Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 12

As we’d had an early start, people started to head off to bed reasonably early. Peter said he would like to take two girls to bed with him (and we had promised him this to encourage him to come along on the holiday). Just so he could complete the set, he got Susan and Mel. Mike got in early and said that as he’d licked Ashraf he thought he deserved a couple of girls too and (by his own admission, at least partially to demonstrate that he could) he chose Jen and Julia. Richard & James and Simon and Ethan decided to swap partners for the night which left us very female biased. Ashraf said that he wanted to spent the night with Angela and Mary, but as they had been together a number of times already, we felt they should split up so we could share them. As I’d been with them both the previous evening, I let Ashraf choose which one he wanted and he went with Mary and Abrahii which left me with Abigail and Angela.

Mike enjoyed his night with Jen – he got her to hump against him while he ate Julia and then he fucked Jules while Jen sat over her face and he watched closely as Julia lapped away at Jen’s cunt. Mike gently blew air at Jen’s pussy and told her how in a matter of days he would have his tongue sliding over and into her pussy and soon after that it would be his cock in her. Jen didn’t help matters by wriggling her ass at him and telling him she was looking forward to finding out how good he was at eating pussy and whether a cock really felt much nicer than a good dildo (Mike has already long conceded that his cock can’t match the stimulation of a good vibe). Julia said that she almost felt like a third wheel with the two of them flirting, but Mike made up for this and once Jen had cum, Mike flipped over so Julia was riding him and he pounded into her until she came (Julia really likes it when Mike does this to her). As they chatted while drifting off to sleep, Jules said that she pitied Jen as once Mike was allowed to fuck her, she wouldn’t stand a chance with both him and me endlessly wanting to make Jen cum. (With Julia’s libido, which admittedly seems to have declined a little recently, I seriously doubt that she would ‘pity’ Jen in that situation).

Once again, my evening session was fairly gentle – Abigail, Angela and I daisy chained just for a single session. I got to sleep in the middle so was able to spoon with each of them at different times in the night. The next morning I was woken by Abrahii and we played with each other while Angela woke up, at which point we teamed up on her. I finished off by scissoring with Angela and I then kitty kissed her while she took care of Abrahii. That morning, Mike and Julia had spent a while playing with Jen (with Mike sucking on her nipples) and they had gotten Jen nicely worked up (which is quite a visible thing with her as she can get incredibly wet when properly aroused). They swapped places so both Mike and Jen played with Julia (while Jen was still very horny) and once Jules had cum, Mike pushed into her from behind while she ate Jen. Mike left them to play and snuck in to Lis and Lucy’s room. They were already mostly awake, but Lis still let Mike go down on her and he then whispered to her that his cock was covered in Julia’s juices. In return for eating her, Lis gave his cock a quick suck and Mike asked if he could fuck her (which he was allowed to do as long as he was quiet).

We didn’t have much planned for the Saturday and spent the morning on the beach. After lunch we returned to the apartment to hide from the midday sun and as a few of us had ice cream and ice lollies, we were challenged to masturbate with them. Now I’ve done this before (as I think we all have) so I knew pretty much what to expect (basically, cold). I agreed to do this only if someone would buy me another lolly and we were promised replacements providing we put on a good show. As expected, the lolly felt freezing (odd that), but it was quite exhilarating fucking myself with it. Of course I wasn’t alone and we had the usual suspects participating. We got most of the other girls to try a lolly (at least partially inserting it into their cunt) and even Lis participated, although she just rubbed it over her pussy inside her panties. Lucy went as far as letting Lis rub her crotch with the lolly through her panties. Those of us who appreciated the cold a bit more then finished masturbating with the lollies (although most of us had to actually finish off with fingers as the lollies had mostly melted).

