Friday, 29 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 16

Final part of the holiday saga - it took me ages to write this up so I hope you all enjoyed it. I've appreciated all the comments people have posted. There is one more related post to come, but you'll see what I mean on Sunday.

Jen and I pointed out that it was only fair that Lis should get to cum and that she could consider it a congratulations present for her engagement and after checking that there was still nobody around who could see us, she climbed back up on to the rocks and spread her legs. I started things off and lapped around Lis’ pussy and ass until I could taste her juices again and then passed her over to Jen (or rather I swam out of the way and let Jen move between Lis’ legs). Jen got Lis to move forwards slightly so she could push her mouth right up against Lis’ pussy and get her tongue a decent way inside her (Jen’s tongue isn’t massively long, but she manages to get further inside than I can and it feels quite nice). I would have liked to stand behind Jen so I could reach around and play with her breasts and/or pussy, but I would have probably pulled Jen away from the rocks so I just satisfied myself with watching. I climbed up beside Lis – mostly as it gave me a chance to sit with my body exposed to the world, but also so I could chat to her. Lis and I kissed and I fondled her breasts a little and as she approached her orgasm, I told her that Jen would like her to pee as she came.

Lis had obviously seen what I’d done when I came but she was still a little hesitant – mostly about whether Jen really wanted her to do it, but Jen quickly confirmed that this was the case and as Lis’ orgasm continued to build, I told her how good it would feel to properly let go and squirt all over Jen’s face as she ate her and how it would make Jen’s day (if not her week). It was obvious when Lis finally conceded as she whispered ‘I can’t believe that I’m going to do this’ and I told Jen that Lis was ready to shower her. Lis let out a little yelp as Jen pushed her face even harder against her pussy and I told Lis to wait until she started to cum and then give Jen everything she had. Despite the advice I’d just given Lis, I really wished that I had saved something as I knew Jen would have loved it even more if I could have spread my legs and let out a second jet of pee over her face. I watched Lis’ face in the final build-up of her orgasm and a short time before she came I told her not to worry and just enjoy herself. Lis came and a few seconds later she started to pee – I looked down and watched as Jen continued to lap at Lis’ pussy as Lis’ pee splashed over Jen’s face and tongue. I’m not sure that I want to actually do that, but it was wonderful to see how much Jen was enjoying herself. She carried on licking Lis until she finished cumming and then kitty kissed her for a while before pulling away. Lis once again said that she couldn’t believe what she’d just done, but said that it had felt wonderful.

I reached down and gave Lis’ pussy a quick stroke and then suggested we head back to shore. As a final dare, Jen carried all of our bikini bottoms (or skirt in my case) as we swam back and it was only when we reached water shallow enough to stand in that we slipped them back on. People were rightly suspicious of what we’d been up to, but seemed fairly content with our excuse of Jen and I having just played with each other on the rocks. I just had time to let a few people see my pussy before we left, but they seemed to be more interested in looking at my breasts so I had to be satisfied with that. We headed back and packed up the final items, then popped out for a quick lunch before catching the coach to the airport.

We mostly got seats together on the coach so we had another opportunity to have some fun. Jen was sitting with Lucy and I was beside Lis – ostensibly so we could chat to them about their engagement, but I knew that Lis had already told Lucy what we’d gotten up on the rocks to and Lucy discreetly quizzed Jen about it. Susan was told to make sure the guys enjoyed their journey home and during the trip she managed to mount Ashraf, Peter and Richard. Richard didn’t manage to cum in her, but both peter and Ashraf had damp patches on their shorts and Susan left a damp patch on her seat when she got off the bus.

I would have quite liked to join in, but wanted to minimise the amount of boy-cum inside me as we were staying over that night with Lis and Lucy and I was hopeful of getting to play properly with them without having to hide. I did participate in as much as I lifted one of my legs and lay it over Lis’ legs so that my pussy was exposed and I could play with myself. I would have loved for Lis to reach over and fondle me, but we only had a few hours to go before we’d be alone so I contented myself with just stroking my pussy while watching Susan have all the fun.

The flight was too busy to do anything interesting. On a dare, a few of the girls managed to masturbate themselves by hiding their hands under jackets or bags and gently frigging themselves. Not everyone who participated managed (or dared) to cum, but some of us did and Lucy at least played with herself a little even though there was a stranger sitting one seat away from her. She later told us that it felt nice, but that she was very nervous she was going to get caught. I pointed out that the risk was exactly what made it exciting but as far as she’d come, I don’t think Lucy is quite up to becoming an exhibitionist yet and properly letting go to enjoy herself.

When it was time to say goodbye to everyone, it was quite an emotional moment. It wasn’t like we wouldn’t see them again, but as another group of people had graduated, the group still at Uni was now quite small and they knew that Jen, Mike and I wouldn’t be participating in games for a while. There was talk of another holiday the following summer and I wondered what it would be like to go along in a pregnant state (depending on how long it took us to conceive), having to watch everyone else have fun and not being able to participate in the same way (Jen and I have agreed that whichever of us get pregnant will only do things with the other one and Mike from that point on – or at least until we give birth and recover).

It was quite late by the time we got back to Lis and Lucy’s place but all of us were looking forward to our first proper session together of the week. Jen and I had a quick go with Lis before letting Mike have her. Mike (hopeful as ever) asked Lucy if he could entertain her while we were busy with Lis, but she said that he’d gotten as much off of her as he was going to when she had allowed him to kiss her breasts. Having said that, she didn’t seem at all bothered about being naked in front of him and said that he could look as much as he wanted. When Jen and I broke away from Lis to swap over to Lucy, Mike was sitting with his cock in his hand threatening to cum over Lucy, who was taking it in good spirits (and probably knew just as well as we did that he wouldn’t dare to actually cum on her – along with the fact the he would want to cum in Lis). Mike pushed in to me briefly to coat his cock in my juices and them 69ed with Lis so he could eat her before fucking her. Simultaneously Jen and I took care of Lucy (and had her take care of us) until we were a nice sticky sweaty mess.

The next morning, Mike went down on Lis to wake her and then switched over to me. Jen licked Lis clean of any remaining cum she had in her and I ate Lucy while Mike ate me. While we caught our breath, we teased Jen about her deepening watersports fetish and especially about the session on the rocks. I told Lucy that Jen would be more than glad to have Lucy do the same thing with her which Lucy thought was disgusting at first, but when pushed to explain why it was any worse than letting us eat her and lick her ass she couldn’t justify her answer. Naturally, having brought this up we had to go a step further so Jen and I double teamed Lucy and gave bother her holes a good licking – not enough to cum, but more than enough to get her flushed and writhing around. Even though Mike had pushed in to Lis while we did this, she thought it was only fair that she get the same double treatment, except this time she had three of us fighting over who should get to stimulate her. We each had a go at both her holes with the third person kissing her or playing with her breasts and got her to an equivalently aroused state to the one Lucy had been in.

I suggested that we have a final group session before Mike, Jen and I had to head off as I had a fantasy I wanted to fulfil (more like a new position that involved all of us). Jen thought that before we did this that she and I should get the same treatment we’d given to Lis and Lucy though and it didn’t take much to convince them to repay us. Jen had Lis eating her pussy with Lucy lapping at her ass (as I’ve said before, Lucy has come a long way – there is no way she would have done this even a year ago), and once she’d cum it was my turn. For this, Lucy took my pussy and Mike offered to take my ass – this wasn’t entirely selfless on his part as it meant that while they ate me and moved around on the bed to keep contact with my body (as I wriggled around), his body brushed against Lucy’s a number of times, letting him feel her breasts on his skin and even her body on his cock. Afterwards Lucy said that she was well aware of what he’d been doing, but she didn’t seem to mind too much – possibly as Lis had fondled Lucy a little while she had been eating me to keep her horny.

It was now time for our group session and I explained what I wanted to do (Mike and Jen already knew). Lis lay on the bed and we inserted the end of a double ended dildo in to her and Jen mounted the other end. Once they were in position with their pussies together, I climbed over Lis’ face and Lucy over Jen’s so the two of us could lean forwards and kiss and play with each other’s breasts, or one of us lean forwards to lick Jen’s and Lis’ clits. Mike pushed in to me so Lis was licking both of us and we got started. It felt incredibly good having Mike in me while I got to lick the two girls I love the most – and seeing Jen eating Lucy at the same time was a wonderful added bonus. Mike couldn’t really fuck me properly while Lis was eating me so I occasionally raised my ass to allow him to move in me more freely (without slapping Lis in the face with his balls). I would have quite happily continued in this position until we’d all cum, but I knew Mike wanted to cum in Lis and that Jen would want a chance to lick me and Lucy at the same time, so we switched to Lucy and I sharing the dildo with Lis over me and Jen over Lucy. We basically repeated what we’d done before – Lucy and I came with both Lis and Jen frigging us and when it was time for Mike to cum I played with Lis’ clit to help things along, but mostly just watched as his cock repeatedly pumped in to her cunt. When he pulled out of her, his cum started to drip on to my face and I pulled Lis down to my mouth and sucked her pussy – possibly a little more energetically than she wanted as she’d just cum!

We all agreed that the position had been a success and that we would repeat it in future, with the slight addition of Mike also being able to be inside Jen by the time we next met. This was discussed over breakfast, along with Lis and Lucy’s nascent wedding plans (Lis had some ideas, but she had obviously known she was going to propose). Mike was making the most of having unfettered access to Lis and this led to the incongruous event of seeing her discuss her wedding plans with Lucy while gently riding his cock and him playing with her breasts. Jen and I said that we should really charge them for the matchmaking service we had provided in bringing them together (even if it was a bit by accident as Lis had just been visiting Jen for some consolation sex after she broke up with Vicky). Lis and Lucy had a quick cryptic discussion and then announced that they had been planning on waiting before asking us, but said that they wanted us to be their bridesmaids (me for Lis and Jen for Lucy). Of course we jumped at the chance of this (technically we shouldn’t be bridesmaids as I’m married and Jen is as married to me as we are legally allowed to be). We then had a very girly conversation about lots of things which would have probably bored Mike stiff, if he hadn’t already been stiff and utilising it inside of Lis.

