Sunday, 6 October 2013

Opening Up To Lucy - Part 4

She stayed on top of him, his cock still buried in her and they chatted for a while – one of them occasionally moving a little to help keep Mike hard. They discussed Lis’ display to the strangers in the park and Mike asked if Lis understood why Jen enjoyed teasing guys. Lis was the one who pointed out that she had a cock inside her, so she was a little different than the lesbian Jen and Mike nearly said that once he was fucking Jen there would be no difference as he was also the only boy Lis was currently fucking. He decided against this though as he would much rather keep Lis to himself (but I can’t see Lucy being up for Lis fucking other people outside of our little club so I don’t think he has too much to worry about). Mike rubbed his fingers around Lis’ pussy and gently toyed with her clit and asked if she would have let me make her cum (if I’d tried). Lis said that she would probably have been too nervous to actually do it, but said that it had felt quite thrilling when Jen’s hand had pushed against her pussy as the guys watched. Mike told Lis that when the guys had arrived home that they had probably wanked themselves while picturing Jen’s and her pussy (and Lucy panties). Lis seemed to like the idea of random guys cumming while imagining her naked body and Mike pointed out that she would have plenty of opportunity to tease guys when we were on holiday.

They rolled over and Mike pulled out of Lis, allowing the remainder of his cum to dribble out of her. He wanted to make her cum one last time so he pulled off her (no longer clean) panties and wiped her pussy with them before he knelt and started to eat her. Lis said that she didn’t know if she could cum again but Mike told her that he would just have to convince her that she could and he caressed her legs (still half covered by the socks) as he ate her. It’s actually quite difficult to *not* cum with someone eating you (providing they know what they’re doing – and Mike is fairly practiced at that), so unsurprisingly, Lis did end up cumming again and even allowed him back inside her so they could spoon while they fell asleep.

The next morning, Lis put on the white underwear with the pink bows (Lis knows she can look cute and enjoys having people appreciate this). After playing for a while, Mike fucked her as she lay on the bed and wrapped her legs around him. They oriented themselves so Lis’ head was at the end of the bed and they were facing the mirror so both of them could watch as their bodies moved together. Mike loved being able to see Lis’ legs (she was still wearing the white socks) wrapped around him and he told Lis he was going to cum in her twice before he would let her get out of bed. Lis said she didn’t care and their first session didn’t last too much longer. They rested for a while and Lis posed for Mike in some of the positions she’d seen online. He got her to try a few others and (as I do) he really liked the ones where her pussy was peeking out from between her legs instead of be openly displayed (it’s not as if objected to seeing Lis with her legs spread, he just thought the ‘peeking’ poses looked sexier).

He particularly liked one pose when Lis knelt on all fours and he slipped her panties down to expose her ass and about half of her pussy. He liked it so much that he crawled up behind Lis and started top kiss and lick her pussy and then started to lick and rim her ass as well. We know that Lis likes this but she told him he didn’t have to do it, to which Mike replied that as long as she enjoyed it he didn’t mind, and added that Jen or I was probably doing the same thing to Lucy anyway. Mike got Lis nice and wet and was going to fuck her doggy-style but then told her he wanted her ass. Lis was a bit nervous about this – she’d had things in her ass before, but mostly just anal vibes and fingers. Mike promised that he would be gentle and that they could stop if she wanted so Lis looked out some lube to help things along. At first she found the tingle gel but Mike thought that this, coupled with Lis’ ass would possibly be a bit too much for him so they just used some plain gel.

