Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 13

A number of us felt fairly tired that evening so we had a relatively quiet one. We did convince a number of the guys to try out the fleshlight and once a number of them had cum in it, various girls (myself included) would sit on the guys’ cocks to get an instant cum mix inside us. To be fair, none of the guys seemed to produce that much cum (which is fairly usual by that time in a busy day) and we lamented this, saying how nice it would have been to have them each empty a full load into the fleshlight to act as lube for the next guy – and then allowing us girls to pour the mixture over ourselves and massage it in to each other’s body and pussy.

We tried out a few other toys on the guys – some of them happily took a dildo or vibe in their ass and said it felt good, but the toy that was most successful (after the fleshlight) was an electric toothbrush. Now a number of us have these, but most of the guys hadn’t tried them (or at least claimed not to have done so). Granted, if you use a normal head, the bristles can be too hard and the sensation isn’t that pleasurable, but if you swap the head for one with soft bristles it can feel amazing. Even the guys who had cum in the fleshlight were quite quickly aroused once the brush was held against their cock. I’ve done this to Mike before so knew that the best place was likely to be just under the glans at the front – it is sufficiently sensitive that he can cum quickly, but not so sensitive that the feeling is too intense to be pleasurable. Even though none of the guys wanted to cum again just yet, it was enough to get them nice and hard very quickly (literally in a matter of seconds for some of them). We didn’t want the toothbrush to feel inadequate, so to make up for the guys not using it to cum, we let them have a turn with us and it was used in turn on Susan, me, Mary and Abrahii. We would have probably continued with it, but the battery started to die so it was retired to its charging station with the promise of letting it make more people cum another day.

We headed off to bed fairly early as we once again wanted to get up early to go for another walk (but this time to a beach where we could have some privacy and relax). Peter was given Julia for the night which we think completed his set of girls for the holiday. He tried to get Jen, Lis and Lucy to sleep with him (or at least spend the night with him) but he had the expected amount of success in this area. Ethan got James and Angela (and I was a little jealous of Angela). Jen took Mary, I got Mel and Ashraf, which left Simon with Abigail, Richard with Abrahii and Mike with Susan. I did manage to discreetly slip a hand up Lis’ skirt before we went our separate ways and whispered to her that I couldn’t wait to have her properly again. I asked Lis to be loud enough with Lucy that we could hear and I then led Mel and Ashraf in to the apartment that Lis and Lucy were using so I could listen in. Lis was certainly louder than usual (and probably sufficiently so that Lucy must have known that Lis was trying to be heard), but she also did a fairly good job of encouraging Lucy to make more noise than usual. While Lucy wasn’t as audible as Lis, we could still hear her moaning as she came and it sent a nice backdrop for our own games.

Ashraf is a fairly nice guy, and like me, he doesn’t always like the way that Mel is often mean when she pushes people beyond the point of having fun. As such, it didn’t take much to convince him that we should push Mel beyond her orgasmic comfort zone and between the two of us, we spent a while (possibly a little longer than we should have as we were getting up early) playing with Mel and making her cum a number of times. We took turns eating her, fingered her together and then (after I’d had a quick go with Ashraf’s cock), he fucked Mel while I sat over her face and let her lick me.

Jen only had a brief play with Mary that night, but she woke up early enough on the Sunday morning that they could play before we set off. Jen promised Mary that she would take care of her again at the beach if she wanted and Mary (who seems to have adapted to our games and public cumming quite well) told her that she was looking forward to it. Mike only had a gentle session with Susan in the evening – he spent a while kitty kissing her and then spooned with her as she fell asleep. In the morning, he woke her up by rubbing his cock against her ass and then sliding in to her pussy. They fucked for a while but before he came in her, he pulled out and went down on her, then went back to slowly spooning with her until she was ready to cum again. Only when Susan got really close to cumming did he change his mind and decide not to cum in her, but he continued fucking and frigging her until she came (after which he opted for another quick kitty kissing session). Susan wondered why he hadn’t taken the opportunity to cum in (or over) her as most of the other guys will do so whenever they can and Mike explained that he sometimes liked teasing himself (and Susan knows full well from experience that this can lead to stronger orgasms).

