Friday, 25 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 2

Things picked up again a little and by this point Clare was drunk enough to allow Sue and I to play with her (with people watching). She was actually remarkably easy to make cum and we took care of Neil next. For this we went back up to one of the beds so we could do the tradition position with one of us on his cock and one on his face. When he’d cum, he asked us to lick him clean so we jointly (but gently) took care of this. Melissa (his girlfriend) had been watching and as she had also participated in the ‘making Sue cum’ session at the previous party we pulled her on to the bed and told her it was time for her to be rewarded. I quite like Melissa and think that I deserve part of the credit for getting her to play with girls so I made sure that we took special care of her. Both Sue and I ate her and we gave her the chance to lick both of us. I know she likes having her breasts teased so as she got closer to cumming I paid attention to them while Sue fingered and licked her. She was covered with sweat by the time we finished and she looked quite vulnerable and cute (if a little slutty).

As we were going back downstairs, a few people started to come up and told me to come and watch. I went with them and was pushed down onto the bed and told that it was time for my group session. (I later found out that Mike and Jen had been in contact with a number of people to ensure that I was chosen for the next group fuck.) As we are the ones who instigated this part of the party and this was likely to be the last party we would be at, people agreed. I felt a little tired, but I wasn’t going to turn down a chance like this so I lay back on the bed, spread my legs and told them to make me cum as many times as they could.

I can’t give a fully accurate description of who did what to me (or in what order) as there were too many people in too short a space of time. Things started off fairly gently – Sara went down on me, I was given Bennett’s cock to suck and then Hannah’s pussy to lick while Craig fucked me. I was then fingered, frigged and groped by a number of people at the same time and Jen further encouraged people to make me cum. Each person I did things with made me cum and I wasn’t given any respite between people. Some of the orgasms were strong, some weak, but my pussy and clit felt more and more sensitive between each session and I had to tell them to give me a minute to recover before they continued. It felt quite a bit better after the short break but was still quite intense and I was taken in a number of different positions by the guys and licked by most of the girls. We don’t think Caroline ate me, but she was seen to join in and finger me. We’re pretty sure I ate everyone other than Caroline and Miyako and that I had every cock inside me. I know not all the guys came in me (it was late and everyone had cum at least a couple of times already). Even those that did cum in me probably didn’t ejaculate much, but I still liked the idea of what was happening.

Needless to say, I was somewhat out of breath by the time everyone finished with me. During this time Mike had gotten to play with Miyako in the next room. She had let him eat her and while she didn’t want to fuck again (Mike isn’t the only one with a fetish for cute Japanese girls), she let him put his cock in her and semi-fuck her for a short while. Miyako said that she didn’t want to fully join in with what was happening to me next door, but he did get her to agree to kiss me and play with my breasts while I was being fucked (which she did).

The other thing that had started while I was being fucked into submission was Laura had taken Jen into the other bedroom (after Mike and Miyako had finished) to show her something. Once there, Laura had pushed Jen onto the bed and pinned her down. They had 69ed and as they were finishing, Sara and Emily came to join them and Laura left them to take further care of Jen. Laura took care of sending various girls in to play with Jen and this was still going on when people finished with me so the throng moved to the other room to see the end result of Jen’s multiple cums. Sue apparently put on a good show and sat over Jen’s face while she spread Jen’s pussy lips wide so everyone could watch as Caroline pushed the neck of a bottle deep in to Jen’s pussy. A couple of the guys tried to grope Jen’s breasts but were told to back off (the parties are quite safe in this respect as if someone says to not do something, then people respect their wishes). Mike got to see Jen cum a couple of times but I was still on the bed in the other room half asleep.

