Friday, 29 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 16

Final part of the holiday saga - it took me ages to write this up so I hope you all enjoyed it. I've appreciated all the comments people have posted. There is one more related post to come, but you'll see what I mean on Sunday.

Jen and I pointed out that it was only fair that Lis should get to cum and that she could consider it a congratulations present for her engagement and after checking that there was still nobody around who could see us, she climbed back up on to the rocks and spread her legs. I started things off and lapped around Lis’ pussy and ass until I could taste her juices again and then passed her over to Jen (or rather I swam out of the way and let Jen move between Lis’ legs). Jen got Lis to move forwards slightly so she could push her mouth right up against Lis’ pussy and get her tongue a decent way inside her (Jen’s tongue isn’t massively long, but she manages to get further inside than I can and it feels quite nice). I would have liked to stand behind Jen so I could reach around and play with her breasts and/or pussy, but I would have probably pulled Jen away from the rocks so I just satisfied myself with watching. I climbed up beside Lis – mostly as it gave me a chance to sit with my body exposed to the world, but also so I could chat to her. Lis and I kissed and I fondled her breasts a little and as she approached her orgasm, I told her that Jen would like her to pee as she came.

Lis had obviously seen what I’d done when I came but she was still a little hesitant – mostly about whether Jen really wanted her to do it, but Jen quickly confirmed that this was the case and as Lis’ orgasm continued to build, I told her how good it would feel to properly let go and squirt all over Jen’s face as she ate her and how it would make Jen’s day (if not her week). It was obvious when Lis finally conceded as she whispered ‘I can’t believe that I’m going to do this’ and I told Jen that Lis was ready to shower her. Lis let out a little yelp as Jen pushed her face even harder against her pussy and I told Lis to wait until she started to cum and then give Jen everything she had. Despite the advice I’d just given Lis, I really wished that I had saved something as I knew Jen would have loved it even more if I could have spread my legs and let out a second jet of pee over her face. I watched Lis’ face in the final build-up of her orgasm and a short time before she came I told her not to worry and just enjoy herself. Lis came and a few seconds later she started to pee – I looked down and watched as Jen continued to lap at Lis’ pussy as Lis’ pee splashed over Jen’s face and tongue. I’m not sure that I want to actually do that, but it was wonderful to see how much Jen was enjoying herself. She carried on licking Lis until she finished cumming and then kitty kissed her for a while before pulling away. Lis once again said that she couldn’t believe what she’d just done, but said that it had felt wonderful.

I reached down and gave Lis’ pussy a quick stroke and then suggested we head back to shore. As a final dare, Jen carried all of our bikini bottoms (or skirt in my case) as we swam back and it was only when we reached water shallow enough to stand in that we slipped them back on. People were rightly suspicious of what we’d been up to, but seemed fairly content with our excuse of Jen and I having just played with each other on the rocks. I just had time to let a few people see my pussy before we left, but they seemed to be more interested in looking at my breasts so I had to be satisfied with that. We headed back and packed up the final items, then popped out for a quick lunch before catching the coach to the airport.

We mostly got seats together on the coach so we had another opportunity to have some fun. Jen was sitting with Lucy and I was beside Lis – ostensibly so we could chat to them about their engagement, but I knew that Lis had already told Lucy what we’d gotten up on the rocks to and Lucy discreetly quizzed Jen about it. Susan was told to make sure the guys enjoyed their journey home and during the trip she managed to mount Ashraf, Peter and Richard. Richard didn’t manage to cum in her, but both peter and Ashraf had damp patches on their shorts and Susan left a damp patch on her seat when she got off the bus.

I would have quite liked to join in, but wanted to minimise the amount of boy-cum inside me as we were staying over that night with Lis and Lucy and I was hopeful of getting to play properly with them without having to hide. I did participate in as much as I lifted one of my legs and lay it over Lis’ legs so that my pussy was exposed and I could play with myself. I would have loved for Lis to reach over and fondle me, but we only had a few hours to go before we’d be alone so I contented myself with just stroking my pussy while watching Susan have all the fun.

The flight was too busy to do anything interesting. On a dare, a few of the girls managed to masturbate themselves by hiding their hands under jackets or bags and gently frigging themselves. Not everyone who participated managed (or dared) to cum, but some of us did and Lucy at least played with herself a little even though there was a stranger sitting one seat away from her. She later told us that it felt nice, but that she was very nervous she was going to get caught. I pointed out that the risk was exactly what made it exciting but as far as she’d come, I don’t think Lucy is quite up to becoming an exhibitionist yet and properly letting go to enjoy herself.

