Sunday, 3 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 3

We managed to get a group of seats together on the coach (after a few people kindly switched places with us) and we felt that as the girls had enjoyed themselves, it was now time for the guys to show us what they could do. This involved one of the girls sitting on the lap of one of the guys, fishing his cock out and then lowering her pussy on to it. It was certainly fun, but as we had discovered previously, the road from the airport to Puerto Pollensa is incredibly smooth so there was none of the usual bumping and jiggling associated with coach rides. This meant it was very difficult for the guys to get enough stimulation to cum (the girls could have bounced up and down to ride the cocks, but that would have been fairly obvious to the people sitting behind us).

This didn’t stop Ashraf and Mike from ensuring that Abrahii and Jules (respectively) came as they played with the girls’ clits. Abrahii repaid Ashraf by sucking him off but Mike decided he would wait to cum. Mary had a go with Peter and this meant she had to pull her shorts down (so could finally remove the egg from her panties). Mel tried to get Mary’s shorts the whole way off while she was playing so that she could steal her panties, but Mary seems to have caught on fairly quickly what Mel (and admittedly a fair number of the rest of us) are like – either that or she just didn’t want to take the chance of someone wandering past while she had no shorts on.

We arrived in the early afternoon and it felt very hot when we stepped out of the air-conditioned coach. People wanted to get in to the sea as soon as possible and we didn’t spend much time sorting out rooms. We were disappointed to see that we didn’t have a suitable outside place for naked sunbathing (or other games) but didn’t dwell on this and quickly changed in to beachwear. I was encouraged to see that a number of us changed downstairs and didn’t bother finding somewhere private. Julia and Abrahii were a little mean and made it difficult for some of the guys to get their shorts on by caressing themselves and then fondling the guys’ cocks so they had to wait until their erections went down before they could leave. I had planned on just lazing around on the beach and wore a new sarong that I’d bought for the holiday. At my request Jen wore her one-piece swimsuit (which she still doesn’t think is sexy, although Mike agrees with me that she looks eminently fuckable when she wears it). Most of the other girls had standard (relatively modest) bikinis as we hadn’t moved on to the riskier ones yet.

We spent a while on the beach and I was coaxed into the water. It felt nice as my sarong floated up around me, exposing my lower body to the fish and while my it wasn’t transparent (even when wet), I think it was fairly obvious that I was naked underneath it as it clung to my body when I left the water. I spent a while sizing up some of the other people on the beach – there weren’t many people our age (the one drawback of the place), but there were a couple of hot guys and some cute girls. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly) the hottest and cutest ones all seemed to be with people (partners) which rather reduce our chances of getting to play with them (unless they had come on holiday to experiment). A couple of the girls from our group (me included) did try to flirt with some of the guys by chatting with them, asking them to apply lotion, adjusting our suits (or in my case letting the lower half of my sarong fall slightly open).

I considered returning to our apartment to change into a bikini as I can usually get a fair amount of attention once my breasts are on display, but decided that as there were a few other topless people on the beach, it would just be easier to change how I was wearing the sarong so I undid it, refolded it and made it into a skirt. I let Jen rub some cream into my breasts while the guys watched and then asked if any of them wanted to do my back. I had a taker and once he’d done my back his hands wandered around to the side of my body so I pushed back slightly and told him he could have a feel if he wanted. He eagerly cupped my breasts and I slowly moved my back against his body. He became a bit too eager, which would have been nice if we’d been in a more secluded spot but I didn’t want to be arrested so told him he’d had enough. I tried to tease him a little more by giving him a view up my skirt but it was a bit too long to easily do so.

We had to go to the shops to pick up some food and I converted my sarong back into a dress (topless on the beach is generally fine in Spain but not so much in supermarkets) and back at the apartments (as we had arranged the holiday late we hadn’t manage to find somewhere large enough for us all so we were split across three apartments) we sorted the rooms out properly. We knew full well that a number of us would switch rooms (or at least sleep in multiple rooms) throughout the week so most people didn’t care – Lis and Lucy ended up with one of the nicer rooms as they weren’t participating and Mary and Angela also got a nice room as they were still undecided (although seeing as they had joined in on the journey I think we all assumed they would participate in the games).

