Monday, 25 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 14

We had left it a little late to leave the beach so by the time we got back to town it was very hot and we all needed to cool down and have a drink. As soon as lunch was out of the way, Mike took Mel and Julia to play with and had a private threesome with them (not so much for the privacy, more so they could use a bed and be comfortable. Jen and I were subjected to another round – Jen had Abigail eat her and I had James fuck me. For someone who is apparently gay, he is getting considerably better at fucking (although Abrahii is the one who should get to take the credit for this). Abigail was convinced to go down on me once she had finished with Jen (James had already finished by this time) and after a little break (by which time Mike, Julia and Mel had returned), people said that for completeness, Lis and Lucy should also participate and help Jen and I cum.

Lis said that as they had done it before (at my birthday the previous year) then she didn’t think it was a big deal and she moved over between Jen’s legs and started to play with Jen’s pussy. Jen complained that she couldn’t cum again so soon but I didn’t want to waste the chance so I told Lis to do me first and then we could take care of Jen when she was ready. Lis quickly crawled over between my legs and pushed a couple of fingers in to me, then used her other hand on my clit. It felt wonderful to look down and see her cute face smiling up at me as she fingered me in front of everyone. People urged her to do more and I almost thought she was going to eat me, but she just stood up and continued to finger me while she lowered her mouth to my breasts and sucked on each nipple. I held Lis’ head against my breasts and concentrated on what her fingers were doing to my pussy and clit – as she was using a hand to steady herself, she was alternating between fingering and frigging me, but it still felt good and I pictured the view from behind Lis – her fingers in me, her little skirt riding high and her cute ass and pussy peeking out from underneath. I announced that I was going to cum if she carried on and she looked up at me, flicked her tongue back and forth over one of my nipples and then frigged me to orgasm.

The orgasm itself wasn’t any more spectacular, strong or deep than most of the other people gave me, but it felt a lot more intimate. I’ve known for a while (as will long-term readers) that I love Lis (and I think she loves me) and it really felt like I could feel that as her fingers worked on and in me. Once she stood up, Lis offered me her fingers to suck clean and I held her hand as I took them in my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. Lis was given a round of applause and told to take care of Jen but I suggested that she be given a break and that maybe Lucy could be responsible for Jen’s next orgasm. I was going to add in a taunt along the lines of ‘unless you’re too prudish’, but Lucy accepted the challenge without me having to do this.

Lucy basically did the same to Jen as Lis had done to me, apart from the fact that Lucy lay on the sofa beside Jen and fingered her while sucking on her nipples. As Jen writhed under Lucy’s touch I pointed out that it wasn’t fair as Jen’s nipples are significantly more sensitive than mine so it was like she was getting a double session, but the response was just that I got to have both the guys and girls make me cum so I shouldn’t complain. To shut me up, Susan was sent over to give me a bonus licking, but I don’t think this distracted anyone else from watching Lucy make Jen cum. Apparently, Lucy nearly ended up sucking her fingers clean herself, but Jen intervened and pulled them into her own mouth to clean them.

I was made to cum by Lucy and Jen by Lis later on in the afternoon in the same way as before (fingers only). By early evening I had been made to cum by everyone at least once, had every one of the guys inside me (some of them came over me instead of in me) and been at least fingered (but mostly licked) by all of the girls. Jen had been fingered or eaten by all the girls and Mike had got to be inside most of them and eaten all of them apart from Lis, Lucy and Jen (although Jen and he had humped together until she came). Near the end of the evening, Mel suggested that Lis, Jen and Lucy should let Mike do things with them so he could also complete the set – he knew that he wasn’t likely to get this, but was surprised to find that as a compromise Lis offered him a chance to kiss her breasts. This was nothing new to Mike, but was something new to the rest of the group so he made a big show out of thoroughly kissing and licking around Lis’ breasts and then spending time kissing her nipples. Mike had a quick suck on Jen’s nipples and with a bit of help from everyone, Lucy was convinced to at least let him play with her breasts. He was given a time limit of 1 minute, but he seemed to make the most of this and left Lucy’s nips shining with his saliva and obviously more erect than they had been before he started.

As it was our last night, we went out for drinks and to say goodbye to what may well be our last group holiday (for Mike, Jen and me anyway). We didn’t get really drunk (flying while hung-over isn’t fun), but certainly enjoyed ourselves and had a very touchy-feely evening. I got a couple of extra birthday bonuses – the first of which was being given a proper public orgasm. We were sitting on the wall between the promenade and the beach, looking out to sea and I was leaning against Mike. He started to gently stroke my neck and I looked up at him and told him that it felt nice so he continued and paid a bit more attention to what he was doing. Everyone in our group knows that I can cum from having my neck stroked (although not all of them have witnessed this) and Jen sent the word round that I was going to be made to cum. There were random people sitting on the wall on either side of our group, the cafés and restaurants were still busy just behind us and there was a lot of foot traffic on the promenade.