Lis squirted a decent amount onto his cock and rubbed it in and Mike removed her bra so that she could rub the remainder over her breasts. He rubbed his cock against her breast and then pulled her panties off so they didn’t get them covered in the gel. Lis knelt on all fours again and Mike applied some gel to her ass and pushed it in, at first with just his thumb, but then using a couple of fingers. He fetched a vibe, a dildo and an egg from their sex drawer (they have nowhere near as good a collection as we do, but they’ve got enough to keep themselves amused) and told Lis he wanted her to try a few different things out. To start with, he positioned his cock against her ass and got her to push back against him. He slipped in fairly easily and slowly worked his way in a little deeper with each push until he had a decent length in her and could move. Lis tensed up a couple of times, but said that it wasn’t hurting – as they carried on fucking (and probably as she properly realised it wasn’t hurting and felt nice).

Mike pushed the dildo in to Lis’ pussy (he warned her first!) and got her to describe what it felt like with both her holes being filled. He then used the egg on her clit (still with the dildo in her) and after she’d had time to experience this, he replaced the dildo with the vibe. Mike described to Lis how he really liked the vibe in her as when it was on a high setting, he could easily feel it buzzing through the walls of her cunt and pussy onto his cock. They briefly tried using the vibrating egg on Lis’ clit while she had the vibe in her (and Mike’s cock in her ass) but Lis said it felt like ‘too much was going on to enjoy’. Mike fucked her for a little while with the vibe in her but she said she preferred the dildo and egg so they reverted to that. As you might expect, all of this stimulation had already had quite an effect on Lis so when they settled down to finish their session off, it didn’t take too long to get her to cum. Mike was careful to make sure Lis didn’t cum too long before he did as he wasn’t sure if she would be able to take him continuing to fuck her ass after she’d cum (sometimes it just doesn’t feel nice once I’ve cum) and he got Lis to contract herself around him a few times to help push him along. He asked her if she minded him cumming in her ass and she said that as he’d cum over her and in her cunt, he may as well. Ideally, he would have liked to cum in her while she was cumming, but he waited until she came and them pumped in her briefly before unloading his promised second cum inside her.

Mike kitty kissed Lis for a while and told her that she had coped admirably. He gave her ass a couple of flicks with his tongue and then teased her about sucking him. Lis had seen ‘Clerks 2’ as well so they did a bit of the ‘ass to mouth’ routine and after giving his cock a quick wipe she took the head in to her mouth and sucked him (properly). Mike told her that he was impressed (as was I – I would rarely do that, and only with Mike) and as a reward he kitty kissed her some more. Lis tried to squirm away from him and said she’d cum enough, but she didn’t put up much of a fight and even lifted her legs when he asked her to. He got her quite close to cumming again and then stopped, telling her it was a pity she had said she didn’t want to cum. Lis slapped him a couple of times but Mike wouldn’t finish her off and dragged her in to the bathroom so they could shower. Once clean (but still in the shower) he went down on her again but still didn’t make her cum. As they dried off he gave her a third licking and they joined us for breakfast with Lis still feeling unfulfilled.

Jen, Lucy and I had a fairly standard session during which we all came once and Lucy then said she’d had enough as she still felt tired. Mike and Lis found us as we were finishing off so got to watch Jen cum and Mike took this opportunity to fondle Lis a little more and once again bring her close to cumming. Lis looked like she really wanted to cum and I felt a little sorry for her (but at the same time I know that being teased is fun) and Mike told us that he thought Lis was turning into a nympho as he had fucked her cunt and her ass and eaten her and she still wasn’t satisfied. Lis went quite pink at the revelation he’d taken her ass, but Mike continued to play with her and kept her close to cumming. He lifted her up on to the work surface in the kitchen and suggested she masturbate if she wanted to cum. Even though Lis is much more adventurous than Lucy, I wasn’t sure she would do this so I helped out by picking up the rolling pin and sucking on one of the handles, then pushing it in to Lis. She allowed me to fuck her with it and I then took her hand and helped her fuck herself before letting go so she could use it by herself.

