Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post-exam relaxation

Oops - a day late again, next post on Saturday to make up for it.

We were fairly tired in the middle of June, but as it was one of the last chances to visit Jen’s Uni friends before they graduated we headed down anyway. Pretty much everyone there had finished their exams by that point and had done the heavy partying already so we hoped to relax a little over the weekend, but (unsurprisingly) people still wanted to enjoy themselves. People were fairly drunk when we arrived on the Friday night and we stopped off at Julia’s place to leave our bags and then headed out to meet up with them.

There was a definite post-exam air of celebration in the club we went to and I took advantage of this to ‘allow’ a number of guys to grope me as well as letting a couple of them do shots off of my breasts. The second guy to use them as an alcohol delivery method did a thorough job of licking them clean (or at least licking the upper parts, it wasn’t the sort of club that I could strip off in). I pressed myself against him and his hands roamed under my skirt and on to my ass so I pushed harder and waited as his fingers made their way deeper between my ass cheeks and he discovered I didn’t have panties on. I pushed against his leg harder and felt his fingers probe around the entrance to my pussy. I reached down between us and rubbed the outline of his cock through his trousers and then fumbled with the zip until I pulled it down and could push a hand in and grasp his cock through his underwear. I pulled one of his hands away from my ass and pushed it up under the front of my skirt and he could now get a couple of fingers in to me properly. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and he asked where we should go so I dragged him upstairs. I knew the toilets downstairs were always fairly busy, but there was a set upstairs that was usually quieter so we headed there.

Unfortunately the ladies had a small queue outside, but my conquest for the evening didn’t want to let this stop us so he pulled me in to the gents toilets and I followed him in. A couple of guys were in there peeing and they looked a little surprised, but we went in to one of the cubicles and continued to make out. My top was quickly pulled down, quickly followed by my bra and I once again pushed one of his hands down to my crotch and told him to play with my cunt. It wasn’t entirely one sided though and I quickly freed his cock and stroked him before leaning over to pull a condom out of my bag and rolling it on. I told the guy to pull my top off (which he did, along with my bra) and I then knelt and sucked him. He tried to push into my mouth a bit further than I liked, but I fixed this by placing a hand around his cock at the appropriate point and then bobbed back and forth. I toyed with my pussy while sucking him as I didn’t want to be too far behind, but didn’t stay crouched down for too long as I wanted to cum.

I stood up and leant against the door, offering my ass to him. He eagerly pushed his cock into my cunt and we fucked against each other quite aggressively. He reached around to play with my breasts and it felt nice but I really wanted to cum so told him to rub my clit and when he started to do this I said he wasn’t allowed to cum in me until I’d cum. He didn’t agree with this, but said he would do his best. He reached around with his free hand to once again maul my breasts (or at least one of them) and we continued to fuck. He told me he was getting close and as I wasn’t too far off I said he should go ahead and cum and I continued to push back against his thrusts until he did. I quickly pulled myself off of his cock, pushed past him and sat on the toilet, pulled my legs up and used a hand to frig myself. With my other hand I massaged my breasts and fingered myself, alternating between rubbing my juices over my nipples and sucking my fingers clean. I didn’t try to be too loud as I came, but I also didn’t stay silent and when we finally emerged from the cubicle (after I’d dressed) it was clear that the other guys in the bathroom knew we’d been fucking. I was tempted to wipe my pussy clean (letting them see me do this), but as nice as the thought of bending over the sink and letting them use me one by one was, I knew I was up there alone and couldn’t guarantee that someone wouldn’t try something I didn’t want to do so I left with the guy I’d fucked, thanked him and then went back to find my group.

