Monday, 21 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 1

Near the end of June, we headed down to York for the end of (academic) year sex party. This was a special one as it was another unprotected party. We had all really been looking forward to this as while it is certainly fun to fuck with people watching and to cum with a number of different people in the same evening, it wasn’t as nice if you couldn’t feel their cum or taste their juices. There are a couple of people (like Emily) who we know and trust keep themselves ‘clean’ so we plan in an unprotected way with them, but this time we could do things with everyone. Just as we’d done the time before, the rules were that if people didn’t have an up to date check, they weren’t allowed to participate – but this was fine for us as we’d encouraged Jen’s friends to get similar check-ups before the holiday (so we could enjoy ourselves equally well there).

Mike, Jen and I arrived on the Friday evening and we met up with Sue. Sara and Emily were off having a romantic evening (before the fuck-fest) so we didn’t get to have our usual pre-party session and taste Emily’s wonderful nectar but we weren’t short of things to do as Mike and Jen were quite happy to make use of Sue. Since her failed attempt at dating the guy from work (the one whojust fucked her and dumped her) she has been single so she was also looking forward to the party. It would have been nice to also have Vicky there for our last party (before trying for a baby), but as she was still in the ‘getting to know you’ phase of her new relationship, she wasn’t sure it was quite the right time to invite him along to an orgy!

To start with, Mike and Jen double teamed Sue and for this round I just sat and watched. Sue was licked, fingered & fucked. She sucked Mike, ate Jen and scissored with Jen (as well as the usual kissing and breast play). I wasn’t entirely neglected though as both Mike and Jen wanted to have Sue and I at the same time so once Mike and Jen had made her cum, I switched places with Mike and Sue and I used Jen. Mike then took Jen’s place and I started off riding him while he ate Sue, but we switched places so he could cum in her. As soon as he did this, She had to stand up while holding his cum in her and get her pussy on to Jen’s so she could deposit his cum in her – she then had a go with me and I got the tail end of his cum (probably only a couple of drops in practice), but we felt that we had got the cum-sharing down so things were going to be easier when we actually started to try to get pregnant.

The next morning Jen went down on Sue, but in a move we had planned, she didn’t make her cum. Meanwhile, Mike and I fucked and he pounded into me until I came. I went down on Jen while Mike fucked Sue, but once again she wasn’t allowed to cum (although neither did Mike so he had more cum for the party). We quickly freshened up before going down for breakfast (we were staying in our usual hotel) and we dared Sue to just wear a t-shirt down. It was just long enough to cover her, but she wasn’t allowed a bra either and with breasts like hers it was fairly obvious she didn’t have one on. She had to be very careful how she sat as we ate and she pulled the t-shirt down a few times as it slowly rode up. I think a couple of people noticed her attire but nobody said anything so I promised her that if she would repeat wearing it the following day, I would join her. She was finally given some relief on the way back to the room. Mike played with her in the elevator, stopping whenever the doors opened, and after getting her sufficiently aroused we waited until we were alone and he knelt and ate her. They had one aborted attempt as someone else got on, but once we’d gone to the ground floor and the doors closed, he rapidly ate her again as the lift went back up. He made her cum, but had to stop pretty much in the middle of her orgasm as we arrived at our floor. Sue said this was incredibly frustrating but as per our rules of the party, we only get to cum once the morning beforehand so Sue had to put up with what she’d got.

We spent the day wandering around. Coincidentally my Uni friend Anna was back for the weekend so we had lunch with her and her bf and decided that we should arrange a reunion. She was just as bubbly as ever and once we’d left her we discussed how much fun we thought it would be to get her in to bed (Anna used to be a regular part of our fantasies when Mike was training me to want to sleep with girls so we’ve imagined fucking her many times). We also met up with Emily and Sara and were filled in on their evening (dinner & dancing). Mike wanted to have a taste of Emily before the party (but he is all about the pussy – not that I would have objected as long as I could have tasted her too) but Em told him he would have to wait. We did at least get her to agree not to fuck any guys (or at least not to let them cum in her) until we had eaten her, but we weren’t the only ones who had asked this of her. Both Emily and Sara said they were looking forward to their sessions with Sue and I and Mike reminded Sue of the promise he’d made to everyone who had fucked her at the previous party (of getting a session with both Sue and I – many people seem to love the idea of fucking two sisters at the same time).

We returned to the hotel to rest and had a light dinner. Mike showered with Sue and I showered with Jen – there was a fair bit of caressing, but no serious playing (we didn’t really need to do much as we were all fairly horny with anticipation). To pass the remaining time, we went out for a drink and our outfits seemed to catch the eye of a number of guys. Jen and I just had simple pleated skirts on, me with long white socks (why break with tradition) & Jen with black hold-ups. We had dared Sue to just wear the t-shirt again (but this time she had long white socks as well) and it she whispered that she felt almost naked as she stood at the bar. Mike dared her to put one foot up on the rail and this pulled the t-shirt up just enough to let the bottom of her ass peek out, but (we think) not enough for anyone to know that she didn’t have any panties on. Once the guys had ascertained that I was with Mike (for the purpose of this exercise at least), they concentrated on Jen and Sue, but were eventually convinced that they didn’t stand much of a chance by Jen giving Sue a big kiss and groping her breasts through her t-shirt. Jen pushed Sue’s breasts up enough to lift the hem of the t-shirt and Sue had to pull it back down – we still don’t know how much the guys saw but Sue is convinced her pussy and ass were fully exposed (although she was standing against a wall so only her pussy would have been visible).