Mike took advantage of people being (further) distracted by Jen’s display and asked a few of the girls for a final licking session (as an equivalent to what had been done to Jen and me). He got to go down on Kiyomi, Emily, Clare and Hannah – not eating them to orgasm (apart from Hannah), but getting a good taste of them. He was aware they all had boy-cum inside them, but this had mostly leaked out and he liked the idea of eating multiple girls more than he disliked the idea of the boy-cum. He also arranged to meet up with Sara and Emily the next day and got Emily to agree to thoroughly rinse herself out so we could get a final good taste of her (she wasn’t incredibly excited about being eaten many more times after how she had spent her evening, but was willing to do this for us as we’d had so much fun together since we’d met).

Jen wasn’t quite as tired as I was by the time she was released and when she saw I was sleeping she told everyone that if anyone wanted to use me then to feel free and do so. Scott liked the idea of fucking me while I was sleeping and he tried, but it took him a while to get hard again. He did eventually manage it and got inside me – I think I woke up a little as he fucked me, but I didn’t really pay attention and just let him do what he wanted. He didn’t get as far as cumming before he pulled out and said that he’d had enough. I was woken up soon after by Jen who said that we were thinking of heading home, but I wanted to say goodbye to people properly (with words) before we left so we stayed a while longer and I thanked people for having let us attend and enjoy ourselves. We promised that either Jen or I would return with Mike, depending on who got pregnant and Mike pointed out that Sue could always attend if she wanted.

I was given Sue’s t-shirt to wear on the way home and she took my outfit. Before we left, Mike cut some small holes in the front so my nipples (just the tips) were visible and he was going to cut the bottom into shreds but I said I was too tired and needed to get back to sleep. We ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel and I paid no attention to the looks I got as we walked through reception and went upstairs (it was only the next morning I realised that the nipple holes were a little larger than I had realised). Jen and I fell asleep straight away but Mike and Sue stayed up a while to discuss what they had each gotten up to at the party. Sue claims that it was Mike who started to play with her first (he claims otherwise), but they agree that Sue sucked Mike’s cock and he then spooned with her. He had just been intending on making her cum by frigging her while he fucked her but by the time she came he realised he could probably cum again so he asked her if she could continue. Sue told him he could and he tried to make her cum again, but she was too sensitive for him to frig her anymore so she just told him to fuck her and cum in her. Mike did as he was told and then kept his cock buried in her – he told her how the next time they fucked (after that weekend), she would probably be sharing his cum with Jen and me in order to help us get pregnant and about how she might get to help make her little niece or nephew.

The next morning, Mike went down on me and Sue took care of Jen. Mike then fucked Sue but Jen didn’t want to miss out on little sister so after Mike had finished with her, Jen kitty kissed Sue, licked as much of his cum out of her as she could, kissed me to share the cum and Jen and I then 69ed with the aim of spitting as much of Mike’s cum into each other as we could. It wasn’t the most efficient way of sharing his cum, but he enjoyed the sight (and Jen enjoyed the chance to get another go at Sue’s pussy).

I couldn’t quite keep my promise to Sue that we would dress similarly for breakfast on the Sunday as the t-shirt from the previous day clearly wasn’t suitable for use in the daytime (or anywhere well lit). We compromised and I wore a short t-shirt while Sue wore one of Mike’s t-shirts and tried to roll up the hem. This wasn’t too successful so she was significantly better covered than I was but this rarely bothers me and I enjoyed being able to bend over and flash various people on the way to and from the breakfast bar. The restaurant was too busy to have any more fun but we knew we were seeing Sara and Emily so there would be more than ample opportunity to enjoy ourselves.

We returned to the room and freshened up. It seemed a shame to get rid of the various fuck juices I was covered in but I wanted to be ready to receive a fresh batch. We dared Sue to keep Mike’s t-shirt on and she wasn’t sure at first but as we were only going to be outside for a short time she agreed to it. Naturally we made her wear some long socks to help draw eyes to the hem of the top but she walked to Emily’s place fairly confidently and it wasn’t actually obvious she was naked underneath (although it was clear she didn’t have a bra on).