The guys weren’t safe from the cold either and were challenged to let us masturbate them using the ice cream (for which we had to go and buy some more). Once we returned, each guy participating was assigned a girl (they were given the opportunity of doing it themselves but all opted to let us do things to them – even James). We started off my sucking them and then applying a small amount of ice cream to their cocks and stroking them. Given the guys weren’t actually having the cold shoved inside them, they were relative wusses, but they all persevered and despite complaining about the cold, they allowed us to masturbate them with hands full of ice cream. I knelt as close to Richard as I could and as the ice cream dripped form his cock and my hands it ran down my stomach or landed on my thighs. We kept this up until each of the guys had added their own cream to the mess at which point some of the girls went to clean up and some of us remained on the balcony and massaged a mixture of ice cream and cum into ourselves (and there was possibly a little licking of each other as well).

Once everyone was clean, we chatted a while longer and got around to discussing films. The Human Centipede came up, and in the way that only our group can, we figured out a way of turning an incredibly sick film into an actionable sex game. Thankfully nobody was actually interested in scat play – our version was rather more pleasurable than the film in that all of the gay/bi guys lay on their sides and we formed a cock to ass centipede. It was rather difficult to see what was going on in the middle of the chain, but we managed to get the five guys joined together. Ideally they would have been able to fuck, but co-ordinating this so it worked turned out to be too tricky. I think they managed to move against each other in a way that worked for a few seconds, but they couldn’t maintain it. Ideally I would have loved to see them all fuck and cum in each other, apart from Ethan who was at the front who would produce a huge stream of cum as each guys cum would be fed forwards through the centipede to Ethan’s cock (I may not be a biologist, but I’m fairly confident this is how it would work – at least in my fantasy).

Mid-afternoon: it was time to meet up with the locals and go out on their (parent’s) boat. The guys seemed a little disappointed that so many guys had turned up (Mel had told them that all of our group would probably want to come), but I think the addition of Lis, Lucy and Jen helped to appease them (we kind of forgot to mention that they were gay before we set off – although once at sea it was made clear that they weren’t for playing with). Ashraf and Richard hinted that they would quite like to spent some time with our hosts, but their English wasn’t good enough to pick up on the hints and it was only when we asked explicitly if they were bi (we knew they weren’t gay) that they said they weren’t interested in guys.

The girls started to strip off fairly quickly and by the time we were a decent way out we were all naked (no prized for guessing who was the last to get naked, but Lis convinced her). Some of us put on more of a show as we applied sun-cream and some of us allowed other people to ‘help’. This went for the guys too and a few of them had cream vigorously applied to their cocks and massaged in thoroughly. It took a little explaining to the local guys that we had all been tested so we knew that we were all free from disease, and this was why we didn’t insist on using protection amongst our group but we wanted them to use condoms, but we got there and they seemed to accept the fact that we were willing to be fucked with the other guys around (in fact some of our guys had already taken advantage of the general nudity).

It was wonderful being able to sunbathe naked in the middle of the sea (we weren’t really that far from shore, but far enough that there wasn’t anyone else around). Some people swam and snorkelled for a while as others had more carnal fun on the boat. At one point I was steering the boat while one of the locals stood behind me, reaching around to caress my breasts and play with my pussy. I would have quite liked him to make me cum just like that but he seemed more interested in fucking me (and it’s not like I would have stopped him from doing that even if he’d just fingered me to orgasm). I pushed my ass back towards him and let him slide into me and then leant forwards to let him fuck me. We pushed against each other and even though I was now hidden from view a lot more than I had been out on deck, I was really enjoying myself so I reached down to play with my clit and then reached around behind myself to rub my fingers over my ass. My Spanish fuck-buddy seemed to think I was inviting him to take my ass when I did this and when I removed my fingers, he pulled my cheeks apart, pulled his cock out of my cunt and pressed the head against my ass. I didn’t really mind and held myself still as he pushed in to me and once he was inside I started to push back against him. In a way, this position was better (even though I generally much prefer having my cunt fucked) as I could now reach down and alternate between playing with my clit and pushing a few fingers in to my pussy. I wasn’t sure how long he was going to last, but as I was letting him fuck my ass, I damn well intended to cum so I rapidly frigged and fingered myself as his cock slid in and out of my ass. I came first and once the initial pulses of my orgasm had faded, I continued to gently stroke and finger myself to send additional throbs of pleasure through my body until the guy came.