During the breakfast conversation, Lis and Lucy said that they would both like to see Mike entering Jen for the first time. Mike and Jen actually considered letting them watch and made it as far as Jen crouching over Mike’s cock and him positioning the head against her pussy. They thought that it would have been nice to share it with Lis and Lucy, but as they hadn’t decided if I even was going to be allowed to watch their first time so decided against any actual penetration. The morning was disappearing by this point and Lis and Lucy were technically meant to be in work (and Mike, Jen and I had to head home) so we headed off to the shower. I gave Jen a slap on the ass and told her to go for it and on her return she told us what she had done with Lucy…

After washing each other off and doing their hair, Jen pressed up against Lucy and said she wanted one more round of fun. They kissed under the shower and fingers found their way to each other’s pussies, but before things went too far, Jen knelt down and said she just wanted to make Lucy cum one last time. Jen pushed her tongue in to Lucy as far as she could and held on to Lucy’s hands as she ate her. Between licks, Jen talked dirty to Lucy and as Lucy’s orgasm approached Jen asked if she thought she could let go enough and pee as she came. Jen says that she could feel Lucy tighten up when she asked this, but she really wanted to try it so she pushed Lucy for an answer. Lucy said that she didn’t think she could pee if Jen had her mouth on her pussy, but they came to a compromise and Lucy agreed to do it if Jen was just fingering her. Jen got Lucy as close to cumming with her mouth as she could and then when Lucy let out a little yelp, Jen pulled her mouth away, pushed a couple of fingers in to Lucy’s pussy and used her thumb on Lucy’s clit. Jen told Lucy to let go and push as hard as she could while kneeling up and pushing her body against Lucy’s legs. Lucy did as Jen asked and Jen felt Lucy’s pee splashing over her body and neck, at which point she lowered her body a little so some was splashing on her face. She was very tempted to just remove her fingers and replace them with her mouth, but decided (probably sensibly) to honour Lucy’s request, although as soon as Lucy finished cumming Jen did bury her face back in Lucy’s pussy and licked her clean.

Mike, Lis and I had a little fun in the shower – I got to lick them as they fucked and Lis did the same for Mike and I. None of us came in the shower, but once we were out and dressed, Lis buried her face between my legs and ate me as a goodbye present. Seeing as she was in a convenient position, Mike slipped Lis’ skirt up and ate her from behind. I told him to make sure that he removed her panties so she went out without them, but he said that he already had plans for her and once she had cum he pushed in to her and fucked her while she kitty kissed me. He gave her his first load of the day (which is almost always his largest) and once he had enjoyed being inside her a short while longer, he pulled her panties up tight against her pussy and he, Jen and Lucy watched as the cum leaking out of her made a dark patch on the crotch of the panties. Needless to say, Lis wasn’t allowed to change them before going out and had to promise that when his cum had dried, she would remove them and keep them off for the rest of the day. Lucy was given the option of having Mike do the same to her or removing her panties (which was obviously an empty threat), but she played along and allowed us to pull them off of her and take them with us (knowing full well that they would be returned covered in Mike’s cum).

Mike, Jen and I returned home, with the promise of seeing Lis and Lucy again in about a month (for Mike’s regular session with Lis during her ‘safe’ period). Mike and Jen allowed a little time to pass before they actually started doing things together, but they haven’t decided yet how much of their first time to make public so I might not write about it for a while (or at least until they make up their minds) Suffice to say that Jen well and truly lost her heterosexual virginity and she and Mike have now used almost every position we can think of.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 15

I was given a moment to get a drink and recover, then told that I had to get started on the guys once more. To give my pussy a little longer to get ready, I was told to kneel and tit fuck them while they sat on the edge of the bed and then stand and let them explore my pussy with their fingers and then use some dildos and vibes in and on me. I sucked their cocks again and then mounted one of them and rode him. It was at this point that Julia returned to the bed and she licked us both while we fucked. Understandably, the other guy also wanted to try this so we switched places and I rode him while Julia licked us both. I was nearing my third orgasm and would have happily let Jules continue but Mel said that it was up to the guys to make me cum so Julia moved away and the guy reached around to play with my clit. Mel assured him that he could keep fucking me until he came so he didn’t hold back and frigged me while fondling my breasts with his other hand. I held on to his hand so he wasn’t too rough and pressed his fingers against my clit. Once again I made a show of cumming and kept humping up and down on his cock, telling him to cum in me again. As my orgasm faded, I pulled his hand away from my pussy, but Mel told Julia that she should continue to help out so she pushed her face against our crotches once more and started to lick us again. Fortunately she was being considerate and concentrated on licking the cock that was sliding in and out of me so it didn’t feel too intense. The guy was reaching around me, holding on to both of my breasts and said he was getting close so I did the best I could to contract myself around his cock to help out (but I was fairly tired so I don’t know how much of an effect it had).

I knew I still had the other guy to take care of but Jen did something quite sweet (or something that sort of counts as sweet under the circumstances) and offered to let the guys watch us make out to give me a chance to prepare for another fucking. As Jen stripped off, Mel told the guys that they were getting a treat as Jen was a proper lesbian. She climbed over my body and pushed her face between my legs, then proceeded to kitty kiss me. It’s not that Jen is overly bothered about guys seeing her naked (she actually quite enjoys it), but I was still quite touched by the gesture so tried to give as much pleasure to her as possible. As usual Jen was fairly wet and I happily slurped away at her pussy as I ate her – it wasn’t at all difficult to get Jen off and she mewed into my pussy as she came and was then ordered off of me so I could be used by the guy who hadn’t jet cum for a second time.

I let him take me from behind, with me on my back with my legs held in the air and then with me riding him. I played with my clit while we were in this position and would have made myself cum but once again was told that this was the job of the guys. He played with my clit as I rode him and got me quite close, but hadn’t quite made me cum before he did. He was given a moment to recover and enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm and was then instructed to give me my final orgasm of the session. The guys were given a couple of vibes for this and were told to use them on my pussy and nipples. Mel decided this wasn’t really enough and went to fetch some more toys from other people and on her return, I ended up with a vibe held against each nipple, one in my pussy, one in my ass and one on my clit. A final vibe was passed between the girls and Julia, Susan and Jen each inserted it into their pussies before it was pushed in to my mouth (fortunately it was turned off when I had to suck it). This happened a few times and Mel joined in too so I was sucking a mixture of four sets of pussy juice from the vibe. It was suggested that I should jet my own juices on the vibe too and the guy pumping the vibe in me pulled it out but Mel thought it would be a better for me to have both at once so he was given the job of working them both in to me at the same time.

The vibes made quite a racket as they buzzed against each other, but everyone seemed to think it looked quite hot so they guys were told to take one of the vibes in my pussy each and one of the ones in use on my nips, while Susan took care of the smaller one in my ass and the one on my clit. I came pretty quickly after this and as soon as I’d cum I was told to keep the vibes inside me and wander out to the balcony. Jen was told to follow me and then fuck my pussy with both the vibes as I peed myself. I already felt very sensitive and wanted the vibes out so I just stood facing the group in the bedroom and as Jen move the vibes gently in and out, I pushed and emptied my bladder. I knew that Jen wouldn’t care as my pee flowed over her hands and down my legs and she continued to fuck me until I stopped. I left a large puddle on the balcony floor and my legs were soaked, but once she had pulled the vibes out, Jen wiped her hands up and down my legs and massaged my pussy and mons. I don’t know if the guys had enjoyed this last part of the show, but I think it was mostly Mel just trying to embarrass me. I was given a towel to wipe myself dry and then told to show my fuck buddies out of the building, which involved me walking them out of the apartment and down the communal stairs naked (me, not them). I waved them goodbye at the front door and returned upstairs, where Mel, Julia, Susan and Jen were busy telling everyone what the guys had done with me.

A few people went off to finish packing and I just lay on the sofa. At one point, Jen pushed my legs apart and kitty kissed me, but I was mostly left alone to recover from my day. That night I was allocated to James and Richard and they were given instructions to fuck me again. I don’t know if it was their idea or a suggestion from someone else, but once we were in bed, they said they wanted to take me at the same time. I was quite tired and didn’t really care so I mounted Richard and leant forwards to allow James to slide in to my ass (James is ‘more gay’ than Richard so I’m not surprised we ended up in this configuration). As they moved inside me, they described how they could feel each other’s cock pumping back and forth and I was surprised at how nice it felt (I hadn’t been expecting too much as I was so tired). As the session progressed and I got more in to it, I started telling them that I wanted to feel them both shooting their cum in to me at the same time – unfortunately as James has a somewhat tighter hole to fuck and is a bit younger than Richard he came first, but he did at least stay buried in my ass as Richard continued to fuck me. I was a little surprised that James stayed hard for so long after cumming, but he managed it and didn’t pull out until Richard gave me my final load of boy-cum for the day and they both removed their cocks from inside my body.

The next morning, I woke up feeling quite refreshed (but I had slept very soundly) and I felt I should reward the guys for the nice session the previous evening. I started to suck Richard and half stroked James at the same time, but then gave him a proper suck. Richard suggested another threesome and this time I spooned with him while I 69ed with James. This allowed me to suck James while he licked Richard and me, with Richard occasionally pulling out of my cunt to let James suck him. Richard was considerate enough to cum inside me and once he’d let James suck him clean he suggested that we work together to satisfy James.

I was told to try to keep as much of Richard’s cum inside me as possible so I knelt with my thighs squeezed tightly together and Richard and I kissed around James’ cock. I’ve sucked people in this position a number of times but (as far as I can remember) it’s always been me and another girl doing the sucking/kissing so this was sort of a first (and it’s quite rare that I get to do things for the first time nowadays). Richard fondled James’ balls as we kissed, sucked and licked his cock and he seemed to suck cock in a rather different way that I do, but it is kind of difficult to describe the difference. Richard told James to let us know when he was getting close and asked me if I’d let James cum in his mouth. As regular readers know, I’m generally not that keen on the taste of buy-cum, but James doesn’t usually taste too bad and I would have just spat it out so it could run down over my body (which I *do* like), but Richard promised I’d like what he had in mind so I moved back slightly and watched as he finished James off. Once James came in his mouth, Richard indicated that I was to lie on my back on the bed and he pulled my legs up and spread my pussy. I guessed what he had in mind so lifted my ass up so my pussy was pointing almost straight up and Richard let James’ cum dribble out of his mouth and in to my pussy. Having him do this felt very erotic and I knew immediately that once Jen was used to sucking Mike off (assuming she enjoyed it), that I would be asking her to do the same – although I also remember thinking that failing all else I would almost certainly be able to convince Sue to do it.

Richard had a few licks of my pussy and then got James to do the same while I was told to try and mix their cum together inside me (I’m not quite sure what they were expecting me to do in order to achieve this). If they had offered, I would have happily let them continue to lick me to another orgasm but as it was our last day we didn’t want to spend too long indoors so headed over to the larger apartment for breakfast. Their combined cum leaked out of me and ran down my legs and when I looked back across the hallway I saw I had left a trail of cum-drops.

When we got in to the apartment, Lis said that she wanted to speak to me and dragged me back out in to the hallway (by this point it was now natural to everyone that certain members of the group could be in the hallway naked). She told me that I wasn’t allowed to make any noise and I wondered what she was going to do to me, but it wasn’t what I was expecting as she told me that when she and Lucy had disappeared the previous evening, that she had asked Lucy to marry her. Lis did exceptionally well at keeping her poker face and I had to prompt her with a ‘…and…’ before her face lit up and she said that Lucy had said yes. I let out a little squeal and we had a big hug (after which I apologised to Lis for the boy-cum on my legs, but as she had a skirt on it wasn’t too much of a risk for her). I was sworn to secrecy until everyone arrived – Lis had been given the task of telling me and Lucy was telling Jen first. Mike had actually found out before either Jen or I had as he’d snuck over to see Lis and Lucy the previous night in the hope of fucking Lis, but when he had been told the news he thought it would be prudent to leave the two of them to celebrate alone (but from what I now know about how excited they were, he could have probably got a very energetic fuck out of Lis).