I murmured to Mike that it was beginning to feel good and I shifted my position to make it easier for him to stroke my neck. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen too quickly as I know that it generally takes quite a while for this method to make me cum, but being outside with so many people around certainly seemed to be helping things along. Jen switched places so she could sit on the other side of me and she gently caressed my thigh, but made sure that she didn’t touch my pussy or do anything to directly stimulate me. As I got closer to orgasm, I spread my legs a little more and then lifted one foot up on to the wall beside me, which lifted my skirt and exposed my pussy to the air and the sea view (nobody was between us and the sea so this was quite safe). A few people in the group asked why I hadn’t cum yet, but Jen explained that it took time – I was mostly oblivious to this as I was concentrating on the tingling sensation slowly building in my pussy and how each time Mike’s fingers brushed back and forth over my neck, the tingling seemed to imperceptibly intensify. Fortunately Mike has made me cum more than enough times to be able to read me pretty well, so the fact that I was keeping quiet didn’t stop him from having a fairly good clue as to how aroused I was getting. Having said that, I wasn’t entirely silent and let out the occasional sigh or whimper whenever a particularly strong tingle pulsed through my pussy. I trusted Mike and Jen to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught (but to be honest, by this point I was mostly worried about being interrupted and not being able to cum) and relaxed against Mike as my orgasm started to peak and then pulsed out from my pussy. When I cum this way, it almost always feels different to other ‘normal’ orgasms – it’s not that it is necessarily any stronger, but certainly feels a lot deeper, as if the pleasure throbs out from my cunt through the core of my body. It can feel even better if Jen plays with my nipples at the same time, but as we were sitting at the edge of a busy street, that would have been rather difficult. I apparently panted a bit as I came but was concentrating on how good it felt so didn’t realise this until I was told afterwards.

When my orgasm ended and I became aware of my surroundings again I slowly pulled my legs together and pulled myself upright a little more as I had slumped down a fair bit (but I continued to lean against Mike). Jen slipped her hand under my skirt and brushed her fingers briefly against my pussy and then withdrew her hand and said that I felt very wet (which is often the case after I’ve cum like this). Lis and Lucy said they were heading off for some alone time and I wondered if I had finally pushed things a bit too far by cumming in such a public place but my train of thought was interrupted by Mel said that just because I’d cum it didn’t mean that my birthday cum-fest was over. I was still catching my breath and my pussy was still tingling a little bit but I asked Mel what else she had in mind. She told me to stay where I was and whispered something to Susan and Abrahii who disappeared off – a couple of minutes later they reappeared with a couple of guys and they all wandered on to the beach and along to where I was sitting on the wall.

Abrahii came up to me and gently pushed one of my legs to the side, ran her fingers up and down my pussy and then whispered in my ear that Jen had been right – I did feel quite moist. I could see that Susan was indicating in my direction and talking to the guys but couldn’t make out clearly what she was saying, but as I had my legs spread and Abrahii had pushed my skirt up a little so my pussy was pretty much completely exposed to them it wasn’t too difficult to make a guess. The guys seemed to give their approval and I was led back to our apartment. On the way, Abrahii explained that they had told the guys it was my birthday and I wanted to be fucked by some strangers and I had to let them do anything they wanted to me. We moved on to one of the back streets and I was told to stop and show myself off to the guys so I lifted my skirt and then my top and asked them if they would make me cum. I was told to bend over and Mel flipped the back of my skirt up – after which I was instructed to play with myself and the guys were then given permission to fondle my ass and pussy.

One of them was a bit more adventurous and reached around to play with my breasts inside my top so Mel pulled the back of my t-shirt up and unsnapped my bra to let him get his hands directly on to my skin. As we walked the rest of the way home, I pulled my bra out from my top and handed it to Jen to carry. We made one more stop where I was told to sit on a step with my legs spread and fondle myself while asking the guys to take me home and fuck me. I loved being able to be so dirty and having to quickly cover up when other people went past just made me feel more excited. I was definitely committed to the game and was really getting in to my little display. My legs were spread wide, I was using a hand to play with my breasts (and trying to keep the t-shirt up to show this) and a hand busily playing between my legs. I switched back and forth between frigging myself and fingering myself in an exaggerated fashion. I made the mistake of telling everyone that I was getting close and the guys were asked if they wanted to watch me cum or take me back to the apartment to fuck me (and they chose the latter). I tried to explain that we could do both, but was dragged up and pulled along until I gave up and followed.