Once everyone was ready, we set off on a walk to a beach that we’d discovered on a previous trip. It was about an hour from the apartment but we arrived before it was too hot and set up umbrellas for shade. Most of us dived straight in to the sea to cool off and then returned to the beach to sit and relax for a while. It was a beautiful spot and as we were alone, a good number of us stripped off completely. We helped each other apply suncream, which resulted in the usual amount of groping and in some cases a little more as well. We talked about how it would be good to camp out at the beach overnight – have a bonfire & sleep under the stars. Julia said that it would be amazing to have everyone lying or sitting around the fire, fucking, sucking, fingering or playing with each other and how we could have a massive group orgasm. Abigail mentioned that we should include Maria (the elder of the Italian girls) in the party and in a haphazard way we set about constructing a fantasy of what everyone would like to do to her (and it was pretty much everyone, even Lucy admitted that she thought Maria was hot and that she would sleep with her given a chance – and if she wasn’t dating Lis). This turned out to be a fairly long fantasy so I’ll publish it separately.

The fantasy certainly helped get people in the mood for some fun and as we discussed it, a few people started to play with each other or themselves. Jen started to play with me and I reached over to stroke Mike’s cock with one hand and Jen’s pussy with the other – it wasn’t incredibly effective, but we were mostly teasing and not really going for an orgasm. Hardly surprisingly, Susan was told that she should masturbate properly and was made to lie roughly in the middle of the group and play with herself (although a few other people leant a hand – or at least fingers).

Once we finished the fantasy it was announced that as a surprise, Mike, Jen and I were going to be treated to a special cum-fest for the day. This was partly as a birthday present for me and partly in thanks for the role that we played in helping to liberate the group and as we would be retiring from our public sex life (at least until one or both of Jen and I got pregnant) it had been decided that this would be the last opportunity. Originally, the suggestion had been for me to be used as people saw fit and made to cum as many times as possible, but other people in the group had pointed out that Jen had played a large part in pushing me to experiment in front of the group and before that, it had been Mike who had pushed me to be adventurous and had been willing to share me with Jen.

The rules for the day were fairly simple, everyone was going to make me cum at least once, and all the girls were going to do the same for Mike and Jen. Naturally a number of the guys offered to chime in and help out with Mike as well, but they appreciated that he might not see this as a reward in quite the same way that I would. As the greatest exhibitionist out of the three of us, I was also promised an audience for each of my orgasms. Mike liked the idea of being able to do things with all of the girls in a single day (with the obvious exception of Jen, Lucy and Lis) and confirmed that he could eat, finger and fuck them as often as he liked.

As she was going to be one of the centres of attention anyway, Jen didn’t object when I suggested to her that we get things started and I dragged her to where Susan had been playing with herself and we set about 69ing with each other. Despite their promise that I would be watched closely, I noticed that a few people weren’t watching (which is hardly surprising as they’ve all seen me cum so many times). Some of the others gave us quite a bit of encouragement though and this was enough to spur me on and really enjoy myself. I tried to spread Jen as wide as I could so that people could see her inner depths – Jen doesn’t enjoy being watched quite as much as I do, but usually once she is really in to a session she doesn’t care too much what people see. We fingered, frigged and licked each other until we’d both cum and Jen went back to her spot to catch her breath while I offered myself to whoever wanted me next.

Mike said that he wanted to go next so that he could eat me before the other guys came in me. Nobody objected to this and he crawled over and kitty kissed me before attacking my cunt and ass with his tongue. He was much more forceful than Jen had been but when I got close to cumming he slowed down and kept me on the edge for a few minutes before finally letting me cum. He then mounted me and pushed his cock in to me, fucked me for a short time and then rubbed his cock on my neck. I was left to recover while Mike moved over to Abigail and he arranged to have a threesome with her (she ate Jen while Mike ate her).