We returned to the apartment and started breakfast. It was obvious that Lis and Lucy were excited and as soon as Jen appeared with Abrahii, Lucy dashed outside with her to give her the news. While waiting for the others, people notice that Lis and Lucy looked very happy, but they waited until everyone was present before they stood up and passed on their news. Lucy showed off her ring (a simple solitaire, which is quite similar to mine) and there was an extended conversation where we got a full description of how Lis had proposed (they had gone for a walk out to the end of the harbour and Lis had proposed there).

Once breakfast was over, we went for a final trip to the beach and I advised Lucy to leave her ring in the apartment – she didn’t want to take it off, but also didn’t want to get it covered in sand so saw reason. As it was our last day I (and a few of the more adventurous others) went topless as soon as we arrived and I decided to go a step further and slipped on a short beach skirt (one I didn’t mind getting wet) so I could sunbathe and swim without having to wear bikini bottoms and cover my pussy. It made it much easier to play and while in the sea discussing things with Lis, she slipped her hand under my skirt and on to my pussy (although it wasn’t really ‘under’ as the skirt was floating anyway so I wasn’t really covered). It wasn’t all one sided and I pushed my hand in to her bikini bottoms and played with her clit while we chatted.

We were interrupted by Jen (although we didn’t stop fondling each other) and Jen asked if I wanted to swim out to the rocks that were placed to break the waves. I had a fair idea of what Jen wanted to do and asked Lis if she wanted to join us. Jen was a little hesitant at this but I told her it would be fine and the three of us swam around to the other side of the rocks so we were hidden from view of the people on the beach. I asked Jen if she wanted me up on the rocks and then climbed up, positioning myself so that Jen could easily get her mouth to my pussy. Jen buried her tongue between my lips and started to eat me, quickly licking away all of the salt water and any remaining cum from James and Richard. Lis tried to fondle Jen, but this was rather difficult while treading water behind her and all she managed to do was to remove Jen’s bikini bottoms and pass them up to me. Jen continued to eat me and I just enjoyed the feeling of what would probably be my final orgasm of the holiday in such a public place. As my orgasm approached I asked Jen if she wanted me to let go properly and when she nodded I told Lis that she might want to move to the side a little. Lis climbed up beside me and watched as I kept both her and Jen abreast of how close I was to cumming, and as I came I let go and peed as hard as I could over Jen’s face. As I’d expected, Jen didn’t remove her mouth from my pussy (although she says she didn’t swallow) and continued to eat me until my orgasm faded.

Jen ducked her head under the water and then resurfaced and I asked if she had enjoyed it (she had). I felt that it was only fair to reciprocate and so we switched places – as Jen was already completely naked, I pulled my skirt off and laid it on the rocks with Jen’s bottoms and I immediately got stuck in. I gave Jen a thorough licking and Lis said it looked like fun so I told her if she pulled her bottoms off I might be tempted to eat her – adding that I would only do it if she was allowed to share her body now that she was engaged. Lis peeled her panties off and I moved over to give her a quick lick, but promised Jen that I would be back soon. As I ate Lis, I suggested that she help make Jen cum and she joined me in the water so we could take turns eating Jen. I wasn’t sure that Lis was up to the final stage so as Jen’s mewing got more pronounced I took over and I waited until I felt Jen start to pee before I moved my mouth up and sucked on her clit. I could feel her pee splashing over my chin and neck and I continued to flick my tongue over her clit until she finished cumming, before giving her pussy a few kisses and pulling away.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 14

We had left it a little late to leave the beach so by the time we got back to town it was very hot and we all needed to cool down and have a drink. As soon as lunch was out of the way, Mike took Mel and Julia to play with and had a private threesome with them (not so much for the privacy, more so they could use a bed and be comfortable. Jen and I were subjected to another round – Jen had Abigail eat her and I had James fuck me. For someone who is apparently gay, he is getting considerably better at fucking (although Abrahii is the one who should get to take the credit for this). Abigail was convinced to go down on me once she had finished with Jen (James had already finished by this time) and after a little break (by which time Mike, Julia and Mel had returned), people said that for completeness, Lis and Lucy should also participate and help Jen and I cum.

Lis said that as they had done it before (at my birthday the previous year) then she didn’t think it was a big deal and she moved over between Jen’s legs and started to play with Jen’s pussy. Jen complained that she couldn’t cum again so soon but I didn’t want to waste the chance so I told Lis to do me first and then we could take care of Jen when she was ready. Lis quickly crawled over between my legs and pushed a couple of fingers in to me, then used her other hand on my clit. It felt wonderful to look down and see her cute face smiling up at me as she fingered me in front of everyone. People urged her to do more and I almost thought she was going to eat me, but she just stood up and continued to finger me while she lowered her mouth to my breasts and sucked on each nipple. I held Lis’ head against my breasts and concentrated on what her fingers were doing to my pussy and clit – as she was using a hand to steady herself, she was alternating between fingering and frigging me, but it still felt good and I pictured the view from behind Lis – her fingers in me, her little skirt riding high and her cute ass and pussy peeking out from underneath. I announced that I was going to cum if she carried on and she looked up at me, flicked her tongue back and forth over one of my nipples and then frigged me to orgasm.

The orgasm itself wasn’t any more spectacular, strong or deep than most of the other people gave me, but it felt a lot more intimate. I’ve known for a while (as will long-term readers) that I love Lis (and I think she loves me) and it really felt like I could feel that as her fingers worked on and in me. Once she stood up, Lis offered me her fingers to suck clean and I held her hand as I took them in my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. Lis was given a round of applause and told to take care of Jen but I suggested that she be given a break and that maybe Lucy could be responsible for Jen’s next orgasm. I was going to add in a taunt along the lines of ‘unless you’re too prudish’, but Lucy accepted the challenge without me having to do this.

Lucy basically did the same to Jen as Lis had done to me, apart from the fact that Lucy lay on the sofa beside Jen and fingered her while sucking on her nipples. As Jen writhed under Lucy’s touch I pointed out that it wasn’t fair as Jen’s nipples are significantly more sensitive than mine so it was like she was getting a double session, but the response was just that I got to have both the guys and girls make me cum so I shouldn’t complain. To shut me up, Susan was sent over to give me a bonus licking, but I don’t think this distracted anyone else from watching Lucy make Jen cum. Apparently, Lucy nearly ended up sucking her fingers clean herself, but Jen intervened and pulled them into her own mouth to clean them.

I was made to cum by Lucy and Jen by Lis later on in the afternoon in the same way as before (fingers only). By early evening I had been made to cum by everyone at least once, had every one of the guys inside me (some of them came over me instead of in me) and been at least fingered (but mostly licked) by all of the girls. Jen had been fingered or eaten by all the girls and Mike had got to be inside most of them and eaten all of them apart from Lis, Lucy and Jen (although Jen and he had humped together until she came). Near the end of the evening, Mel suggested that Lis, Jen and Lucy should let Mike do things with them so he could also complete the set – he knew that he wasn’t likely to get this, but was surprised to find that as a compromise Lis offered him a chance to kiss her breasts. This was nothing new to Mike, but was something new to the rest of the group so he made a big show out of thoroughly kissing and licking around Lis’ breasts and then spending time kissing her nipples. Mike had a quick suck on Jen’s nipples and with a bit of help from everyone, Lucy was convinced to at least let him play with her breasts. He was given a time limit of 1 minute, but he seemed to make the most of this and left Lucy’s nips shining with his saliva and obviously more erect than they had been before he started.

As it was our last night, we went out for drinks and to say goodbye to what may well be our last group holiday (for Mike, Jen and me anyway). We didn’t get really drunk (flying while hung-over isn’t fun), but certainly enjoyed ourselves and had a very touchy-feely evening. I got a couple of extra birthday bonuses – the first of which was being given a proper public orgasm. We were sitting on the wall between the promenade and the beach, looking out to sea and I was leaning against Mike. He started to gently stroke my neck and I looked up at him and told him that it felt nice so he continued and paid a bit more attention to what he was doing. Everyone in our group knows that I can cum from having my neck stroked (although not all of them have witnessed this) and Jen sent the word round that I was going to be made to cum. There were random people sitting on the wall on either side of our group, the caf├ęs and restaurants were still busy just behind us and there was a lot of foot traffic on the promenade.

I murmured to Mike that it was beginning to feel good and I shifted my position to make it easier for him to stroke my neck. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen too quickly as I know that it generally takes quite a while for this method to make me cum, but being outside with so many people around certainly seemed to be helping things along. Jen switched places so she could sit on the other side of me and she gently caressed my thigh, but made sure that she didn’t touch my pussy or do anything to directly stimulate me. As I got closer to orgasm, I spread my legs a little more and then lifted one foot up on to the wall beside me, which lifted my skirt and exposed my pussy to the air and the sea view (nobody was between us and the sea so this was quite safe). A few people in the group asked why I hadn’t cum yet, but Jen explained that it took time – I was mostly oblivious to this as I was concentrating on the tingling sensation slowly building in my pussy and how each time Mike’s fingers brushed back and forth over my neck, the tingling seemed to imperceptibly intensify. Fortunately Mike has made me cum more than enough times to be able to read me pretty well, so the fact that I was keeping quiet didn’t stop him from having a fairly good clue as to how aroused I was getting. Having said that, I wasn’t entirely silent and let out the occasional sigh or whimper whenever a particularly strong tingle pulsed through my pussy. I trusted Mike and Jen to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught (but to be honest, by this point I was mostly worried about being interrupted and not being able to cum) and relaxed against Mike as my orgasm started to peak and then pulsed out from my pussy. When I cum this way, it almost always feels different to other ‘normal’ orgasms – it’s not that it is necessarily any stronger, but certainly feels a lot deeper, as if the pleasure throbs out from my cunt through the core of my body. It can feel even better if Jen plays with my nipples at the same time, but as we were sitting at the edge of a busy street, that would have been rather difficult. I apparently panted a bit as I came but was concentrating on how good it felt so didn’t realise this until I was told afterwards.