It looked like Lis intended to continue and make herself cum so I suggested that as Jen hadn’t got to do much with Lis, she should help out. Jen was up for this and leant down to lick Lis’ clit and then back up to Lis’ nipples. As Lis fucked herself I used up the spare end of the rolling pin but didn’t want to interrupt Lis as she was clearly enjoying herself and was getting close to cumming. Lis pumped the pin into her cunt as Jen played with her nipples and I realised how effective an instrument it was – it couldn’t go too deep as the main part of the pin stopped it, and this was idea for slamming in to your clit for stimulation. I didn’t get to cogitate on this for too long though as Lis came – it wasn’t as spectacular an orgasm as Mike had hoped it would be, but it seemed to do enough to relieve her from the pressure of needing to cum. As soon as she pulled the handle out of her pussy she looked up and saw all of us intently watching her, told us we were all bastards and climbed off the counter.

Over breakfast Mike gave us the full details of his anal session with Lis. She didn’t seem quite as embarrassed about it anymore and even seemed happy that Mike thought both her ass and cunt were such a good fuck, as well as chiming in and describing the differing sensations of cock only, cock and dildo and cock and vibe. Lucy asked how different it felt having a cock inside (either ass or pussy) than just a dildo and Lis and I did our best to explain. Even Jen said that it felt nice when she humped against Mike and she thought she knew what it would feel like when he finally fucked her. Mike didn’t miss the opportunity to offer Lucy the chance to feel him inside her (I don’t think I need to specify that she declined to take up the ‘opportunity’).

After breakfast, we convinced Lucy to try on the Japanese outfit. This time she wasn’t given any privacy to get ready and we all watched. Jen and Lis helped put her hair in bunches and she looked pretty sexy (even if the uniform was rather creased from the previous evening). We got Lucy to pose and she even bent over the bed, lifted her skirt and spread her pussy (with her panties pulled to the side). Jen couldn’t keep her hands off of Lucy and now that Lucy was a bit more awake (mostly due to coffee), Jen convinced her to return to bed and finish the morning session properly. After Lis, Mike and I had left, Lucy admired herself in the mirror and said that she did feel quite sexy dressed in the outfit and Jen then pulled her on to the bed and they fingered, fucked and humped against each other for a double session (after which the uniform really needed a wash).

In the living room, Mike and Lis both took care of me (I may have mentioned to them that I’d only cum once that morning). It started off with fingering and breast play but moved on to Mike fucking me while Lis licked my clit. Mike used long even strokes in me and Lis licked with her usual rapid fluttering licks – the combination worked really well and I said it wasn’t fair for Lis to be left out so convinced her to 69 with me so I could at least kitty kiss her. Lis was well aware that I wasn’t likely to stop at kitty kissing and she didn’t even object when I told Mike that he should try fucking her while I licked her. He moved between our cunts as we 69ed and I asked him if he was going to cum in Lis’ cunt or in her mouth to complete the triple (cunt, ass & mouth). He said he really wanted to cum in her pussy again, but (assuming Lis agreed) he would complete the triple. She said this was okay so he fucked me a little longer and then pushed into Lis’ mouth and came.

Lis later promised that she would let Mike see her in the Japanese uniform again (via Skype) and over lunch Lucy made us promise that we wouldn’t do anything on holiday that let the group know about our group sessions. Naturally we teased Lucy about her prudishness and how silly it was as (hopefully) pretty much everyone else in the group would be up for as much fun as possible. Even though we were out in a café, we continued to tease Lucy about how much the gang would love to see her naked, play with her, make her cum and get her to make them all cum. Lucy said she was prepared to go topless (as she’d done before) but had no intention of joining in any orgies and that she would be more than happy with Lis taking care of her. Realistically, we hadn’t expected her to want to join in properly, but during the week I chatted to Lis about how things could go and she got quite in to the fantasy of having Lucy as the centre of attention and being made to cum many times by everyone in the gang. When Mike found out about our fantasy he said that as long as he was the first guy to fuck her he didn’t mind too much, but I know he would love to keep Lucy to himself (that is assuming that he was to ever get her in the first place!).

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