Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sex Party June 2013 – Part 3

When Sue, Emily and I finished, I quickly stole a few licks from Em and while I had her pinned down, Mike and Jen did the same thing. Out of fairness, Emily had a few quick licks of Jen and we got ready to head out. They had noticed how Sue was dressed when we had arrived, but as it was less revealing than she’d been when we turned up to the party nobody said anything. Now that we had Emily’s wardrobe to choose from we dared Sue to dress even more daringly and Emily leant her a pair of what had once been denim shorts, but had been steadily torn through general use (and a couple of purposeful tears). We (Mike, Jen and I) felt they weren’t quite daring enough though and further attacked them with some scissors to make additional holes, which we tore into larger holes. We got them into a state that exposed a fair amount of Sue’s thighs (above the hem of the shorts) and then pulled them off to make a final set of adjustments. Up until this point, we had left the crotch, but we soon took care of this and returned them to Sue with the crotch also in shreds. They would have probably been (just about) decent to wear with panties (which would have been visible), but we’d gone a bit overboard and they didn’t hide her pussy (Sue didn’t have any panties with her and Emily wasn’t going to lend her any).

After a bit of experimentation, we swapped Mike’s t-shirt for one of Emily’s that was just long enough to cover Sue’s crotch. Her pussy was still quite visible when she sat down (and the shirt rode up) but wither legs closed she looked decent enough (although Jen preferred it when she looked indecent). Sue complained a bit about being so exposed but it didn’t stop her from coming out to lunch. Jen got Sue to sit with her legs crossed in front of her (similar to a lotus position but for less flexible people) which nicely exposed her pussy. Sue used a napkin to cover herself whenever anyone walked past but to her credit she did everything that Jen asked for the rest of the time.

Sue didn’t want to wear the outfit going home and I took pity on her and told her that we could swap outfits. There was one caveat though – we had to do this outside. The nice thing about being back in York was that we already knew a number of suitable places to do this and headed to the nearest which was just beside the river Foss. A few more rules were set (or made up just to make it more interesting) and we were told that we couldn’t start to get dressed until we were both naked. We each removed our shoes and then started to quickly strip. Mike and Emily took my clothes and Sara and Jen took Sue’s. Sue was naked before I was but she wasn’t given my clothes until I had removed all of them. (Actually, she wasn’t given them straight away when I was naked as Jen and Mike pretended to run away with both sets of clothes). We got dressed and Sue complained that my bra didn’t fit her properly (which is odd as we’re pretty much the same size and have shared bras before).

It felt very free to not have my breasts supported but I was keenly aware how obvious it was. I didn’t have long to worry about this though as people wanted to check how little the shorts covered my pussy and (started by Mike), one by one they explored me with their fingers and tongues. Sue obviously didn’t lick my pussy but in place of that she was told to touch my pussy and give me a kiss. Jen took this a step further by pulling up my top and getting Sue to suck on my nipples for 1 minute while Mike moved Sue’s hand. Even when Sue finished sucking my nips, Mike kept her hand in place and Sue moved the shreds of material out of the way so Sue could continue to frig me. Mike thought it would be incredibly sexy to see Sue make me cum and I didn’t find any supporters amongst the other people present. As Sue didn’t seem to be bothered by what was happening (possibly due to Mike’s other hand being between Sue’s legs) I didn’t object, although as I leant back against the wall I did tell them that they were all bastards. I think I enjoyed it so much as we were in such an exposed location (and the earlier stripping, fingering and licking had helped). I could feel a few strands of the shorts rubbing against my pussy so I took over from Jen in keeping them out of the way and I closed my eyes to enjoy my orgasm.