When my orgasm ended and I became aware of my surroundings again I slowly pulled my legs together and pulled myself upright a little more as I had slumped down a fair bit (but I continued to lean against Mike). Jen slipped her hand under my skirt and brushed her fingers briefly against my pussy and then withdrew her hand and said that I felt very wet (which is often the case after I’ve cum like this). Lis and Lucy said they were heading off for some alone time and I wondered if I had finally pushed things a bit too far by cumming in such a public place but my train of thought was interrupted by Mel said that just because I’d cum it didn’t mean that my birthday cum-fest was over. I was still catching my breath and my pussy was still tingling a little bit but I asked Mel what else she had in mind. She told me to stay where I was and whispered something to Susan and Abrahii who disappeared off – a couple of minutes later they reappeared with a couple of guys and they all wandered on to the beach and along to where I was sitting on the wall.

Abrahii came up to me and gently pushed one of my legs to the side, ran her fingers up and down my pussy and then whispered in my ear that Jen had been right – I did feel quite moist. I could see that Susan was indicating in my direction and talking to the guys but couldn’t make out clearly what she was saying, but as I had my legs spread and Abrahii had pushed my skirt up a little so my pussy was pretty much completely exposed to them it wasn’t too difficult to make a guess. The guys seemed to give their approval and I was led back to our apartment. On the way, Abrahii explained that they had told the guys it was my birthday and I wanted to be fucked by some strangers and I had to let them do anything they wanted to me. We moved on to one of the back streets and I was told to stop and show myself off to the guys so I lifted my skirt and then my top and asked them if they would make me cum. I was told to bend over and Mel flipped the back of my skirt up – after which I was instructed to play with myself and the guys were then given permission to fondle my ass and pussy.

One of them was a bit more adventurous and reached around to play with my breasts inside my top so Mel pulled the back of my t-shirt up and unsnapped my bra to let him get his hands directly on to my skin. As we walked the rest of the way home, I pulled my bra out from my top and handed it to Jen to carry. We made one more stop where I was told to sit on a step with my legs spread and fondle myself while asking the guys to take me home and fuck me. I loved being able to be so dirty and having to quickly cover up when other people went past just made me feel more excited. I was definitely committed to the game and was really getting in to my little display. My legs were spread wide, I was using a hand to play with my breasts (and trying to keep the t-shirt up to show this) and a hand busily playing between my legs. I switched back and forth between frigging myself and fingering myself in an exaggerated fashion. I made the mistake of telling everyone that I was getting close and the guys were asked if they wanted to watch me cum or take me back to the apartment to fuck me (and they chose the latter). I tried to explain that we could do both, but was dragged up and pulled along until I gave up and followed.

As soon as we got inside, my skirt and top were pulled off leaving me naked and the guys were each given a condom to apply. Once these were on, I was told to kneel and suck them. They weren’t standing right next to each other, but were close enough that I could hold one and jerk him while sucking the other one. Julia, Mel, Jen and Susan stayed in the room to watch and make sure they didn’t try anything (or anything more than I wanted them to) and the rest of the group left us in peace (which seemed to make the guys seem a lot more at ease). Mel suggested various things for me to do to/with them like letting them tit-fuck me, lying on the bed and masturbating, kneeling on the bed and letting them spit-roast me (one in mouth, one in cunt), having them fingering me or playing with my breasts… Mel wanted them to try and DP me, but they weren’t too keen on this idea – unusually, I wasn’t to disappointed about that as I thought I’d had enough ass action during the holiday and while I enjoy it (providing it isn’t too rough) I don’t want to end up with a gaping hole (that will be the other hole after childbirth).

Mel made sure that the guys knew that I had to cum for each one of them that came, but said they were allowed to do this on a credit basis (they could cum first as long as I was made to cum). To finish them off we returned to the spit-roast position and I was fucked in the cunt and mouth. The guy in my mouth wanted to go a bit deeper than I found comfortable so we changed the position a bit so he lay on the bed and I crouched down to suck him and use a hand on him while the second guy continued to take me doggy style. He ended up cumming first and once he had pulled out of me I could concentrate properly on the cock in my mouth and I stroked his shaft while caressing his balls and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. This fairly quickly had the desired effect and I felt his cum squirting in to the condom, at which point I slowed my licking and just gently sucked until he pulled away.

As I hadn’t cum yet, the guy who had been fucking me had been told to finger me and I had been pushing back against his fingers. Once my mouth was free, I told him to play with my clit as well and I remained kneeling on all fours on the bed with my ass in the air as he got me off. As I was meant to be putting on a show for them, I moaned and panted as he made me cum and thrust my pussy back against his fingers – it seemed to have the desired effect as they looked quite impressed with my orgasm.

As soon as I lay down, Mel told the second guy to get started on me and handed him a vibe. I was instructed to lie on my back and spread my legs to give him access and as he pushed the vibe in to me, I looked over to see Mel pulling Susan’s dress off and pushing her in my direction. She clambered over my face and I pulled her cunt to my mouth and got stuck in. It’s always fun putting on lesbian shows for guys that aren’t used to it and from the comments they made, they were quite appreciative so I did the best I could to let them see as I lapped away at Susan’s cunt. The guy who had fucked me and made me cum already had a play with my breasts and as the vibe pumped in and out of my pussy, the second guy started to play with my clit as well, which made things feel much better. I spread Susan’s ass cheeks and then pulled at her pussy lips to spread them. The guy playing with my breasts wanted to also play with Susan but was told that I it was my birthday so they were there for my pleasure. I assume he didn’t mind too much as he had a pretty good view of me eating Susan. Unfortunately, Susan came first and climbed off of me, but she was quickly replaced by Julia so I once again got stuck in. I could tell that my next orgasm wasn’t too far off and moaned into Julia’s pussy as I ate her – she seemed to get my meaning and told the guy with the vibe to finish me off. He pumped a bit faster and strummed his fingers back and forth over my clit (he was actually quite good at this) and I came. It was quite a strong orgasm, but also a bit too sharp and intense so I had to reach down and grab his hand. Julia dismounted my face without cumming, but I was told that she would help out again in the next round.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 13

A number of us felt fairly tired that evening so we had a relatively quiet one. We did convince a number of the guys to try out the fleshlight and once a number of them had cum in it, various girls (myself included) would sit on the guys’ cocks to get an instant cum mix inside us. To be fair, none of the guys seemed to produce that much cum (which is fairly usual by that time in a busy day) and we lamented this, saying how nice it would have been to have them each empty a full load into the fleshlight to act as lube for the next guy – and then allowing us girls to pour the mixture over ourselves and massage it in to each other’s body and pussy.

We tried out a few other toys on the guys – some of them happily took a dildo or vibe in their ass and said it felt good, but the toy that was most successful (after the fleshlight) was an electric toothbrush. Now a number of us have these, but most of the guys hadn’t tried them (or at least claimed not to have done so). Granted, if you use a normal head, the bristles can be too hard and the sensation isn’t that pleasurable, but if you swap the head for one with soft bristles it can feel amazing. Even the guys who had cum in the fleshlight were quite quickly aroused once the brush was held against their cock. I’ve done this to Mike before so knew that the best place was likely to be just under the glans at the front – it is sufficiently sensitive that he can cum quickly, but not so sensitive that the feeling is too intense to be pleasurable. Even though none of the guys wanted to cum again just yet, it was enough to get them nice and hard very quickly (literally in a matter of seconds for some of them). We didn’t want the toothbrush to feel inadequate, so to make up for the guys not using it to cum, we let them have a turn with us and it was used in turn on Susan, me, Mary and Abrahii. We would have probably continued with it, but the battery started to die so it was retired to its charging station with the promise of letting it make more people cum another day.

We headed off to bed fairly early as we once again wanted to get up early to go for another walk (but this time to a beach where we could have some privacy and relax). Peter was given Julia for the night which we think completed his set of girls for the holiday. He tried to get Jen, Lis and Lucy to sleep with him (or at least spend the night with him) but he had the expected amount of success in this area. Ethan got James and Angela (and I was a little jealous of Angela). Jen took Mary, I got Mel and Ashraf, which left Simon with Abigail, Richard with Abrahii and Mike with Susan. I did manage to discreetly slip a hand up Lis’ skirt before we went our separate ways and whispered to her that I couldn’t wait to have her properly again. I asked Lis to be loud enough with Lucy that we could hear and I then led Mel and Ashraf in to the apartment that Lis and Lucy were using so I could listen in. Lis was certainly louder than usual (and probably sufficiently so that Lucy must have known that Lis was trying to be heard), but she also did a fairly good job of encouraging Lucy to make more noise than usual. While Lucy wasn’t as audible as Lis, we could still hear her moaning as she came and it sent a nice backdrop for our own games.

Ashraf is a fairly nice guy, and like me, he doesn’t always like the way that Mel is often mean when she pushes people beyond the point of having fun. As such, it didn’t take much to convince him that we should push Mel beyond her orgasmic comfort zone and between the two of us, we spent a while (possibly a little longer than we should have as we were getting up early) playing with Mel and making her cum a number of times. We took turns eating her, fingered her together and then (after I’d had a quick go with Ashraf’s cock), he fucked Mel while I sat over her face and let her lick me.

Jen only had a brief play with Mary that night, but she woke up early enough on the Sunday morning that they could play before we set off. Jen promised Mary that she would take care of her again at the beach if she wanted and Mary (who seems to have adapted to our games and public cumming quite well) told her that she was looking forward to it. Mike only had a gentle session with Susan in the evening – he spent a while kitty kissing her and then spooned with her as she fell asleep. In the morning, he woke her up by rubbing his cock against her ass and then sliding in to her pussy. They fucked for a while but before he came in her, he pulled out and went down on her, then went back to slowly spooning with her until she was ready to cum again. Only when Susan got really close to cumming did he change his mind and decide not to cum in her, but he continued fucking and frigging her until she came (after which he opted for another quick kitty kissing session). Susan wondered why he hadn’t taken the opportunity to cum in (or over) her as most of the other guys will do so whenever they can and Mike explained that he sometimes liked teasing himself (and Susan knows full well from experience that this can lead to stronger orgasms).

Once everyone was ready, we set off on a walk to a beach that we’d discovered on a previous trip. It was about an hour from the apartment but we arrived before it was too hot and set up umbrellas for shade. Most of us dived straight in to the sea to cool off and then returned to the beach to sit and relax for a while. It was a beautiful spot and as we were alone, a good number of us stripped off completely. We helped each other apply suncream, which resulted in the usual amount of groping and in some cases a little more as well. We talked about how it would be good to camp out at the beach overnight – have a bonfire & sleep under the stars. Julia said that it would be amazing to have everyone lying or sitting around the fire, fucking, sucking, fingering or playing with each other and how we could have a massive group orgasm. Abigail mentioned that we should include Maria (the elder of the Italian girls) in the party and in a haphazard way we set about constructing a fantasy of what everyone would like to do to her (and it was pretty much everyone, even Lucy admitted that she thought Maria was hot and that she would sleep with her given a chance – and if she wasn’t dating Lis). This turned out to be a fairly long fantasy so I’ll publish it separately.