After I’d given the guys a flash of my pussy (which I know they say) we headed off to the party. A number of people were clearly as keen to get started as we were and once we had all shown our test results (we practice safe sex even at unprotected parties), people started to caress each other. A number of the people had requested that the guys didn’t cum in any of the girls before people had had a chance to eat them (it still surprises me how most guys don’t like the idea of eating another man’s cum yet they all expect us girls to happily eat each other’s pussy juice). It meant that the first part of the party just involved licking, fingering and sucking – which was nice, but I also wanted to feel some cock in me. As we had a fair bit of servicing to do, Sue and I started to work our way through the list of people that Mike had promised us to and a number of other people at the party decided they wanted to watch us.

Laura was first and we got her to lie on the bed with Sue over her face while I ate her. Sue and I swapped places partway through and to finish off we both fingered and licked Laura to orgasm. It had been a fairly quick session so we called on Emily next. This was a sneaky way for us to get her juices first (although not actually first as she had already been cornered and sampled by David). This session was a lot more involved and both Sue and I thoroughly licked her. At one point Sue was 69ing with Em and I knelt behind Em so I could rim her. This isn’t the first time people have done this at the parties, but it went down well so we continued it. Emily made Sue cum and if it had just been the three of us I would have happily reached between my legs and masturbated but I assumed I would have more than enough chances to cum throughout the evening. Sue and I double licked Emily until she came and as soon as we released her, Sara said that she wanted her payment.

I had nothing against eating Sara (and was looking forward to doing so at some point) but said that we wanted to take a cock. As Giles has played with us outside of the parties before I offered him the opportunity to be the first to cum on us and he eagerly accepted. I was going to tell Clare that we would remember to take care of her, but Mike and Jen had already started to pull her off (I presumed to the other bedroom) to play with her. Sue and I meanwhile set about Giles, starting off by both sucking him (kissing around his cock) and then kneeling on the bed so he could fuck us both (alternating between us). David wanted to join in and while I thought it would be nice to share two cocks, I told him that we had promised people a session with both Sue and I so it wouldn’t be fair. We reminded Giles that he wasn’t meant to cum inside us and he told us when he was getting close – to finish him off, we returned to kissing and licking his cock and made an effort to ensure the head was exposed when he came. His cum squirted up on to our faces (mostly on to Sue, but I got a little) and after we’d both given him an additional suck, Sue and I rubbed his cum into each other.

Mike and Jen had wasted no time with Clare and quickly stripped her. Mike pushed his cock into her cunt and fucked her and Jen didn’t even stop to play with Clare’s breasts before she planted herself on Clare’s face and told Clare to eat her. Mike didn’t stay inside Clare for too long and went down on her to finish her off. He then sat over Clare’s chest and kissed Jen while Clare ate her to orgasm. When Jen dismounted, Mike pushed back into Clare and semi-fucked her again while tasting Jen from Clare’s face, after which he left Clare with Jen who spent a while kitty kissing her. Clare still insisted on getting partially dressed before she left the room but Jen wandered out to rejoin the party with just her socks on (which I was proud of her for doing).

A number of the people who had been watching Sue and I were now off doing things themselves but we worked out way through another few people before taking a break from each other and going our separate ways. A number of people were disappointed that Vicky wasn’t present, but they understood why she wasn’t there. Corey had turned up with both Kiyomi and Miyako and the guys had pounced on them. Unfortunately, the no cumming inside people rule seemed to have disappeared by this point so they had both been fucked, but that didn’t stop Laura from going down on Miyako almost immediately after Neil had finished fucking her. Mike was next in line and he ate her after Laura and ‘convinced’ Kiyomi that it was only fair that she should help Laura cum. It wasn’t quite a threesome, but there were a few points where Kiyomi was being fucked and was playing with Laura. She licked her briefly a few times but mostly just fingered her. Mike ended up helping out to get Laura off and he licked her clit while Kiyomi fingered her.

Sue got her fair share of cock and happily let Gareth and Paul fuck her. I joined her for a threesome with Bennett and we both sampled his cock and mouth as well as giving him a double BJ for a while. We finished off with me on his cock and Sue over his face – it wasn’t his first cum of the night so he didn’t empty too much into me, but it was enough to drip out and he asked to see Sue eat it out of me. She obviously wasn’t going to eat me but we came up with a compromise where she lay on her back and I knelt over her face. I spread my lips and a couple of drops of cum leaked out of me into her open mouth. Bennett seemed to really like this although he said he would still prefer to see Sue and I eat each other – I gave him a little bonus and slipped a couple of fingers in to Sue and then licked them clean.

Both Mike and Jen had gotten to taste Emily (she had a little boy-cum inside her but they said she still tasted good) and Mike had convinced Sara to let him eat her. I’m fairly sure that Sue and I didn’t get round to giving everyone the threesome they had been promised, but nobody was asking so I assumed we’d serviced everyone who wanted to be serviced.

There was a lull in the party around 11 – from what I’d seen, people had been a bit more energetic than usual and I assume we all needed a break. Bennett had told a few people about the brief display Sue and I had put on for him and I said that if someone fucked Sue, I would be happy to sample their cum in the same way. Corey selflessly volunteered himself for this and he fucked Sue on the sofa beside me. He found it a bit off-putting when everyone kept telling him to hurry up and cum in her but he managed to perform and when he pulled out I lay on the floor and let Sue kneel over me. She had drunk a few beers so I reached up and spread her lips as I positioned myself directly underneath – I don’t think Corey came much in her (if at all) but a single drop fell that landed on my face to I licked it in to my mouth. People were mostly satisfied with this but Bennett encouraged Sue to put her fingers in me and lick them. I gave her a shrug to say I didn’t mind (I had done it to her after all) and she pushed a couple of fingers in to my pussy. Mike knelt behind Sue and grabbed her wrist, then pushed her fingers in and out me. I briefly thought he was going to make her properly finger me as he pumped in and out a number of times, but he then told her to suck them clean (which she did).

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