Friday, 1 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 2

Dawn was now rather shocked at our displays and even more so when she saw Richard pulling James’ cock out and taking it in his mouth. While Richard sucked James off, Mike asked Dawn if as a straight girl, she enjoyed watching gay guys as much as he (or straight guys) enjoy watching lesbians. Dawn was a bit flummoxed by this question and Mike told her that whatever she thought was fine and he went on to explain that even his sex crazed wife (me) doesn’t find watching a couple of guys as arousing (although admittedly I’m not entirely straight!). As James got closer to cumming, Mike went on to explain how I think it is a waste to have a guy’s cum wasted in someone’s mouth and how I much prefer having someone cum over me or in my pussy. James came in Richard’s mouth and Mike went on to explain how Abrahii often joined them for a threesome and then on to how good she looked naked.

He called Abrahii over and as he pushed his hand into Abrahii’s bikini, he asked Dawn if she minded if he played with her. Abrahii was being a bit more playful by this point and pulled Mike’s cock out (which was already hard as he had been imagining fucking Dawn and getting his fingers into Abrahii’s pussy had also helped). Abrahii stroked up and down the length of his cock a few times and Mike tugged at the string on one side of her bikini bottoms until they undid and fell off. He got her to stand up and then buried his face between her legs – Abrahii held on to Mike’s head as he ate her and he did the best he could to make sure Dawn could see what he was doing. Between licks he glanced over at Dawn and saw that she was still watching them (although she looked away if he looked directly at her) and he then pulled Abrahii down so she sat over and then impaled herself on his cock. Abrahii rode Mike for a short while and he whispered in her ear about how Dawn was watching so Abrahii leant back and humped up and down while Mike caressed her breasts. This gave Dawn an even better view, but with Mike being Mike he wanted to go a step further.

He pulled Abrahii back to him and got her to climb off of him and kneel on the grass, then pushed into her from behind. She was positioned so her ass was mostly facing towards Dawn and Mike positioned himself behind her with one knee and one foot on the ground (he remembered seeing a ‘how to’ porn video describe how this gives a better view of what is happening. He did his usual of reaching around to play with Abrahii’s clit but then pulled out and lay on the ground with his face under her pussy so he could eat her. He knew that Dawn would have a really good view of his tongue licking over Abrahii’s clit and his body was positioned so his cock was now also fairly close to Dawn. He hadn’t been intending to eat Abrahii to orgasm, but once he got started he thought that he may as well finish her off. He held on tight to her ass and kept her pussy glued to his mouth as he lashed her cunt and clit with his tongue (not that she was trying to escape).

All the time he was eating Abrahii, he was hoping (in fantasy land) that Dawn would decide she couldn’t take any more, pull her clothes off and mount his cock. As it was a fantasy she would also lean forwards and help to eat Abrahii as she fucked Mike. This obviously didn’t happen, but when Mike pulled his face out from under Abrahii (after she’d cum), Dawn was still watching. Mike wiped his face clean and sat up beside Dawn again (with his cock still exposed). Angela had also been watching the display and came over to apologise to Dawn for the way her friends were behaving and asked if she minded Mike being naked. Dawn said that it was fine, she just thought it was a bit unusual and Angela traced her fingers gently over Mike’s cock. He slid his hand up Angela’s leg, but she slapped it away before he reached her crotch and said he couldn’t have her. She gave his cock a few gentle tugs (Angela is bi but mostly prefers girls so her technique with cocks is somewhat lacking) before wandering off.

Mike was bored of playing games and he took his cock in his hand and gently stroked himself. Dawn glanced down at what he was doing and he asked her directly if she wanted to play. He said that they could just touch each other, or he could go down on her or they could fuck (and added that he had protection). If you believe Mike’s account, Dawn seemed to be considering his offer but I think he would have had more luck with her if she hadn’t just seen him fuck and eat Abrahii. Dawn stammered out a reply (refusing his offers), tow which he just said it was a shame as he was sure he could have made her cum as many times as she wanted (he assumed that she wasn’t as much of a cum-junkie as I am). He offered to cover up his cock but Dawn said he didn’t have to (and it’s not as if he was the only one naked). He continued to gently stroke himself so he stayed hard and considered offering Dawn a closer look, but assumed that he had pushed things as far as he could.