The fantasy certainly helped get people in the mood for some fun and as we discussed it, a few people started to play with each other or themselves. Jen started to play with me and I reached over to stroke Mike’s cock with one hand and Jen’s pussy with the other – it wasn’t incredibly effective, but we were mostly teasing and not really going for an orgasm. Hardly surprisingly, Susan was told that she should masturbate properly and was made to lie roughly in the middle of the group and play with herself (although a few other people leant a hand – or at least fingers).

Once we finished the fantasy it was announced that as a surprise, Mike, Jen and I were going to be treated to a special cum-fest for the day. This was partly as a birthday present for me and partly in thanks for the role that we played in helping to liberate the group and as we would be retiring from our public sex life (at least until one or both of Jen and I got pregnant) it had been decided that this would be the last opportunity. Originally, the suggestion had been for me to be used as people saw fit and made to cum as many times as possible, but other people in the group had pointed out that Jen had played a large part in pushing me to experiment in front of the group and before that, it had been Mike who had pushed me to be adventurous and had been willing to share me with Jen.

The rules for the day were fairly simple, everyone was going to make me cum at least once, and all the girls were going to do the same for Mike and Jen. Naturally a number of the guys offered to chime in and help out with Mike as well, but they appreciated that he might not see this as a reward in quite the same way that I would. As the greatest exhibitionist out of the three of us, I was also promised an audience for each of my orgasms. Mike liked the idea of being able to do things with all of the girls in a single day (with the obvious exception of Jen, Lucy and Lis) and confirmed that he could eat, finger and fuck them as often as he liked.

As she was going to be one of the centres of attention anyway, Jen didn’t object when I suggested to her that we get things started and I dragged her to where Susan had been playing with herself and we set about 69ing with each other. Despite their promise that I would be watched closely, I noticed that a few people weren’t watching (which is hardly surprising as they’ve all seen me cum so many times). Some of the others gave us quite a bit of encouragement though and this was enough to spur me on and really enjoy myself. I tried to spread Jen as wide as I could so that people could see her inner depths – Jen doesn’t enjoy being watched quite as much as I do, but usually once she is really in to a session she doesn’t care too much what people see. We fingered, frigged and licked each other until we’d both cum and Jen went back to her spot to catch her breath while I offered myself to whoever wanted me next.

Mike said that he wanted to go next so that he could eat me before the other guys came in me. Nobody objected to this and he crawled over and kitty kissed me before attacking my cunt and ass with his tongue. He was much more forceful than Jen had been but when I got close to cumming he slowed down and kept me on the edge for a few minutes before finally letting me cum. He then mounted me and pushed his cock in to me, fucked me for a short time and then rubbed his cock on my neck. I was left to recover while Mike moved over to Abigail and he arranged to have a threesome with her (she ate Jen while Mike ate her).

The group decided that it would be more interesting to concentrate on making me cum and just let Mike and Jen get on with things themselves in parallel (and to be fair I did have almost twice as many people to satisfy – or to satisfy me depending on your point of view – so it was going to take me longer to get through them). I was given a rolled up towel to act as a pillow and was then taken by Peter and Ashraf in turn, followed by 69ing with Susan. Mike went down on Abrahii while this was happening and Jen played with Julia. Jen got Susan after I’d finished with her and Mike got to eat and fuck Mary (he didn’t cum in her though). As Susan was busy, Jules got given the job of licking me while Richard fucked me and once Susan was available again, she was given the job of licking me while Peter and Ashraf had another brief turn in me each (just so they could also be licked while in me).

We knew that we’d have to head back fairly soon as the sun was getting fairly high and the beach was nestled between two high ridges so it gets pretty hot in the middle of the day. Before we did though, a few of us swam out to a platform about 100m out on the side of the cliff and I Jen and I were made to cum out there. Jen was told that she should give a better demonstration of her watersports fetish, but that she wouldn’t be alone as Susan and I would be joining her. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I guessed that Jen would enjoy it and as I’ve said before, I don’t think there is much I could do now to shock the gang so I was up for it. Susan, Jen and I had to lie on the edge of the platform with our legs spread and we each had someone play with us. As we got closer to cumming, we were told to play with each other and so Jen reached a hand over to Susan and my pussy, while we each reached between her legs and played with her. Susan came first and as instructed, she peed as Jen fingered her through her orgasm, spraying out in to the sea and over Jen’s hand. Susan then concentrated on playing with Jen and with my help, Jen was next to cum, at which point she pushed as hard as she could and sent an arc of pee much further out (and also splashing over Susan whenever our hands got in the way). I was last to cum, but wasn’t too far behind once I had both Susan and Jen playing with me – I didn’t really get to see how far I could squirt as Jen was mostly in the way and was rapidly fingering me as I came so I mostly sprayed over her arm and body and my legs.

We at least got to clean off by swimming back to short, but our display was a topic for conversation for the first part of the trek home. As it was obvious that Jen had quite enjoyed being peed on as well as peeing as she came, a few of the guys offered to relieve themselves on her whenever she wanted. I kind of let the cat out of the bag by saying that Mike was probably the only guy that she would let pee on her, which led to Jen being pressured to say if he’d done this already. She grudgingly admitted that he had (after a lot of questioning) and tried to divert the topic away by reminding people that I had fingered Sue and Julia had slept with her brother, but as both these things were old news, it wasn’t that effective. Lis discreetly asked Mike for details and he told her, (which I think was worse than my gaffe as he knew full well that Lis would pass on all of the details to Lucy).

We passed a few people on the way back and during a break, a few of us snuck around to the other side of a group of rocks and continued the cum-fest. I had Simon fuck me (which meant I got to do the next section of the walk with his cum dripping out of my pussy), Mike ate Angela and then fucked her. He hadn’t intended to cum just yet, but decided that he’d held back long enough so ended up unloading in her. This meant that she also got to experience cum-leakage as we walked (mostly as Mike confiscated her panties so she couldn’t cover herself). I didn’t actually have that much cum in me as it had mostly leaked out during our games, the swimming or the walk up until that point, but I was still thinking about our plan to get pregnant and chatted to Angela about this. We discussed how once I was off the pill, we could get all of the guys to line up and fuck me in turn so I was completely filled with cum (or how they could all cum in a bowl and we could use a funnel to pour it in to me like the yoghurt). Of course, the only cum that will be in me once I’m off the pill is Mike’s, but Angela seemed to enjoy the idea of me getting pregnant and not knowing who the father was.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 12

As we’d had an early start, people started to head off to bed reasonably early. Peter said he would like to take two girls to bed with him (and we had promised him this to encourage him to come along on the holiday). Just so he could complete the set, he got Susan and Mel. Mike got in early and said that as he’d licked Ashraf he thought he deserved a couple of girls too and (by his own admission, at least partially to demonstrate that he could) he chose Jen and Julia. Richard & James and Simon and Ethan decided to swap partners for the night which left us very female biased. Ashraf said that he wanted to spent the night with Angela and Mary, but as they had been together a number of times already, we felt they should split up so we could share them. As I’d been with them both the previous evening, I let Ashraf choose which one he wanted and he went with Mary and Abrahii which left me with Abigail and Angela.

Mike enjoyed his night with Jen – he got her to hump against him while he ate Julia and then he fucked Jules while Jen sat over her face and he watched closely as Julia lapped away at Jen’s cunt. Mike gently blew air at Jen’s pussy and told her how in a matter of days he would have his tongue sliding over and into her pussy and soon after that it would be his cock in her. Jen didn’t help matters by wriggling her ass at him and telling him she was looking forward to finding out how good he was at eating pussy and whether a cock really felt much nicer than a good dildo (Mike has already long conceded that his cock can’t match the stimulation of a good vibe). Julia said that she almost felt like a third wheel with the two of them flirting, but Mike made up for this and once Jen had cum, Mike flipped over so Julia was riding him and he pounded into her until she came (Julia really likes it when Mike does this to her). As they chatted while drifting off to sleep, Jules said that she pitied Jen as once Mike was allowed to fuck her, she wouldn’t stand a chance with both him and me endlessly wanting to make Jen cum. (With Julia’s libido, which admittedly seems to have declined a little recently, I seriously doubt that she would ‘pity’ Jen in that situation).

Once again, my evening session was fairly gentle – Abigail, Angela and I daisy chained just for a single session. I got to sleep in the middle so was able to spoon with each of them at different times in the night. The next morning I was woken by Abrahii and we played with each other while Angela woke up, at which point we teamed up on her. I finished off by scissoring with Angela and I then kitty kissed her while she took care of Abrahii. That morning, Mike and Julia had spent a while playing with Jen (with Mike sucking on her nipples) and they had gotten Jen nicely worked up (which is quite a visible thing with her as she can get incredibly wet when properly aroused). They swapped places so both Mike and Jen played with Julia (while Jen was still very horny) and once Jules had cum, Mike pushed into her from behind while she ate Jen. Mike left them to play and snuck in to Lis and Lucy’s room. They were already mostly awake, but Lis still let Mike go down on her and he then whispered to her that his cock was covered in Julia’s juices. In return for eating her, Lis gave his cock a quick suck and Mike asked if he could fuck her (which he was allowed to do as long as he was quiet).

We didn’t have much planned for the Saturday and spent the morning on the beach. After lunch we returned to the apartment to hide from the midday sun and as a few of us had ice cream and ice lollies, we were challenged to masturbate with them. Now I’ve done this before (as I think we all have) so I knew pretty much what to expect (basically, cold). I agreed to do this only if someone would buy me another lolly and we were promised replacements providing we put on a good show. As expected, the lolly felt freezing (odd that), but it was quite exhilarating fucking myself with it. Of course I wasn’t alone and we had the usual suspects participating. We got most of the other girls to try a lolly (at least partially inserting it into their cunt) and even Lis participated, although she just rubbed it over her pussy inside her panties. Lucy went as far as letting Lis rub her crotch with the lolly through her panties. Those of us who appreciated the cold a bit more then finished masturbating with the lollies (although most of us had to actually finish off with fingers as the lollies had mostly melted).

The guys weren’t safe from the cold either and were challenged to let us masturbate them using the ice cream (for which we had to go and buy some more). Once we returned, each guy participating was assigned a girl (they were given the opportunity of doing it themselves but all opted to let us do things to them – even James). We started off my sucking them and then applying a small amount of ice cream to their cocks and stroking them. Given the guys weren’t actually having the cold shoved inside them, they were relative wusses, but they all persevered and despite complaining about the cold, they allowed us to masturbate them with hands full of ice cream. I knelt as close to Richard as I could and as the ice cream dripped form his cock and my hands it ran down my stomach or landed on my thighs. We kept this up until each of the guys had added their own cream to the mess at which point some of the girls went to clean up and some of us remained on the balcony and massaged a mixture of ice cream and cum into ourselves (and there was possibly a little licking of each other as well).

