed anyway) and he took Jen with him to give a female opinion (plus Jen decided she wanted to buy a skirt). The rest of us stayed in the park (with a quick trip for ice cream) and while we waited I spent a while lying on my front and teasing the inside of Lis’ thigh with a long piece of grass. As she often does, Lucy told me I was incorrigible and I told her to wait until we got in to bed and I’d show her just how incorrigible I was.

When Mike and Jen returned, we headed home and relaxed for a while before getting ready. Mike really wanted to shave Lis, but she was already smooth so he had to settle for being allowed to kitty kiss her for a couple of minutes. As Jen hadn’t done much with Lis, she took a turn next and not wanting to be left out I then had a go. Lis was obviously quite turned on by this point and it didn’t take much to convince Lucy to join in. Mike said he wished he could repeat what they’d done that morning, but with him inside Lucy and to tease him a bit more, I knelt behind Lucy to briefly lick and finger her. We left Lis wanting to cum (which just made it easier to get her to go out without panties) and when we were all ready we headed out. Lucy and Jen let Mike escort them (and he looked very happy with them on either side of him) while I took Lis. We went to a nice Italian place and had a very well behaved evening.

On returning home, Jen announced that Lis had a surprise for Mike and Lucy and Jen and I headed off in to the bedroom to prepare. Lucy asked Mike what was happening but he didn’t know as it was something Lis had requested (mostly for Lucy, but I pointed out that Mike would enjoy it too). Jen had bought her Japanese schoolgirl outfit down to lend to Sue and we were helping to get her appropriately attired. As Jen is taller than Lis, her skirt (while it looked nice) was just a little too long on Lis so Jen had bought a shorter one earlier on (when she was with Mike). We got Lis to model some of her cutest underwear and we were undecided between a white set with pale blue bows and a similar set but with pale pink ones. She put on the top and skirt but when she put on the socks (long white ones with small pale blue bows that matched her underwear) it didn’t look quite right. We tried her with long dark blue socks and long plain white socks and were once again undecided - the blue ones looked more authentic but the white ones looked cuter so we went with them, but left the blue ones for later use with Lucy. Having put Lis’ hair up into bunches, we returned to the living room to show off out handiwork.

Mike and Lucy seemed equally impressed with Lis’ look and we told Lucy that we’d be leaving the outfit for her to enjoy. Mike was a little disappointed at this as he likes seeing Jen and I go at it while dressed up, but I would still have my uniform so he wouldn’t be entirely without cosplay. We got Lis to pose in a number of positions – standing, sitting and lying down. My favourite was still her lying on her side with her knees drawn up so her panties peeked out from under her skirt and Mike said he intended to spend most of the night making ‘Japanese Lis’ cum. Lis said she wasn’t sure she had the energy for that but I think she liked the idea of having someone so turned on by her that he wanted to do it.

Lucy, Jen and I let Mike and Lis have the bed that night so they could enjoy themselves and we made use of the duvets on the floor. It wasn’t as comfortable, but we managed to distract ourselves and after an initial high intensity session we had a longer drawn out session where we took turns with one of us being caressed and kissed by the other two. We then took turns sharing a double ended dildo while the third person used vibes (on low power) on our clits. We hadn’t really intended to finish things off here (and I really wanted to cum with something inside me), but Lucy and Jen looked so sexy with the dildo between them that I asked Lucy if she would eat me and I’d make sure they came. She agreed to this so I sat over her in a 69 and used a combination of my mouth and the vibes to play with their clits as they gently humped against each other.

I enjoyed Lucy’s tongue on my pussy and she gently ate me. I got to the point of really wanting to cum, but liked the way she was teasing me so I just carried on gently playing with Jen and Lucy. Lucy told me that I was very wet and I blamed her for this, although conceded that also having Jen’s pussy inches from my face was probably helping – and then added that I doubted I was as wet as Jen can get. I got them to push together so I could lick them both at the same time and then placed a single vibe so it buzzed against both of their clits. We had a variation on the usual arrangement – I would continue to stimulate them until they had both cum, but as I’d had a bit of a break between sharing the dildo with Jen and Lucy eating me, I agreed that I would stop once they had both cum and let Lucy take care of me.