I felt Sue’s fingers withdraw from my pussy and when I opened my eyes I saw her sucking them clean. Mike still had his hand between Sue’s legs and I wasn’t surprised at what came next. Sue was pushed up against the wall next to me and I was pulled around in front of her. Emily lifted Sue’s skirt (formerly my skirt) and I had my hand pushed between Sue’s legs by Jen. I was told to kiss her and after this was made to suck on her nipples as she had done to me (Emily also held Sue’s top up as I did this). It wasn’t exactly the first time I’d touched Sue like this, but it still felt weird knowing that I was going to actually make her cum – as she had done it for me though then it only seemed fair to reciprocate. Jen continued to move my hand back and forth against Sue’s pussy and I watched as Sue’s chest became more flushed (a sure sign she was close to cumming). We kept going until she let out a muffled yelp and Jen slowed my movements, then brought my fingers to my mouth to suck clean. That wasn’t quite all though as Jen pushed my fingers back to Sue’s pussy and plunged them into her and then fed me her juices a couple more times before plunging them in again and wiping Sue’s juices over my neck.

Sara and Emily both thought what we’d done had been incredibly arousing but unfortunately we were cutting things a bit fine so didn’t have time to take advantage of their horniness (other than Mike, Jen, Sue and I stealing a few licks from them each. Mike went a step further and pulled his cock out and quickly fucked Emily from behind (just a few strokes, but enough to enjoy her). Sara wasn’t quite up for this and he tried to cover himself up but had trouble getting his cock back into his jeans and shorts as he was so hard. We sadly said goodbye to Sara and Emily (who told us they were heading back home to play) and quickly returned to the hotel to grab our things and then headed to the station. Sue’s train was a little after ours and we told her that she could have gone with Sara and Emily to enjoy them a bit more but Sue said she was quite embarrassed about what we’d just done so I pointed out that she had been the one to do things to me first (which she said she knew).

We all kissed Sue goodbye at the station (including me – although mine was more of a kiss on the lips compared to the deep kissed Mike and Jen gave her). Mike told Sue that he had really enjoyed helping her make me cum and that he would spend a night eating and fucking her as payment. This seemed to make Sue feel a little better, but she still blushed a bit. Despite having just cum, I was still feeling fairly horny (which I still maintain was due to doing things outside but was probably at least partly due to the naughtiness of what we’d done) and decided to make use of the way I was dressed. As we know the journey fairly well, I waited until we’d gone past a few stops and were on the longest uninterrupted part of the journey before I found somewhere suitable to sit. I targeted a man sitting by himself reading a book. I sat opposite him and sat in a number of positions that allowed him easy visibility of my crotch while I concentrated on my phone. I could see he was watching me and I idly slid my hand along my thigh and gently rubbed at my pussy. While still concentrating on my phone I brought my finger to my mouth and gently sucked it, then returned it to my pussy.

I could see he was intently watching me and after a minute or so I looked up as if I’d only just realised what I was doing and pulled my hand away from my crotch. He quickly started to read his book again but I leant forwards and told him that I was sorry and I hadn’t meant to do that quite so openly. He muttered that it was fine so I leant back and spread my legs a little more and asked if it was really fine. He glanced up and I again dropped a hand to my pussy and caressed it, then pushed a finger part way in and felt a gush of warmth. I told him that I would like to continue if he didn’t mind and he didn’t say anything at first so I slowed my movements and pulled my finger out. My pussy was still fairly visible through the shreds of denim and I said again that if it was okay with him, I could continue. This time he nodded and I asked if he was sure, to which he said yes.

