Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 10

My evening with Angela and Mary was quite pleasant. I was reasonably tired so we just had a gentle session but it was nice getting to know them a bit better. The next morning I woke Angela up by going down on her and we then played with us all on our backs, me lying between them fingering each of them and both of their fingers on and in me. Mike’s night with Abigail and Ashraf marked another spot in his progression to bisexuality (I seriously doubt Mike will ever be bi, but he is at least willing to experiment a little – certainly more than Peter anyway). He and Ashraf double teamed Abigail, both mouth and cunt and ass and cunt. They started off with Mike in her cunt while Ashraf 69ed with her – it wasn’t a full 69, but Ashraf did lick Abrahii a few times and his tongue had more than a little contact with Mike’s cock as he fucked her. They made Abrahii cum and despite her complaints took her for a second round, which is when they DPed her (Mike in her cunt, just as they’d done with Abrahii the previous evening). Once Abrahii had cum again, they both came in her (but just as the previous night, I doubt they could actually produce much cum by that point in the day). The next morning, they didn’t wake up early enough for a morning session, but Mike made sure he got a quick lick of Abrahii in before they got ready and they went for breakfast.

We set off around 5.30 and walked at a fairly decent pace out of town and up a windy road. It was a nice walk and we casually chatted on the way. I had convinced Jen to wear Emily’s torn denim shorts that technically just about covered her pussy, but wouldn’t stand up to a close inspection (and we know as a few people gave her a close inspection). Various people talked about things they would have liked to do with Maria (both the girls and the guys were quite taken with her – although she had only really shown any interest in the guys, but to be fair the girls hadn’t expressed their interest in her openly). As it was so quiet, we took advantage of the solitude and a few of us walked topless, and then bottomless as well (covering up whenever a lone car passed us). We played with the guys and experimented to find out how much more difficult it was for them to walk with erections – to do this, we would offer ourselves to one of them during a water break, let them fuck us for a bit and then get them to continue walking while still hard. Susan and Richard were nearly caught fucking once as a cyclist crept up on us, but there were enough people in our group to stand around and (probably) shield them (and as he was cycling uphill, he was probably concentrating on that).

We went right up to the top of the hill to an old fort and there were wonderful views out to sea and down over the town. We arrived just after sunrise (the sun was up, but still fairly low on the horizon and it still looked a little pink). Hardly surprisingly, I wanted to take advantage of this spot to have some fun. A couple of members of our group stayed a little way down the road to warn us if anyone was approaching us and Julia, Susan and I stripped off so we could cum in a location where we could be seen for miles around (by anyone with a powerful enough telescope). We played with each other and then got a couple of the guys involved, pointing out how rare it was to get to cum in a place like that and offering ourselves to them to be used as they saw fit. Even Jen appreciated how good an opportunity it was and with a little (actually quite a lot) of peer pressure she was convinced to drop her inhibitions and enjoy herself in the way everyone now knew she enjoyed. Jen balanced very near the edge of a rock and played with herself, but Julia and I soon joined her and helped her out. As she lay with her legs spread, I fingered and frigged her and Julia teased her nipples and we encouraged her to let go and enjoy herself as much as she could. She was fairly vocal as to how much she was enjoying herself and as she got closer to cumming, she mewed her way through the build up and to orgasm. Just before she came, she said that she couldn’t believe she was going to do this with so many people around, but as she came, she pushed and let out a long stream of pee that splashed over my hand and her thighs as I frigged her.

Once she had calmed down, she was fairly embarrassed, but Julia didn’t care and just said that it looked like Jen had enjoyed herself (and they all knew about her peeing herself on the beach while using the egg by this point anyway). Once Julia left us, I told Jen that while we’d been playing with her, I had considered squatting over her and covering her with pee as she came – Jen said that this would have made it feel even more amazing, but was quite glad I hadn’t as she was embarrassed enough and wouldn’t have been able to live that down, in response to which I reminded her of a number of things she used to get me to do in front of her friends (which all seem fairly normal for us now, but when I was first made to do them I often felt embarrassed.