I tried to be pretty fair in the attention I gave to each of their clits and it was Jen who came first (once she started mewing I’ll admit that I did concentrate on her a little more). I held on to her waist to keep her in place and felt her pushing up as she came, but as per the agreement, she stayed in place while I continued to play with Lucy (and occasionally lick Jen, which generally got a gasp or a twitch out of her). I told Lucy that I probably wasn’t too far from cumming and passed her back the second vibe for her to use in me. It felt wonderful when she pushed it in and as I concentrated on her clit, Lucy pumped it in and out and used her fingers and tongue on my clit. I told Jen to press up harder against Lucy and licked them both until Lucy came. I told Lucy not to stop as I was close and I kitty kissed both her and Jen (or at least their clits) until I came. It felt like a very sexy position and I just wished that I could have had Mike inside me instead of the vibe and maybe Lis sitting over Jen’s face (I know this fantasy would never happen, but it probably doesn’t take much to guess what position I thought we could actually try).

When I climbed off of Lucy and they extracted the dildo from their cunts I saw that I had indeed been fairly wet as Lucy’s face was fairly damp and I could easily taste myself on her when I kissed her. We curled up together and Jen started describing to Lucy what it was like doing that with Sue and me. I tried to get her to shut up, but she kept on talking about Sue’s pussy, how it was different from mine, how she liked the different taste and texture and how she loved having us both make her cum. I wrestled with Jen for a bit and we got Lucy involved who said that she didn’t think she could cum again so we promised to be gentle, but we did caress and wipe our juices over each other for a good while until we (and the room) stank of pussy.

In the bedroom, Mike had been doing his best to make sure that if he didn’t get to spend most of the night making Lis cum, he at least got to enjoy her as much as he possibly could (and in the process he naturally wanted her to enjoy herself). They had started off with Mike sitting on the bed and Lis posing for him some more. He had then asked her to help undress him and he slowly stroked himself while running his other hand over her body, up her legs, into her panties and back out again. Lis had then sat over him and humped her pussy against his cock (still with her panties on) and then she knelt on the floor and took him in her mouth. She tried to deep-throat him but couldn’t (I can’t do this either) and Mike found out that she had been ‘researching’ positions online that they could try. She sucked him a little more and then climbed over him in a 69 so he could pull the crotch of her panties aside and eat her. He tried to be careful not to get her panties too wet as he wanted to see her in them properly and so before she came he asked her to pose for him again and lift her skirt. Lis wanted him to see her in just her underwear so she removed the outfit and stood there in the socks and panties and blushed when Mike said she looked so sexy that he could probably cum over her without having to touch himself.

Lis was going to mount him but Mike said he wanted to eat her before he came inside her so she remove her panties to keep them clean. Mike lay on the bed so Lis could sit over him and see herself in the mirror and he made the most of having access to her pussy, trying to scoop her juices out of her cunt and swallow as much as possible before she came. He asked Lis to play with her breasts but he couldn’t see her doing this. He did hear her cum though and he encouraged her to make whatever sounds she wanted to help her enjoy herself. She told him that she was cumming and he listened to her moans as he continued to eat her and then eased off and kitty kissed her. Lis climbed off and they kissed properly for a while and Mike rubbed his cock back and forth against Lis’ body before finally lifting her up and pushing into her.

They fucked for a while and Lis turned around so she could see herself in the mirror. Mike asked her to put the panties back on (which she did) and then got her to hump against his cock. She turned around again so she was facing the mirror, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and Mike held his cock still while she lowered herself onto it. Mike craned his neck up so he could see (roughly) what Lis was seeing and they both watched as she slowly rode up and down on his cock. She turned back to face him so they could concentrate on the fucking and things started to get more serious. Lis sat up and Mike pulled her bra down to reveal her breasts and when she lay over him again he pushed his hands into her panties and pulled at her ass. They kissed deeply and Mike told Lis he was going to cum so much in her that her panties would be stained forever (sadly he can’t cum quite that much). He started to pump in to Lis faster and ran his fingers over her ass for a while before pushing one slightly in to her. Mike concentrated on Lis – again wanting to make sure she came before he did – and only when she said she was getting close did he stop trying to distract himself and he pictured Lis posing for him to help speed him along (he didn’t want to be too far behind her).

Mike used his usual dirty talk to encourage Lis, telling her how tight she was, how he wanted to feel her cum around him, how he wanted to hear her enjoy herself... and Lis responded with similar words. He pumped away until she came and pushed as far into her with each stroke as he could (with her on top of him, he could get a good rhythm going and push into her hard and fast, but not get quite as much depth). Lis told him she was cumming (but he knew this as she had done a good job of moaning during the final build up) and he told her to keep cumming for as long as she could. Technically her orgasm had ended by the time Mike came in her, but he had continued moving hard and fast and she had continued to let out little moans so he was able to imagine that she was still cumming around him (which helped him enjoy his orgasm more).

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