When it was time to say goodbye to everyone, it was quite an emotional moment. It wasn’t like we wouldn’t see them again, but as another group of people had graduated, the group still at Uni was now quite small and they knew that Jen, Mike and I wouldn’t be participating in games for a while. There was talk of another holiday the following summer and I wondered what it would be like to go along in a pregnant state (depending on how long it took us to conceive), having to watch everyone else have fun and not being able to participate in the same way (Jen and I have agreed that whichever of us get pregnant will only do things with the other one and Mike from that point on – or at least until we give birth and recover).

It was quite late by the time we got back to Lis and Lucy’s place but all of us were looking forward to our first proper session together of the week. Jen and I had a quick go with Lis before letting Mike have her. Mike (hopeful as ever) asked Lucy if he could entertain her while we were busy with Lis, but she said that he’d gotten as much off of her as he was going to when she had allowed him to kiss her breasts. Having said that, she didn’t seem at all bothered about being naked in front of him and said that he could look as much as he wanted. When Jen and I broke away from Lis to swap over to Lucy, Mike was sitting with his cock in his hand threatening to cum over Lucy, who was taking it in good spirits (and probably knew just as well as we did that he wouldn’t dare to actually cum on her – along with the fact the he would want to cum in Lis). Mike pushed in to me briefly to coat his cock in my juices and them 69ed with Lis so he could eat her before fucking her. Simultaneously Jen and I took care of Lucy (and had her take care of us) until we were a nice sticky sweaty mess.

The next morning, Mike went down on Lis to wake her and then switched over to me. Jen licked Lis clean of any remaining cum she had in her and I ate Lucy while Mike ate me. While we caught our breath, we teased Jen about her deepening watersports fetish and especially about the session on the rocks. I told Lucy that Jen would be more than glad to have Lucy do the same thing with her which Lucy thought was disgusting at first, but when pushed to explain why it was any worse than letting us eat her and lick her ass she couldn’t justify her answer. Naturally, having brought this up we had to go a step further so Jen and I double teamed Lucy and gave bother her holes a good licking – not enough to cum, but more than enough to get her flushed and writhing around. Even though Mike had pushed in to Lis while we did this, she thought it was only fair that she get the same double treatment, except this time she had three of us fighting over who should get to stimulate her. We each had a go at both her holes with the third person kissing her or playing with her breasts and got her to an equivalently aroused state to the one Lucy had been in.

I suggested that we have a final group session before Mike, Jen and I had to head off as I had a fantasy I wanted to fulfil (more like a new position that involved all of us). Jen thought that before we did this that she and I should get the same treatment we’d given to Lis and Lucy though and it didn’t take much to convince them to repay us. Jen had Lis eating her pussy with Lucy lapping at her ass (as I’ve said before, Lucy has come a long way – there is no way she would have done this even a year ago), and once she’d cum it was my turn. For this, Lucy took my pussy and Mike offered to take my ass – this wasn’t entirely selfless on his part as it meant that while they ate me and moved around on the bed to keep contact with my body (as I wriggled around), his body brushed against Lucy’s a number of times, letting him feel her breasts on his skin and even her body on his cock. Afterwards Lucy said that she was well aware of what he’d been doing, but she didn’t seem to mind too much – possibly as Lis had fondled Lucy a little while she had been eating me to keep her horny.

It was now time for our group session and I explained what I wanted to do (Mike and Jen already knew). Lis lay on the bed and we inserted the end of a double ended dildo in to her and Jen mounted the other end. Once they were in position with their pussies together, I climbed over Lis’ face and Lucy over Jen’s so the two of us could lean forwards and kiss and play with each other’s breasts, or one of us lean forwards to lick Jen’s and Lis’ clits. Mike pushed in to me so Lis was licking both of us and we got started. It felt incredibly good having Mike in me while I got to lick the two girls I love the most – and seeing Jen eating Lucy at the same time was a wonderful added bonus. Mike couldn’t really fuck me properly while Lis was eating me so I occasionally raised my ass to allow him to move in me more freely (without slapping Lis in the face with his balls). I would have quite happily continued in this position until we’d all cum, but I knew Mike wanted to cum in Lis and that Jen would want a chance to lick me and Lucy at the same time, so we switched to Lucy and I sharing the dildo with Lis over me and Jen over Lucy. We basically repeated what we’d done before – Lucy and I came with both Lis and Jen frigging us and when it was time for Mike to cum I played with Lis’ clit to help things along, but mostly just watched as his cock repeatedly pumped in to her cunt. When he pulled out of her, his cum started to drip on to my face and I pulled Lis down to my mouth and sucked her pussy – possibly a little more energetically than she wanted as she’d just cum!