The sun was a little higher now and we wanted to head back before it got too hot but I convinced a few other people to make use of the location and enjoy a nice outdoors orgasm. Lis even convinced Lucy to join in and they fingered each other while sitting at the edge of the cliff (although Lucy made sure that none of the rest of the group were too close as they did this). As a final use of the spot, I talked Mike and Peter in to letting me make them cum (as you can probably guess, it doesn’t take too much for a girl to talk a guy into this – although it was a little harder in Mike’s case as he wanted to save his cum for the other girls, but as I *am* his wife I called rank and he agreed). I let Peter fuck me but told him he had to cum over me and once he had done this, did the same with Mike. I enjoyed the walk back down the mountain with their cum smeared over my front, although as the morning heated up, I think I sweated most of it off.

Everyone knew that we (Mike, Jen and I) were about to start trying to get pregnant after the holiday and on the way back, a few people discussed what Mike and Jen thought things were going to be like when they finally had sex. Mike told them that he intended to make Jen cum constantly for a week until he was bored of her (to which I objected as I didn’t want to be left out). Someone (Susan I think) asked if Mike was going to take Jen’s (hetero) cherry while they were on holiday and how people could watch. Mike and Jen had actually briefly considered doing this, but not in a serious way as they both wanted their first time to be something more intimate and special. I was still a little undecided how I felt about this – my first time with Mike was undoubtedly special and my first time with Jen certainly felt amazing & thrilling, but it wasn’t really that intimate (given we’d just met at a party – although I technically knew her before that we’d never really spoken). However, given how long they have waited to do things together I don’t begrudge them doing it in whatever way they want (and I had my own first intimate time with Jen when she first came to visit me so I got two first times with her).

By the time we arrived back at the town, we were rather sweaty and I went for a quick dip in the sea to cool off. This wasn’t the best idea as I had denim shorts on, but I convinced Angela to slip her panties off so I could remove the shorts and just wear her panties (which on close inspection were obviously panties and not part of a bikini, but were better than nothing). Some people headed straight back to the apartments to change and relax but I convinced Lis and Lucy to stay out with Mike, Jen and me as I needed their help. Our walk had taken us past Eduardo’s villa and I asked Lucy and Lis if one of them would like to join Jen and I in visiting Eduardo. Obviously the lesbians would just be for show and he would only be allowed to do things with me, but this worked out well for me and as they had spent more time with his daughters, they also liked the idea of rewarding him, even if it was just visually.

I was all for letting Mike take the girls out for a final ice-cream while Lucy, Lis, Jen and I all went in to the villa, but Lucy was a little hesitant and played the card of Eduardo probably being happier with his precious daughters being left with Mike if she was also present. Lucy also made us swear to secrecy that Lis had gone along on the visit (but then we have better secrets that we keep from the rest of the gang anyway). Fortunately we arrived a little while before they were scheduled to leave for the airport and when Lis, Jen and I asked if we could use the bathroom, Eduardo let Mike and Lucy take the girls off for a final goodbye (but not the kind he was going to get). We quickly stripped off and I explained to him that the other two were gay so he could only watch, but that I would be happy to service him. I helped Jen strip Lis off and we both played with her and I gave Eduardo a taste of both Jen and Lis from my mouth (and for completeness, of me from my fingers). I rubbed his cock between my breasts and then let him slip inside me while Lis and Jen played on the bed beside us (I really want to have a bed as big as his one was – and then a bedroom large enough to put it in). This time I wanted to do something a little different and made sure he told me when he was getting close to cumming. I pulled myself off of his cock, put my (or rather Angela’s) panties back on as a little extra protection and knelt in front of him to suck him off. Just before he came, I pulled the condom off, pushed his cock back between my breasts and rubbed up and down. I got him off and his cum squirted up on to my neck and chest before running down between my breasts and acting as additional lubrication. I continued to gently masturbate him with my breasts until he started to go soft and I really wanted to give the head of his cock a gentle suck but refrained myself from doing so.