As a number of us are (slightly) older, we weren’t planning on drinking too heavily, but the majority of the group were still students so when we headed out into town they drank a fair bit. We didn’t stay out too late on the Monday as we’d been up early and (some of us at least) were tired from travelling. That night I let Peter take me – he fucked my breasts and then my pussy and to ensure the holiday started properly I then (after a short break) got him to finger me and suck on my nipples (we know he likes breasts) until I came again. I let him spoon with me as we went to sleep and he started pushing into me properly but then decided he probably didn’t have the energy to actually cum again. I continued to squeeze myself around him for a little while and told him that I expected an orgasm first thing in the morning before he was allowed out of bed and he agreed.

Jen was going to spend the night with Abigail and Susan but Susan was farmed off to Simon and Ethan. Jen was a little disappointed as she’d been looking forward to having two girls take care of her but she seemed to make do with Abigail. Mike really wanted Mary and Angela relented and let him join them. Ashraf was going to join Mel and Julia but decided to go with James and Richard which just left Lis and Lucy (as expected) and Mel and Julia. Jules didn’t seem too disappointed about this (she seems to have calmed down quite a bit in recent months) but we promised her that she would be compensated the next day.

I was awoken on the Tuesday morning with Peter’s cock rubbing against my ass and one of his hands on my breasts so I reached down and guided him into my pussy while still half asleep. We humped against each other for a while and I finally said good morning to him and the pace picked up a bit. We chatted and changed positions a few times – we found it very easy to get the headboard to knock against the wall as he fucked me and I let him take me doggy style and on my back with my legs held up. I got him to help make me cum before he came so I could enjoy the post-orgasmic sensitivity as he pumped in me (as long as my clit isn’t being stimulated directly, it feels quite nice being fucked for a short while after cumming). I held my legs right up against my chest as Peter finished fucking me and once he’d cum he lay on me with his full weight and I squeezed my cunt around his cock, telling him I wanted to milk every last drop of his cum out of it. He stayed on top of me (and inside me) for a while as we chatted and he asked why I liked sex so much. This seemed like a rather stupid question to me but it was still quite difficult to answer other than I love the way it feels when I cum. I told him some of my fantasies and moved against him a little but he wasn’t ready for round two so I had to stop.

When he pulled out, a little of his cum leaked out of me and I told him how I would love to have someone cum in me so much that it completely filled me (as had been done to Susan and I with the yoghurt), although preferably my super-cum-producing guy would have enough left to pull out and cover my body with cum as well as filling my cunt. I gave his cock a quick (and gentle) suck as a thank you for my morning orgasm and we headed out to see who else was awake. We had agreed to use the living area of the larger apartment as our communal area (which also meant we had two other communal areas for when people wanted some ‘alone’ time. Peter put clothes on to wander across the hallway but I just padded over naked. Lis and Lucy were already up, as were Mike & Mary but the others gradually appeared over the next 30 minutes or so.

We once again checked out the various balconies we had between our apartments and decided that they were probably fine for topless (or naked) sunbathing but weren’t really suitable for much more (at least in the daytime). We decided to try and remedy this and a few of us came up with a plan to get a better location to play. Julia, Susan, Abigail, Abrahii and I were to be the main task force and we all got ready and headed off to the beach before it got too hot. We set up a little way from the rest of our group and after looking round for a short period we identified a group of guys and followed them into the sea. As sexist as it may be, I think it is still much easier for girls to get picked up by guys (basically we generally just have to make ourselves available and then show a little interest when talked to and the guy does all the work) – this was nice and convenient for us and we were soon chatting with a couple of the guys.

They came back to our spot with us and we sat applying lotion to our legs until one of the guys asked if they wanted us to let them do our backs. Naturally we said yes and as there were only four of them we got one each and said whoever finished first could also take care of Abigail. We all lay on our fronts and one by one let the guys undo our bikini’s (so we didn’t get tan lines. We pretended to be too shy to go properly topless and stayed on our front, but once our backs were done, we asked them to take care of the backs of our legs. As my guy was working his way up, I adjusted my bikini bottom a few times and we told them that we wanted to go topless but didn’t have anywhere suitable. They said that their villa wasn’t too overlooked and if we wanted we could use their balcony so after a brief discussion amongst ourselves we decided to go with them.

Their place was just off the beach – it wasn’t ideal as it was still a bit overlooked, but all of the windows that looked towards the balcony were shuttered so we thought we’d risk it (and risk makes things more interesting). Susan and Abrahii were first to remove their tops, but Jules, Abigail and I quickly followed and we lay on our backs and allowed the guys to massage cream into our breasts (and then just massage our breasts). The guys swapped places a couple of times and as the massages progressed, we pretended that they felt much better than they really did (at least I did, but my nipples aren’t that sensitive). We hadn’t really planned how we were going to move to the next stage and I’d expected the guys to be a bit more assertive so I moved things along by saying how good it felt and then reaching over to rub my hand over Susan’s stomach. As my hand slid lower, Susan instinctively arched her pelvis up and it wasn’t what I had originally intended to do (I had wanted to just give the guys a hint that they could go a bit further) but I slipped my fingers under the material of Susan’s bikini bottoms and caressed her mons (I couldn’t reach any lower).

