Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 15

I was given a moment to get a drink and recover, then told that I had to get started on the guys once more. To give my pussy a little longer to get ready, I was told to kneel and tit fuck them while they sat on the edge of the bed and then stand and let them explore my pussy with their fingers and then use some dildos and vibes in and on me. I sucked their cocks again and then mounted one of them and rode him. It was at this point that Julia returned to the bed and she licked us both while we fucked. Understandably, the other guy also wanted to try this so we switched places and I rode him while Julia licked us both. I was nearing my third orgasm and would have happily let Jules continue but Mel said that it was up to the guys to make me cum so Julia moved away and the guy reached around to play with my clit. Mel assured him that he could keep fucking me until he came so he didn’t hold back and frigged me while fondling my breasts with his other hand. I held on to his hand so he wasn’t too rough and pressed his fingers against my clit. Once again I made a show of cumming and kept humping up and down on his cock, telling him to cum in me again. As my orgasm faded, I pulled his hand away from my pussy, but Mel told Julia that she should continue to help out so she pushed her face against our crotches once more and started to lick us again. Fortunately she was being considerate and concentrated on licking the cock that was sliding in and out of me so it didn’t feel too intense. The guy was reaching around me, holding on to both of my breasts and said he was getting close so I did the best I could to contract myself around his cock to help out (but I was fairly tired so I don’t know how much of an effect it had).

I knew I still had the other guy to take care of but Jen did something quite sweet (or something that sort of counts as sweet under the circumstances) and offered to let the guys watch us make out to give me a chance to prepare for another fucking. As Jen stripped off, Mel told the guys that they were getting a treat as Jen was a proper lesbian. She climbed over my body and pushed her face between my legs, then proceeded to kitty kiss me. It’s not that Jen is overly bothered about guys seeing her naked (she actually quite enjoys it), but I was still quite touched by the gesture so tried to give as much pleasure to her as possible. As usual Jen was fairly wet and I happily slurped away at her pussy as I ate her – it wasn’t at all difficult to get Jen off and she mewed into my pussy as she came and was then ordered off of me so I could be used by the guy who hadn’t jet cum for a second time.

I let him take me from behind, with me on my back with my legs held in the air and then with me riding him. I played with my clit while we were in this position and would have made myself cum but once again was told that this was the job of the guys. He played with my clit as I rode him and got me quite close, but hadn’t quite made me cum before he did. He was given a moment to recover and enjoy the afterglow of his orgasm and was then instructed to give me my final orgasm of the session. The guys were given a couple of vibes for this and were told to use them on my pussy and nipples. Mel decided this wasn’t really enough and went to fetch some more toys from other people and on her return, I ended up with a vibe held against each nipple, one in my pussy, one in my ass and one on my clit. A final vibe was passed between the girls and Julia, Susan and Jen each inserted it into their pussies before it was pushed in to my mouth (fortunately it was turned off when I had to suck it). This happened a few times and Mel joined in too so I was sucking a mixture of four sets of pussy juice from the vibe. It was suggested that I should jet my own juices on the vibe too and the guy pumping the vibe in me pulled it out but Mel thought it would be a better for me to have both at once so he was given the job of working them both in to me at the same time.

The vibes made quite a racket as they buzzed against each other, but everyone seemed to think it looked quite hot so they guys were told to take one of the vibes in my pussy each and one of the ones in use on my nips, while Susan took care of the smaller one in my ass and the one on my clit. I came pretty quickly after this and as soon as I’d cum I was told to keep the vibes inside me and wander out to the balcony. Jen was told to follow me and then fuck my pussy with both the vibes as I peed myself. I already felt very sensitive and wanted the vibes out so I just stood facing the group in the bedroom and as Jen move the vibes gently in and out, I pushed and emptied my bladder. I knew that Jen wouldn’t care as my pee flowed over her hands and down my legs and she continued to fuck me until I stopped. I left a large puddle on the balcony floor and my legs were soaked, but once she had pulled the vibes out, Jen wiped her hands up and down my legs and massaged my pussy and mons. I don’t know if the guys had enjoyed this last part of the show, but I think it was mostly Mel just trying to embarrass me. I was given a towel to wipe myself dry and then told to show my fuck buddies out of the building, which involved me walking them out of the apartment and down the communal stairs naked (me, not them). I waved them goodbye at the front door and returned upstairs, where Mel, Julia, Susan and Jen were busy telling everyone what the guys had done with me.