Back on deck, I filled Jen in on what had happened and then set about playing with her – just gently stroking and kissing her body at first, but my fingers soon found her pussy and started to probe it and once Jen realised that I didn’t intend to stop she spread her legs and told me that I may as well do things properly. I didn’t do anything special to her, just used fingers with a bit of licking, but as I pleasured her, I gave Lis and Lucy a lesson in the way that Jen likes to be played with. Now we all knew that they already knew full well what Jen likes, but it amused the rest of our group as I described in detail how Jen liked having the lips of her pussy sucked on and a tongue pushed up inside her to scoop out her copious juices. As Jen got closer to cumming, I asked if anyone else wanted to help me make her cum (ignoring the offers from the guys) and accepted help from Angela and Susan (who was sent over by Abigail). Between the three of us, we played with her pussy and breasts and made sure that she always had a pussy over her mouth and the locals were told to watch closely as one of our ‘proper lesbians’ was made to cum for them to see. We gave Jen an extended orgasm (or at least we kept stimulating her for a while after she’d cum) and I was a little surprised that she didn’t pee as she came (it’s not as if they could complain about the boat getting wet).

A couple of the group had tried having sex in the little dinghy attached to the boat and it was recommended to me so I took Mike down there for a ride (I hadn’t actually fucked him for quite a while as we both had plenty of other people to play with and as I’d just done things with Jen and he’d had Jen the previous night it seemed fitting. The best position was definitely with Mike on his back and me riding him – the boat bounced up and down wonderfully (well, the bottom section that Mike was lying on did) and it made it very easy to get a good rhythm going. We were cheered as we fucked (as had been the base with the others who had used the boat) and Mike played with my clit as I rode him until he made me cum.

As Mike hadn’t cum yet, he was still nice and hard and he asked me to send down Mel so that we made sure she was made to perform in front of everyone and she reluctantly climbed down into the boat, at which point Mike grabbed her and buried his face between her legs. He started to eat her while she was still holding on to the ladder but then pulled her into the boat with him properly and he gave her cunt a proper lashing with his tongue. He carried on eating her until she said she was about to cum and then pulled away. Mel complained that it was bad form to tease (as if she can talk given the number of times she has got Julia or me close to cumming and then left us hanging), but Mike told her to mount him and he would finish her off. She rode him, making use of the dinghy’s bounciness in the same way I had and Mike helped things along by playing with her clit. When Mel came Mike pulled her down onto him and started to fuck her more vigorously – he had originally intended to just make her cum and then ask for a third girl for him to eat and fuck, but he changed his mind. He held Mel against his body and pounded in to her cunt over and over, as fast as he could. Mel moaned quite a bit as he did this – not really loudly, but enough that we guessed she was feeling quite sensitive. I watched as Mike ran his hands through her hair, over her back, and between her ass cheeks. He told her he was going to fill her with cum just before he actually came in her and after giving her a few final hard thrusts, he rolled them over so he was on top and he pulled out of her. Mel looked quite breathless so Mike left her to recover in the boat and joined us back on deck. He said that someone else should go and have a go with Mel as she was now nice and wet (he said that it felt like he’d cum a fair amount in her, but that might just have been her juices).

We stayed out for another couple of hours (although I sheltered in the boat for a bit as I was beginning to turn pink). We encouraged the guys to continue to play with us and Susan put on a nice show by fucking herself on one of the metal rope ties and then allowing multiple people to finger her. Mel wanted Jen to fist Susan again but as we didn’t have any lube (and Susan was covered in salt water), this didn’t happen. As we headed back to shore, some of the group got dressed while others of us waited until we were tied up before we put our swimsuits back on. We thanked the local guys one last time and headed back to the apartment.

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