Once everyone was clean, we chatted a while longer and got around to discussing films. The Human Centipede came up, and in the way that only our group can, we figured out a way of turning an incredibly sick film into an actionable sex game. Thankfully nobody was actually interested in scat play – our version was rather more pleasurable than the film in that all of the gay/bi guys lay on their sides and we formed a cock to ass centipede. It was rather difficult to see what was going on in the middle of the chain, but we managed to get the five guys joined together. Ideally they would have been able to fuck, but co-ordinating this so it worked turned out to be too tricky. I think they managed to move against each other in a way that worked for a few seconds, but they couldn’t maintain it. Ideally I would have loved to see them all fuck and cum in each other, apart from Ethan who was at the front who would produce a huge stream of cum as each guys cum would be fed forwards through the centipede to Ethan’s cock (I may not be a biologist, but I’m fairly confident this is how it would work – at least in my fantasy).

Mid-afternoon: it was time to meet up with the locals and go out on their (parent’s) boat. The guys seemed a little disappointed that so many guys had turned up (Mel had told them that all of our group would probably want to come), but I think the addition of Lis, Lucy and Jen helped to appease them (we kind of forgot to mention that they were gay before we set off – although once at sea it was made clear that they weren’t for playing with). Ashraf and Richard hinted that they would quite like to spent some time with our hosts, but their English wasn’t good enough to pick up on the hints and it was only when we asked explicitly if they were bi (we knew they weren’t gay) that they said they weren’t interested in guys.

The girls started to strip off fairly quickly and by the time we were a decent way out we were all naked (no prized for guessing who was the last to get naked, but Lis convinced her). Some of us put on more of a show as we applied sun-cream and some of us allowed other people to ‘help’. This went for the guys too and a few of them had cream vigorously applied to their cocks and massaged in thoroughly. It took a little explaining to the local guys that we had all been tested so we knew that we were all free from disease, and this was why we didn’t insist on using protection amongst our group but we wanted them to use condoms, but we got there and they seemed to accept the fact that we were willing to be fucked with the other guys around (in fact some of our guys had already taken advantage of the general nudity).

It was wonderful being able to sunbathe naked in the middle of the sea (we weren’t really that far from shore, but far enough that there wasn’t anyone else around). Some people swam and snorkelled for a while as others had more carnal fun on the boat. At one point I was steering the boat while one of the locals stood behind me, reaching around to caress my breasts and play with my pussy. I would have quite liked him to make me cum just like that but he seemed more interested in fucking me (and it’s not like I would have stopped him from doing that even if he’d just fingered me to orgasm). I pushed my ass back towards him and let him slide into me and then leant forwards to let him fuck me. We pushed against each other and even though I was now hidden from view a lot more than I had been out on deck, I was really enjoying myself so I reached down to play with my clit and then reached around behind myself to rub my fingers over my ass. My Spanish fuck-buddy seemed to think I was inviting him to take my ass when I did this and when I removed my fingers, he pulled my cheeks apart, pulled his cock out of my cunt and pressed the head against my ass. I didn’t really mind and held myself still as he pushed in to me and once he was inside I started to push back against him. In a way, this position was better (even though I generally much prefer having my cunt fucked) as I could now reach down and alternate between playing with my clit and pushing a few fingers in to my pussy. I wasn’t sure how long he was going to last, but as I was letting him fuck my ass, I damn well intended to cum so I rapidly frigged and fingered myself as his cock slid in and out of my ass. I came first and once the initial pulses of my orgasm had faded, I continued to gently stroke and finger myself to send additional throbs of pleasure through my body until the guy came.

Back on deck, I filled Jen in on what had happened and then set about playing with her – just gently stroking and kissing her body at first, but my fingers soon found her pussy and started to probe it and once Jen realised that I didn’t intend to stop she spread her legs and told me that I may as well do things properly. I didn’t do anything special to her, just used fingers with a bit of licking, but as I pleasured her, I gave Lis and Lucy a lesson in the way that Jen likes to be played with. Now we all knew that they already knew full well what Jen likes, but it amused the rest of our group as I described in detail how Jen liked having the lips of her pussy sucked on and a tongue pushed up inside her to scoop out her copious juices. As Jen got closer to cumming, I asked if anyone else wanted to help me make her cum (ignoring the offers from the guys) and accepted help from Angela and Susan (who was sent over by Abigail). Between the three of us, we played with her pussy and breasts and made sure that she always had a pussy over her mouth and the locals were told to watch closely as one of our ‘proper lesbians’ was made to cum for them to see. We gave Jen an extended orgasm (or at least we kept stimulating her for a while after she’d cum) and I was a little surprised that she didn’t pee as she came (it’s not as if they could complain about the boat getting wet).

A couple of the group had tried having sex in the little dinghy attached to the boat and it was recommended to me so I took Mike down there for a ride (I hadn’t actually fucked him for quite a while as we both had plenty of other people to play with and as I’d just done things with Jen and he’d had Jen the previous night it seemed fitting. The best position was definitely with Mike on his back and me riding him – the boat bounced up and down wonderfully (well, the bottom section that Mike was lying on did) and it made it very easy to get a good rhythm going. We were cheered as we fucked (as had been the base with the others who had used the boat) and Mike played with my clit as I rode him until he made me cum.

As Mike hadn’t cum yet, he was still nice and hard and he asked me to send down Mel so that we made sure she was made to perform in front of everyone and she reluctantly climbed down into the boat, at which point Mike grabbed her and buried his face between her legs. He started to eat her while she was still holding on to the ladder but then pulled her into the boat with him properly and he gave her cunt a proper lashing with his tongue. He carried on eating her until she said she was about to cum and then pulled away. Mel complained that it was bad form to tease (as if she can talk given the number of times she has got Julia or me close to cumming and then left us hanging), but Mike told her to mount him and he would finish her off. She rode him, making use of the dinghy’s bounciness in the same way I had and Mike helped things along by playing with her clit. When Mel came Mike pulled her down onto him and started to fuck her more vigorously – he had originally intended to just make her cum and then ask for a third girl for him to eat and fuck, but he changed his mind. He held Mel against his body and pounded in to her cunt over and over, as fast as he could. Mel moaned quite a bit as he did this – not really loudly, but enough that we guessed she was feeling quite sensitive. I watched as Mike ran his hands through her hair, over her back, and between her ass cheeks. He told her he was going to fill her with cum just before he actually came in her and after giving her a few final hard thrusts, he rolled them over so he was on top and he pulled out of her. Mel looked quite breathless so Mike left her to recover in the boat and joined us back on deck. He said that someone else should go and have a go with Mel as she was now nice and wet (he said that it felt like he’d cum a fair amount in her, but that might just have been her juices).

We stayed out for another couple of hours (although I sheltered in the boat for a bit as I was beginning to turn pink). We encouraged the guys to continue to play with us and Susan put on a nice show by fucking herself on one of the metal rope ties and then allowing multiple people to finger her. Mel wanted Jen to fist Susan again but as we didn’t have any lube (and Susan was covered in salt water), this didn’t happen. As we headed back to shore, some of the group got dressed while others of us waited until we were tied up before we put our swimsuits back on. We thanked the local guys one last time and headed back to the apartment.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 11

Oops, I forgot to post last night (and I was doing so well at keeping to my schedule too)...

As the girls had their libido’s quenched, more of the attention was focussed on to the more active members of the group (Susan, Julia and me) and they had a competition to see which of us could cum first from a cold start (actually quite a hot sweaty start). We each had two people stimulating us and to make it fair, each of had one of the guys and one of the girls. The guys mostly played with our breasts, but also fingered us a little (at least my guy did). I had Mary helping out and she seems to have figured me out fairly well as she didn’t hold back at all and attacked my clit with one hand and rubbed the fingers of the other hand back and forth over my asshole. Once the three of us had cum again, we swam a little longer and Mel appeared with one of the guys and a fairly decent sized cucumber. It didn’t take too much imagination to figure out what was next and true to form, Mel insisted that Susan put on a show by fucking the cucumber. We’re not talking monster-cock, pussy breaking size, but it was enough to stretch her and once Susan had an end buried a decent way inside her, Julia and I had to take turns mounting the other end and riding it. It actually felt fairly good, but I didn’t think I was going to cum so we were given a new challenge where Susan had to fuck herself with the cucumber and Julia and I had to use beer bottles. This felt much better and as I no longer really care what any of them see me do, I lay back and reached a hand around underneath myself so I could use a couple of fingers in my ass while I pumped the bottle in and out of my cunt. I’m told that I had a pretty good orgasm face when I came and it looked like I just wanted to enjoy myself and really didn’t care about anything else.

The guys were coaxed in to a final round and they fucked Angela, Abigail and Abrahii while Julia, Susan and I licked on the girls’ breasts and fondled the guys’ balls (and occasionally reached down to play with the girls’ clits). It was a pretty good afternoon and I was very jealous of the guys being able to live somewhere they could go out and play naked in their garden (and pool) whenever they wanted (or at least when the parents weren’t home). Before we left, we got them to examine our tattoos (which they had obviously seen already, but they had generally been busy when near our pussies so they hadn’t paid too much attention). They also liked Julia’s labia piercing (which Jen is still considering getting, but I’ve so far managed to talk her out of it). I thought we were going to head back, but Mel appeared with a tub of ice cream which she had liberated from the freezer and announced that she wanted to do one last thing with Susan (who has clearly taken over the roles that Julia and I had as Mel’s little abuse toy.

As it was so warm, Susan initially thought that it would be quite nice to be cooled down, but she quickly realised that the heat of the day just made the difference in temperature even greater (if she’d been studying science she would have realised this before Mel rubbed a dollop of ice cream directly on to her pussy). More was added to the rest of Susan’s bodies until almost her whole front was covered, at which point Mel started to vigorously finger Susan. A couple more servings of ice cream were added onto Susan as Mel fingered her and if I hadn’t known better I would have guessed that Susan had done something really bad to Mel and Mel was trying to get revenge. As Susan got close to cumming, Mel started telling her how much of a little slut she was and how everyone was going to watch her as she came (nothing new there). Mel continued calling Susan names and told her that she wanted to see her piss herself. Susan was humping her hips against Mel’s hand, but wasn’t even coming close to matching the speed that Mel was moving. I think Mel had four fingers in Susan, but at times it looked like she had all five (not fisting her, just the fingers). When Susan said she was about to cum (said might not be the right word as she mostly panted it) Mel continued to bark at her, calling her a little cunt and telling her that she had to piss herself as hard as she could so everyone could see. Now I know that Susan quite enjoys being told what to do so that she can just enjoy herself with the excuse that she was just following orders, but it really looked to me like Mel was being way too forceful (which Jen would have probably enjoyed, but she is much more in to bondage than Susan). Susan did exactly what she was told though and as she came (fairly loudly) she let out a strong squirt of pee which sprayed everywhere due to Mel’s ferocious fingering. Mel continued to pump her fingers in to Susan until Susan had completely finished, at which point Mel withdrew her hand and wiped it clean(er) on Susan’s face.