On the way home, we were filled in on Susan’s antics since our last visit. As she’d been doing exams, she hadn’t been made to perform too much, but she had been ‘forced’ to make up for this once they had finished. Abigail had arranged for the guys we’d met in the park a couple of weeks before to meet up with Susan, but this time it had been in some woods at night. Susan and a couple of the gang had turned up early and Susan was made to wait for the guys with just a set of skimpy underwear on. As soon as they turned up, she was told to strip and beg them to fuck her. She did this and then took one in her mouth while the other one took her from behind. The guys were then encouraged to play with her some more and between them they fingered and caressed her until she came again. She begged them to fuck her again but the guys seemed a bit worried about being caught and Susan was told to encourage them some more so she lay on the ground and played with herself while telling them that she wanted their cocks inside her.

They gave in and said they would fuck her again, but wouldn’t agree to DP her so she let them have her cunt and mouth again (but the other way around). Julia decided that she didn’t want to let Susan have all the fun, so she climbed under Susan and tried to lick her. The guy in her cunt agreed to fuck Susan’s ass instead, which means Jules could eat Susan properly and the guy in Susan’s mouth decided to make use of Julia’s pussy. Technically he didn’t ask her if she wanted to be fucked, but given what we’d done with them the first time we’d met, he assumed (correctly) that Julia was looking for fun. Once the guys had cum again, Julia and Susan were told to put on a final show so they rolled around on the ground together, still in a 69 position and continued to eat each other. By the time they had finished, Julia’s clothes were covered in dirt and leaves, but this was easily taken care of by her stripping off and taking Susan’s clothes.

Abigail gave the guys the choice of how many clothes to give Susan to wear to get home, but they were more generous than Abi had counted on so Susan had to give back the underwear and Julia agreed to let Abi break a few buttons off the front of the blouse and then tear it in a number of places. Abi wanted to tear the skirt as well, but Julia wanted to wear it again so Susan had to just hike it up. They all rubbed a bit more dirt onto Susan’s legs and up under the blouse and as a final humiliation, Abi told Susan to stand in front of everyone and pee herself. (Jen especially liked hearing about this.) Susan stood with her back to a tree and peed, letting it run down her legs and then was told to lift the skirt so people could see properly. To finish off, she had to masturbate with the front of Julia’s skirt as she finished peeing (to create a large wet patch), and when she had emptied herself she had to thank the guys by kissing their crotches (they had put their cocks away by this point).

Another evening, Abigail had got Susan to call up our friendly delivery guy and they had arranged for him to come and take care of Susan. Unusually, Abigail had gotten involved as well and they both let him fuck them as well as letting him watch as they played with each other (this was how they helped him get hard for his second fuck). Abi hadn’t told anyone they were planning on fucking him and when she found out the next day, Julia complained that she would have happily joined them. To make up for this, Abigail ordered Susan to go down on Julia. This wasn’t anything unusual so I don’t know why Julia was satisfied with this, but it seemed to make everything okay.

The only other thing of note that Susan was subjected to came from an environmental conversation. They had been talking about tree huggers and in the way that only the Internet can, their searches morphed into sex related things and they found a video of a girl fucking a tree branch. My immediate thought when they told me about this was ‘splinters’, but fortunately they were ahead of me (they enjoy humiliating and pushing Susan, but nobody wants her to actually be hurt). A bit more Googling and they found the answer – wrap the branch in bubble wrap and apply a condom. Once they had figured out what do to, it was only a matter of time (and not much time either). The next day, they got supplies and Susan was led around various parks. Once they had found a sufficiently secluded spot, they started off with Susan sitting on the ground and using (an appropriately wrapped) branch on herself and once the concept had been proved, they moved on and found a tree with a branch at a suitable height. This was wrapped and Susan was told to fuck herself on the branch, which she did, but it was quite difficult for her to move in a way that was very effective (for her anyway, people said that it looked quite good).

They looked for another place and found a shorter branch to wrap up (for some reason Susan didn’t like the idea of breaking a branch off so she could fuck the remainder, even if it was wrapped in bubble wrap). This was more successful as she could now hump back against the branch until her ass slapped against the tree (she didn’t have to worry about it going in too deep) and while she enjoyed it a lot more, she still had to get people to help her out in order to make her cum. As a final show, she had to suck the branch off (while it still had the condom on it) and out of curiosity Julia impaled herself on the branch and briefly rode it, but not to orgasm. (After which, Susan had to suck it clean again).