Jen and I had taken a while to shower each other clean (flour paste is rather difficult to remove, especially from hair) and after checking out the window to check where Dawn was, we had snuck into her room and had a quick make-out session on her bed (we put a towel down so our hair didn’t leave a damp patch). We considered searching for a dildo or vibe but in the end we settled for borrowing a suitable hair brush and after rinsing the handle (just in case Dawn had also realised it was suitable for enjoyment), we fucked each other with it on her bed. We hadn’t really intended to do more than have a quick play, but Jen fastened her tongue to my clit and lapped away at it so I suggested that as we’d started, we may as well do things properly and cum on Dawn’s bed. Jen went a step further and pulled a pair of Dawn’s panties out of the drawer. I quickly slipped them on and Jen pushed the crotch slightly in to my pussy with the end of the brush and then pulled the material aside to continue to fuck me properly. Between her mouth and the brush she got me off and after quickly checking out the window to ensure Dawn hadn’t moved (she was still watching Mike and Abrahii) I pulled the panties off and handed them to Jen.

They were slightly too large for her, but that didn’t stop us and I buried my face between Jen’s legs and ate her through the already damp material. I pushed the crotch as deep in to Jen’s pussy as I could and then fucked her with the brush. I pulled the brush out a few times and licked Jen, pushing as much of my saliva in to her pussy as I could and then rubbed the panties over her cunt. I told her to try and soak them as much as she could and by the time she came, the crotch was indeed completely soaked. I briefly scissored with her and the panties felt very wet against my pussy. Once Jen had removed them, we were going to wipe ourselves dry with them (at least with the dry parts of them) but Jen suggested we use one of Dawn’s bras. We took a cup each and used the inside to dry each other, thoroughly patting each other down and then spreading each other’s lips to get that extra bit of moisture. We put the brush and bra back – I was a bit unsure about the panties as they were fairly damp but we both liked the idea of Dawn unsuspectingly wearing our juices (and it was a throwback to my time at Uni and doing similar things to my housemates – although we did a bit worse then) so we carefully folded the panties and put them under a few other pairs.

I made Jen rinse out her swimsuit as I wanted her to be able to wear it on holiday and we joined the others in the garden. I saw Mike was still sitting beside Dawn and noticed he had his cock in his hand so I went over and knelt in front of him. I said ‘hi’ and took him in my mouth – at that point I assumed he had cum in (or over) Abrahii, but when he just sat back and let me suck him I realised he probably hadn’t (or he would have still been fairly sensitive). Dawn watched as I sucked him and I told her that she could have a go if she wanted but Mike told me he had asked and she wasn’t interested in joining in. As I’d just cum on her bed (and didn’t know about Mike’s interactions with her) I said that was a pity and made a comment about how I would have loved to see her pussy and how Jen would have loved to have a play with her breasts. Dawn blushed and it was amusing watching her trying to explain that she wasn’t gay while making sure that we knew she didn’t have anything against people who were gay.

I stood up and whispered in Mike’s ear, giving him the quick version of what Jen and I had been up to, then turned around and backed myself onto his cock, rocked back and forth a few times and then pulled myself up off of him. He called me a tease and made a lunge for me but I just stepped out of the way. I wandered over to see what Susan had been up to and found out that she had been using the handle of the BBQ fork (or at least having it used on her) and that even Lucy had sat and closely watched (but not participated). I spent a while tickling Lis and had a few opportunities to get a good grope of her or to lower my naked pussy on to her face, but I was fairly well behaved and kept up the pretence that Lis was a good girl and only did things with Lucy. I wasn’t quite as well behaved when we went indoors and I snuck Lis up to Angela’s room, at which point I pulled her bikini off and briefly ravished her. We didn’t want to get caught so didn’t carry on long enough for her to cum, but we had a good kiss, I sucked on her nipples and got a decent taste of her pussy.

We didn’t stay too late as we knew we had to be up reasonably early the next day. Lucy and Lis once again stayed over with Angela and chatted with Dawn about the events of the afternoon. Lis teased Dawn about having had such a good view of Mike’s cock and whether she had been tempted to sample it. Dawn asked about the relationship that Mike, Jen and I have and had the situation explained to her. Lis and Lucy were sleeping downstairs and once Angela, Mary and Dawn had gone to bed, Lis pounced on Lucy and quite energetically fucked her. The next morning, after she had showered, Lis left the bathroom and wandered around naked ‘as there were just girls present’. Dawn was the one to point out that Angela and Mary were gay so it was surely no different than having straight guys see her. Lis just shrugged at this and said if they wanted to look, then they could, then sat and applied moisturiser to her legs, giving Dawn a good chance to look at her pussy.