I glanced around (although I knew the carriage was fairly empty) and then pulled the crotch of the shorts aside as best I could. I quickly dipped a couple of fingers in to my pussy and rubbed my juices over it, then reached up under my top and cupped one of my breasts. Given I’d been naked by the river earlier I decided to go for it and pulled up my top to show him my breasts and while holding the top up with my chin I returned both hands to my crotch and played with myself. We were only interrupted once as the guard went past but I just allowed my top to fall down over my breasts and put my knees together. My top didn’t cover my crotch so the guard may have got an eyeful of my pussy as he checked my ticket but I didn’t really care (as long as I didn’t get arrested). As soon as the guard had gone I spread my legs, quickly pulled up my top and resumed playing with myself. I quietly asked him if he wanted me to cum and he nodded so I obliged him. I had a couple of fingers working in my pussy and my other hand was working my clit. My top slipped down and mostly covered my breasts but I was too close to cumming to stop and take care of this. I quickly glanced around one last time and pushed a little harder against my clit. My orgasm hit me fairly hard (as often happens when I’m doing things in riskier places) and my body bucked back and forth a little as I came. I tried not to make too make too much noise and mostly just mouthed my pleasure. As my orgasm faded, I continued to slowly stroke myself, dip my fingers in to my pussy, rub my juices over my nipples and suck my fingers clean.

When I finally finished I kept my legs slightly spread and leant forwards to ask the guy if he’d enjoyed the show. I chatted to him for a while and found out he lived not too far from us so I suggested he give me his number and I might call him to let him watch me cum again, or let him help make me cum. He gave this to me and I told him I would call and I went back to find Mike and Jen. Just before I left, I turned away from him and bend right over so my ass was pointed straight at him. I could feel one of the threads of the denim shorts pulling against my pussy and when I stood up I asked if he’d got a good look and then headed off to Mike and Jen.

I described in detail what I’d done and I suggested to Jen that we go back so I could play with her and put on a second show for the guy. Jen was a little hesitant as she has cum enough, but I was quite persistent and told her that she could consider it payment for what she had made Sue and I do to each other. I eventually convinced her by promising do 69 with her in the garden at some point and saying that she could pee as much as she wanted, but by that point we were getting close to the next station and enough people got on our carriage to make it difficult to do anything (without being seen).

Even though Jen hadn’t performed, I decided to give her the promised reward anyway. We had really hoped to have a chance to sunbath naked in the weeks prior to our holiday but unfortunately the weather wasn’t really up to it. On the last Tuesday in June though we all went out to the garden and Jen and I lay on the grass and ate each other. As you would expect, Mike didn’t want to miss out so as Jen and I 69ed, he stood and watched and jerked himself off. He came – mostly over Jen’s back and hair (she was on top) and then concentrated on losing his erection so he would be ready for his next contribution. Jen and I continued to eat each other and I got close to cumming first, so as we had agreed we rolled over so I was on top. As I came, I let go and peed over Jen’s face. She didn’t stop eating me and I could feel her tongue running over my clit and swirling into my cunt and I continued to empty myself over her (she didn’t actually swallow, but a fair amount went into her mouth).

I indicated to her that I had finished cumming and we rolled back over so Jen was on top. I had been eating her through my orgasm (although maybe not quite as intently) and I redoubled my efforts. Jen soon said that she was getting close to cumming and she moved down my body slightly so her pussy was by my neck. She rubbed herself against me and I reached down to spread her lips and play with her clit. She gave us a running commentary of how close she was getting but it was clear when she started to cum as I felt her pee gush out over my neck and quickly soak my front. Mike was still semi-hard, but he’d concentrate enough that he was soft enough to pee and he let out a stream that he aimed at Jen. He further soaked her hair (is already fairly wet from me) and then aimed down her back and on to her ass. He returned to her head and peed on her from the side as he orgasm ended and when rolled off of me he stood over her and let out a few final squirts onto her breasts before crouching over her and rubbing his cock against her.

Jen was very happy with the session but Mike promised her that once he was allowed to eat her, he would do so and allow her to pee as she came in the way that I had done to Jen (she had requested this but I wasn’t keen on having her pee straight into my mouth which is why she had moved down to pee on my neck). Given the number of things that Mike and Jen have planned to do together, I have joked that I’m not going to get any action out of either of them for ages, but I’ve been assured that I will be well looked after (and once they are properly used to each other I think we’ll be able to have much more intimate fun in ‘proper’ threesomes).

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