Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 11

Oops, I forgot to post last night (and I was doing so well at keeping to my schedule too)...

As the girls had their libido’s quenched, more of the attention was focussed on to the more active members of the group (Susan, Julia and me) and they had a competition to see which of us could cum first from a cold start (actually quite a hot sweaty start). We each had two people stimulating us and to make it fair, each of had one of the guys and one of the girls. The guys mostly played with our breasts, but also fingered us a little (at least my guy did). I had Mary helping out and she seems to have figured me out fairly well as she didn’t hold back at all and attacked my clit with one hand and rubbed the fingers of the other hand back and forth over my asshole. Once the three of us had cum again, we swam a little longer and Mel appeared with one of the guys and a fairly decent sized cucumber. It didn’t take too much imagination to figure out what was next and true to form, Mel insisted that Susan put on a show by fucking the cucumber. We’re not talking monster-cock, pussy breaking size, but it was enough to stretch her and once Susan had an end buried a decent way inside her, Julia and I had to take turns mounting the other end and riding it. It actually felt fairly good, but I didn’t think I was going to cum so we were given a new challenge where Susan had to fuck herself with the cucumber and Julia and I had to use beer bottles. This felt much better and as I no longer really care what any of them see me do, I lay back and reached a hand around underneath myself so I could use a couple of fingers in my ass while I pumped the bottle in and out of my cunt. I’m told that I had a pretty good orgasm face when I came and it looked like I just wanted to enjoy myself and really didn’t care about anything else.

The guys were coaxed in to a final round and they fucked Angela, Abigail and Abrahii while Julia, Susan and I licked on the girls’ breasts and fondled the guys’ balls (and occasionally reached down to play with the girls’ clits). It was a pretty good afternoon and I was very jealous of the guys being able to live somewhere they could go out and play naked in their garden (and pool) whenever they wanted (or at least when the parents weren’t home). Before we left, we got them to examine our tattoos (which they had obviously seen already, but they had generally been busy when near our pussies so they hadn’t paid too much attention). They also liked Julia’s labia piercing (which Jen is still considering getting, but I’ve so far managed to talk her out of it). I thought we were going to head back, but Mel appeared with a tub of ice cream which she had liberated from the freezer and announced that she wanted to do one last thing with Susan (who has clearly taken over the roles that Julia and I had as Mel’s little abuse toy.

As it was so warm, Susan initially thought that it would be quite nice to be cooled down, but she quickly realised that the heat of the day just made the difference in temperature even greater (if she’d been studying science she would have realised this before Mel rubbed a dollop of ice cream directly on to her pussy). More was added to the rest of Susan’s bodies until almost her whole front was covered, at which point Mel started to vigorously finger Susan. A couple more servings of ice cream were added onto Susan as Mel fingered her and if I hadn’t known better I would have guessed that Susan had done something really bad to Mel and Mel was trying to get revenge. As Susan got close to cumming, Mel started telling her how much of a little slut she was and how everyone was going to watch her as she came (nothing new there). Mel continued calling Susan names and told her that she wanted to see her piss herself. Susan was humping her hips against Mel’s hand, but wasn’t even coming close to matching the speed that Mel was moving. I think Mel had four fingers in Susan, but at times it looked like she had all five (not fisting her, just the fingers). When Susan said she was about to cum (said might not be the right word as she mostly panted it) Mel continued to bark at her, calling her a little cunt and telling her that she had to piss herself as hard as she could so everyone could see. Now I know that Susan quite enjoys being told what to do so that she can just enjoy herself with the excuse that she was just following orders, but it really looked to me like Mel was being way too forceful (which Jen would have probably enjoyed, but she is much more in to bondage than Susan). Susan did exactly what she was told though and as she came (fairly loudly) she let out a strong squirt of pee which sprayed everywhere due to Mel’s ferocious fingering. Mel continued to pump her fingers in to Susan until Susan had completely finished, at which point Mel withdrew her hand and wiped it clean(er) on Susan’s face.

Susan was a real mess and needed to be cleaned up before we could head back to the apartment. Mel wanted her to just jump in the pool to clean off but the guys told her not to (it would have got the water rather dirty) so she ended up just being hosed off – and a little bit out. I think the guys were quite surprised at just how intense Mel’s attack on Susan had been – they said something about Mel or Susan being crazy or what had just happened was crazy (in my opinion it’s just the fact that Mel can be a mean sadistic bitch at times). We got dressed and said goodbye to the guys and on the walk home I got Julia to distract Mel and I had a chat with Susan and Abigail to check that Susan was all right. She said that it had felt quite intense, but it hadn’t really hurt her (despite how it appeared). We also found out that Mel had arranged with the guys for them to take us out in their (parent’s) boat the next day with the promise of them being able to use us again us as payment.