A few people went off to finish packing and I just lay on the sofa. At one point, Jen pushed my legs apart and kitty kissed me, but I was mostly left alone to recover from my day. That night I was allocated to James and Richard and they were given instructions to fuck me again. I don’t know if it was their idea or a suggestion from someone else, but once we were in bed, they said they wanted to take me at the same time. I was quite tired and didn’t really care so I mounted Richard and leant forwards to allow James to slide in to my ass (James is ‘more gay’ than Richard so I’m not surprised we ended up in this configuration). As they moved inside me, they described how they could feel each other’s cock pumping back and forth and I was surprised at how nice it felt (I hadn’t been expecting too much as I was so tired). As the session progressed and I got more in to it, I started telling them that I wanted to feel them both shooting their cum in to me at the same time – unfortunately as James has a somewhat tighter hole to fuck and is a bit younger than Richard he came first, but he did at least stay buried in my ass as Richard continued to fuck me. I was a little surprised that James stayed hard for so long after cumming, but he managed it and didn’t pull out until Richard gave me my final load of boy-cum for the day and they both removed their cocks from inside my body.

The next morning, I woke up feeling quite refreshed (but I had slept very soundly) and I felt I should reward the guys for the nice session the previous evening. I started to suck Richard and half stroked James at the same time, but then gave him a proper suck. Richard suggested another threesome and this time I spooned with him while I 69ed with James. This allowed me to suck James while he licked Richard and me, with Richard occasionally pulling out of my cunt to let James suck him. Richard was considerate enough to cum inside me and once he’d let James suck him clean he suggested that we work together to satisfy James.

I was told to try to keep as much of Richard’s cum inside me as possible so I knelt with my thighs squeezed tightly together and Richard and I kissed around James’ cock. I’ve sucked people in this position a number of times but (as far as I can remember) it’s always been me and another girl doing the sucking/kissing so this was sort of a first (and it’s quite rare that I get to do things for the first time nowadays). Richard fondled James’ balls as we kissed, sucked and licked his cock and he seemed to suck cock in a rather different way that I do, but it is kind of difficult to describe the difference. Richard told James to let us know when he was getting close and asked me if I’d let James cum in his mouth. As regular readers know, I’m generally not that keen on the taste of buy-cum, but James doesn’t usually taste too bad and I would have just spat it out so it could run down over my body (which I *do* like), but Richard promised I’d like what he had in mind so I moved back slightly and watched as he finished James off. Once James came in his mouth, Richard indicated that I was to lie on my back on the bed and he pulled my legs up and spread my pussy. I guessed what he had in mind so lifted my ass up so my pussy was pointing almost straight up and Richard let James’ cum dribble out of his mouth and in to my pussy. Having him do this felt very erotic and I knew immediately that once Jen was used to sucking Mike off (assuming she enjoyed it), that I would be asking her to do the same – although I also remember thinking that failing all else I would almost certainly be able to convince Sue to do it.

Richard had a few licks of my pussy and then got James to do the same while I was told to try and mix their cum together inside me (I’m not quite sure what they were expecting me to do in order to achieve this). If they had offered, I would have happily let them continue to lick me to another orgasm but as it was our last day we didn’t want to spend too long indoors so headed over to the larger apartment for breakfast. Their combined cum leaked out of me and ran down my legs and when I looked back across the hallway I saw I had left a trail of cum-drops.

When we got in to the apartment, Lis said that she wanted to speak to me and dragged me back out in to the hallway (by this point it was now natural to everyone that certain members of the group could be in the hallway naked). She told me that I wasn’t allowed to make any noise and I wondered what she was going to do to me, but it wasn’t what I was expecting as she told me that when she and Lucy had disappeared the previous evening, that she had asked Lucy to marry her. Lis did exceptionally well at keeping her poker face and I had to prompt her with a ‘…and…’ before her face lit up and she said that Lucy had said yes. I let out a little squeal and we had a big hug (after which I apologised to Lis for the boy-cum on my legs, but as she had a skirt on it wasn’t too much of a risk for her). I was sworn to secrecy until everyone arrived – Lis had been given the task of telling me and Lucy was telling Jen first. Mike had actually found out before either Jen or I had as he’d snuck over to see Lis and Lucy the previous night in the hope of fucking Lis, but when he had been told the news he thought it would be prudent to leave the two of them to celebrate alone (but from what I now know about how excited they were, he could have probably got a very energetic fuck out of Lis).