Sara and Emily had slept in late and were still having breakfast when we arrived so we sat with them and chatted until they were finished. Sara really wanted to freshen up before we started anything and Emily had remembered that we’d asked her to hose herself out. Jen wanted to help Emily out and as she got the request in first she won this honour. Mike was happy to play with either of them and so we let Emily shower with Jen and then Jen slowly teased Em (to get her nice and juicy) while Sara showered alone. I got to play a little with Emily a little (and Mike and Sue both had small licks, but we weren’t trying to make her cum yet so we were being gentle). When Sara re-emerged, we decided that Sue and Mike would get her first and they happily set about getting her in the mood to play properly.

Sue 69ed with Sara for a while and Mike spooned with Sue briefly while Sara licked his cock and Sue’s clit. Sue loved the way this felt so Mike asked Sara if he could do the same to her. She told him to go ahead in what he described as an almost ‘resigned’ way, but once he was inside her she seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. Mike couldn’t move too quickly without bumping in to Sue but he always enjoys being inside Sara and not long after she came he told her that he could quite easily cum in her. Sara told him he could go ahead and cum if he wanted and as he fucked her he whispered to her that he wished he hadn’t cum in Sue already so he could have given her a much larger load. The fact he’d already cum didn’t stop him from really enjoying himself though and once Sara had made Sue cum, he lay on his back and got Sara to mount him so he could pump in to her rapidly. He squeezed her ass as he did this and once he came he asked Sue to lick Sara’s ass. She did as asked and Mike told her if she continued to be such a good girl, he would do the same for her once Jen and I had finished.

Jen and I had meanwhile been enjoying Emily’s nectar and had shared the treasure fairly evenly. As I would be more likely to want to cum more times than Jen, Emily focussed more of her attention on me (and she is quite good). I got to bury my face in Emily’s cunt (obviously not my whole face, although that would be interesting) and only when my orgasm ended did I let Jen have her turn. She was the one who got Emily off and as Mike and Sara were still going, we all sat around and watched them finish up their threesome. We had a short break and then switch partners. Jen and I got stuck in to Sara and shared her in basically the same way. I promised Jen that she could cum later if she let me have Sara’s mouth and once again I licked Sara as I came and then let Jen be the one to finish making her cum. Mike and Sue spent a little longer with Emily and both licked and fingered her. Emily 69ed with Sue for a while but to finish off, Mike stood by the bed and fucked Emily (on her back) while Sue rode her face.

With round two over, we checked we had sufficient time and agreed that we could catch a late lunch. Emily wanted a session with both Sue and me so we granted her wish. Sue didn’t want to cum again so she got to eat Emily again, which Jen thought was a good idea as her theory being any girl that gets to taste Emily will be more likely to be ‘turned’ (although I think Sue is now well past the stage of ‘just experimenting’ with girls and has had sex with more girls than many ‘pure’ lesbians). It was now also time for Jen to cum so she 69ed with Sara (Jen says that she feels sorry for Sara as everyone always wants to taste Emily). Coincidentally, Jen also really likes the texture of Sara’s pussy lips, so it wasn’t an entirely selfless licking on her part. True to his word, Mike took care of Sara’s ass and gave it a thorough licking, rimming and spearing. He always liked doing this to her – and while originally it was because it meant he got to do things with a lesbian and hoped (as it did) it would lead to him being able to eat her pussy, he still enjoys it as he knows that Sara loves it and he in turn loves making (or in this case, helping to make) people cum. Sara didn’t stand much of a chance – she was already sensitive from the party and then the two assaults on her pussy. Now she had Jen eating her cunt and Mike’s tongue on and in her ass, she came fairly quickly and I kept calling over encouragement to her to be as loud and wild as she wanted to be. Mike and Jen kept pushing her past her orgasm until she told them she couldn’t take any more. Mike continued to gently rim her but Jen pulled her mouth away from Sara’s pussy and just enjoyed the feeling of Sara’s tongue working on her and bringing her to orgasm.

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