While we’d been gone, some of the guys had gone off for beer and to watch some football, a couple had rested and Mike had told them that he was going off with Jen to rest. They were teased about what their ‘resting’ would entail and Mike admitted that given the chance he would happing grind against Jen and cum over her and said that they would probably get to demonstrate that at some point during the holiday (plus everyone’s seen them do this before anyway). Lis and Lucy also said they were going for a lie down to recover from the morning walk and this is where the innocence of Lucy came in handy. Once alone, Mike and Jen snuck over to Lis and Lucy’s room and convinced them to make the most of the opportunity.

Mike started off by going down on Lis and once he had made her cum, he asked if he was allowed to fuck her yet. She teased him a little bit and told him he could be inside her for a short time as long as he behaved himself, but once they were fucking, she whispered to him that if he was *very* good, he could fill her cunt with cum. Mike wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to do just that and he told Lis as soon as she came again, he would do his best to fill her with so much cum that it would be leaking out of her for days (if he could actually cum that much I’d be a *very* happy girl). Meanwhile, Jen and Lucy were having their own little session, but Mike interrupted them to have a proper kiss with Jen (in order to taste Lucy’s juices) and he asked Lucy for an equivalent kiss to taste Jen but the best she would do was to feed him some of Jen’s juices with her fingers. Mike liked this and commented that he just wished Lucy would do that with her own juices and was pleasantly surprised when she pushed her fingers into her own pussy and then offered them to Mike to lick clean (which he did quite thoroughly). Being Mike, his next wish was to be able to taste Lucy’s juices directly from her pussy, but he wasn’t granted that wish and Lucy went back to Jen.

Mike didn’t mind being left with Lis, who he calls ‘his little lesbian’ (even though she is clearly bi) and he continued to fuck her. Lis was on top of him and they whispered dirty talk to each other and Mike played out a fantasy where Lis was fucked in front of the group by Lucy, me, Jen and then him in turn until she was left covered in a mixture of our juices and sweat with his cum leaking out of her cunt. Lis kept telling him to go on and describe more so he had Maria discover her and offer to help clean her up, which naturally involved her burying her face between Lis’ legs and licking all of Mike’s cum out of her and making her cum again. Out of fairness, Lis then offered to do the same to Maria and they 69ed with everyone cheering them on as Lis took Maria’s virginity and made her cum, squirting out her juices so they covered Maria’s pussy and thighs and Lis’ face. Mike then came back in to the fantasy and fucked Lis from behind again while Lis continued to 69 with Maria. Maria kept licking Lis’ clit while Mike fucked her cunt and as Lis came again, Mike emptied another huge load in to Lis so his cum splurted out around his cock (as in all good hentai films) for Maria to lick up.

They timed their fantasy so Lis came in it at the same time she came in real life and Mike was describing his cum overflowing from Lis’ cunt and Maria lapping away at her clit as Lis’ orgasm pulsed through her. Mike had been holding back for a while (he was enjoying the fantasy too) but he couldn’t quite cum fast enough to cum with Lis. He continued to move slowly in her until he did cum though and while he said it felt really good, the reality of his cum production was rather less than he had promised Lis.

Mike and Jen left Lucy and Lis and went off to have an actual rest together. I discovered them asleep when I returned and assumed they had been playing together, but they soon filled me in on their actual antics (and I described to them what we’d done with the locals). Most of us headed down to the beach and we played a few games, showing glimpses of ourselves off to some of the guys there. I didn’t really want to cum again just yet but was still determines to make the most of the holiday so when I was in swimming with one of the guys, I let him have a good fondle of my breasts (under the waterline) and then pushed his hand down in to my panties so he could finger me. Seawater isn’t the best lubricant (to put it mildly) so when he had his fingers inside me it didn’t feel that wonderful, but I got him to play with my clit and that felt a bit better. I gave his cock a fairly good wank, but I couldn’t get him to cum (he claimed that the cool water was stopping him). I debated arranging to meet him again later on so we could finish things properly, but preferred the idea of being able to relax and enjoy myself with friends (and not having to worry about protection).

We stayed in that evening and sat around chatting and drinking. Various people were teased and interrogated for different events of the day – Jen for having peed herself on the hilltop as she came, Susan for the way Mel had used the cucumber and ice cream on her, me for having used the bottle on myself while fingering my ass, Mike for having let Ashraf lick his cock while he was fucking Abigail. Just as Lis, Lucy and Jen were teased for not being daring enough to experiment with guys, Mike and Peter are teased from time to time for the same thing. In his defence, Mike has done a lot more with guys than Peter has, but he still mostly just lets guys do things to him. He is generally more adventurous while on holiday and this year he had stated beforehand (to Jen and I) that he intended to let Lucy see him experimenting with guys a little more (just a little though) in the hope that it would convince her to experiment with him (he’s eternally hopeful that he might get his tongue or cock into her cunt).