We returned to the apartment and started breakfast. It was obvious that Lis and Lucy were excited and as soon as Jen appeared with Abrahii, Lucy dashed outside with her to give her the news. While waiting for the others, people notice that Lis and Lucy looked very happy, but they waited until everyone was present before they stood up and passed on their news. Lucy showed off her ring (a simple solitaire, which is quite similar to mine) and there was an extended conversation where we got a full description of how Lis had proposed (they had gone for a walk out to the end of the harbour and Lis had proposed there).

Once breakfast was over, we went for a final trip to the beach and I advised Lucy to leave her ring in the apartment – she didn’t want to take it off, but also didn’t want to get it covered in sand so saw reason. As it was our last day I (and a few of the more adventurous others) went topless as soon as we arrived and I decided to go a step further and slipped on a short beach skirt (one I didn’t mind getting wet) so I could sunbathe and swim without having to wear bikini bottoms and cover my pussy. It made it much easier to play and while in the sea discussing things with Lis, she slipped her hand under my skirt and on to my pussy (although it wasn’t really ‘under’ as the skirt was floating anyway so I wasn’t really covered). It wasn’t all one sided and I pushed my hand in to her bikini bottoms and played with her clit while we chatted.

We were interrupted by Jen (although we didn’t stop fondling each other) and Jen asked if I wanted to swim out to the rocks that were placed to break the waves. I had a fair idea of what Jen wanted to do and asked Lis if she wanted to join us. Jen was a little hesitant at this but I told her it would be fine and the three of us swam around to the other side of the rocks so we were hidden from view of the people on the beach. I asked Jen if she wanted me up on the rocks and then climbed up, positioning myself so that Jen could easily get her mouth to my pussy. Jen buried her tongue between my lips and started to eat me, quickly licking away all of the salt water and any remaining cum from James and Richard. Lis tried to fondle Jen, but this was rather difficult while treading water behind her and all she managed to do was to remove Jen’s bikini bottoms and pass them up to me. Jen continued to eat me and I just enjoyed the feeling of what would probably be my final orgasm of the holiday in such a public place. As my orgasm approached I asked Jen if she wanted me to let go properly and when she nodded I told Lis that she might want to move to the side a little. Lis climbed up beside me and watched as I kept both her and Jen abreast of how close I was to cumming, and as I came I let go and peed as hard as I could over Jen’s face. As I’d expected, Jen didn’t remove her mouth from my pussy (although she says she didn’t swallow) and continued to eat me until my orgasm faded.

Jen ducked her head under the water and then resurfaced and I asked if she had enjoyed it (she had). I felt that it was only fair to reciprocate and so we switched places – as Jen was already completely naked, I pulled my skirt off and laid it on the rocks with Jen’s bottoms and I immediately got stuck in. I gave Jen a thorough licking and Lis said it looked like fun so I told her if she pulled her bottoms off I might be tempted to eat her – adding that I would only do it if she was allowed to share her body now that she was engaged. Lis peeled her panties off and I moved over to give her a quick lick, but promised Jen that I would be back soon. As I ate Lis, I suggested that she help make Jen cum and she joined me in the water so we could take turns eating Jen. I wasn’t sure that Lis was up to the final stage so as Jen’s mewing got more pronounced I took over and I waited until I felt Jen start to pee before I moved my mouth up and sucked on her clit. I could feel her pee splashing over my chin and neck and I continued to flick my tongue over her clit until she finished cumming, before giving her pussy a few kisses and pulling away.


  1. What an insane trip Andi! This seems like your most intense and 'overwhelming' orgy yet. Glad you still have vision to see your screen and type after all that.

  2. It was a wonderful week and a good way to say (a temporary) goodbye to group fun. Not that we were quite as successful as we'd planned at stopping cumming, but you'll read about that in upcoming posts.