We all met up at the station and headed off to the airport. On the coach, we compared notes to see who had decided to go with the challenge of getting through security without panties on. Naturally Susan, Abrahii, Julia, Jen and I were taking part and we each discreetly demonstrated our state of undress (the coach was busy). Mel wasn’t willing to participate and although it seemed that she wavered for a moment, neither was Lucy. Lis said that she would consider joining in, but wasn’t going to remove them while on the coach. Angela and Mary both had shorts on so said they couldn’t participate but we didn’t let this stop us and convinced Mary that she could still wear shorts and join in. At the airport I produced Emily’s tory shorts and dared Mary to wear them. She agreed but said that she would have to wear panties under them and so we took what we could get. We tried to get Angela to at least take her panties off (and just wear the shorts) but she stood her ground, as did Mel and Lucy. Jen returned from the toilets with Lis’ panties in her bag and (as I found out when she kissed me) Lis’ pussy juice on her lips.

None of us got searched thoroughly at security, but a few of us had the standard pat-down. I felt nicely exposed as I stood with my arms outstretched and could feel a breeze between my thighs. I knew my skirt was just long enough that I wasn’t showing anything but still enjoyed it when the woman felt around the inside of the waistband and imagined what would happen if the catch on my skirt broke and it slid down. Unfortunately my groper (sorry, border security agent) wasn’t really my type (and probably was equally dis-interested in me) so I didn’t have too much to fantasise about. Abrahii contends that the woman who patted her down brushed against her pussy (lightly). While waiting at the gate, we played a little game of flash with a group of guys but couldn’t do anything too revealing as there were kids around. Jen ended up chatting with some of them and we determined they weren’t heading to the same place we were but it seemed a pity to waste such a nice group so Susan and I went to chat to them as well.

A couple of the guys were sitting on the floor so we squatted down on either side of them, giving them a view up our skirts. They noticed our lack of panties straight away and we quietly chatted with them, asking if they were hoping to get lucky on holiday, how many girls they hope to fuck, if they liked our shaved look, if they would be interested in starting the holiday off well by fucking us, if they thought they could make us cum… We certainly had their attention and they each had to hide the erections caused by our display and conversation. If we’d had a bit more time it would have been nice to find somewhere quiet to let them enjoy us – and if we’d had much more time we might have even been able to service the whole group between the two of us (although Abrahii and Julia would almost certainly have helped out). When we boarded, we didn’t get to sit near any of their group so couldn’t continue our teasing, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the flight.

We had taken a couple of vibrating eggs on to the plane with us (which security didn’t bother asking us about) and the next challenge was to see who could get one into their panties (if they were wearing them) and on to their clit (or into their pussy if they so desired) and then ideally to keep it in place long enough to cum. Getting the egg in place wasn’t too difficult with the remote controlled eggs but was more of a challenge for the one wired egg we had as it had to be pushed down the front of the skirt (so the wire could be hidden under a top and wasn’t trailing out from between the legs). Julia, Jen, Susan and I manage to cum, Abrahii got close but couldn’t cum (she was sitting on the edge so couldn’t easily hold it in place without being seen) and I got Lis to nestle an egg between her legs for a short while (which she enjoyed but wasn’t brave enough to keep it in place for long enough to make her cum).

We even got Abigail to join in and once she had an egg nestled in her panties we turned it on and let her sit back and enjoy the vibrations. She had to adjust the egg a couple of times and couldn’t quite get enough contact on her clit to cum, but I think she got fairly close. As Angela had participated, Mary pretty much had to have a go, but she had to go to the bathroom to insert the egg into her panties (it would have been difficult to get it into her panties inside the shorts). She was quite conscious of the bulge the egg caused and it was certainly visible through the shreds of denim covering her crotch, but she returned to her seat and let us set the egg buzzing anyway (although she didn’t have much choice whether we used it as she didn’t have the controller). We definitely made her cum, but by the time this happened the seat belt signs were illuminated so she couldn’t remove it and had to wear the egg through the landing and baggage reclaim (but we did at least turn it off so she didn’t have to endure constant stimulation).

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  1. I just discovered your blog this weekend and I is a terrific read. I only wish I could haver been a follower. I went back to the beginning to catch up but I am many many post behind and it will take some time to read all of the past.

    My wife and are are "retired" swingers and we post at Southern Swinger. I took down all the postings awhile back (long story) but we have been thinking about starting to blog again. In the mean time keep your hot stories "cuming"