Jen and I spent the night with Mel and Jules and Mike slept with Abrahii. She apparently complained that she had been looking forward to having him and Jen or me to play with (as opposed to just Mike) and he took umbrage at this so he told her that he would make her cum more times than she would have with two of us there. That hadn’t quite been what her complaint was about, but he subjected her to an eating, a fucking (which was energetic enough for us to hear in the next room), a fingering (with use of additional toys), a second eating and a final spooning session (during which Mike played with her clit). He achieved his aim of getting her to concede that she didn’t need a third person to help satisfy her, but he warned her that he was going to eat her multiple times the following day as a further reminder.

He started the Saturday off by eating her awake and then fucking her. As much as he loves cumming in her, he wanted her pussy to remain clean (or at least not to add any more cum to it). He had asked her if could cum in her ass, but she said she wasn’t awake enough for anal so he ended up just fucking her until he was close and then cumming over her front. They had woken up reasonably early so they dozed off again and didn’t wake up until Mel, Julia and I wandered downstairs but they didn’t join us until Mike had gone down on Abrahii again. As we ate breakfast, Mike crawled under the table and pulled Abrahii forward on her chair so he could kitty kiss her and Jules complained that she was being neglected so he moved around to her and buried his face in her cunt. Mel said that Jen and I shouldn’t be left out so told Abrahii to get under the table with Mike and take care of us and Abrahii was actually going to follow Mel’s instructions (I just didn’t understand why she was doing what Mel said). I said that it would be better if we could all actually see what was going on, so we moved in to the living room and Mike finished off eating Jules while Abrahii took Jen and I (switching between fingering one of us while eating the other). As soon as Julia had cum, Mike moved over to Mel, pulled her legs apart and buried his face between them. She made a half-hearted attempt to push him away and said that Jen had made her cum earlier in bed but this didn’t stop Mike. He ate her for a short time and then pulled her down off the sofa, turned her around and told Jen to move over so Mel could repay her.

Jen was quite close to cumming anyway due to what Abrahii had been doing to us so she agreed, slid across to where Mel was and pulled Mel’s face to her pussy. Mike told Mel to keep eating Jen until she (Mel) came and Jen realised that she may have made a mistake. It was too late for her to escape now though as Mel had wrapped her arms around Jen’s legs and was rapidly eating her to orgasm. Mike was meanwhile fucking Mel while playing with her dangling breasts. Jen came and Mel backed off a little, but continued to eat her and once Abrahii made me cum I decided to help Jen out a bit by helping Mike to get Mel to cum. I moved on to the floor and crawled under Mel so I could play with her clit. I tried to lick her but it wasn’t a good position and I was going to resume just frigging her but Mike told me to crawl headfirst under his legs to get to Mel. We know from experience that this position is generally easier as you can more readily reach the clit and instead of having balls hitting you in the face, they just bump against your chin and neck (which I like anyway). Mike ha slightly different ideas though and once I was in position, he pulled out of Mel’s cunt and pushed in to her ass (while telling Jen than we were doing everything we could to get Mel to cum quickly). As my eyes were level with Mel’s stomach, I couldn’t tell initially what he had done, but once he started fucking her again and I knew he wasn’t in her cunt, it didn’t take much to figure it out.

It also didn’t take long for us to get Mel to cum and we ate and fucked her through her orgasm. Mike wondered (out loud) if he should cum in Mel’s ass, but he refrained from doing so and we left Mel with her face still resting between Jen’s legs (but no longer licking her). As there wasn’t much planned for the day, we rested for most of the morning (although Mike did go down on Abrahii again after a decent period of kitty kissing) and we only got dressed in the early afternoon as we were heading out for a BBQ and needed to go shopping.

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