As soon as we got inside, my skirt and top were pulled off leaving me naked and the guys were each given a condom to apply. Once these were on, I was told to kneel and suck them. They weren’t standing right next to each other, but were close enough that I could hold one and jerk him while sucking the other one. Julia, Mel, Jen and Susan stayed in the room to watch and make sure they didn’t try anything (or anything more than I wanted them to) and the rest of the group left us in peace (which seemed to make the guys seem a lot more at ease). Mel suggested various things for me to do to/with them like letting them tit-fuck me, lying on the bed and masturbating, kneeling on the bed and letting them spit-roast me (one in mouth, one in cunt), having them fingering me or playing with my breasts… Mel wanted them to try and DP me, but they weren’t too keen on this idea – unusually, I wasn’t to disappointed about that as I thought I’d had enough ass action during the holiday and while I enjoy it (providing it isn’t too rough) I don’t want to end up with a gaping hole (that will be the other hole after childbirth).

Mel made sure that the guys knew that I had to cum for each one of them that came, but said they were allowed to do this on a credit basis (they could cum first as long as I was made to cum). To finish them off we returned to the spit-roast position and I was fucked in the cunt and mouth. The guy in my mouth wanted to go a bit deeper than I found comfortable so we changed the position a bit so he lay on the bed and I crouched down to suck him and use a hand on him while the second guy continued to take me doggy style. He ended up cumming first and once he had pulled out of me I could concentrate properly on the cock in my mouth and I stroked his shaft while caressing his balls and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. This fairly quickly had the desired effect and I felt his cum squirting in to the condom, at which point I slowed my licking and just gently sucked until he pulled away.

As I hadn’t cum yet, the guy who had been fucking me had been told to finger me and I had been pushing back against his fingers. Once my mouth was free, I told him to play with my clit as well and I remained kneeling on all fours on the bed with my ass in the air as he got me off. As I was meant to be putting on a show for them, I moaned and panted as he made me cum and thrust my pussy back against his fingers – it seemed to have the desired effect as they looked quite impressed with my orgasm.

As soon as I lay down, Mel told the second guy to get started on me and handed him a vibe. I was instructed to lie on my back and spread my legs to give him access and as he pushed the vibe in to me, I looked over to see Mel pulling Susan’s dress off and pushing her in my direction. She clambered over my face and I pulled her cunt to my mouth and got stuck in. It’s always fun putting on lesbian shows for guys that aren’t used to it and from the comments they made, they were quite appreciative so I did the best I could to let them see as I lapped away at Susan’s cunt. The guy who had fucked me and made me cum already had a play with my breasts and as the vibe pumped in and out of my pussy, the second guy started to play with my clit as well, which made things feel much better. I spread Susan’s ass cheeks and then pulled at her pussy lips to spread them. The guy playing with my breasts wanted to also play with Susan but was told that I it was my birthday so they were there for my pleasure. I assume he didn’t mind too much as he had a pretty good view of me eating Susan. Unfortunately, Susan came first and climbed off of me, but she was quickly replaced by Julia so I once again got stuck in. I could tell that my next orgasm wasn’t too far off and moaned into Julia’s pussy as I ate her – she seemed to get my meaning and told the guy with the vibe to finish me off. He pumped a bit faster and strummed his fingers back and forth over my clit (he was actually quite good at this) and I came. It was quite a strong orgasm, but also a bit too sharp and intense so I had to reach down and grab his hand. Julia dismounted my face without cumming, but I was told that she would help out again in the next round.


  1. Andy,
    Catching up here reading old posts. I just read the post where Mike actually was willing to give oral while another guy was fucking you. That brings up a good point. From what I can tell I don't think Mike has ever given oral to a guy to orgasm, yet he has encouraged you to do the same and others as well irrespective of gender. I find that interesting, especially with him actively encouraging other women to try out oral with another girl yet he has yet to do with with another guy.

  2. It might sound odd, but I sort of understand him not wanting to. As much as I love having guys cum over me or in me, I still don't like them cumming in my mouth too much (although I'm a lot better at it than I used to be). While Jen likes the taste of cum (or at least Mike's cum), I often don't like it. Mike and Jen have pushed me to do many things that I was unsure about, but when I've really been uneasy about things they haven't forced me to do them so I would hope I'd give them the same treatment.

    If Mike ever wants to suck off another guy properly then I'm all for watching (or helping) but I don't think it would be as fun as having him lick me while I was being fucked. Now if he wants to do *that* again, I'll definitely be up for it :)