I quietly reminded Mike of this and then openly challenged him to repay Ashraf in kind. Mike wasn’t overly keen at first, but with sufficient encouragement from everyone, he said that he would give it a go, but wasn’t sure how much he’d do. Mike knew that I really wanted him to try this so as Ashraf pulled his cock out and stroked it to erection I thanked Mike and told him I’d repay him another time. I knelt and let Ashraf slide in to me from behind and fuck me a little (so that my juices would cover his cock) and then I let him sit down on a seat so I could climb over him and mount his cock. I spread my legs wide and watched as Mike shuffled forwards. I still wasn’t sure if he was actually going to lick us, and he paused a little, but the gang continued to egg him on and he pushed his tongue against my pussy and lapped at my clit. He licked me at first, but as I continued to ride up and down on Ashraf’s cock, it felt like Mike was licking me a little lower and I assumed he was getting at least some contact with Ashraf (which I later confirmed was the case). I asked him to carry on until I came and he lapped away at my clit faster as I continued to hump up and down on Ashraf’s cock. As Mike had come this far I thought he may as well go all the way so I concentrated on contracting myself around Ashraf and pushing down hard on his cock so he went deep inside me on each stroke. I assumed Mike would stop as soon as I came so I did my best to hold back but Mike seemed to have committed himself to the experiment so was giving my clit a fairly good lick.

I thought I was losing the battle, but Ashraf whispered to me that he was getting close so I just continued to move on him and tried to think about something other than what was happening (which was a bit of a shame as I wanted to enjoy it). I felt my orgasm start but I didn’t give any indication I was cumming (well, not to Mike anyway – the other people watching said they could tell from my expression. As Mike continued to lick me, the sensation was very intense but I endured it until Ashraf pushed in to me a bit harder and said he was cumming. I rocked back and forth on his cock and when Mike moved back I pulled myself off and sat down beside Ashraf. Mike was congratulated for having licked (albeit partially) his first cock, but Mel went on to suggest that he should finish things properly and suck Ashraf clean. Mike wasn’t up for this, but after a bit of negotiation he ended up giving the head of Ashraf’s cock a quick kiss.

Susan was next in line for humiliation and Mel asked Jen to help out by fisting Susan once more. Susan seemed to have adapted to this much faster than I did (although I haven’t had it done to me so many times in such a short period) and she lay back, spread her legs and told Jen to go ahead. Jen oiled her hand up and worked a few fingers in, then added the remained and slowly pushed her whole hand in. Other people helped out by holding Susan’s legs wide apart and once Jen had been working her hand inside Susan (and Susan had adapted enough to say it felt nice), Mel suggested that someone else should try. The girls compared their hands to Jen’s and while Angela probably had the smallest hand, Abigail decided that if anyone else was going to fist Susan, it should be her. Abi pushed four fingers into Susan and Jen showed her hot to fold her thumb against her hand and with what looked like minimal additional stretching, Abi got her hand in to Susan and gently pumped it in and out (contrary to porn movies, it doesn’t feel wonderful if someone vigorously fists you – it is actually quite painful). Abi practiced flexing her hand inside Susan as she moved and Mel suggested that everyone should have a go in Susan.

We didn’t get round everyone (by a long way), but Susan did end up with Angela’s, James’, Lis’ and my fists in her. A few of the other guys tried (as did Mel) but Susan wasn’t quite flexible enough to accommodate them (and fortunately for her everyone was considerate enough to stop whenever she said it was too much, surprisingly even Mel didn’t push too far). People had mostly avoided Susan’s clit so while she had enjoyed herself, she hadn’t cum yet and as Jen was the (relative) expert in fisting, she was given the job of making Susan cum. I had a feeling that Mel was up to something (but then she usually is) and we soon found out what she had told Susan to do. As she came, Susan peed over Jen – given Jen had a hand in Susan at the time, it sort of sprayed everywhere and a few people got splashed, but Jen definitely caught the brunt of it and once she had removed her hand from Susan, she went to clean off. Once Jen returned Mel suggested that Jen demonstrate her fetish properly for everyone and pee as she came – Jen declined to do this and despite more teasing she held fast.


  1. My husband I have long read your blog. You do great work. He has commented to you before but I wanted to say how hot it was to read about Mike and Ashraf.

    We have been in the lifestyle for a number of years and the first time my macho husband took a cock in his mouth is still one of the hottest moments in our relationship. Congrats to Mike.

  2. It's always nice to hear from my female readers (I assume most of my readers are male, but I may be wrong about that...)

    I was also quite impressed that Mike actually did that - he didn't really enjoy it, but has said that he would do it again as part of a group session (but more for my enjoyment than his I think).

    Do you have a regular group of people that you play with / swap partners with or find different people each time? Now that most of Jen's friends have left Uni, we're wondering what the best way to safely meet people to play with is.

  3. We have a single guy who is a friend of ours and he is our regular play partner. My husband enjoys watching another man have sex with me and I enjoy seeing my husband take a cock in his mouth - although it did a few years for it to finally happen. The first time was quite a story. He also largely does it because he knows it drive me crazy. :)

    When we are looking for couples or other girls to play with we usually head into the city (New York) and go to one of the many lifestyle clubs in the city. It is his or miss some nights but we have had a couple of real successes.

  4. I guess we have our regular set of people that we play with, so we're not too badly off. I am missing having cocks other than Mike's, but while we're not on the pill it obviously wouldn't have been a good idea