The group decided that it would be more interesting to concentrate on making me cum and just let Mike and Jen get on with things themselves in parallel (and to be fair I did have almost twice as many people to satisfy – or to satisfy me depending on your point of view – so it was going to take me longer to get through them). I was given a rolled up towel to act as a pillow and was then taken by Peter and Ashraf in turn, followed by 69ing with Susan. Mike went down on Abrahii while this was happening and Jen played with Julia. Jen got Susan after I’d finished with her and Mike got to eat and fuck Mary (he didn’t cum in her though). As Susan was busy, Jules got given the job of licking me while Richard fucked me and once Susan was available again, she was given the job of licking me while Peter and Ashraf had another brief turn in me each (just so they could also be licked while in me).

We knew that we’d have to head back fairly soon as the sun was getting fairly high and the beach was nestled between two high ridges so it gets pretty hot in the middle of the day. Before we did though, a few of us swam out to a platform about 100m out on the side of the cliff and I Jen and I were made to cum out there. Jen was told that she should give a better demonstration of her watersports fetish, but that she wouldn’t be alone as Susan and I would be joining her. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I guessed that Jen would enjoy it and as I’ve said before, I don’t think there is much I could do now to shock the gang so I was up for it. Susan, Jen and I had to lie on the edge of the platform with our legs spread and we each had someone play with us. As we got closer to cumming, we were told to play with each other and so Jen reached a hand over to Susan and my pussy, while we each reached between her legs and played with her. Susan came first and as instructed, she peed as Jen fingered her through her orgasm, spraying out in to the sea and over Jen’s hand. Susan then concentrated on playing with Jen and with my help, Jen was next to cum, at which point she pushed as hard as she could and sent an arc of pee much further out (and also splashing over Susan whenever our hands got in the way). I was last to cum, but wasn’t too far behind once I had both Susan and Jen playing with me – I didn’t really get to see how far I could squirt as Jen was mostly in the way and was rapidly fingering me as I came so I mostly sprayed over her arm and body and my legs.

We at least got to clean off by swimming back to short, but our display was a topic for conversation for the first part of the trek home. As it was obvious that Jen had quite enjoyed being peed on as well as peeing as she came, a few of the guys offered to relieve themselves on her whenever she wanted. I kind of let the cat out of the bag by saying that Mike was probably the only guy that she would let pee on her, which led to Jen being pressured to say if he’d done this already. She grudgingly admitted that he had (after a lot of questioning) and tried to divert the topic away by reminding people that I had fingered Sue and Julia had slept with her brother, but as both these things were old news, it wasn’t that effective. Lis discreetly asked Mike for details and he told her, (which I think was worse than my gaffe as he knew full well that Lis would pass on all of the details to Lucy).

We passed a few people on the way back and during a break, a few of us snuck around to the other side of a group of rocks and continued the cum-fest. I had Simon fuck me (which meant I got to do the next section of the walk with his cum dripping out of my pussy), Mike ate Angela and then fucked her. He hadn’t intended to cum just yet, but decided that he’d held back long enough so ended up unloading in her. This meant that she also got to experience cum-leakage as we walked (mostly as Mike confiscated her panties so she couldn’t cover herself). I didn’t actually have that much cum in me as it had mostly leaked out during our games, the swimming or the walk up until that point, but I was still thinking about our plan to get pregnant and chatted to Angela about this. We discussed how once I was off the pill, we could get all of the guys to line up and fuck me in turn so I was completely filled with cum (or how they could all cum in a bowl and we could use a funnel to pour it in to me like the yoghurt). Of course, the only cum that will be in me once I’m off the pill is Mike’s, but Angela seemed to enjoy the idea of me getting pregnant and not knowing who the father was.

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