Susan was a real mess and needed to be cleaned up before we could head back to the apartment. Mel wanted her to just jump in the pool to clean off but the guys told her not to (it would have got the water rather dirty) so she ended up just being hosed off – and a little bit out. I think the guys were quite surprised at just how intense Mel’s attack on Susan had been – they said something about Mel or Susan being crazy or what had just happened was crazy (in my opinion it’s just the fact that Mel can be a mean sadistic bitch at times). We got dressed and said goodbye to the guys and on the walk home I got Julia to distract Mel and I had a chat with Susan and Abigail to check that Susan was all right. She said that it had felt quite intense, but it hadn’t really hurt her (despite how it appeared). We also found out that Mel had arranged with the guys for them to take us out in their (parent’s) boat the next day with the promise of them being able to use us again us as payment.

While we’d been gone, some of the guys had gone off for beer and to watch some football, a couple had rested and Mike had told them that he was going off with Jen to rest. They were teased about what their ‘resting’ would entail and Mike admitted that given the chance he would happing grind against Jen and cum over her and said that they would probably get to demonstrate that at some point during the holiday (plus everyone’s seen them do this before anyway). Lis and Lucy also said they were going for a lie down to recover from the morning walk and this is where the innocence of Lucy came in handy. Once alone, Mike and Jen snuck over to Lis and Lucy’s room and convinced them to make the most of the opportunity.

Mike started off by going down on Lis and once he had made her cum, he asked if he was allowed to fuck her yet. She teased him a little bit and told him he could be inside her for a short time as long as he behaved himself, but once they were fucking, she whispered to him that if he was *very* good, he could fill her cunt with cum. Mike wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to do just that and he told Lis as soon as she came again, he would do his best to fill her with so much cum that it would be leaking out of her for days (if he could actually cum that much I’d be a *very* happy girl). Meanwhile, Jen and Lucy were having their own little session, but Mike interrupted them to have a proper kiss with Jen (in order to taste Lucy’s juices) and he asked Lucy for an equivalent kiss to taste Jen but the best she would do was to feed him some of Jen’s juices with her fingers. Mike liked this and commented that he just wished Lucy would do that with her own juices and was pleasantly surprised when she pushed her fingers into her own pussy and then offered them to Mike to lick clean (which he did quite thoroughly). Being Mike, his next wish was to be able to taste Lucy’s juices directly from her pussy, but he wasn’t granted that wish and Lucy went back to Jen.

Mike didn’t mind being left with Lis, who he calls ‘his little lesbian’ (even though she is clearly bi) and he continued to fuck her. Lis was on top of him and they whispered dirty talk to each other and Mike played out a fantasy where Lis was fucked in front of the group by Lucy, me, Jen and then him in turn until she was left covered in a mixture of our juices and sweat with his cum leaking out of her cunt. Lis kept telling him to go on and describe more so he had Maria discover her and offer to help clean her up, which naturally involved her burying her face between Lis’ legs and licking all of Mike’s cum out of her and making her cum again. Out of fairness, Lis then offered to do the same to Maria and they 69ed with everyone cheering them on as Lis took Maria’s virginity and made her cum, squirting out her juices so they covered Maria’s pussy and thighs and Lis’ face. Mike then came back in to the fantasy and fucked Lis from behind again while Lis continued to 69 with Maria. Maria kept licking Lis’ clit while Mike fucked her cunt and as Lis came again, Mike emptied another huge load in to Lis so his cum splurted out around his cock (as in all good hentai films) for Maria to lick up.

They timed their fantasy so Lis came in it at the same time she came in real life and Mike was describing his cum overflowing from Lis’ cunt and Maria lapping away at her clit as Lis’ orgasm pulsed through her. Mike had been holding back for a while (he was enjoying the fantasy too) but he couldn’t quite cum fast enough to cum with Lis. He continued to move slowly in her until he did cum though and while he said it felt really good, the reality of his cum production was rather less than he had promised Lis.

Mike and Jen left Lucy and Lis and went off to have an actual rest together. I discovered them asleep when I returned and assumed they had been playing together, but they soon filled me in on their actual antics (and I described to them what we’d done with the locals). Most of us headed down to the beach and we played a few games, showing glimpses of ourselves off to some of the guys there. I didn’t really want to cum again just yet but was still determines to make the most of the holiday so when I was in swimming with one of the guys, I let him have a good fondle of my breasts (under the waterline) and then pushed his hand down in to my panties so he could finger me. Seawater isn’t the best lubricant (to put it mildly) so when he had his fingers inside me it didn’t feel that wonderful, but I got him to play with my clit and that felt a bit better. I gave his cock a fairly good wank, but I couldn’t get him to cum (he claimed that the cool water was stopping him). I debated arranging to meet him again later on so we could finish things properly, but preferred the idea of being able to relax and enjoy myself with friends (and not having to worry about protection).

We stayed in that evening and sat around chatting and drinking. Various people were teased and interrogated for different events of the day – Jen for having peed herself on the hilltop as she came, Susan for the way Mel had used the cucumber and ice cream on her, me for having used the bottle on myself while fingering my ass, Mike for having let Ashraf lick his cock while he was fucking Abigail. Just as Lis, Lucy and Jen were teased for not being daring enough to experiment with guys, Mike and Peter are teased from time to time for the same thing. In his defence, Mike has done a lot more with guys than Peter has, but he still mostly just lets guys do things to him. He is generally more adventurous while on holiday and this year he had stated beforehand (to Jen and I) that he intended to let Lucy see him experimenting with guys a little more (just a little though) in the hope that it would convince her to experiment with him (he’s eternally hopeful that he might get his tongue or cock into her cunt).

I quietly reminded Mike of this and then openly challenged him to repay Ashraf in kind. Mike wasn’t overly keen at first, but with sufficient encouragement from everyone, he said that he would give it a go, but wasn’t sure how much he’d do. Mike knew that I really wanted him to try this so as Ashraf pulled his cock out and stroked it to erection I thanked Mike and told him I’d repay him another time. I knelt and let Ashraf slide in to me from behind and fuck me a little (so that my juices would cover his cock) and then I let him sit down on a seat so I could climb over him and mount his cock. I spread my legs wide and watched as Mike shuffled forwards. I still wasn’t sure if he was actually going to lick us, and he paused a little, but the gang continued to egg him on and he pushed his tongue against my pussy and lapped at my clit. He licked me at first, but as I continued to ride up and down on Ashraf’s cock, it felt like Mike was licking me a little lower and I assumed he was getting at least some contact with Ashraf (which I later confirmed was the case). I asked him to carry on until I came and he lapped away at my clit faster as I continued to hump up and down on Ashraf’s cock. As Mike had come this far I thought he may as well go all the way so I concentrated on contracting myself around Ashraf and pushing down hard on his cock so he went deep inside me on each stroke. I assumed Mike would stop as soon as I came so I did my best to hold back but Mike seemed to have committed himself to the experiment so was giving my clit a fairly good lick.

I thought I was losing the battle, but Ashraf whispered to me that he was getting close so I just continued to move on him and tried to think about something other than what was happening (which was a bit of a shame as I wanted to enjoy it). I felt my orgasm start but I didn’t give any indication I was cumming (well, not to Mike anyway – the other people watching said they could tell from my expression. As Mike continued to lick me, the sensation was very intense but I endured it until Ashraf pushed in to me a bit harder and said he was cumming. I rocked back and forth on his cock and when Mike moved back I pulled myself off and sat down beside Ashraf. Mike was congratulated for having licked (albeit partially) his first cock, but Mel went on to suggest that he should finish things properly and suck Ashraf clean. Mike wasn’t up for this, but after a bit of negotiation he ended up giving the head of Ashraf’s cock a quick kiss.

Susan was next in line for humiliation and Mel asked Jen to help out by fisting Susan once more. Susan seemed to have adapted to this much faster than I did (although I haven’t had it done to me so many times in such a short period) and she lay back, spread her legs and told Jen to go ahead. Jen oiled her hand up and worked a few fingers in, then added the remained and slowly pushed her whole hand in. Other people helped out by holding Susan’s legs wide apart and once Jen had been working her hand inside Susan (and Susan had adapted enough to say it felt nice), Mel suggested that someone else should try. The girls compared their hands to Jen’s and while Angela probably had the smallest hand, Abigail decided that if anyone else was going to fist Susan, it should be her. Abi pushed four fingers into Susan and Jen showed her hot to fold her thumb against her hand and with what looked like minimal additional stretching, Abi got her hand in to Susan and gently pumped it in and out (contrary to porn movies, it doesn’t feel wonderful if someone vigorously fists you – it is actually quite painful). Abi practiced flexing her hand inside Susan as she moved and Mel suggested that everyone should have a go in Susan.

We didn’t get round everyone (by a long way), but Susan did end up with Angela’s, James’, Lis’ and my fists in her. A few of the other guys tried (as did Mel) but Susan wasn’t quite flexible enough to accommodate them (and fortunately for her everyone was considerate enough to stop whenever she said it was too much, surprisingly even Mel didn’t push too far). People had mostly avoided Susan’s clit so while she had enjoyed herself, she hadn’t cum yet and as Jen was the (relative) expert in fisting, she was given the job of making Susan cum. I had a feeling that Mel was up to something (but then she usually is) and we soon found out what she had told Susan to do. As she came, Susan peed over Jen – given Jen had a hand in Susan at the time, it sort of sprayed everywhere and a few people got splashed, but Jen definitely caught the brunt of it and once she had removed her hand from Susan, she went to clean off. Once Jen returned Mel suggested that Jen demonstrate her fetish properly for everyone and pee as she came – Jen declined to do this and despite more teasing she held fast.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 10

My evening with Angela and Mary was quite pleasant. I was reasonably tired so we just had a gentle session but it was nice getting to know them a bit better. The next morning I woke Angela up by going down on her and we then played with us all on our backs, me lying between them fingering each of them and both of their fingers on and in me. Mike’s night with Abigail and Ashraf marked another spot in his progression to bisexuality (I seriously doubt Mike will ever be bi, but he is at least willing to experiment a little – certainly more than Peter anyway). He and Ashraf double teamed Abigail, both mouth and cunt and ass and cunt. They started off with Mike in her cunt while Ashraf 69ed with her – it wasn’t a full 69, but Ashraf did lick Abrahii a few times and his tongue had more than a little contact with Mike’s cock as he fucked her. They made Abrahii cum and despite her complaints took her for a second round, which is when they DPed her (Mike in her cunt, just as they’d done with Abrahii the previous evening). Once Abrahii had cum again, they both came in her (but just as the previous night, I doubt they could actually produce much cum by that point in the day). The next morning, they didn’t wake up early enough for a morning session, but Mike made sure he got a quick lick of Abrahii in before they got ready and they went for breakfast.