It would have been nice to stay and play a little longer, but he didn’t have much time so after I stole a quick lick of Lis’ pussy, we called Mike and Lucy to get them to return with the girls. While I gave the girls a big goodbye hug (I had a top back on by this point so I doubt I was getting any of their father’s cum on them), Lis dragged Lucy upstairs to show her the view. This was just a pretence (which I think Lucy knew) and Lis pushed Lucy down on to the bed and put her on display for Eduardo. Lucy acted all coy, but Lis says that she didn’t really try to stop her body from being exposed and even went as far as letting Lis briefly finger and lick her. Lis would have probably have gone all the way and made Lucy cum if Eloisa hadn’t gone upstairs, but Jen called up to warn them so by the time Eloisa arrived, the girls were looking out over the balcony. We made them promise that if they were ever over in the UK that they would come visit (which wasn’t that unlikely as Eduardo occasionally travelled for work) and then we said our final goodbyes and headed back to the apartment.

Most of us just relaxed until after lunch and Mel then dared us to make use of the henna tattoo place that was a little way down from our apartments. Naturally the dare was to get the tattoos in more daring places but that didn’t really phase us (at least the ones who were going to do it) and we went along and asked for various tattoos. We started off fairly conservatively and Jen got a rose painted on her upper thigh while she wore a fairly high cut bikini. Lis joined in and got a similar tattoo, but we convinced her to have it done on her inner thigh (she kept her panties on). To move things up a notch, Susan (who wasn’t wearing panties) got a nice heart painted on her mons and Abigail insisted that the tail of the heart go right down to Susan’s clit. I didn’t intend to be beaten so I asked for something suitable on my pussy lips and ended up with a little snake that crawled up one side, went just above my clit and down the other lip. When Julia sat down for her turn, she asked the guy for something that went right across her pussy but she was told that it was probably best to not get the henna inside her so she just got some small Chinese symbols on her mons and lips. From the tattoo guy’s reaction (or lack of) to our requests, I assume that a number of people are more adventurous when on holiday so what we were doing wasn’t anything too unusual for him.

Later on in the afternoon, we went for a wander around the marina and found a couple of locals on a boat and struck up a conversation with them. They seemed fairly nice and were more than happy to chat to us and ogle us as we carelessly bent over or adjusted our suits. After a while, they finally asked us if we wanted to go back to their place and we said that we would but asked if some of our friends could come. They asked if our friends were girls or boys and seemed much happier with the answer that they were girls so we arranged to meet them in 30 minutes and went to fetch the others. A couple of them complained that we hadn’t given them any time to get ready but we reminded them why we were going and that (hopefully) within a short time of arriving it wouldn’t matter how much we’d prettied ourselves up as we would be sweaty messes again.

Julia, Abrahii, Susan, Abigail, Mary, Angela and I waited at the spot we’d agreed and were beginning to think the guys weren’t going to show, but they turned up about 10 minutes late and seemed fairly pleased with the group. Their English wasn’t brilliant (but better than our Spanish) and we had a broken conversation as we wandered away from town towards the hills to their house. It was a surprisingly nice place with a pool and decent garden. The guys told us that we could sunbathe topless if we wanted and we let them talk us into doing this and then accepted their offers to help us put sun-cream on (as there were three of them, Angela and Mary creamed each other). We splashed around in the pool and the guys started to cop a feel but when they started concentrating on just a few of the girls (Abrahii, Mary and me) we made sure they didn’t ignore any of the others by taking their hands and pushing them on to the other girls’ breasts. Once the kissing started, things progressed a bit faster as we pushed our hands down to their crotches and into their shorts (which was a fairly clear sign).

The guys soon had hands in our panties, which led to panties being removed and again as there were seven girls and only three guys, some of the other girls had to either get themselves started or pair up and play with each other. We had no trouble explaining to the guys that we wanted them to use condoms (which we had brought with us), but explaining dental dams was a bit more complicated and required a demonstration. As they mostly wanted to finger and fuck us, this wasn’t too much of an issue and we did a fairly good job of taking care of everyone by whichever of the girls were being fucked also being responsible for licking one of the others. I think our locals thought they had hit the jackpot with us as we allowed them to fuck us, we then swam and sunbathed naked, played with each other and whenever any one of them wanted any attention they had at least two girls willing to meet their needs.

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