I don’t know if Susan was acting or was actually more turned on than I was, but she slowly pushed back against my hand so I pointed out that she seemed to be enjoying herself. Abrahii looked over and said that it wasn’t fair we have all the fun so I told her to join in and she knelt up and pushed her hand all the way into Susan’s panties. The guys asked what we were doing and I said that it was their fault for having made us horny. I lowered my head so Susan’s mouth and kissed her and Abrahii moved down, pulled Susan’s panties off and buried her face between her legs (we’d clearly given up on the idea of subtlety). I’d assumed that Julia would have started to make out with Abigail but she went the other way and caressed the crotch of the guy who had been fondling her breasts. I saw her wrap her hand around the shaft of his cock (through his trunks) and start to jack him off, then push a hand into her panties and stroke herself.

There didn’t seem to be much point in pretending anymore so I told the guys that we had some condoms in our bag if any of them wanted to use them (and us) and that they shouldn’t be shy and just enjoy themselves. Abrahii was now properly eating Susan and I took hold of the cock of the guy nearest to me, then pulled my own panties off. He quickly found and applied a condom and then pushed into me. I let him fuck me for a while and then told him I wanted to go on top. From my better vantage point I could see what the others were doing – Julia had a guy on top of her, Abrahii was still eating Susan and someone taking her from behind and Abigail was sucking a guy. If she had been positioned better I would have reached over and fingered her (she still had her panties on) but I was distracted by Susan cumming. As I had no idea how long my guy was going to last, I played with both my clit and breasts (my breast fondling was mostly for show). I didn’t want to cum too long before he did so I told him I was close and got him to tell me when he was going to cum. I then egged him along with a bit of an over the top show of ‘oh god, oh fuck, I’m cumming, fuck me…’ as I came and then rode him until he came.

I pulled myself off of his cock and pushed my hand into Abigail panties. She looked around and I whispered to her that she may as well enjoy herself and I felt her relax slightly as my fingers worked their way into her cunt. I worked her panties down her legs and told her to fuck the guy she was sucking and I’d help out. We got him to sit down on a chair and she lowered herself onto his cock, I then glued my mouth to her clit and lapped away at them both while the guy reached around and fondled her breasts. Once I was fairly convinced that I’d warmed her up, I moved away a little to let them fuck and I watched as his cock pumped in and out of her cunt. I helped out a bit by playing with her clit but the guy still came first (she had been sucking him for a while). I quickly licked Abigail’s clit until she came and when I pulled away I saw that Abrahii and her guy finished off while we were playing.

Julia was still being fucked but finished fairly soon after (at least her guy finished – she didn’t cum). I thought that we should use the rules of the sex party (no complaining about people’s performance) and just told Susan to climb over Jules in a 69. Susan went to work on Julia and as Julia was fairly close to cumming, she grabbed Julia’s ass, pulled her cunt to her face and ate her in return. The guys seemed to like this so I reached over and gently played with Abrahii’s pussy and then sloppily kissed her (lots of tongue). We told the guys that if they could manage a second round in a little while, we could hang around and they thought they would be up for it (undoubtedly helped by Susan and Julia’s little display). Once they had finished (Susan was also made to cum after she had got Julia off) we went indoors to get a drink and while the guys covered up (apparently they weren’t good enough friends to remain naked around each other), we girls didn’t bother.


  1. Another well written piece. I am up to your "First Fuck" in the beginning. Your writing at that time did focus on not so much on what you were doing but how you were feeling about it. It is very difficult to get that sense of feeling when describing a small group of people all involved in some form of sex as in this piece about your holiday. When we had house parties we had a group room and some times we would have up to six couples going at it; males/females; female/female and combinations of threesomes. When I tried to write about this in the blog it always turned out with just a description and no feelings. I'll keep reading the past. you keep posting the here and now

  2. I agree that my writing has changed quite a bit - when I started I was writing about things that had happened a while ago and I spent longer writing and concentrated on how I/we felt as well as what we did. Now I write about more recent events and life is rather busier so I just spend the time getting the details down (hopefully in an arousing way).

    I do like the idea of having six couples - maybe we need a room like that in our house...