We set off around 5.30 and walked at a fairly decent pace out of town and up a windy road. It was a nice walk and we casually chatted on the way. I had convinced Jen to wear Emily’s torn denim shorts that technically just about covered her pussy, but wouldn’t stand up to a close inspection (and we know as a few people gave her a close inspection). Various people talked about things they would have liked to do with Maria (both the girls and the guys were quite taken with her – although she had only really shown any interest in the guys, but to be fair the girls hadn’t expressed their interest in her openly). As it was so quiet, we took advantage of the solitude and a few of us walked topless, and then bottomless as well (covering up whenever a lone car passed us). We played with the guys and experimented to find out how much more difficult it was for them to walk with erections – to do this, we would offer ourselves to one of them during a water break, let them fuck us for a bit and then get them to continue walking while still hard. Susan and Richard were nearly caught fucking once as a cyclist crept up on us, but there were enough people in our group to stand around and (probably) shield them (and as he was cycling uphill, he was probably concentrating on that).

We went right up to the top of the hill to an old fort and there were wonderful views out to sea and down over the town. We arrived just after sunrise (the sun was up, but still fairly low on the horizon and it still looked a little pink). Hardly surprisingly, I wanted to take advantage of this spot to have some fun. A couple of members of our group stayed a little way down the road to warn us if anyone was approaching us and Julia, Susan and I stripped off so we could cum in a location where we could be seen for miles around (by anyone with a powerful enough telescope). We played with each other and then got a couple of the guys involved, pointing out how rare it was to get to cum in a place like that and offering ourselves to them to be used as they saw fit. Even Jen appreciated how good an opportunity it was and with a little (actually quite a lot) of peer pressure she was convinced to drop her inhibitions and enjoy herself in the way everyone now knew she enjoyed. Jen balanced very near the edge of a rock and played with herself, but Julia and I soon joined her and helped her out. As she lay with her legs spread, I fingered and frigged her and Julia teased her nipples and we encouraged her to let go and enjoy herself as much as she could. She was fairly vocal as to how much she was enjoying herself and as she got closer to cumming, she mewed her way through the build up and to orgasm. Just before she came, she said that she couldn’t believe she was going to do this with so many people around, but as she came, she pushed and let out a long stream of pee that splashed over my hand and her thighs as I frigged her.

Once she had calmed down, she was fairly embarrassed, but Julia didn’t care and just said that it looked like Jen had enjoyed herself (and they all knew about her peeing herself on the beach while using the egg by this point anyway). Once Julia left us, I told Jen that while we’d been playing with her, I had considered squatting over her and covering her with pee as she came – Jen said that this would have made it feel even more amazing, but was quite glad I hadn’t as she was embarrassed enough and wouldn’t have been able to live that down, in response to which I reminded her of a number of things she used to get me to do in front of her friends (which all seem fairly normal for us now, but when I was first made to do them I often felt embarrassed.

The sun was a little higher now and we wanted to head back before it got too hot but I convinced a few other people to make use of the location and enjoy a nice outdoors orgasm. Lis even convinced Lucy to join in and they fingered each other while sitting at the edge of the cliff (although Lucy made sure that none of the rest of the group were too close as they did this). As a final use of the spot, I talked Mike and Peter in to letting me make them cum (as you can probably guess, it doesn’t take too much for a girl to talk a guy into this – although it was a little harder in Mike’s case as he wanted to save his cum for the other girls, but as I *am* his wife I called rank and he agreed). I let Peter fuck me but told him he had to cum over me and once he had done this, did the same with Mike. I enjoyed the walk back down the mountain with their cum smeared over my front, although as the morning heated up, I think I sweated most of it off.

Everyone knew that we (Mike, Jen and I) were about to start trying to get pregnant after the holiday and on the way back, a few people discussed what Mike and Jen thought things were going to be like when they finally had sex. Mike told them that he intended to make Jen cum constantly for a week until he was bored of her (to which I objected as I didn’t want to be left out). Someone (Susan I think) asked if Mike was going to take Jen’s (hetero) cherry while they were on holiday and how people could watch. Mike and Jen had actually briefly considered doing this, but not in a serious way as they both wanted their first time to be something more intimate and special. I was still a little undecided how I felt about this – my first time with Mike was undoubtedly special and my first time with Jen certainly felt amazing & thrilling, but it wasn’t really that intimate (given we’d just met at a party – although I technically knew her before that we’d never really spoken). However, given how long they have waited to do things together I don’t begrudge them doing it in whatever way they want (and I had my own first intimate time with Jen when she first came to visit me so I got two first times with her).

By the time we arrived back at the town, we were rather sweaty and I went for a quick dip in the sea to cool off. This wasn’t the best idea as I had denim shorts on, but I convinced Angela to slip her panties off so I could remove the shorts and just wear her panties (which on close inspection were obviously panties and not part of a bikini, but were better than nothing). Some people headed straight back to the apartments to change and relax but I convinced Lis and Lucy to stay out with Mike, Jen and me as I needed their help. Our walk had taken us past Eduardo’s villa and I asked Lucy and Lis if one of them would like to join Jen and I in visiting Eduardo. Obviously the lesbians would just be for show and he would only be allowed to do things with me, but this worked out well for me and as they had spent more time with his daughters, they also liked the idea of rewarding him, even if it was just visually.

I was all for letting Mike take the girls out for a final ice-cream while Lucy, Lis, Jen and I all went in to the villa, but Lucy was a little hesitant and played the card of Eduardo probably being happier with his precious daughters being left with Mike if she was also present. Lucy also made us swear to secrecy that Lis had gone along on the visit (but then we have better secrets that we keep from the rest of the gang anyway). Fortunately we arrived a little while before they were scheduled to leave for the airport and when Lis, Jen and I asked if we could use the bathroom, Eduardo let Mike and Lucy take the girls off for a final goodbye (but not the kind he was going to get). We quickly stripped off and I explained to him that the other two were gay so he could only watch, but that I would be happy to service him. I helped Jen strip Lis off and we both played with her and I gave Eduardo a taste of both Jen and Lis from my mouth (and for completeness, of me from my fingers). I rubbed his cock between my breasts and then let him slip inside me while Lis and Jen played on the bed beside us (I really want to have a bed as big as his one was – and then a bedroom large enough to put it in). This time I wanted to do something a little different and made sure he told me when he was getting close to cumming. I pulled myself off of his cock, put my (or rather Angela’s) panties back on as a little extra protection and knelt in front of him to suck him off. Just before he came, I pulled the condom off, pushed his cock back between my breasts and rubbed up and down. I got him off and his cum squirted up on to my neck and chest before running down between my breasts and acting as additional lubrication. I continued to gently masturbate him with my breasts until he started to go soft and I really wanted to give the head of his cock a gentle suck but refrained myself from doing so.

It would have been nice to stay and play a little longer, but he didn’t have much time so after I stole a quick lick of Lis’ pussy, we called Mike and Lucy to get them to return with the girls. While I gave the girls a big goodbye hug (I had a top back on by this point so I doubt I was getting any of their father’s cum on them), Lis dragged Lucy upstairs to show her the view. This was just a pretence (which I think Lucy knew) and Lis pushed Lucy down on to the bed and put her on display for Eduardo. Lucy acted all coy, but Lis says that she didn’t really try to stop her body from being exposed and even went as far as letting Lis briefly finger and lick her. Lis would have probably have gone all the way and made Lucy cum if Eloisa hadn’t gone upstairs, but Jen called up to warn them so by the time Eloisa arrived, the girls were looking out over the balcony. We made them promise that if they were ever over in the UK that they would come visit (which wasn’t that unlikely as Eduardo occasionally travelled for work) and then we said our final goodbyes and headed back to the apartment.

Most of us just relaxed until after lunch and Mel then dared us to make use of the henna tattoo place that was a little way down from our apartments. Naturally the dare was to get the tattoos in more daring places but that didn’t really phase us (at least the ones who were going to do it) and we went along and asked for various tattoos. We started off fairly conservatively and Jen got a rose painted on her upper thigh while she wore a fairly high cut bikini. Lis joined in and got a similar tattoo, but we convinced her to have it done on her inner thigh (she kept her panties on). To move things up a notch, Susan (who wasn’t wearing panties) got a nice heart painted on her mons and Abigail insisted that the tail of the heart go right down to Susan’s clit. I didn’t intend to be beaten so I asked for something suitable on my pussy lips and ended up with a little snake that crawled up one side, went just above my clit and down the other lip. When Julia sat down for her turn, she asked the guy for something that went right across her pussy but she was told that it was probably best to not get the henna inside her so she just got some small Chinese symbols on her mons and lips. From the tattoo guy’s reaction (or lack of) to our requests, I assume that a number of people are more adventurous when on holiday so what we were doing wasn’t anything too unusual for him.

Later on in the afternoon, we went for a wander around the marina and found a couple of locals on a boat and struck up a conversation with them. They seemed fairly nice and were more than happy to chat to us and ogle us as we carelessly bent over or adjusted our suits. After a while, they finally asked us if we wanted to go back to their place and we said that we would but asked if some of our friends could come. They asked if our friends were girls or boys and seemed much happier with the answer that they were girls so we arranged to meet them in 30 minutes and went to fetch the others. A couple of them complained that we hadn’t given them any time to get ready but we reminded them why we were going and that (hopefully) within a short time of arriving it wouldn’t matter how much we’d prettied ourselves up as we would be sweaty messes again.

Julia, Abrahii, Susan, Abigail, Mary, Angela and I waited at the spot we’d agreed and were beginning to think the guys weren’t going to show, but they turned up about 10 minutes late and seemed fairly pleased with the group. Their English wasn’t brilliant (but better than our Spanish) and we had a broken conversation as we wandered away from town towards the hills to their house. It was a surprisingly nice place with a pool and decent garden. The guys told us that we could sunbathe topless if we wanted and we let them talk us into doing this and then accepted their offers to help us put sun-cream on (as there were three of them, Angela and Mary creamed each other). We splashed around in the pool and the guys started to cop a feel but when they started concentrating on just a few of the girls (Abrahii, Mary and me) we made sure they didn’t ignore any of the others by taking their hands and pushing them on to the other girls’ breasts. Once the kissing started, things progressed a bit faster as we pushed our hands down to their crotches and into their shorts (which was a fairly clear sign).

The guys soon had hands in our panties, which led to panties being removed and again as there were seven girls and only three guys, some of the other girls had to either get themselves started or pair up and play with each other. We had no trouble explaining to the guys that we wanted them to use condoms (which we had brought with us), but explaining dental dams was a bit more complicated and required a demonstration. As they mostly wanted to finger and fuck us, this wasn’t too much of an issue and we did a fairly good job of taking care of everyone by whichever of the girls were being fucked also being responsible for licking one of the others. I think our locals thought they had hit the jackpot with us as we allowed them to fuck us, we then swam and sunbathed naked, played with each other and whenever any one of them wanted any attention they had at least two girls willing to meet their needs.