We all agreed that the position had been a success and that we would repeat it in future, with the slight addition of Mike also being able to be inside Jen by the time we next met. This was discussed over breakfast, along with Lis and Lucy’s nascent wedding plans (Lis had some ideas, but she had obviously known she was going to propose). Mike was making the most of having unfettered access to Lis and this led to the incongruous event of seeing her discuss her wedding plans with Lucy while gently riding his cock and him playing with her breasts. Jen and I said that we should really charge them for the matchmaking service we had provided in bringing them together (even if it was a bit by accident as Lis had just been visiting Jen for some consolation sex after she broke up with Vicky). Lis and Lucy had a quick cryptic discussion and then announced that they had been planning on waiting before asking us, but said that they wanted us to be their bridesmaids (me for Lis and Jen for Lucy). Of course we jumped at the chance of this (technically we shouldn’t be bridesmaids as I’m married and Jen is as married to me as we are legally allowed to be). We then had a very girly conversation about lots of things which would have probably bored Mike stiff, if he hadn’t already been stiff and utilising it inside of Lis.

During the breakfast conversation, Lis and Lucy said that they would both like to see Mike entering Jen for the first time. Mike and Jen actually considered letting them watch and made it as far as Jen crouching over Mike’s cock and him positioning the head against her pussy. They thought that it would have been nice to share it with Lis and Lucy, but as they hadn’t decided if I even was going to be allowed to watch their first time so decided against any actual penetration. The morning was disappearing by this point and Lis and Lucy were technically meant to be in work (and Mike, Jen and I had to head home) so we headed off to the shower. I gave Jen a slap on the ass and told her to go for it and on her return she told us what she had done with Lucy…

After washing each other off and doing their hair, Jen pressed up against Lucy and said she wanted one more round of fun. They kissed under the shower and fingers found their way to each other’s pussies, but before things went too far, Jen knelt down and said she just wanted to make Lucy cum one last time. Jen pushed her tongue in to Lucy as far as she could and held on to Lucy’s hands as she ate her. Between licks, Jen talked dirty to Lucy and as Lucy’s orgasm approached Jen asked if she thought she could let go enough and pee as she came. Jen says that she could feel Lucy tighten up when she asked this, but she really wanted to try it so she pushed Lucy for an answer. Lucy said that she didn’t think she could pee if Jen had her mouth on her pussy, but they came to a compromise and Lucy agreed to do it if Jen was just fingering her. Jen got Lucy as close to cumming with her mouth as she could and then when Lucy let out a little yelp, Jen pulled her mouth away, pushed a couple of fingers in to Lucy’s pussy and used her thumb on Lucy’s clit. Jen told Lucy to let go and push as hard as she could while kneeling up and pushing her body against Lucy’s legs. Lucy did as Jen asked and Jen felt Lucy’s pee splashing over her body and neck, at which point she lowered her body a little so some was splashing on her face. She was very tempted to just remove her fingers and replace them with her mouth, but decided (probably sensibly) to honour Lucy’s request, although as soon as Lucy finished cumming Jen did bury her face back in Lucy’s pussy and licked her clean.

Mike, Lis and I had a little fun in the shower – I got to lick them as they fucked and Lis did the same for Mike and I. None of us came in the shower, but once we were out and dressed, Lis buried her face between my legs and ate me as a goodbye present. Seeing as she was in a convenient position, Mike slipped Lis’ skirt up and ate her from behind. I told him to make sure that he removed her panties so she went out without them, but he said that he already had plans for her and once she had cum he pushed in to her and fucked her while she kitty kissed me. He gave her his first load of the day (which is almost always his largest) and once he had enjoyed being inside her a short while longer, he pulled her panties up tight against her pussy and he, Jen and Lucy watched as the cum leaking out of her made a dark patch on the crotch of the panties. Needless to say, Lis wasn’t allowed to change them before going out and had to promise that when his cum had dried, she would remove them and keep them off for the rest of the day. Lucy was given the option of having Mike do the same to her or removing her panties (which was obviously an empty threat), but she played along and allowed us to pull them off of her and take them with us (knowing full well that they would be returned covered in Mike’s cum).

Mike, Jen and I returned home, with the promise of seeing Lis and Lucy again in about a month (for Mike’s regular session with Lis during her ‘safe’ period). Mike and Jen allowed a little time to pass before they actually started doing things together, but they haven’t decided yet how much of their first time to make public so I might not write about it for a while (or at least until they make up their minds) Suffice to say that Jen well and truly lost her heterosexual virginity and she and Mike have now used almost every position we can think of.

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